ICYMI: 11 Of The Best Insights From #SMWLDN 2016


Last week, the eyes of everyone who’s anyone in UK social media were focussed on the BFI as London’s annual Social Media Week took place. Topics such as the use of social media data across marketing departments and agency pitching drew universal agreement (as we sat there feeling smugly vindicated), whereas topics such as the role of LAD publishers sparked heated debate. Not business leaders themselves who have a company to run.”

What You Need To Know About Programmatic Advertising For 2019 And Beyond

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Media buyers would negotiate, make purchases and create change orders with salespeople. Traditional vs. Programmatic Media Buying. Social Engagement. Programmatic technology reduces human error by taking over some of the menial tasks performed by a media buyer. Approximately 58% of programmatic media buys are ‘guaranteed,’ meaning that both the buyer and seller agree to a fixed number of impressions and cost for those impressions before the campaign goes live.

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How Brands Can Vibe With Gen Z and Gen Alpha


This generation will also number a staggering 2 billion people by 2025. . Only about half (56%) purchased items in a physical store over the past six months and 30% look at ads for products on social media. . If your company is looking for ways to appeal to these groups, here are some tips: Be Authentic. According to one study by the National Retail Federation , 55% of Gen Z members choose brands that are socially responsible and eco-friendly.

9 YouTube stats to inform your marketing strategy in 2019

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According to Alexa rankings of the top 500 sites on the web, YouTube is second only to its parent company, Google, which is perhaps not surprising, but even more impressive when you consider the fact that it’s beating out Facebook, top Chinese search engine Baidu and Wikipedia, just to name a few. This type of revealing user insight also makes YouTube a valuable source of social listening data that can help you pinpoint your audiences’ specific interests and needs.

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach to Marketing

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Chapter 1 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chapter 2 – The elements of Artificial Intelligence Chapter 3 – AI Applications in Marketing AI and Content Marketing AI and Analytics AI and Marketing Automation AI and Conversational Marketing AI and Email Marketing AI and SEO AI and Social Media AI and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) AI and Listening/Monitoring AI and Image Recognition AI and Influencer Marketing Chapter 4 – Security Concerns about AI Summary.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #238

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In broad strokes, it''s the story of some semi-pro gamers in about 2025 (I think), who get hired to do some gaming, only it turns out the game isn''t a game, but the future, some 70 years later. I''m sure the skincare companies would love that!" social media. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see?

Proven Tactics to Recruit, Retain and Unleash Millennial Talent


By 2025, Millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce. 78% of Millennials are strongly influenced by how innovative a company is when deciding if they want to work there. The death of company loyalty, the rise of remote, flexible, and project-based work, and the plethora of entrepreneurship outlets available today have forever changed the employer expectations of the next generations. Create an entertaining video intro to your company.