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7 Tips to Leverage the Power of SMS Marketing

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Not all SMS marketing campaigns are created equal. There are some companies who fully integrate SMS marketing into their business strategy and others who see it as a side project. According to a survey by ScanLife , 89% of customers use their mobile phones while shopping, and 64% of Americans own a smartphone as of 2015. Create an SMS Marketing Team. Know Thy Customer.

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Six Surefire Ways to Grow Your Business Using Text Marketing

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Related Stories The Hottest Trends In Digital Marketing Automation Our Job in PR is So Much Easier Now Thanks to Mobile Mobile App Store Data is Required in 2015 Marketing Plans. Texting is not a new concept. However, many people don't seem to realize the power of text marketing. Did you know 95 percent of all text messages are read within three minutes of being delivered?

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17 Productivity Tools for the Ultimate Business Gain

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So what tools do I use (beyond this old list , though some goodies are mentioned again below) that have helped me become successful in 2015? Ever been so busy doing something on your computer that you wanted to send a SMS message from your computer without having to pick up your phone? “SMS” lets you send SMS messages from your phone to a desired contact. (It

49 Tactics to Atomize Your Content Marketing

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SMS messages. Last week, I spent an afternoon in Cleveland conducting a workshop on content atomization with my colleagues Brad Walters from Lowe’s and Jani Byrne from IBM. I have written about the need to atomize content many times, and I published a how-to guide that details how we atomize my Jay Today video series too. 3 Reasons Content Atomization Isn’t an Option. Podcast.

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105 Ideas to Add to Your Editorial Calendar

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Editor’s Note: This post is one of Convince & Convert’s Top 10 Posts of 2015. Texts, Short Message Service (SMS), Web Push, and Push Notifications. From our research at CoSchedule , we found that planning awesome content is a major challenge for most content marketers. Really! So that got me thinking: I’m a huge planner, and I’m sure you are, too. Lists.

Tips To Get You Started On TSU [For Personal Use, Business Use, Brand Use] - Social Media

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You can invite new members via email or SMS through the website and the app. Put it on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, EMAILS, LetterHeads and so on. Tsu is a great Opportunity. When I say 'Opportunity' it means ' a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something' - Repeating this: ' set of circumstances'. This means that there are a couple of things you need to wok towards so that you can achieve success on TSU. What Is TSU?: First thing first get to know the Social Media Platform: TSU is pronounced as 'sue'. You Can Join TSU. You need an Invite Link though. ​

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Social Media for NonProfits: Not Strictly Unprofitable


This is considerably cheaper than other promotional activities like sending out flyers, SMS etc. We have some amazing examples of social media campaigns by non-profit organizations. In fact, they were some of the earliest adopters of social media because it was a free platform to spread awareness. However to gain all these benefits, you need to take certain actions. Measure Benefits.

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Direct marketing is dead. Long live direct marketing!


This might be through a direct mail campaign, some banner advertising or SMS marketing (see GlobalMessaging for more information on this). Guest post by Sophie Davidson. ———— Direct marketing is all about communicating directly with people. This, of course, depends on your customer base as there are still a lot of people out there who prefer to buy from a catalogue.

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Why and How You Should Get Proactive About Customer Service


Martin notes that providing a range of service channels lets companies use tools such as email and SMS to serve customers who prefer less intrusive communication options while providing live service alternatives such as chat, video and voice for those requiring more urgent attention. This puts customer service front-and-center in today’s marketplace. Industry Insider

6 Ways to Stay Ahead of What the World Thinks

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SMS/MMS. Can you remember life before the World Wide Web? It happened, and it seems like 100 years has passed since we first opened Netscape or Internet Explorer to “search” for a recipe or a news source. It was a simpler life, from a content consumption and communication point of view. You read the newspaper or a magazine. Then came the web. And email. The list goes on and on and on. Webio.

Is the Financial Services Industry Poised for Market Disruption?


Money can be deposited into an account stored directly within the cell phone and send balances through PIN-secured SMS text messages between people and between buyers and sellers. At one point in time, when you opened a new account at your local bank, and the expectation was that you’d stay awhile. Back then, being a bank customer often meant you would be a customer for life. Perhaps.

Why Twitter is Trying to Turn Itself Into Facebook

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SMS was the original way to tweet, and the SMS limitation was 140. But nowadays, fewer and fewer users are using SMS to tweet, so why not increase the limit? Tweetable Moments That’s the beauty of social media: There aren’t specific rules about how we have to use it. joelcomm Tweet This. The Future of Twitter. Joel Comm is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and consultant.

