The Blogosphere is Thriving


People today speak of the blogosphere as a collective term of bloggers. The blogosphere, even though it is spread across the world, can be considered as social network in itself or a community where people are inspired by each other and share information and views. The blogosphere in many ways reflect public opinion and influential bloggers are part of forming the public debate. This makes the blogosphere a powerful entity reflecting many people’s opinion.

Can Communities Serve As Perfect Add-On For Your Blog?


Tweet Written by Nabanita Roy , who is a web enthusiast and blogger currently working as a Community Development Executive at There are several community building tools for blog promotion. If you think it is time to take a leap with your promotional plans and take some new pathways for promotions, a community building tool can be a perfect opportunity. You get to know bloggers from different places, communities and of varied blogging spheres.


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Friday Fun: Bathroom BlogFest 2011 Climbing Up!

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most about the blogosphere? Whittemore asked if I would particiapte in Bathroom Blogfest 2011 and the theme was C limbing Out I knew I wanted In. The company's brand value is to create an "ambience based on human spirit, sense of community and need for people to come together." Friday Fun is Diva Marketing's virtual happy hour from cosmos to Jack to lemonade. A waiting for the weekend 'playground' time to be sophisticated-silly. Or sometimes just plain-silly.

Blogosphere Trends + Effective Calls to Action


These things all grow your blog and your community. You know that most of your readers are lurkers, but how do you lure them out to become an active part of your community? Kimberly Turner is a cofounder of Regator , a site that curates the best of the blogosphere, as well as an award-winning print journalist. Blogosphere Trends + Effective Calls to Action. You might be saying, “I’m a blogger, not a sales person. I create content.

Weekly Reads: Facebook, Marketing Trends and Social Media’s Effect on Stereotypes

Dave Fleet

Alongside my ongoing book reading challenge , I start off every day by reading the latest goings-on in the public relations, social media and tech blogosphere. Forrester: Actual Interactive Marketer Predictions For 2011. Following-up on my presentation on 20 social media trends for business in 2011, here are a few diverse predictions from an equally diverse group of interactive marketers: Ad prices increase.

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Monday’s 5 Social Media Must-Reads


How to Increase Participation in Your Twitter Chat or Any Online Community. It’s something many community sites and managers struggle with and focus on increasing. Engagement is the lifeblood of many online communities, and yet, so many struggle to reach that ‘critical mass’ of participants. 30 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips From 2011. The State of Social Marketing 2011 – 2012. Below are 5 social media must-reads that we wouldn’t want you to miss.

Online Community Activism with GetUp and Prosper

Laurel Papworth

Debate in the blogosphere is distributed – by not linking to the other side of the argument it comes across as fake, or a device to woo the reader unfairly. Regulatory affairs will become redundant, unless they learn how to work with online communities. does to look at phone and broadband plans and so on, regulatory affairs are being done by the community that evaluates then warns and penalises companies that do not meet the community’s ethical expectations.

Singapore Social Media Workshop for PR and Online Media: September 2011

Laurel Papworth

On 13th of September, 2011 I am teaching a social media workshop in Singapore, AND presenting at a conference. If you want to know how to put out a social media press release, how to set up an online community monitoring station and how to measure social media, this workshop is for you! Understand how to measure the effectiveness of your press releases in Twitter and the blogosphere and social media marketing.

Internet Fame and the True Impact of Influence


You may be aware that there is a big debate going on in the social media blogosphere about “influence&#. We’re all familiar with the mantra that we should be out there leveraging influencers in our communities in order to get the word out about our causes, brands or services… and that makes total sense from a generating-word-of-mouth point of view. Strength of Community Supersedes Influence – Geoff Livingston.

Monday’s 5 Social Media Must-Reads


By Jay Baer There are more than 150 million blogs, according to Technorati’s “State of the Blogosphere” report. The Benefits of an Editorial Calendar to Keep Your Community on Track. By Blaise Grimes-Viort In the intense whirl of managing an online community, it’s easy to make grandiose plans but far harder to stick to them. Exciting events and milestones come and go, but it’s the steady forward thrust that really matters to ensure the continued growth of your community.

