Global Investors Tune in As Live Video in Ecommerce Takes Off 

The Realtime Report

SWIRL offers businesses full control over the customer data and allows them to get real-time engagement analytics and post-show data points to optimize campaigns for future sales. Global Investors Tune in As Live. Video in Ecommerce Takes Off .

Report 139

Key Insights from the Snapchat Annual Partner Summit

Ignite Social Media

AR try-ons are leading to improved results, and this technology is set to grow in the coming years with over 100 million consumers shopping with AR currently and almost 75% of the world population expected to be frequent AR users by 2025.


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How to Be a Nanoinfluencer and Make Money With Under 10,000 Followers


Looking for some help on how to incorporate nanoinfluencers into your marketing campaigns? It’s a relatively new strategy that lets brands work on campaigns with online personalities. This number is projected to rise to 86% by 2025. view analytics.

What You Need To Know About Programmatic Advertising For 2019 And Beyond

Social Media Strategies Summit

Once confirmed, the publisher would take over running the campaign. Software algorithms evaluate user analytics to help the system determine what ad content is relevant to a particular user. This shift allows marketers and sellers to spend more of their time planning sophisticated, strategic campaigns rather than getting bogged down in the granular details. Programmatic leverages user analytics to determine what content is most relevant to a user at any given time.

Social Media Marketing for Retail Brands: 5 Essential Tips


Research from Meta shows that campaigns combining influencer ads with regular social media ads are 85% more likely to result in people adding products to their shopping cart. by 2025. 3 inspiring retail social media campaigns. Over three days, the campaign generated 3.5

How to Measure Customer Engagement and Why It’s Important


Even with discounts, gifts, and aggressive advertising campaigns, many companies fail to engage and retain consumers successfully. billion by 2025. The digital era has brought about a significant shift in how successful companies promote themselves.

ICYMI: 11 Of The Best Insights From #SMWLDN 2016


Social media has always allowed a greater level of flexibility than traditional marketing, but the analytical capabilities available to marketers ensure that testing on social will deliver far more strategic certainties than in years gone by. NOW, analytics, strategy, and creative teams work together from the outset. We can even tweak it while a campaign is running.”. Why not consider it for your campaign?

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach to Marketing

Razor Social

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chapter 2 – The elements of Artificial Intelligence Chapter 3 – AI Applications in Marketing AI and Content Marketing AI and Analytics AI and Marketing Automation AI and Conversational Marketing AI and Email Marketing AI and SEO AI and Social Media AI and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) AI and Listening/Monitoring AI and Image Recognition AI and Influencer Marketing Chapter 4 – Security Concerns about AI Summary.