[Wireless] Get Your Social Game Ready for the Internet of Things
    The short version is that virtually anything with an On/Off switch can be, will be, or already is wirelessly connected to the internet, providing a stream of data and behind-the-scenes conveniences that consumers are just starting to take notice of. Welcome to the Internet of Things. Even as social is becoming just another fact of life for both consumers, brands, and marketing pros, a new wrinkle is starting to emerge. There is already an acronym for the new game-changer:  IoT, or Internet of Things. Healthier Social Conversation. Keep Up, or Be Left Behind. Keep Things Personal.
    [Wireless] My Favorite Things 2015 Edition
    UrbanEars Platten ADV Wireless Headphones – While I typically use my noise cancelling in ear Bose headphones for most of my headphone listening, I really wanted a wireless pair of on ear cans for more casual listening and workouts. Every year I like to write a blog post that recaps some of my favorite products or services I experienced that year. While I didn’t host a talk show announcing my favorite things and giving them away to a screaming out of control crowd, I am posting them here for you to get for yourselves. Feel free to scream if you’d still like.
    [Wireless] Twelve of My Favorite Things
    Beats Wireless Headphones. Communication 12 Days of Christmas iPad thomas keller fitbit lululemon bose headphones peloton app beats wireless trek madone trek bike evernote moleskin amazon echo alexa c o bigelow shunBy Gini Dietrich. On the twelfth day of Christmas, Spin Sucks gave to you…12 of my favorite things,  11 PR professionals to follow , 10 holiday movies , nine PR gifts , eight PR trends ,  seven PR blogs , six must-watch PR webinars ,  five PR books , four PR podcasts ,  three productivity tools ,  two Spin Sucks Crazy secrets , and the one PR tool you need for 2016.
    [Wireless] This Holiday Season Brings Surprising Deals and a “December to Remember”
    With the majority of those tweeting #Thanksgetting in a negative light, the wireless provider might have to reconsider what they promote during future holiday seasons. Business: Lexus & Barneys Team Up for ‘December To Remember’ The iconic red ribbons are riding back into holiday advertising, as Lexus launches another December to Remember. Like years prior, the luxury vehicle manufacturer is telling the story of gifting Lexus cars holiday as presents to your loved ones. This year, a new partnership with Barneys New York is bringing even more attention to both brands.
    [Wireless] What Happens When you Selfie & Drive…
    recent study conducted by CTIA ( The Wireless Association) revealed that Americans’ have increased their security measures on their smartphones, & tablets. Virginia Tech is all smiles. A big shoutout and congratulations goes to Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. So what’s all the ruckus about? Well, history was made when the first fully automated self-driving car hit the Interstate 395 pavement. The expressway is known as one of the nation’s most saturated, and congested highways. We wonder when we’ll finally be able to sleep in the driver seat.? Source WDBJ7). Source MSN).
    [Wireless] Dell Purchases EMC
    Releasing on October 20th, a Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows , will allow Xbox gamers to also play on Windows devices with their Xbox controller. What to say when your friend tells you about their big splurge…. What is being called the biggest deal in tech, took place Monday morning. Dell just spent $67 billion in cash and stock to purchase data storage company EMC. That’s a lot of money. With this purchase, Dell wants to find themselves again and reinvent their security and storage. But if not, let’s hope Dell didn’t just waste a lot of money. Source: USA Today ). Source: Bloomberg ).
    [Wireless] 4 Gadgets You Can Use to Do Your Social Media Marketing on the Go
    As you choose your set of travel-friendly gadgets, consider that the right gadgets will be able to seamlessly integrate wirelessly. One of the greatest things about being in charge of the social media marketing for a company is the flexibility. You can work basically anytime, anywhere to accomplish your tasks. You can even work while you’re on vacation! Just imagine leaning back in a lounge chair with your toes in the sand, sipping an ice cold beverage with the soothing sound of ocean waves in the background. Apple leads the market with this capability. iPhone 6 Plus. The screen is 5.5
    [Wireless] 4 SEO Tactics That Damage Your Brand’s Reputation
    Recently, we worked with a company called Eyefi, which makes wireless SD cards, to help boost interest in its brand. Image via BigStockPhoto.com. From a marketing perspective, you’ve got to feel at least a little sorry for SeaWorld for the utter devastation of its sterling brand. For decades, its parks were a fun, wholesome place to take the kiddos. Then, the movie Blackfish  ruined our collective joy from watching Shamu shows, and SeaWorld has been in PR damage control mode ever since. Managing corporate reputations is tricky in the modern era, as SeaWorld proves.
    [Wireless] Advancement of Mobile Processors & Future of Computing
    SanDisk is promising solid-state drives with 10-year warranties, storage space up to 1TB, and read speeds up to 550MBps; wireless charging, docking, and data transfer could soon become commonplace , all but eliminating the need for wires; and mobile processors like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon are set to become faster and more powerful than ever before, which could finally make the promise of voice and gesture control a reality. Mobile processors have come a long way. We simply take for granted that computers will become ever more capable as time marches on. From Small Beginnings.
    [Wireless] 2015 Macbook Review
    This is definitely a machine meant for wireless connectivity. If you’ve read my blog for any period of time, it’s no secret I’m a fan of Apple. Despite my love for the majority of their products, I’m not without an ability to point out when they fail (Apple Music…eck). But once again I’m blown away by the technical achievement of their latest offering, the new Macbook. For the past few years I’ve worked on a Macbook Pro, and loved every minute of it. find the whole argument tired and pointless. To each their own. Absolutely. What I Love. Check.
    [Wireless] Last of the LIFT Clips — on ConverStations
    might have to grab on of these: COOL TOOL – Mikme Wireless Recording Microphone. Over the past few years, the LIFT Clips series has presented hundreds of videos to inspire, inform, and educate business owners using the LIFT framework. We presented four videos to help owners to LEARN, IMPROVE, FIND FLOW, and THINK about their business, life, and growth in general. As we continue to build out SmallBiz LIFT , the LIFT Clips will continue there – sometimes one video at a time, other times a series that fit a theme. It might look like this: FLOW: Too Many Topics of Passion?
    [Wireless] Chryslers can be hacked over the Internet
    flaw in the wireless service Uconnect that connects these cars to the Sprint cellphone network. Wireless connectivity — now standard in nearly every car — has upped the risk. CNN – A flaw in several Chrysler models lets hackers remotely control them over the Internet, posing an unprecedented danger for American drivers. Hackers can cut the brakes, shut down the engine, drive it off the road, or make all the electronics go haywire. The core problem? But Miller said there could be other vehicles with this weakness that he isn’t aware of. On Tuesday, two U.S.
