gazeMetrix: Monitor Your Visual Brand Mentions Based on Image Recognition


Monitoring brand mentions, share of voice, sentiment etc. are the essentials of analysing what is being said about your brand online. But there is a dark side, which, until now, has been immeasurable, to the great frustration of social media analysts: Visual brand mentions. Meaning consumers making a reference to a brand through a photo without mentioning the brand name. Measure visual brand mentions.

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Facebook Reader a welcome feature

Sherrilynne Starkie

At any one time I’ll see updates from friends and family mixed up with information from brands whose pages I’m connected to and marked as an interest. My pages feed is largely populated by updates from media outlets, clients and other brands. Facebook Featured Headline Social Media Facebook Reader Google Reader News aggregator Google will soon shelve Reader and this has created a lot of panicky online noise from ardent fans. However, I am largely unconcerned.


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What Does 2013 Hold for Social Media?


As for 2013, Mindjumpers’ CEO and founder, Jonas Klit Nielsen, predicts that we are heading towards a future where brands invest in people who are highly skilled in content creation and where brands become publishers: “Companies need to be ready to think as publishers and not marketers. It’s an example of a company truly taking part in activities similar to those of a media company by offering a non-branded service to their target group.

Map to Business Strategy: Geoff Livingston on #measurePR

Waxing UnLyrical

Geoff Livingston (@geoffliving) February 5, 2013. I do think that kind of accountability can be good, but people need to understand branding/reputation has its place, too. Geoff Livingston (@geoffliving) February 5, 2013. 1:In short, social has become a game of the aggregate. Geoff Livingston (@geoffliving) February 5, 2013. Geoff Livingston (@geoffliving) February 5, 2013.

6 Tips for Turning Big Data into Great Customer Experiences

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Examples of the typical aggregate data you can capitalize on in a big data strategy: Acquisition source. Interactive Marketing Online Testing Strategy advertising and marketing B2B Brand Business business strategy Consumer content CRM Customer Data engagement Facebook gyro marketing Marketing Strategy Online Communities Technology Twitter Posted in Behavioral Targeting Business Intelligence Conversion Optimization Customer Experience Enterprise 2.0

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How to Create Living Content to Boost Brand Reputation and Visibility

Convince & Convert

Note that I’m not suggesting an aggregation tool. Until they get a lot more sophisticated and allow you to fine-tune the parameters, aggregation tools just add more noise and erode your users’ trust in you as the curator. How to Create Living Content to Boost Brand Reputation and Visibility is a post from: Convince and Convert: Social Media Strategy and Content Marketing Strategy. Image via

Using Big Data To Target The Right Consumers With The Right Offers

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The aggregation and use of big data are crucial to segmenting and targeting your individual customers with the appropriate experiences. Your customers don’t think in channels; they think in brands. Customer experience is the number one ticket to prolonged brand loyalty and engagement. How does your brand look across channels? No matter where they visit you, your brand experience should be ready.

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New Research: Do Pictures of People Increase Facebook Engagement?

Convince & Convert

Marketers often spend hours selecting and producing visual content to post on Facebook brand pages. Creatives, strategists, and managers can go round-and-around debating which images work and which don’t for a brand. Sometimes they debate over whether or not the brand should show people in brand images, and everyone has their differing opinions. Brand images without people would be associated with greater engagement than those images including people.

Can You Trust Anything Mashable Says

Convince & Convert

In this edition of The Baer Facts, I talk with Kyle Lacy of ExactTarget about Mashable’s new Brand Lift program, whereby brands can work with Mashable or its agency partners, DigitasLBI and Vaynermedia, to create content assets that will appear on Mashable directly. Providers of news and information seamlessly aggregating and distributing advertising as if it actually WAS news? Social Media Controversies Addressed, Fresh Each Week.

General Mills Embraces Collaborative Storytelling with “Hello, Cereal Lovers” Social Media Community

Convince & Convert

Inspired by the passion and enthusiasm people have for cereal, there’s a new, “Hello Cereal Lovers” co-branded social media community from General Mills that is generating buzz for its creative and collaborative visual storytelling approach. What’s unique about this community is that it’s inspirational, versus highly branded. Love cereal? You’re not alone.

How to Find Your Social Voice and Help Others Do the Same

Convince & Convert

“I’m not sure anybody’s truly themselves in social media in the aggregate.” “The one piece that rings hollow is that I’m not sure anybody’s truly themselves in social media in the aggregate ,” says Jay. Social Pros Podcast brand communities community management facebook humanization social media social media archiving Social Media Marketing social media staffing social media training Social Pros

Where Most Got Social Business All Wrong, Including Me

Convince & Convert

My first book, Smart Business, Social Business was my eyewitness account of living through this organizational change while working for large brands in Silicon Valley. Your brand needs to start thinking, acting and operating like a media company. In order for you to reach consumers with your value message, you need to manufacture an environment where you are creating, curating and aggregating relevant content – at the right time, in the right channel and to the right customer.

