Will private conversations change Twitter?

Sherrilynne Starkie

Social network Twitter has introduced a new feature: Private Conversations and it just might be a game changer. The group function lets users start conversations with their followers and all participants are not required to be following one another to take part. Most activity and conversation is posted publically for anyone to see and this access is what makes Twitter engaging and useful. Will Twitter be serving advertisements within these private conversations?

9 LinkedIn Best Practices For 2015


8 Build Your Community. Join in conversations, or answer questions (when relevant) in the groups you have joined. The post 9 LinkedIn Best Practices For 2015 appeared first on Firebelly Marketing | Social Media Marketing Agency. LinkedIn is still the go-to social network for business professionals and job seekers. It’s a great tool to showcase your business and your employees. To make sure you’re using it effectively, follow these nine best practices. #1


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#measurePR Recap (July 2015): Internal Communications

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measurePR community member, Sarah Parker chimed in: Q2: Have a benchmark. To engage/motivate your internal community, you need to understand the ‘state of the union.’ We continued our conversation by taking a look at the importance of setting a baseline to measure internal communications: A3 Measurement is assessing whether the needle moved. measurePR Recap (July 2015): Internal Communications is a post from: Shonali Burke Consulting, Inc.

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#measurePR Recap (October 2015): Around the World with #measurePR

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Diane Bégin (@dibegin) October 6, 2015. AmecOrg (@AmecOrg) October 6, 2015. Shonali Burke (@shonali) October 6, 2015. measurePR — Michelle Hinson (@MichelleHinson) October 6, 2015. measurePR community member Ai Zhang chimed in: Data have 2 be contextualized to make sense. BXRcyrRaPv — Ai Zhang (@aiaddysonzhang) October 6, 2015. measurePR — Diane Bégin (@dibegin) October 6, 2015. cc @theiirc — Daniel Tisch APR (@DanTisch) October 6, 2015.

Five Observations Gained from Starting an Online Community

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In October of last year, I launched an online community called Agree, Disagree, or Qualify. Building an online community doesn’t happen overnight. Some of these claims can get… heated, so ensuring a strong moderation core is a key part of keeping the conversation from devolving. Discussion builds communities. The community builds upon itself by testing claims and commenting on those claims. Communities co-create their own culture. Hey there, #WUL.

Content Marketing: Without Community, It’s Only Half the Equation

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You may have created great content, and you may have a good distribution plan, but shares and engagement are unlikely to come unless you have also focused on community building. This means looking for the right places and conversations in which to participate (e.g. Pushing out content is all very well, but unless you build a community, there will be limited-to-no engagement with your content. Content Marketing Public Relations automation community building content marketing

How to Bring Humor to Community Management

Convince & Convert

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Community managers have a challenging job. To drive participation and engagement around the contest, the community management team for Ikea Singapore responded to every comment with a funny meme starring the Shelf Help Guru. but don’t let that scare you away from showcasing the more lighthearted side of your brand with community management. Continue the conversation on our Facebook or Google+ pages.

How to Build Creativity and Self-Expression with Your Community

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In celebration of 100 years of its iconic Chuck Taylor All Star Shoes, Converse recently debuted the “Made By You” campaign, which pays homage to the artistic spirit of the people who wear them. Image via Converse. This sentiment is brought to life in a video, where Converse tells the story of how Chuck Taylors are an extension of its customers and what makes them unique, noting, “Every scuff, stain and doodle all help shape their story.”. hannah (@ughjinxx) March 2, 2015.

From Community to Commerce: Making the ROI Connection

Buzz Marketing for Technology

This week I moderated another Social Media Today webinar as part of their Best Thinker webinar series, this time on the topic of From Community to Commerce: Making the ROI Connection. Conversion Conversion Optimization Optimization ROI B2B Marketing iRobot Pizza Hut Social Media Wayin

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It’s Time to Own Your Social Community

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The days of the leased social community are fading, and it’s time to re-embrace owned social. Some of these online conversation venues were organized by and for hobbyists, such as KarateForums.com and many others owned and operated by my friend Patrick O’Keefe. The Harley Owners Group – HOG – is one of better-known examples of an owned social community, dating back to 1983. That’s not a customer community, it’s catching content lightning in a bottle.

How many Twitter users actually tweet?

Sherrilynne Starkie

Where does content fit into the online discussions and communities that are key to success? Once we have a handle on this, we can understand better which content resonates most and can foster social conversations around it to expand the digital footprint. In a startling admission by Twitter apparently, one in five users never actually tweet.

Nine years of Twitter

Sherrilynne Starkie

The conversations became a lot more interesting, and having direct and immediate access to fascinating people all over the world made the experience a lot more compelling. Managing a community of thousands can be a bit overwhelming but Twitter Lists really help. Hashtags too are really useful in following trends and conversation threads. Twitter has been around now for nine years; during that short time it’s changed both the PR profession and practitioners alike.

The Importance of Local Activation on Social Media: India


International news and events from abroad impact social conversations within India to a great extent. In terms of entertainment, the online community is selective when it comes to international stars, only choosing to discuss certain celebrities they admire or feel strongly about – Kim Kardashian being one of them.

