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How Does Nielsen Accurately Provide Social TV Measurement?

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Only 47 percent of tweets related to live primetime television series during the past season contained official program hashtags, and that number dropped to 26 percent for non-live activity on Twitter, so how does Nielsen accurately provide social TV measurement? Nielsen also found that 81 percent of social TV engagement (retweets, replies and quotes) on Twitter is with organic tweets sent by the audience, while 19 percent is with content posted by network accounts via network, program and talent accounts. The measurement company said it tracks Twitter activity in the U.S.

4 Creative Ways to Market Your Business with Snapchat

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Source: Snapchat, Nielsen. In the same Edison study, researchers found that Snapchat had more users than LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. Education & Analysis Social MediaYou know the usual suspects: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But there is an untapped social media resource that many organizations aren’t using enough, and that’s Snapchat. Say what? Well, yes.

8 Ways to Consistently Generate Excellent Content for Social Marketing

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Websites like Statista and Nielsen regularly release reliable studies on general marketing and social media areas. Education & Analysis Social MediaSolid content is integral to a social media marketing strategy. Your campaigns aren’t going to work if the kernel (the content) is not appealing. How you create awareness about your product. Employ a Content Curator.

6 Science-Backed Strategies to Get More Followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and More

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Their analysis, based on patterns of usage along with tweet and follower data, found a clear divide between those who share information and those who share about themselves. The research study included an interesting breakdown of the classification of tweets. There was an interesting study by a group of Korean researchers into the how and why of unfollowing. I can relate.

Monitoring vs Analytics [Infographic]

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In reality there must be hundreds of firms out there doing social media analysis in some form or another but I tried to hit the most popular ones with the single-minded goal of finding a firm that could deliver the most strategic value from the 2+ years of social media data that’s out there. And they don’t use sentiment analysis they use human analysis to provide “derived sentiment”.

If Size Matters, Social Media is Huge in the US


by Pam Dyer on April 18, 2010 Share About 127 million Americans, or three-quarters of the population, use social media, according to Nielsen Online. The Nielsen study, commissioned by women-focused blog network BlogHer and NBCU’s iVillage , found that Facebook is becoming a major attraction for a majority of the population , rivaling the reach of traditional media channels.

The Shift To TV Everywhere

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According to the MediaPost news item, ABC Studies iPad: Redefines TV Viewing , "The iPad surely will play a role in accentuating that lesser connection to time and place going forward. ABC would have studied viewer usage of other tablets, but none had critical mass. nielsen mckinsey company. Television has always been based on two pillars: Destination. From "Must See TV" to your favorite sitcoms on Thursday night, you could always tell what the conversation around the water-cooler was going to be based on the schedule set forth in TV Guide. Passivity. itunes.

Do the Math to Calculate the ROI of Business Blogs

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According to Nielsen’s “The Social Media Report,” social networks and blogs are the top online destinations for Internet users, accounting for 23% of the time Americans spend online. In a 2011 HubSpot ROI Study , 69% of businesses surveyed said that blogging attributed to their lead generation success. The study also found that 75% of businesses believed SEO was a primary factor.

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55 (of the) Best Social Media Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2010

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According to a HubSpot study, 71% of marketers viewed Twitter as a useful marketing tool last year, up from just 39% in 2009. Jonas Klit Nielsen advises marketers and business executives to ask critical questions about objectives, targeting, internal resources, synergies with other efforts and more before embarking on a social media strategy. Adoption soared. 85% of Inc. Magazine.

Top 10 Reputation Tracking Tools Worth Paying For

Radian6 Radian6 offers a solution , where you can setup certain keywords to monitor on a dashboard, automatically track the keywords on blogs, image sharing sites and microblogging sites, and then have it report back to you with an analysis of the results. Data is captured in real-time as discovered and delivered to dashboard analysis widgets. Nielsen Nielsen offers Buzzmetrics , which will supply you with key brand health metrics and consumer commentary from all consumer-generated media. Dan Schawbel is the author of Me 2.0: You might want all three. thanks! thanks!

5 Reasons Social Media Measurement is Making You Lie to Yourself

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Nice analysis on it from Ian Lurie over at Conversation Marketing ). Everyone knows that data from Nielsen, Compete, Quantcast, Alexa and their ilk is only semi-accurate unless the site chooses to report actual numbers, so we’ve mostly accepted the fact that website traffic is a dull topic not worth our curiosity or bile. An over reliance on case studies. Not really.

Online Content Curation: The Key To Building Visibility, Authority And Value

Publish a press release, publish a blog post, publish a white paper, publish a case study, publish a podcast, publish an eBook. The News Users 2009 study conducted by Outsell, Inc. million unique visitors per Nielsen NetRatings. According to the same Nielsen NetRatings above, The Drudge Report had a readership of 3.5 Curated in real-time. But not only. million in 2009.

