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2014: Everything Marketers Don’t Want You To Know


Although predictions or extended reality projections usually come at the end of one year or the beginning of of another – I think it’s critical to look at what’s happening so far in 2014 and imagine the rest of the year. Blog community social content performance influencer marketing marketing predictions 2014 real time analytics real time monitoring social insights social media ads As marketers, we’re very optimistic people and not usually known for taking a hard.

The 2014 Digital Marketing Ecosystem

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How does the Analytics provide that information? Can you get it from Google Analytics or Web Trends? They’ll be able to come in, ask many questions, identify the company goals and then say something like, “You need the infrastructure SalesForce CRM, HubSpot Marketing Automation, WordPress CMS, Google Analytics, and Unbounce. They say, “Okay, go!” Probably not.

The Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Publishers

Adam Sherk

There are a lot of options for social monitoring, tracking and analytics, with prices ranging from free to very expensive. The primary focus here is on social media analytics and share count tracking, along with identifying content and topics with the potential to go viral. Real-Time Analytics. Engagor is a comprehensive all-in-one tool with a good analytics component.

Best Tips for Successful Social Media and Digital Marketing in 2014


Social media and digital marketing are going to grow even stronger in 2014. With my first hand experience working with so many businesses, I am giving you my most important social media and digital marketing tips that will help you increase your online footprint, exposure and bottom line in 2014 for your business. Set aside a budget in your 2014 plan for social media advertising.

Making Sense of Social Media Analytics


At the beginning of October, I had the pleasure of finally going to (or at least *near*) Boston for the first time in my (long) life to present about social media analytics at NESAE’s Technology Conference. Making Sense of Social Media Analytics from Maggie McGary. Whew, it’s been a busy few weeks. How do you map metrics to ALL of those functions?! ———-.

How to Remove in Google Analytics

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There’s a rogue website that is showing up as a referral in your Google Analytics. bills itself as “Semalt is a professional webmaster analytics tool that opens the door to new opportunities for the market monitoring, yours and your competitors’ positions tracking and comprehensible analytics business information.” ” Okay, fine.

New Twitter Analytics: Everything You Need To Know


Twitter has rolled out “new and improved” analytics dashboard that is sure to make data-hungry marketers happy. Twitter’s New Analytics Tell Advertisers And Publishers How Many People Actually Saw Their Tweets By Anthony Ha If you’re looking for more details about how. These five posts will fill you in on everything you need to know. Twitter

How to Use the New Twitter Analytics Dashboard

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What if Twitter launched the most awesome analytics dashboard and no one really noticed? So here are some insights into Twitter’s new analytics platform: Twitter Analytics Dashboard. » Social Media Strategy activity analytics dashboard engagements impressions insights social media social media management social media strategy tool twitter

59 Killer Content Marketing Stats: 2014 Edition

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57% of marketers report custom content is their top marketing priority for 2014. The top 5 content marketing goals in 2014 are brand awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition, thought leadership, and engagement. 58% of B2B marketers will spend more on content in 2014. Content marketing moves incredibly fast. Buckle your seatbelts, because this is going to be epic: 1.

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The Five Communications Trends for 2015

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By Gini Dietrich On the fifth day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you… five communications trends, four free webinars , three strategy games , two Crazies secrets , and the PR win of 2014. by biggreenpen Related Stories The PR Win of 2014 Best Webinars of 2014 Three Strategy Games that Help in Business. Yay for my content team! They came up with the idea. I mean, right now.

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The 7 Deadly Sins Of Digital Marketing In 2014

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You can pick a brand (any brand) and benchmark them against these 7 deadly sins of digital marketing in 2014, and you will see where the real gaps truly lie. Here are the 7 deadly sins of digital marketing in 2014. Not truly using and understanding analytics. There are people who are much smarter than me on the topic of web analytics (I''m looking at Avinash Kaushik right now). Most brands are not measuring or leveraging the right analytics. We don''t use analytics to drive better insights and performance. web analytics. A lack of mobile. brand.

SEO in 2014: Where It’s All Headed


2013 was a downright bizarre year for SEO, which is why you’re bound to see all sorts of wacky predictions for 2014. What is Next for SEO in 2014? My big prediction for SEO in 2014 is this: everyone is going to double down or fold. All and all, 2013 was a weird year for SEO, and 2014 is going to be even weirder. SEO 2013 2014 Google+ great carmac matt cutts seo news

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Facebook Knows What You’re Watching, New Pinterest Analytics, Yelp Adds Video Reviews & More | Social Media Snapshot

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Categories: Blog , Facebook , Google Plus , LinkedIn , Pinterest , Social Media Marketing Tags: Facebook , How You Rank , linkedin , Pinterest , Pinterest analytics , yelp , yelp video reviews Catch up on the need-to-know changes and updates in social media that affect your business and brand…all in one place. Below are highlights of changes on top social media platforms for the week ending May 23, 2014: New on Facebook Facebook May Soon Know What You’re Watching—And Hearing Earlier this week, Facebook unveiled a new [.] ( Read more. ).

nBA Pulse: a new social analytics tool

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While I did not get all my questions answered (fees and costs), I was sufficiently impressed with the social analytics package that I decided not only to write a blog post about it, but I agreed to have some of my comments summarized in the launch news release. Related posts: Analytics: what matters to content marketers? Analytics: what are your really learning?