Successful Blogging for Small and Medium Businesses

Akamai Marketing

Blogs for business are an outstanding tool for business, they can build community, be the backbone of your social media program, and drive traffic to your website, just for starters. Are you trying to create community? Seriously, the blogosphere is different, you are allowed and even encouraged to experiment and be creative. Share and Enjoy: Tags: blog , social media , strategy 2 Comments Dania Posted March 29, 2011 at 7:00 PM Great information.

The Brand View When Looking For a PR Pro

Waxing UnLyrical

We were looking for someone who could get the client placed in national publications as well as local press outlets like newspapers, to-do papers, community outlets, etc. If I see your “baby seal-hunting license,&# or that you are the 2011 Beer Pong Champion of the state of Oregon, you risk losing an opportunity. We had especial success in the blogosphere, but also in the Orange County Register , OC Weekly , a big L.A. This is Part 1 of a two-post series.

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10 Dreadful Mistakes that Kill Your Comments


What does it really take to build a hustling and bustling blog with a thriving and active community around it? Besides her numerous guest posts all around the blogosphere, several prestigious awards like Finalists: Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2011 , and being an all around nice gal, Kristi is always about GIVING to her readers. This is a guest post by Ana Hoffman. Kristi knows – just look around.

Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Chicago Lightning


Exploring loyalty in the blogosphere – are bloggers transient with their loyalty, or does it depend on the community? 2011 social media marketing industry report – the third annual report on everything you need to understand about using social media for marketing. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup.

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7 Reasons WordPress Rocks for Blogs

The Social Media Incubator

There are many blogging platforms in the blogosphere, the difficulty can be in knowing which one will work best for you, and will meet your blogging goals. 3. It’s open source, so there is a thriving community of developers who have created plug-ins that allow you to add powerful functionality to your blog. Did you hear about the Blogger shut-down in May that left thousands of businesses without their blogs for several days?

How Social We Are With Social Media

Ari Herzog

And the whole blogosphere enables me to converse with like-minded people. Ari Herzog provides communications services to the nonprofit and public sectors, and encourages you to join his Facebook community. The following article is written by Brandon Yanofsky. My parents love poking fun at my generation of 20-somethings. They say we lack social skills. They observe we walk around constantly looking down at our phones and never start any conversations with people around us.

Lifting the Fog of the Blog: 8 Strategic Questions Before You Write 1 Word

Convince & Convert

There are more than 150 million blogs, according to Technorati’s “State of the Blogosphere&# report. That was the theme of my recent Webinar at Blogging Success Summit 2011. Are you trying to build community and kinship around your company? And if you’re blogging for kinship and community, comments and sharing are critical barometers. Given competition of that magnitude, why should people spend time reading yours?

Want Traffic? Then Make Things Happen


Joining in online community forums that have topics relevant to your niche and indirectly promoting your blog through a URL in your profile signature can also help boost your presence. The blogosphere has been ever growing and ever dynamic. This is a guest post by Ramcel Gatchalian. The million-dollar question every newbie blogger ask is “How can I drive traffic to my blog?&#. Driving Traffic.

Blogosphere Trends + Improving Readability


The problem with eliminating all links is that linking can provide additional information, promote your old posts, support your opinion, and build community, among other things. Even if your blog focuses on a niche that uses a lot of jargon or technical terms, such as business or the scientific community, consider whether saying the same thing in another way could help you expand your reach and readership. Blogosphere Trends + Improving Readability.

Successful Blogger Outreach – What to Do and What to Avoid


Blogger outreach, when done correctly, can be a powerful way to get your name or product out into the blogosphere and in front of your target audience. My Tips : Want to know another way to see what a blogger’s community wants? This way you can see not only what is getting retweeted, but what things a blogger’s community is asking them about.

