10 Power Tips to Create Facebook Content that Owns the News Feed Like a BOSS

Pam Moore

Facebook recently announced big changes to the Facebook News Feed algorithm that impacts publishers, brands, celebrities and just about any business or human being who wants to conduct any type of business utilizing Facebook. Influencer Marketing 2018 Training Webinar (free!).

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Don’t Sell Your Brand’s Soul to the Facebook News Feed Algorithm and Vanity Metrics

Pam Moore

There is no doubt 2018 is going to be a year of massive fear, shock, change and wasted time for even the smartest business and marketing leaders. Facebook 2018 is all About Engagement. He made it crystal clear that we all will see less brand content in our news feed.

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Social Media 2018 Keynote Presentation: Power of Intent and Perspective in a Digital World of Change

Pam Moore

Just when you thought you had your social media and digital marketing strategy and plan together, 2018 hit many marketers like a load of bricks with fast, unexpected changes. Check out the keynote presentation I delivered at the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference 2018.

Don’t Listen to the Facebook Fear Mongers – What You Need to Know on Newsfeed Changes 2018 Webinar

Pam Moore

This will impact how content is prioritized in your news feed. I am hosting a free Facebook in 2018 Webinar training that will provide you in simple english what you need to know about marketing your business on Facebook in 2018 plus the details of the latest announcement from Facebook.

Is Your Social Media Content Really Top of News Feed Worthy?

Pam Moore

Are you tired of looking for the magic easy button to help you get your business content to the top of the News Feed? Do you dream about your content showing up on top of the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn News Feed?

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Facebook Marketers are Already Fumbling News Feed Change

Jon Loomer

It’s been a little over a week since Facebook announced the latest news feed change intended to surface more content from friends and less content from brands. In that time, it’s clear marketers are setting the groundwork for future news feed changes.

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How to Develop a Profitable Social Media Strategy and Plan in 2018

Pam Moore

Social Profit Factor can help you ignite your online tribe and grow your business with social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. 2018 is where those who have simply been “hustling” to get by realize they must hustle and work smarter.

The Last Thing Your Target Customer and Audience Wants From You is More Content

Pam Moore

Will 2018 be the year that marketers and business leaders finally wake up and realize social media, content marketing, branding and digital marketing is not simply about creating more and more content? It also shows up in status updates on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots for Business: What You Need to Know in 2018

Pam Moore

Facebook Messenger and Chatbots are the talk of the social web in 2018. Facebook Messenger and Chatbots are not something you should ignore in 2018. Webinar Title: “Facebook Messenger Chat Bots for Business: What You Need to Know in 2018.

Mark Zuckerberg Announces Major News Feed Changes

Myrland Marketing

If your Facebook News Feed has historically been dominated by updates from brands, businesses, and news media, get ready for a major shift. More on that in a moment… The Explore Feed on Facebook . On January 4, Mark Zuckerberg posted his 2018 personal challenge.

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How to Share Posts From the Instagram Feed to Stories

Buffer Social

Instagram has released a new way for users to easily share feed posts to stories. More than 300 million users now use Instagram stories daily and this update will enable them to share any post from their Instagram feed directly to stories. How to share feed posts to Instagram Stories.

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Twitter Cleans up Spam Accounts

Ignite Social Media

Twitter has been struggling ever since they moved away from their bread and butter of the reverse chronological feed in early 2016. The recent news that Twitter is overrun with fake accounts delivered a massive blow to Twitter’s reputation.

Social media top 5: Twitter takes on spammers and bots

Sherrilynne Starkie

Social Media Top Five: Twitter cuts off spammers and bots. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google are all featured. Twitter's fight against spammers and bots. Feb 25, 2018. Feb 25, 2018. Feb 25, 2018. Feb 25, 2018. Feb 25, 2018. REPORT.

Top five: Facebook continues towards world domination

Sherrilynne Starkie

Here's my first 2018 top 5 social media must-knows for marketing communications professionals feat. Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Facebook gets Golden Globes over incumbent Twitter. Jan 03, 2018. Jan 03, 2018. Jan 03, 2018. Jan 03, 2018.

