Why Hashtags are Spam #hashtags

Bill Hartzer

Hashtags are spam that need to go away. According to reports that have hit the mainstream media lately, Facebook has just (finally) gotten #hashtags. So, why are hashtags spam? When you insert a hashtag, you’re adding a keyword or keyword phrase in order to categorize it.

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The month ended on a comical note, with the hashtag #Pray_For_Neasamani trending first in India and then worldwide. Neasamani, however, is a fictional character from a 2001 Indian film who gets wounded after his employee drops a hammer on his head. Noticing meme accounts blowing up with this hashtag, brands were quick to piggyback on this trend. Keep an eye on the hashtag—you just might find inspiration for your next tweet there!

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10 Reasons Celebrities Are Better at Instagram Than Brands


Her New Year resolutions post checks several items off our Instagram caption checklist , including tasteful hashtag use and a friendly call-to-action. The first @theacademy Awards I ever went to was in 2001 when I made a fake pass and snuck in. Let’s be real.

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Social Sharing – Getting News Content Right in 2011

Proactive Report

Many people on Twitter use hashtags to categorize content, so you should leave space for that too. Their challenge in 2001 is to differentiate themselves and the news they cover.

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Hawaii Officially Dips Toes in the Waters of Social Media

Bare Feet Studios

I tripped across this article from 2001 (!) Brown June 8, 2009 at 5:39 pm Hi Roxanne, Whie I wasn’t part of the HTA blogger trip, I was in Maui at the same time and enjoyed following the Twitter hashtag tweets from the group.