Monday Roundup: Closing Out 2014

Waxing UnLyrical

So, for the final roundup of the year, as we’re closing out 2014, we thought we’d feature seven posts from around the web that will help you start the new year right. This is the final roundup of 2014 and the final post of 2014, as we’re going on vacation through Jan.

Tradeshow Trends for 2014


20+ Tradeshow Trends For 2014 & Beyond from Jeff Hurt. MUST READ] The Future Of Content Marketing Association Social Media Best Practices An Exciting New Approach To Content Marketing. …by the always excellent Jeff Hurt. Stick this in your pipe and smoke it!

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2014: Everything Marketers Don’t Want You To Know


Although predictions or extended reality projections usually come at the end of one year or the beginning of of another – I think it’s critical to look at what’s happening so far in 2014 and imagine the rest of the year. As marketers, we’re very optimistic people and not usually known for taking a hard.

Microvideo Will Dominate 2014

Waxing UnLyrical

Now that these tools have been explored, you’ll see marketers and PR pros exploring how they benefit their clients and/or organizations. I think his show promo provides a blueprint for what a successful Vine for marketers will look like.

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The Pillars of Online Marketing Success in 2014 & Beyond


As online marketing budgets continue to rise this year and with prospects to increase for the future, there’s good sign that more businesses are taking the potential and necessity of the web seriously. Don’t market via purchased lists – There’s no sense in marketing to unqualified leads.

Best Tips for Successful Social Media and Digital Marketing in 2014


Social media and digital marketing are going to grow even stronger in 2014. And to make things even harder, social media and online marketing are becoming more complex and are overlapping more than ever – as you will see below. Email List and Email Marketing.

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3 Rules for Success from the Top 10 Marketers of 2014

Convince & Convert

As the amount of content produced online continues to grow at a rapid speed, content marketers are finding it harder and harder to stand out in an ocean of material that is all deemed to be valuable.

Social Media Optimization 2014: Twitter or Facebook?


But wise companies, organizations and businesses have no problem with utilizing the differing strengths of both Twitter and Facebook to round out their social media marketing strategy while appealing to users of either one or both. Guest post for SocialFish by Sarah Brooks.

What is no longer working in social media: 2014 edition


At least quarterly, it’s a good idea to find out what’s no longer working in different parts of digital marketing, particularly in fast-moving areas like social. . This post by Tinu Abayomi-Paul originally appeared on AGBeat and is reprinted here by permission. ———-.

The 2014 Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Cody Ward

For maybe the first time in history, there is a surplus of technology and strategy to help advance both sales and marketing of a business, while at the same time a lack of resources and understanding to utilize it to its fullest capacity. Does the Marketing Automation tool provide any insight?

2014 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales for Marketers


If you are in the market for new tools and platforms for your business, then Black Friday & Cyber Monday are the days to take advantage of. The post 2014 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales for Marketers appeared first on Kikolani.

Google Quality Rater Guidelines 2014

Bill Hartzer

I just got ahold of the latest copy of Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines, with a date of March 2014. It’s an interesting read, all 160 pages of this document.

30 Remarkable Content Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2013 (and 2014)

Webbiquity SMM

Content marketing has become ubiquitous, with 93% of B2B marketers now using it. And it continues to expand: 82% of marketers plan to increase their budgets for content marketing in 2014. Which content marketing tactics are most popular?

Essential Twitter Cheat Sheet for 2014

Harp Interactive

Categories: Blog , How To , Social Media Marketing , Twitter Tags: social media , Twitter , twitter cheat sheet , twitter essentials , twitter lingo Finally! Check out our essential list of all the Twitter commands, lingo and resources you need to know to make the most of Twitter in 2014. Blog How To Social Media Marketing Twitter social media twitter cheat sheet twitter essentials twitter lingo

Were Your 2014 Predictions Right?

