HOW TO: Properly Use Badges to Engage Customers

Badges are among the most visible elements of gamification, the use of game-thinking and game mechanics to engage media audiences. However, social media badges are often maligned as boring or weak. This has been exacerbated by the decline of Foursquare ’s badging system.

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Enterprise 2.0: social scorecard and social media karma

Laurel Papworth

Rewarding badges and points systems on your intranet – social scorecards – could be the turning point for turning your enterprise 2.0 Daniel proposed that we set up Foursquare style badges to encourage staff to contribute and use the internet. Badges for levelling rewards.

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Twitter Badges For Brands Who Want to Avoid Narcissism

Adam Cohen

Companies can ultimately activate that engagement by providing value first and asking for help in return. I did a Google image search and found that only the Frederick, MD Chamber of Commerce had a quick badge on their site using the same language.).

6 Ways Web Check-ins Can Benefit Your Brand

Convince & Convert

Instead of “checking in&# at a restaurant or coffee shop via a mobile application, MOJO (and others) let you “check-in&# to a particular piece of Web content (blog post, video, photo, graphical badge), and assign points and other rewards for an array of marketer-determined behaviors. And it’s a lot more than just giving out some badges. Badging for the sake of badging is wasteful and annoying.

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The Intersection of Online Communities and Learning Management Systems


Automation tools available in some community tools allow organizations to create a lite LMS type experience: watch a video and earn a badge. participate in discussions and earn a badge. complete a quiz and earn a badge. gather all three badges and earn a designation.

Outsourcing Social Media Management


Outsourcing Social Media Management: The Flawed Logic of the Badged Employee. The assumption is that your company’s social media activities are an extension of your company and that it needs to be “authentic” (i.e. The badge doesn’t change the dynamic.

A Surefire Way to Get Verified on Twitter

agora pulse

The blue verified badge on Twitter (seen in this example from @americanart) lets people know that your account is authentic. First, this badge tells the Twittersphere that you’ve made it and your content is worthy of public interest.

New Twitter Updates Allow for Easy Account Verification

Ignite Social Media

DO: Be active on Twitter. There’s no hard and fast rule about how active you should be, but being an active user will convey to Twitter that you are who you say you are. DON’T: Campaign publicly for a verification badge.

Know What’s Working on Social Media: 26 Free Social Media Analytics Tools

Buffer Social

is the Top Tweet/Top Post badge that pops up when an update goes above and beyond the average performance. One of our favorite Twitter tools , Followerwonk shows you detailed breakdowns of your followers and activity.

How to Unlock the Key to Instagram Engagement

Peg Fitzpatrick

Keep a solid community in your comments and stay active by doing the following: Delete spammy comments by swiping and remove them. Instagram and Pinterest both thoroughly vet their Partners’ products, reputation with customers and business practices prior to badging them as Partners.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Launching a Branded Hashtag

Sprout Social

Search each hashtag and variations of each hashtag across all of the social networks your brand is active one. Then, we make sure that the hashtag we is consistent on all marketing materials, including attendee badges.

Gamification: Much Less Scary Than What’s Under the Bed


Once you understand your “ideal” member experience and activities, you can make sure you encourage new members in your online community to check out those activities. When the term “gamification” is used, many envision a highly technical system of levels and badges and that can be done. Gamifying” (see there’s that word again) your association can be as easy as adopting a process that encourages specified activity and rewards.

The Reality Behind the Check-In Hype [infographic]


The remaining 83% have not been active on these kind of services, either because they have no smart phones, no motivation or the highest being privacy concerns. However various badges would only motivate 1% of mass consumers to use it.

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3 Top Challenges Facing the Social Content Curator

What’s more, the tool integrates with the top social media dashboard tools in the business – including Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Oktopost – so that you can easily set your account to include Start a Fire badges on every URL you post. Post by Adi Englander.

How to Get Verified on Twitter (If I can do it, you can too!)

Buffer Social

You can apply to be Twitter verified and receive a blue checkmark badge next to your name. It does provide a bit of an ego boost and celebrity moment to see the blue badge, but here’s the real kicker: There are significant business/brand advantages to being Twitter verified.

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Perfecting Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: 10 Social Media Best Practices


Integrating these best practices into your social media activities can help you give your individual fundraisers the right tools, support, and motivation to further your mission and message. Badges. You can offer badges for each milestone that a campaign reaches.

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How to Contact Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Other Social Networks


Report an Issue with Your Activity Log. Pages Badge Application. Insights Badge Application. Ads Badge Application.

Social Media Updates: August


Responsive Pages: Have you seen this badge on your Page yet? Pages that respond to 90% of messages and have a median response time of less than five minutes will now have a “Very responsive to messages” badge on their profiles.

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How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Every Major Social Network

Buffer Social

Optimize this list of followers by sorting it by recent activity. In addition, Instagram also offers five different types/sizes of badges that you can place on your website.

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24 of the Best Google+ Guides, Tips, Rants and Raves of 2012

Webbiquity SMM

Plant +1 badges on all your assets to take advantage of the Direct Connect tool that automatically brings customers and prospects searching in your category to your page.” ” Exclusive: New Google+ Study Reveals Minimal Social Activity, Weak User Engagement by Fast Company.

