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Star Ratings for Facebook Local Pages!

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Now, this is becoming interesting. Facebook used to have a Reviews slot in the Page timeline for local pages. But now the star ratings are showing up absolutely at the top and are very visible. For a local player it means that it now has a place where it can show up reviews, ratings and.

Content Marketing In The Social Age

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Recently there was an article in Forbes magazine about how TV is not going anywhere and that TV Content viewing is increasing after the onslaught of social media.

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ebay X.Commerce & If Indian eCommerce has Missed the Bus?

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ebay is gradually but steadily& seriously working towards becoming the dominant ecommerce player if the world. After having been beaten by Taobao in China and observing the surge of Amazon as a cloud-marketplace, it’s not unnatural for ebay to initiate what it calls X.Commerce.

4 trends for online coupon sites in 2013

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A recent Comscore- Pulse of the Online Shopper study (June 2013), shows that “consumers want more choices when shopping online.” ” Of course more choices lead to comparison.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right.

Social Media and the New Workplace!

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Some time back I wrote an article in The CTOForum Magazine about how social media is impacting the next generation enterprises.

5 Quick Tips for Building your Personal Brand!

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One of my friends asked me about giving tips of how to create personal branding via social media, and I thought of sharing the tips with all of you. Before you read the tips, one caveat, personal branding or reputation of any sort takes time to get build. One can invest money to buy media.

Big Data and Why its #fail for CMOs who just hang-out with their creative agencies!

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90% of the data in the world has been created in the last 2 years alone! What does that mean? That most of our knowledge of the world, and consumers is very new and it’s a dynamic view, given the pace of knowledge creation in such a short period. This huge pile of data, streams. Digital Insight

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How Restaurants & Pubs Should Use Social Media

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dotConverse (, my social media agency, took up a project recently with Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen (An American brewery with sole licence given at Gurgaon in India). We took up the project when things were very low for Lemp (extremely negative word of mouth on social and review platforms) and there was no organized or. Digital Insight Digital Learning Digital Marketing

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations.

Is Your Brand Ready To Get Dirty? Don’t Go Social, If The Answer Is ‘No’!

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It’s important to realize that the moment a Brand steps into the social media, it should be ready to get a bit dirty. It should be ready to mingle with diverse people and get some of their dirt on its polished untouched body and transfer some of its glitter and fragrance to others. The irony. Digital Insight Social Media Marketing

Social Media 5000 Years Back!

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Most of us in India have read Ramayana many times over, and are awestruck on how Lord Rama, defeated the world’s most powerful king at that time-Ravana-even though Lord Rama started off alone with his brother in his quest, without any army, infrastructure or wealth.

How a Start-up is Boosting the Indian Economy in a Small Way!

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About 4 million young people graduate every year in India.(This This includes engineering graduates), which makes us a nation with one of the largest pool of talented and skilled population in the world.

Online Classifieds in India & The Bottom of Pyramid

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At first we thought it was a joke! A buffalo listed on our classifieds portal- We decided to do a telephonic check. Each ad on passes through a moderation check, and a few also go through telephonic check even after they appear on the site.).

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Why ‘Locals’ is the Way to Go!

Atom Thought Google attempting to buy Groupon at USD6B is just one sign that signifies the importance of a local strategy/portal. Equally important is the online user behaviour which is tilting in favor of local.

A World Gone Social

Learn how companies must adapt to survive.

The Sharing Economy

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If I ask you to rent out your car when you are not using, and make additional money ; perhaps the answer would be ‘no’, at best you would skeptically ask “do these concepts work”?

Word of Mouth? Viral? Social ? What’s the difference?

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Yesterday while discussing on org structure with a colleague, I came across a topic which propelled me to write this post.

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The Farce of India Digital Awards & Finding The Right Way!

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I have a problem when we award a single person. For India it’s too early in the game to recognize any single person for contribution to the digital economy. The reasons are simple: 1. We are in a stage of trial and error. No one can claim that he/she has the recipe for success and. Digital Insight


Why Marketplace Model Is #Fail For Ecommerce?

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Internet was conceived with a promise and hope that it will cut the intermediaries.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls.

