Turning Facebook Analytics Into Action

Jon Loomer

And one of the best tools that helps all of us understand data at a deeper level is Facebook Analytics. Jon and I taught a Facebook Analytics course last December and we received this question, which helped prompt our thinking for a future Analytics course: .

3 Benefits of Facebook Analytics

Jon Loomer

With the incredible volume of new products and tools released every month, some folks might have missed the launch of Facebook Analytics. Facebook pitches Analytics as an informative tool intended for advanced advertisers. This complex data is possible with Facebook Analytics.

Facebook Intensive Class – Computer Class, 1 Day

Laurel Papworth

Looking for a very indepth Facebook class? Learn about Facebook Analytics and how to read them. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Foursquare, 2 hour, 1/2 day and full day classes.

Class 81

Facebook Analytics, the Pixel, and Events

Jon Loomer

Facebook Analytics is a terrific tool that not enough marketers are using. In this post, I’m going to provide a few examples of some powerful Facebook Analytics reports and how it all comes back to the Facebook pixel and Events. Facebook Analytics, The Pixel, and Events.

Facebook Analytics Funnels: Value of Reactions and Page Actions

Jon Loomer

Did you know that you can use Facebook Analytics Funnels to help uncover the value of an action on Facebook? You probably noticed that I’m on a big Facebook Analytics kick lately. Why the focus on Facebook Analytics? Facebook Analytics Funnels and Pixel Events.

37 Free Marketing and Social Media Classes to Elevate Your Skills Today

Buffer Social

When I first started out with digital marketing, I was blown away by the sheer amount of online marketing resources and social media classes. Digital marketing classes (9-17). Marketing data and analytics classes (18-24). Content and blogging classes (25-31).

Class 114

How to Use Twitter Analytics: The Complete Guide for Marketers


If you’re not using Twitter analytics, you’re missing out on key Twitter insights that could help you refine your strategy and maximize ROI. In this complete guide, you’ll find out why you should be using Twitter analytics, which Twitter metrics to track, and what tools to track them with.

SEO World Class…. What SEO Snake Oil Salesmen Look Like

Bill Hartzer

The set includes all Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Mobile Marketing, Local Search, Reputation Management, Link Building, Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Development, Pay Per Click Management etc. I just love when I get these types of emails.

Class 90

Taking a Peek at Twitter Analytics

Social Media Marketing

The audience is mostly middle-class or higher, with 55% earning between $50k-$100 annually, and 28% earning over $100k. The audience heavily favors the middle-class, with 55% earning between $50,000 and $100,000 annually. Twitter analytics

7 Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tips for Becoming a Data-Savvy Marketer

Buffer Social

The key is social media analytics and reporting ! . You can also get most of the data and graphs for free directly from Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights. You can get an export of your data from any screen in the analytics section of your Buffer dashboard. There are several social media analytics tools that automatically calculate total engagement for you, which can save you some time. Google Analytics to crunch the revenue numbers.

When Is It Time to Hire a Social Media Agency?

Ignite Social Media

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely realized that even though your 13-year-old nephew is a Snapchat wizard, you may want to consider hiring experienced professionals to help manage your organization’s social media presence.

9 World-class Bloggers Share Their #1 Email List Building Tip


As much as we love to see spikes in our website visitor analytics, post views are actually useless. 9 World-class Bloggers Share Their #1 Email List Building Tip. This is a guest post from Nate Desmond of SumoMe , plus half a dozen contributors you’ll encounter throughout the article.

Class 56

5 Steps Required to Building a Best Practice Digital Analytics Function

Convince & Convert

That digital analytics function does not just happen. So what does it take to build a best-in-class digital analytics function from scratch? There are five things that every organization should undertake: Build Your Analytics Toolbox. Image via BigStockPhoto.com.

How to Set Up Blog Comments as Goals in Google Analytics Using WordPress Hacks


As many of you know, I love writing about Google Analytics. One of the best ways to get actionable data out of your Google Analytics is to set up goals. Here are a few things you can learn from setting up comment form submissions as goals in Google Analytics.

Best WordPress Plugins for Business

Akamai Marketing

Last night’s Blogging for Business Class at Pacific New Media was ridiculously awesome. The people who come to these classes are so amazing and its really an honor to teach and train at Pacific New Media. During last night’s class, we discussed some plugins.

YouTube Tuesday: Digital Ethnography


In this class Dr. Weschwanted to branch the method out to explore its possibilities in media, morespecifically, in Digital Ethnography. The class collaborated and made 367 edits to the documentsaying how they felt about being a student in today’s society.

How to Create Content That Sells

Convince & Convert

Image via BigStockPhoto.com The rise of content marketing has created a kind of content apartheid in which overtly promotional content is the second class citizen and helpful, non-selling content is the privileged class.

Video + Survey: Measuring and Defining Earned Media in a Mobile-First Digital World

Talkwalker SM

In a joint initiative, Talkwalker and D S Simon have released an in-demand survey and an in-depth video that will reveal best-in-class insight into how PR and communications teams are working to earn media and the tools and analytics they’re using to measure results.

The NBA Finals on Social: Who is winning the conversation?

Talkwalker SM

While the two teams have established themselves as the class of the league on the court, who is winning on social? The following is a guest blog by founder and CEO of On Base Marketing Justin Lafferty. Justin was formerly Editor of Adweek’s SocialTimes blog.

21 Ways to Get More Engagement on Instagram Stories


That means you might see your exit rates on your Instagram Stories analytics drop as your viewers stick around for all your posts! Use your Instagram analytics to learn more about what types of content performs best and then use that insight to tailor what you post.

