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Social Media News Ticker: Twitter Ad Retargeting, Google ‘+Post Ads,’ Apple Buys Topsy

The Realtime Report

Check out this week’s summary of all the latest social media news, including changes and new features for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr and Apple: Facebook. Twitter announces “Tailored Audiences” for ad retargeting – Twitter has officially launched its ad-retargeting product globally; businesses advertising on Twitter can target users who have visited their website (TechCrunch). and… Apple?! Social Media News Ticker ad retargeting Apple Facebook Google mobile ads social media analytics Tailored Audiences Topsy Tumblr Twitter Google+. Twitter. Tumblr.

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Apple: A Case Study in Why Brands Should Control Their Stories

Waxing UnLyrical

Apple. Apple doesn’t play on Facebook or Twitter. So it lets the Apple legions do all the heavy lifting. Apple don’t coordinate this, to my knowledge. For years this was a huge benefit for Apple. Often Apple surprised people by showcasing products different than the buzz would have you believe, but they were still so wonderful that no one cared.

If You Can’t Afford It Apple Doesn’t Want You

Convince & Convert

In this live-from-an-abandoned-warehouse edition of The Baer Facts, I talk with Kyle Lacy of ExactTarget about Apple’s new iPad announcements, and the fact that they really don’t care whether the masses buy their gear. Apple Sauced. Simultaneously, Apple rolled out the new iPad Mini. Apple’s own cases cover up the logo on the 5c. Apple Pi.

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Apple Gets More Serious About Using Twitter, but Why it Doesn't Matter

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

First, I’m going to say kudos to Apple for trying involve themselves in the world of social media. Let’s envision this scenario: a user has a support issue about an Apple product. Apple has no such protocol in place, and at this point, there is no engagement. Apple’s approach toward using Twitter is likely motivated by a desire to connect with their customers.

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The Upcoming Consumer (Looks Nothing Like The Consumer We Knew)

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It''s also used to then beg forgiveness for any misgivings that may have occurred in the execution of an advertising campaign. There will always be something new and different that advertisers can use as a place to create attention. Remember, soap operas were originally created to get women (and, maybe, some men) to buy their products. Some recommended that we start calling people who buy things, "prosumers," and there were other forms of nomenclature that failed to gain any traction with anyone. We don''t just buy things anymore. advertiser. apple.

The iPad Should Be Free

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In a world where Apple not only sells their iPad (ranging from $400 - $900) and also controls the majority of the content that you can put on it from iTunes , why wouldn't they deploy a similar model to Amazon's in the hopes of owning the consumer by way of the hardware? It's amazing how divergent Apple and Amazon's business models are. One could argue, that this is the right play for Amazon, as they are the ones who have to catch up to the deep penetration that Apple and iTunes has in this space. Actually, it's not about Apple. advertising age. apple.

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The Future Of Personalized Pricing

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It's somewhat ironic that when you ask consumers what type of advertising they would be most responsive to, they will always say advertising that is relevant and personal. What about the consumer who buys a product only to find out that it has been heavily discounted a few months later? The brands now know everything about you: when you buy, what you typically spend and more. Once you are logged in, they probably know more about you (from personal data and buying habits) than any other retailer. apple. buying habit. targeted advertising.

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Is Google Breeding An Army Of "Glassholes"?

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The Post PC world will not be kind to advertising as we have known it. Train of thought #1 : Screens everywhere means advertising everywhere. All advertising is highly personalized and customized to match our experiences, wants, desires and more. From Nike FuelBand to Jawbone ''s Up and the pending public launch of Google ''s Project Glass and whatever Apple has up their sleeves for their own wearable technology , it is becoming increasingly obvious that our connected computers will be more a "part of us" than ever before. apple. media buying.

The Drug Of Content

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What is the point of advertising? Advertising's function is to create awareness. If we trust that they'll look at every product on the toilet paper shelves on every visit to their local merchant, we wouldn't have to advertise. Because the same consumers that are inundated with advertising are not being inundated with content. You can condemn a company like Apple for not being all that social, but you can't deny that their brand and the products tell a wonderful story. apple. Tags: advertising. At what point will the proverbial levee break? brand.

The Future of Media Is Beyond The Screen

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Advertising traditionally serves a traditional purpose. Television, radio, print, out-of-home, Internet and mobile devices all have components of advertising that acts, smells and feels the same. You can look at all of the innovations that digital brought - from the Internet to social media and beyond - and while many media pundits are excited about the opportunities that could happen in places like native advertising or content marketing, the form, function and factor of advertising still does the exact same thing hat it has always done. advertising. apple.