    [Wireless] T-Mobile Continues to Conquer
    It is now known as America’s “Uncarrier”— a title that has disrupted the wireless communications industry with a bold statement and stance against competitors and most importantly, fits the needs of today’s mobile device consumers. mobile’s position of standing up for every US wireless consumer by calling out regular industry practices that are wrong and then providing the better alternative has made the brand reach complete success. The company began with 33 million customers in 2013 when it rebranded and today, has 55 million and counting. It also generated $7.8
    [Wireless] Coming Soon: The LIFT Canvas
    Related Stories LIFT Quotes: LEARN; IMPROVE, FLOW, THINK METHOD: Scanning and Saving Before Sharing GUEST: The New Landscape of Small Business Financing COOL TOOL: LG Tone Ultra HBS800 Wireless Headset. It has been said that we don’t really own what we know, until we articulate it. For the writer, it’s pen to paper. For the artist, paint and brush on a canvas. For the musician, notes played. You get the idea. Some of the best business thinking become lost in thought, never being articulated into ideas, let alone plans. Whiteboards. Post-it Notes, Blog posts.
    [Wireless] COOL TOOLS: A list of COOL TOOLS Shared
    Related Stories COOL TOOL: LG Tone Ultra HBS800 Wireless Headset MyCreativeShop Empowers Owners Through Online Design Tools to Love in LIFT Clips 02-14-15 Top Collaboration Tools for Better Employee Communication. As part of the recent tweak to our  Twitter prefix practice , mostly for use with LIFT Resources , one popular category has been COOL TOOLS. Like this great list of resources and tools: COOL TOOLS: 113 Visual Marketing Tools and Apps [link] by @JDScherer on @Wishpond. Mike Sansone (@mikesansone) June 19, 2015. Here are ten of them. Give a Boost to Your Business. Cool Tools
    [Wireless] Week in Review: Posts and LIFT Shares, June 14 – 20, 2015
    COOL TOOL: LG Tones Wireless Headset. Week in Review  June 14 – 20, 2015: Posts and Podcasts from  ConverStations , Armchair Articulations , and LIFT resources shared on Twitter ( @mikesansone ): This Week on ConverStations. METHOD: Write in Slices. You Must Go Through Ugly to Get to Pretty. Pause: An Opportunity to Reorient. The New Landscape of Small Business Financing. Goodness and the Simplicity Cycle. WATCH: How to LIFT on LIFT Clips 06/20/15. LIFT Resources Shared on Twitter This Week. On June 1, we launched a new site and a daily newsletter called LIFT-a-DAY.
    [Wireless] COOL TOOL: LG Tone Ultra HBS800 Wireless Headset
    One tool I use that covers each of these areas is the  LG Tone Ultra HBS800  wireless headset, a near-permanent fixture while at work and rest. COOL TOOL: LG Tone Ultra HBS800 Wireless Headset is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading COOL TOOL: LG Tone Ultra HBS800 Wireless Headset ! Hands-free driving? Check. Hands on the keyboard? Check. Time and attention can be fleeting. Tools and devices that help focus, produce, and maintain a good flow are valuable. If I get a call, I tap a button on the headset and hold a conversation. Indispensable. Cool Tools
    [Wireless] SpaceX founder files with government to provide Internet service from space
    And a previous effort by a firm called LightSquared to use satellites to provide wireless service fell apart three years ago, despite initial backing from the FCC. In the mid-1990s, Teledesic, a company funded by Gates, legendary wireless executive Craig McCaw and a Saudi prince, tried to employ a similar plan to use low-Earth-orbiting satellites to provide Internet access. The plan calls for launching a constellation of 4,000 small and cheap satellites that would beam high-speed Internet signals to all parts of the globe, including its most remote regions. FCC to support.”.
    [Wireless] Entering a New World of Office Computing
    Take the gambling market, for example, where enthusiasts can now play roulette   online or through a wireless, mobile platform. Whenever we talk about the worlds of commerce and business in 2015, one of the central points for discussion is innovation. This occasionally has a generic value, however, as it is sometimes applied to a specific market or sector where the level of technological advancement has remained relatively staid. Take the typical workplace, for example, which continues to resemble that same format that it had two long decades ago. B2B Mobile Startups Tablet
    [Wireless] Google’s Project Fi Invites To Reach Everyone By Mid-Summer
    TECHCRUNCH -  Project Fi ,  Google’s recently announced plans to offer its own wireless cellular service , appears to have a lot of demand – or at least, that’s what an email sent out to potential customers seems to imply. The email informs those who previously registered their interest in trying out the new service that, due to the  number of requests Google has received, it will likely take until mid-summer before invites make their way to everyone. Given that it’s nearly June, that’s not as far away as it sounds, of course. So far, Google says the early feedback has been positive.
    [Wireless] How is Social Media Used in Business Globally?
    You may not have heard about Ehsanollah Bayat , but he established the country’s major mobile telephone network, Afghan Wireless, and has thus enabled many millions of Afghans to be connected to their friends and relatives as well as business associates. The incredible reach of social media throughout the world is probably not one of the aspects of the internet’s development you would have thought of ten years ago. It’s not surprising, then, that the business world has embraced social media even though it wasn’t initially designed for businesses to use.
    [Wireless] Google Introduces Wireless Service Called Project Fi
    On Wednesday,  Google  unveiled its long-awaited phone service, called Project Fi, putting the search giant in competition with Verizon, AT&T and other wireless service providers. Unlike your typical cell service, Project Fi will mix traditional wireless technology, where calls are routed through cellular towers, with the wireless Internet service found in Starbucks, airports and elsewhere. Google has teamed with Sprint and T-Mobile to provide the traditional wireless service, and said it had about a million wireless hot spots for the rest. Socialnomics
    [Wireless] Tracking Apps to Monitor Your Child Activities
    Consulting the wireless service provider regarding all the phone tracking plans. It can be difficult for the parents to track all the activities of their child online due to less time or professional obligations. Every parent is worried about their child as their security is the biggest concern whether offline or online. There are many child phone tracking apps available for both the Android and iOS platforms that can help track the child activities on the web. The apps allow the parents to track their children using GPS and there are many other features available as well. Life360.
    [Wireless] Should Marketers Look Into The Past?
    Changes in technology affect the way your potential customers utilize the internet, as seen in the whole wireless device/smartphone explosion. Internet marketing is a rapidly changing scene. It is dangerous to rely on advice from even a few years ago because the changes in SEO reflect the changes in search engine algorithms. Because this field rides on the crest of what’s happening NOW, marketers tend to rely on current information and ignore what’s old news. There’s One Past You Need To Pay Attention To. Neil Patel did just that and shares it on his blog, Quick Sprout.
