RIP: Social Media Networks & Features that Died in 2016

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Needless to say, a lot of newsworthy events happened in 2016. We will start with maybe one of the more shocking channels that saw its last updates in 2016, Vine. Meerkat was another social platform that went under in 2016.

Customer Experience: The Future of Business & Marketing #AdobeSummit 2016 Recap

Pam Moore

2016 was my 2nd year being paid as an Adobe Insider to cover the event. Recap of the Adobe Summit 2016 event in Las Vegas. Why Most Companies Can’t Yet Handle Great Marketing Technology (Jay Baer). 2016 was my 2nd year being paid as an Adobe Insider to cover the event.

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Twitter Best Practices For 2016


Check out my three Twitter best practices for 2016 and beyond! Twitter Best Practices For 2016. The post Twitter Best Practices For 2016 appeared first on Firebelly | Social Media Marketing & Management Company.

Ignite Social Media Award Winning Work of 2016

Ignite Social Media

So we’d like to take some time to stop and look at some of our agency’s award winning work of 2016, and the impact we were able to make for our clients. 2016 Social Agency of the Year. But enough about ourselves, let’s get to our award winning client work of 2016.

#measurePR Recap (July 2016): Smart Reporting

Waxing UnLyrical

Aly’s response was awesome: A1 #measurePR — I’m a PR pro living in a software company and I honestly don’t know how this happened. — Aly Saxe (@Aly_Saxe) July 12, 2016. Aly Saxe (@Aly_Saxe) July 12, 2016. Heather Whaling (@prtini) July 12, 2016.

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2016 Q1 Facebook Data

The Realtime Report

2016 Q1 Facebook Data By Dr. Hannu Verkasalo. Facebook is one of the biggest digital companies globally. Per our data collection, Facebook has 151m monthly users on smartphones and 75m on tablets in the U.S.,

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The 10 Best Social Media Roundup Blogs of 2016

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Here are the roundup posts I’ve found most useful in 2016. ” Last week, I learned about Facebook’s “Creative Hub,” confirmed suspicions with a review of influencer marketing in 2016, and shook my groove thang to a disco-eque track by SlothBoogie.

How to Determine and Prioritize Social Media Marketing Goals and Objectives

Pam Moore

Be patient when changing mindset within a company that is new to social media and digital marketing strategies and tactics. 2016 Social Media & Digital Marketing Predictions . Achieving measurable social media ROI is very similar to teens and sex.

Understanding LinkedIn Company Page Analytics


These features will help companies engage their audience, as well as compare their current performance to competitors. The post Understanding LinkedIn Company Page Analytics appeared first on Devumi. Just recently, the popular social networking site LinkedIn introduced two new features.

Test driving the 2016 Chevy Volt

Here’s my iPhone photo of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt. M ore and more of us, directly or indirectly, are turning into brand advocates for the companies and products we love or admire. Would you like to try out the 2016 Chevy Volt for a week?

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10 Brands Killing It On Instagram in 2016

Talkwalker SM

Based on Talkwalker’s new and improved Instagram analytics (and our own appreciation), here are 10 brands killing it on Instagram to kickstart your social media strategy for the last months of 2016. between July 27th and September 8th , 2016).

Why the Rebirth of Email Is Coming in 2016

Convince & Convert

Prediction #1: We’ll see many more positive media stories about email marketing than negative in 2016. Beacons, geofences, mobile bar codes, and app behavior triggers will further intertwine email and mobile in 2016 and beyond. Image via

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49 Noteworthy Social Networking Stats and Facts

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In addition, 96% of all B2C and 88% of B2B companies use Facebook for marketing. Yet within the 50 largest global companies, not one CEO is active on Facebook. 96% of B2C and and 88% of B2B companies use Facebook for marketing. in 2016, and 85.8% companies.

3 Changes in Social Media We’re Thankful for This Year

Ignite Social Media

We’ve almost made it to the end of 2016. Because when you’re doing customer service on a channel that maxes out at 140 characters and you have to include a username, link, and language from your company’s legal department in your response, sh*t gets real. Congratulations, everyone!

