8 Instagram Analytics Tools to Help You Grow in 2019


Looking for an Instagram analytics tool to help you grow your account in 2019? One of our biggest Instagram predictions for 2019 is that businesses will be investing a lot more time and energy into tracking their Instagram analytics and optimizing posts based on their learnings from the data.

21 best social media analytics tools


But luckily there are several analytical tools to help marketers automate such mundane activities. And not just that, these analytical tools give key data insights on your social media performance to help you fine-tune your marketing strategy. Updated for 2019!

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Humanize Your Brand with Data and Social Insights using these 5 Strategies

Pam Moore

Learning how to connect with your audience in an authentic and human way can help you stand out from the crowd, rise above the noise and build a relationship with your audience and customers that only you can do.

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Why you need to be using MonsterInsights for analytics

Razor Social

Are you using Google Analytics to check your content marketing efforts? Google even has a dedicated Analytics Academy to help you understand it. Previously on Razor Social, we’ve covered the most important terms and reporting in Google Analytics.

How to Organize Your Content Marketing Assets in 3 Easy Steps [podcast + worksheets]

Pam Moore

Content marketing… I find that most business leaders either love it or they hate it. I think few business leaders actually understand what content marketing it is yet alone understand the power and benefits it can provide for their business.

Why You Need Analytics and Trust for Successful Influence Marketing

Convince & Convert

Rebekah’s company, AirPR, is a PRTech company that provides, data, insights, and analytic solutions for the constantly developing PR industry, bringing actionable insights to all. Why you need data and analytics every step of the way. Gotta Have Faith.

How to Master Evergreen Content Marketing to Grow Your Business and Save Time

Pam Moore

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How to Use Social Data Analytics to Inform Your Marketing Strategy


Pixlee has compiled a list of the best ways to use social media analytics to help shape your brand’s marketing strategy. Using media analytics, marketers can rationalize the ROI and prove the value of social media. Social analytics provide marketers with insights into what content, products, and advertising are creating the most buzz and interest online. Many platforms now offer native analytics tools to better enable marketers to track and analyze data.

How Human is Your Brand? Here are 13 Characteristics of Human Brands

Pam Moore

Yes, you can use data, analytics, research and more as inputs to develop your brand, your brand promise, core messages, vision and mission. They value real human to human interaction and authentic relationships.

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How to Use Social Data Analytics to Inform Your Marketing Strategy


Pixlee has compiled a list of the best ways to use social media analytics to help shape your brand’s marketing strategy. Using media analytics, marketers can rationalize the ROI and prove the value of social media. Social media contains a wealth of data that is invaluable to marketers.

How to be a Digital and Social Marketing ROI Rebel – 10 Proven Strategies

Pam Moore

Many don't know the most basic analytics of their blog or website traffic, conversion funnels or social media community engagement. Why real marketers are not afraid of data and analytics.

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10 Social Media & Digital Marketing Inspiration Metrics You Can’t Ignore in 2019

Pam Moore

Being a data and ROI junkie I often find myself buried deep in analytics, spreadsheets and conversion funnels. If you need a break from the standard analytics and measurements, check out the below 10 social inspiration people metrics.

15 Top Digital Marketing & Branding Trends for 2020 [podcast]

Pam Moore

The best marketers know that data and analytics are their best friend. What are the biggest digital marketing and branding trends shaping the year ahead?

How Social Media Can Advance Brand Purpose


Share your purpose authentically with social content. Social provides one of the best opportunities to tell the story of what your brand stands for in an authentic and compelling way. Uncategorized Community Management Data & Analytics Paid Media Strategy Trends

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How to Choose the Right Digital and Social Marketing Goals, Objectives and KPIs for Success

Pam Moore

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12 Myths Holding You Back From Instagram


In fact, there are so many bonuses to switching to a business account that it’s worth considering the move — you could have access to better Instagram analytics, swipe up links in Instagram Stories, and even the ability to auto publish to Instagram with Later! . Instagram Marketing analytics instagram instagram analytics instagram myths instagram photography instagram scheduler Linkin.bioCould Instagram myths be holding you back from growing your business?

The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Marketing 


How to Use Analytics to Tailor Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy. Not only does it validate your authenticity on Pinterest, but it also pulls in all of the Pinterest “Activity” that is occurring on your site. How to Use Analytics to Tailor Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy .

How to create, manage and report on social media campaigns in Sprout

Sprout Social

Including strategic CTAs that drive action and publishing your content at the right time are both crucial to driving authentic engagement and optimizing campaign outcomes. With Sprout’s Premium Analytics customers can tailor a report specific to their campaign with custom reporting options.

A Surefire Way to Get Verified on Twitter

agora pulse

The blue verified badge on Twitter (seen in this example from @americanart) lets people know that your account is authentic. Twitter Analytics Twitter managementTwitter recently announced a “verified” button and the Twittersphere is buzzing over which users can get it and how.

gazeMetrix: Monitor Your Visual Brand Mentions Based on Image Recognition


Curating user-generated content is a great engagement technique, as user-generated content shows brand authenticity and fan appreciation, as well as acting as peer-to-peer recommendations. Monitoring brand mentions, share of voice, sentiment etc.

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Interview: Aaron Goldman – Everything I Know about Marketing I Learned From Google

Dave Fleet

You feature insights from numerous marketing luminaries in your book, among them Avinash Kaushik, Google’s analytics evangelist. How do you see web analytics fitting into the modern marketing system? 3 of Google’s core values are openness, transparency, and authenticity.

Google 378

How to Choose the Right Digital and Social Marketing Goals, Objectives and Metrics for Success

Pam Moore

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How Finance Brands Are Using Data to Improve Their Social Media


I feel like data and insights have the power to reach new customers in really relevant and authentic ways.”. Uncategorized Big Brands Carrie's Corner Content Marketing Data & Analytics Leadership StrategyMarketers have access to more data than ever before.