5 Brand-New Ways To Increase LinkedIN Showcase Page Followers

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It’s a really difficult thing to increase your followers on LinkedIn company/showcase pages. The reason is simple, LinkedIn does not have the same virility inbuilt as Facebook. Also, LinkedIn genetically is more about your personal thought-leadership than company’s.

3 guidelines to empower your local marketing

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I was reading a recent issue of Forbes India where they enlightened readers on the FDI and one of the statements caught my eye. That statement was by a FMCG/Retail executive who stated that consumers’ tastes and preferences vary every few hundred kilometers. Infact there is a sea-change of difference between consumers of Pune and. Digital Insight

How an internet start-up is marketing itself to the media!

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TheWhizTimes, a unique platforms for kids and families, initiated a very innovative PR campaign this week. Before we talk about that, here is a brief about, started by an ex-Nokia Head of earned Media and a social and online media veteran-Shalabh Pandey in Singapore, plugs a very relevant gap in today’s society and. Digital Discover News

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Is TV Advertising Really Helping OLX or Quikr?

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The major challenge of a classifieds platforms in India today is to get listings or sellers. That’s why all the ads by a classifieds portal talk about posting a listing or ask you to sell something.

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How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Manage Your Employees’ Social Media Behavior & Save Yourself From Embarrassement

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Many of you would have read about how an employee of AOL was fired about 6 months back because he was clicking a photograph during a meeting. He was fired in front of other co-workers and about 1000 others connected via a conference call. The email and the audio clip of the conference call was. Social Media Marketing

4 Top Facebook Mistakes by Companies in 2012

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Treat Facebook to push Press Releases: More often than not companies push their press releases intended for newspapers and magazines on Facebook. We have seen this become as bad as publishing scanned images of the press releases.

Social Media -Outsource or Not?

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Social Media Outsource. As owner of a blog, a facebook page, a twitter account and a linkedin group I take out extra time to give adequate attention to each one of them.

The Fall of Facebook?

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I noticed crossing 700 friends on linked in and over 300 friends on facebook; not so great when someone told me that he has over 1000 fans on both linkedin and facebook!! But this also triggered a couple of questions in my mind: 1.

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media.

2 common-sense mistakes of the TV spending internet CMO!

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Not creating a specific and customized landing page for TV Viewers- The excuse of an internet company squandering VC money on TV is- ‘we are expanding reach’. I think that’s half-truth. This implies that TV does expand reach, but reaches out to many people who are not completely ready for the internet experience and. Digital Insight Digital Marketing

A Canon to Shoot an Ant!-An Infographic

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When an internet firm chooses to advertise on TV, it does so knowing that almost 75% of the audience are not internet users. What are the compelling reasons for an internet firm to run after TV advertising? If you have the answers, feel free to comment! Related Posts: Are We Using Internet To It’s Fullest? Digital Feature

9 Top ‘Jugaads’ on Pinterest!

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The term ‘jugaad’ originated in India and is used widely to describe a creative idea, a ‘fix’, a quick workaround or an improvisation. How did this term originate? Yukti>Yugat>Jugat>Jugaad. Yukti is a sanskrit word which transformed into the word ‘jugaad’ Find here 9 interesting ‘jugaad’ items posted on Pinterest from all over the world. Digital Feature

Why You Should Sack Your Social Media Agency Now?

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What are people not doing in the name of Social Media Marketing! Creating funny videos, writing dummy comments, pasting banners on facebook, making false promises, expecting unexpected, the list is endless

Maximizing LinkedIn for Business

Get started on truly maximizing your LinkedIn presence with this informative eBook.

Are We Using Internet To It's Fullest?

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Coming straight to the point- I ask you - Are we using the internet to it's fullest? Is internet being used for the very purpose it was designed for? Let's look at the consumer behvaior. Most of us think that internet is about finding


10 Social Media Ideas For Magazines

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Online Classifieds-Is It A Winner Takes All Market?

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I discussed this question with a few people in the industry (internet) and frankly I was dissapointed because. many of them without any concrete logic expressed their agreement with Online classifieds being a winner takes all market. It’s easy to describe a market as ‘Winner Takes All’ It’s easy because it gives one an easy way out of many questions.

How to Boost Reach, Attendance and Engagement for Your Next Event?

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Some time back ‘atomthought’ as a media partner to a national digital event, created a live hangout and streamed to all it’s readers.