Trending and Analytics: Watch for Patterns

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This past week I have been busy prepping monthly analytic reports for clients. ” While that may have been true, I was really bothered that my analytic report was being dismissed. Analytics B2B Marketing Uncategorized analytics As I was working on the first one though, I was amazed to see a sharp drop in website traffic the week of April 13 and again on April 20.

Where does Google+ fit into your B2B Marketing plans? [infographic]

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Advertising Facebook Innovation Search SEO Social Media Social Networking Strategy Web Analytics Audience Authorship B2B Marketing Google Google Plus Marketing Strategy Social Networks Have you made Google Plus a part of your marketing strategy yet? If not, you could be missing out on a great opportunity to grow your audience. The more active you are, the more noticeable you will become.

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5 Benefits Of Upgrading Your Google Analytics To Universal Analytics

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Universal Analytics was introduced as a public beta in March 2013, and since then many have debated on whether to upgrade or not. This new tracking tool now uses a single, unique cookie to track visitors to websites, instead of the old tracking method used in previous generations of Google Analytics. Here are 5 benefits of taking the plunge and upgrading to Universal Analytics.

How to Build a Content Calendar (Plus a Free Template for 2014)

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We have no problems with other people borrowing our methods we wanted to offer a content marketer’s guide to building a content calendar along with a free template for the 2014 calendar year. Analytics (both web and social) and revenue data can also be used to make tweaks to already published content e.g. titles, introductions, outbound links etc to optimize visits and engagement.

What Is The Point Of A Website In 2014?

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What is the point of a website in 2014? My close friend and colleague, Avinash Kaushik (Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google and the author of Web Analytics - An Hour A Day and Web Analytics 2.0 ) best defines this by understanding what a true conversion is. Using simple (and free) analytics, this information can easily be tracked, and then turned into a more realistic sales funnel that depicts both a path to purchase, and can validate just how good your creative and content is (or how poorly it is performing). web analytics. web analytics 20. google.

The Surprising Places Marketers Plan to Increase Budgets in 2014

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Marketers are evidently enthusiastic heading into 2014… about everything. Called 2014 State of Marketing , insights from over 2,500 global marketers , the report is full of data about marketers’ outlook and plans for the coming year. Other than the 6% of responding marketers that predict they’ll spend less on banners in 2014, where are all these dollars coming from?

Quantification Fascination

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Analytics Mobile Advertising Data Generator Personal Analytics Personal Improvement Apps Quantified Self Wearables The ability to quantify the human experience offers great promise for businesses and marketers. The post Quantification Fascination appeared first on.

The Best Google Analytics Metrics for Social Media Professionals

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Basically, their goal is to make everyone smarter with analytics and data. Adam also writes a monthly column on analytics for ClickZ. “ Even if social only contributes to the upper funnel, via tools like multi-channel funnels that we have in Analytics , you can still show how that actually attributed to a conversion a little bit later down. ” What does that mean?

How to Use Twitter Cards in Social Media Marketing


link] — Jayson Stark (@jaysonst) June 20, 2014 Player card Video, audio, or other media Best for sharing video and song clips within a tweet Sometimes I think my days can’t get any more rediculous until today. Listen to non-stop Beatles songs on 24/7 Beatles Radio: [link] — iHeartRadio (@iHeartRadio) February 7, 2014 2. I’ll be chatting at [link] in a minute!

Convince & Convert’s 14 Best Digital Marketing Blog Posts of 2014

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We published 372 posts here at Convince & Convert in 2014, and these are the 14 most popular. We’ve been preaching about helpful content here at Convince & Convert for years, and 2014 was certainly the year that the term “content marketing” began to stand on its own. Buffer has established itself as a trusted social media publishing tool with great reporting and analytics.

The Psychology of Sharing


As StatPro specialise in cloud based portfolio analytics, they felt it was important to share some insights into the psychology behind online sharing, something which is a part of the daily lives of a steadily increasing number of people. Jenny writes for StatPro, a company specialising in cloud based portfolio analytics software. Each type of sharer has unique characteristics.

15 Reasons Why Analytics Prediction Will Make You a Better Marketer

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Thanks to the success of Google Analytics, there are dozens of ways to collect historical data from your website and connecting social networks. And yet, your optimization strategy is probably missing one very important step: predictive analytics. Predictive analytics interest has skyrocketed over the last year, according to Google trends. The reason? Read the whole entry. »

23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides

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5 Social Media Trends for 2014: New Research by Social Media Examiner. ” 24 Social Media Tips For The DIY Social Media Marketer In 2014 by Idea Girl Marketing. ” 7 Multi-Platform Social Media Analytics Tools by RazorSocial. ** 5 STARS. Ian Cleary reviews seven “very useful social media analytics tools.” Social Media Marketing Guides.

