A Clever Way One Retailer Brings Pinterest From Online To In-Store


This weekend I walked in to World Market, a speciality retailer selling mostly home decor, and walked out with something I wasn’t planning to purchase—all because of Pinterest.

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4 Retailer Tips for Marketing to Consumers

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In an era where customer service is so important, retailers and business owners must always remember to keep this in mind. Yet, how can retailers make sure that their consumers are not only getting the message they want to send, but also getting a message the consumer actually wants to hear?

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How Retailers Can Use Pinterest To Boost Holiday Sales


The post How Retailers Can Use Pinterest To Boost Holiday Sales appeared first on Firebelly | Social Media Marketing & Management Company. People approach Pinterest ready to shop more than they do on any other social network. How can you take advantage of this to boost holiday sales?

The Future Of Retail In A CTRL ALT Delete World

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Hosting over 400 retail marketing professionals from across Europe at their office (which is the largest Google office outside of Mountain View's Googleplex). future of retail. retail. retail at google. retail marketing. retailer.

Top 15 Social Media Marketing Blog Posts Of 2015



[Cool Infographic Friday] The Rise of Social Retail


In fact, if we look back and compare the first quarters of 2014 with 2015, we can see that the social media share of e-commerce referrals was at a whopping 198%! Online retailers are raking it in as a result of social, in fact in 2014, the top 500 retailers had revenues of $3.3

Are You Working In Digital Marketing? You Have To Be Drunk Not To Pay Attention To This.

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Amazon needs physical spaces to become a dominant retailer, otherwise they will suffer. . retail. retailer. Want to understand what the true digital landscape looks like? Last May, I introduced you to Scott Galloway.

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Association Social Media: Kelli Windsor, Food Marketing Institute


First, we serve as the voice of food retail and use social media as a tool for sharing that voice. Second, we use social media to engage with the food retail industry.

How to Measure PR and Marketing Outcomes on Snapchat

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In gaming, Snapchat is looked at as a fad, where retail has embraced it. “Snapchat has overcome some remarkable hurdles by tapping into features that make it appealing for certain demographics, and that doesn’t mean just tweens and millenials.

35 Stupendous Social Networking Facts and Stats

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Pinterest drives 25% of all retail website referral traffic. Pinterest accounts for 25% of all retail website referral traffic. (

3 Tips for Getting Your Online Video Act Together for 2016

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Video is the most popular content marketing format for 2015, ahead of case studies, blogs and infographics ( 2015 State of Digital Marketing , a report featuring insights from over 600 marketers from Web Marketing 123). Online video marketing stats abound!

104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 (and 2015)

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Internet advertising will make up 25% of the entire ad market in 2015. billion on social media advertising in 2015. Not a shock: retailers and restaurants are the most engaging industries on Twtitter.

Your Brand Is A Learning Space

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While this may not be pushing itself out to the masses just yet, or those who spend their time at big box retailers, it's becoming a reality. At the retail level, on a mobile application, on Facebook or on YouTube. big box retail. retail. retailer. How much more content does the world really need?

Show 529 – Leading Digital Strategy For Business Growth

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Is retail letting customers down – driving people to commence channels? What is omni-channel retailing and how do we maximise it? Can we learn to lead digital strategy rather than manage it on a day to day basis?

Where to Find Affordable Apple Parts and Accessories


You can easily buy them from Apple’s retail stores. When you can buy used power cords in good condition from certified third-party Apple sales retailers for $35 or less, you have no reason to pay $70 at an Apple store for a new power cord. Do you own an iPad, MacBook or iPhone?

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Do You Know Your “Empty Nesters”?

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Recently, Retail TouchPoints looked at the way that most “empty nesters” consult the web, browse, and buy via mobile. 85% trust third-person product reviews from major retail sites. There have been interesting changes in many of the demographics marketers are accustomed to targeting. A study was done on shoppers born between the years 1946 and 1964 who do not have children living at home. This is what was discovered: 82% would rather browse online than in-store.

4 Psychological Ideas for Creating a Stellar Content Strategy

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Retail and eCommerce brands are notorious for using FOMO to manipulate buyers’ purchasing behavior and decisions. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. Being a successful marketer is less about being lucky and more about understanding buyers’ psychology.

5 Best-Practice Email Marketing Case Studies

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Momentum Worldwide came out with a very insightful marketing chart for 2015. Argos, a UK-based toys, trinkets, and home furnishings retailer implemented a new basket abandonment email. I’m curious, what catches your eye most?

The Key to Social Selling is Social, Not Selling

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This could be a meeting, connecting only with CMOs in retail, engaging a thought leader, etc. Image via BigStockPhoto.com The opportunity to make money on social is quickly being embraced by sales teams who are eager to incorporate social selling into their sales tactics.

Interview With a Small Business Owner Crushed by Google

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Those things being required on Ticketstub.com now by Google just serve to distract customers from buying tickets … which for a retail site … it’s a bad model to be made to follow.

