Instagram Introduces New Business Profiles


The app is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. million by 2019. of social network users will use Instagram. Instagram is rocking it so this is great news!

Daring PR Professionals and the Lawyers Who Love Them: A Primer for Avoiding Legal Problems

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Clicking through on the word “sponsored” will bring you to the Facebook page explaining how sponsored content works on that social network. Guest Post by Kerry O’Shea Gorgone. Contrary to popular belief, lawyers do not enjoy making your job harder by nixing your creative campaign ideas.

3 Tips for Getting Your Online Video Act Together for 2016

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As the New Year draws closer, we can anticipate some of this year’s social video trends to carry over into 2016, including: 1. By 2019, video is projected to account for 80 percent of all global consumer Internet traffic (Source: ). Online video marketing stats abound!

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How to Create Achievable Social Media Goals

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Social media goals operate in the same way. Social media marketing spending in the US is expected to more than double from $7.52 billion in 2019. A key to justifying your social media work is setting up measurable goals that can showcase improvements in your digital presence.

Social Marketing’s Biggest Moments in the Last 5 Years

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Over the past five years, social marketing has evolved. Social networks are adapting to the meet the needs of both consumers and advertisers, which means trying to balance user experience with revenue opportunities. Instagram’s Integration into the Facebook Ads Network (2015) .

How to Identify Your Social Media Influencers

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If you hang around a social media marketer long enough, you’re bound to hear the term social media influencers tossed around in conversation. Social media influencers are the bread and butter to marketing strategies and help brands build valuable relationships on social media platforms.

20+ Powerful Tips and Strategies for Video Success

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You may have read my past articles singing the praises of Adobe Spark Post which I use for creating graphics and animations for social media. Consider the following stats: Experts predict video will account for 80% of global internet traffic by 2019.

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How Videos Can Transform Your Content Marketing Strategy


Video is on a roll, and it’s evident if you look at any social media network today. Youtube, for one, has over a billion users , and social media channels like Facebook has even dedicated its News Feed to the use of video.

238: How to Get More Traffic by Updating Your Archives


Links and Resources for How to Get More Traffic by Updating Your Archives: Social Media Marketing World conference. This is something I talked about at Social Media Marketing World over the last week or so. I have blogpost in my archives and I shared an example of this at Social Media Marketing World. I didn’t hear a single person talk about this at Social Media Marketing World. It’s good for social sharing.