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Eight Social Media Trends for 2012

Spin Sucks

I’ve written the eight social media trends you need to pay attention to for next year. 2012 Social Media Trends. Social TV Convergence. Today we talk about mobile, social, marketing, public relations, advertising, direct, email, customer service, and sales as if they’re working in silos. Not everyone uses social networks (yet). Results.

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The Top 3 ‘Big Ones’ in Social Media 2011


Tweet Closing in on the end of 2011, I have listed the three big “events” that in my opinion have lead to important development within the field of social media. If you have been following f8 for the last few years, I think you will have to agree that the announcements of the 2011 conference were the biggest in years. Data, data, data. Google+. Steve Jobs.

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How to Build the Perfect Facebook Fan Page, 2011 Edition

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

The new layout, rolled out to all Pages on March 10, 2011, gives over a full two-thirds of Page real estate to the Page owner: The Perfect Fan Page Leverages ALL the Available Opportunities. Avoid Flash , as it’s not supported by Apple devices.). How to Build the Perfect Facebook Fan Page, 2011 Edition is a post written by Tamar Weinberg. ]. Much More Screen Real Estate!

The Nifty 50 Top Women of Twitter for 2011

Webbiquity SMM

Few phenomena have ever spread as far and grown as rapidly as social media; obviously, this has tapped into something essential to our nature. That is what has driven social media adoption. Many of these were other B2B marketers, but others were social media experts, journalists, PR professionals, or just plain fascinating personalities. What is it? aaker.

Apple: A Case Study in Why Brands Should Control Their Stories

Waxing UnLyrical

It is very rare that social media is used to propel or hurt brands in significant business-altering ways. But when these events occur, they show the power of social media when harnessed by the people. And brands should prepare for such an eventuality with an integrated public relations/social media strategy. Apple. It is highly secretive.

2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men

Blue Focus Marketing

Today, Tom Pick ( @TomPick ), Online Marketing Executive at KC Associates , who blogs at his award winning B2B Webbiquity , and I ( @ckburgess – Blue Focus Marketing @BlueFocus360 ) present 50 remarkable men on our 2011 #Nifty50 Top Twitter Men list. Social Networking: Like Falling In Love. Contributor to the Social Media Marketing Magazine – B2B Column.

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Marketing Trends for 2011

Blue Focus Marketing

1. Social Media Tool Explosion and ROI. Marketers will accelerate efforts to identify, leverage and measure the results of social media marketing. Engagement, interactions, Tweets, Likes, and earned media all count. In 2011, it’s more about measuring the true value of social media. 2. Social Media Integration. R.E.M.

3 Resources for PR/Social Media Pros & Small Biz Owners

Waxing UnLyrical

Another ebook: Public Relations 2011: issues, insights, ideas. Let’s plaster the whole edifice with apple pie whilst we’re at it. Public Relations Resources Shonali Burke Social Media craig pearce ebook jenny schmidt kellye crane paul seaman resources valerie simonThere have been so many great resources coming my way lately, I just had to share. I love this idea!

87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012

Webbiquity SMM

Though social media marketing is now used in about 90% of companies, techniques, platforms and best practices continue to evolve. What will likely be the hot trends in social media over the next couple of years? Social Media Stats and Demographics. 56% of Americans have a profile on at least one social networking site. Social Media in the Enterprise.

Is Google+ the Next Big Social Media Site for Business?

The Social Media Incubator

Social Media Strategist Caroline Melberg feels that the site will be beneficial at some point in the future, but it might take some time. “I I think it is a bit too early for most businesses to jump into Google+ as the jury is still out on how participation will ramp up, but if it happens like I think it will, Google+ will become the first real social-business networking site,” said Melberg. Shorter term, Microsoft (Office, Windows), Apple ( App store ), companies like YouSendIt , and cloud back-up/storage companies like Carbonite , DropBox , etc.

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Social Media and Travel

Social Media Marketing

Just this week, Apple announced that it sold 37 million iPhones and 15.4 million iPads in the fourth quarter of 2011 alone. The Airlines To my knowledge, Southwest was the first airline (or at least the most prominent early on) to get involved with social media. The other airline that's going above and beyond in social media is Virgin America. million 8.1

Recalibrating Education and Businesses with Social Media Technology – Rewards & Awards

Blue Focus Marketing

Our lives are being transformed with the worldwide explosion of rapidly advancing social technologies. Today, many businesses are rapidly evolving and increasingly becoming social businesses. What we are discovering, though not surprising, is that social technologies are empowering consumers. million in 2011. Marketing Marketing Technologist Social Media Marketing

38+ Cool Social Media and Web Tools and Reviews

Webbiquity SMM

Manage all of your social media accounts from a single login on your iPhone? Make more productive use of your time on social networking sites? Find tools to do all of the above and much more in this collection of helpful business, online and social media tools, apps and reviews. Cool Social Media Tools. Storefront Social. Inefegy Social Radar.

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102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)

Webbiquity SMM

With 92% of companies now incorporating social media into their marketing efforts, it’s no longer sufficient to just “be there” on social networks. What do buyers really want from social media marketers? What is the source of the largest share of social traffic to websites? (It’s 25 Social Media Facts and Statistics.

