Which Airlines Are Most Responsive On Twitter?

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Which airline brands are the most responsive on Twitter? New data from SocialBakers looks at the difference between the amount of answered and unanswered questions – on Twitter only – among major airlines. Does your preferred airline respond quickly on Twitter?

The Most Engaging Industries on Facebook and What to Learn from Them


Rather, we go to a brand’s Facebook page, since it’s much easier for us to communicate with companies where we are already spending so much of our time online. Looking at their Facebook page , it’s evident that there’s a good reason for this. KLM Airlines.

How to Measure Social Media -Southwest Airlines

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Twitter and Facebook were about 80% of the bookings. The PR department has produced a simple one-sheet report that goes to the CEO each month that shows major points – followers and fans, messaging, commenting, perceptions about the brand. A case study about their 72 hour fare sale.

25 brands every social media manager should follow on social


Social media is a whole new ball game for brands. And yet, there are some brands out there that are impressively strong at social. And how can your brand get in on it? Find out which famous brands you should follow and what their social strategies are.

Social Media Marketers: Time to Get Personal


Even though you’ve managed to put social media into your budget, you have not necessarily secured your brand’s social success. It takes a thorough knowledge of your target group as well as your own brand identity to create a trustworthy social brand identity. Tweet.

Three Things Twitter’s Marketing Team Needs to Do

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But though 88% of event professionals are active on Facebook, only 60% of planners also use Twitter. Facebook is still, at its core, a place to share life updates and photos of friends and family.

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Book Review: The Social Employee

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One of the most powerful impacts of social media is the way has democratized brands. No longer is the brand, or corporate image, tightly controlled by a few senior executives, marketing communications specialists, and PR spokespersons. Those voices collectively shape the brand.

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6 Social Media Stats to Improve Your Brand Presence


Awareness has sourced the Internet to bring up some of the most interesting metrics to give brands a chance to boost their current marketing strategy. The sectors with the best response rates being telecommunications and the airline sector. Recently, Awareness, Inc.

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Use of Social Media to Inspiration for All Businesses


Tweet Laurel Moffat , who is a Communication Specialist at Southwest Airlines, has made a presentation about the company’s successful social media strategy at a January 25 Kansas City American Marketing Association lunch event. More facts: - Southwest Airlines is a strong brand. -

Are Chatbots Right for Your Brand?

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Perhaps you’d handle this online through your airline or service provider, maybe you’d call a customer service center, or even, gasp, go to the store! These bots typically reside within other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or Kik. The post Are Chatbots Right for Your Brand?

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5 Super Cool Facebook Messenger for Business Examples

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This trend offers an opportunity to use Facebook Messenger for business. From resolving customer inquiries to facilitating sales transactions, here are five brands unlocking the potential to build consumer connections with messaging. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Visual Analytics: Find Your Brand’s Visual Influencers

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Images and videos play an ever increasing role in the way people interact on social media, as attested by the rise of visual-oriented platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, and the increasing visual focus of giants such as Twitter and Facebook.

How Do You Socialize an Already Social Brand?

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For other businesses, their brand is already so well known that they may feel that they don’t have to step into social media at all. Here’s what you can do to grow that brand even farther — and to make people feel great about you: Engage Your Followers.

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How Air China Used Facebook Check-Ins for Their New Campaign


Tweet While surfing through the net, I found an interesting campaign by Air China, using Facebook’s check-ins. Facebook places is one of the most neglected marketing channels and here it has been very effectively used.

Brands Can Have Real Conversations

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" On the other hand, you are at the mercy of the airline''s flight schedule. Not Facebook friends. The problem is this: I think I know what''s going on in their lives because we''re connected on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram or whatever, but I don''t. I used to think that the true power of social media was the ability for brands to have real interactions between real human beings. That''s the big thing that big brands (still) don''t understand. brand.

There Is No Brand Truth

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What is the truth about a brand? Every brand thinks that they are either able to control their brand message or (at the very least) manage it through social media channels like Facebook , Twitter and beyond. It''s not manipulation so much as it is their newfound ability to be a publisher and put out into their world thinly-veiled content as an engine of positive brand perception. Those who are vaguely paying attention to the newfound brand narrative.

How to Build a Brand Lifestyle 101


A ‘ lifestyle brand ’ can best be described as a company that serves to cater its products or services to a specific group or culture of people based on expressed interests, attitudes, opinions, etc. Consider top lifestyle brands like Apple, Disney, and Nike for example.