    [Wireless] Will Amazon Soon Be 3D Printing Products En Route To Consumers?
    Beyond the Android operating system, smartphones and having app dominance with things like Gmail , YouTube and more, they are looking to become a wireless carrier. google wireless carrier. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). It''s not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. morning show. The segment is called, CTRL ALT Delete with Mitch Joel. This week we discussed: Today is the day. The Apple Watch.
    [Wireless] Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Have Arrived
    MST wirelessly transmits the same information stored on your credit card’s magnetic stripe to a store’s pay terminal with a simple tap of your phone. They also have built-in support for both the WPC and PMA wireless charging standards. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon Wireless will offer both phones, while smaller regional carriers like Boost Mobile and MetroPCS will carry the Galaxy S6. Samsung finally revealed their new smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Image from Samsung. This isn’t just for looks. Camera.
    [Wireless] How Did The Color Of A Dress Become A Bigger Story Than Net Neutrality?
    The new rules prohibit broadband providers from blocking or slowing down traffic on wired and wireless networks. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). It''s not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. morning show. The segment is called, CTRL ALT Delete with Mitch Joel. This week we discussed: Live Long And Prosper, everyone. The Internet went insane last week. What color was that dress? Blue and black? chom fm.
    [Wireless] FCC approves net neutrality rules
    And in an unprecedented move, the FCC could apply the rules to wireless carriers such as T-Mobile and Sprint — a nod to the rapid rise of smartphones and the mobile Internet. The Washington Post reported today that The Federal Communications Commission approved strict new rules for Internet providers Thursday in a historic vote that represents the government’s most aggressive attempt to make sure the Web remains a level playing field. They were adopted by a 3-to-2 margin with only the commission’s Republican members voting against them. Thumbnail from shutterstock.com.
    [Wireless] Five Steps to Insanely Good Customer Service
    This amazing customer service came from my Internet/cable/wireless provider. And our wireless carriers are few and far between (granted, this is starting to change, but has a long way to go). Rogers Wireless is Canada’s largest voice and data communications services provider. Anyhow, my wireless provider is Rogers who are known, pretty much across the board, for their horrendous customer service. Client Service Communication Apple Bell Customer Service digital media rogers wireless By Lindsay Bell. It happened on Twitter. Over a weekend. Monopolies!
    [Wireless] Google acquires marketing start-up Toro
    According to Bloomberg Business , Google is investing in new ways to help companies market on smartphones and tablets as users increasingly access digital services via wireless devices. TechCrunch reported that  Toro , a startup that  helps developers promote their apps on Facebook , just  announced  that it’s been acquired by Google. The company was originally known as Red Hot Labs, and it’s led by Amitt Mahajan and Joel Poloney. They previously co-founded MyMiniLife, which played a key role in the creation of FarmVille. Toro had raised $1.5 Image from blog.usetoro.com.
    [Wireless] Did You Hear From Google Yet?
    Wireless services are expanding and increasing the ways mobile devices are used. Many experts expect wireless broadband to move into the category of a regulated utility, like electricity or phone services. Mobile Marketing for Small Business google mobile devices mobile friendly responsive responsive website design and development search engine wireless Recently, Jennifer Slegg of the SEM Post wrote about Google continuing to send more warnings about non-mobile-friendly websites to webmasters. What do you think?
    [Wireless] Trending: Google to sell wireless service
    It was not clear how widely Google plans to offer the wireless service, how much it would cost or which mobile device manufacturers, if any, have already agreed to work with Google for its new service. (Reuters) – Sai Sachin R and Sneha Banerjee from Reuters reported on Wednesday January 21st that Google Inc is preparing to sell mobile phone plans directly to customers and manage their calls and mobile data over a cellular network, The Information reported, citing people familiar with the matter. 1L1cnDv ). Google, T-Mobile and Sprint could not be immediately reached for comment.
    [Wireless] Put Social Media, Text and Email to Work for Your Company
    Just like social media, just about everyone across the planet uses a smartphone or wireless device. Integrating technology into your company is the key to business success because it helps unlock your customer outreach and marketing potential. Focusing on social media, text, and email will help your business grow by increasing your online and mobile presence. As the following article shows, here are just a few reasons why integrating social media, text and email into your company is a must…. Creating a Social Presence. Social media’s influence on society is impressive.
    [Wireless] What Do You See In Marketing For 2015?
    When that kind of money is being spent on wireless licenses, it means businesses see the potential for making lots of profit on their investment. Wireless internet access and mobile devices are changing the way people interact with businesses and changing it fast. Online and Offline Marketing and Advertising 2015 predictions digital marketing FCC auction 97 responsive website design and development Social Media traditional marketing wireless Marketing has to keep up with that change. Online, offline, and every way possible, your marketing has to be integrated.
    [Wireless] Is The Content Right On Your YouTube Ad?
    People just love to watch stuff, and as wireless services expand and mobile devices multiply they will be watching more stuff in the year to come. One of the trends in online marketing is the increasing use of video. Helena Clark’s recent Search Engine Watch post has some practical tips for getting the content right on YouTube ads. As she rightly points out, “ AdWords for video offers search marketers the chance to reach a big, very engaged, very specific audience with rich content. If they’re used well, we can create a big impact even with a limited budget.
    [Wireless] How Will Wireless Auction 97 Affect Marketing?
    This auction is for licenses being used for fixed or mobile wireless services. Whenever you are using your mobile device, you are using some part of that wireless “highway” and are affected by the traffic on it. We’ve seen that mobile use is growing exponentially, and of course the wireless providers are all about getting as much out of their service as possible by offering lots of ways to use it. They cover the country, they will be used for wireless services, and the companies bidding on the licenses aren’t done bidding yet.
    [Wireless] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Nikki Little
    You also can find her managing the Verizon Wireless Midwest Area blog , which she and her team have grown from a Tumblr blog three years ago into a real community. FollowFriday follow Social Media gone girl HAPPO inquisition lean in nikki little PRSA Social Media Club spin sucks inquisition verizon wireless midwest area By Gini Dietrich Not unlike many of my friends, I first met Nikki Little on The Twitter. She was in town for a bachelorette party a few years ago (before she had twins!) and we got together for a drink before her craziness began. Girl gets around! ” Bull.
