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5 Ways Crowdsourcing Improves Your Content Marketing

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Crowdsourcing, when done properly, can play a pivotal role with your content marketing. Below are five ways crowdsourcing is impacting the future of content marketing: Crowdsourcing speeds up the content creation process (and frees you up). Keep in mind, however, that crowdsourcing projects do take a lot of moderation & feedback. How many people did you tell?

Memo to Crowdsourcing: Grow Up

Geoff Livingston

Just like you wish your Little League career had, in just a few years, the term crowdsourcing has lurched out of obscurity to become a major part of the world we live in, especially within the marketing lexicon. Most marketers have either first hand experience with crowdsourcing, or at a minimum have heard the term and know they should learn more. The little league trophies.

Advertising Flight 2020: Destination “The Future” @whartonfoa #whartonfoa – The Wharton Future of Advertising Program’s Advertising 2020 Project

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The following post by Cheryl Burgess ( @ckburgess ) was initially published as a contribution to T he Wharton Future of Advertising Program’s Advertising 2020 Project. Your mind wanders in the silence of the night, and you begin to reflect on how lucky you are to still be a cutting-edge advertiser in a cutthroat world. Creativity and Crowdsourcing.

To The Crowd #crushIQ


There is a fear, in Advertising, that crowdsourcing will eliminate or decrease the need for some services. Your crowdsourcing campaign needs to be as natural as Pinterest, as social as Spotify and as shareable as Flipboard. Crowdsourcing is that shortcut. Blog Social Media advertising chrushIQ conference crowdsourcing facebook google plus social media twitter

The Fifth Model “Crowdsourcing” Hits Madison Avenue + Crowdsourcing Infographic

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The Rise of Crowdsourcing 2.0: What is Crowdsourcing 2.0? It is appropriate to use Wikipedia to define the term Crowdsourcing , since thousands of Wikipedia users created the tool which many say is accurate as any encyclopedia in existence. There is a decided shift toward finding “those who are most fit” while working to achieve “quality” results: this is Crowdsourcing 2.0.

Social Intelligence adds value throughout the Stage Gate Process

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Later, when launch is imminent, social channels are becoming a key factor in setting media and advertising strategies. Social data is becoming increasingly important in the new product development processes of many companies. These applications of social media analytics only scratch the surface though. Pulling the plug on your development efforts could potentially save millions of dollars.

How Are Serious Games Reinventing Businesses?

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Posted in Crowdsourcing Gaming Innovation. An advergame is a game that is an advertisement disguised as a game. Crowdsourcing Gaming Innovation Collaboration Communities Customers Games innovation Innovative Games Serious Games I had a chance to sit down with Luke Hohmann, founder of Conteneo , Inc. The following is a transcript of our conversation.

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10 Social Media Tools To Help With Your Crowdsourcing Efforts

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Crowdsourcing has become more and more popular with private companies, non-profit organizations, and even government agencies. Crowdsourcing has become increasingly more widely used because it helps cultivate creativity and innovation. Crowdsourcing is an useful model because it can be used by any group for any reason. As they saying goes, competition breeds excellence.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #341

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Proponents call systems where computers put people to work ' crowdsourcing' or ' urking' or 'the wisdom of the crowds'. crowdsource. Tags: advertising agency. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we're recommending to one another: . Coal Is Dying - Coal Country Doesn't Have To: Creating The Post-Coal Economy In Appalachia - Fast Company. "We We need more reporting like this. A good, long, personal read into the heartbreaking circumstances in the Rural East."

Using Visual Recognition to Tap into the Consumer Mindset

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Posted in Advertising Applications Content Marketing Crowdsourcing Visual Recognition. Advertising Applications Content Marketing Crowdsourcing Visual Recognition google glasses Mobile smartphones Smartsy VR Marketers have been trying to capture that magic moment when a potential consumer is actually looking to interact with your brand. It’s nothing new. At first it.