Brands Cannot Be Human

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Can brands be human? Can brands be more human? Before getting into a philosophical and semantic debate over what it actually means to be "human," first think about what a brand really stands for. What is a brand? For the most part, brands came of age in a world where the things products did were pretty similar to what everyone else's products did. In this age of consumer reviews, blogs, Twitter , Facebook and beyond, it's hard to get away with being that bad.

Are You Worthy of Social Media? The 2 Types of Talk Triggers

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We don’t upload blah to Facebook. This happened to me a few months ago when a Southwest Airlines flight attendant made a young boy’s day by taping his crayon drawings to the front of the plane , and congratulating him publicly.

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Why I Think Social Media Is For Branding and Engagement, Not Traffic or Revenue

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Businesses would publish links, photos, and videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, hoping to reach as many people as they can and drive a high number of leads and sales. As Rank Fishkin observed , “Twitter, Facebook, et al. People use social media to reach brands.

10 Travel Influencers Your Brand Should Partner With


Influencers have become an integral part of many brands’ marketing strategies as today’s consumers trust peer recommendations above all other forms of marketing. Leveraging partnerships with travel influencers can help hospitality and travel brands reach a wider audience and boost engagement and bookings all while showcasing the brand in an authentic and organic way. So, where do you start as a brand? on Facebook and 2K on Twitter.

Monopoly Launches ‘Save Your Token’ Campaign on Facebook

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Monopoly is using Facebook and Twitter to get fans excited about a change in the classic board game. From now until February 5th, Monopoly fans can vote on Facebook to save their favorite token (one of the current tokens will be eliminated) and to choose a new one.

The State of Social Media in Norway


Mindjumpers Network is a global network of local country community managers enabling international companies to execute and maintain brand communities in a structured, quality assured and cost effective way across markets with the aim of creating effect and value.

Social Media and Your Ever-Expanding Brand


What is a brand, and, as caretaker of your company’s brand, how does social media affect you? The 1922 Merriam-Webster dictionary defines brand as: 1 : an arbitrarily adopted name that is given by a manufacturer or merchant to an article or service to distinguish it as produced or sold by that manufacturer or merchant and that may be used and protected as a trademark. If your last flight on jetBlue was really pleasant, you have good brand associations with the airline.

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The ROI of social media

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Related posts: Brands use social media for PR. Driving ROI from social media for airlines . VISIT MY FACEBOOK PAGE. Featured Headline Social Media Business Facebook Internet marketing Marketing and Advertising Rate of return Twitter YouTubeThis video is chock full of the latest statistics for social media use in business and discusses what’s important in measuring ROI. Social media boosts campaigns. Click here to start to receive my newsletter.

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Mobile Breaks Search. And Your Brand

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With the user at the center, there is still one big, honking and unsolved challenge that faces brands in this amazing world that we live in. How will anybody truly find your brand? Many will be dazzled and amazed by the many charts, graphs and flows that Ben Evans uses in Mobile Is Eating The World to build a dramatic case for why brands need to innovate. Search (and later Facebook) dominated. Focus on this brands. If you're not an airline, bank etc.

Facebook Ad Examples That Convert

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billion people visit Facebook on a monthly basis, making it the third most visited website globally—falling behind only Google and YouTube. Marketing on Facebook requires a well-executed content strategy, but you don’t have to rely on organic reach alone. FacebookMore than 1.65

What’s the Future for Facebook Messenger?

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Who would have thought that messaging apps like Facebook messenger would have become so popular…? Facebook Messenger – 900 million active users. Facebook holds an annual conference every year called F8. How do you access Facebook Messenger?

Social Media Gone Wrong … and How to Avoid Making the Same Mistakes

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Posted in Advertising Branding Social Media. Even after the head of the KitchenAid brand, Cynthia Soledad, offered an apology, many still expressed outrage and announced boycotts of the brand. Qantas Airlines. We’re all human. We all make mistakes.

List of Brand-Side Corporate Social Strategists: Twitter Edition

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Jeremiah Owyang recently published a fantastic List of Corporate Social Strategists for 2011 (Buyer/Brand Side) , an impressive compilation of individuals either holding the title or performing the role of corporate social strategist, defined by Jeremiah as “the business decision maker for social media programs – who provides leadership, roadmap definition, and governance; and directly influences the spending on technology vendors and service agencies.&#. Share this on Facebook.