Small Business Mavericks

At the end of 2013, I predicted that 2014 would be The Year of Social Metrics. What made sense to do in the beginning of 2014 no longer worked by the end of the year. This idea is valuable for all of your internet marketing, not just social media. Uncategorized 2014 predictions 2015 strategies facebook rankings social metrics

11 Thought-Provoking Guides to Content Marketing for 2014

Webbiquity SMM

The burst of content marketing content (pardon the repetition) produced some interesting results in terms of traffic. Content marketing remains a hot topic, as practitioners continue to ask questions, like: what are the hottest trends in content marketing for 2014?

104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 (and 2015)

Webbiquity SMM

Looking at marketing surveys and studies from the past year, a few trends are clear, among them that buyers are firmly (and increasingly) in control of the purchase cycle. What do marketers rate as the single most valuable SEO tactic? 9 General Marketing Stats. Marketing Land ).

The Surprising Places Marketers Plan to Increase Budgets in 2014

Convince & Convert

Marketers are evidently enthusiastic heading into 2014… about everything. A fascinating new study was released this morning from Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud (a client of Convince & Convert ).

Mayor Jim Watson named 2014 communicator of the year by IABC Ottawa

Sherrilynne Starkie

Mayor Watson will be recognized at the IABC Ottawa 2014 Excel Award Gala on Thursday, May 15, 2014 at the National Arts Centre, the largest gathering of the year for Ottawa’s communications, marketing and creative design community.

Essential Twitter Cheat Sheet for 2014

Harp Interactive

Categories: Blog , How To , Social Media Marketing , Twitter Tags: social media , Twitter , twitter cheat sheet , twitter essentials , twitter lingo Finally! Check out our essential list of all the Twitter commands, lingo and resources you need to know to make the most of Twitter in 2014. Blog How To Social Media Marketing Twitter social media twitter cheat sheet twitter essentials twitter lingo

Content Creators Unite At NMX 2014: A Brief Review


Scott Stratten of @unmarketing used a major case study on QR codes to emphasize why marketers should shift their focus towards content. The problem these QR codes demonstrate is marketing campaigns don’t focus enough on the actual nuts and bolts.

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Internet Trends for 2014 Report is a must read

Dave Fleet

The latest annual Internet Trends Report from Mary Meeker , venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers , is one of those, and it’s a must-read for those of us in digital marketing. KPCB Internet trends 2014 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

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Best Place to Advertise Online in 2014?

The Social Media Incubator

billion in 2014. Twitter has increased their ads since hitting the IPO scene, and Facebook introduces video ads to their news feed early on in 2014. Have you noticed more ads in your social media feeds lately? It may be something you have to get used to.

The Best Brands on Twitter 2014


Since I wrote a top brands on Instagram article earlier, I think it is only appropriate that I also give you a best brands on Twitter 2014 review. Hopefully you’ll learn a few things that you can apply to your own brand, improve your Twitter marketing, and find more followers! .

37 Speakers To See at State of Search 2014

Bill Hartzer

Back in 2004, I hand-picked about 16 of the best Search Marketers in Dallas to join me at a hotel conference room to talk about search. I’m speaking this year about the latest Google Algorithm Updates at the State of Search conference being held November 17 and 18, 2014, here in Dallas.

12 Speakers You Shouldn’t Miss at Pubcon SFIMA 2014

Bill Hartzer

I’m here a few days early in Fort Lauderdale, getting prepared for the Pubcon SFIMA conference being held on Thursday, April 24, 2014. I’m speaking with Kathryn Parsons, the Marketing Manager (Paid and Natural Search) at Office Depot. Search Engine Marketing Events

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The Best Brands on Instagram 2014


2014 may go down as the Year of Instagram as the photo sharing app surpassed the 300 million user mark. Brands in 2014 have finally gotten on board with Instagram, and some exciting content has been produced over the year. The Best Brands on Instagram 2014.

Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference – An Event Not to Miss!

Webbiquity SMM

The Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference is fast approaching, coming up on Thursday, May 22, in Duluth, Minnesota. Josh Braaten ( @jbraaten ), Director of Inbound Marketing for Collegis Educaiton and VP of the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association.

Asia-Pacific Will Account For One-Third of All Twitter Users In 2014

The Realtime Report

The number of Twitter users worldwide is projected to increase by nearly 25% in 2014, according to new estimates from eMarketer. By the end of 2014, India and Indonesia will have the third and fourth largest Twitter populations in the world.