    [Wireless] Marriott Hotels Launches A Virtual Reality Travel Experience
    The Teleporter features the Oculus Rift DK2 virtual reality headset, wireless headphones and suite of onboard 4-D sensory elements. In its journey to explore the future of travel, Marriott Hotels is taking an unprecedented leap into virtual reality by teleporting travelers to the beaches of Hawaii and downtown London.  The brand partnered with Academy Award-winning Framestore to create Marriott Hotel’s virtual travel experience, giving consumers a fully immersive, 4-D sensory experience based in Oculus Rift technology. this fall. Together, we are pushing the limits of what is possible.”.
    [Wireless] Lies My Brand Told Me
    To be honest, I was surprised that I got it. I''ve been a customer of my mobile wireless carrier since cellular service was first introduced. wireless. wireless carrier. brand cablecompany cellular cellularservice customerservice customerservicenumber customerservicerep iphone iphone6 mobile mobilecarrier onlinesystem retailexperience roamingfees salesassociate wireless wirelesscarrier I got my iPhone 6. How about you? That means that I am both old and loyal. That''s when things got funky. Once the system was up, I was invited to come back any time. Victory! Or not.
    [Wireless] Five brands collaborating with startups to foster innovation
    But John Lewis will reap the rewards too, having invested in products to meet customer needs (contender Musaic supplies a wireless sound system for the modern home) as well as technology to improve the customer experience (another finalist, Tap2Connect , harnesses iBeacons and NFC tags to help brands engage with their customers). Every week, we bring you the FreshMinds Friday picks – ideas to help you make the most of digital technologies and understand how they are helping brands to grow and innovate. Last John Lewis. Tesco. Barclays. Barclays is getting in on the act too. Unilever.
    [Wireless] How Social Media Advanced the Mobile-Gaming Industry
    Then came the introduction of the World Wide Web to your phone operated by the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). Back in the day if you were bored, you’d whip open that Nokia flip phone (the one with an actual physical keypad) to play a classic game of “Snake.” Using the numbers 2, 4, 6 and 8, sharp, right-angled turns would be taken to avoid bumping into your own pixelated wormy body moving around the one-inch screen. Oh, how the times of mobile gaming have changed …. Nowadays, you open up Facebook on your iPhone to find random invitations to play Candy Crush. Blurred Lines.
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    [Wireless] The End Of The Dial Tone
    According to the Chicago Tribune article , "In the Midwest, the number of wireless-only homes increased more than 4 percentage points to 43.7 Things change quicker than most of us realize. If you speak to marketers about how they are doing in relation to consumers and their mobile usage, it will be a disappointing conversation. If you speak to consumers about how brands are doing in terms of truly connecting with them at the mobile level, it will be a disappointing conversation as well. It''s a long, hard slog for most brands. The true omnichannel. They are already omnichannel.
  • SOCIAL WAYNE  |  MONDAY, JULY 14, 2014
    [Wireless] Verizon Connects ESSENCE To the World with Lance Gross and Regina Hall – #VZWEssenceFest
    During ESSENCE Festival, I had a chance to meet various Verizon Wireless PR and HR executives such as Alan Gardner, Kim Collins and Krista Bourne. Verizon Wireless is a sponsor of ESSENCE Festival and held a “Packer’s Power Players” Panel with Terrence J, Morris Chestnut, Will Packer and Lance Gross. — Morris Chestnut (@Morris_Chestnut) July 2, 2014. I had a great time talking with and meeting actress Regina Hall , actor Lance Gross and Verizon Wireless executive Krista Bourne during the ?#?VZWESSENCEFEST? VZWEssenceFest pic.twitter.com/skuXTlqAEl.
    [Wireless] 4 Key Logistics for Small Business Success
    Using such solutions effectively requires a reliable wireless carrier like one of the Big Four companies. Guest Post from SocialMonsters. In preparation for its initial public offering, Asian eCommerce giant Alibaba invested $249 million in logistics, expanding its capability to make 24-hour deliveries throughout Asia. This move borrows from the playbook of Alibaba’s American counterparts Amazon and eBay, which thrive on their ability to provide quick, reliable order fulfillment. Match Logistics Supply to Mobile Demand. Automation Is Essential. Count the Costs. Small Business
    [Wireless] Everything You Need to Know to Run a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign
    And to comply with the wireless carriers, you need to include: STOP and HELP, instructions Frequency Terms and Conditions Business entity Disclosure of additional carrier charges Here’s what that might look like, all together: Greg’s Mobile VIP: 6 msgs/month. Image via BigStockPhoto.com If you haven’t started looking for ways to add SMS text message marketing to your marketing mix, now is the time. Yes, I know apps are the craze these days but we’re still at about 65% smartphone penetration in the United States. Yes, that immediate. That’s typically the worst direction to take.
    [Wireless] Getting Social in Making the Right Nanny Call
    Many families choose to use a nanny cam, like the Atlas ATL2jNAN1CM Wireless Nanny Cam , for reassurance when the nanny and kids are at home. Finding a nanny for your precious children can be a tough task. Where do you look, how deep do you delve and how much do you trust once you find the right one? How much of a part should social media play in the search and even in the day to day goings-on of childcare? Here are a few tips in searching out the perfect nanny and what to do once you find her…. Finding the right nanny. You can find references and other reassuring information.
    [Wireless] Smartphones Controlling the Home: The Future of our (Smart) Homes.
    However, the success of smartphones and advancements in wireless technologies has opened multitudes of doors that can be integrated into the home to create a ‘smart home’.  It is already possible to use a smartphone or computer to turn on your homes heating using Nest, a wireless thermostat. Our homes are one of the places where we spend most of our lives. When not at work, we sleep in them, eat in them and spend our leisure time there. Interestingly, while modern lifestyles have moulded themselves around technology, the home itself has not changed a great deal.
    [Wireless] Social Media News Ticker: Facebook Acquires Pryte, Instagram 6.0, Vine Comes To Xbox One
    Facebook acquires mobile data plan firm Pryte – Facebook’s newest acquisition plans involve Pryte, a Finnish company that makes it easier for mobile phone users without wireless data plans to use wireless internet apps; Facebook is acquiring Pryte’s team, while the actual service hadn’t even publicly launched yet (re/code). Check out this week’s summary of all the latest social media news, including changes and new features for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Vine: Facebook launches expanded video ad capabilities for brands. Facebook.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  MONDAY, MAY 26, 2014
    [Wireless] CTRL ALT Delete - Weekly Technology And Digital Media Review - CHOM FM #31
    Will we see the day: wireless charging. wireless charging. Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). It''s not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. morning show. The segment is called, CTRL ALT Delete with Mitch Joel. This week we discussed: Heather B needs some Birthday Beats. the end of wires. Charge your smartphone without plugging it in. What is this doing to our brains? The evidence is not conclusive.