Embrace The Shift Away From Stuff - Strategy Magazine Column

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In the blink of an eye, the downloading/stealing/wanting-singles-and-not-albums concerns have been completely obliterated because of services like Spotify , Apple Music and Tidal. The belief that we all grew up with - study hard, get a degree, get a job, get married, have kids, get a mortgage, buy a home (and a car and a big-screen TV) - is dwindling. What new kinds of marketing channels might best reach consumers who are shifting their buying habits so rapidly? . apple. apple music. buying habits. Tags: advertising agency. fell to 62.9% album.

Google: The search party is not over


The author, Michael Copeland, makes several valid points in his article, which was primarily written to explain why Google's stock has significantly trailed the Nasdaq and Apple. That brings us to the topic of appeal to advertisers. People who want business cards Google it, which make Google to dominant player for businesses seeking advertising exposure. Absolutely. Conclusion.

The Persistence Of Brands

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People want quality, and they no longer feel the need (at the same time) to be advertising for some business by flaunting their corporate animal in the upper quadrant of their polo shirt. Brands have (somehow) become less important, and individuals are more interested in buying clothes that are (somewhat) personalized, or that speak to them by allowing their own personalized style to flaunt. The other week, I was complaining about my new Apple MacBook Pro. For decades, I was a hardcore PC user before switching over to Apple, about five years ago. advertising.

Business Transformation. From Marketers To Makers.

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It''s about understanding that there are now a myriad of ways to tell a brand narrative, and it''s not driven by "the big idea" of advertising or by simply pushing a unified brand message down the throats of consumers. Does the brand make it easy to shop and buy online. Can consumers not only shop your brand, but buy it on their own, in a simple way? When they''re not doing that, these channels are typically leveraged by the marketing and communications departments, as a way to advertise some kind of promotion or product. advertising agency. apple.

Counting Screens. Counting Dollars. Connecting Consumers.

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Do the advertising dollars follow the consumer? If you did deeper into the eMarketer report, you will see that brands are still pumping plenty of money into TV advertising. Yes, this year TV advertising will still be a $70+ billion market. The viewing habits change, but the dogma of traditional advertising institutions still holds on - for dear life - to what they presume is working, instead of allowing their media allotment to be more aligned with actual usage and viewership. Why should a consumer buy my dishwasher detergent over my competitors? apple.

A Twitch In Time

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What, exactly, did Amazon buy? If you were selling anything prior to the Internet, the only way to let people know that you existed was through advertising and word of mouth. At the time, advertising helped brands to scale and word of mouth was important, but it was very tribal (meaning the ability for it to truly extend was laborious and complex from a geographical standpoint). Brands were never in any position to really buy the networks or the publishers. Step two: buy the network. It''s not buying a show. It''s not buying a channel. apple.

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The Evolution Of Apps

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It's hard to get excited about something called, HTML5 , but if you're in the business of media, marketing and/or advertising, you should be excited. In the past few months, both Amazon and the Financial Times have released robust app-like websites in an effort to circumvent Apple 's ever-changing app store policy (more on this here: FT Bypasses Apple's iTunes, Launches HTML5 Web App ). Recently, Apple has changed their terms and service to ensure that they are compensated for any in-app purchases. How can any major media brand not have an app in the Apple app store?

The Billion Dollar Branding Play

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Like Instagram, Tumblr has no immediate and clear revenue model (the company reportedly made about $13 million in 2012 with an estimated $100 million for 2013 in advertising revenue). The rumors - in a post-acquisition world - are around everything from how Tumblr will have to deal with the significant amount of blogs that are porn , adult content related or copyright violations to the opportunity and potential for native advertising (if anyone can agree on a legitimate definition of what that means ). apple. native advertising. Tags: advertising. android.

Steve Jobs, Marketing Genius

Geoff Livingston

There are so many things to be said about the great technological innovation he brought to the world during his tenures at Apple and Pixar. From my first personal computer, an Apple 2e, to the MacBook Pro this post is being written on, Jobs has had direct and consistent impact on the way I have viewed and consumed information for the better part of three decades.

The Story Of Vice And The Future Of Media

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And then you can talk about IPOs or getting bought, or no one can buy you at that point, or doing something with a big boy like an Apple or a Google , whatever it is. apple. native advertising. I'm a metalhead punk. That's about it. With that comes my general attitude of wanting to mess up the system, keep things casual and honest, and never be satisfied with what is a part of the establishment. Faster and harder. It's my way of life. and it's not for everyone. My roots to that genre of music run deep. You learn quickly. It was perfect for someone like me. How edgy?