The New Newer Economy

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Some of the markups were 1200% above the retail value (not a typo). Admittedly, the idea of buying goods at retail, and selling them at a higher markup is nothing new, but there seems to be something else happening here. retail. retailer. Have you ever heard of resellers?

How Emails Are Evolving into Mailable Microsites

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UK home improvement retailer B&Q and toymaker Lego have both used email carousels in their promotional emails recently. “The emails of the future will be much more like sending subscribers a microsite than a static message,” I say at the end of my book, Email Marketing Rules.

How to Partner With Social Media Influencers for the Holidays

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This isn’t so surprising when you consider that 80% of shoppers engage with a retailer or brand through digital channels before actually walking into a store and making a purchase. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. If you’ve never dabbled in influencer marketing, it can be tricky to get started.

Facebook Releases Free Training Resources for Marketers

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Retail. This is no small deal as the Like Box on my site has led to 1,259 new fans in 2015 alone. Late last year, I started hearing rumblings that Facebook was working on a series of free training resources for marketers.

6 Simple Steps to Improve User Experience

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In the retail world, brand experience and engagement are the strongest drivers of loyalty, and the digital world is no different. There’s a reason we come back to the same grocery store each week.

7 Ways to Generate Leads from Social Media


Retailers specifically love giving out coupons. Speaking of retailers, let’s take a look at one with fashion stores worldwide. (Source). In a society that thrives on social media, marketers must learn how to bring in new leads from the networks or risk falling into obscurity.

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The Pinterest Buy Button Might Rock Your Ecommerce

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The Potential of a “Buy” Button Pinterest is already a great vehicle for driving traffic to retailer (and brand) websites, and it lends itself to shopping more than any other social media network.

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4 SEO Tactics That Damage Your Brand’s Reputation

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Review websites like Yelp and major retailers like Amazon are getting better at catching these fake reviews. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. From a marketing perspective, you’ve got to feel at least a little sorry for SeaWorld for the utter devastation of its sterling brand.

How to Cut Through the Clutter With Your Holiday Content

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To do so, the company announced that it would close all 143 retail locations and pay its 12,000 employees as though it was a regular workday. Dunkin’ Donuts (@DunkinDonuts) November 25, 2015. From Thanksgiving to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, marketers sure have been busy.

Turning You Social Media Profiles into Sales Machines


ModCloth, a female clothing retailer, does a great job of this. Nothing happens until someone clicks something. Whether it’s a click to comment, to share, to take a quiz or survey, or to link back to a blog post or landing page, your social media content has to compel readers to do it.

You’ve Got Brand Ambassadors. Now What?

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From utilizing your ambassadors to help you come up with a new logo , to helping you figure out the next flavor , to suggesting new retail locations for your product , they actually have more valuable input them some of your highest-paid employees. Image via BigStockPhoto.com.

10 PPC Blogs Every Marketer Should Read

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Most Shared Article in 2015: 4 Google Analytics Hacks To Improve Your ROI – Frank Underwood Approved (854 Shares). Most Shared Article in 2015: Goodbye, Google+: Social Network Broken Into Streams and Photos Products (5,000+ Shares). “I

Is Shazam the Future of Mobile Marketing

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The way an Apple iBeacon works is that a store, a retailer, a hotel or resort, has a little device that sends out offers to your smartphone if you have the appropriate app installed. Do you really want to download an app, and do you want to download a different app for each retailer?

Direct marketing is dead. Long live direct marketing!


You might be a supermarket retailer, a local sports club or an insurance company and while members have already made a commitment to you, you still need to ensure your communications with them are relevant and engaging. Guest post by Sophie Davidson.

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Let Your Humanity Shine in Social Media

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The first month of 2015 comes to a close with another great round of guests on the Social Pros Podcast. In January, we heard from JetBlue’s social media customer support leader; the social media manager of outdoor-gear retail chain Cabela’s ; and the LinkedInExpert herself.

The #FutureOfBusiness WILL Radically Change Everything As We Know It


Retail efficiency: channel optimization, and inventory management. I had the pleasure of taking part in GoToMeeting in Canada’s #FutureOfWork debate on Twitter recently.

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How to Use Location Data to Decode Customer Conversations

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Retailers can find customers that are posting in-store and immediately address issues. See how Sports World Chicago used location data to strategically target Cubs fans during the 2015 post-season run. Marketers are constantly trying to figure out how to reach their target audiences.

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Think Globally, Act Locally: Introducing Advanced Geolocation

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Where are people especially interested in a particular retailer? Intimate knowledge of markets and customers alike is the key to success for any brand.

How to Adapt Your Brand for Instagram

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As of June 2015, Adweek reported that Instagram’s commitment to content quality and millennial audience have attracted more than 475 ad campaigns with brands such as The Gap, Michael Kors, and Taco Bell.

Influencer Marketing 101

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These third parties exist either in the supply chain (retailers, manufacturers, etc.)