Google Analytics: Your Free Goldmine to More Leads, Sales and Human Connections

Pam Moore

What if I told you that right now at this very moment you are already you're sitting on a gold mine of free data and analytics to help you generate more brand awareness, leads and sales by connecting with your ideal customers in a human way?

Native Instagram Analytics Are Here…Sort Of

Ignite Social Media

If you are like the members of the analytics team here at Ignite Social Media, you’ve been anticipating the release of an official Instagram analytics platform ever since Facebook purchased the platform for a nice, round $1 billion.

Mobile – from Strategy to Implementation


Mobile from Strategy to Implementation for the 2013 ASAE Technology Conference (Tech13) from Amy Hissrich. “I was excited to do this session because over the past year, I’ve changed my mindset around mobile. It’s an exciting time both for mobile development and associations.

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Google Linking Webmaster Tools And Google Analytics

Small Business Mavericks

» Google Linking Webmaster Tools And Google Analytics There have been several significant improvements made to Google’s Webmaster Tools over this past week. One feature that has been added is the ability to link your Google Analytics data to your Webmaster Tools account.

3 MUST READ roundups about digital and community strategy


It’s not enough to have a mobile-first site with strong traffic, SEO friendly content, a way to deliver video pre-roll and a good native offering. 2017 Wrap-up: Communities in Transition. Community Roundtable). 2017 was a year of change in the community space.

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Analytics: Metrics, Insights, Tools, and Tips

Buffer Social

Instagram analytics are a key part of any Instagram marketing strategy. Without analytics , your Instagram marketing efforts can be a little hit-and-miss. Analytics are often essential for answering your questions. Instagram Insights) or other Instagram analytics tools.

10 Community Manager Responsibilities that Don't Involve Twitter.

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Every time I tell someone I’m a Community Manager , I get a varied response. Really, many people trying to describe Online Community Managers, end up sounding like this: Others may know what Community Manager is, but don’t know exactly how much it entails.

Social Media Community Manager's Management

Social Media Network Marketing

Sections To Read Home Main Page Community - Social Media Network Online Who will benefit from this blog? Tuesday, September 7, 2010 Social Media Community Managers Management Monitoring Social Media can be overwhelming. Hi Folks, do you work as an Online Community Manager?

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

As many of you know, I have an annual tradition of giving back to the community on my birthday, which is why this year is no different. Since I can’t read everything written by the Internet Marketing community, I ask my Twitter and Facebook followers for their own recommendations.

The Complete Guide to Facebook Groups: How to Create a Group, Build a Community and Increase Your Organic Reach

Buffer Social

Facebook has recently launched Groups for Pages, enabling the 70 million+ Pages on Facebook to create their own unique communities and feeds. And more importantly, how do you build an engaged community in your Facebook Group? How to build an engaged community in your Facebook group.

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3 Easy Steps to Organize Your Content Digital Assets Like a Pro

Pam Moore

They often times don't understand until they get their feet wet into social marketing how much content is really required to inspire audience, engage and build community. Content marketing… I find that most business leaders either love it or they hate it.

3 Easy Steps to Organize Your Content Marketing and Assets Today

Pam Moore

They often times don't understand until they get their feet wet into social marketing how much content is really required to inspire audience, engage and build community. Content marketing… I find that most business leaders either love it or they hate it.

How to Master Evergreen Content Marketing to Grow Your Business and Save Time

Pam Moore

Evergreen content is content that is timeless, sustainable and has a shelf life longer than the latest Facebook feature or favorite mobile application. It's then up to you to make sure you can convert a large percentage of that traffic into community members, new friends or even sales.

Email and Mobile - what blasts better?

Social Media Network Marketing

Sections To Read Home Main Page Community - Social Media Network Online Who will benefit from this blog? Friday, April 3, 2009 Email and Mobile - what blasts better? The recent understanding goes that email blasts are obsolete - when you compare this with mobile SMS. Naturally mobile is more on the move. BUT how much can you feed into the mobile? And then does email really work inspite of it rating above than mobile on certain parameters.

Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Ad Retargeting, Google ‘+Post Ads,’ Apple Buys Topsy

The Realtime Report

Facebook adds more ‘News’ to News Feed to become more Twitter-like – Facebook is now promoting more ‘real news’ posted by users; the social network’s news-feed algorithm will now expose more links to articles from media organizations — especially on mobile (AdAge). Social Media News Ticker ad retargeting Apple Facebook Google mobile ads social media analytics Tailored Audiences Topsy Tumblr Twitter

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Social Selling: 4 Things You Need from Your Buyer Before You Can Sell to Them

Pam Moore

We dig in deep to data, analytics, and key performance indicators so we can measure and optimize business results and achieve the desired business outcomes.

Best Tips for Successful Social Media and Digital Marketing in 2014


Social media literally is the means by which your business can relate to, exist in and influence human communities. The exponential growth of smartphones and other mobile devices is real. More people are using mobile devices to view Web pages.

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Do Social Referrals Affect Organic Traffic?

Convince & Convert

If the bag manufacturer were to look at that transaction in Google Analytics, it would have shown up as a direct conversion, leaving no credit to social. Segmenting This Audience in Google Analytics. It’s interesting, considering 45% of initial social referrals come from mobile.

6 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools: With Tips from Experts

Talkwalker SM

Following on from previous articles looking at hashtag tracking and Instagram analytics , our latest list is a kind of greatest hits if you will, looking at 6 free social media monitoring tools for a variety of uses, with tips and recommendations from some experts in the industry.

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Can You Really Use Twitter for Sales?

agora pulse

Below is an example of a promoted tweet from T-Mobile. The mobile communications company announced a live webcast for followers to attend. Give people an inside look at how you operate and what you do to serve your surrounding community. Twitter Analytics Twitter management

How Social Referrals Impact Your Organic Traffic

Convince & Convert

If the bag manufacturer were to look at that transaction in Google Analytics, it would have shown up as a direct conversion, leaving no credit to social. How to Segment This Audience in Google Analytics. How to Segement This Audience in Heap Analytics.

Instagram’s New Web Profiles: The Value for Brands


The 100 million strong photo-sharing community Instagram just launched web based profiles. The Instagram web profiles provide brands with increased exposure as they can now showcase pictures seamlessly with basically everyone, and not only with mobile users operating on smartphone or tablets.

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Digital Marketing In 2014

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A lack of mobile. Screens are everywhere, they are connected and they are highly mobile. The consumer does not care that a mobile experience may be a costly investment. When brands talk about the true omni-channel, they fail to realize just how poorly they''re performing in a mobile world, where the vast majority of users are connecting through smartphones and tablets. A mobile site that simply is a lesser version of a website is not the right solution. mobile.

Search and Social Weekly 1.5

Josh S Peters

The 2013 Community Manager Report [INFOGRAPHIC] by Social Fresh. We are in our 3rd year producing the Community Manager Report, an infographic and white paper we create each year based on a survey of community and social media managers. Google Analytics can tell you.

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How Our Social Media Managers Get Into The Mindset In The Moment

Ignite Social Media

So how do our content and community management teams ‘get into’ this Mindset in the Moment™? COMMUNITY-FIRST INSIGHTS. Community managers at Ignite are often the ones creating content, publishing content, and responding to the community via comments and wall posts.

Snapchat: An Emerging Platform for Teamwork and Collaboration

Waxing UnLyrical

Snapchat can be used as a customer service tool to provide visual, engaging, and mobile feedback to individual users. Delmondo: Primer for Snapchat Analytics. Community Social Media Social Networks Strategy collaboration snapchat teamworkGuest Post by Karen Freberg.

Counting Screens. Counting Dollars. Connecting Consumers.

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In 2011, time spent with video on digital devices - PCs, mobile devices and other connected devices including over-the-top (OTT) and game consoles - totaled 21 minutes daily. How we no longer live in the three screen world (TV, computer and mobile devices). Furthermore, if you want your brand to be more relevant, look at how these digital videos are being consumed and how your brand can best become a part of that community, instead of selling to it. analytics. mobile.

7 Levels of Social Media Engagement

Laurel Papworth

Probably doesn’t give laptops or mobile phones to staff. LinkedIn is blocked because someone mentioned someone once found a job on this online community. The online community is unaware they are being listened to, and couldn’t care less if they were.

14 Tips to Generate More Leads, Conversions and Sales Using Twitter

Pam Moore

Twitter is an amazing platform to not only build community and brand awareness but also to generate leads and increase sales! Leverage Twitter analytics for optimized results. Using web analytics such as Google Analytics to optimize conversions and sales.