    [Wireless] 5 Lessons From a Successful Influencer Marketing Program
    But I’ve ordered a nifty wireless charging pad for the phone, and I don’t know a phone on the market that doesn’t suffer on the battery front in the hands of a power user. A few weeks ago, I got a tweet out of the blue. It was an online friend, Jason Harris , I’d known through a few other people. He works with Nokia in the US. His tweet was short and to the point. Did I want to come hang out in Boston with him and a few other folks to have a few experiences, take some pictures with a Nokia Lumia phone, and give them some input? What the heck, right? Small circles, big impact. hundred?
    [Wireless] Four Reasons Instagram Is The Wall Street Of Social Media
    But with a hashtag and wireless, Instagram allows all businesses global success. Instagram has taken the world by storm, changing from the selfie platform to a storytelling platform practically overnight. Like most social media sites, it began free in hopes a larger company would acquisition it (cue Facebook) and expand it into something almost untouchable. Instagram is a success story that offers other business ventures, from app programmers to photographers to food stylists, the chance to market their own company and become a success story as well. Social Is Visual. Personal Touch.
    [Wireless] Some of The Coolest Technology in Cars
    All you have to do is download the Entune mobile app to your phone and using your phones data plan, Bluetooth and wireless technology, Entune connects you to a variety of in-car applications, whether this may be searching the web with voice recognition, listening to internet radio, making restaurant reservations or checking the traffic and weather as you drive. As technology develops some of the most advanced technology is being implemented into car models.…. Car that changes colour with mood. Always find it difficult to select an exterior car colour when choosing your next car?
    [Wireless] Social Media Sites Rank Lowest For Customer Satisfaction
    Wireless Telephone Service 77. Out of websites in 33 industries, social media sites provide the least satisfying experience,  according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s (ACSI) first-ever website benchmark. Released today, the study found that average website satisfaction is 78.2 out of 100; social media websites rank at the bottom of the barrel with an average of 68. Credit unions earned the top score for website customer satisfaction with a score of 86, followed closely by consumer shipping and banks at 85. However, there are plenty of exceptions. Consumer Shipping 85.
    [Wireless] Are You Textually Active?
    Infographic by Scratch Wireless. Portfolio
    [Wireless] Are you textually active?
    Infographic by Scratch Wireless Much can be lost in translation when your primary means of communication is text messages. This handy infographic helps you discern what that text message is really saying.
    [Wireless] 6 Tips for Reducing Business Expenses
    Embrace technology and wireless sharing in order to eliminate your need for printers, papers, files, binders, ink cartridges, et cetera. 2: Outsource. If your business is being crushed under the weight of your own expenses, it’s time to make a change. Here are six ways you can lower your monthly bills and stop cringing every time you receive a bank statement. 1: Go Paperless. Paper isn’t a huge drain on your budget, but the little expenses can really add up into an unpleasant whole. Send the entire problem over to graphic designers and programmers. Takeaway.
    [Wireless] How My Master’s Degree Prepared Me
    In fact, my masters thesis focused on global wireless Internet adoption. When people ask me if they should consider a post-graduate degree, I almost always say yes. In many ways, my career success can be directly attributed to my masters degree from Georgetown’s Communications, Culture and Technology (CCT) program. It’s no coincidence that this February 28th’s xPotomac will be hosted at Georgetown University’s Copley Formal Lounge. Even though I graduated in 2000 , CCT taught me several core skillsets that I use today at work. Geoff Livingston on Google+.
    [Wireless] Some Cheez-its, A Mountain Dew, A Snickers Bar. And A Kindle
    At the SC Business Fair 2014, which took place last month in Japan, Toshiba previewed a digital signage system called, Smartphone-linked Signage , that uses Bluetooth low energy wireless technology to link digital signs with smartphones. It sounds like the set-up to a bad joke, but this is no laughing matter. As Amazon continues to grow, expand and diversify itself as one of the largest retailers and technology service providers in the world, attention is always paid when the virtual store does something physical. It''s not what you think. There could be something more going on here.
    [Wireless] 3 Ways Apple’s Free Configurator App is Silently Changing the Business Landscape
    But IT administrators can now clamp down on approved printers and Apple TVs, making it safe for companies to use wireless protocols like AirPrint and AirPlay. Third-party MDM solutions take the spotlight in BYOD environments, since you can administer profiles and deploy content wirelessly. When iOS 7 was released near the end of 2013, the media was been abuzz with updates on the new business features, including per app VPN, expanded Mobile Device Management (MDM) potential and third-party app security. What’s New with Configurator? Practical Business Usage.
    [Wireless] MLK Day 2014: State of the Divide
    Or is this just BS now that broadband wireless is becoming widely adapted? Reality African American black broadband digital divide mlk net neutrality pew race smartphone wireless Given that today is MLK Day, given his dream of equality , it seems fitting see examine how the digital divide persists in the United States. Pew released a study two weeks ago examining African American use of technology that showed progress. Though a seven percent lag exists between white and black use of the Internet, the gap depends on platform and age group. Moving Forward. Tinu Abayomi-Paul, @tinu.
    [Wireless] Bitcoin Use-cases: Turning Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and the Blockchain into a Fully Functional Peer-to-Peer Internet
    There are already many plans in foreign countries for "mesh" wireless networks. What if we took a concept like this, allowing anyone who wanted internet access to set up a wireless receiver of some sort, and that receiver would "pay" into the network to get access using Bitcoin or similar. These payments (this would be the equivalent of "mining" in current Bitcoin) would then go to those willing to provide longer distance wireless access using things like Ham Radio towers and the like to provide access over this entirely wireless, peer-to-peer internet.
    [Wireless] Apple Debuts iBeacon Location Technology in U.S. Stores
    Transmission through Bluetooth wireless technology gives your phone precise information about where you are in the store, while GPS transmitters don’t work well indoors and don’t distinguish well between locations only a few feet apart. How can a retailer effectively reach consumers in-store and educate them about deals that might be of particular interest? Last Friday, the technology debuted in 254 Apple stores in the U.S. Using iBeacon, the mobile app delivers personal information to users based on their current location in-store. And what about privacy?
    [Wireless] Why Your Business Needs an SMS Strategy
    The market has clear potential and with the popularity of wireless networking driving sales, the only way is up. With the power of mobile marketing set to reach a peak over 2014, there has never been a better time to get your business a piece of the SMS action. It’s one of the most cost effective ways of communicating with millions of mobile users throughout the UK, getting your message across and engaging with each potential customer on a personal level. However, as well as the obvious efficiencies involved, there are a number of other clear benefits of opting for SMS marketing.