Top Five: New Whatsapp for Business

Sherrilynne Starkie

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter have all launched new apps or features this week. Feb 01, 2018. Facebook updates news feeds to prioritize local news. Feb 01, 2018. Feb 01, 2018. Sponsored Moments come to Twitter. Feb 01, 2018. Feb 01, 2018.

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Top Five: Tidal Wave of New Social Media Features

Sherrilynne Starkie

This week's must-know news from the world of social media includes new features and functions from Instagram, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn and Twitter. May 23, 2018. Instagram has introduced mute in feed, a new way to control what posts users see on Instagram. May 23, 2018.

The State of Social 2018 Report: Your Guide to Latest Social Media Marketing Research [New Data]

Buffer Social

What’s in store for the social media industry in 2018? To better understand these changes, plus what’s ahead for 2018 and beyond we teamed up with Social Media Week to collect data from over 1,700 marketers and create the State of Social Media 2018 report.

Twitter's Adding a New Option to Switch Back to a Reverse Chronological Timeline

Social Media Today

Twitter has announced that it will let users opt into a chronological feed of tweets, as opposed to the algorithm defined 'best tweets first' process

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Top Five: Finally some good news

Sherrilynne Starkie

Twitter? Instagram tests Recommended Post in Feed. Instagram is testing recommended posts in Feed, a new way for users to see content they may like. Twitter struggles with Fake News issue. Networking 2018: Use LinkedIn’s QR code.

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Do Twitter Ads Really Work? A Surprising Experiment: 17.2 Million Views From a Single Twitter Thread

Buffer Social

I was going to get serious about writing in 2018.” His authentic, honest stories resonated with startup enthusiasts and he decided to write at least two posts per week throughout 2018 to share his journey as founder and CEO of JotForm. Nathan Bashaw (@nbashaw) May 11, 2018.

Conversation Gained-How to Determine Influence in B2B Social Media

Direct Marketing Observations

It’s amazing to me that in 2018, the questions on influence in social are still pondered as if it were the latest work-out fad, “Yea but will it give me abs?” particularly Twitter. Do you get the sense that they don’t even pay attention to their feed?

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How a social media consultant can help your business

Sherrilynne Starkie

Facebook Blueprint certification and Twitter Flight School demonstrate mastery in major social networks. These tend to include the following: Data and insights such as Google Analytics, Sysomos, Sprout Social, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, etc.

4 Content Marketing Trends You Should Follow In 2018

Your Escape From 9 to 5

By the looks of it, 2018 isn’t going to be the year when personalization loses its importance. In 2018, the year when AI becomes a business necessity, the data gathered by these tools will be more important than ever for development of content. In 2018, it was 1142 words.

What’s the Right Social Media Scheduling Tool for Your Business?

Webbiquity SMM

For example, one of my biggest goals with social media marketing is to drive more traffic to my business blog and website, especially with Twitter. Guest post by Lilach Bullock. With so many different social media scheduling tools to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

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How B2B Brands Can Drive More Leads This Year

Webbiquity SMM

You can use paid ads that appear in the LinkedIn news feed or send personalized messages to relevant professionals with the help of the Sponsored Inmail feature. Connect with Twitter. Connect with Grin on Facebook or Twitter. Guest post by Brandon Brown.

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8 of the Best Social Media Analytics Tools of 2018

Sprout Social

With Sprout’s social media analytics, you can measure performance across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, all within a single platform. Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+. One reason for this is the platform itself isn’t as robust as Facebook, Twitter and others. In addition to publishing and organizing your feed, Later also provides analytics on your followers, engagement and more. What are your top performing Tweets?

Five Must Haves for Planning Social Content in 2018

Ignite Social Media

Neglect them and you’ll be left with a wasted budget and a forgotten Twitter login. Luckily, 2018 is right around the corner, and if your social presence has been lacking, take advantage of the New Year to revamp your strategy.

