What You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing in 2018: FREE Webinar Nov 30th

Pam Moore

Do you want to tap into the power of influencer marketing but don't know where to start? Or maybe you have tried utilizing influencer marketing only to experience frustration in finding the right influencers, knowing how to engage them and lack of overall business results for your efforts? Grab your seat to the free webinar training Influencer Marketing in 2018: What, Why and How to Grow Your Business with Influencer Marketing in 2018 .

3 Outdated Influencer Marketing Practices to Leave in 2018

Social Media Today

With influencer marketing on the rise, here are three common influencer strategies that its time to dump from your approach


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Don’t Listen to the Facebook Fear Mongers – What You Need to Know on Newsfeed Changes 2018 Webinar

Pam Moore

I am hosting a free Facebook in 2018 Webinar training that will provide you in simple english what you need to know about marketing your business on Facebook in 2018 plus the details of the latest announcement from Facebook. Sign up for the webinar here -> Ge t a Grip on Facebook Marketing in 2018 – What You Need to Know! Social media including Facebook is NOT a solution to your marketing woes. Yes, marketing 101 is still key to your success.

Conversation Gained-How to Determine Influence in B2B Social Media

Direct Marketing Observations

I don’t know a marketer out there that would say that influence in social media is not a commodity, if you know how to leverage it. I do however, know a lot of marketers out there, who struggle with determining and identifying influence in social media and because of that, can not leverage it; and that’s NOT a commodity! Discussions on influence in social have been around since social began. Now B2B marketing? B2B influencers?

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10 Power Tips to Create Facebook Content that Owns the News Feed Like a BOSS

Pam Moore

Register for my free live training Webinar Thursday, February 8th at 2pm et -> “ 10 Power Tips to Create Facebook Content that Owns the News Feed Like a BOSS ” The biggest concern any smart social, digital or content marketer should have right now is ensuring they understand the changes Facebook announced and that they know how to quickly adapt to new strategies and tactics that keep their content in the news feed. Influencer Marketing 2018 Training Webinar (free!).

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15 Golden Rules of Content Marketing in 2018

Pam Moore

Content marketing is becoming more challenging even for the most experienced marketers. Gone are the days of simply needing to know how to write textual content for a white paper, marketing collateral or direct mail flyer. I think often times marketers over complicate what should be simple. The marketer and brand that can outlast, out market and sleep better than their competition wins. 15 Golden Rules for Content Marketing Webinar .

The 4-1-1 on the (Not So) New Marketing Trend: Influencer Marketing

Waxing UnLyrical

If you are a communications pro, I don’t need to tell you that influencer marketing is hot and could soon outpace traditional paid media spend. Everyone is jumping on the influencer marketing bandwagon because it’s all the rage, just like every other fly-by-night new trend. Influencer marketing has been around for over a decade with the rise in popularity of YouTube. So, what is influencer marketing? Rise of the micro-influencer.

2018 Content Marketing Trends, Predictions + Editorial Calendar Template

Pam Moore

Content marketing in 2018 is going to hit a new dimension of importance, organization and integration. Smart and savvy marketers know the days of throwing social spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks are over and done. If you are ready to once and for all see a real return on your investment in social media and digital marketing you need to look deeper than the follows, clicks and retweets. Quality over quantity is where success is going to come from in 2018.

New report resurrects AVE measurement for influencer campaigns

Sherrilynne Starkie

That’s why I was surprised to see the concept resurrected in a recent report from InfluencerDB , an influencer marketing software company, which uses Earned Media Value (EMV), the cash value of attention a brand gets on social media. According to the report, the top 20 brands mentioned in a sample of more than 900,000 Instagram posts created $659,882,860 of ‘earned media value’ More than 11,000 influencers were paid for their posts.

Influencer relations: how to build trust

Sherrilynne Starkie

One of the biggest changes is the rise of ‘Influencer Relations” We used to focus on media professionals as the core influencer group and we still do. Here’s six rules for good influencer relations. No tricks, evasion or hiding the facts; with a lot of influencer groups that’s just like waving a red flag to a bull. Work for the influencer. Remember that, in a way, influencers are your most important bosses or clients.

The Power of Facebook Marketing in 2018 is Real. Are you Ready?

Pam Moore

Is your Facebook marketing strategy and business Page ready for 2018? 2018 is going to be more challenging than ever for brands wanting to tap into the power of 1.37 The power of Facebook for businesses big and small in 2018 is real. It's not just marketing buzz or hype. The power and business value is there for the taking for marketers willing to put in the effort to understand how the platform can work for their business. What is Influencer Marketing?

Content Marketing for Regulated, Boring and Unsexy Industries

Pam Moore

In 2018 there is even more pressure on marketers and business leaders in businesses of every size to continuously create content to drive conversation, engagement and sales. Unfortunately too many marketers give up on creating exciting, engaging, empowering and entertaining content as they feel their products, services and industry are too “boring.” Unfortunately most marketers and small business owners also do not have a limitless budget, right?

