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October 15, 2003. Here, in one of the poorest areas of Los Angeles County, I have kids who have self-esteem, who are going to college, who are being recruited to help make companies and institutions more effective, who are being treated like queens and kings by our elected officials and being recognized in front of L.A. SchoolCIO | K-12 Blueprint | 21st Century Connections | Model Intelligent Classroom | Digital Learning Environments. Search TechLearning with. Databases -->.

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Why Digital Influencers Can Explode Your Company’s Bottom Line

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt has stated that every two days, the amount of information published online is equivalent to everything created between the dawn of time and 2003 – 5 extrabytes of data. Every day, 55 million Facebook statuses are updated.

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What A Three Billion Dollar Company Looks Like

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Prior to January 14th, 2003 most people knew Fadell as the person that Apple called in 2001 to help design a MP3 player that would work with their iTunes platform, because the company felt that most of the other players on the market were too complicated. Who is Tony Fadell ?

6 Tips for Building a Successful LinkedIn Company Page


LinkedIn started its life in 2003 as a resource for job seekers and recruiters, but in the intervening years, its functions have multiplied considerably. LinkedIn company pages are now used to define and drive branding. companies doing business in today’s markets, don’t get to be coy.

10 Money-Saving Tips for College Students


It is much better to deal with paper writing companies. Author’s Bio: Lauren Bradshaw started writing in 2003. While students learn, they should give heed to some non-academic situations too. Thus, most youngsters experience great problems with their money.

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5 Creative Strategies for Link Building

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Back when I started in SEO there was a company that would hand out free t-shirts by the hundreds at every conference and event. I know lots of companies do this but they were doing this before anyone else was. Most took pictures in their shirts and blogged about their company.

What really ended EMAP’s golden days?

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There’s an interesting article on the Huffington Post UK site by former EMAP Director Colin Morrison, in which he asks Who Killed Britain’s Best Media Company , and goes on to discuss the inner workings of the leadership of the company at the time, before it was split into a consumer business which was sold to Bauer, and a B2B business which continues the EMAP brand joint-owned by Apax and Guardian Media Group.

Why More Members, Money, and Ads Don’t Always Mean More Success: A B2B Marketer’s Survival Guide

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How can the respective histories and behaviors of these two companies inform the best practices for B2B marketers? The two companies were created six months apart; Myspace was founded in August 2003 and by July 2005 was bought by News Corp for 580 million dollars.

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Judge Confirms: You Have No Privacy. Get Over It.


My old boss, Scott McNealy, former CEO of Sun Microsystems, said , in 2003, “You have no privacy. He was saying that our private information was already in the hands of credit card companies, health care providers, and so many other third parties, the notion that we control this information is flawed. Get over it.&#

What Is Your Transparency Architecture?


Way back in 2003, Don Tapscott (of Wikinomics fame) and David Ticoll wrote a book called the Naked Corporation , and they have some good examples of companies that embraced transparency (without it necessarily being about salaries).

The Worst Malware Ever (and What It Teaches Us About Malware of the Future)

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In 2003, experts estimated that the worm caused between $950 and $1.2 Coming from China, the malware’s goal was to steal corporate intellectual property at a time when these companies were producing unrivaled content.

The Worst Malware Ever (and What It Teaches Us About Malware of the Future)

The Realtime Report

In 2003, experts estimated that the worm caused between $950 and $1.2 Coming from China, the malware’s goal was to steal corporate intellectual property at a time when these companies were producing unrivaled content.

Eight steps to thriving on information overload

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d post an article I originally published 10 years ago in the October 1997 issue of Company Director magazine. Information overload is a fact of life for company directors, senior managers, and all professionals. December 2003 (1). November 2003 (2). October 2003 (1).

Domain Names, Developed Domains, and Expired Domains

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So, before 2003 or so, if you had your main keyword in your domain name and your site was about that subject, then you had a good chance of ranking well in the search engines for that main keyword.

When Analog Beats Digital Marketing

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I recently toured Austin-based Quantum Digital , a company that integrates digital technologies with direct mail, print, online, and mobile to optimize consumer response. I applaud the decision by a company with digital DNA to recognize when an analog solution is still best.

