How Appification Is Transforming The Internet

The Realtime Report

The number of American adults who own a cell phone grew from 62 percent to 95 percent between 2002 and 2016, according to Pew Research Center data. This information will be processed through analytics tools as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes a growing part of app design.

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Simulations, Customer Journeys, and the Link Between What Could Happen and What Did Happen

Net-Savvy Executive

When people ask me what I do, I usually say something about exploring the edges of the market for intelligence and analytics capabilities, starting with social media data. It may sound like so much theory so far, but this is all about practical analytics for management.

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213: Blogging and Content Marketing: 10 Things To Know


10 Things I Wish I Knew About Blogging and Content Marketing When I Started. Today, I want to share the audio of a keynote I gave at a conference early last year about 10 things I wish I’d known about blogging and creating content for content marketing when I started. 10 THINGS I WISH I KNEW ABOUT CONTENT MARKETING WHEN I STARTED. Further Listening on 10 Things I Wish I Knew About Blogging (and Content Marketing) When I Started.

How to Warm Up Your Readers and Make Them Raving Fans


When I started blogging in 2002 I was a complete unknown, and the only people who knew about me and my blog were my real-life friends and the people I worked with. But what you’re really getting, as Seth Godin says in Permission Marketing , is permission to contact them again. (I’ll

4 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog in the New Year


And every January we see a spike in our Google Analytics where people are arriving from Google to articles such as ‘ How to Start a Blog ’ and ‘ Is a Blog Right for You? ’. Things have changed since 2002.

How to Leverage the 80/20 Rule for Blogging Success


In 2002, then-CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer announced that the 80/20 rule was not only applicable to the company’s product features – it applied to bugs, as well. The principle can easily be adopted as a tool for bloggers and marketers. Fact: Marketing > Content.

Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #182

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Speaking personally, I came out of the uncertainties of the mid-nineties (when Quebec voters narrowly defeated a referendum to separate from Canada) with a sense of growing optimism about Montreal, and I moved back here (from NYC) in 2002.

3 Ways to Make More Affiliate Income as Bloggers


Jayson DeMers points to affiliate marketing as an excellent entry-level place to begin monetizing your blog in this Forbes article , because it is easy to implement and free to start up (just taking a bit of your time). With the right marketing tactics, you can make money from affiliate products. This article will focus on how to make more money blogging via affiliate marketing. There are two key elements to making good money from affiliate marketing.

Paywall for and Online Community Social Media

Laurel Papworth

From Mumbrella : But to recap, it’s a “freemium” model – enough free content to hang on to advertising revenue; with the more exclusive, analytical and opinion stuff likely to be behind the wall. REVENUE ONE: Marketing Intelligence (bottom right quadrant).

207: Smartphone and Tablet Apps for Bloggers


One of the biggest changes that has happened in my blogging since I began back in 2002 is the technology I use. Analytics. Google Analytics for iOS. Google Analytics for Android. One of the biggest changes that has happened in my blogging since I began back in 2002 is the technology that I use. The next category I want to talk about is analytics. I can also dig into the main categories of Google Analytics, your audience, your acquisition, your behavior.

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Personal anticipated information need

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Observing and generalizing a concept of information need which exists in an individuals head as an inner motivational state is a challenge ( Grunig 1989 ; see Case 2002 : 65). She uses this composite as an analytical lens for focusing on the constructive processes of information use for thinking, reflection and learning. 2002 ), for example, placed references to potentially useful but unanalyzed Web information into his list of Favorites. 2002). 10 No. 3, April 2005.

246: 9 Ways to Accelerate the Growth of Your Blog


In today’s episode I want to share my keynote at this year’s Social Media Marketing World – 9 Things I Wish I Knew About Blogging that Will Accelerate the Growth of YOUR Blog. Social Media Marketing World. Social Media Marketing World last year’s virtual pass. In today’s episode, I want to share with you a recording of a talk I gave this year at Social Media Marketing World. Hope you enjoy my talk from Social Media Marketing World.