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Marketing via Aggregation, Filtering and Curation – Tools and Resources


Aggregation. How Marketing Might Want to Aggregate, Filter, Curate, Publish and Distribute. Can you give priority to your own content within the aggregated content? How to Curate Content for an Aggregated Content Site. Then aggregate. Introducing aggregates.

The 21 Best Content Curation Tools

Webbiquity SMM

Ideal for live blogs, breaking events, and conferences. It’s a great way to capture the buzz from the show floor after a tradeshow, event or conference.” — Maximize Social Business (Drive). A personalized news aggregator. Aggregate content from sources across the web.

Content Curation versus Content Aggregation

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Content Curation versus Content Aggregation: A Velvet Mr. T Painting Two posts brought to my attention the discussion starting to take root about the worlds of content aggregation versus content curation. The phrase used was "curation is the new aggregation."

What’s the law around aggregating news online

ABOUT ARCHIVES CONTACT SUBSCRIBE TWITTER What’s the law around aggregating news online? So much of the web is built around aggregation — gathering together interesting and useful things from around the Internet and presenting them in new ways to an audience.

What’s the law around aggregating news online? A Harvard Law report on the risks and the best practices

ABOUT ARCHIVES CONTACT SUBSCRIBE TWITTER What’s the law around aggregating news online? So much of the web is built around aggregation — gathering together interesting and useful things from around the Internet and presenting them in new ways to an audience.

Tips on How PR Pros Can Create Social Media Success


Naturally, it’s not possible to predict what news that are waiting around the corner to break, but it’s possible to know that some events will gain attention within social media. Get acquainted with news aggregation services.

Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 2: Aggregation Is Not Curation

Print this article | Read this article in: | Real-Time News Curation - The Complete Guide Part 2: Aggregation Is Not Curation We are no longer just consumers of content , we have become curators of it too. As I see it: " Aggregation is automated, curation is manual.

Facebook Beefs Up Analytics for Apps

SocialTimes Facebook

Sharing insights (pictured above) help you see the most popular stories shared from your website to Facebook and the aggregated demographics of the people who shared them, as well as a sentiment analysis, top quotes and other insights.

Sony Builds Interactive Social Media Hub For 2014 World Cup

The Realtime Report

One Stadium Live will highlight the event’s most recent – and talked about – news, results, and (of course) conflicts. Social Media Campaigns Facebook Google Isobar One Stadium Live Online forum soccer social media Social Media aggregation Sony Twitter World Cup

How to Expand Your Audience Reach with Interactive Webcasts and Hybrid Events


Offer them the ability to ask live questions, and get them talking by aggregating the buzz from social media feeds. Today, associations and organizations face a great challenge: utilizing technology to reach out to and maintain contact with a membership with an ever-decreasing attention span.

How To Incorporate Twitter Into Your Event


Whether large or small, Twitter can enhance your event in a number of ways. But, even if you aren’t planning a star-studded event, you can still use the following tips to create a tweet-worthy event. Establish an event hashtag. Create buzz before the event.

International Cat Day: Facebook Studies Differences Between Cat, Dog People

SocialTimes Facebook

The social network analyzed aggregate anonymous data from 160,000 U.S. users who have posted photos of dogs, cats or both, and it shared its findings with SocialTimes: Friendships: Dog people have more friends, but cat people get invited to more events. Monday is International Cat Day, and Facebook released the results of its study on how cat people differ from dog people.

Facebook Analytics for Apps Now Supports Messenger Bots; FbStart Program Welcomes Bot Developers

SocialTimes Facebook

In addition, you’ll have access to aggregated and anonymized demographic reports such as age, gender, education, interests, country, language and much more to help you better understand who’s engaging with your bots.

Attend the ProBlogger Training Event Virtually


The Problogger Training Event Virtual Pass could be just what you need. In March this year when I announced the 2013 ProBlogger Event I did so quite nervously because we’d book a venue with 450 seats (up from 300 the previous year) in a new location.

Stream Twitter on TVs in real-time at events, concerts.


Stream Twitter on TVs in real-time at events, concerts, presentations and more. Connecting Twitter to TVs or projecting it on a screen at your events will add a whole new level of audience participation. Plus, you can grow your list of followers at every event.

A Walk Through Twitter’s Walled Garden

The Realtime Report

Events: Pictures Twitter Or It Didn’t Happen. Twitter is looking to “more closely tie the shared experience on Twitter to the actual event that is happening,” says CEO Costolo.

Facebook Reader a welcome feature

Sherrilynne Starkie

I like that my online communities help surface the content that is most relevant to me and it seems to keep me up to date with news and events. Facebook Featured Headline Social Media Facebook Reader Google Reader News aggregator Google will soon shelve Reader and this has created a lot of panicky online noise from ardent fans. However, I am largely unconcerned. I have had a Reader account for several years now, but hadn’t really ever used it.

Data is the New Oil


Ranging from Facebook to Google to Zynga, thousands of companies are building sustainable businesses on the aggregation of personal data. Data mining has been likened by the World Economic to a “new type of raw material … on par with capital and labor.” One might said to oil.

Data 78

Content aggregation drives viewers, but can it drive profits?

™ Login Register Advertise with Us Browse by Topic In Focus iPad Smartphones Social Media SEO / SEM Paid Content Content Aggregation / Curation Hyperlocal Tags Advertising Audience Development Design Editorial Technology Products & Resources Publisher's Playbooks Industry events Site index Content aggregation drives viewers, but can it drive profits? ” Other aggregation-focused publishers are already there, albeit on a smaller scale.

