Twitter Revises Terms of Service, Privacy Policy

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Twitter Friday announced revisions to its terms of service and privacy policy. The social network announced the changes via tweet (embedded below), and it offered more details in a support post : We've updated our Terms & Privacy Policy. In our terms of service, we’ve reorganized and simplified the structure, removing sections that are duplicative of the Twitter rules and the privacy policy. Privacy Shield program.

Consumers Want Personalization And Privacy

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Consumers say that they hate advertising, but the truth is that they hate bad/untargeted advertising. Advertising works when it knows its audience. Do you feel that Amazon is breaching your privacy? The reasoning is that consumers have completely confused the difference between "privacy" and "personalization." A few days ago, TechCrunch published a scathing editorial piece based on a new study titled, The Online Privacy Lie Is Unraveling. privacy.

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The End Of Privacy. The Beginning Of Personalization

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In this chapter, I also identify that one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is their ability (or inability) to better explain to consumers the chasm that exists between privacy (knowing a lot of personal information) in contrast to personalization (knowing what people are doing online to create a better experience for them). Did you know that Google accounts for close to a third of the worldwide online advertising revenue? It removes the privacy issue (hopefully.

The Other Side Of Privacy

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You can't throw a rock and not hit a concern about privacy and the use of our data online. From newer media initiatives (think Facebook Beacon ) to cyber-attacks (see what Sony has been dealing with ), not a week goes by that some sort of privacy breach or plans for a corporation to do something funky with consumer's data isn't in the news. The other side of privacy. The truth is that you decide how much data you're creating and your own level of privacy. advertising.

Would You Sacrifice Your Privacy For A $5 Gift Card?

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Tracking consumers around the clock obviously yields a ton of valuable data for businesses and advertisers. Your location is very, very valuable to marketers.

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WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy Change & What It Means For Brands


If you’ve not gotten the notification yet or simply clicked Agree without reading, here’s some news, WhatsApp is changing its terms and privacy policy. One group assumed the buy would result in advertisements on Whatsapp while the others thought the buy was for all the data.

Protecting Your Online Privacy: How to Keep Your Online Activity Private from Pirates, Hackers and Marketers

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The recent proliferation of social media networks has increased awareness of online privacy issues. On the surface, some may feel that online privacy is only a concern for those attempting to hide their internet activities. Online privacy is an issue that impacts ALL of us.

WhatsApp Revises Terms of Service, Privacy Policy; to Test Messages from Businesses

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WhatsApp is becoming more like parent company Facebook, both in terms of privacy and enabling communications between business and users. The messaging application announced in a blog post that its terms of service and privacy policy have been updated for the first time in four years in order to reflect its acquisition by Facebook in October 2014, as well as recent updates including end-to-end encryption , WhatsApp Calling and its tools for the web and desktop.

How to Stop Retargeting by Advertisers

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One final way, though, is to take control over your online privacy. Are you sick and tired of being retargeted ? Have you gone to a merchant’s website, maybe a hotel website or even some other ecommerce business and now their ads are following you all over the internet? Even on Facebook?

What I Like About the New Facebook Timeline Profile, Privacy Settings, and News Feed


A Longed For New Privacy Settings. Head over to your Privacy Settings, and Edit Settings for How Tags Work. The possibilities for advertising and other creepy activities based on this information – priceless!

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The Complete Guide to Instagram Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide to Advertising on Instagram

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Using the Facebook advertising system, marketers can now reach any specific segment of Instagram’s 600+ million users. Instagram advertising uses Facebook’s advertising system which is very comprehensive and powerful.

Silos, Facebook Advertising, and Opportunity

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It turns out, that while Social Code will help companies with apps and tabs and that jazz, their real area of focus is Facebook advertising – a different animal altogether. Facebook advertising is most definitely an area where I can see specialization being prudent right now.

Non-Facebook Users to Start Seeing Audience Network-Powered Ads

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Facebook announced in a Facebook for Business post that it is extending the reach of its Facebook Audience Network mobile advertising network to non-Facebook users via data it gathers from third-party sites and applications that use the social network’s technology.