Social Media Updates: May


It’s awesome because live video removes the barriers between brand and customer, allowing you to put a face to the company and to speak directly and casually to them, whether you are offering thought leadership, or insights into your solutions.

Why Podcasting Is The New Marketing For 2016 (And Beyond)?


Why Podcasting Is The New Marketing For 2016 (And Beyond)? All a company needs in order to record a podcast is a computer, microphone, and an interesting topic. Podcasts have the opportunity to allow companies to share their advice on certain topics and niches.

Google Search Console Search Analytics: Last Updated May 3, 2016

Bill Hartzer

Google Search Console’s Search Analytics feature, the feature that allows you to see the keywords, impressions, clicks, and average position of your website’s pages, has not been updated since May 3, 2016.

Harambe Live: Secrets to blowing up your company’s social channels

Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that became the biggest Internet meme of 2016, is now the subject of a tribute and viral marketing event. V iral marketer Vincent Dignan is on a 100-date world tour right now, teaching companies how to blow up their social channels.

10 Top Influencers to Guide You through the Social-Media Jungle in 2016

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, Neil created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world. Fast Company called her “A veritable engine of personal branding, a relationship marketing whiz and the Pied Piper of the Online World.” Companies that want to be on the leading edge would do well to integrate Facebook Live video into their marketing strategies. Sujan is a key partner in software companies Mailshake , Narrow , Quuu and

33 Thought-Provoking B2B Social Media and Marketing Stats

Webbiquity SMM

As noted in the 2016 B2B Marketing Trends report , B2B marketing strategies and practices are in the midst of significant change, driven by new technologies and evolving buyer expectations for more “consumer-like” experiences. 88% of B2B companies use content marketing.

B2B 208

ICYMI: 11 Of The Best Insights From #SMWLDN 2016


Not business leaders themselves who have a company to run.” The companies may create the tech, but it’s the users that set the rules and the context. The post ICYMI: 11 Of The Best Insights From #SMWLDN 2016 appeared first on Audiense.

How HR Technology Can Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line

The Realtime Report

How HR Technology Can Increase Your Company’s Bottom Line. No company could stay in business long if it doesn’t realize a profit. The higher your company’s profit margin, the larger you can grow and that is of course a given.

6 Accidental Ways Companies Kill Innovation

Convince & Convert

Companies pursue innovation with the best of intentions. The company wants to evolve; the company needs to evolve. But, well, then the company starts acting like a company again. The company returns to its status quo. Don’t let your company be an idea killer.

F8 2016: It’s a Good Time to Be a Publisher on Facebook

Jon Loomer

But F8 2016 provided hit after hit after hit to help the publisher. Here are 10 Facebook changes announced at F8 2016 that are pretty awesome for publishers… Here are 10 Facebook changes announced at F8 2016 that are pretty awesome for publishers… Click To Tweet.

16 Enigmatic Business Blogging and Other Marketing Stats

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For example, what percentage of businesses maintain company blogs? 86% of B2B companies surveyed are currently blogging, along with 77% of B2C companies. 62% of B2B technology companies use a blog to market their products.

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47 Superb Social Media Marketing Stats and Facts

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All 100 of the top global brands maintain at least one company YouTube channel, and more than half (27 of 50) of CEOs in top global companies have appeared in a company video. 45% said they haven’t been able to show social media’s impact on their companies’ performance at all.

Why Most Companies Can’t Yet Handle Great Marketing Technology

Convince & Convert

Marketing Cloud (@AdobeMktgCloud) March 22, 2016. But let’s not pretend that giving your customers a better, faster, easier interaction is some 2016 invention. JoinCapgemini) March 23, 2016. Image via Unsplash. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

10 Standout Social Media Marketing Examples From 2016

Sprout Social

In order to help get those creative juices flowing, we’ve put together a list of some of the top social media marketing examples of 2016. BarkBox was very creative on social media in 2016, with a particular focus on YouTube and Instagram.

The Future of Social Media (And How to Prepare For It): The State of Social Media 2016 Report

Buffer Social

To better understand how social media marketing is changing, we collected data from over 1,200 marketers to create the State of Social Media 2016 report. Social media spend is stable (only 7% of companies are decreasing their social media marketing budgets) . Company size.