5 Proven Strategies for B2B Social Media Marketing

The following five case studies lend insight into how B2B marketers can use social media to generate leads, create specialized communities, improve SEO, become knowledge sources, and strengthen marketing campaigns. “In the past nine months alone we have seen huge successes through the combination of blogging , Twitter , Facebook , online press releases, downloadable reports/case studies and Linkedin ,&# he explained. It's an awesome website analysis tool that provides all kinds of data in regards to web traffic and SEO. Learn more. Be a resource.&# Million Diners.

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Why Host a Blog on Your Corporate Website?

A little over a year ago, I shared a case study on Search Engine Watch of a client’s website that had fewer than 100 pages of content indexed when we started working with them. Case studies? › Home › Column › Search › SEO Why Host a Blog on Your Corporate Website? Thought leadership is a good thing. Links Let’s be real. White papers?

How to Hack Your Efficiency with an Agile Blog Planning Process

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Read the full case study of how Raven Tools creates consistent content. Norman Nielsen Group covered this topic on Web design , and loosely translated, this is what it means for your blog: If readers like one post on a blog, they’re more likely to judge the entire blog favorably in the future. That’s being effective. You complement your posts with visuals and free content.

Big Ad News at the Big 3 Social Networks | Social You Should Know

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Facebook Announces New Data Analysis Options for Advertisers. CPG companies will benefit from being able to partner with Nielsen Catalina and they’ll have access to Oracle’s Lift API. Twitter Releases New Study on Multimedia Effectiveness. Attention increases by almost 10%, according to a new study by Twitter. Instagram Making Their Ads More Interactive.

The Future of Blogging: I Had to Tell You This

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A prediction about the future of blogging; a platform actively used by over 181 million people (Nielsen data for October 2011). I think it’s a shame that an industry which affects so many people gets so little self-analysis and even fewer people trying to uncover where it’s heading. There are three reasons why this analysis includes so much information. 5,000?

What the Future Holds for B2B Social Media Marketing

In a study of social media use conducted by last year, it was revealed that North American B2B companies are more likely to be using social media tools when compared to B2C companies. According to a study analyzed by eMarketer , the majority of B2B marketers (60%) said they use social media to provide “thought leadership&# for their brand. Jason Weaver CEO, Shoutlet EXCELLENT article and analysis. The B2B Social Media Marketing Series is supported by IDG Enterprise. Learn more. Social media is capable of so much more. 6 iOS 4.2

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Towards a Theory of Digital Literacy: Three Scenarios for the Next Steps

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This list is conceived as a practical framework, derived from years of experience in the research and design of digital environments for youth and adults, as well as an analysis of recent literature on the subject, and based on a pilot study of the performance of scholars in different types of digital tasks ( Eshet-Alkalai, 2004 ; Eshet-Alkalai & Amichai - Hamburger, 2004 ). These include among other things, a thorough analysis of the skills and their nature, their interrelationships, and the resulting implications for educational and technological developments.

Social Media Metrics Superlist: Measurement, ROI, & Key Statistics Resources

Calculating the ROI of Blogging From Charlene Li: Advice on how to calculate the ROI of your blog Online Community ROI: Models and Reporting – Summary From Bill Johnston Online Community Strategy: Highlights from study conducted to investigate how organizations were valuing and reporting on their online communities activities. Boss asking about the ROI of your social media campaigns?

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Lea is studying to be a Global Business Engineer at Copenhagen University College of Engineering. Lise Haar Nielsen Account & Project Assistant. She holds a BA in Marketing and Management Communication from Aarhus School of Business – Aarhus University and plans to continue with her studies in the fall 2011. Loa Tejmers Research and Analyst Assistant.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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Competitive analysis: How does your brand stack up to the competition? • Note that although various tools might measure this data, it’s inclusion is dependent on the data being available on each mention so in most cases only a subset of the total mentions are counted in this type of analysis. Expion just compiled 8 case studies with one of our clients, Applebee's. She specializes in social media strategies that lead to actionable plans to achieve real world objectives. First – What are the objectives? What questions are you trying to answer? What about you?

26 Free Tools for Monitoring Your Brand's Reputation


Blogpulse : A service of Nielsen BuzzMetrics, it analyzes and reports on daily trends in the blogosphere. pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact 26 Free Tools for Monitoring Your Brand’s Reputation by Pam Dyer on December 6, 2009 Share Are you listening? Do you know what people are saying about your brand? If you have customers, odds are they’re talking about you to their coworkers, to their friends, and to anyone else within earshot — including those on social networks. FriendFeed Search : Scans all FriendFeed activity. HowSociable? :

Is Social Media Too Big For Its Britches?

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Let me hear about it: View Comments | Subscribe To This Blog | Sign Up For Our Newsletter Share This Post: Similar Posts That You Might Enjoy: 4 Detective Tricks to Find Your Customers in Social Media Ignore Foursquare at Your Peril – An Analysis of Potential The Science of Inequality – Finding Your Influential Customers markwilliamschaefer Superb summary and perspective, Jay. – [link] [link] Kim Nielsen Good post from @jaybaer on breaking down the discussion of social media by outcomes. At Monday’s Social Fresh conference in St. Whatchew Talking Bout?