Five Marketing Metrics that are Definitely NOT “Worthless”

Webbiquity SMM

Just as a college student may be able to cheat in a class by buying a term paper, or even test answers, the result is that the student didn’t really get the benefit of learning in the class, which will have long-term (if not also short-term) repercussions.

Advanced Social Media Course – August Sydney 2015

Laurel Papworth

Covering Facebook, Twitter, blogs, social media strategy writing for clients, step by step campaigns, measurement and analytics, and dealing with trolls and negative criticism on Facebook and other social media sites? Small class (less than a dozen), bring your laptop.

Course 102

Conversation: Out of the IUPUI classroom and into YATS


How to Prove Your Social Media Impact

Convince & Convert

Web analytics services such as Google Analytics will tell you how many people visit your site by clicking links from social media. You can do this with many event-tracking services, but Google Analytics is also great at this. Image via BigStockPhoto.com.

25 brands every social media manager should follow on social


The post 25 brands every social media manager should follow on social appeared first on Unmetric Social Media Analytics Blog. Social media is a whole new ball game for brands. You put so much effort into crafting a caption and all you end up getting is three measly likes.

How Improvisation Can Make Us Better Marketers

Convince & Convert

Here are 7 lessons I’ve learned from improvisation classes that can take your marketing strategy to the next level: Take Risks. In a world of big data and analytics, marketing is still a hell of a lot of art. Improvisation has changed my world.

Class 164

31 Most Engaging Friendship Day Social Media Posts


The post 31 Most Engaging Friendship Day Social Media Posts appeared first on Unmetric Social Media Analytics Blog. Brand marketers use occasions like Friendship Day to capitalize on their social media campaigns. Most brands kick-start their campaign planning even up to two months in advance.

15 most engaging Back-to-School social media posts


Just make sure you’re not playing during class! gamescom 2019 " class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /> (@Xbox) August 28, 2018. The post 15 most engaging Back-to-School social media posts appeared first on Unmetric Social Media Analytics Blog.

How brands woo their social media audience on Valentine’s Day


The post How brands woo their social media audience on Valentine’s Day appeared first on Unmetric Social Media Analytics Blog. Brands need to make the most out of every event or holiday that comes up to help boost their engagement and Valentine’s Day is certainly no exception.

Class 101

How Netflix’s social media strategy dominates the online streaming industry


class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />Happy 1985 " class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" /> (especially to Mileven fans!)

Social Pros 15 – Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

Convince & Convert

Mapping Pinterest referrals to onsite conversions is as simple as a custom report in Google Analytics. I don’t have enough Pinterest referalls to really do much with it from an analytical perspective.

What Mad Men Skills Do You Need To Rock Your Marketing?

Twist Image

There is no question that marketers are increasingly required to better understand data, analytics, technology and yes, even math. A couple of classes on Google Analytics and some YouTube tutorial videos and - almost - anyone can get the hang of it. google analytics. Tags: analytics. We talk a lot about Mad Men. We talk a lot about Math Men. (I I prefer Mad People and Math People).

What Is a Subject Matter Expert (And Why Do You Need One)

The Realtime Report

If you need someone to help you create and develop first-class content, read this. If you have a project that’s moving behind speed, an SME can offer analytical horsepower. What Is a Subject Matter Expert (And Why Do You Need One).

Using Livestreaming to Grow Your Brand, Community, & Influence

Waxing UnLyrical

I teach public relations, communication and social media classes. I rely heavily on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook (Facebook Groups), Instagram, LinkedIn and livestreaming to teach my classes. I pride myself on being a good listener and I examine my own analytics.

Old-Fashioned Organic SEO Wins the Day After Google Penguin Update

Bare Feet Studios

If you do not make a habit of looking at your site analytics, you can easily check your Page Rank now and then. Independent of all this is to look in your Analytics for the bounce rate: how many people leave the site without clicking through. Free SEO and Google Analytics Tools For You.

University Chemistry Speech Topics

Dave Fleet

Composing an analytical essay isn’t a easy job and it calls for doing tons of homework. Obviously, every college author has to spend some time in the writing process on each composition to receive the greatest outcomes Sometimes pupils believe that they’ve completed lots of research but this isn’t revealed inside their classes for composing an article. The following important point will be to really choose the extent of your own analytical essay.

Best Brand Monitoring Tools – At Any Price

Webbiquity SMM

Union Metrics : Though limited to social networks, Union Metrics is a powerful tool for monitoring brand, competitor, and industry keyword mentions, combined with some nice analytics.

Embrace The Design Thinking Mentality

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It's easy to get analytical. Unlike analytical thinking, design thinking is a creative process based around the 'building up' of ideas. If you have yet to read Richard Florida 's book, The Rise of the Creative Class , you should (it was published in 2003). the rise of the creative class. Tags: analytics. How do you truly push ideas to the right space? How do you truly re-invent the industry you serve? It's easy to look at the raw data.

Class 87

You Have $100 to Spend on Social Media Marketing. Here’s One Way to Spend It.

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Giveaway: New Social Media Strategy Class + 2 Months of Skillshare Premium. We’re excited to launch our new social media strategy class on Skillshare this week. The class is free for all Buffer customers for the next 28 days. Take the free class.

Class 114

3 Reasons You Should Test Facebook’s Instant Experience Ads

Ignite Social Media

Check out best in class examples here. . Analytics like “ Canvas View Time ” tells you the average total time in seconds that people spent viewing your ad, a great measurement for how much interest your ad generated amongst your audience.