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How Competitive Analysis Can Transform Your Social Marketing Plan

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It’s hard to motivate yourself to run competitive analysis when you’re just trying to keep your head above water as a social marketer, but investing time and resources in this form of analysis offers you unprecedented clarity–and also makes other parts of your job a lot easier. Regular competitive analysis helps you create benchmarks for your own brand.

Data Mining: The Ultimate Guide to Niche Analysis

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One tool I like to use when looking for large blogs in a niche is Google Reader, and more specifically its ‘Browse for Feeds’ feature. You can do this by logging into your Google Reader account and clicking ‘Browse for feeds’ on the left menu. Final Analysis. I’m going to expand on that topic today, in the way I always do. Ice Rocket Trend Tool.

Analysis: Revealing the Highest Earning Blogs that Sell Advertising

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To make this more accurate (and to make it easier on myself) I’ve sourced all of the information used in my analysis below directly from BuySellAds. For my analysis I gathered the following statistics: Impressions : Different ad units have different impression counts. I therefore simply took the highest number available to get an estimate of the actual site traffic. Ad Units: 2.

When is the social curation bubble going to burst? — Tech News and Analysis

Tech News and Analysis. Related research and analysis from GigaOM Pro: Subscriber content. RSS Feed for Bobbie Johnson. Events. Research. Apple. Broadband. Cleantech. Cloud. Collaboration. Mobile. Video. gigabarb : How big data can tackle commercial building energy [link]. Pulse. Follow us on Twitter. -->. When is the social curation bubble going to burst? Tweet.

Social Video: How to Stand Out in the News Feed

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Tomorrow at 10AM PST, I’m joining experts from Hanapin, The Weather Channel, and Curulate for a webinar called How to stand out in the news feed with social video marketing. There are infinite directions where you could go with content, but whatever path you choose, the use of video can help you cut through the clutter of social feeds and make your brand stand out among the rest.”

Instagram Lessons from the Forbes Top 10 Most Valuable Brands

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The brand makes sure to keep its Instagram feed exciting by mixing media types and using the newest platform features like the carousel photos format and Instagram stories to provide their audience with the best experience possible. Brand Profiles & Case Studies Education & Analysis Social Media2017 Digital Marketing Predictions From the Experts Download. Image Credit: Forbes.

Don’t Make These 5 Fatal Social Media Marketing Mistakes in 2017

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Creating social media content based on assumptions or half-assed “competitor analysis” is inefficient and ineffective. Don’t flood your followers’ feeds with posts about what your product does, and why they should buy it. Education & Analysis Social Media Social Media TrendsSocial Media Marketing Mistake #1: Insufficient or Inaccurate Audience Research. What are they into?

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5 Findings From Wendy’s Epic Week on Twitter

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The next time I looked at the clock, I had spent over an hour just reading through their mentions and responses, and wondering just how hilarious a Twitter feed can get…Also, why was I never told that Wendy’s could help with geometry homework? Brand Profiles & Case Studies Education & Analysis Social Mediachlangie x=9 Y=10. — Wendy's (@Wendys) January 4, 2017.

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Instagram Stories VS. Snapchat Stories: What It Means for Marketers

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Because they disappear after 24 hours (and don’t appear on your profile or in your feed), Instagram stories enable you to post experimental content, and then, if that content works well, roll it out on your “regular” Instagram profiles and other social accounts. Stories from Followed Accounts Appear at the Top of User Feeds. Wow, that came out creepy.

Analysis: Top 100 Twitter Users

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You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » Analysis: Top 100 Twitter Users Analysis: Top 100 Twitter Users Written by Glen, this post has 24 Comments In terms of traffic, I feel like Twitter is becoming a sort of hybrid between Digg of a few years ago and StumbleUpon. Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!" That’s a lot of traffic. million followers. supr exctd.

10 Content Marketing Lessons I Learned From Seeing How Our Content Is Shared

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76% of people use their Facebook feed to find interesting content. Education & Analysis Social MediaDo you know which blog posts or webpages are driving the most visits to your website right now? Probably. It’s not amateur hour. But did you know: Facebook sends 82% of social media traffic to longer stories and 84% of social traffic to shorter news articles. Click to zoom.

The 3 Types of Social Media Metrics That Matter to You

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Marketing is often referred to as a combination of art and science, a balance of creativity and analysis. Another is the OKR method , which establishes an objective and then the key results that feed that objective. Welcome to the refreshed Social Analysis & Monitoring solution–free upgrade for current customers! Education & Analysis Social Media

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Facebook Pages Paid for 31.68% of Total Reach in April (Report)

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Other findings by Locowise in its April analysis of Facebook pages included: Likes growth remained steady compared with March, at 0.18 The News Feed algorithm now predicts how likely you are to click on an article and how long you are likely to spend reading it–all this in order to put more relevant content into your News Feed. percent of their total reach. percent).

Digital Is Going Dark: Only Early Adopters Will Thrive in 2017

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Facebook is moving conversations out of the feed and into messenger. It means we aren’t retweeting every link or sharing every product to our Facebook feed. Education & Analysis“Imagine a world…”. In creative fields, this is a branding exercise we regularly do with our clients, customers, and colleagues. Imagine a world where that problem didn’t exist….

