Microvideo Will Dominate 2014

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That takes into account services like Netflix and YouTube, but the fact is that Facebook sees how important video is to selling ads. Will Vine and Instagram videos be the preferred method for digital marketers in 2014? Microvideo Will Dominate 2014 is a post from: Waxing UnLyrical.

Influicity Introduces YouTube Influencer Marketplace

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Influicity is set to unveil a “first-to-market” platform that allows marketers to efficiently search and connect with YouTube influencers. Realtime Tools influencer marketing Influicity marketing campaign Youtube YouTube influencer

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What is no longer working in social media: 2014 edition


YouTube. Trying to grow your YouTube audience without interaction is much harder than it used to be. This post by Tinu Abayomi-Paul originally appeared on AGBeat and is reprinted here by permission. ———-. What’s new in social media, and what is broken.

Why Social Media Is So Important for Your Business in 2014


It’s obvious that social media will continue to have a significant impact in 2014 on marketers and business owners: They now have the ability to reach out and communicate on a personal level with their target audience on a daily basis. YouTube.

How to Increase YouTube Engagement [Infographic]


Is YouTube marketing worth it? More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month. Mastering the art of YouTube marketing will help your target audience discover you in an entirely new way. It has been shown that thumbnails increase YouTube engagement more than 150%.

5 Tips to Turbocharge Conversions on YouTube

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With over 55% of the US market share, YouTube is the largest online video platform in the country. Which marketer can possibly resist staying off of YouTube after a sampling of those numbers?

Social Media Campaigns Kick-Off 2014 World Cup

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Today marks the start of the 2014 World Cup, a month-long event highly anticipated by fans – and marketers – around the globe. mobile app photo mosaic QuizUp social media social media campaign Trick Shot Tumblr Twitter video ad World Cup Youtube

Is The Content Right On Your YouTube Ad?

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Helena Clark’s recent Search Engine Watch post has some practical tips for getting the content right on YouTube ads. “ There are two types of ads available to us on YouTube: . In-Display ads appear in YouTube search or in display and you are charged when the user clicks to watch it. The great thing about somebody who is looking at your ad on YouTube is that they are already interested in something they chose to view.

SEO in 2014: Where It’s All Headed


2013 was a downright bizarre year for SEO, which is why you’re bound to see all sorts of wacky predictions for 2014. Meanwhile Youtube made a killing with some of the silliest and stupidest music videos you might ever see. What is Next for SEO in 2014?

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How to Make a Successful YouTube Channel

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We can go on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other networks to see firsthand global events in real time – not minutes or days later like in traditional media – whether it’s the Arab Spring protests or the Pope giving mass or concerts of our favorite artists.

Breaking Through To The YouTube Culture

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Brands are struggling to understand YouTube. For the most part, brands participate in YouTube by creating pre-roll and post-roll ads (essentially TV commercials that are played before or after a YouTube video is viewed). The introduction of this ad format was met with mixed emotions by YouTube viewers. Since then, YouTube has introduced TrueView (that little button that enables viewers to skip an ad after five seconds). YouTube''s culture. youtube.

What Is The Point Of A Website In 2014?

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We are seeing an increase in brands leaving their true engagement to social media (be it Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Pinterest , YouTube or beyond). What is the point of a website in 2014? It''s 2014, and most websites still want you to read and/or buy, instead of being that true digital embodiment of the brand. youtube. It''s not all about what the mobile experience will be about. The one screen world.

3 Tips to Reach Generation Z on YouTube

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They’d rather buy a story than a sale item , and they watch YouTube videos like there’s no tomorrow. What’s more, they research their interests on YouTube and Google interchangeably, and they can sniff out a phony from a mile away. Plan your marketing budget around YouTube.

Social Media Optimization 2014: Twitter or Facebook?


But which of the two vastly different but equally dominating social media giants takes the cake when it comes to presiding over the social scene of 2014? With these differences in mind, which outlet should you be targeting in order to get the most out of your social media outreach in 2014?

2014 World Cup: Social Media Campaign Round-Up

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The 2014 World Cup was host to countless ad campaigns, and record breaking social media statistics. Adidas has been crowned as the ‘ most talked about ‘ brand connected to the 2014 World Cup, generating 1.59

85 Takeaways from New Media Expo 2014


Without further ado, here are the 101 things I learned at #NMX 2014. 200 Videos, 200 Days, and 5 Million Views on a 2K Budget – How to Leverage YouTube to Increase Sales & Trust. Remember that you do not own YouTube, Vimeo, or other video networks.

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YouTube: Visual Proof For Static Content


YouTube videos provide visual proof for static content” – Cameron Hail, Optimization @ Firebelly Everybody is in a mad rush to make content. And yet, YouTube is convenient left out of so. Blog Social Media Marketing videos Youtube

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7 NEW Social Media Solutions to Grow Your Business


Updated YouTube App. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. In the latest upgrade, YouTube made it easier for users to search for YouTube channels, find playlists, and view subscriptions in the new Guide.

Social Networking Stats: Millennials Are 56% More Likely To Find Brand Content On Social Networks

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YouTube. via YouTube. YouTube and Twitter are a close a second. The survey was conducted between January and April 2014. The #RLTM Scoreboard: Social Networking Stats for the Week. Facebook: 1.23 billion monthly active users. via Facebook.

Convince & Convert’s 14 Best Digital Marketing Blog Posts of 2014

Convince & Convert

We published 372 posts here at Convince & Convert in 2014, and these are the 14 most popular. We’ve been preaching about helpful content here at Convince & Convert for years, and 2014 was certainly the year that the term “content marketing” began to stand on its own.

