The ROI of Knowing Your Social ROI

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“Social ROI” is the buzz term on every social marketer’s lips these days, but what does it actually mean, and why is it important? In other words, what’s the ROI of knowing your social ROI? The truth is, ROI = impact. Here’s why you should know your social ROI.

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Only 17% Of Businesses Measure Social Media ROI; 12% Have A Realtime Analytics Solution

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And, as we’ve seen too often before, only a small percentage (17%) currently measure social media ROI. Social Media ROI And Realtime Big Data Analytics. 75% of respondents do not currently measure ROI for their social business programs.

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How to Boost Your Social Media ROI with Influencer Marketing

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What if you could further leverage this marketing channel and boost your ROI while getting ahead of your competitors? The Social Marketer’s Guide to Social Media ROI Download. Social Network Stat Sheets: What You Need to Know Download.

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How Many Dollars Did That Content Drive? A Multi Level Analysis.

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Beyond Engagement: Why Brands Must Use Outcomes to Prove, and Improve, Social Success Download. Remember, there are three levels of depth you can use for your social attribution analysis, depending on what your major questions are. Education & Analysis Social Media

Calculate Your Blogging ROI in 9 Steps

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Let’s assume your monthly blog hosting is $19, and you spend $19 per month on Inbound Writer to help with you blog’s SEO, and you spend $19 per month on Formstack to create and manage landing pages to convince people to download your white paper. Calculating Blogging ROI.

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Don’t Make These 5 Fatal Social Media Marketing Mistakes in 2017

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Give your competition a run for their money, and maximize your ROI by avoiding these common social media mistakes in 2017. . Creating social media content based on assumptions or half-assed “competitor analysis” is inefficient and ineffective.

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The New Social Metrics You Need to Know

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Owned, Earned, Paid, and Dark Social: Definitions, and Where to Begin Download. Do your analysts have direct access to the social API that can integrate with your current, non-social data analysis systems and make this link possible? Education & Analysis Social Media

10 Actionable Video Basics for Social Media Marketing

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The Social Marketer’s Guide to Social Media ROI Download. Vid IQ is designed to turbo-charge your YouTube efforts by providing you with search engine optimization information, as well as research on demographics, traffic analysis for YouTube, and data about competitors.

The 3 Types of Social Media Metrics That Matter to You

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Marketing is often referred to as a combination of art and science, a balance of creativity and analysis. 2017 Digital Marketing Predictions From the Experts Download. Welcome to the refreshed Social Analysis & Monitoring solution–free upgrade for current customers!

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Digital Marketing Predictions from the Experts: 2017 Edition

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We were blown away by the level of insight we received, from new ways to measure ROI to channel-specific tactics. Scroll down to download the whole shebang. Download the full guide below. Education & Analysis Social Media

The 4 Elements of Successful B2B and B2C Digital Marketing Programs

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How to Drive More Web Traffic From Social Media Download. Content downloads? As a marketer you will always be asked to prove your ROI, so be clear on defining what success looks like and measuring your results. Download our guide below!

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How Brands Can Overcome the Biggest Influencer Marketing Challenges

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Measuring Your Digital Brand Impact Download. Challenge #1: Measuring Influencer Marketing ROI. According to the report, the biggest influencer marketing challenge is determining ROI. Education & Analysis Social MediaYou’re familiar with influencer marketing.

What Social Marketers Need to Know From Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2016

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2016 Instagram Strategy Kit Download. 3 Quick Reports for Measuring Brand Awareness Download. 10 Social Media Trends You’ve Been Ignoring Download. You’re Doing Social Wrong Download. The 2015 Instagram Industry Report Download.

Do You Speak the Language of Your CEO?

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Social Attribution Education Kit Download. Beyond Engagement: Why Brands Must Use Outcomes to Prove, and Improve, Social Success Download. However, study after study reveals that measuring social media ROI continues to be the top priority for social media marketers.

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How to Use Social Media and Influencer Marketing to Launch a New Business, Product or App

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They hop on Twitter the day before or day of launch throwing nothing but social spaghetti and spam on the walls of influencers, begging for clicks, plays, downloads, shares and everything in between. Social Media Audience Analysis Worksheet.

Best Practices for Measuring Your Social Influencer Program

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24 Ways to Test Your Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook Content Download. Here’s how you should keep track of the ROI generated from your influencer program, no matter which social channels you’re focused on.

What Your 2017 Marketing Budget Needs to Include

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Between the holidays , wrapping up end-of-year analysis (no pun intended), and conducting the necessary research and meetings to make sure your budget plan/request is rock solid and actually effective, it can be hard to get a budget plan signed, sealed, and delivered by the first week of January.

Top Influencers Weigh In on Social Attribution: What Did They Say?

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” How to Define Social Impact and Communicate Your Performance Download. Jeff Barrett , CEO of Status Creative Agency , related: We don’t have a standard ROI for social, so social gets plugged into awareness-building and loyalty in a lot of companies.

Influencer Marketing: How to Co-Create Content with Top Industry Influencers

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Audience Analysis Worksheet. Related Stories Influencer Marketing 101: Definitions, Benefits and Success Tips in a Nutshell Download the Ultimate Facebook Image Size Guide Cheat Sheet How to Get Your Social Media Budget Approved. Times are changing.

You Really Can’t Afford to Commit These Seven Social Media Sins Anymore

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The 2016 State of Social Marketing Download. Maybe you have a decent conversation going with your audience, but aren’t seeing any kind of ROI for your constant efforts. Education & Analysis Social Media

“I’m Focused on Brand Awareness: Why Should I Care About Social Attribution?”