Top 5 Reasons Your Social Media is Not Working in 2018 and How to Fix it

Pam Moore

Are you doing everything the “experts” tell you to do but still are not seeing measurable business results with your online marketing, social media and digital marketing efforts? A list of random acts of marketing doesn't count. You are guilty of random acts of marketing every day and you know it. You are not seeing result from your ad spend, social content, influencer marketing, live video, recorded video and the list goes on. .

Last Minute Additions to Your 2018 Social Media Strategy

Ignite Social Media

Take a look back at your learnings from 2017 for a reminder of where you are headed in 2018. A few last-minute additions for your 2018 strategy are to include more video, use Pinterest for Search, activate micro-influencers and determine a role for Messenger. Video will continue to grow in importance in 2018. The channels are competing for your video content and thus launching new features to keep marketers engaged. Activate Micro-Influencers.

25 Male Influencers To Check Out

Ignite Social Media

When influencer marketing first started, there weren’t many male influencers. A handful of years back we gave you 100 women bloggers to check out , now let’s see how many men bloggers (now referred to as influencers as they don’t always have a blog) we can find! As of this post, he’s visited 21 countries so if you’re looking for a place to go (or an influencer to work with your brand on traveling) check out his blog.

The Last Thing Your Target Customer and Audience Wants From You is More Content

Pam Moore

As the social ecosystem of “experts” broke down, blogged about, and summarized their thoughts on these changes, what surprised me the most was how many marketers that claim to be experts in this space were shocked to see these changes. For years we have been warning marketers, brands, our social media academy students and clients to stop building their business on rented Facebook land. 2018 is the year all marketers must learn and embrace this mindset.

10 Common Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Campaigns Fail

Social Media Today

Looking to get into influencer marketing? Take heed of these notes on why many influencer campaigns fall flat

Understanding Martech Niches: Content Marketing's TOP influencers


This week we take a specialised approach and analyse a niche vertical within the martech industry, Content Marketing. Our analysis of this audience is not a high-level influencer identification but a deep dive into the sub-categories within content marketing to identify the most relevant people to target for industry professionals. By analyzing this audience we work to identify the top influencers within those different categories. Influencer Marketing

The Many Faces of Digital Influence

Direct Marketing Observations

I’ve been in the search and social media space long enough to know that without a doubt the two most vexing topics year in and year out are how best to leverage a brands presence in social media and how to engage with influencers. In my opinion, influence in social can have many faces. The face we see the most isn’t an influencer but what I like to call a “frequencer.” If it’s “influence” that drives them, then so be it.

The Many Faces of Social Influence

Direct Marketing Observations

I’ve been in the social media space for over 10 years now and without a doubt the two most vexing topics year in and year out are how best to leverage a brands presence in social media and how to engage with influencers. In my opinion, influence in social can have many faces. The face we see the most isn’t an influencer but what I like to call a “frequencer.” Does that mean influence? What are they influencing?

7 Influencers to Follow for Holiday Inspiration

Ignite Social Media

We search for inspiration every year and what a better place to go for ideas than holiday influencers who live and breathe this type of stuff? No need to fret over holiday planning ideas when you can borrow inspiration from influencers! Whether you’re looking for ideas for your own holiday celebrations or a brand looking for someone to partner with, I hope these influencers come in handy. Holidays are almost upon us, leading to gatherings and the need for new ideas.

Influencer marketing goes mainstream

Sherrilynne Starkie

Influencer marketing is nothing new. PR pros have been building positive relationships with influencers since the dawn of the profession. What has changed is the definition of what, or who, an influencer is. No longer reserved for journalists, media personalities, industry analysts and community leaders, the word influencer is used to describe anyone who has a large and loyal (mostly) online following. Instagram influencer marketing.

3 Reasons Your Boss Didn’t Approve Your Social Media Budget and Plan

Pam Moore

” Do you have what you think is an amazing social media or digital marketing plan? My recommendation is that you always take an audience based approach to any type of marketing on or offline. I have seen marketers take the fast track in their social marketing and digital marketing careers as a result of proper planning and understanding of how the social and digital ecosystems of today can help support their business.

How Social Media and Influencers Have Radically Changed B2B Marketing

Webbiquity SMM

Social media and influencer marketing have each significantly impacted the work of B2B marketers. But the two combined have changed B2B marketing in profound, evolving, and still not completely understood ways. Social Media Marketing Becomes a Thing.

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How to Become a Social Media Influencer in 2018


In 2018, it might seem like the market is oversaturated with social media influencers; but you shouldn’t let that discourage you from becoming one if it’s what you really want. That said, becoming the best influencer you can be takes quite a bit of work. Before you begin the process, here are a few tips you’ll want to include in your strategic marketing plan. Determine your specific niche and target market. Collaborate with other influencers.