Aggregate your online activity using Tumblr [Tutorial]

Subscribe to 8824 RSS Subscribers 321 Aggregate your online activity using Tumblr [Tutorial] October 19, 2008 | In Tutorials , WebApp | View Comments Friendfeed is a great site. Â Â To aggregate your activities you will need to use RSS import function in Tumblr.

[Cool Infographic Friday] How Digital and Social Media Have Transformed Nonprofits


Nonprofits say three of their top four engagement channels are now digital: websites, email campaigns, and social media; the only non-digital channel that’s seen as among the most effective is in-person events. Thanks to MDG Advertising for passing along this infographic!

To Create OR To Aggregate, That is The Question

» To Create OR To Aggregate, That is The Question. Or can the aggregation of other people’s content be king too? 8 Responses to “To Create OR To Aggregate, That is The Question.&# To Create OR To Aggregate, That is The Question. |

Rating 4 social media influence-scoring platforms

In Focus iPad Smartphones Social Media SEO / SEM Paid Content Content Aggregation / Curation Hyperlocal Tags Advertising Audience Development Design Editorial Technology Products & Resources Publisher's Playbooks Industry events Site index.

Tag Tribes Social Media Week: Video SEO and Business Blogging

Absolute PA

There are eight cities around the world taking part, including London, with events consisting of breakfast briefings, panel debates, workshops, media agency open houses, pop-up business advice shops and loads of networking. Most events are free and open to everyone.

A Tale of 2 Vatican Videos

Ari Herzog

Pope Benedict XVI sent his first tweet this week to launch , developed by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Social Communications, aggregating content and links from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube; along with radio, TV, print, and other media outlets.

Video 78

Cool Social Tools: PwrdBy


The PwrdBy mobile application platform allows organizations to process mobile donations, recruit and manage volunteers, promote events and fundraisers, aggregates all social media channels and a whole lot more!

Tools 102

11 Content Marketing Tools To Promote Your Blog


Scoop.It is an in depth website that combines social media with a news reader/aggregator. Sulia is a website that prioritizes topics and then aggregates stories into your news feed. Bundlr is another reader and aggregate site.

Tools 123

Curation: The end of content aggregation as we know it

” As Google and others have pioneered broad-based aggregation of content – taking a big bite out of media site traffic in the process – we’re now seeing some movement toward services for publishers that help web users wade through all the sources of information to find what’s most relevant to them. McAdams is one of the voices calling for the end of aggregation as we know it. presents publishers with every piece of content it aggregates.

Zika: A Social Media Conversation Timeline

Simply Measured

We looked for correlations in the aggregate data and aligned trends with specific events, supported by conversational analysis from Simply Measured. Here is the timeline of major conversational events around Zika we found on social. The Olympics are drawing to a close.

Content aggregation solutions move beyond the RSS feed

While aggregating third-party information has helped fill the content coffers, many publishers are looking to move beyond simple RSS feeds, which deliver headlines but little else in terms of the quality and relevance of the information being served. “Aggregation of content only gets you so far,” says Danny Briere, CEO of mBLAST. Some questions to ask when evaluating aggregation solutions: What role can editors play in curating the third-party content?

Five models of content curation


Aggregation – There is a flood of information online and Google can only give you a best guess at the most relevant, but there are millions and millions of pages returned for any search result. Recap or reporting - say, of a conference or event.

The Dos and Don’ts of a Social Media Automation Strategy

Waxing UnLyrical

Automating content aggregation is okay. Be sensitive to real-world events. It creates an automated process and presents events and tasks in the form of simple cause-and-effect formulae, which you can customize according to your requirements. Guest Post by Vasudha Veeranna.

Four Ways to Keep Content Fresh

Spin Sucks

They aggregate a bunch of content every day (at least 10 articles) around one topic (I subscribe to entrepreneurship, leadership, and social media). Pay attention to current events. By Gini Dietrich.

The 20 Best New Social Media Tools to Try in 2017 (And How to Use Them)

Buffer Social

Best used for: Live events promotion. Once they follow your calendar, you can push important events to their personal calendar. How to use it: In terms of creating events, CalendarX works quite similarly to most calendars. Live events.

Tools 59

Facing Information Overload? Cronycle Can Help You Filter Through the Web’s Flood of Content

We get our information from different news outlets, publications, live coverage and events happening on Twitter, Facebook feeds, and countless other sources. This is where tools like aggregators such as Feedly or Flipboard come in. Image courtesy: CC BY-SA 2.0, Flickr, 25031050@N06.

The 3 Most-Asked Questions at Our Social Attribution Webinar

Simply Measured

Other web analytics platforms provide you with an aggregated number, but won’t break down which pieces of social content are actually driving business impact and why. Education & Analysis News & Events

8 Tools to Curate Content for Social Media


Type a keyword in their search engine and find stories (relevant news, live events, popular campaigns, conversations, and even memes) worth sharing on the topic. Feedly is basically an RSS aggregator.

Cool Association Jobs This Week – December 8


We provide association management, event planning and consulting services for dozens of non-profits, trade associations and professional societies. Digital Media Manager , National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association – NSSGA is the leading voice and advocate for the aggregates industry.

Ten Apps and Tools to Make Your Strategic Planning More Productive

Spin Sucks

Tappestry for Organizations by Float MobileLearning Thanks to this app, you can measure and track informal learning events that are part of your company’s growth. By Robert Morris Sometimes in business, the urgent can quickly overtake the important.

Tools 95

10 Tools for Measuring Your Social Media Influence


PostRank monitors and collects social engagement events correlated with online content in real time across the Web. TwentyFeet is a metrics aggregator for all your social media and Web properties.