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The 2016 State of Social Marketing Download. While social presents some unique challenges for attribution , it is still a digital marketing channel and isn’t exempt from needing to show its ROI. The Social Marketer’s Guide to Social Media ROI Download.

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How Do You Grow and Measure the Success of Your Personal Brand on Social?

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Instagram Social Marketing Strategy Kit Download. From this analysis, start to form a plan. Don’t worry about engagement scores or following–pay attention to overall metrics like ROI and business value. 2016 Social Marketing Planning Guide Download.

How to Market Your Brand to All Generations with Social, Content, and More

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How to Increase Social Conversions Download. Download the guide below to measure the final effects of your efforts: your ROI. Education & Analysis Social Media

2017 Content Marketing Editorial Calendar Template and Tutorial

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How to use our 2017 content marketing editorial calendar template ( download now ). How to get a grip on your content for 2017: Step 1: Download the 2017 calendar here-> Content Editorial Calendar. Create once, use many (= increased ROI).

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Video Influencer Marketing

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2017 Digital Marketing Predictions From the Experts Download. The survey also found that videos can provide solid ROI by boosting traffic, conversions, and sales. So when you’re launching an influencer marketing campaign, consider including videos for optimal ROI.

Back-to-School Is the Second-Biggest Retail Holiday. Are You Ready? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Want Help Proving the ROI of Your Social Campaigns? Download our Social Marketer’s Guide to ROI below to uncover: How to define what “Social ROI” means for your brand. The right way to think about Social ROI, and how to measure it. Education & Analysis News & Events Social Media Social Media Trends“Back to school” is the second-biggest retail holiday in the U.S. This year, it’s expected to rake in $828 BILLION!

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Revamping Your Paid Strategy

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Forget about the mainstream marketing advice you always hear, and focus on what you can be doing to improve performance and ROI in the coming year. Download our new eBook “Trends in Paid Strategies for B2B Marketers” here. Image via

1st Step to Create Content Marketing Plan: Do a Content Asset Audit with this Free Worksheet

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Not only do I provide you with a free and super easy to use content inventory worksheet but I also teach you to how to do a quick content marketing inventory analysis so you can: Identify the content you already have. Achieve a higher ROI by leveraging what you have already invested in!

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Social Media: Measurement and ROI. Social Media: Measurement and ROI. Sexy Numbers: Measuring ROI in Social Media Campaigns (ReveNews): This article has some great insights on how you can tackle that elusive ROI question. Better ROI?

3 Paid Social Changes That Yielded Major Results

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How to On-Board Your Social Team RIGHT Download. The Social Marketer’s Guide to Social Media ROI Download. When it comes to ROI on gated content and generating prospects for tech B2B, LinkedIn is king. 3 Quick Reports for Measuring Brand Awareness Download.

Stop Wasting Time on Social Media if You don’t KNOW Your Ideal Customer!

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Download this Audience Analysis Worksheet to help you prioritize and analyze your audience. So you think you know your audience? Do you know your ideal customer?

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How to Create a Content Marketing Architecture, Framework and Plan

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Brand architectures that increase ROI and improve efficiencies. Content Marketing Inventory Worksheet + Editorial Calendar Template (worksheet download). Audience analysis worksheet to help you identify and prioritize your top audiences.

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Social Media IRL: Facebook Starts Attributing Unattributable Revenue

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The Social Marketer’s Guide to Social Media ROI Download Today! Education & Analysis News & Events Social Media“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”.

3 Unbelievable Lessons and Sessions from Social Media Strategies Summit NYC

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Let us know on Twitter, and download the Social Marketer’s Guide to Social Media ROI below to connect strategy to business impact. Brand Profiles & Case Studies Education & Analysis News & Events

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What True Collaboration in Digital Marketing Looks Like (And How I Learned It)

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2017 Digital Marketing Predictions From the Experts Download. Clarifying the Role of Social Media Download. Leads, customer acquisition, revenue, and ultimately ROI, are what connect us as marketers. Education & Analysis

Use This Awesome Worksheet to Build Your Social Media Plan, Prioritize Audiences & Customer Segments

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The first task they are assigned is helping to complete this social media audience analysis and strategy worksheet which today I am also sharing with you! Download it now! . Random Acts of Marketing (RAMs) will destruct your ROI morsel by morsel, post by post.

Instagram Stories vs SnapChat in a Nutshell – What You Need to Know

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Supporting Resources: Audience Analysis Worksheet (download free worksheet). Instagram recently announced a new feature called Instagram Stories that looks, smells, feels and behaves a LOT like SnapChat!

Social Attribution: Because Web Analytics Is the Wrong Tool for the Job

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The Quick Guide to Social Media Attribution Models Download. No, it’s not because we need to show ROI. We do attribution because we need to increase ROI. Social Attribution 101: The Beginner’s Guide Download. Education & Analysis Social Media

How to Retarget a Lost Audience and Why It’s Important

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The Social Marketer’s Guide to Hyper-Targeting Download. It’s a cost-effective way to remain top-of-mind, as well as increase return on investment (ROI). 2017 Social Marketing Planning Guide Download. Education & Analysis Social Media

A New Way to Calculate What Facebook is Worth to Your Business

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download the spreadsheet below to help you calculate). But this model doesn’t prove ROI because there is no “R&# in this equation. Facebook for business is email newsletters 2.0.

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