The Best Tools for Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis and Trending Topics

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And now that the vast majority of keyword referral data in analytics tools is “not provided” or “keyword unavailable” it’s one of the best available sources. For additional suggestions see my post on social media analytics tools for publishers. There is a wide universe of tools out there and my intention is not to cover them all. Keyword Research. Yahoo!

How to Measure Social Media Success for Your Small Business


You can also use platforms (free and paid) like SproutSocial , HootSuite , Sysomos and InsideSocial for more detailed analytics. Tracking the number of website traffic and conversions that come from your social media channels using G oogle analytics is a very efficient way to measure your social-media marketing ROI. Here are the top ones: 1. Community Growth & Sustainability.

How to Find the Right Content Distribution

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Yes, I know averages are lies , but just by comparing the top two analytics screen grabs, you can see it was harmful. By Gini Dietrich One of the things my team and I are working diligently on is finding new ways to distribute content and engage new audiences. We love getting the extra awareness, but would love to also see our subscribers increase because of it. Not so much. I get it.

10 Great Alternatives to the Google Keyword Research Tool


KeywordSpy tracks all search advertising activity in any given industry, which empowers you with marketing analytics, SEO intelligence, competitors’ keywords and their ad copies, and much more valuable information. Keyword research is a fundamental part of content marketing. . It is an indispensable tool for developing a potent inbound marketing strategy and improving SEO. What to do?

25 Excellent Content Marketing Tools for Your Brand


The team at Social Media Strategies Summit researched the marketplace of content creation, curation, promotion and distribution, and tracking/analytics tools to assemble the infographic below. Includes an editorial calendar and analytics tool. It also offers analytics, insights, and more than 50 apps and extras. Content Marketing Analytics and Tracking Tools.

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14 Brilliant B2B Marketing Strategy Guides

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The old “sales funnel” model is giving way to more sophisticated analytical frameworks. Much has been written about how the internet in general, and the explosion of content marketing in particular, has changed the nature of b2b marketing. In less than a generation, information has gone from being scarce to overabundant. What types of messages matter most to today’s buyers?

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The Four Skills Digital Marketers Need Today

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Digital Marketers Need SEO Skills Ranked number five on the LinkedIn 25 Hottest Skills that Got People Hired in 2014 list , search engine optimization (SEO) was also cited as a required skill for 14 percent of the companies I looked at. Analytics : How are you measuring mobile performance? Are you keeping up? Moz : If you’re not using the Moz SEO toolbar , you’re already behind.

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Essential Nonprofit Software of 2014


Let’s examine the best nonprofit software of 2014 and how these solutions can address the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. Their solutions cover: fundraising, donor database, communications management, analytics, and donation processing. The newest release for 2014 includes improved calendar functionality, updated task features, and a new iPad app for users on the go.

Social Media Checklist: Planning for a Very Social New Year

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Social Media Checklist for the New Year Check : Did I dig deep into my 2014 analytics ? By Eleanor Pierce It’s that time again! Time to start thinking about what kind of pies to make for Thanksgiving! You don’t do this? Well I do. I’m very serious about pie.) If you missed it the news, well, I gave away the surprise toward the end of my latest Spin Sucks video. I can’t tell you that.

Content Calendar for Content Marketing

PWB Marketing Blog

As we have recently made some significant changes to their website and overall marketing platform, I started to consider some new metrics to include in their monthly analytic dashboard. General analytic data including time on the site and the number of new visitors. Analytics Marketing content calendar content management In general, the dashboard includes the whole 9-yards.

Social Media News Ticker: Facebook Tests Mobile-Ad Network, Twitter Launches Card Analytics

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Twitter launches card analytics to let publishers monitor impressions, clicks and more – Twitter’s new analytics for Twitter cards shows impressions, URL clicks, app installs of a publisher’s tweets and mentions by other users, and easy ways to measure favorites, retweets, and follows (TechCrunch). Facebook, Twitter, Google. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Snapchat.

Bookmark This: How To Find Out What Google Knows about You


Google also has a tool called Google Analytics, that helps publishers see what pages you have viewed on their website, how many times you have visited it, how long did you stay etc. Found this fascinating article on Medium by someone at a company called Cloud Fender. Here’s the first three of six tips for how to find out everything Google knows about you. Bookmarked!

Is it Shortsighted Not to Host Your Own Blog?

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In retrospect, I would have done this much earlier; it’s been a PITA trying to set, or re-set, stuff like Google Analytics. Alison Kenney asked this question yesterday in a Facebook group I belong to: “When it comes to your own website, do you think a blog is a must?” ” You’re reading this blog on a business website, so you already know what my answer is.