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10 Premium SEO Tools That You Can Try for Free (or Cheap)


Search for conversations about your brand, your competitors or relevant industry terms to find fresh mentions and links. Backlink Reports – Aggregates backlink data from several different backlink providers such as MajesticSEO, SEOmoz, blekko, ahrefs and SEOKicks in one place. If you don’t do SEO for a living but want to do some major search marketing work with your website, you’re in luck.

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Use Humor and Ridiculousness to Reach Your Audience

Convince & Convert

And from Expion , a free report on the top 50 retail brands’ social media use in 2013. ” On Facebook, though, brands are competing with your wife, with your friends, and with Krispy Kreme doughnuts, so in order to get engagement, Cisco has to put together fun content. Jess Ostroff , Nick Westergaard , Jay Baer , and Tim Washer doing the show live at Social Brand Forum 2013. Tim Washer, Cisco @timwasher.

Contagion, Social Media, and Why Things Catch On

Convince & Convert

And from Cision , a free content marketing kit to help you get the most of your brand storytelling. The researchers over at Syncapse have put together a study for 2013 valuing the average Facebook fan at $174.17. The study finds that “fans” tend to be Super Consumers and brand advocates. What is the difference, if any, between the value of a brand fan and the value of a Facebook fan of the same brand? Jonah Berger, Wharton @j1berger.

Restoring Faith in Humanity - Together

Social Media Marketing

Boston_Police) April 15, 2013 Updates to follow. Boston_Police) April 15, 2013 And then they turned to the public for help as the incident turned from rescue to investigation: BostonPolice looking for video of the finish line #tweetfromthebeat via @ cherylfiandaca — Boston Police Dept. Boston_Police) April 15, 2013 BPD asking for tips #tweetfromthebeat via @ cherylfiandaca — Boston Police Dept. Watching the events unfold in Boston yesterday was horrific.

Is Your Website in Dire Need of a Content Audit?

Writtent Blog

User experience specialist Vincent Sevilla writes that it “begins with identifying all of [your] website’s existing content and aggregating it into a master list.” However, rest assured that if you’ve learned anything about SEO or content quality during your time writing for the web, or engaged in any re-branding efforts, there’s a significant chance a content audit could revolutionize your online presence. Has your organic search traffic gone flat?

Free Summer School For Marketers

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Check out the Advertising & Branding e-newsletter along with the Technology Today one. Currently, he is curating and aggregating this amazing resource of information. Published by Spafax (a branded content and custom publishing agency), Sparksheet is a great, little gem. You don''t want to miss these shows if you''re looking for an angle that lies in between what brands want you to believe and the raging ridiculousness of what they often do to get a consumer''s attention.

This Week in Social Media – 5/29/2013

Social Media Marketing

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends 2013 edition, more bidding efforts from Yahoo, Twitter gets into the CRM business, how brands are getting social media wrong, giving employees the tools they need to be productive and more - it''s This Week in Social Media. Mary Meeker from Kleiner Perkins Caulfield + Byers spoke at the D11 conference (All Things D) on Wednesday and gave her annual update on Internet Trends (2013 Edition). A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

Mongrel Media: When Corporate Comms hijacks Traditional and Social Media

Laurel Papworth

The minute the channel becomes polluted with advertorials and infomercials (ads as content) we get confused, annoyed and it diminishes the brand. Instead of taking an ad to a content aggregator (newspaper or TV), Corporates build their own channel. Mongrel Media: Traditional vs Corporate vs Social Media. Bought vs Owned vs Earned Attention. Which will win? I’m betting on the mongrel Corporate taking over Heritage AND Social channels.

How to Promote Your Content Across Owned, Earned, and Paid Media

Convince & Convert

If you’re interested in building links specifically (and who isn’t), you may enjoy this video presentation from Carson Ward , where he used Reddit and other social ads to promote his content and found he got links at a very affordable price: When you approach these paid opportunities, they take a slightly different mentality than traditional brand advertisements or direct response ads. Prominent Placements on Aggregator Sites Like HackerNews, Reddit, etc.

Attend the ProBlogger Training Event Virtually


Are you looking for a little inspiration and guidance in your blogging as you head into the rest of 2013? In March this year when I announced the 2013 ProBlogger Event I did so quite nervously because we’d book a venue with 450 seats (up from 300 the previous year) in a new location. DIY PR to Grow Your Blog and Brand. The Problogger Training Event Virtual Pass could be just what you need.

15 Key Facts about Content Curation

Writtent Blog

Consumers are living through what’s been described as “information obesity,” and brands with a critical approach to curation realize that sharing low-quality, mediocre, or old content won’t do their company any favors. Curata found that 78% of marketers are using at least one brand-wide resource to compile, and annotate links for content curation. For many content marketers, curation is something of a silver bullet.

5 Actionable Tips to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic


Extra opportunity to share your brand/logo/URL on your profile page and provide an in-bound link. Share your Competitions with other Comp Aggregators. Sharing it with a wider community via Competition Aggregator sites can be an excellent way of pulling in some extra traffic to your blog. Many brands will be willing to do a giveaway for free in return for promoting their product. Extra opportunity to market your brand/logo/URL and provide an in-bound link.