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Interview with a social media influencer: Joost de Valk

Social Media Citizens

I had a great chance to interview Joost de Valk the all rounded online marketer who is going to be speaking at Fusion Marketing Experience event organized by our friends at Social Marketing Forum. G: Will the growth of new media platforms (mobile, tablets) effect SEO strategies? Whether that is Google or Bing or the Apple App Store: I don’t care. Enjoy!

Paywall for and Online Community Social Media

Laurel Papworth

A few nights ago, I went to the bloggers/Twitterers briefing for new digital subscriptons for news hosted by Chief Executive Officer – News Digital Media and The Australian Richard Freudenstein and The Australian’s editor Clive Mathieson. Hence the development of a microcommunity The Future of Media. Traditional Media rules Twitter – or not. Fairfax?

Should You Outsource Your Social Media Efforts?

); // Mashable | The Social Media Guide Viral Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video About Mashable Company About Us Advertise Submit News Contact Us Announcements Resources Guidebooks Lists How To Trending Mashable Awards Subscriptions Partners W3 EDGE Rackspace Concentric Sky Dynect DNS Intridea Welcome to Mashable! Can effective social media drive your business growth?

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15 Amazing Women Bloggers You Should Get to Know

Janet Fouts

One of the fantastic things about the growth of social media is how it has widened our window on the world. We live in amazing times where we can create deep friendships with people we may never meet face to face, or meet people whom we’ve known through social media networks for the first time face-to-face and it’s as if we’ve lived next door to each other for years.

Crisis Management: Six Keys to a Great Apology

Spin Sucks

Given that lines were already forming at Apple for the iPhone 4S release the very next day, and with Apple’s iOS5 getting rave reviews, this should have been a no brainer. Ragu recently launched a social media campaign targeting influential dads via Twitter. Silence is not an option in social media” – C.C. Social Media and Media Relations Measurement.

Employees Are A Critical Element To Your Social Media Success – Are You Leveraging Yours? Apple Isn’t!

SocMed Sean

Social media and social networking are both about connecting people. Without people and their personal relationship information, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter would be reduced to…well…MySpace. It befuddles me that there are still social media ostriches out there that STILL don’t trust their employees to engage in social media.

12 (of the) Best Social PR Guides, Tips and Techniques of 2011

Webbiquity SMM

What is the distinction between “traditional” public relations (PR) and online / interactive / social PR? PR pros now use tools like Twitter, PitchEngine , PRWeb and Vocus in place of fax machines, media packets, wire services and Bacon’s , but the fundamental skills of storytelling and relationship-building remain crucial. Social Media Marketing Social PR.

Has Social Media Killed Off Privacy?

Laurel Papworth

The Social Web becomes the Intelligent Web. What with Tom Tom selling our GPS data to the police that then book us for speeding, and facial recognition connecting our faces to our social networks and the privacy implications that entails, are we thinking enough about the big issues in our rush to upload, tag and share content in online communities? Oh goody!

Seeking Your Social Media Story

Ari Herzog

Onibalusi Bamidele, Danny Brown, Jeannie Chan, Christian Arno, Rob the Web Guy, Alex Papa, Joy Mystic, Chris Apple, Steven Papas, Marcus Sheridan, Kevin Lenton, David Murton, Charles Sipe, Thomas O’Rourke, Fletcher Thompson, Christopher Roberts, Brandon Yanofsky, and Tammi Kibler shared their stories through the Feature Friday series. Photo source: cohdra. Everyone has a story to tell.

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Three Steps to Building an Incredible Brand

Spin Sucks

Who doesn’t want to create the next Google, Apple, Nike, or Coke? Apple makes stuff that works. He is the co-founder of the marketing firm West Hall Media. David is also an adjunct professor of marketing and social media at Greensboro College, event speaker, and former professional golfer. Today’s guest post is written by David Horne. We trust them.

Public Relations and the Rebirth of Storytelling

Waxing UnLyrical

As a PR pro, one of the things I’ve liked best about this social media movement is the rebirth or revival of storytelling. There are times I think, following Apple and Disney, it’s like they’re putting on a marketing clinic. Apple’s always been known for the design and the “how&# they make things. Guest post by Davina Brewer. Is it? Where. Is it local?

Five Social Media Trends To Watch in 2011

Home About Archives How To Pitch SME Newsletter SME-TV Speaking Work With Me Five Social Media Trends for 2011 November 16, 2010 · View Comments Share Where is social media headed? Niche Location 2010 may have been the year of location, but 2011 will be the year of Niche Location. Gamification and Social Gaming I love this topic.

Three Reasons Twitter Is Beginning to Suck

Spin Sucks

Take a look at the results of the recently conducted Social Habit study ; Only eight percent of Americans are using Twitter, which is the least used platform among Facebook , MySpace , and LinkedIn. The reality is, it’s just not the same atmosphere and there’s more change on the horizon, especially as Apple has introduced the integration of Twitter and iOS 5. Times change. Lately?

