How to Create a Thriving B2B Advocacy Community

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jtroyer Tweet This Giving Back to Your Top Influencers Back in 2003, VMware ‘s online community was centered around a forum. Today, despite the fractured social media landscape, their community still has one central home on the web: the VMware Community site.

31 Social Media Networking Communities For Women

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they're not just MySpace, Facebook or even Twitter. The long tail concept comes to life in the hundreds of thousands of niche communities that are exploding on to the social media scene. Ask Patty - Jody DeVere created the first community to help women learn about cars.

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[Interview] The Story Of The World’s First Global Flight Without Fuel, And How Social Media Helped


Millions of people around the world heard about this historic achievement, and Twitter played a key role in connecting the team with people who could spread their message and drive a greater uptake in clean energy. we wanted to target specific groups of Twitter users in that area.

Using Twitter for a Cause

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Koka Sexton dot Com Home About Koka Contact Twitter FULL RSS Using Twitter for a Cause Thanksgiving is wonderful. Mama Lucy Kamptoni, a savvy and passionate local woman, started the school near her home in 2003 with the money she raised from selling chickens.

[Interview] The Story Of The World’s First Global Flight Without Fuel, And How Social Media Helped


Millions of people around the world heard about this historic achievement, and Twitter played a key role in connecting the team with people who could spread their message and drive a greater uptake in clean energy. we wanted to target specific groups of Twitter users in that area.

Apologies and #Socialmedia in Crisis Comms PR

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Community Manager Note : This case triggers other issues rife with all sorts of moral and ethically challenges for the community to debate: should a young Australian man be stripped of citizenship for joining or attempting to join an overseas army?

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The Life Cycle of a Social Network

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Later, several other websites such as and Friendster contributed to the development of social networking to help reach our present day scenario, where we see the domination of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Launched in 2003, MySpace concentrated on the music niche.

Social Media: A Blessing or A Curse During COVID-19 Pandemic


Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube , Instagram, Snapchat and Reddit etc. The WHO is working with Facebook, Twitter, Tencent, Pinterest and TikTok. The online community is not like a one-way street. Social Media channels like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

What's Your Government 2.0 Personality Type?

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community, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a ton of different people, all with different motivations, frustrations, and aspirations. You would do well to shift more of your energy away from selling your product and instead focus more on providing value to the community. Thinker – You’re not on Twitter, nor do you maintain a blog. community, but because of your motivations, you also present some of the biggest risks. New York, NY: Free Press; 2003.

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My Oscar Moment: the 2015 Matrix Awards

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I first encountered Katie back in 2003, when she graciously taught a half-day workshop on PR measurement for a San Francisco-area PR club I was involved with. That’s how I got involved with measurement, that’s how I got into social media (I’ve told you how much I detested Twitter when it first came out , haven’t I?), community embraced me when I was new here; as did San Francisco back in the day.

How to Build an Incredible YouTube Strategy: Live with Sean Cannell

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“I actually got into video way back in 2003. And so we like to call people in our community purpose-driven entrepreneurs, which means that you actually start with the end in mind. Want your YouTube videos to stand out amid the myriad video content out there?

10 Tips to Be Successful on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn launched on May 5, 2003 (on my mother’s birthday) and currently has 277 million members — with two new people creating accounts every second. The Oscar Selfie Why (and How) I Forced 912 People to Unfollow Me on Twitter.

Government Use of Social Media - "In Addition to," Not "In Lieu of.

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For these internet users, government websites/Twitter accounts/Facebook fan pages/blogs/podcasts have become critical supplements – not replacements – for more traditional forms of communication. community? Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0

The Internet Could Be Closed For Business

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When I first started blogging and podcasting (in 2003), the Internet was both an open and a closed environment. People were publishing online journals and creating communities around very obscure areas of interest. While people are sharing more personal information online than ever before ( Facebook , Twitter , YouTube and online dating sites), we're also seeing a world where the dominant players are creating nothing more than what many see another "walled gardens."

My Commitment To You

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We started this Blog in 2003 as a place to express how we think about the changing landscape of Marketing, Advertising and Communications (to date, we have over 2300 Blog posts). I love serving my community. I love the fact that people care enough to read, comment and then follow along in places like Twitter and Facebook. twitter. Why do you do what you do? How often do you do it? What's the point of it all? I'm often asked many questions like this - on a daily basis.