24 (of the) Best Business Blogging Guides, Tips and Tools of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

But as the blogosphere continues to expand (as noted by Diana Adams below), it becomes more difficult to stand out and be heard above the noise. Lee Odden defines the key characteristics to consider in terms of “branding, community, SEO, PR, recruiting and taking midshare away from your competition” with your blog including the URL, name, design and navigation. The Blueprint for the Perfect Blog Post (Infographic) by Business 2 Community.

BlogHerFood 11: Don't Be Afraid of the S Word "Strategy"

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I often say that the blogosphere, and now social networks, are comprised of many worlds. Each world has its own community norms and of course citizens. My main drag is social media marketing biz. I've been hangin' for several years, have made some great friends and even feel fairly comfortable "socializing" with people who I don't know. Last week I had a unique and wonderul opportunity to venture into a social media village that I'm on the fringes of.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010

Webbiquity SMM

Roundup of the Top Internet and Social Media Statistics by Awareness Community. The State of the Blogosphere 2010 by Brian Solis. It’s Budget Season – B2B Marketing Budget Trends for 2011 by Everything Technology Marketing. For anyone in marketing or PR being asked to make “data-driven&# decisions “based on the numbers&# (and doesn’t that include pretty much everyone in marketing and PR these days?),

5 Ways to Produce Content Readers Will Love


In the blogosphere, this means that you sometimes have to open up your blog to other voices in order to foster discussion among the blogging community. Report on Community News. Another way to improve your authority within a blogging community is to become the person who reports breaking news within that community. Create a tip line, follow the feeds of experts within the community, and have a thirst for always being in the know.

Diva Marketing Blog Acquired. Almost! Part II

Diva Marketing Blog

After many eMails and behind the scenes work I thought we were at the end of the yellow brick blogosphere road and the doors of the Emerald City were close to opening. Perhaps a partnership with a brand that wants to reach a targeted community might be a better fit. Who knows where the yellow brick road of the blogosphere will lead? Continuted from Part I. To sell Diva Marketing Or not to sell Diva Marketing. The bling was shiny. The opportunities were exciting.

20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012


Do you know of someone that has really stood out in 2011? ” I love Maria’s work because talented curators are needed in this cluttered blogosphere. Her work is highly regarded in the social media community and she was recommended multiple times in the comments section on last year’s list. In 2011 he created the Million Dollar Blog Project and launched his case study blog, Expert Enough. He also has a talent for community engagement.

5 Ways Blogging Can Make You a Better Person


I know I’m not the only one who stumbled into the blogosphere for one reason, only to discover other blessings and benefits as well. I have the blogosphere to thank for introducing me to the whole foods movement. An active presence in the blogosphere can transform your real-life relationships. My three young kids have the blogosphere to thank for the mother I’m becoming. Each of us reading today has been influenced in some way by the blogosphere.

The 23 Blogger Breeds—Which Are You?


The blogosphere is populous and it keeps growing. They come across as unselfish “community bloggers.&# ProBlogger is the quintessential host of the blogosphere. They do well financially, are the most respected bloggers, and carry an enormous amount of influence in the blogosphere. Disruptors create waves in the still waters of the blogosphere. The blogosphere is bigger than this article of 3000+ words, and I simply couldn’t cover everything.

What Blogging for Fun Taught Me About Blogging for Profit


Know your part in the blogosphere. Blogs can act as a community of learners, experts and interested parties. This guest post is by Becky Canary-King of Direct Incorporation. There’s really too much to say about the benefit of a good blog for your business. A well done blog can bring in new customers, establish yourself as an expert in your field, open up communication with your clients, and support your SEO and marketing.

Six Proven Secrets to Blogging Success


He was busy with his new start-up gig and I was simply bored, so I decided to take a seminar on blogging, something the rest of the creative community seemed to already know so much about. And yet the blogroll was one of the blogosphere’s features that drove our early growth. . All this contributed to making Style Me Pretty a thriving, yet intimate, online community. This guest post is by Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty: The Ultimate Wedding Blog. I write a wedding blog.