How To Opt-Out of Social Ads on LinkedIn in 5 Clicks

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Sadly, those of us who live our lives online have become accustomed to hearing that we’ve been opted-in to sharing information we had no intention of making available to our friends, to applications or to advertisers. Click on Manage Social Advertising.

How to Get Your Profile and Data Completely Disconnected from Klout


If you are not satisfied with their response, you have the right to seek help with your Privacy Commissioner in your country. Blog Influence Klout Social Media klout klout score privacy remove klout account social mediaLATES UPDATE.

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A Little Privacy, Please! Your Rights and Social Media Policies


—————– Your privacy is important to us. Your privacy is important to us. Read our privacy policy.”. One of the social media privacy (or “data use”) policies to capture the most heated attention is Facebook’s. “A

Getty Images vs Creative Commons and Privacy: What Bloggers Need to Know


Embedding services like Youtube and others (like the embedding of your image) and even a like button open up another legal field: data privacy. There are a couple of resources out there that help you with crafting a privacy policy.

Ads Worth Spreading

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People hate advertising. I prefer to turn the phrase a little bit: people don't hate advertising. people hate bad advertising. Think about privacy: people want their privacy? That's the point of advertising: to make a brand an idea worth spreading. privacy.

Twitter: Gnip’s Audience API Now Generally Available

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Twitter has been beta-testing Gnip’s Audience API since last October, and the social network announced Tuesday that the application-programming interface is now available to all advertisers. Protect user privacy.

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Gross Hacker Marketing

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Growth Hacker Marketing is about using technology and analytics to outsmart more traditional advertising tactics, to get you better customers for a cheaper acquisition cost. privacy. Tags: advertising. Do you want customers or email addys? They're not the same thing. Customers, right? Then start acting like it. Most brands seem to be on this strange run for information acquisition over customer acquisition.

Forensiq to Provide Ad Fraud Detection Services for Twitter MoPub

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She wrote: Mobile in-app programmatic advertising is the fastest-growing segment of digital advertising. As consumers spend more time in mobile apps and inventory grows exponentially, advertisers are looking to reach this audience on their mobile devices. In fact, we found that 115 percent more advertisers invested ad campaign dollars on MoPub Marketplace in the fourth quarter of 2015 versus the fourth quarter of 2014.

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Facebook Testing Ads on Messenger Home Screen in Australia, Thailand

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Head of product for Messenger Stan Chudnovsky offered more details in an interview with Kurt Wagner of Recode , saying the ads will be similar to carousel ads in Facebook’s News Feed, with cards from five different advertisers.

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What Keeps The Chief Marketing Officer Awake At Night? - Part 1

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If you take a close look at some of the world''s most respected brands, the Chief Marketing Officers are not much more than Chief Advertising Officers. You would think that after decades of advertising and communications from banks and investment advisors to help people better manage their money, that things would be better. advertising. advertising agency. advertising agency network. chief advertising officer. integrated advertising agency.

Bots And The Next Wave Of Marketing

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Bots have been the bane of marketers for nearly as long as online advertising has existed. advertising. online advertising. privacy. Hello, Human. When you open the new Quartz news app , it takes a few minutes to get your bearings. This is not your father's news app. There is no infinite scroll, and there is no standard headline matched with a big image to capture your salivating attention, and get you to click.

Is Setting Your Facebook Profile To Private Really Enough To Protect Your Privacy?

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Today, Cassie shares some insights about privacy issues related specifically to Facebook. You can also check out some of Cassie’s other tips on Twitter at @SecureThoughtsC Facebook Privacy is an on-going concern.

How Facebook Could Become Irrelevant

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But there is a lingering issue that threatens Facebook’s dominance even more than advertising revenue and stockholder discontent. Will the next generations be lured to Facebook by Farmville and stay for the advertising?

Google to Pay $22.5 Million to Settle FTC Privacy Charges

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million dollar civil penalty to settle FTC (Federal Trade Commission) charges that Google misrepresented themselves when it came to the privacy of Apple users. That violated an earlier privacy settlement between Google and the FTC. Google has agreed to pay a $22.5

Twitter Adds Aggregate User Age Information to Gnip Audience API

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Just as was the case with the Audience API’s 10 original user models, we worked diligently to protect individual user privacy throughout the process of surfacing aggregate age data. Twitter advertisers: What do you think? Twitter announced the addition of aggregate user age information to the Audience API (application-programming interface) from Gnip. Aggregate user age information became the 11th demographic model available for audience analysis, joining: Gender. Language.