15 Tips To Optimize Your LinkedIn Initiative

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LinkedIn has enjoyed explosive growth since its debut in 2003. If you connect your Twitter account, you can even cross-post to Twitter. Remember, this isn’t Twitter, so it’s okay to send back a private message letting your connections know that you appreciate them.

Great Content Is Like Pornography

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While the notion of content as media is nothing new (it's something I was Blogging about back in 2003 and a topic I tackled extensively in my first business book, Six Pixels of Separation ), it's amazing how new and fresh this all still is for Marketers who - traditionally - have not had to focus on the role of content creator as a core pillar of their day-to-day business. twitter. "I know it when I see it."

Every Social Network is Different: Here's What You Need to Know

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Now it seems I get most of my news from Twitter. Twitter: The Upside and the Downside Three days ago, Heath Ledger passed away. As more and more people discovered the news of the actor’s passing, Twitter was inundated with news links and statements of surprise.

A Decade of Thanksgivings

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In 2003, when we made the big move from California to D.C., Since nothing was being reported at the time, I took to Twitter to see if anyone else knew what was going on.

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Veterans Day: A Granddaughter Remembers

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I have adjusted – more or less – to the fact that I will not see my grandfather again, as he passed away in 2003. Comment as pts moderator Jagan Getting info Pending approval share On Facebook On Twitter flag Delete Hide Unhide Ban user New!

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Social media and the rise of fantasy sports

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Fantasy sports have played a huge role in shaping fans’ communities and conversations on social platforms. million in 2003. So in early 2003, we’ve got over 15 million people playing fantasy sports online. In 2006, Twitter is born. Social media makes fantasy sports a global, connected community. They’re working with affiliates like DK live (news site with 24k followers on Twitter).

The Rise of the Do-Leaders

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We all know them, the people that are keynoting at conferences, have large twitter followings and run consulting businesses on how to leverage social media. A few that were VERY upset that I was somehow putting them down with my post and degrading them in the overall community.

The Silent Rise of LinkedIn to 500M Members: What Marketers Need to Know for 2018 [SSM069]

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A quick look at LinkedIn’s journey to 500 million members: 2003 (0 members): Launch. Keep an eye on the growth of written and video content as well as an increased focus on activating influencers by brands within their community. Hailley on Twitter. Brian on Twitter.

Time for a Change

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My first day with Booz Allen was October 6, 2003. Over the last four years especially, I felt as if I was at the tip of the spear when it came to things like social media policy (this blog and my Twitter account were the first transparent, employee-owned, external social media properties), Enterprise 2.0 (I I created our now 6,000 member+ Yammer community more than three years ago), and Gov 2.0 (I

When DIY Blogging isn’t for You: 5 Alternatives to Self-Hosted WordPress


With hosted blogging platforms, the company hosts your site on their servers – just as Facebook and Twitter let you set up pages and accounts on their sites. WordPress launched in 2003, and the company is not only well established but also well regarded in the blogging world. It’s been around since 1999, and was acquired by Google in 2003. Wix was founded in 2006, and acquired DeviantArt (a popular online community for artists) in February 2017.

5 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Deciding to Blog in Another Language


Most of us international bloggers learned pretty much everything we know in English, just because the community of bloggers is there, huge, active, and available. You can reach her at [link] m or follow her on Twitter ( @stephaniehetu ) and Facebook.

Diva Marketing Talks Online Publications With Deanna Sutton, Angela Benton & Heidi Richards Mooney

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Follow Dede on Twitter @clutchmagazine Facebook MySpace Angela Benton is the Founder and Publisher of BlackWeb 2.0. In 2003 Heidi was named one of 50 women shaping the Internet by the International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

With 4 Days Before Blogger Social, I Bring You the 4×4 Meme

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I dabble in social media sites, particularly Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon. Prior to Austin (where I had to go outside the city in order to get Kosher food for SXSW), the last time I ate Indian food was in 2003. Building my first online community 4. 12484 SUBSCRIBERS FOLLOWERS Lijit Search Read more about The New Community Rules Get Techipedia on your iPhone or iPod touch! Tamar is also the author of The New Community Rules (July 2009).