My Oscar Moment: the 2015 Matrix Awards

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So I share below the gist of what I said yesterday – in the company of many amazing area professionals, each a superstar in their own right – because you are a large part of my success. I first encountered Katie back in 2003, when she graciously taught a half-day workshop on PR measurement for a San Francisco-area PR club I was involved with.

Book Review: The B2B Social Media Book

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First, five reasons B2B companies are a better fit for social media marketing than their B2 counterparts: • Clear understanding of customers (“B2B marketers go far past demographic data”).

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How to Build an Incredible YouTube Strategy: Live with Sean Cannell

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“I actually got into video way back in 2003. The owners started the company out of their house just three years ago and, at the time, were broke. Want your YouTube videos to stand out amid the myriad video content out there?

10 Tips to Be Successful on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn launched on May 5, 2003 (on my mother’s birthday) and currently has 277 million members — with two new people creating accounts every second. Tell your story — why you joined the company, what you did, why you left.

No Straight Lines / Technology makes it easy to remember,' the trick is learning how to forget

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A recent article in Fast Company. December 2003. November 2003. October 2003. September 2003. June 2003. No Straight Lines. … a knowledge worker’s waste blog … Skip to content. Home Video Games: Future of education or harmful addiction? Technology makes it easy to ‘remember,’ the trick is learning how to forget. A blog post I wrote a year ago. Playing around with David Allen ’s Getting Things Done.

Social Media "Pioneers" Tell Why

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In fact, some companies thought we were a bit crazed to encourage brands to embrace concepts like transparency, authenticity, honesty and the most radical of all … customer-to-brand, peer-to-peer conversations in public forums. Elisa Camahort Page - BlogHer @ElisaC Began blogging 2003 (USA).

How to Create a Thriving B2B Advocacy Community

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jtroyer Tweet This Giving Back to Your Top Influencers Back in 2003, VMware ‘s online community was centered around a forum. It’s a small team – just 6 people in a company of 15,000 – that manages the whole social advocacy arm of the business.

B2B Marketing needs a stronger Why

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Which reminds me of what Eric Schmidt recently said – that every 2 days we create as much information as we did from the beginning of time up to 2003. The problem is, most B2B companies don’t have a strong why. Last year I wrote about how the balance of content has shifted.

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The Life Cycle of a Social Network

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

For business promotion with social media, the growth and maturity stages would be ideal for business promotion with social media, and it could be argued that it is better for companies to adopt earlier in the introduction phase for enhanced visibility and overall socially savviness.

15 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Initiative

Techipedia: Tamar Weinberg

LinkedIn has enjoyed explosive growth since its debut in 2003. Update your profile every few months to reflect changes in what you’re doing and how you’re doing it – especially if you’re changing roles within the same company or moving to another company.

Goldman Sachs Story Highlights Classic PR Blunder


government has launched a fraud lawsuit against Goldman-Sachs for, among other things, misrepresenting to the federal government the company’s losses during the mortgage crisis, and according to the New York Times , “creating a (financial) product secretly designed to fail for the benefit of a favored hedge-fund client.”. Kozlowski and his CFO were on trial for looting the company of $600 million. A company must be truthful.

How to add Social Networking Buttons to Your Email Signature in.

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Comment by john | May 27, 2010 | Reply It is the 2003 version, is this doable? “According to the Cone Business in Social Media Study, 93 percent of Americans expect companies they do business with to have a social media presence. And 85 percent believe a company should not only be present, but also interact with its customers via social media.&# Has your company adopted a social media strategy because you felt you were "forced" to do so?

No Straight Lines / Lessons learned and learned lessons

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Most will start off in college, accumulating that basic information they need for their chosen field, then move on to a “journeyman&# stage in a company (or their own company) where they will learn how to apply that accumulated knowledge. December 2003. November 2003. October 2003. September 2003. June 2003. No Straight Lines. … a knowledge worker’s waste blog … Skip to content.

Eloqua, TopRank, Demandbase and More – OMS Minneapolis Wrapup

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But few companies have sufficiently sophisticated analytics in place today to do this properly. • Every two days, we now (collectively) create as much information as was created from the dawn of time through 2003 (according to Eric Schmidt)–5 exabytes of data.