Crowdsourcing: Intersection of Madison Ave and The 5th Model (Part 2)

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In this new world, Madison Ave and 5th do cross at the intersection of “ Crowdsourcing ”. The advertising world is rife with talk about revamping traditional ad agency models. What is Crowdsourcing? So, for Madison Avenue, I believe the time is right to leverage crowdsourcing for clients and new business prospects. Advertising & Mktg. Billable Hours.

Crowds Swarm Madison Avenue and CMO’s

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For decades companies have turned to advertising agencies to help market their products and services. And while it’s safe to say that these organizations are more relevant today than ever, the rise of “crowdsourcing” is challenging Madison Avenue’s elite and CMO’s everywhere to re-think how they manage their client’s creative process. Advertising & Mktg. has emerged.

Marketing Is Dead

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If I can understand what Lee is saying (and it's not very clear), it sounds like he is saying that traditional advertising is dead (as we have known it to date). This is what the article says: "Traditional marketing - including advertising, public relations, branding and corporate communications - is dead. " To add some clarity, marketing isn't dead - according to Lee - but advertising is dead. In fact, I would tell Mr. Lee, the Harvard Business Review, and anyone else who asks that advertising (as we have known it to date) is not dying. crowdsource.

Innovation Gone Wild On Madison Avenue

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Crowdsourcing on the prowl in Adland’s jungle”. Without a doubt, marketing and advertising is changing at a pace unequaled in history. In the March, 2011 issue of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Advertising & Marketing , Mullen was listed as one of the top innovative advertising agencies. Crowdsourcing Enters the Mix – The New Squirrel Fight.

Join #WhartonFoA #SuperBowl Ad Tweet Meet- Help Us CrowdVote the Best Commercials

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The Wharton Future of Advertising Program will be hosting the 3 rd Annual Wharton Future of Advertising Program’s Super Bowl Ad Tweet Meet during the Big Game, featuring industry luminaries, witty pundits, Wharton professors and social-savvy students to offer live commentary on the ads. How important is the Super Bowl to the future of advertising? Should advertisers care?

It’s a Mad Mad (Men) World

Waxing UnLyrical

or, The Horror CrowdSourcing and Social Media has Unleashed on Madison Avenue. It’s ironic that one of the most talked about shows on TV these days is Mad Men , a drama set in the 1960′s following a bunch of sex-crazed advertising execs on Madison Avenue. Many of these advertising veterans are completely dumbfounded by the massive change in the industry. Bingo.

Marketing Trends for 2011

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For too long marketers have looked to their agencies for advertising and campaign ideas — only. Advertising & Mktg. Trends Crowdsourcing Marketing Marketing Technologist Social Media Marketing“It’s all about protecting and nurturing the brand&#. Writing this post made me think of R.E.M.’s s hit song. So, here’s my list. Feel free to add some of yours. R.E.M.

Consumers Control The Brand (And Other New Media Myths)

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They work (either internally or with an advertising agency) to set the tone, feeling and emotions that they want the brand to capture in the zeitgeist of the world. In a world where consumers truly own the brand, we would see a lot more than customer service replies delivered via Twitter or the use of a Blog to crowdsource new and innovative ideas (which - when done - never offers ownership or partnership of those ideas over to the consumer. crowdsource. Tags: advertising agency. Marketers don't control their brand. the consumer does. Not exactly. and in real time.

Crowdsourced Curation

Eric Reasons lays out a case (via p2p foundation ) for the inevitability of “crowdsourced curation&# —i.e. About | Submissions | Advertising | Staff | Book Series | Privacy Policy. In most cases, the only productive work amateurs do online involves processing, not creating, content. But that’s a bit of an odd way of assessing the situation. All rights reserved.