How My Old Blog Post Got Half a Million Pinterest Views [Case Study]


Here are some clean stats for the post (as of January 21, 2013): Publish date: June 2009. Contributing author Karen Lee is a co-founder and managing partner of Green Sisterhood , a network of green women bloggers with aggregated monthly page views of over 2.5 We help companies to increase online branding awareness with content and social media marketing strategies, like Pinterest contests.

Just 24 Hours Left to Get Your ProBlogger Training Event Virtual Pass


DIY PR to Grow Your Blog and Brand. A stunning, visual live social media feed, aggregating all Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ posts and more from live attendees and virtual participants in one place. As this post goes live 450 bloggers from around Australia are boarding planes to head to the 4th annual ProBlogger Training Event on the Gold Coast, Queensland. They’re tweeting with excitement on the #PBEVENT hashtag – check it out.

3 Big Questions for Social in 2014: Celebrating 100 Episodes of Social Pros

Convince & Convert

And from Expion , a free report on the top 50 retail brands’ social media use in 2013. Take a page out of Eric’s book and, “Partner with the people who already have the audience aggregated.” Learn those “soft” skills: aggregate people skills, learn how to manage people who don’t report to you, help other people understand the vision.

SEO in 2014: Where It’s All Headed


2013 was a downright bizarre year for SEO, which is why you’re bound to see all sorts of wacky predictions for 2014. What Happened to SEO in 2013? 2013 was the most turbulent year for SEO since they invented the internet. But What Really Happened to SEO in 2013? By the end of 2013, it’s not perfectly clear what role optimizers will play in times to come. 2013 was a big year for anonymity in the same way that 1937 was a big year for the Hindenburg.

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It’s Time to Reconsider ‘Best Time to Post on Social Media’ Studies. Here’s What to Do Instead.

Buffer Social

If you are a social media manager, you’ve likely looked at ‘best time to post on social media’ studies to come up with several posting times for your brand. And finding the right times to post for your brand can help with that. Aggregated data vs unique audience. Many of these studies suggest best times to post based on aggregated data. Another guide on best times that we compiled was done in 2013!

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How Companies Like Bored Panda, REI, and Vox Are Growing Their Organic Reach on Social Media

Buffer Social

In 2013, a Facebook Page could easily reach about 12 percent of its fans with each post. In our in-depth analysis of how the Facebook News Feed works in 2018 , we realized that signals are what we marketers and brands can focus on to increase our organic reach. This is the same strategy used by brands such as REI , Birchbox , and Fedex. You can also encourage your followers to share photos of your brand by mentioning it in your Instagram bio.

Interview With a Small Business Owner Crushed by Google

Bill Hartzer has seen an almost 70% traffic and revenue hit, starting at the beginning of 2013 and hitting that low by May 2013. For those who don’t understand why companies have trademarks on their brands or what it is. Protecting that brand legally from misuse or profit by other than the TM holders. I dedicated myself to building an honest, trusted, popular brand/business when I first set up a ticket site.

Social Media Engagement is the New Social Media Marketing: How To Do It Well

Buffer Social

It started as a way for friends to connect online, evolved into a broadcasting channel, and is now a place for brands to provide personalized, human experiences with their audience and customers. This is linked to a perceived push by social media platforms to encourage brands to use advertising to boost their reach. In 2018, Facebook also announced that they would change their post ranking algorithm to prioritize personal posts over brand page posts in the News Feed.

10 Ways to Exponentially Grow Your Traffic in 30 Days


The aggregation of marginal gains. He believed in a concept called the ‘aggregation of marginal gains’, which states that if you make a 1% improvement in everything you do, they will compound into incredible results. Think long term – build a brand and become the authority on your topic. I recently discovered that Mashable wrote one article in February that generated more links and shares than 87 of their articles written in 2013 combined.

Best Demonoid Alternatives


However, the website was taken down in October 2013 after a protracted legal battle with the MPAA. The brand was founded in 2010 by Yiftach Swery , an app developer and web developer from Auckland, New Zealand. Those videos were posted on The Pirate Bay and quickly helped the brand garner a small following. By August 2011, the YIFY brand was gaining enough traffic to warrant the launch of an official YIFY Torrents Website.

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Why Customer Service is the Future of Social Marketing

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

However, when more and more people heard about the impact Digg could have on site traffic, especially because it could potentially raise awareness of these unknown brands to potentially thousands or even millions of people, clients flocked to all types of marketers so that the homepage could be “gamed,” bringing junk content to Digg’s homepage because these powerful submitters simply could. The data was aggregated by RescueTime , a great productivity app tracker.).

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LimeTorrents Alternatives


According to a report by Palo Alto Networks , In February 2013, BitTorrent was responsible for 3.35% of all worldwide bandwidth, more than half of the 6% of total bandwidth dedicated to file sharing. Tracker websites for files on BitTorrent have popped up, and large communities like The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, isoHunt, and Limetorrents have aggregated online that share data through the system. This feature may go by different branded names depending on the VPN provider.

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