A digital media framework for smart marketing communications

Sherrilynne Starkie

You may have heard rumours that Twitter is dead and nobody uses it anymore. But, Twitter is alive and well in Canada. Forty-two per cent of us are on Twitter and 45 per cent of users are on it daily. We recommended Facebook and Twitter ads, native ads and sponsored content.

Twitter Cards: Everything you need to know

Sprout Social

There are more than 330 million monthly active users on Twitter. If that number isn’t significant enough to make your marketing team’s mouths water – how about the fact that 51% of Twitter users earn more than $50,000 per year ? Twitter is great at driving more qualified traffic to your blog, product page or website. Twitter Cards give you the power to convey plenty of useful and engaging information to your followers, without breaking the character limit.

How the Twitter Timeline Works (and 6 Simple Tactics to Increase Your Reach)

Buffer Social

We’ve talked about the Facebook News Feed algorithm and the Instagram Feed algorithm. This time, we would love to dive into the Twitter timeline algorithm. Up until 2015, the Twitter timeline displays tweets in the reverse-chronological order. Try Twitter videos.

Effectively Recruiting Top Performing Employees through Social Media

SocMed Sean

LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are household names and well-known for their branding purposes. The first step in developing your online recruiting presence is deciding which platforms you will use— Google+, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter name only a few.

How Often And What To Post on Social Media


Twitter : 5-10 tweets per day. Twitter has a very fast throughput on content and the lifespan of tweets is short, about, 2 hours. Remember January 2018 Facebook News Feed Changes? But only 1% (YES…THAT’S ONE PERCENT) see your posts in their News Feed.

How to Find the Best Twitter Hashtags

Sprout Social

Twitter hashtags help make posts from disparate posts and conversations connected around the same topic easier to find and search. Including trending and popular Twitter hashtags in your social media posts is a great way to boost your messages to reach people beyond just your own followers.

What New Social Media Management Features Did Agorapulse Release in 2018? [INFOGRAPHIC]

agora pulse

Let’s take a quick break from our planning for 2019 to reflect on the different social media management features that Agorapulse launched in 2018 that helped make managing social media easier and more efficient. January 2018. February 2018. March 2018. May 2018.

What Meet Edgar and SmarterQueue Alternatives Are Out There?

agora pulse

You may have heard about the news lately: everyone in social media is crying about the end of the ability to repeat content on Twitter. Twitter Rules: What’s New, What’s Not (and Why it Matters). Even Twitter’s own tool, TweetDeck , offered this feature.

Social Trust Factor: 10 Tips to Establish Trust and Credibility for Your Brand

Pam Moore

Yes, even though you may have spent far too much money on that beautiful Twitter background, custom Facebook page and blogsite, you still need to prove to me who and what you are. 10,000 purchased Twitter followers is not real social proof.

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Creative Communications: Lessons from Health and Wellness Brands

Waxing UnLyrical

This message is so central to its mission that its Instagram feed could be easily confused as a purely feminist outlet. You can find her on Twitter at @HannaLizKnowles. Guest Post by Hanna Knowles. Look better. Be stronger. Get fit faster. Feel young again. Before and after.

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Social Media Lab Monthly Wrap Up

agora pulse

Would it be the same as Facebook or Twitter? Instagram Stories vs Feed Ads– Which is More Effective at Driving Traffic? Plus it’s a really cool study about running ads using Instagram stories compared to ads on the Instagram feed. Is Evergreen Content on Twitter Dead?

How Human is Your Brand? Here are 13 Characteristics of Human Brands

Pam Moore

A brand is not your Facebook page cover video, Twitter background or set of beautifully designed Pinterest boards or images on your Instagram profile. You won't see the human brand buying fake engagement on Instagram, or fake Twitter follower and Facebook fans.

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Twitter's Missed Opportunity

Forbes Social Media

Twitter's missing a huge opportunity by not creating a curated news feed featuring a dozen or so top mainstream media sources. NYSE:TWTR