Fri.Feb 23, 2018

Saying It Social

3 New Trends in Retail Customer Acquisition


In 2016, e-commerce fueled over $360 million in sales within the United States. Experts believe that the value of products sold to consumers will reach $638.1 million by 2022. The way that retailers acquire customers online has changed significantly over the last decade. The days of mass marketing have ended. Today, brands need to find more authentic ways to connect with their existing and potential customers.


Media's New Business Model: Surveillance Capitalism

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The struggle is real. Brands simply no longer know where to put their money. It's easy to build a dystopian vision about the current state of digital, but it's less about a current media dystopia and more about threading the needle between several key facts the marketing industry is currently experiencing, and then drawing our conclusions from there. Before diving into the current day realities, what was the job of the media world?