Your Content Is Kidding No One

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It''s not that there''s so much content in need of advertising, that the entire industry has shifted from a scarcity model to one of abundance. it''s advertising. . Advertising is not content. They want to know how well their content is converting in relation to their advertising when it comes to making the sale. Because of this somewhat myopic strategy, they''re trapped trying to compare apples to aircrafts (we''re not even talking about oranges here). But, are they buying?!?!?! Content and social media are not a different kind of advertising.

The Secret Life Of Social Media

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The app has become so formidable, that Facebook offered to buy them late last year for a reported $3 billion , which Snapchat turned down. Turning down $3 billion dollars buys a lot of attention and street cred. With close to 500 million users and growing, WhatsApp is, in its purest form, BlackBerry Messenger (which, of course, is now available for Android and Apple users as well) that works on any mobile device and any mobile carrier. apple. Shhhh, don''t tell anybody anything (even though I just posted this secret online for anyone to see). Isn''t it? Social life?

Key To Inbound Marketing: Buy an iPhone

Spin Sucks

Apple changed my life. Fast forward a few years later, and more than 40 Apple product purchases since, (I’ve owned virtually every make and model issued under the Apple brand, some a few times over). And Apple is still surrounding me, constantly. Live long and prosper with Apple all around you. is so important – and how to participate. Next up? Leave a comment!

The New Electricity

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As newspapers, television and radio lament plunging advertising dollars, and not a week goes by without hearing about some other publication or broadcast being folded, changed or updated with more online content, you would think that the Internet is some kind of media juggernaut destroying any other media that slips into its wake. In March 2012, when Apple CEO, Tim Cook , took the stage to announce the iPad 2 the biggest shock was that in the previous year, iPad 2 had outsold every single PC manufactured - beating HP , Dell , Lenovo and Acer. advertising. apple.

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10 Quotes on the Apple iPad and the Business of News

Adam Sherk

Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk 10 Quotes on the Apple iPad and the Business of News by Adam Sherk on January 28, 2010 Now that the first wave in the Apple iPad crazy-a-thon has past, I thought I’d do a quick round-up of what people are saying about the iPad from the perspective of the news media. What will they be willing to read on their iPad?

How Much Do Facebook Fans Still Matter?

Jon Loomer

And when you sell a product, these people are likely to buy. Of course, those results may not be apples to apples. Facebook Marketing Tutorials Facebook Ads How To Facebook AdvertisingI know there’s a growing sentiment that Facebook fans no longer matter. This claim tends to be shouted loudest by those who also claim that organic reach is dead ( it’s not ).

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The Billion Hour YouTube Rabbit Hole (And It's Growing)

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Brands buy TV for reach and repetition. Don't forget, for traditional advertisers, time spent is a great measurement of engagement. For advertisers. You can stare at Netflix, Apple TV , Amazon Prime , etc. It also means that advertising on YouTube is going increase significantly. YouTube has spent years capturing this data (much like they have done on the pay-per-click side of search engine advertising). The real and significant advertising is in them there hills. advertiser. advertising agency. advertising platform. apple.

What TV Is And What Will Never Be

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You can plug in all of the Apple TV units that you want, and bump up the number of Netflix subscriptions too. Where every screen knows Tom Cruise and is cramming his every walking movement with a call to action that makes us all perk up and realize that advertising at scale probably won''t be all that effective. We push TV advertising by including product placement, sponsorship and more. These are the same celebrities that are being paid to tweet as auxiliary media to a TV buy from an agency (don''t think that isn''t happening). apple. apple tv. ahhhh.

Social Media Users More Likely to Buy From Brands They Follow


pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Social Media Users More Likely to Buy From Brands They Follow by Pam Dyer on March 18, 2010 Share People who follow a brand on Facebook or Twitter are more inclined to shop that brand or recommend it to others, according to a new report by Chadwik Martin Bailey. Chiedete ad Apple). What’s your take?

Google's Third Wave Of Innovation

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Is it normal that a search engine is buying up all of the robotics and drone companies? It''s hard to reconcile how a company that was founded on a search engine (and then optimizing an advertising platform so efficiently that it drove them to a $350 billion market cap) could be spending its war chest on technology so nascent and future-focused. If Google''s main form of revenue is advertising and licensing software, where will the ads be going on all of these robots and drones? While Google didn''t invent keyword-based advertising, they have certainly mastered it.