Report 114

Discover Marketing Technology Used by Leading Companies

Cody Ward

Have you ever wondered what technology the most innovative and successful companies are using to power their platforms, foster collaboration among their employees, or market their products and services?

7 Companies That Almost Tricked Us This April Fools’ Day

Convince & Convert

With each passing year, April Fools’ Day presents a challenge and opportunity for companies. While April Fools may not be for every company out there, there are some companies who surprise and delight us each year. Zappos (@zappos) April 1, 2016.

Internet Trends 2016

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Mary Meeker is back with her Internet Trends for this 2016. Without a doubt, Mary Meeker (a partner at the venture capital company, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers ) always delivers the goods on the state of digital. internet trends 2016. Stop everything.

Small Business Marketing Optimization Tips for 2016

Webbiquity SMM

The year is coming to a close, which means it’s time to start looking at the exciting opportunities 2016 will have to offer your small business. Here are a few areas to look at in order to optimize your small business’ potential for growth in 2016. Guest post by John Oechsle.

The New Kind of Customer Loyalty Your Company Needs

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Technology (such as beacons and the IoT) is enabling companies to gain greater access to accurate location, proximity, and contextual information about their consumers that helps drive truly personalized experiences across devices. Image via Unsplash.

4 Social Media Trends and How to Adjust Your Social Strategy

Ignite Social Media

Another emerging trend that will become more prominent in 2016 is that Facebook will dominate the social landscape. 2015 has been a great year for video, but there is a lot more to come in 2016. Companies that adapt to the changes quickly will be the ones to benefit the most.

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The 15 Best Business Books Of 2016

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From my side of the bookmark, 2016 saw a slew of new and interesting business books for us to devour. Here are my personal top fifteen business books of 2016. Eighty percent of companies say they deliver out­standing customer service, but only 8 percent of their customers agree. Fast Company co-founder looks at game-chasing innovations from companies and industries that will surprise and inspire you. What does your list of best business books for 2016 look like?

Questions To Ask When Trying To Hire The Right SEO Company

The Realtime Report

Questions To Ask When Trying To Hire The Right SEO Company. In order to garner the attention you want for your company, you will have to find a way to adequately market your service or product. Hiring a company that follows the webmaster guidelines set forth by Google is important.

The 5 Biggest Themes from Big Boulder 2016 – CEO’s View

Talkwalker SM

The event attracts leading experts, university professors, and top data analytics companies. We’ve compiled a list of The 5 Biggest Themes from Big Boulder 2016 and key takeaways from the esteemed speakers because we at Talkwalker believe great ideas should always be shared! #1

The Company Saves Money When HR & Accounting Work Together

The Realtime Report

The Company Saves Money When HR & Accounting Work Together. The two departments will need to determine how much the company can afford to pay employees while still rewarding the best employees for their jobs well done.

5 Social Media & Digital Marketing “Must Haves” for 2016 – Part II


In Part I , I gave you a bird’s eye view of what is only going to INCREASE in 2016 and recommended concentrating on and implementing these “Must Have” tactics to see fast, powerful and reliable results in your marketing and sales for your B2C or B2B business: Consumers Are Social. Here is a quick snapshot of each channel to help you: Facebook is #1: Facebook will continue to be the dominant social media platform in 2016. for 2016 is estimated to reach 198.5

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#SocialPR Spotlight: Brandon Andersen

Waxing UnLyrical

We officially launched in September of 2016 at Content Marketing World. ” I worked for a very large PR software company that rhymes with “vision” for 9 years, and in that time, I talked to tons of clients. It made companies shape up and be better members of society.

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Brands Tapping Into Election Season: The Big Debate

Ignite Social Media

Take our own company for example, Ignite Social Media. In the throes of perhaps the most controversial election season in decades, it’s nearly impossible to be present on a social media channel without seeing election and political topics trending or being shared in our feeds.

Brands 139

New Research Shows How Fast Companies Have to Be in Social Media

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This is partially because when complaints ARE addressed, companies are doing a satisfactory job at answering them without delay. This discrepancy may cause companies to misjudge the scope and scale of customer service opportunities on Facebook. Image via