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7 Fatal Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Can Quickly Overcome

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There are many ways to market your business on Facebook. If you’ve struggled to build momentum and increase Facebook engagement , there’s hope. 7 Fatal Facebook Marketing Mistakes You Can Quickly Overcome. It’s no different with Facebook marketing.

What You See On Facebook Vs. What Is Really Happening

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What you see on Facebook : 9:45 - Arrival at Montreal airport. The customer service people at the airline were none-to-thrilled to have undo everything again. The point is this: don't be fooled by what you see on Facebook. Don't be fooled by what was posted on Facebook and Instagram. . . brand. facebook. Prime parking spot right in front. Clutch! Post that to Instagram. .

Facebook Mistakes Small Businesses Make (and How to Fix Them)

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Facebook mistakes. However, some of the worst Facebook mistakes are the ones that often go unnoticed. While Facebook continues to change the rules, you must make the most of every opportunity. Facebook Mistakes Small Businesses Make. Not Using Facebook Insights.

Instagram Zoom: How to Get the Most From Instagram’s New Feature (Plus Inspiration From 10 Awesome Brands)

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We decided to dive in at the deep end and take a look at how this feature works, what brands are already doing with zoom, and how you can use it as well. Here’s a quick look at how 10 brands have already started to use Instagram’s zoom feature within their content.

What You See On Facebook Vs. What Is Really Happening

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What you see on Facebook : 9:45 - Arrival at Montreal airport. The customer service people at the airline were none-to-thrilled to have undo everything again. The point is this: don't be fooled by what you see on Facebook. Don't be fooled by what was posted on Facebook and Instagram. . . brand. facebook. Prime parking spot right in front. Clutch! Post that to Instagram. .

How Businesses Use Twitter Today

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Monday, February 15, 2010 How Businesses Use Twitter Today How Businesses Use Twitter Today Southwest Airlines is using it to let people know about flight changes, conditions and more. With TweetDeck You can monitor not only important Twitter mentions but also update and monitor what is happening that is relevant for You on Facebook and Linkedin. Social Media Facebook Security These days all accounts and sites are concerned about account holders identity, and rightly so.

The Importance of Monitoring Your Social Media

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Customers who have bad experiences are more likely to tell their story on social media in order to express their dislike for how they were treated by a brand. Eventually, the airline issued an apology and the luggage was found.

Forrester Outlines Seven Things Your Organization Must Do Because Of Social Media

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Forrester analyst Augie Ray posted a list of seven things he recommends organizations do to avoid the recent problems of Nestle and United Airlines. You must improve customer support: Poor customer service now has the potential to do widespread damage to your brand. As Ray puts it, “Marketers must view their customer service organizations as a key component in brand-building efforts&#.

The Mutterings Of Twitter

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Brands that are leveraging Twitter to connect with their consumers may be in for a surprise. That feeling of frustration that we have all experienced as consumers of a brand is not a constant or lingering feeling that turns someone from a consumer (or even a brand advocate) into a non-consumer (or a brand terrorist). How many instances has there been when someone waiting for a plane is delayed, and they dump all over the airline in a moment of frustration?

Social Media Horror Story With A Happy Ending


Today’s article is a guest post by Dennis Yu, an international speaker and author on search engine marketing and Facebook marketing. Dennis is also Chief Executive Officer of BlitzMetrics – creating awesome Facebook dashboards that show how you stack up against your competitors.

Are You In The Business of Awesome?

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Who would have thought that 140 characters on Twitter could do so much damage to the character of a brand? In a world where close to one billion people are connected on Facebook , we have to start asking the very difficult question: does any of this even make a difference any more? The mass media used to jump on stories of people being wronged by a brand. So, is United Airlines now a decimated brand? Do you think any less of the airline? brand.

The Use of Animation in Digital Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

GE recently released a series of animations promoting a health related Facebook application. Take a look at their 2011 video showing how Facebook integrates with the Spotify player. The Kiwi airline is well known for their lighthearted safety videos.

The Best of This Summer’s Social Media

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While there were plenty of interesting brands to choose from, we’ve gathered a few of the biggest and boldest that made a splash during Summer 2017. With all the drama surrounding airlines these days, we have to give it to Delta. Ah, August.

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