Monday Roundup: Happy New Year

Waxing UnLyrical

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and are well rested, ready to take on 2014. Prepare your business for the new year with these marketing tips. Why: Randy Bowden gives you 8 steps to make this year’s marketing plan the best one yet. Happy New Year!

Facebook Update: New Layout for Business Pages


Let’s hope these (yet again) changes will have a positive impact on our Facebook Pages, our marketing and our busine$$! Facebook is making changes (yes, yet again) to Business Pages, with a new design!

Convince & Convert’s 14 Best Digital Marketing Blog Posts of 2014

Convince & Convert

We published 372 posts here at Convince & Convert in 2014, and these are the 14 most popular. When we started this analysis, we figured there would be some killer posts, but it’s amazing how neatly these correlate to the big digital marketing trends of the past year.

Writing tricks for content marketers

Sherrilynne Starkie

Now when it comes to content marketing , writers need to know about search engines and how digital formats are impacting reader habits and preferences. For content marketers the task becomes more complex with the need to attract search engines as well as humans to a story.

Why Social Media Is So Important for Your Business in 2014


Yes, businesses have definitely realized the power of social media and accepted that social media marketing has to be part of their marketing and PR mix. 89% of marketers stated that increased exposure was the number one benefit of social media marketing. Mobile Marketing.

59 Killer Content Marketing Stats: 2014 Edition

Writtent Blog

Content marketing moves incredibly fast. So fast that just a decade ago, most of us had never heard of it – today, the tactic is used by 93% of marketers. We’ve curated 59 of the most powerful content marketing stats from the latest, high-quality research reports.

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33 Speakers I Want To Meet at Pubcon Las Vegas 2014

Bill Hartzer

The PubCon Las Vegas 2014 conference is taking place from October 6, 2014 to October 10, 2014, where else? ” Here’s the list of speakers at PubCon Las Vegas 2014 that I just have to meet at this year’s Las Vegas conference: Marie Haynes – @Marie_Haynes.

2014 Domainer’s Choice Awards – Official Results

Bill Hartzer

The first annual Domainer’s Choice Awards were presented this evening, June 28, 2014, at the Dana Point Yacht Club, in Dana Point, California. Marketing

Essential Nonprofit Software of 2014


Let’s examine the best nonprofit software of 2014 and how these solutions can address the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. The newest release for 2014 includes improved calendar functionality, updated task features, and a new iPad app for users on the go.

6 Speakers You Shouldn’t Miss at Pubcon Austin 2014

Bill Hartzer

I’ve hand-picked the sessions that I think are going to be great ones, the speakers who you shouldn’t miss if you’re attending Pubcon Austin 2014 this week. Search Engine Marketing Events

Bill Hartzer Weekly Update: October 18, 2014

Bill Hartzer

And in case you’ve missed it, you might want to check out SocialCentiv, a really cool new Twitter marketing tool. Pubcon Las Vegas 2014. SocialCentive Twitter Marketing Software Free Trial.

NamesCon 2014: The Secondary Market Is the Primary Market

Bill Hartzer

Question: Are the best years and the huge paydays of domain 2ndary market behind us? The marketing, education and the communication of these new gTLDs is necessary and important: we need to continue to build the demand. There is no difference between secondary and primary market.

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My Social Networking Primer in 2014

Ari Herzog

With over 8,400 people in a LinkedIn group I manage about social media marketing , why did I create a new group using that dotcom name and ask people to join that? I’m opening the social networking gates in 2014. With over 4,500 people and companies following me on Twitter at @ariherzog , why did I create a new account at @ariherzogdotcom last week and ask people to follow me there instead?

NamesCon 2014 Keynote: Jennifer Wolfe

Bill Hartzer

Jennifer wrote a book called Domain Names Rewired, and is a keynote speaker here at NamesCon 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The IT folks, marketing, CEOs need to think differently. But pretty soon, we are going to have a lot of brands marketing these new TLDs.