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Article Distribution Sites with a PR 3 or Higher | Freelance.

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Distributing articles can help build links to your website. Below is a list of distribution sites with a PR of 3 or better. If you have any to suggest that

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Social Networking Online and Non-Profit Organizations | Freelance.

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As budgets and fundraising levels for non-profits get smaller, more organizations are turning to using social networking online as an essential part of their

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Free State Social 2010 – Lawrence KS #FSSocial | Freelance Social.

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Whitney Matthews (@WhitneyMathews) announced this morning a social media conference being held April 2010 in our backyard-Lawrence, KS. The conference is

Tips on how to use Twitter if you're a business

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It's great to see new businesses and organizations join Twitter! I've had the pleasure of sitting down with a few of them and share tips on how to use Twitter. Here's a few I think are helpful: Keep in mind you only have 140 characters

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

How to monitor your athletes on Twitter

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We've created a PDF document for coaches, administrators, and management to help them monitor and guide players on Twitter. Education is the key! The document covers: The basics of Twitter; Tips on guidelines for your players

Twitter Reaches Deal with Google and Bing

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Looks like you'll no longer need to visit search.twitter.com to search for twitter updates. Marissa Mayer from Google put it best, “the next time you search for something that can be aided by a real-time observation, say

The CIA is Watching Your Every Tweet

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Not just what you tweet, but your Amazon book review, your Facebook status, and your blog comments. According to Wired.com, the CIA is investing in Visible Technologies, a software firm that specializes in social media monitoring

Updates Working in Uncharted 2

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Today I took a look at my replies and saw some people have commented on a recent status update regarding #uncharted2. I hadn't said anything about it so I knew that the game was posting to my twitter account on it's own

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Twitter Updates Disabled in Uncharted 2

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Ok, so I went out and bought the new PS3 Game, Uncharted 2 today. I was excited to try out the built in Twitter functionality that I wrote about a few weeks ago. Well, I popped it in and set up everything including my Twitter

Great American Beer Festival and Twitter

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Great American Beer Festival. Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in Denver, Colorado for my third year in a row. The GABF is a collection of American breweries and their best beer at the

Google Wave Tips and Tricks, Twitter | Freelance Social Media

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Wave Tips and Tricks was started by Sam Davyson Find the wave here The first 7 tips posted are below: 1. Mark read waves as read. This keeps your

Google Wave for the Virtual Office

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Well, we've had our invites to Google Wave for a little over 12 hours now and although I may have slept for part of that time I have had some vision for ways that LangfordSevier can integrate this service into our virtual office

Google Wave Invites Being Sold on Ebay

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Invites going for as much as 72 bucks? This has to be breaking Googles Terms of Service. Google Wave Invite on Ebay. This content from: Freelance Social Media. Google Wave Invites Being Sold on Ebay. Bookmark to

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

8 minute video explaining Google Wave

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This content from: Freelance Social Media. 8 minute video explaining Google Wave. Bookmark to Add '8 minute video explaining Google Wave' to Del.icio.us Add '8 minute video explaining Google Wave' to digg Add '8 minute video explaining

Social Media and Video Games

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Not actually part of the game. I just downloaded the Uncharted 2 Demo on my PS3 to take a look at what is touted as the best graphics the system has seen to date. When I got inside to check out the options I was greeted with something I

Google Wave: Thoughts after an hour of testing

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Promising. Here's what I took away from an hour of testing Google Wave. Gadgets are fun, but the Extensions are going to be where it's at. Right now “settings” is under construction, so I wasn't allowed to add extensions

Google Wave Invites Coming

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Google announced that they're going to let 100000 users into the Google Wave Beta today. I have my fingers crossed for one and If I or Jacinta get in we'll let you know all about it. I'm super excited about this new addition to the

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

Sports Teams: Times Have Changed, Adapt!

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I cannot help but remember Bob Dylan's song “The Times They Are A-Changin'” when I think of how some sports teams are handling social media. The Texas Tech football program is the most recent example of the mishandling of social media

AT&T Files FCC Complaint Over Google Voice

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Earlier today Techcrunch reported that AT&T sent a letter to the FCC complaining that Google was violating net neutrality principles by blocking calls that Google Voice customers make to telephone numbers associated with certain local

Tweetpeats: When Twitter Meets Television | Freelance Social Media

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I love television. I also love Twitter. So, why not combine the two? TwitterVision? FOX Broadcasting Company is ready to utilize the social media

Justin Timberlake Loves Social Media and You Should Too

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Musicians have historically been good at embracing the web. They understood the importance of being on Myspace and connecting on the same platform as their fans. Just look at what the internet did for the Arctic Monkeys back in 2005

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Social Media Revolution

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This content from: Freelance Social Media. Social Media Revolution. Bookmark to. Add 'Social Media Revolution' to Del.icio.us Add 'Social Media Revolution' to digg Add 'Social Media Revolution' to reddit Add 'Social Media Revolution' to

Facebook Lite or Facebook Throwback?

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I've seen several articles posted today about Facebook testing a new version of it's service, Facebook Lite. It appears that Facebook is looking right at Twitter with this version which is centered around status updates and very little

Employers Use Twitter to Find Potential Employees

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For awhile now Twitter has been one of the top networks to search for jobs. If you are looking to hire or get hired try using the following hashtags: #jobs #hiring #tweetmyjobs. You should also include the city or state you are

Traditional Media Meets Twitter

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Every year on the third Thursday in July, 5000+ people flock to downtown Lawrence, KS for the annual Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale. As a way to keep track of deals happening at the event the hashtag #swsale was created

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

Integrating Social Media in Email Marketing Campaigns | Freelance.

Freelance Social Media

Online marketers are increasingly seeing the benefits of integrating social media into their e-mail marketing campaigns, a recent study by StrongMail Systems

Land Rover Hashtag-Twitter Hashtags in Advertisements | Freelance.

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I've seen recently that some advertisers are starting to use Twitter's hashtags in their advertising. Land Rover used it in a recent campaign as mentioned on

Google Voice and grandcentral

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I signed up for grandcentral last summer before they stopped accepting new accounts. I didn't have any need for it at the time but I felt it was a pretty awesome application and it sparked my interest

Newspapers get online! Find a way to monetize

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Dear Newspaper, Are you online? I'm tired of hearing about newspapers going out of business. Local, college, national…you're all hurting. If you aren't online then make it happen. Ellington CMS can provide everything you need

Maximizing LinkedIn for Business

Get started on truly maximizing your LinkedIn presence with this informative eBook.

#GNO the most popular hashtag every Tuesday night | Freelance.

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I was browsing popular hashtags a couple of weeks ago and found the tag #gno to be the most popular. Of course the first thing I wondered was what gno meant

Facebook Connect Launches First Widget

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“Today, we're launching our first social widget for Facebook Connect, the Comments Box. The Comments Box is a great way for any website, blog or photo gallery to add social comments to their page in just a minute with a few lines of

Coming soon to Facebook Pages

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This content from: Freelance Social Media. Coming soon to Facebook Pages. Facebook Pages can be a very powerful tool for businesses, especially when utilized the correct way. insidefacebook.com has reported some updates that will be

PPC as a Luxury, not a Business Model

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This content from: Freelance Social Media. PPC as a Luxury, not a Business Model. I've recently been dealing with a client that has been dealt the bad hand of seeing success through ppc advertising. Before I was involved with the