No Royalty Here. Data and Content are Your Pilots.


This is a guest post by Ifdy Perez, community manager for AddThis , the largest social sharing and data platform that personalizes the web with easy-to-use social engagement tools and services. Be sure to fasten your Analytics. Hold fast to your analytics.

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How to Find the Best Twitter Hashtags

Sprout Social

However, in order to take full advantage of this, you’ll need to know which hashtags will work best for you using our Twitter Analytics and more tools on this list. Twitter Analytics. Analytics Twitter Hashtags Tweet

Being Loud About 3M’s Quiet but Powerful Innovations

Convince & Convert

This week: From ExactTarget , a case study about mobile optimization and Careerbuilder’s Responsive Email Design Results. From Expion , a case study about how H&R Block mobilized 90,000 tax professionals in social media using Expion to guide their activity.

The Art Of Marketing

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What's a way for marketers and brands to jump into data analytics without getting lost? We come from a place where we have looked at analytics in the rearview mirror (after it's all said and done). Building a loyal community base is very important. I've argued for years that I'm not so sure that brands can truly build community. Real community is tough to do. that real, genuine community. My recommendation is, don't try to build community.

3 Key Features to Blog from a Smart Phone


Since the beginning of, I was really excited about sharing my insights on marketing and web analytics with the blogosphere. Mobile Hotspot Capability. When started back in 2008 (side note: we’re past the 2nd year mark!

How Localized Social Media Drives Personalized Connections

Convince & Convert

June’s guests included Groupon , the daily deals masters; entrepreneur and author Peter Shankman ; a representative from Google Analytics ; and natural foods store Sprouts Farmers Market.

Get Paid To Watch YouTube, Play on Facebook And Follow Twitter

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Beyond that, it gets even more challenging when you start looking at real engagement and community/loyalty building initiatives. Marketing isn't easy, and as more and more new platforms and channels enter the fray (think about the Web, Social Media, mobile, etc.), Are we doing enough to bring analytics and math to the potential professional? community. mobile. web analytics.

How Grandma Reads Your Facebook Updates & 4 Other Social Media Stories


How easy is it make your blog or website mobile friendly? Wordpress Plugins to Make Your Blog Mobile Friendly By Rohit Due to the advances in mobile technology, now a days almost all the mobile phones are equipped with Internet surfing capabilities.

9 Tips on How to Get More Subscribers: A YouTube Guide

Sprout Social

Just like any other social network, YouTube has its own space for businesses to create communities. Ask your users to share and build trust within your community. Monitor Your YouTube Analytics. Just remember to never take advantage of your community and engage wherever possible.

Solving Klout’s “Warren Buffett Problem”

Convince & Convert

Matt Thomson , VP of Business Development at Klout , joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss the “Warren Buffett problem” his company faces, those fancy analytics at work behind the Klout algorithms, and expanding to offer brands a whole new product.

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The 11 Best Social Media Campaign Builders and Ad Monitoring Tools

Webbiquity SMM

I love the analytics and insights I can capture about my communities, client communities and their competitors. I love the simplicity by which the engagement within Twitter communities is tracked.” — ArCompany. 23: The 29 Best Web Analytics Tools. #24:

Reflections on the changing digital agency environment

Dave Fleet

Decline of community management (in some areas). The (actual) year of mobile. Meanwhile, the nature of others has been significantly changed by their shift from a focus on community to one on profitability. Decline of community management (in some areas).

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Social Media - Why Does Facebook Not Have Many Tracking Tools?

Social Media Network Marketing

Sections To Read Home Main Page Community - Social Media Network Online Who will benefit from this blog? It is good and healthy engagement with your community members. Your community members could be called by any name for instance Fan on Facebook, Followers on Twitter and so on.

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Stop Believing These Common Social Media Myths

Sprout Social

Mobile messaging apps are taking over, or are they? These insights paired with Google Analytics and digital marketing tools like Kenshoo or Marin provides a holistic, comprehensive picture of who a brand’s audience is and how they’re interacting with that brand’s product or services. For example, our agency does lot of community management work for the Shell Houston Open, a PGA TOUR event in Houston. Community Management