5 Tips to Land Quality Press Links Using HARO


This tool will send an SMS text message to your phone whenever an email comes in that mentions specific keywords you choose. A great way of getting quality links is by using the HARO platform. This is short for “Help a Reporter Out” and it has been around for years now, but some experts don’t know what it is or how it works. These are high quality links. How to Set Up Your HARO Account.

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Mobile Marketing Tips: 8 Steps to be Seen ANYWHERE


You can do any number of things: SMS marketing Have a mobile friendly website Social media marketing for mobile Build a mobile app Knowing what you have now, and where you want to go, is always the first step. SMS mobile marketing is tricky A big part of any mobile marketing campaign is using SMS, or text messaging, techniques. Getting your business into mobile marketing 1.

The Untapped Potential Of Emojis And Their Role In Social Media Marketing


Nokia 3310 with its smileys ruled the way we communicated, almost every SMS sent out had a ‘smiley’ attached. Switch to 2015 and surprise, surprise - becomes the Oxford Dictionary word of the year. This is a guest post from Mapplinks Managing Director, Rishabh Dev. :) was such a big deal a decade ago. But how does all this connect with the marketing strategy in the digital age?

Social Media Comment Trolls and How to Deal With Them

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Marketing Tips Social Media Social Media Mistakes Digital Marketing company seo Smart Businesses Respond to Facebook Comments SMS Marketing social media mistakesSocial media has become a prolific marketing tool and one of the benefits you can enjoy is a frequent personal interaction. A recent article, 5 Ways to Handle Comment Trolls on Social Media by John Brandon observes that while you enjoy the benefits of this tool, there’s a possibility for abuse with emerging social media. A simple complaint can quickly turn into a brutal attack. Don’t use automated responses. Conclusion.

Getting to Know the Ghost: The Complete Beginners Guide to Snapchat

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Launched in September 2015 , Lenses are a fun way to augment your snaps. In January 2015, Snapchat launched Discover , “a new way to explore Stories from different editorial teams.” From here, you can also send an SMS invite to anyone who isn’t currently on Snapchat. This post has been refreshed for 2017. So how can you get in on the action? Ready? Lenses.

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Top Tools for Mobile Marketing


While in 2010, 27% of Americans had a smartphone, in 2015, that number shot up to 64% , making it that much easier to reach out to donors and members through texting. TextMagic : A bulk SMS service for businesses, whose features have been used to benefit charitable organizations and foundations as described in the case studies on their website. And, with 1.5 Convinced yet? Good luck!

ICYMI – Layout, Periscope and Facebook F8 Conference

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Add Facebook Messenger buttons to third party apps – so, for example, a retail business could offer to send customers shipping information via Messenger rather than email or SMS. Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week? Subscribe here. Instagram launches Layout. Twitter links up with Foursquare for tagging locations in tweets. Facebook launches a Timehop clone – On This Day. Facebook is testing a new app called Phone. Image credit. icymi

A/B Testing: The Staggering Success of Presidential Optimization and How to Do It Yourself

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In the early morning hours of September 24th, 2015, Kyle Rush sent a simple Tweet. Perhaps the team’s greatest contribution was the development of Quick Donate, which allowed users to “donate with a single click through email or on the web, and even through SMS.” Odds are you haven’t heard of Kyle Rush. He’s not exactly a public figure. A Brief History of Presidential A/B Testing.

Why Online Banking on Mobiles Will Soar


Several forecasts predict that by 2015, 50% or more of US mobile users will be conducting transactions from their mobile devices (e.g. Consider this: There may be reporting on the demise of e-mail due to the rise of social media, however college students still see e-mail and SMS as critical mediums for online communication. opening an online savings account ). Meanwhile 4.2 Digg this!

Inman Connect NYC 2017 Key Take-Aways #ICNY

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According to RE/Max, around 41% of residential transactions in 2015 involved the oft-maligned millennial!). This is a brokerage product aimed at recruiting, and requires a subscription with Broker Metrics, and it uses SMS and BombBomb to foster relationships with agents you’d like to work with. Inman Connect NYC 2017 #ICNY. Keynote Speaker Diana Nyad at Inman Connect NYC 2017.

Snapchat – Proof That Simplicity & Authenticity Wins


Since the mid-90s, SMS has been seen the same way, with mostly the UI advancing. In January 2015, Snapchat introduced “Discover”, a place for advertisers and especially media outlets to publish short pieces of content. The app has been further developed with a new version pushed out in Feb 2015 and was valued over $10 million during a funding round back in 2014. Here & Now.