9 Social Media Marketing Twitter Chats You Shouldn’t Miss


When: Mondays at 3pm EST. Sample topic: How To Build A Community Using Instagram. What: Each week the My Community Manager team hosts a topic-based panel and invites anyone to participate in the discussion. When: Fridays at 2pm EST. Sample topic: Self-Care For Community Managers. It has a clean interface and allows you to buffer the tweet stream–giving you more control over how you experience conversation.

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The Social PR Launchpad’s Almost Ready for Blast-Off

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And, conversely, it made me wonder: do you ever think about what you sound like to your audiences? area, she loves helping for- and non-profit clients, both small and large, turn corporate codswallop into community cool™. Community Public Relations Social Media StrategyI told you Monday about my new mini-training, right? Well, last week I sent a few emails out to let folks know I had something pretty cool coming up.

The 15 Types of Social Media Know-It-All

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Eileen said, this is the one who doesn’t understand “community.” You need to build the community authentically so that there are people there when you have a call-to-action. And if what you offer all the time is valuable to people in your community, then they will be more likely to respond when you are asking them to do something.” area, she loves helping for- and non-profit clients, both small and large, turn corporate codswallop into community cool™.

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When Content Marketing Lets You Down

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“Join the conversation!” area, she loves helping for- and non-profit clients, both small and large, turn corporate codswallop into community cool™. Ah… content marketing. The hot new kind on the PR block. It’s all the rage these days, isn’t it? “Let’s do some content marketing!” ” they say. “Yes, let’s get a newsletter out!” ” they say. ” they say. I love hearing all this.

Colloquialisms, Jargon, and Slang…Oh My

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However, here’s the problem: these conversational anomalies aren’t the only issues wreaking a bit of havoc in our already complicated world of communication. Nevertheless, using too much obscure jargon in your conversation can confuse people or, worse yet, make them leave the conversation. In the United States and Australia, conversation tends to be on the casual side, while the Japanese employ three levels of politeness, with the level determined by status.

Leading Companies for Customer Service, On and Off Social

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Business Intelligence Communities Conversational Marketing Customer Experience Customer Support Optimization Real Time Marketing Social Customer Service call center customer service online chat online help social customer service Social MediaRecently I moderated another Social Media Today webinar as part of their Best Thinker webinar series, this time on the topic of Leading Companies for Customer Service, On and Off Social.

We’re Not From Round Here: The Importance of Localised Social Content


Our Business Director from our London office, Elana Kenton shares some of her thoughts on her first 6 months as a Mindjumper and what really matters when driving valuable conversations across various markets and local target audiences. Social insights had shown the event as a popular and engaging conversation driver for the brand’s audience across multiple markets – a great case for leveraging engagement across further territories.

106 More Amazing Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 and 2015

Webbiquity SMM

Image credit: Business 2 Community. Business 2 Community ). Not as believable.) ( Business 2 Community ). 31% included conversion rate optimization. Business 2 Community ). Business 2 Community ). Business 2 Community ). Business 2 Community ). Business 2 Community ). Business 2 Community ). There are, on average, eight new LinkedIn groups created each week, and 200 group conversations per minute.

Data and Storytelling: PR’s Peanut Butter and Jelly

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Here’s a great example of where 2 small sets of data resulted in a blog post and continue to lead conversations we have with PR pros about the power of connective tissue. Data can also be the silver bullet when selling in new concepts or furthering ongoing conversations. Leta Soza is the Director of PR Engineering & Ops at AirPR where she specializes in PR strategy, content marketing, community cultivation, and analytics. Guest Post by Leta Soza.

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#measurePR Recap: Measuring the Millennial Workplace

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Maddie is a culture change consultant and digital strategist who is recognized for her authority on productive workplaces and communities, and co-author of the new book, When Millennials Take Over. On the types of metrics that they focus on for internal and external communities: A2 engagement metrics are the most important, but including “lurkers” who read and share #measurepr.

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Monday Roundup: #PRAXIS2015

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Cannes PR Lions 2015: Looking Back on New PR’s Bright Future. Why: “New PR is demonstrating its full, channel-agnostic forte for driving conversation and conversion… rising fast in a world that rewards real-time creativity, transparency and authenticity more than ever before,” says Lynne Anne Davis as she reviews PR’s “breakthrough year at Cannes.”

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No One Puts Social (PR) In a Corner

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You have no idea who your community is, or where they are, so you’re definitely not engaging with them. You start to focus on inbound and outbound tactics, you make an effort to listen, converse and respond, and you start to build community. area, she loves helping for- and non-profit clients, both small and large, turn corporate codswallop into community cool™.

Keep It Simple In Marketing. Go Deeper In Sales.

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Early in a first conversation, it’s still important to attract. Perhaps you plant a seed of vision as to how you believe they can improve their business or how they will benefit by being part of the community. Keep it relevant to their business minds, but find the hot button, the trigger, to keep seducing them to go deeper with you into a conversation. Guest Post by Jack Vincent. Effective marketing.