7 Brands Winning Social Media During the Olympics

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Social media is becoming increasingly visual, with each channel prioritizing videos and images both algorithmically and, as I am sure you’ve noticed in your analysis of your own social channels, performance results. As an extension of this notion, campaigns need to feed a brand narrative that is sustainable over time in order to achieve success. Post by nike. Put ‘em up. Google.

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How Is Instagram Becoming More Usable for Your Brand and Your Audience?

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And, unlike Snapchat’s weak discovery feature, brands can achieve prime visibility at the top of their followers’ feeds. Ever been scrolling through your Instagram feed and thought, “Wow, that’s cool!”, Education & Analysis News & Events Social MediaThe Quick Guide to Social Media Attribution Models Download. Comment Filtering. ”)?

5 Ways You Can Grow Your Instagram Account Without Ads

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The Simply Measured Instagram Competitive Analysis can help you see what’s working for other brands in your niche and/or competitive brands. To get even more targeted, run an analysis like the Simply Measured Twitter Activity Report to find out which hashtags people are using around your brand handle and owned hashtags on Twitter. Education & Analysis Social Media

You Should Be Listening to Your Customers Like You Listen to Your Friends

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You wouldn’t scroll through your Instagram feed while you friend shared the painful news of his divorce, would you? Education & Analysis Social MediaListening to your friends comes naturally. You want to hear what they have to say, and it’s easy: they’re sitting across the table from you at brunch, or you’re texting up a storm, back and forth. Go Deep.

How Brands Can Overcome the Biggest Influencer Marketing Challenges

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Their technology helps parents keep track of their babies’ feeding schedules, and provides parents with several features that can help them look after their newborns better. Education & Analysis Social MediaYou’re familiar with influencer marketing. You already know the benefits it can offer your business. Measuring Your Digital Brand Impact Download. Solution. Solution. Reach.

How to advertise and optimise posts on Facebook


Last week Facebook stated that they once again intend to reduce organic reach by making changes to the news feed algorithm. The platform’s special news feed algorithm enables companies to target a community based on the information people share on their profiles. ?The Identify your key findings through a performance analysis. Advertising Brands Community Management Content Marketing Facebook Guidelines Mindjumpers Social Media Social Media Strategy Tips Content Amplification Content Strategy news feed algorithm social media monitoring Social Paid targeting

How to Create a Social Thought Leadership Presence for the C-Suite

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Giving social media training to boost their confidence is a big help, and suggesting they add a little personality to their social media feeds means it becomes more than just a corporate account, and a CEO is more likely to “own” it. This personal element to a C-suite social feed is so crucial. Education & Analysis Social MediaBest part of course: the sign!

10 Social Lessons for B2B Companies

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This chart is an example of the insight you can generate through competitive analysis. It comes from Simply Measured’s Twitter Competitive Analysis Report. 5 Keys to Cross-Channel Social Analysis Download. You are responsible for feeding your audience likable and useful content, engaging with your audience, and listening for feedback (both good and bad).

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How to Add Instagram Zoom to Your Social Strategy

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Starting today, you can pinch to zoom on photos and videos in feed, on profiles and on Explore. Education & Analysis Social MediaInstagram now allows iPhone users (Android coming soon) to pinch photos and videos to get a closer look at them. Dive into an adorable puppy’s smile or into every detail of your friend’s new shirt. Zoom is available today for Instagram on iOS.

How Brands Are Using Instagram Stories to Impact the Buyer’s Journey

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On Top of the Feed – When Instagram changed their algorithm a few months ago to show posts in-feed depending on how likely were you to be interested, brands had no choice but to work even harder to create compelling and engaging content. Education & Analysis Social MediaThe 2016 State of Social Marketing Download. Then Instagram launched Instagram Stories. Starbucks.

Is Social Media the New TV for Brands?

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It’s no secret that Facebook favors video content , particularly live video, in its feed and social networks are hungry for livestreaming content. Education & Analysis Social MediaTraditional TV viewership is declining and streaming services are picking up the slack — this is what the numbers are showing. Not to mention that Facebook alone has 191.3 Momentum. Post by MLS. TL;DR.

29 Advanced Social Media Tips You Probably Aren’t Using (According to the Experts)

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It’s easy for your tweets to get lost in people’s feeds given the vast amount of content that is being published. Education & Analysis Social Media Social Media TrendsWith the wide range of social media channels available today, there’s plenty to keep brands busy. 24 Ways to Test Your Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook Content Download. FACEBOOK . TWITTER. SEO Travel ).

The Expansion of Instagram Stories, and What It Means for You

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Use your “regular” Instagram feed to announce your partnership, but direct users towards your Instagram Story for the bulk of content. ” If you want to add a Boomerang to your Instagram feed, you’ll still need to use their separate app. Education & Analysis News & Events Social MediaHere’s what these expanded options mean for marketers.

