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Mobile & Wireless. October 15, 2003. Here, in one of the poorest areas of Los Angeles County, I have kids who have self-esteem, who are going to college, who are being recruited to help make companies and institutions more effective, who are being treated like queens and kings by our elected officials and being recognized in front of L.A. SchoolCIO | K-12 Blueprint | 21st Century Connections | Model Intelligent Classroom | Digital Learning Environments.

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6 Tips for Building a Successful LinkedIn Company Page


LinkedIn started its life in 2003 as a resource for job seekers and recruiters, but in the intervening years, its functions have multiplied considerably. LinkedIn company pages are now used to define and drive branding. companies doing business in today’s markets, don’t get to be coy.

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Mobile Marketing Goes To The Dogs

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He kindly agreed to share his latest article about mobile marketing with Diva Marketing 's community. I have read that as many as 60 million consumers were exposed to mobile advertising in a recent month and that analysts think the mobile market could be as big as $3 billion in billings within the next 4 years. The Hound Dog Not is the mobile advertising getting bigger, it is getting more sophisticated.

10 Money-Saving Tips for College Students


It’s wise to keep your personal finances mobile. It is much better to deal with paper writing companies. Author’s Bio: Lauren Bradshaw started writing in 2003. While students learn, they should give heed to some non-academic situations too.

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What really ended EMAP’s golden days?

The Way of the Web

There’s an interesting article on the Huffington Post UK site by former EMAP Director Colin Morrison, in which he asks Who Killed Britain’s Best Media Company , and goes on to discuss the inner workings of the leadership of the company at the time, before it was split into a consumer business which was sold to Bauer, and a B2B business which continues the EMAP brand joint-owned by Apax and Guardian Media Group.

A Clearer View Of Augmented And Virtual Reality

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Top companies seek him out for his views on innovation and marketing, so NRF's Artemis Berry decided to do the same. What are some of the best examples you've seen of companies using AR or VR so far? I have been blogging almost every day since 2003. mobile. mobile app. Next week is the National Retail Federation and 's Digital Summit In Dallas.

When Analog Beats Digital Marketing

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I recently toured Austin-based Quantum Digital , a company that integrates digital technologies with direct mail, print, online, and mobile to optimize consumer response. I applaud the decision by a company with digital DNA to recognize when an analog solution is still best.

Book Review: The B2B Social Media Book

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First, five reasons B2B companies are a better fit for social media marketing than their B2 counterparts: • Clear understanding of customers (“B2B marketers go far past demographic data”).

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Eloqua, TopRank, Demandbase and More – OMS Minneapolis Wrapup

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But few companies have sufficiently sophisticated analytics in place today to do this properly. • Every two days, we now (collectively) create as much information as was created from the dawn of time through 2003 (according to Eric Schmidt)–5 exabytes of data.

Social Media "Pioneers" Tell Why

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In fact, some companies thought we were a bit crazed to encourage brands to embrace concepts like transparency, authenticity, honesty and the most radical of all … customer-to-brand, peer-to-peer conversations in public forums. Elisa Camahort Page - BlogHer @ElisaC Began blogging 2003 (USA).

How to Use Research to Create Content That Works

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He co-authored The Mobile Commerce Revolution with Tim Hayden , a book not about mobile technology, but about mobile behavior. Edison Research is a custom market research company, solving problems for clients by figuring out their audience.

The Hot Mess Dumpster Fire That Is Corporate Content

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My blog, Six Pixels of Separation , started back in 2003. The attempt at a solution for most companies was to either outsource their content creation or to assign the task to someone internally. In both cases, the person usually tasked with creating the material just isn't all that into the company, the customers, and the space that they're covering. mobile app. How many brands are creating content that you just can't wait for? . Go ahead. Make a list. I'll wait.

The Secret To Getting Picked

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Mobile phones and modems were still fairly nascent. While I left journalism long ago, the feeling of choosing myself was profound when I first started this blog back in September 2003. To put everything I would put into an op-ed industry trade piece into our own, company blog. Being picked by someone or choosing yourself and leading. which do you choose? It seems like an obvious answer.

LinkedIn, Social Media And Bubbles

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It's even harder to imagine when our media is filled with brands like Facebook , Twitter and Zynga (all of which get much more media attention than LinkedIn, and all of which are still not public companies) and we've rarely heard much public excitement about LinkedIn and their growth. The company has other revenue channels as well (recruiting solutions, etc.), and it has been focused on monetizing the platform since it first launched in 2003.

Text Messages Sent by Cellphone Finally Catch On in U.S. -

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Verizon Wireless reports that its subscribers sent more than 10 billion text messages in 2004 -- more than three times the number in 2003. mobile networks, while a text message costs only 18 cents, according to prices listed on Oranges Web site. Wireless company executives acknowledge that its not easy to persuade ordinary Americans to add a new category to their cellphone bills. Copyright 2008 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. August 11, 2005. DOW JONES REPRINTS.

eLearning & Deliberative Moments: The present and future of Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

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On the other hand, in Europe more sites use inhouse and open source implementations (Vuorikari, 2003). Software development companies are keen to make their product or service a nexus of attention. This applies not just to software for personal computers, but also for mobile PDAs.

The Future of Work Weblog

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December 2003. And thats a big reason why it can be so difficult to manage creative work and creative workers, especially when they are remote, mobile, or highly distributed. Each of these activities has a different pattern of interaction and mobility, resulting in different needs for physical and IT support. Fast Company Now. The Future of Work Weblog. The official blog for the Future of Work Community.

Technology for Small Business

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Friese found LinkedIn helped her get in the doors of companies she wanted to participate in TalentEgg. ?I MySpace: One of the earliest social networking sites, MySpace was launched in 2003 and acquired in 2005 by News Corp. But Mr. Rudnick says the other five answers, from people who have experience actually dealing with some of those companies, are probably the most valuable. The best way of describing it would be my companies? Mobile. Real Estate. Careers.

Social Media’s Redheaded Stepchild

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This is easy to understand given the fact that the HR community as well as PR people were among the dominant early adopters of the platform going back to its 2003 launch. LinkedIn allows organizations/companies to create a branded page where people can learn more about an organization, its staff, products and services for sale, or “follow” the organization so that they can receive timely updates on new happenings or staff changes. This is a guest post from Larry Jones.

IBM SJ 45-4 | Ethnographic study of collaborative knowledge work

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Companies consider knowledge workers among their top talent and are looking for ways to improve their effectiveness. We conducted this study over a six-month period in 2003 and 2004 at five different business sites in the Boston area. The participants asserted that aside from occasional use of some formal company-wide business processes such as expense reimbursement and procurement, they did not use any formal business processes. Country/region [ change ] Terms of use.