Hashtags, the Good the Bad, the Oh So Ugly

Janet Fouts

” — Josh William Evans (@JoshEvans_) July 1, 2014. CLIT Fest Austin (@CLITFestAustin) February 26, 2014. Which resulted in this gem on Youtube and countless tweets and Facebook posts. Claire OT (@claireOT) July 3, 2014. Eli Rubenstein (@EliRubenstein) May 16, 2014.

How to merge an existing Google+ page and Youtube Channel

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But it does create an issue if you have existing Google+ pages and Youtube channels assigned to different registration emails, or if you accidentally create duplicates. Fortunately, the process to merge an existing Google+ page and Youtube channel isn’t as difficult as it once was. We’ve merged G+ and Youtube profiles for our own sites and clients. Now go back into Youtube Settings, and click on Advanced.

The Best Tools for Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis and Trending Topics

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In addition to drilling down on specific timeframes and topical categories you can focus specifically on Web search, news, image, shopping or YouTube. Keyword Tool is handy for pulling suggested search/autocomplete data for Google, Bing and even YouTube.

YouTube Commands 50% of Time Spent On Mobile Entertainment Apps

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Facebook (including Instagram) is responsible for more than half of the time spend on social/messaging applications, and YouTube accounts for fully half of the time spent on entertainment apps. “There are a lot of people saying YouTube is the best acquisition Google ever made.”

NamesCon 2014: SEO, Search, New TLDs and Audience

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It’s about creating a brand experience on other sites like YouTube, Twitter, etc. Ruth: you can build links to your YouTube videos by building links to them and adding comments on other videos on YouTube. They build links to the YouTube page.

Social Networking Stats: Active Usage Drops For Facebook and Twitter, #RLTM Scoreboard

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YouTube. via YouTube. Here’s the change in active usage for each platform over the last two quarters (six months): both Facebook and YouTube saw active usage drop 6%. The #RLTM Scoreboard: Social Networking Stats for the Week. Facebook: 1.23 billion monthly active users.

Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and More


The team at Vocus has researched the latest and greatest trends in marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, and YouTube. YouTube. Want to get the most out of your social media marketing activities? The world of social media is ever-changing.

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The Importance of Testimonials and Social Media


Using YouTube for B2B How to Market like a Musician [Cool Infographic Friday] Content for SEO Five Web Design Trends to Watch [Please Share!] Buyers in today’s age are more educated than ever, conducting vast amounts of research before making a purchase.

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Optimize Your Posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and More


Optimize your YouTube posts. Facebook Google Plus Instagram LinkedIn Pinterest Social Media Social Media Marketing Twitter YouTube Google Vine Creating great content isn’t enough.

Social Media News Ticker: Foursquare Launches Swarm, YouTube Reportedy Buying Twitch

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Check out this week’s summary of all the latest social media news, including changes and new features for Facebook, YouTube and Foursquare: Foursquare app splits in two, launches Swarm. YouTube. Social Media News Ticker Facebook Facebook Camera Facebook Poke Foursquare gaming geolocation social media news ticker Swarm Twitch Youtube

Social Networking Stats: Tumblr Draws Youngest Users Among Top 10 Social Platforms, #RLTM Scoreboard

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YouTube. via YouTube. Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube Attract Younger Audience. Instagram and YouTube also have a fairly young user base; the greatest share of users for both social networks come from the 16-24 age group, according to recent data from GlobalWebIndex.

2014 Is The Year Of Social Metrics

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I believe this is a trend you are going to see more and more of in the next few years – starting in 2014. Other social media sites that do well in sending traffic to websites include: YouTube. I believe 2014 is going to be a banner year for social media traffic and social media metrics. If you’ve been paying attention to the rise of social media in the past few years, then you know that Facebook has risen to be the No.

How to Create Visual Content for Social Media on the Fly


So ICF International has created Pixel This – a social media sizing chart that helps their clients correctly size images for use on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr – and they are making it available free to the public.

Kick-Start 2014 with Trends and Insights from Mitch Joel

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I’m sure you’ve watched a YouTube video on your smartphone? MitchJoel: I’m sure you’ve also watched a YouTube video on your computer, and I’m sure you’ve watched a youtube video on your TV, and on your Apple TV.

Take Advantage of Additional Google News Opportunities for Publishers

Adam Sherk

6) YouTube videos – Video content from YouTube is also featured within Google News. Videos embedded in articles can be crawled but setting up a YouTube channel and notifying Google News increases the likelihood of your videos being pulled in.

Why is your content strategy failing?


Using YouTube for B2B BREAKING: LinkedIn is Shutting off the Jobs Tab for Groups 3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Doesn’t Work for Associations Content Strategy for Associations Content Marketing Isn’t Always About Content Creation Five Web Design Trends to Watch.

Which Social Networks Drive the Most Engaged Referrals?

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YouTube is the “undisputed champion” among social networks in terms of driving referrals, delivering the most traffic and the highest levels of engagement, according to a new study from Shareaholic.

11 Content Marketing Tools To Promote Your Blog


Related Posts Cool Social Tools: Noosfeer Using YouTube for B2B Why They Don’t Follow You On Instagram How to Market like a Musician 5 Elements Of Your Association’s Brand Five Web Design Trends to Watch. You know how I love posts about content curation tools.

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[Cool Infographic Friday] Content for SEO


3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Doesn’t Work for Associations [Cool Infographic Friday] Big Data Big Profits Using YouTube for B2B Why They Don’t Follow You On Instagram Content Strategy for Associations [Cool Infographic Friday] The Ultimate Guide to Creative Commons.

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Social Media Crisis Management for B2B


Related Posts How to Lead Your Way to a Social Organization Using YouTube for B2B [Cool video Friday] How to keep us safe inside Twitter Freedom of Speech and Social Media in the UK A Little Privacy, Please! Murphy’s Law states that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

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