How Appification Is Transforming The Internet

The Realtime Report

In 2013, just 7 percent of companies had implemented a mobile app strategy, and 51 percent of companies had no plans to develop one, a FeedHenry survey found. By the end of 2017, 67 percent of small businesses will have built their own mobile apps.

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Have Blog, Will Travel: Tips For Blogging On the Road


When I started blogging in 2002, smartphones weren’t really a thing. But these days most of us travel with some sort of device, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or a combination of them. 1: Blogging from Your Mobile Phone. But some things are easy to do from a mobile.

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243: Tools and Techniques to Blog Effectively on the Road


Carmen particularly wanted me to talk about the technicalities of doing it, how do you actually get your content up online, whether you do it on mobile or iPad or some other way. For example, if I can’t get on my computer, do you find that updating via your mobile is suggested or is there a better way? What I used to do all the time, this is before the advent of mobile phone technology which shows you how long I’ve been blogging. That’s what I did back in 2002, 2003.

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3 Ways to Make More Affiliate Income as Bloggers


eBooks, mobile applications, movies), online training courses, professional services (i.e. In 2002, Darren read an article about “blogging.” Pay careful attention to: Traffic source: You can find this information from Google Analytics or the control panel of your website. Performing search keywords: Google Analytics can help you with this type of information and tell you which pages are performing best. Did you set goals in Google Analytics?