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Snapchat’s New Plans for Bitmoji and Twitter Verification Opens Up to All Users | Social You Should Know

Ignite Social Media

The @CDCgov was one of the initial accounts that went through the verification process in order to help citizens find authentic and accurate public health information straight from the source.

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4 Proven Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Video Marketing

Convince & Convert

It’s the real deal when it comes to delivering authentic storytelling, and it’s changing the way businesses offer unexpected value. Digital Marketing analytics digital marketing KPIs landing pages marketing strategy narrowcasting video calls to action video marketing vidyard

Video 167

The Emotion found in Social Data

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Some might, but the vast majority of people who share content, post comments, or offer sentiments and opinions online do so because they are in what Andrew Jeavons of Survey Analytics calls “the point of emotion.” Let’s be clear.

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Image Recognition in Action: Kylie Jenner, Beauty Brands and the Age of User-Generated Content

Talkwalker SM

Last March, Kylie literally made the internet break as Google analytics could not keep track of the number of visitors to her site when she released a new line of glosses. UGC can be used as a product launch strategy and offers brand building potential that is authentic and credible.

UGC 78

Highest Valued Internet Influencer

The Realtime Report

The data from our portfolio of analyzed content creators like David tells a story of continued consistency during this time of quarantine,” says D’Marie Analytics’ CEO, Frank Spadafora. Highest Valued Internet Influencer.

9 Tips on How to Get More Subscribers: A YouTube Guide

Sprout Social

With Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, it’s all about gaining real and authentic followers. Monitor Your YouTube Analytics. If you haven’t dove into the plethora of information about your YouTube analytics , you’re certainly missing out on plenty of opportunities.

Eight Tools to Grow on Instagram During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Webbiquity SMM

Hashtagsforlikes finds the most sought after hashtags related to given keywords and offers hashtags based on data analytics. This tool can also help you evaluate the authenticity of other Instagram accounts. This is especially important if you want to find authentic influencers.

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Stop Chasing the Glittery Disco Ball of Influencers: Consider Micro Influencers

Waxing UnLyrical

They are often more authentic and more likely to have actually used the product or service. But, their authenticity is a win over the brand’s needs. Authenticity. and others provide search tools to help you evaluate relevance, engagement and authenticity.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Analytics. 10 Indicators Your Business Should Rethink Its Twitter Strategy (Klout): Megan Berry of influence analytics provider Klout provides some best practices on how to build loyal Twitter followings. Analytics.

April Social Media Trends

Ignite Social Media

According to the analytic firm Sensor Tower , TikTok saw a 34% revenue increase in just one week. According to Facebook’s Product Manager, Anita Joseph, “We want to make sure people use our services authentically and can understand who is behind the posts they’re seeing.

Trends 115

What Marketers Need to Know About TikTok

Ignite Social Media

Authenticity matters here, so let your hair down! Washington Post (tiktok.com/@washingtonpost): A newspaper dating back to 1877 isn’t a brand you’d expect to find on TikTok, but they’ve made it work by being authentic and on top of trends. Key Takeaways.

7 Tips To Make Instagram’s Algorithm Work For You


So build those relationships up authentically. Shout Out to Hootsuite : Save time managing your Instagram presence by using Hootsuite to schedule and publish posts, grow your audience, and track success with easy-to-use analytics. In my previous blog , I explained how the Instagram algorithm works in 2019 (courtesy Hootsuite ). Here are 7 tips to make the Instagram algorithm work in your favor! again, courtesy of my friends Hootsuite ). I have distilled it for you: 1.

13 Experts Share Their Instagram Predictions for 2019


Instagram Predictions #2: Instagram Analytics Will Become Even More Robust. Tracking and measuring your Instagram analytics has always been important. We saw some of this in 2018 with Facebook beta testing Instagram analytics on their platform.

How to Win with Video (Even If You’re Terrified)

The Realtime Report

Authenticity Over Perfection. People have more respect for the real, the raw, and the authentic more than they do for expensive sales pitches. One of the most important things to ask yourself before you start is ‘How am I going to keep track of analytic data?’

Video 146

Conversation Gained-How to Determine Influence in B2B Social Media

Direct Marketing Observations

I look for those that are authentic voices and experts within their space. Authentic Voice being the operative term. I don’t know a marketer out there that would say that influence in social media is not a commodity, if you know how to leverage it.

B2B 313

#SocialPR Spotlight: Brandon Andersen

Waxing UnLyrical

A true analytics geek, Brandon and I also share a love of theater, Twitter chats (he’s been a guest on #measurePR several times), and words. Be authentic. Make your brand authentic. Today’s a big day.

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You Again? Avoid Spamming Your Followers on Social Media

agora pulse

From fake accounts to misleading posts, social media spam creates unnecessary noise that drowns out authentic content and engagement. Check your social media analytics to find the optimal posting times, and publish when your audience is most likely to see and react.

23 most followed brands on Facebook in 2019


Luckily, we have a Facebook analytics tool that tracks, among other things, which brands have the most followers. Netflix’s approach to Facebook is centered around authenticity and interactions with people, with a dash of humor and wit sprinkled in.

Brands 110

Native Tool or Social Media Management Tool: Which Is Better?

agora pulse

What analytics are important for you to track? Will Social Media Management Tools Seem Less Authentic? None of those features will affect your authenticity.

Nanoinfluencer marketing 101: How I got 1000 engaged followers in 30 days

Sprout Social

Nanoinfluencers are often regarded as a more authentic alternative to major influencer accounts since they often start out like I did–as personal accounts focused on a genuine passion. Be authentic and create connection. Analytics Engagement Publishing