47 Social Media Ideas, Formulas And Shortcuts for Instant Improvement

Rebekah Radice

As recent statistics show, social networking is now the top online activity in the U.S. It’s the fact that 46% of users say they’re actively looking to make a purchase. Add your Facebook badge to your website and/or blog to allow visitors an easy way to connect with your page.

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Gamification: Why Play?


The post contained an infographic that predicted the most popular online activity and trend of the future to be location-based services such as Foursquare and Facebook Places. More than 130 games on Facebook have over 1 million monthly active users.

Dr. Houzz Reveals a Widget-Flawed Google Algorithm

Viper Chill

The Norton badge works totally fine (it is a pop-up with security information like most privacy badges) so there’s really no need for the link. As I mentioned in my post on Godaddy, when we censor our own activities it makes their job much easier.

Facebook Fan Page vs. Profile: Know the Difference

Sprout Social

For example, you’ll have access to information like demographics, Facebook usage, purchase activity and Page Likes. Once you’re verified, a blue badge will display next to the name of your Page. Focus on creating a Timeline that’s active and valuable to visitors.

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Need More B2B Sales Leads? Ignore This Research

Webbiquity SMM

But social media (including Twitter, Pinterest and Google+), display ads and online video are among the worst activities for achieving either objective.

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22 Twitter revenue streams – monetizing tweets

Laurel Papworth

One, should we monetize other people’s activity? The first question is ethical – if money and currency is about a show of worth, a menu of value, then yes, we can monetize conversations and activities. Or Foursquare style reward badges – most retweeted, most linked.

Interview with Community Manager: Helen Lynch from

Social Media Citizens

G: What platforms are you most active on? Most of the communities I was active in have disbanded over the years but there are a couple of Yahoo Groups I still use, or at least lurk in, including my local Freecycle mailing lists and an invaluable mailserv of fellow community bods, with a wealth of knowledge in the groups archives. Visible status symbols, such as badges or greater visibility on site are always good.

Yellow Stars, Pink Triangles, and Blue Crescents

Geoff Livingston

As part of their systematic program of dehumanizing people in concentration camps, the Nazis made Jews and gays wear yellow star and pink triangle badges , respectively. A Time to Be Active. Informed Americans need to be active in politics right now.

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7 Reasons Your LinkedIn Profile is a Hot Mess

Convince & Convert

An active page is an effective page. Just as with your local PTA or Chamber of Commerce, the LinkedIn groups you join and participate in can act as badges of honor. Image via

How Your Cub and Girl Scouts (and Youth) are Being Cheated in the Personal Manufacturing Era

Stay N' Alive

But how much better would it be if the ENTIRE activity was centered around logic and engineering? They are making steps with new computer programming merit badges, and computer safety programs. Our youth are in for a wake-up call when they grow up. Gone will be blue-collar work.

The 12 Startups I’ve Invested In and Why

Convince & Convert

I’m by no means a Vaynerchuk-esque investment mogul, but here’s where I’m at as of July 7, 2014: Addvocate – Employee Activation in Social I’m probably most involved day-to-day with this company, as I’m also on the board of directors.

My Favorite Instagram Timesaving Tips (that you can borrow)

agora pulse

Most phones have the little microphone icon on the keyboard to activate voice-to-text.). One tip is to turn off your phone notifications (on the iPhone you could turn off banners and alerts, but turn on the badge app icon).

Social Media Is CRM

Social Media Network Marketing

Businesses also need to monitor social networking sites, recognizing and rewarding - often with badges, stars or other low-cost measures - those who are most proactive and communicative about a company's products or services. Businesses must ensure all relevant departments and individuals have access to the information streaming into their computers via active social networks. Social Media lends itself to Customer Relation Management.

The Gamification of Online Communities

Geoff Livingston

This process consists of integrating game components like badges, leaderboards, levels of difficulty, etc. into online communities, web site functions, and other aspects of non-game activity online. Image by com2us.

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The Savvy Marketer’s Guide to Surviving SXSW

Convince & Convert

Sign up for one “SXSW for beginners” event when you get there; it’s pretty helpful to just give you a sense of the activities. . your badge. Image via SXSW Interactive, the ultimate digital event of the year, kicks off this weekend in Austin, Texas.

How I stick to a 30 hour work week (and how you can too)

Absolute PA

The specialist asked me hundreds of questions about my lifestyle, daily activities, my diet, sleeping patterns. Many modern entrepreneurs wear their 50 hour work weeks like a badge of honour.

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4 Free Tools for Researching Guest Blogging and Advertising Opportunities


They even offer a badge you can add to your site that will link advertisers to your Google Ad Planner data. They are working to incorporate not only Twitter activity, but Facebook and LinkedIn activity as well.

7 Best Newsletter Builders for Creating Great Newsletters

Writtent Blog

Powerful reporting on ROI, autoresponders, social activity, and more. This email manager offers unlimited image hosting, automatically inlines CSS, and doesn’t impose design restrictions or “powered by” badges, allowing you to be as flexible and creative as you want.

Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2011

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

It’s about being active all the time, watching the progress of your campaigns as they go through their cycles. It’s my birthday and I have some great news! In January of 2011, I said that I’d make our Internet Marketing Posts of 2011 subscriber only. And I did.

PayPal Research Shows Strength of Community Trumps Popularity

Geoff Livingston

Further some of the biggest names get outpaced by lesser known web-based personalities or weblebrities who activate deep ties to their communities. We live in strange times, in which an online following is considered the mark of success.

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