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How to Turn Friends Into Fans with Social Engagement

Convince & Convert

Then you have me over here on the side, doing what I do, which is community management and social media management for our team for Convince & Convert. So basically, for the most part, our community is a social media based community. Today I was actually poking around, looking at Jet Blue, Jet Blue Airlines. Christin: Okay.

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Freemium Revenues: Social Media Business Podcast

Laurel Papworth

We look at Freemium revenue in social networks and online communities including asking that: if freemium is the business model of giving it all (or most) of the services away for free , how can you then charge for it? Monetizing social networks. And what is free stuff anyway – marketing? advertising? A mugs game?


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Why Influence Mining is the Next Gold Rush | social crm | Social.

Convince & Convert

Personally, I had a problem with an airline recently. Combine that with location and mobile data, and you get real-time smart agents that tell you whom you should approach in a restaurant to buy a drink. It's no longer only about how many widgets you sell in the short term, but who you sell them to. JF : Hyper-targeting.

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How to Transfer WhatsApp Data From Android To iPhone Officially


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