Important Facebook News: Privacy Updates

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As you probably know, Facebook has been facing a barrage of complaints regarding their “public is the new norm&# approach to privacy which resulted in much of your/our content being made public by default.

Consumers Want Personalization And Privacy

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Consumers say that they hate advertising, but the truth is that they hate bad/untargeted advertising. Advertising works when it knows its audience. Do you feel that Amazon is breaching your privacy? The reasoning is that consumers have completely confused the difference between "privacy" and "personalization." A few days ago, TechCrunch published a scathing editorial piece based on a new study titled, The Online Privacy Lie Is Unraveling. privacy.

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Facebook Groups for Business in a Nutshell

Pam Moore

Facebook Groups provide a unique opportunity for brands of all sizes to build community, increase brand awareness, generate leads and even increase sales of products or services. How to build and grow your community using a Facebook Group. Facebook Advertising Policies in a Nutshell.

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Entrepreneurs: How I Launched a Membership Community

Jon Loomer

In particular, I struggle with launching a product for my entrepreneur community because it’s brand new for me. Well, I finally launched a product for my entrepreneur community early this morning. Do I have enough interest to launch a community for entrepreneurs?

Silos, Facebook Advertising, and Opportunity

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That’s because I see your Facebook program as just one part of a larger social communications ecosystem that includes blog, Twitter, Facebook, email, YouTube, your brand community (if applicable), and possibly a bunch of other stuff. Facebook Advertising: Context is King.

Facebook's Pivot To Groups Could Help It Create Privacy-Protecting Ads

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Could Facebook’s pivot to fostering community through Groups actually help it reinvent its advertising business for this new regulatory climate

Digg: Your Privacy is an Illusion

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Besides major usability issues , duplicate stories submissions , and ads that literally scream at you , Digg has yet another issue to deal with: privacy. Plus, the privacy is only one way (incoming only). I was responding to Kelly who says that the privacy is still one way.

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35 (of the) Best Guides to Facebook Marketing, Advertising, Search and More of 2010 (So Far)

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Mari Smith ambitiously provides a “comprehensive guide to using Facebook&# from setting up your profile (including Facebook’s mysterious and frequently-changing privacy settings) to making Friend lists to a six-step for building a Facebook business page. Facebook Advertising. Pay Per Face: 52 Facebook Advertising Tips & Best Practices by Search Engine Journal. 10 Tips for Advertising on Facebook by PPC Hero. Facebook is an extraordinary phenomenon.

Who, If Anyone, Will Be the Next Facebook?

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One potential answer: community policing. Facebook has hesitated in giving the users the power to downvote or “dislike” content – when similar mechanisms, like the upvote/downvote process at Reddit or Wikipedia’s community of policing editors, have helped keep content accurate.

Facebook Reactions – Three Months On


There has also been some negative press on Reactions recently, privacy-wise, which seems to be a yearly routine for Facebook now. This year’s privacy concern involves the Belgian police warning consumers that Facebook is curating data through Reactions on how to advertise to them.

How Human is Your Brand? Here are 13 Characteristics of Human Brands

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It’s everything from your privacy policy, social media policy to the amount of spam email you send. They know who they are and what they offer their customers, partners, online community and friends. Social Profit Factor Training System + Member Community .

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Will private conversations change Twitter?

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The privacy shift comes as Twitter seeks to bolster user growth and compete with instant messaging platforms such as WeChat, WhatsApp and SnapChat. Will Twitter be serving advertisements within these private conversations? Featured Headline Social Media Twitter Online Communities

The Real Deal with Ad Blockers

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What many people don’t know, is that ad blocking started several years ago among members of the gaming community , who didn’t want their user experience interrupted by the slow loading time and pop-up characteristics of digital advertising.

Invasive or Indispensable: The Case of Permanent GPS

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

A member of my religious community disappeared. These terrifying statistics make me wonder if it’s time to change given that our privacy is starting to diminish. Facebook revisited its policies in 2009 and set its privacy controls to “everyone.&#

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Facebook: Open Graph “Like” is the new Beacon

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This is basically Beacon in a new dress – from wikipedia : Beacon was a part of Facebook ’s advertisement system that sent data from external websites to Facebook, ostensibly for the purpose of allowing targeted advertisements and allowing users to share their activities with their friends. They just had to get privacy vs connectivity right: This next version of Facebook Platform puts people at the center of the web.

NOT hiring someone based on Facebook or Twitter

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Now I’m not a lawyer – I don’t even charge $$$ like one – but what he had to say about the Privacy Commission was interesting: collecting tweets – e.g. copying and pasting them into a personnel file or a blog post is uncool. Here’s Jen Bishop’s Dynamic Business post: We’ve been advertising for an online journalism intern for the website. These days it’s pretty standard to Google people who apply for a job you’re advertising.

Introducing Users to the Concept of Meeting Workspaces in MOSS 2007 | Community

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Advertisement: /export/home/httpd/htdocs/includes/r06/topic/.$nwtopic.-nl-signup.html; Advertise | Careers | Contact us | Terms of Service/Privacy | Reprints and links | Partnerships | Press room | Subscribe to NW. Friday, June 27, 2008. Research Centers. Security.