How to Build Landing Pages for PR Pros

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The lines between PR, marketing, and advertising continue to blur, which is great for the PR industry because we finally have data to prove we are an investment, not an expense. But it also means we have to do more than report on media impressions , advertising equivalencies , and increased fans and followers. By Gini Dietrich. Which means we have to do more than media relations.

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Say “Cheese” with Social

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Traditionally, small business have used outbound advertising platforms like direct mail, cable television, newspapers or yellow pages, but today outbound marketing strategies have largely been replaced by inbound strategies. So let’s crowdsource and open up this discussion. Crowdsourcing Google+ Social Media Marketing Social Media Trends Strategy Twitter

9 Things to Note Before Launching a Facebook Coupon Offers Campaign

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It has been proven that social media campaigns are 60 percent more effective than traditional advertising campaigns. Facebook is a great social platform to use in coupon campaign advertising because of its ability to reach all types of potential customers and its ease of use. Product development crowdsourcing. Marketing is much more than just promotion and advertising, and if you want your business to stay competitive and maximize profits, your budget must encompass several other areas of your business, such as planning, distribution and pricing your product or service.

How to create future brands

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Today, the mere mention of the word ‘ simple ’ is a hook for purchasers and for that reason advertisers and marketers stock their copy with the words: ‘easy ’, ‘ convenient ’, ‘ quick ’ and ‘ simplified ’. Crowdsourcing 2.0. Innovative marketers and ad agencies are turning to crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing 2.0 Advertising & Mktg. The future. Coming soon! Voice.

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Your Guide to the Crowdsourced Workforce - ReadWriteWeb

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Advertise. Your Guide to the Crowdsourced Workforce. Crowdsourcing, a term coined by Jeff Howe in a June 2006 issue of Wired magazine, is a model of labor that has been fully embraced on the Internet over the past couple of years. Crowdsourcing takes tasks traditionally done by a single person or small groups of people, and farms them out to a global workforce. Last year we laid out a set of rules for successful crowdsourcing, which might be helpful to keep in mind when employing the services of any of the companies listed below. crowdsourcing. Last100.

Crowdsource: BP Oil Spill and social media

Laurel Papworth

And there are a lot of innovation crowdsourced communities online. So I got to thinking: what if we crowdsourced a solution? And my second question was… would BP listen to a crowdsourced solution? Crowdsourced innovation social networks. So I had a look on crowdsourced business websites. Crowdsourced solutions to BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. or3/8?

A New Twist on Content

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awareness), acknowledgement of "Gangnam Style" going viral (as "horse dance") As the campaign neared its conclusion, it was announced that the final image in the series would be crowdsourced. strategy Advertising oreo Marketing facebook contentYour marketing team and agency has just been put on notice. To say that the task was daunting is putting it mildly, to say the least.

4 Reasons to Use Social Enterprise Networks for Business


Before joining Software Advice in 2012, she worked in sales management and advertising. Social enterprise platforms provide a platform for crowdsourcing innovation – from responding to queries and surveys, to posting ideas in a group discussion threads. Her work has appeared in myriad publications including Inc., If that were the case, Microsoft wouldn’t have dropped $1.2

Top 11 Ad Agency Predictions for 2011

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Issues range from expensive RFP processes forcing ad agencies to shut down their “pitch” to new crowdsourcing models (a.k.a. The New (Hybrid) Ad Agency: the debate rages on about the shift from traditional agencies to more digital focus (so-called “tradigital” shops) moving in the direction of hybrid and crowdsourced models. Mobile advertising will continue to heat-up.

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Redefining Public Relations

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An admirable undertaking and one that surely was not to please everyone, they made an impressive decision to have the definition crowdsourced. Last week you read about The Difference Between PR and Advertising here. Right before the holidays, PRSA embarked on a new initiative: Redefining public relations. There were, of course, some flaws in how you could submit your definition.