    [Wireless] Benefits of the New Mobile Enterprise
    Making that commitment to one phone service, instead of several wireless subscriptions, cuts on the mounting costs of operation. The new mobile enterprise seeks to solve many problems. As the young lady in the popular AT&T commercial tries so hard to explain, less is more when it comes to mobile technology. Bringing together a number of workers on a few mobile devices is the most effective way to stay ahead of the game. It is clear from the following benefits that there is a lot to like about the new mobile enterprise, and how it is changing the world of business every day.
    [Wireless] NEW: Mobile App Loyalty & CRM Report
    Featured Mobile Apps Mobile Enterprise app store BT Financial Group Business FunMobility GigaOM Research Mobile Computing Twilio Wireless Data Just in time for the holidays: a summary of my new Gigaom Research report, Managing The Complete Customer Experience: Encouraging Engagement With Mobile And Apps, and a special offer to collaborate with Gigaom Research, which I am extending to the MobileGroove community in Europe. Over half (57 percent) of CIOs say that mobile devices and apps are either a high priority or essential to their strategic agenda. Mobile apps engage customers.
    [Wireless] Solve The Problem From The Outside
    Part of our success in building Zipcar came no doubt from the fact that the founding team was comprised entirely of outsiders to the car rental and wireless technology industries. How often have you seen organizations recruiting new people with the skills and knowledge from within the same industry, the same field of practice etc.? All the time. It is as if organization’s think hiring people who can keep thinking and doing what they’ve always done will create something other than what they’ve always got. It begins with the framing of a job description. Sound familiar?
    [Wireless] 5 (+1!) Tools to Get Better at Printing
    It is a wireless connection program that lets you print out web pages, emails, documents and photos. Printing…even with tablets and smartphones and the ability to access data everywhere, we still do it. But that can be bothersome, between how much paper and ink it takes, and the cost of those items as we move into a move digital world. Since we can’t just give it up altogether (not yet, anyway), it is a good idea to become more efficient at what you do print. There are tools for that, which is fortunate. Print What You Like. Print Edit. Firefox user? PrintingTools. Bonus!
    [Wireless] What Keeps The Chief Marketing Officer Awake At Night? - Part 3
    Yes, we have ten billion-plus wireless connected devices today, but it''s looking like that number will triple by 2020 to over thirty billion devices (more on that here: 10BN+ Wirelessly Connected Devices Today, 30BN+ In 2020?s Is Gartner right about Chief Marketing Officers spending more on IT than the Chief Information Officer in the coming years? " Still, it is hard to argue that every business is now a digital business. Part 2 ), we''re talking about the actual infrastructure of the marketing department and what keeps it humming along. The humanization of technology.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2013
    [Wireless] Social Care Case Study with Phone Carriers
    Verizon Wireless USA (@VerizonWireless) October 24, 2013. Social Care is all about engaging with your audience when they are talking to or  about you. Last week, a friend of mine decided it was time to open the bidding for cell phone carriers to pitch him on why he should switch to their service. Naturally, he thought that the best way to get the opinions of his peers was to tweet to the world: Ready to sign a contract for a US Cell phone. Who’s going to win my business? VerizonWireless @TMobile @ATT @sprint. Lorne Segall (@lornesegall) October 24, 2013. link]. lornesegall. could.
    [Wireless] Sponsored Post – Think Like an Enterprise
    When I was working for a wireless telecom company back in the day, one of my projects was disaster recovery compliance. The following is a post sponsored by Cloud Powered Work. What that means is that they paid me to talk about something they want me to talk about. What that doesn’t mean is that they influence my words AT ALL. These are my thoughts on something I think is useful to you. In a very short amount of time, I learned a lot about what we would never ever think about: what happens when something breaks. It got really interesting really quickly. Happened twice.) Promotion
    [Wireless] The Marketing Of Things
    The Internet is being dumped into everything and anything that can be plugged in (or wirelessly enabled). We put brands on everything. Think about it this way: we put brands on everything and we''re putting the Internet into everything. It''s true. Brands will put their name on baseball stadiums, water bottles, the bottom of that plastic bin that we put our shoes into at airport security, and they''re even putting them in public toilet bowls. Anything to get attention. Computers were just the beginning. Marketers haven''t been negligent in this regard. Google''s brand looks whimsical.
    [Wireless] Hacking Skype For Better Audio
    This means no wireless networks and no wi-fi. wireless network. I use Skype to record most of my audio podcasts. This may not be a big deal to you, but most people who have any passion for audio and recording are gasping in disgust at this admission. For over 375 episodes (since 2006), I have relied mostly on Skype to record these weekly conversations with leading business thinkers. Personally, I''m just not that interested in the production side of things and prefer to have something simple and portable. That''s it. Bonus tip: turn off the wi-fi to be sure. Kill the tabs. apogee.
    [Wireless] How to Use Social Media with Webinars to Boost Sales
    Today’s talk radio hosts continue to thrive by using the same combination of wireless broadcasting and listener engagement. Legendary New York disc jockey Barry Gray of WMCA revolutionized radio in 1945 when he held his telephone up to the microphone to broadcast a live call from big band celebrity Woody Herman. But businesses are only beginning to realize how the integration of webinars with social media offers the same potential for engaging audiences. Why Webinars? Webinars make sense for businesses because they’re popular and cost-effective. Add this to the 1.15
    [Wireless] Why Context Marketing Should Already Be Happening
    In other words, understand your customer and you have the context to be successful – something that’s perfectly highlighted by Sam Fiorella on the Sensei Marketing blog, and the example of an exit interview that showed why a wireless provider lost Sam’s business. So, the latest buzzword in the online space is “context marketing”, or the ability to look into the context of what your customers want and deliver on that need. Context in Marketing is Nothing New. Probably the best example of context marketing is an email drip campaign. If bounced, clean list.
    [Wireless] Sponsored Post – There Are No Cubicles
    used to work for a wireless telecom company. “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” ” – William Gibson. The following is a sponsored post for Cloud Powered Work. All the ideas are mine. They just want you to think about this space a little bit. Are you? just finished up a Skype call with someone for his book project. Before that, I had a quick call on my cell phone while running an errand. I’m writing this post on my nifty Dell XPS10, and will upload it to the web by tethering to my iPhone. I’m working. tweetable ).
    [Wireless] Eurapp Project: Sizing And Stimulating Europe’s App Economy
    The explosion of mobile devices, the advance of increasingly improving wireless networks, and the adoption of cloud technologies by enterprises and developer companies alike, have moved the mobile app market into a boom phase. In the U.S. the Application Developers Alliance reports the App Economy is a significant driver, creating 519,000 jobs nationwide. Disclosure: I am also a GigaOM mobile analyst and involved with the Eurapp project, which will carry out interviews and surveys with various stakeholders in the App Economy to determine its key characteristics.). Workshop takeaways.