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Being Lightweight: Tools We Use | Common Craft - Explanations In Plain English

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We love Twitter because its lightweight - its a direct line to part of our community that doesnt require clicking a link in email. Bookkeeping - When I started Common Craft in 2003, I bought Quickbooks because I thought was what youre supposed to do. community.

eLearning & Deliberative Moments: The present and future of Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

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Hence, they prefer the more limited view of PLEs as a configurable extension to a VLE, especially when they continue to see themselves as the monopoly technology service providers for their learning community (eg online enrolment, email addresses). 2003).

The Public Doesn't Need to Know What Gov 2.0 is, But They Do Need.

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You people in DC sure are talking a good game – trotting out your iPhone apps , Twitter feeds , blogs , and wikis - and I suppose I should care about those things, but in reality, I haven’t got the slightest clue why any of that matters to me.

Lessons along the road: 5 career pointers for new graduates

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Its roots back in the mid-2000s – and the early business use-cases – centred around building communities and solving problems. I moved to Canada in 2003 and soon after landed a temp gig with the Government of Ontario. Twitter was new.

What is Work Literacy?

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community. (5). follow me on Twitter. Om's got the wrong business model for Twitter. ► 2003. (35). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Falkayns Nest. This is my personal blog - stuff not directly connected to my businesses goes here - some of its a little spicy, so watch out for heartburn. Of course if youre lucky youll find something valuable in the mix of agile software, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, eLearning, technology, politics and marketing that I write about.

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Mobile Marketing Goes To The Dogs

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He kindly agreed to share his latest article about mobile marketing with Diva Marketing 's community. In this issue Jon's dog analogy so reminded me of Twitter! The principal watch dog for abuses in mobile advertising is the Federal Trade Commission, working under the 2003 CAN-SPAM Act. This seems to be the week to share thoughts of some of my smart friends with you. Perhaps we should begin a new series on Diva Marketing. Sharing The Thoughts of Smart Friends.

How to Build a Thriving Blog by Being Yourself


My community resonates most with me when I tell them how I screwed up, that I was scared, that I didn’t achieve something I set out to do. When I first started out in business in 2003, I was foolish. This guest post is by Natalie Sisson of The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

Social Media’s Redheaded Stepchild

Jeff Esposito

This is easy to understand given the fact that the HR community as well as PR people were among the dominant early adopters of the platform going back to its 2003 launch. LinkedIn allows users to provide status updates (much like Facebook and Twitter) or integrate other social media profiles. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter at @OffThe_Record. . This is a guest post from Larry Jones. Yeah I’ve got a LinkedIn account, but I hardly go on it.

Fifteen Years of Online Social Interactions

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I became a big fan of playing games (bingo especially) at a little hub on AOL called RabbitJack’s Casino , which was considered a unique community within the AOL borders with a close-knit group of people from all walks of life.

How Small Blogs Became 6-figure Income Generators (and How You Can Do the Same)


The ad factor: Once Pete managed to create a huge community of loyal readers, he went for the big profit makers: advertisements. Adsgadget , AOL ads , or Twitter’s new ad platform would be good places to start. Originally launched in 2003 as a designer’s reference site, CoolHunting has become an award-winning blog with a huge international audience that’s growing every day. This guest post is by Patricia Rodriguez of Adsgadget.

243: Tools and Techniques to Blog Effectively on the Road


That’s what I did back in 2002, 2003. You have to look at the amount of auto correcting mistakes that we see in text messages, the amount of mistakes that I make on Twitter when I’m tweeting because it’s clunky, my thumbs don’t quite get it right too often. Search for ProBlogger Community on Facebook and you will find that group as well. Tools and Techniques for Blogging While Travelling. Today I tackle a question from a listener about blogging on the road.

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The Most Important Blogging Analysis Ever

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This could be via word of mouth, Twitter, Facebook, or even a link from their own blog. You don’t have to get them to blog, but can you get them involved on Twitter, Facebook, or other platforms? How to Use Twitter as a Twool ( Link ) In December 08, Twitter was experiencing its first major growth surge as it started to attract people outside of the tech industry. Guy, with over 100,000 followers, shows how he uses Twitter as a tool to market his businesses.

Social Class Distinction Between MySpace and Facebook » Techipedia.

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Quite often, finding a teacher on MySpace doesn’t bode well with the community. While I said earlier in this article that old high school friends are beginning to join Facebook, I still see that many of my older friends are familiar with their surroundings within the MySpace community.

Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.

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