Monthly Trends + Resolutions for a Better Blog


Happy 2011! Make a resolution today to take your blog to the next level in 2011. It’s the beginning of the month as well as the year, so, as always, Regator has provided blogosphere trends for the month, and I’ll use posts about these popular stories to inspire you to make a vow to improve your blog in the New Year. 2011 will be the year that changes. How are the ole resolutions holding up so far?

Should You Even Be Blogging?!


Most of the blogosphere consists of ghost blogs with single-digit audiences, about topics that nobody really cares about. Blogging builds community. They will have experiences that you share, and that is the start of community. buzz word— community provides support and momentum , which are both critical resources. That’s the answer to where you should be commenting, engaging the community, and guest posting. This guest post is by Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing.

The 8 Most Greatest Tips to Write Unstoppably Killer Headlines Guide Ever


Nearly a year and a half into making small strides in one of the smallest niches on the Internet—the MILblog (military blog) community—our traffic started going up. In an ever busier, fuller blogosphere, we battle one another with our headlines. This guest post is by Eric Cummings and Michael Cummings of On Violence. We had one question. Our guess is that—in addition to some great guest posts—we started writing better headlines. People want to read articles with great headlines.

Have You Outgrown Your Blog?


This guest post is by Brian Milne, a longtime sports blogger and founder of the BallHyped Sports Blogging Community. In today’s saturated blogosphere, all the talk is about niche sites, and niche is a great way to make a quick buck impact: getting your site to rank quickly for super specific keyword phrases, and making a name for yourself in a small industry or at a local level.

Reading Blogs for Fun and Profit


You have to, if you want to keep up with the happenings in an online community. Either we’re trying to learn something, or we’re trying to build a relationship with the blogger or their community. Relationships… connections… community… These are some of the hottest buzz-words of social media. We may tolerate this sort of thing with family (because we have to), but we won’t do it in the blogosphere. This guest post is by Danny Iny of Firepole Marketing.

Don’t Go It Alone: Relationship-building for Bloggers


So you need people in the blogosphere. You write for people—your friends, your students, your clients, your community, your gender, or people with particular interest or issues. This guest post is by Jane Sheeba of Find All Answers. Let’s get it straight. Blogging is not a standalone job. You cannot blog in a space that doesn’t exist and to a group of virtual people. You need people—yes, living human beings, not just pairs of eyeballs—to read your.

Wealth Creation Through Blogging


If you spend some time hanging out in the blogosphere, then you will quickly realize that the whole network runs on love. You get to have your say on a topic, actively participate in an online community, and you can often leave a link to your site for people to see what you are all about. This guest post is by Shaun of MoneyCactus. There’s a blog for just about everything these days.

Accepting the Blogger’s Social Responsibility


Darren mentions the five “Cs” of blogging include content, community, points of connection, cash, and contributing something of value to the world and the blogosphere. Organize a specific day to meet with your readers to participate in a community service project. Find charities in your local community that need help advertising, and use your technical abilities to help build a blog for them. This is a guest post by Bryan Cassidy of Endless Bucket List.

Busting Facebook’s Most Widespread Myth

Convince & Convert

As mentioned above, the 16% figure embraced by the blogosphere for nearly a year makes no sense and most likely does not apply to your page. Emeric Ernoult is the co-founder of AgoraPulse , a Paris and San Francisco based Facebook Marketing Software launched in 2011. Community Management agorapulse community management facebook facebook marketing facebook page barometer

Ten Reasons PR Pros Should Blog

Waxing UnLyrical

It makes the blogosphere less frightening. And, quite frankly, the blogosphere can be daunting. If Kami Huyse hadn’t given me the opportunity (and a genteel kick-in-the-butt), I would never have ventured into the blogosphere. If I hadn’t given Bryce Keane or Herwin Icasiano a genteel kick-in-the-butt, they may never have ventured into the blogosphere.