The Price Of Personalization

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What kind of advertising do you want? Sometimes we forget about the role of advertising. Advertising doesn''t have to be a nuisance or annoying. The true role of advertising is that it acts as a commercial vehicle of information delivery. In my second business book, CTRL ALT Delete , I delve much deeper into the problem of how marketers have done a terrible job of explaining the difference between privacy and personalization. advertising. privacy.

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In-App Payments to Brands, Other New Features in Facebook Messenger Platform v1.2

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When advertisers select Messenger as a destination for News Feed ads, they can use any call to action in their ad, such as “shop now” or “learn more,” to link to Messenger. Facebook announced the launch of Messenger Platform v1.2,

Messenger Platform v1.3: News Feed Ads Launch Messenger Conversations; Sponsored Messages Debut

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Apps Facebook Ad Targeting advertising Bots Buy Buy Button Call-to-Action Buttons calls to action Chat Bots Checkboxes David Marcus Deep Linking Developers Facebook Messenger List Templates Lists

The Do Not Track Button

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And, while Google is not "reading" your email, it is scanning the content and delivering relevant advertising to you based on that. Ultimately, these trackers are trying to put an advertisement in front of you that will make you take an action. People often lament advertising, but what they really don't like is untargeted messaging (because it lacks relevance). Odds are that you want personalization, but you also want to maintain your privacy. privacy.

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Facebook Groups for Business in a Nutshell

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How to choose the right privacy settings for your Facebook Group. Facebook Advertising Foundations: 5 Things You Must Do Before Spending a Dime. Facebook Advertising Policies in a Nutshell. Facebook Advertising: Difference Between Boosted Post and Other Advertising Options.

The 2012 Social Networking Privacy Policy

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If you were to do a Google search for some of the top social networking sites , you’ll almost certainly stumble across a news story concerning privacy issues with user data. In this case, it’s in the form of selling your data and even pictures to advertisers.

Is Amazon The Creepiest Company In The World?

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It's still early days for this technology, but imagine the data and privacy implications here. Creepy Advertising. When we think of the duopoly that is digital advertising today (namely, Google and Facebook ), many media pundits struggle to see if another media player can knock one of those two from their perch. Amazon's customer profiles enable them to know and target advertising in a profoundly powerful and different way. advertising agency. privacy.

Facebook Lead Ads Simplify Opt-in Forms, and They Will Be AWESOME

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It shouldn’t take long for advertisers to realize just how useful, powerful and ultimately profitable these new ad units may be. With Lead Ads, advertisers can have Facebook auto-fill any of this information, assuming users provide it in their profiles: Full Name.

EC Sends Statement of Objections to Facebook Over WhatsApp Acquisition

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Subsequently, in August 2016, WhatsApp announced, among other updates to its terms of service and privacy policy , the possibility of linking WhatsApp user phone numbers with Facebook user identities. Apps Facebook acquisitions advertising EC EU Merger Regulation european commission Fines Friend Suggestions friends Margrethe Vestager Marketing phone numbers privacy policy Terms of Service User Information Whatsapp

Evolution of Privacy on Facebook


During the last couple of years, Facebook’s default privacy settings have become more and more permissive – and often with great confusion to the users. I have found this chart that illustrates Facebook’s evolution of privacy from the early days in 2005 up until recently.

Does Google Deserve More Credit?

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Google changed its privacy earlier this year , uniting its many disparate policies across different products into one holistic company-wide statement. The company waged an extensive public relations and advertising effort to explain the new policy to the general public.

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How to Create Call-to-Action Units for Facebook Instant Articles

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Privacy Policy: Link to your website’s privacy policy. Facebook Marketing Tutorials Facebook Ads How To Facebook Advertising Facebook Instant Articles Facebook Instant Articles Call-to-Action Units Facebook Lead Ads