Four Gaming Dynamics for Businesses

Spin Sucks

He discusses how the framework of social is finished (it’s called Facebook) and this next decade will be focused on the game dynamics…or influence. Sure, there is still a lot of work to be done inside social, but the actual building of the framework is complete. Even though Apple hasn’t used their influence and status as a game dynamic (yet), people have iPad envy. Appointment.

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5 Great iPad Social Networking Apps

Jason Yormark

There aren’t too many great social networking apps for the iPad, but I have found a select few that I find myself using on a regular basis. Below is the list that I use regularly that cover using Twitter, Facebook, blogging, news consumption and social/web stats. Ego ($2.99) – It’s not the most robust web/social analytics offering, but what it lacks in depth, it makes up for in simplicity and ease of use. Sometimes it’s great just to get some high level information about your web and social stats. My 9 Favorite iPhone Social Media Apps.

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Seven Ways to Change the Perception of PR

Spin Sucks

Don’t create fake social media grassroots support for your product (a practice called astroturfing ). trying to inhibit free speech is like stomping on Mom and Apple Pie. 6. Constantly build your own social media presence. This even has implications for our Twitter streams and other social networks. Today’s guest post is written by Glenn Ferrell.

5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics

Sign in with Facebook or Facebook Mashable Social Media All Social Media How-To Facebook Twitter YouTube Google+ Featured in Social Media Tech All Tech Apps & Software Dev & Design Gadgets Mobile Featured in Tech Business All Business Advertising Marketing Media Small Business Startups Featured in Business Entertainment All Entertainment Film Gaming Music TV Featured in Entertainment US & World All US & World Politics Social Good U.S. Apple: Access to Contacts Will Require Explicit Permission. Monitor Social Media Reputation.

An Interview with the Franchise King

Spin Sucks

Are you getting tired already of experts and everyone telling you to get on the social networks without a real tie to your marketing strategy or business results? There are lots of PR firms adding social media tools to their toolbox, and they should be. But they’re still doing PR, not just social media. Social media, as we’ve discussed before, is not new.

Why I’m Over Declaring Tech Tools “Over”

Almost Savvy

With the launch of Google’s new social network, Google+ , there are many who have rushed to publish opinions about the demise of other networks, most notably Twitter and Facebook. While some may argue that there are some features which are very similar those on Facebook or Twitter, it is not a straight-across apples to apples comparison. It would be redundant. Worry Not.

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Five Tools to Make Your Day More Productive

Spin Sucks

One Apple product such as an iPad or iPhone. Sync it with Dropbox and you are ready to go; all of this and the one Apple product I mentioned above. . Brankica Underwood is a social media sharp shooter who helps small businesses, bloggers, and freelancers gain followers and sales and build better websites. Today’s guest post is written by Brankica Underwood. .

Don’t Ignore Social Media’s Research Value

Convince & Convert

Co-written with Kyle Mensing , an economics grad with a creative bent who is trying to merge business and social. Is this notion of opportunity cost sometimes the key to successfully determining the value and ROI of social media? As companies start embracing social media they rightfully want to understand what they are getting for it. Social media can deliver other returns that have meaningful and measurable financial value. That doesn’t make it invalid, just not a direct apples-to-apple comparison. Equivalent Research Value.

10 Social Media Pros Pick Their Favorite iPad Case

Convince & Convert

In this, the debut edition of What The Pros Use , I polled a group of social business and content geniuses to determine what they use to swaddle their iPads. David uses the original Apple rubber case for iPad version 1. Apple Smart Cover for iPad 2, but I ensconce the entire thing in the Case SIMPL sleeve. President, Copyblogger Media. President, Social Media Examiner.

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Here’s To The Crazy Ones… Remembering Steve Jobs


The unfortunate death of Apple’s CEO and industry icon Steve Jobs took everyone by surprise, even those who were expecting it. The amount of sympathy and condolences expressed over social media may have a hit a new high, with at one point over 17% of tweets referencing his life and his death. The man was a visionary and will be missed. Steve Jobs.

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The Downside of Social Media

Engaging Brand

I love social media, I love the access to so many Social media can allow the conversations but you don't always have to give it all away! You can use those conversations to create that mystique.look at Apple who are past masters at this! Social media is a window into your brand , but ensure that the window is just a part of what you can offer.a Social Media social media apple brandthe ability to explore and discover the inner thoughts of so many great thinkers. However there is a downside for me.I

The Magic That is Apple

Waxing UnLyrical

It happened when I decided to switch from BlackBerry to iPhone , and when I decided to switch from PC to Mac (that was the first Apple product I ordered, so you can see I have slowly but surely become a #Machead). Now, I’ve never heard great things about Apple’s customer service. But Apple’s products are so good that it doesn’t matter. Every. Single.

Durex Offends, Mythbusters Ball Breaks & Apple’s Social Media Policy Leak

Jeff Esposito

Five for Friday apple Mythbusters social mediaSo this week was interesting and quick to say the least. Lots of things going on and when I got a chance to pick my head up it was time for the company holiday party. How was your week? Hopefully less hectic and if you are like me, just counting down the days until the.