Media Hacks #40 Is Now Live

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In a world of unconferences, crowdsourcing and Social Media, it's surprising how many people struggle with the messages coming out of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Tags: advertising. Episode #281 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. This is also episode #40 of Media Hacks ! Joining me for this Media Hacks chat is C.C. Chapman , Hugh McGuire and Julien Smith. If anything, it is a testament to everything that has been built in these online channels for the past decade. Enjoy the conversation. bite size edits. blogging.

Lowe’s Caves to Pressure without Strategy

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Have you heard about Lowe’s pulling their advertising from the TLC program, “ All-American Muslim ?” ” The story goes like this: Lowe’s was advertising on The Learning Channel. Do you remember a little more than a year ago when Gap crowdsourced a new logo and launched to a myriad of complaints? You rarely do any advertising without a strategy.

Gut Feeling or Analytics – which is better?

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Another way is to use it for product innovation, some companies are not crowdsourcing ideas for their products rather they are using the analytics to find a “white space” in the market where there is an unmet need – then launching a product or service to fill that need. Ideal Customer Persona – made with Social Data Some advertising agencies charge you hundreds of thousands of.

Four Step Process to Create an Integrated Marketing Campaign

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It used to be all we had to worry about was advertising, public relations, and direct marketing. How can R&D use focus groups, crowdsourcing, and market research to innovate and develop new products? I’ve been reflecting recently on the changes that have happened to the public relations industry in the past few years. Then we added websites and email marketing. Crawl.

Future of Ideas

Blue Focus Marketing

The main topic at this session was the Three C’s of modern creativity : community, crowdsourcing and co-creation. According to Jon Wilkins, “crowdsourcing and co-creation are changing the way we talk to our customers and the way we serve our products.”. “ Is traditional advertising fading or being replaced by a host of digital technologies? So, what does this mean?

The New Competition: For-Profit Communities With Deep Pockets (Part 2)


They’re big money generators because they deliver a targeted audience up to advertisers looking to market their wares,” says reporter Carmel DeAmicis. They’re monetizing in other ways besides advertising. It also charges companies who want to offer crowdsourced challenges. This post originally appeared on the Avectra blog and is reposted here with permission. Member services.

15 Must-Have Tools for Professional Copywriters

Writtent Blog

Adeeze is a $20 kit of thousands killer advertising ideas, marketing slogans, and headlines in a variety of markets. Test My Marketing is crowdsourcing with an awesome twist: a team of experienced marketers evaluating your copywriting piece. They say that a craftsman is only as good as his tools. Here’s a suite of 15 must-have tools copywriters should equip themselves with.

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Customer Experience Trumps Content Marketing

Geoff Livingston

Brand developed content (cough, advertising) offers a great tactical toolset, one of my favorites. They have great cause marketing, crowdsourcing initiatives , distribution, branding, media relations, advertising, employee and customer service programs, and on and on. Image by MindMapInspiration. More and more voices state that content marketing overhype has jumped the shark.

Why Can’t We Define Public Relations?


His definition basically says that advertising is paid media, but PR is earned media – “advertising is used to create awareness, while PR is used to enhance credibility.” [LONG POST ALERT!]. By way of illustration, let’s summarize that conversation for a minute. Gini Dietrich took issue with a post by Steve Cody on Inc. But it’s doing us a huge disservice.

7 Social Media Tactics Your 2013 Budget Needs to Succeed

Media Planning Media Buying Publishing Display Advertising Video Mobile. Additionally, use social media advertising to target your audience and to send them to your page rather than off of the social media site. Pepsi Crowdsources Photos for Beyonces Super Bowl Halftime Show. Display Advertising. Display Advertising. ); //. Marketing News & Expert Advice.

17 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Top Tips, Tricks, and Tools

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Advertising the campaign and making it seem popular already can help build that success. For some campaign, spending money in advertising can be worth it to jump start the program. I’m always using my social networks to crowdsource. Further, those who are seasoned may seem at a loss in the apparent “simplicity&# of it all. Another one I really like is Tweetreach.

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