Nuggets from Social Media workshops as of late. : Community Group Therapy

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I’ve done a number of workshops the past few months with clients designed to do two primary things: Land a common understanding across the teams involved around what social media, communities and influencer programs really are and more importantly why it matters to a business. The answer is NOT always social media/community - that would be another warning sign if it was. 4) None of the following are community platforms: Wikis, Blogs or Forums. Best Engaging Communities.

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Can Publicly-Traded Social Media Companies Survive?

SocMed Sean

Facebook, on the other hand, has a customer community who is primarily focused on sharing personal updates with their friends and family. They want to do this in a somewhat secured environment where they can control the privacy of what they share.

Be More Human Without Being Too Personal To Build Your Brand

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I, personally, like it when people share news about their family, friends, work and community. With that, there is a simple way to be more human, to be more real and to share online without going against your privacy and values. privacy. Tags: advertising agency. There's a new discourse happening online. In a world of uncertainty, fear and a platform that lets hate be distributed at scale, many people (myself included) are feeling a very different sentiment.

In Time of Social Media Crisis – How Do You Respond?


Posted by Sara Hansson Sep 22nd, 2010 Tweet As part of people’s digital identity, we join communities and groups that are relevant to us and to our interests.

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Blogging for Tickets. Am I Selling Out?

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In exchange, they are usually expected to provide advertising/promotion, reviews or direct sales pitches. Instead, I suggested that I blog about key learnings from the conference which I felt would benefit my readers and community. Tags: Blogging Business community trust

Zuck’s facts about Facebook

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He wants people to connect with friends, family and community. “You have control over what information we use to show you ads, and you can block any advertiser from reaching you.” Often when someone has a PR problem, they call people like me to help them fix it.

Instagram Does the Two Step - And Steps In It

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But with yesterday's announcement of pending changes in its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service , Instagram is quickly falling from grace. We do not give your content or information to advertisers without your consent. And just like that, the photo sharing app market is up for grabs.

Social Media Facebook Security

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Sections To Read Home Main Page Community - Social Media Network Online Who will benefit from this blog? It is definitely good that Social Media Network sites are having privacy protection. Hi Folks, do you work as an Online Community Manager?

Facebook: Reputation and friends or family

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But do learn privacy settings on Facebook ). is a bust – Advertising doesn’t work (5). Tags: Facebook Online Communities reputation social media social networks photos

Agency Flash Mobs vs Social Flash Mobs

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At the very least advertise our events if you can’t make them. Privacy Type: Open: All content is public. RockYourBox have created a community and get professional sponsorship but there is a backlash as they move into the pro “entertainment agency&# space.

Social Pros 29 – Lauren Vargas, Aetna

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Lauren is one sharp cookie; she used to do social media/community management for Radian6 among others, and is also noteworthy because she has something like 5,000 pairs of eyeglasses, which is pretty awesome. I’ve built three community teams, and I’ve hired and fired quite a few.

Influencers- Friend or Stranger?

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Digg is a “citizen editor&# site – you find (not write) a cool article, bookmark it on the site and the community votes for it to go on the front page. For example, open public broadcasting sites like YouTube rarely get cries of “OMG My Privacy!&#

This Week in Social Media – 5/8/2013

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Salesforce has unveiled a Communities solution for the enterprise , which leverages its Chatter platform and other products to create portals that will allow external conversations to be brought into the company more seamlessly. A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

24 More of the Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2012

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what are the secrets to Facebook advertising success? It’s easy to generate tremendous traffic and buzz on Facebook if you’re a major brand advertiser with buckets of money to spend, but what about small businesses with much more limited means? Facebook Advertising.

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70% of the Wealth is Controlled by This Demographic

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and the story of your business to the ways you share with the community. Baby boomers value privacy. Online and Offline Marketing and Advertising baby boomers demographic marketing online marketing strategy Did you know that 45% of the population controls 70% of the wealth but isn’t really being effectively reached in digital marketing? Those born between 1946 and 1964, the baby boomers, are expected to reach that status by the end of next year.

36 (of the) Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2010

Webbiquity SMM

Facebook Advertising Tricks for B2B Marketers by Buzz Marketing for Technology. Paul Dunay provides three brilliant tips for b2b marketers to optimize their use of Facebook advertising, such as “Put the 20 top companies you want to target into the Workplaces field.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #390

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When your PR talks about work/life balance, but your team consistently advertises jobs that are work hard/play hard, your team is the one telling the truth.'" (Alistair for Hugh). The thing about online communities, though, is that you can't rely on the police ignoring you and staying on the job; the community actually pays the price of its virtuousness.'" (Alistair for Mitch). AI isn't just compromising our privacy--it can limit our choices, too - Quartz. advertising.

How Young is Too Young?

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

Some even boast high rankings and good sized communities. It took me 6 months to acquire a good amount of traffic and cultivate a community on my blog and the same goes for any new blogger. Tamar is also the author of The New Community Rules (July 2009).

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2010

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

As many of you know, I have an annual tradition of giving back to the community on my birthday, which is why this year is no different. Since I can’t read everything written by the Internet Marketing community, I ask my Twitter and Facebook followers for their own recommendations.

Social Pros 17 – Maria Ogneva, Yammer

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Facebook doesn’t have intent, it’s more of an intent-generation site, so the advertising play there is a lot different. Until something game-changing happens, like somebody very big or important loses their privacy data or something, even then it won’t really matter.

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