Strategy Lessons: The Water Book

Geoff Livingston

This is no different than focus groups in advertising or public relations, market research studies prior to product marketing, or competitive research in all fields. Apple masters this approach better than any company or nonprofit in the marketplace. Consider how Apple successfully uses blogs to leak information, media to report on blogs and vice versa. 1) Read the Tea Leaves.

Five questions your marketing team should be asking about location-based technology

Visually SM

Or perhaps a restaurant launches a campaign of print, TV and social media marketing to advertise a new selection of entrees. For those who want a truly comprehensive overview of what this approach can entail, be sure to read this taxonomy from Geoawesomeness, which identifies seven unique categories of location-based marketing including exploration advertising and proximity marketing.

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The Five Communications Trends for 2015

Spin Sucks

This may be in the form of paid amplification (think Outbrain or Sprinklr ), sponsored content, native advertising , or sponsorships of influential blogs. In 2015, all communicators should be working with their media buying friends and colleagues to add paid media to their owned and earned media efforts. Yay for my content team! They came up with the idea. I just have to execute.

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Home Is Where Your Customers Are

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It also, has little to do with Pinterest 's recently announced advancements in monetization (more on that here: AdWeek - Pinterest Opens Up to Brands With New Ways to Plan Posts and Buy Ads ). That "somewhere" is the data, targeting and advertising capabilities. For most brands that are focused on paying to be present and interrupting the social experience, these are only advertising channels. apple watch. Tags: advertising. "We see social media, primarily, as a paid channel at this point.". It's a self-fulfilling prophecy at this point. And it never loses).

The State of the Blog Sales Market: Interview with Andrew Knibbe of Flippa


As blogs are increasingly recognized as business assets—or businesses in their own right—more entrepreneurs and publishers are looking to enter the blogosphere by buying a blog. One of them is people who are just starting out, and they tend to buy newer blogs that aren’t necessarily SEO-ranked, for example. Buying assets: content, lists, social media and more. No problem.

The Problem With Time Spent

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Long before Google existed, I worked for a search engine selling Internet advertising. Comparing apples to apples. Yesterday, I was asked by a media outlet to comment on this this infographic: The Power of Facebook Advertising (if you read French, you can find it here: Facebook en quête de nouveaux revenus ). In this scenario, it makes Facebook look like a much more superior advertising, doesn't it? Sometimes the more time you spend in a media channel, the less open you are to advertising. advertising dollars. facebook advertising. Not so.

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The Gift Of Facebook

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I am not bullish on advertising as Facebook's main revenue model. I never liked Facebook as an advertising platform. The reason I'm such a massive advocate for Google and AdWords is because the advertising platform fits in with the user experience (it's additive). With this commerce-based business, you can buy presents for your friends, get them shipped quickly and I especially like the ability to only pay for that gift once the receiver accepts it. It seems like a much more interesting business model than advertising revenue, doesn't it? advertising platform.

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5 Reasons Your Business Absolutely Needs To Consider the Bing Network

Jason Yormark

Many of the industry’s leaders trust their most valuable assets—their users—to Bing, whether it’s search inside Amazon’s devices, web results for Siri and Spotlight Search on Apple devices or maps on thousands of leading websites. All reasons to seriously consider the Bing Network in your online ad buys. This post brought to you by Bing Network. That’s exclusivity that can’t be beat.

The Interoperability Of Things (And Brands)

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Both video platforms were easy to buy, install, use and integrate with your daily life. Apple didn't need to invent to the MP3 player, but the iPod was (without question) easy to buy, install, use and integrate with your daily life. Still, we do know that price is not usually the thing that keeps people away (remember the long lines of people looking to buy a $900 iPhone ?). By comparison, Apple sold 3.3 If your brand needs some new life injected into it, don't just look at a redesign or how to make it easier for a consumer to buy from you. apple.

Newsjacking Turns You Into The Expert

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Would this coming holiday shopping for tablets be (once again) dominated by Apple 's iPad or did Amazon develop a truly worthy contender? The London Fire Brigade probably generated over a million dollars in free advertising and PR. Like most business books, the hard part is neither in buying the book or reading it, the truly difficult part is in putting the concepts into action. apple. Newsjacking. It's no coincidence, either. The concept of newsjacking is to interject your businesses' story into breaking news to generate media coverage for what you're doing. google.