Marketing Automation vs Sales Automation


business spending on marketing automation tools is expected to exceed 25 billion USD by 2023. Social Media Post Schedulers , Analytics, Brand Watchers. Automation Platforms, Analytics, CRM Integration. Websites, Blogging Tools, Analytics, SEO Tools. Web Analytics.

9 Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make for 2019

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As HubSpot puts it : “Vanity metrics include data such as social media followers, page views, subscribers, and other flashy analytics that are satisfying on paper, but don’t move the needle for your business goals. 9 Resolutions Every Marketer Should Make for 2019.

10 Video Marketing Trends You Need To Follow in 2019

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billion by 2023. Growth in video consumption and advancements in analytics have made video a key component to any online advertising strategy. For years, marketing experts have been discussing the importance of video in content marketing. In 2005, YouTube was launched.

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