How To Get Sensational Results With Your eCommerce Site Revenue


Online shoppers want the option to solve small problems on their own, so make sure your store offers a knowledge base or FAQ section. eCommerce stores have been a popular part of the Internet for some time now. Thanks to eCommerce stores, making money on the web has become much easier.

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5 Content Pitfalls in Fast-Growing Businesses

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” Content has become an integral part of the success of your PR and marketing efforts and several studies show that the planning and implementation of a content strategy is high on the list of priorities for 2017. Not utilizing the knowledge and experts you have.

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Blog #6.2: Narrative Storytelling Enhances Sales Performance


Customers today are far more knowledgeable, and more demanding in demonstrating value. With the amount of product knowledge online, through web or video conferences, customers come to the sales professional informed with specific questions and prefer not to speak with a generalist. Series 6 – The Rise of Narrative Story Telling for Enhancing Sales Human Performance.

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Instagram Videos and Hashtags


In 2017, Instagram reported that time spent on watching videos has increased by more than 80% while the number of videos created per day has quadrupled from the year before. For the full requirements list, you can reference the Instagram video upload requirements article on our knowledge base.

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach to Marketing

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Instead of just repeating the same instructions, the machine automatically learns new instructions based on experience. Currently, though, there is a serious problem with implementing AI within organizations because of the lack of knowledge amongst marketers.

7 Invaluable Marketing Skills That Help Teams Produce Consistently Great Content

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Today, however, between 7 percent and 8 percent of all marketers on LinkedIn worldwide identify themselves as storytellers based on their profile descriptions and list of skills. We’d then prioritize ideas based on impact (Warren Buffett Framework / ICE Scores) and begin testing.

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