Social Success Comes from Individuality

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Click the play button to listen here: [link] Read the full show highlights here: [link] VMware Director and Social Media Evangelist, John Mark Troyer John Mark Troyer, VMware @jtroyer VMware’s community has come a long way since its first incarnation as a 2003 forum.

Linking Up on LinkedIn


Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site. Mainly used for professional networking, the company reported more than 100 million registered users as of March 2011. With last month’s LinkedIn stock market launch the company is more talked about than ever.

Anecdote: Most Significant Change - a primer

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Company Profile. Davies (2003). 2003). Consulting Services. Keynote Speaking. About Us. Workshops & Seminars. Whitepapers. Anecdote Associates. Clients. Contact us. Categories. Anecdotes. Blogging. Books. Change management. Collaboration. Communities of practice. Complexity. Culture. Expertise location. Facilitation. Intervention design. Knowledge. Knowledge circulation. Most Significant Change. Narrative. Newsletter. Open space. Questions. Quotes. Sensemaking.

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Social media and the rise of fantasy sports

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million in 2003. So in early 2003, we’ve got over 15 million people playing fantasy sports online. Fantasy draft companies. A few companies start popping up where online players can join, and play a variety of games, with people all over the world. How Top Fantasy Draft Companies Use Social Media. Sporting goods companies. Subscription shaving companies.

The Complete Solo Build It! Review - An Insider’s Perspective

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I was quite surprised then when, 6 months later, she recommended me to take the role of Chief Marketing Officer for SiteSell, a company that has been helping solopreneurs like her to start online businesses since 1997. It hasn't been updated since around 2003, although SBI!

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The State Of Business, Brands And Marketing With Tom Peters

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In 2003, I devoured Re-Imagine! What does he think of personal brands, considering that he wrote the article, The Brand Called You , in Fast Company back in 1997 and - literally - ushered in the era of individuals as brands? fast company. Episode #429 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. I love Tom Peters. I''ve declared it before and it''s true. So, this is a total fanboy moment for me.

5 Issues to Consider to Increase Website Traffic


As of 2003, Reuters estimated the number of websites on the Internet to be about 550,000,000,000. Having an experienced Phoenix AZ SEO company or professional consultant could very well a great investment, if you can allocate the required budget for it.

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More Thoughts on Thought Leadership

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Link to Original Audio Source Link to FULL Transcript Signup for this Podcast Series About Bob Bob Buday is a co-founder of The Bloom Group and has been a researcher, marketing strategist, and writer for consulting and IT companies for 15 years.

How to develop Thought Leaders

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Link to Original Audio Source Signup for this Podcast Series About Bob Bob Buday is a co-founder of The Bloom Group and has been a researcher, marketing strategist, and writer for consulting and IT companies for 15 years.

An Interview with Founder of


Here is an interview with Cynthia, the founder of , who will talk about her company, what happened on that day, how social media helped her to handle to inform people who received the spammy email, and what she has learned from this experience.

The Rise of the Do-Leaders

Koka Sexton

When you are seen as a leader and you tell companies, clients, customers you have real world experience DOing the job, the expectation is that you are being honest. Your campaign from 2003 isn’t valid anymore.

The Silent Rise of LinkedIn to 500M Members: What Marketers Need to Know for 2018 [SSM069]

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A quick look at LinkedIn’s journey to 500 million members: 2003 (0 members): Launch. ” A goal not far from reach seeing how LinkedIn has an in-depth dataset of company, industry, and individual contact information for more than 500 million members.

Stories From Smaller Nonprofits ~ Bags of Hope Project

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For many folks who know me through my company, Daybook Network and Atlanta Daybook, they are sometimes surprised at my interest in this area. I am excited to bring back Diva Marketing's Holiday For Small Nonprofits Series.

Join us for a Webinar “Social Media Marketing for Franchisees.

Saying It Social

System Requirements PC-based attendees Required: Windows® 7, Vista, XP, 2003 Server or 2000 Macintosh®-based attendees Required: Mac OS® X 10.4.11 (Tiger®) or newer About Saying It Social: Blog: [link] Facebook: [link] Twitter: [link] Share this: StumbleUpon Digg Reddit May 25, 2010 - Posted by akstout18 | Uncategorized | AK Stout , saying it social , social media marketing for franchisees , social media marketing webinar , social networking webinar , webinar 4 Comments » [.]