Why Relationship Marketing Is the Key to Your Content

Convince & Convert

You may have heard this next statement too, although it’s not as popular: “Community is its Kingdom.” ” What it means is that if we create content that people need or desire, we’re going to build a loyal community around our brand, which leads us to why content is king. You have to get down and dirty in the conversations that your target audience is having. Continue the conversation on our Facebook or Google+ pages. Content is king.

Monday Roundup: Best of SBC + #socialPR Launchpad

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So you slowly start to acquire a larger piece of the overall conversation, which is exactly what happens when you build thought leadership… which is a large part of what PR – and social PR – is about.” And that’s fine, except you’re not going to get much out of it in terms of community building, thought leadership, etc.” area, she loves helping for- and non-profit clients, both small and large, turn corporate codswallop into community cool™.

Social Media Trends, Prospects, and Challenges in India


Brands have realized that social media is not only about posting brand updates, but also about driving engagement by creating meaningful conversations. From increasing audience traffic to digital publishers and the high level of online conversation during major events, this growth in content discovery and discussion is taking place across social platforms.

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Using Livestreaming to Grow Your Brand, Community, & Influence

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Over the past two years, I have significantly grown my online community through the power of livestreaming and video content. In this article, I will share three specific ways that livestreaming has helped me grow my community. How is your video content serving your community? The more I listen to my community, the more they are interested in coming to my show. For example, when I started my journey on Twitter in 2015, I had about 300 random followers.

Monday Roundup: Measurement and Metrics

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Are you ready to #bringit in 2015? How to Set Up Google Analytics Goals and Score More Conversions! How will you approach metrics and measurement in 2015? area, she loves helping for- and non-profit clients, both small and large, turn corporate codswallop into community cool™. Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday.

Why Social Media Marketing Is, Actually, Fairly Priced


We typically employ strategists, content developers, community managers, analytics specialists, messaging and conversion people, programmers, assistants and, occasionally, other firms. Social media marketing is a complex business—and its pricing is competitive. I keep hearing about social media marketing being an expensive proposition. And here’s the bottom line: it’s not always going to be cheap. Expensive” is relative.

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Analytics: the Sideways Approach to Measuring PR

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What we did was to ensure the creation of tracking links to the relevant page, so that we could attribute visits and conversions from our efforts – our strategy had a mix of earned, owned and paid media – as accurately as possible. Based on traffic and conversion trends, we could see what worked (social and paid) and what didn’t so much (focusing on location too narrowly as opposed to niche and interest). Is 2015 your year of conversion yet?

3 Ways People-Powered Marketing Can Make Your Brand Stronger

Convince & Convert

Continue the conversation on our Facebook or Google+ pages. Community Management business growth community management customer engagement digital marketing leadership thought leader When people talk about thought leadership in business, it’s usually with some sort of public relations slant. The term itself has become a catchall that people often use to label a variety of promotional efforts—including strategic PR.

Brands 121

#measurePR Recap: March Measurement Madness

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The effect that budget has on quality PR measurement has always been a key interest to the #measurePR community. Of course this is only a taste of the conversation, so if you missed it, you can grab the full #measurePR transcript for March 3. the latter to keynote the Public Relations Association of Mississippi’s 2015 State Conference. ET; and in April, we’ll be focusing on community relations and the measurement thereof.

How Chris Ducker Grew His Community With Periscope

Convince & Convert

Not only has it livened up his preexisting audience, but it has brought in brand new clients for his Live2Sell businesses making its unadulterated, unfiltered conversations a very worthwhile risk. The Allure of Raw Video. The evolution of social media professionals and the ability to schedule blogs/podcasts/tweets/etc. has created the opportunity for a high level of scripting in one’s social presence.

How to Develop Meaningful PR Measurement

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After Wittlake’s answer, a conversation morphed into what PR is and isn’t. By vetting this ahead of time, you address Wittlake’s point and quell the conversation that follows. Author information Jim Dougherty Community Manager, Writer & Social Media Guy at Leaders West Consulting Jim Dougherty is chief writer and ringleader at leaderswest.com, a social media and technology blog that sometimes veers into the bizarre but never into the mundane.

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How to Be a Storyteller

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Continue the conversation on our Facebook or Google+ pages. Content Marketing brand story community engagement content marketing digital storytelling social media storytelling storytelling writing Creating good stories is how companies convince preoccupied, information-overloaded consumers there is something worth their time and interest. Whether a company’s stories engage, educate, or entertain, they encourage a consumer to pause, even if for a short time.

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The Most Important Content Marketing Skill and How to Master It

Convince & Convert

Creating Community. The ability to create community is yet another parallel between teaching and content marketing. Orlando writes: A great teacher creates a sense of community and belonging in the classroom. Do you think about creating community on your blog? Do you collaborate with your community? Continue the conversation on our Facebook or Google+ pages. You’ll need a number of skills to master content marketing.

Skills 123

Monday Roundup: Meeting Google’s Mobile-Friendly Standards

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Why: Richard Barker walks you through “what you need to know about the update and the changes you need to make” in this Business 2 Community post. 10 Tweaks That Instantly Increase Mobile Conversion Rates. area, she loves helping for- and non-profit clients, both small and large, turn corporate codswallop into community cool™. You know how you live on your smartphone? Google does too.

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