Digital Marketing 2018: New Year’s Resolutions for Digital Marketers


For those involved in digital marketing, 2018 offers a fresh start to come up with better campaigns. In the spirit of the season, here are a few New Year’s resolutions that marketers like you should try keeping for a successful 2018. Digital marketing 2018: Personalized campaigns This year, customer demand for content that specifically meets […].

11 Criteria for Comparing Influencer Marketing Proposals

Ignite Social Media

You’re looking for help with an influencer marketing campaign , so you’ve decided to outsource the program to a company that does it all the time. They both seem great, so how do you compare influencer marketing proposals to ensure you get the best fit? There are 11 criteria we we suggest using when you evaluate influencer marketing proposals, including three (3) that are less important than you might think. The more influencers, the better, right?

Don’t Sell Your Brand’s Soul to the Facebook News Feed Algorithm and Vanity Metrics

Pam Moore

There is no doubt 2018 is going to be a year of massive fear, shock, change and wasted time for even the smartest business and marketing leaders. By now we should know that when it comes to social media and digital marketing, the only guarantee we have is change. Facebook 2018 is all About Engagement. How are you positioned in the market? Is the business value worth the investment compared to other marketing and business activities you could be investing in?

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The Top B2B Marketing Trends for 2018 – A Meta-Analysis

Webbiquity SMM

Yet another post about 2018 B2B marketing trends? This piece compiles and analyzes the predictions of more than 100 B2B marketing professionals as published in 10 highly-ranked posts over the past month (best!). The predictions ranged from honing content marketing strategy (popular) to sales-marketing alignment (a bit old?) Here we go… Content Marketing Trends. ” — 2018 Trends: B2B Marketing , Edelman. But for B2B marketers?

Marketing Mix Tape: Do These 6 Things to Bring More Traffic to Your Website Now


Each month, the phrase “SEO is dead” is searched about 210 times, providing evidence that a smattering of marketing professionals aren’t entirely sold on the benefits of using search engine optimization to increase website traffic. Recently, it’s become an artistic practice that calls for the perfect mix of advertising and marketing strategies all working together. We’ve worked with many big name brands, from Qdoba to Fiji Water , to level up their integrated marketing campaigns.

4 Tips for an Impactful Influencer Marketing Strategy

Social Media Today

Influencer Marketing can be a great way to showcase your brand - however it can also be easy to waste time and money on the wrong influencers

How to Build Your Personal Brand to Inspire, Connect and Grow Your Business in 2018

Pam Moore

By tapping into the power of social media and influencer marketing even solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners have real opportunities to compete head to head against brands with much bigger budgets and teams than them. There is power and opportunity in building a platform that serves a niche market with real value. Though you can't control your brand perceptions, you can certainly influence them if you take the time to understand how.

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5 Ways to Ramp Up Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Social Media Today

Looking for ways to get more out of your influencer marketing efforts? Here are some tips

The Rise of Influencer Fraud


Weeding out Fake InfluencersTrack Community GrowthFollowers is a metric that brands flock to when choosing influencers. Fake influencers, therefore, purchase followers. Influencer MarketingThe more followers, the more they pay. By tracking… Read More >>>.

A Comprehensive Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing

Convince & Convert

You might be wondering how your brand or business can work with influencers on Instagram too. This guide will provide you with an in-depth look at what you should do to run a successful Instagram influencer marketing campaign. Why Use Instagram for Influencer Marketing? You already know that influencer marketing is effective. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should use Instagram for influencer marketing.

The #1 Reason Why Your Social Media Has Zero Return on Investment in 2018

Pam Moore

Even some of the most savvy social marketers are finding themselves ready to throw in the towel with social media for business in 2018. According to a recent study from the DMA, only 48% of marketers believe they are receiving a positive return on their investment in social media. This is disappointing in that 77% of marketers are using at least one social network for business. However, business leaders and marketers are still in the driver seat.

5 Ways to Leverage Micro-Influencers in Your Social Marketing Strategy

Social Media Today

Micro-influencers can help boost your brand messaging, often better than major celebrities. Here are some tips on the why and how of micro-influencer marketing

Pinterest Opens API Access to Better Facilitate Influencer Marketing on the Platform

Social Media Today

Pinterest is expanding access to its content marketing API in order to better facilitate effective influencer marketing on the platform

API 118

8 African American Influencers to Follow

Ignite Social Media

Since February is Black History month, we thought we’d do a special highlight of a few great African-American influencers. The post 8 African American Influencers to Follow appeared first on Ignite Social Media - The original social media agency. Blogger Outreach Blogging Influencer Marketing African American Influencers black history month Digital influencers discovering influencers fashion influencers food influencers top influencers

Twitter Releases New Report on the Potential of Influencer Marketing

Social Media Today

Twitter has published a new report which looks at the potential of influencer marketing via tweet

Report 101