    [Wireless] Eurapp Project: Sizing And Stimulating Europe’s App Economy
    The explosion of mobile devices, the advance of increasingly improving wireless networks, and the adoption of cloud technologies by enterprises and developer companies alike, have moved the mobile app market into a boom phase. In the U.S. the Application Developers Alliance reports the App Economy is a significant driver, creating 519,000 jobs nationwide. Disclosure: I am also a GigaOM mobile analyst and involved with the Eurapp project, which will carry out interviews and surveys with various stakeholders in the App Economy to determine its key characteristics.). Workshop takeaways.
    [Wireless] Sponsored Post – Excuse Free Beach Days
    Back when I worked in a wireless telecom, near the end of my career, it was absolutely not important for me to be at the office in person except we had two major problems: our security was really tight so I couldn’t really connect into any systems remotely, and we didn’t have the cloud back then, so if I was working on a document, I was working on a dead version that only I had access to at any given time. Wireless. One way the whole cloud powered work experience has changed my business life is that everyone in my company can work from the beach and not hide that fact.
    [Wireless] Best Android Phones for 2013 [Infographic]
    Jelly Bean will make sharing, researching, and viewing easier with the new features, such as Beam, Daydream, Wireless Display, and more. The new Android phones of 2013 are more efficient than ever. The phones have new sensory upgrades, touchless features, and octo-core processors. The upgraded operating system, the Android 4.2 The phones differ by features, which enables a buyer to pick the phone that’s just right for them. courtesy of StartApp. Infographics android jelly bean phone
  • THE BLAKERY  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013
    [Wireless] I’m Joining Intel
    Over the last three years at my consulting company Artemis I’ve worked with companies such as Verizon Wireless, Newmark Knight Frank Retail and more. Those of you who know me from Customer Management IQ  or from my  writing  and  speaking  know I’m very passionate about social customer support. have continued to learn with like-minded individuals serving on board of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP). really love this industry and the people in it. Why Intel? Intel even with 100,000 employees has a forward thinking talent management policy.
    [Wireless] iPhone Software Update Activates Wireless Emergency Presidential Alerts
    A new Apple iPhone update will activate wireless emergency alerts (WEA) and presidential updates by default on your iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Wireless Emergency Alerts. Note that users cannot turn off Presidential emergency updates, but can disable other Wireless emergency alerts at Settings >Notifications>Turn On/Off. Original article: iPhone Software Update Activates Wireless Emergency Presidential Alerts ©2013 QuickOnlineTips (QOT). AT&T announced that all their customers will receive the update and it will be turned on by default. Apple Gadgets
  • STAY N' ALIVE  |  THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2013
    [Wireless] In the Internet of Things, the Server in Your Pocket Fills the Room
    check the battery on my phone and my Glass, make sure I have a backup battery, and then I turn on the Wireless Hotspot on my Samsung Galaxy S3 because it doesn''t support Bluetooth tethering. I''m going to go on record - the name "server" is going extinct. From servers that filled up entire rooms and buildings to just add simple numbers, we have evolved into a world where I can store a server in the closet of my office to do things like stream TV to the Xboxes in each room of my house. And with the Cloud, I don''t even have to do that. One could be Google Glass. Apple does too.
    [Wireless] Report: Google to Fund, Develop Wireless Networks in Africa
    In an article from the Wall Street Journal it reports that Google is planning to fund,and develop wireless networks in emerging markets such as Africa. GOOG -1.07% is deep into a multipronged effort to build and help run wireless networks in emerging markets as part of a plan to connect a billion or more new people to the Internet. These wireless networks would serve areas such as sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia to dwellers outside of major cities where wired Internet connections aren’t available, said people familiar with the strategy. Google Inc.
    [Wireless] Free 1TB Online HD Photo Storage to All Flickr Users
    Buy Picasa Storage, Get Free Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card! Flickr got a big upgrade and gifted everyone a 1TB free HD photo storage space online so that you can upload all your photos, as much as you want. What was important is that Flickr also allowed unlimited high resolution photo uploads, and removed all the strange limits –  which was not possible earlier. The New Flickr. Well how big is a terabyte of photos? Mostly you might never run out of space. Terabyte will let you upload 350,000 10 megapixel photos! All Rights Reserved. Have You Seen the 4 Billionth Photo on Flickr?
    [Wireless] NEW App Guide Brings Together Experts To Help You Make, Market & Monetize Mobile Apps
    With mobile app downloads pegged to reach a whopping 81 billion by end-2013 according to eMarketer, the pressure is on companies to tackle the business and technology challenges of making and marketing a winning app. To help organizations and developers succeed in this new App Economy I have joined with Jennifer Shambroom, top-producing marketing executive, to produce The Everything Guide To Mobile Apps: A practical guide to affordable mobile app development for your business (F+W Media Inc.). The popular 285-page guide, is NOW available as an ebook through the Amazon online book stores.
    [Wireless] First-Ever Guide Brings Together Experts On How To Make, Market & Monetize Mobile Apps
    With mobile app downloads pegged to reach a whopping 81 billion by end-2013 according to eMarketer, the pressure is on companies to tackle the business and technology challenges of making and marketing a winning app. To help organizations and developers succeed in this new App Economy I have joined with Jennifer Shambroom, top-producing marketing executive, to produce The Everything Guide To Mobile Apps: A practical guide to affordable mobile app development for your business (F+W Media Inc.). The popular 285-page guide, is NOW available as an ebook through the Amazon online book stores.
    [Wireless] First-Ever Guide Brings Together Experts On How To Make, Market & Monetize Mobile Apps
    With mobile app downloads pegged to reach a whopping 81 billion by end-2013 according to eMarketer, the pressure is on companies to tackle the business and technology challenges of making and marketing a winning app. To help organizations and developers succeed in this new App Economy I have joined with Jennifer Shambroom, top-producing marketing executive, to produce The Everything Guide To Mobile Apps: A practical guide to affordable mobile app development for your business (F+W Media Inc.). The popular 285-page guide, is NOW available as an ebook through the Amazon online book stores.
    [Wireless] SuperBrands and the Unreasonable Screen: How to lead in mobile
    It is the same recent history of Apple disinter-mediating the wireless carriers with an “internet device” and then turning around and using the same iPhone to shut down the Mobile Web with a closed App Store. Guest post from  Gary Schwartz. I was speaking with David Epstein, the founder of The Unreasonable Institute, the brainchild of Unreasonable at Sea , the Google sponsored innovation ship that is presently sailing from port to port globally. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”. He now has these same folk on a ship sailing the world with that disruptive mandate.