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Best UX Practices for Your Brand Account on Instagram

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Many followers aren’t going to read a block of text while scrolling through their feed–unless your photo or video draws them in and makes them curious. Education & Analysis Social MediaCreating and maintaining a brand on social is one of the best ways to develop a strong relationship with your target audience. The Ultimate 2017 Instagram eBook Download. Post Frequently.

Social Media Monitoring Bookmarks and RSS

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It also allows you to build a dashboard in Netvibes, Bufferapp, Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Feedly and other social media dashboards both in a browser and a news reader on your iPhone/Android smart device. Adding hidden RSS feeds from Facebook (may or may not work from time to time). Industry Organisations: Harvard – Customisable feeds: [link]. Readers (Alternative).

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Social Marketing’s Biggest Moments in the Last 5 Years

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These ads appeared within the news feed, so as not to interrupt the Facebook user experience. Education & Analysis Social MediaOver the past five years, social marketing has evolved. Social networks are adapting to the meet the needs of both consumers and advertisers, which means trying to balance user experience with revenue opportunities. Facebook Introduces Mobile Ads (2012) .

5 Things Your Brand Could Learn From The Bachelor’s Social Strategy

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I don’t know about you, but my Twitter feed is filled with #TheBachelor hashtag on Mondays. 2017 Digital Marketing Predictions From the Experts Download. The Bachelor : everyone’s Monday night guilty pleasure. The reality TV show continues to crush ratings with about 7.3 million viewers tuning in each week. It seems like the whole world is watching. Life is tough without your nanny.

8 Ways to Consistently Generate Excellent Content for Social Marketing

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Instead, you can use a content curator like DrumUp, choose a theme, add your favorite RSS feeds, and discover fresh content — all in the same place. Education & Analysis Social MediaSolid content is integral to a social media marketing strategy. Your campaigns aren’t going to work if the kernel (the content) is not appealing. Employ a Content Curator. Perspective.

How to Improve Social Marketing Results with Scheduling

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SocialOomph (for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, RSS Feeds, Plurk, and blogs). Education & Analysis Social MediaWhile we all know how crucial it is to plan WHAT we are posting, are you aware of how significant the WHEN and HOW also is? 2016 Social Marketing Planning Guide Download. Because here’s the thing: you can’t just go sending out updates whenever you want. Easy. Phew*.

Instagram Stories vs SnapChat in a Nutshell – What You Need to Know

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These stories are non-intrusive and do not currently appear in the standard feed for Instagram users. Supporting Resources: Audience Analysis Worksheet (download free worksheet). Instagram recently announced a new feature called Instagram Stories that looks, smells, feels and behaves a LOT like SnapChat! Similar to Snapchat, the Instagram stories only last 24 hours. Click To Tweet.

What Every Social Media Intern Needs to Know

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After reading many blog posts and scrolling through the entire Simply Measured Instagram feed, it was easy to tell I would be working at a cool place with a ton of talented people. Education & Analysis Social MediaMy name is Audrey, and I am the Social Media Intern at Simply Measured! I’m going on my fourth week here, and I couldn’t have picked a better place to spend my summer.

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Tumblr Now Has Live Video: Why and What Your Brand Can Do About It

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This feeds in well to today’s on-demand consumption model — especially among the young people who flock to Tumblr. Because Tumblr uses the blog format, it could be making a play to become the hub for live video which feed in from various sources. Education & Analysis News & Events Social MediaTumblr just announced that it has live video with the sardonic, very Tumblr subheading, “This should be interesting.” ” Yes, yes it will be. link]. This new feature is giving Tumblr a fresh sense of relevance. The Details. Why Go Live? 4:15 p.m.

How to Spy on Your Facebook Competition

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A great way to measure your social media progress, and get a snap shot of your current social media status, is to complete a Facebook competitive analysis for your Facebook Page. 3) Facebook’s Pages Feed. Another less known way to see what your competitors are up to is to check your ‘pages feed’ frequently. Source. This is what it looks like. number of fans.

10 Ways Small Business Can Use Facebook Live Video Streaming

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Supporting Resources: Audience Analysis Worksheet (download free worksheet). Facebook Live video streaming enables brands and businesses of all sizes to tap into the power of video marketing and social media. It enables even the smallest of businesses to increase brand awareness, build community, nurture relationships. Benefits of Facebook Live for business. iTunes. Stitcher. SoundCloud.

Brands: It’s not enough to be liked

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The fan page becomes a focus group that can be mined for consumer insights, which can feed back to content creation, stage gate development and campaign tracking. A two-prong approach of audience discovery and competitive analysis can help uncover what motivates and energizes your consumers. You can then repeat the analysis periodically to capture nuances and shifts in fan interests.

How Whole Foods Keeps Their Audience Engaged on Instagram and Beyond

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From there, they can select any of the photos that appear on the company’s Instagram feed, and within two clicks, arrive at a landing page for a specific product. Brand Profiles & Case Studies Education & Analysis Social MediaIn this post we look at Whole Foods, one of the most reputed retailers in the world. . Measuring Your Digital Brand Impact Download. link.

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