  • IDACONCPTS  |  FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2013
    [Wireless] 4 Great Gadgets for Ocean Sports
    It is GPS-enabled, water-resistant to 164 feet, and sends data wirelessly to your computer. Since 2007 I have called Honolulu, Hawaii my home. After traveling around the world for many years, from Ecuador to the United States to Canada to Germany to Italy to Mexico and then back to the United States, I cannot imagine living anywhere else. Living in the island of Oahu , I am surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and I love it. With my wife we love to practice many ocean sports , particularly surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and spearfishing. Underwater Camera. Underwater Audio.
    [Wireless] Get Off the Grid
    Fortunately for me, Argentine wireless networks didn’t like the great outdoors. Perhaps soon even the most sparse areas will have wireless access, either wifi or cellular. Patagonia winds whisper to me like it was yesterday. How I crave to be in the mountains walking up and down rugged landscapes, hoping to see yet another breathtaking view, some aspect of the world I never expected, and breathe in the clean cool air. Ah, heaven. This was freedom, the ultimate escape from reality. That’s the port where ships leave for Antarctica, the southern most city on the globe.
    [Wireless] 20 Exclusive Copywriting Tips Even Gurus Will Be Surprised to Know
    Working without a wireless connection isn’t for every writer, but some notable authors you’ve almost certainly heard of – namely Neil Gaiman and Zadie Smith – swear by the Freedom app. Quality content is more than king, it’s the modern equivalent of a life boat. Today’s consumer is savvier and more connected than ever. Writing web copy that truly stands out from the pack can differentiate your brand online, allowing you to retain an edge in an era of fierce competition. If you’ve mastered the basics of writing well for readers online , you’re in for a treat. Be Honest.
    [Wireless] Experiencing Electronic #Natitude
    In-stadium wireless access needs significant improvement. And while ordering food wirelessly seems like a great idea, you have to wonder if the order will go through. I can’t imagine trying to upload a short Vine video. Daddy Blogs Social Media Sports #natitude At Bat experience integration MLB mobile Nationals stadium wireless Opening Day last week was my Dad’s first day of retirement, so we went to the park with a couple of friends to celebrate. It was one of the best days of my life, a day I’ll cherish and take with me to the grave. Simply impossible.
    [Wireless] A 15-Step Guide to Creating Viral-Ready Branded Content
    Before the internet made everyone with a wireless connection a publisher, marketers could afford to move slowly, and analyze consumer insights before making brand decisions. Content marketing is hot. As consumers increasingly use major search engines to discover brands, companies who provide high-quality information are able to capture interest, and business. 33% of the average B2B marketing budget is currently allocated towards custom content creation. If you haven’t designed a content strategy, it’s high time to get started. Step #2: Carefully Source Brand Voices. Step #3: Be Original.
    [Wireless] 15 New Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S4
    Group Play – Easily connect multiple S4 wirelessly to share music, act as speakers to amplify the sound, and play games together to enhance the fun. Wireless Charging – Get a wireless charging pad, and never need a wire again to charge your phone. The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is released and has some amazing new features which makes you want to just buy it now. Samsung Galaxy S4. Here are some of the cool features we loved -. Air View lets you enlarge photos or speed dial without touching the screen! Look back at the screen and the video will restart.
    [Wireless] Offline Retail Analytics Via Smartphone
    Here’s how it works, in a nutshell: Euclid installs sensors in retailers’ locations that can measure how many people walked by a store, how many walked in and for how long they stayed based on when their smartphones emit a kind of radar searching for wireless Internet signals. There’s a company in Palo Alto, California that is calling itself “ Google Analytics for the real world.” ” The company’s name is Euclid. think this is a sublime idea. Euclid collects data for retail businesses using smartphone technology to track consumer movement.
    [Wireless] Why American Internet is lagging
    Infographics broadband internet web wifi wirelessIn America, not everyone has access to Internet because of lack of availability or lack of money. The same cannot necessarily be said of the rest of the world. Places like Singapore, Andorra, London and Seoul have been outfitted with higher download speeds than those found in the U.S. at a fraction of the cost. lack in competition in America has fostered a disadvantage for Internet users across the country.
    [Wireless] Dell XPS 18: Giant Windows 8 Tablet
    Powered by the fluid touch interface of Windows 8, the powerful new tablet boasts of twice the screen size of the Apple iPad and can be easily linked to a wireless keyboard and mouse for a complete desktop computer experience. Dell has launched XPS 18 , a full HD 18.4 inches Windows 8 tablet, which is also an all-in-one computer which will be for sale in US markets soon. If you thought the Apple iPad was a smaller size, this large Dell tablet promises to give you a huge entertaining and browsing experience. Dell XPS 18. Simply use the flip out feet, and the tablet gets a stand to use. A
    [Wireless] Why to Reconsider SXSW: A Smarter Guide
    This year, we’re putting the cradlepoint router to the test, courtesy of Verizon Wireless. You’ve heard the complaints. They aren’t going to SXSW anymore. The event has become too big, too loud, and too corporate. And the lines? Forget about it. As I write this on the airplane ride down to my 4th tour of SXSW duty, I’m thinking hard about why I’m going in the first place. Is it worth being away from my wife and children? What about the disruptive business week that’s unavoidable? That said, I move forward into the night. It’s too crowded.”
    [Wireless] Verizon Test Drivers Insure Call Quality
    As one of our nations’ top networks, Verizon wireless takes a lot of pride in their network testing team. Can you hear me now? We should all give thanks to the network testers at Verizon that go the extra mile (literally) to make sure that every call meets your expectations, and that every spoken word comes through crystal clear. They recruit talented men and women to navigate nearly 1 million miles of the most frequently traveled roadways of America. These employees aren’t just on a leisurely road trip though. Over 3.5
    [Wireless] Why Your Website Doesn’t Convert Traffic to Leads (And How You Can Fix It)
    While the days of dial-up Internet are mostly behind us, sluggish cell and wireless connections mean that not everyone has blazing-fast speeds. Having your own website is crucial to your Internet marketing and branding strategy, even if you don’t sell anything directly on your website. However, a poor website is almost as bad as having none at all if it causes frustration or prevents consumers from doing what they want to do, which is learn more about your company. Guest post by Aubrey Phelpsis. Here are a few common mistakes and how you can fix them. 1. Speed It Up . Build Trust .
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