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    [Twitter] Buzzooka iApp Enhances Google Buzz Mobile Experience
    But while Google keeps Buzz embedded in Gmail , making the experience at times feel heavy and slow, Buzzooka just flies - with the most well-known equivalent being that of Twitter for the iPhone. One could be forgiven for thinking all the development around the Google Buzz app ecosystem is weighted heavily toward Android. Sharing a corporate parent, integration between the two platforms, tapping into Google's location and maps database, and the close integration with Gmail besides has made the two a good pair. It even offers the option to pull down to refresh.
    [Twitter] A Few Places to Catch Me This Week
    Marketer Monday Chat on Twitter. The first place I’ll be is tomorrow’s Marketer Monday chat on Twitter , or #MMchat. It should be an interesting discussion, and if you’re on Twitter and are free tomorrow (Monday November 1st) at 8.00pm Eastern, pop along and join in. I always feel “weird&# writing these types of posts. always worry that they come across as, “Hey, look at me, I’m popular!&# , when nothing could be further from the truth (and hopefully that’s how you feel too). The places. PRapalooza on BlogTalk Radio. Anyhoo. Cheers!
    [Twitter] Day 12: People of color impacting the social web – Christie Glascoe Crowder #28DaysofDiversity
    For day 12 , I would like to introduce to some and present to others: Christie Glascoe Crowder Twitter: @chatterboxcgc Website/Blog: Bio I used my real world experiences to cultivate a life I love. As we all know, February is Black History Month. It’s a month where we honor those who have made an impact on American culture for equal rights, those who have invented, those who have a helped others and those who have inspired everyone to be the best they can be, not only as a person of color but as a human. How can we use technology to close the digital divide?
    [Twitter] Could and Need
    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Grant Griffiths, Stacie H Connerty, mo' stash, Deb Bruser, SocialMedio and others. Back to Business and Thank You Response to Barbara Talismans Misinformed 12for12k Post Is Twitter Killing Blog Comments? Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Could and Need August 19, 2010 3 voices share yours! Share Save There are two basic ways of deciding on a course of action. call it the Could and Need Effect. Both similar. Both different. Both entwined.
    [Twitter] There is some value in anonymous comments
    Online Community Strategist Angela Connor on Growing Successful Online Communities Home About Angela Contact Popular Speaking Media Press Tips Subscribe to feed There is some value in anonymous comments October 29, 2009 in comments | Tags: "anonymous comments" , news comments , online comments Before you balk at the title of this post, hear me out. have written in the past about the cloak of anonymity worn by trolls and how it allows them to run rampant on the internet with no real accountability or repercussions for their actions. There is some benefit to allowing screen names.
    [Twitter] How to Make Any Good Blog Great
    Then one of my Twitter friends put out a call for guest bloggers and I had a crazy idea: Maybe I should offer to guest post. You don’t need to be rich or a celebrity, heck, you don’t even need a few hundred Twitter followers. At the best they say yes, and you’ve opened a whole new realm of opportunity. I don’t care who you are, if you’ve been blogging for a few weeks or a few years, if you have 50 Twitter followers or 5,000 (or no Twitter account at all!) You can find her weekly musings on her blog Writability , follow her on Twitter , or check out her Facebook page.
    [Twitter] Show 443 - The End of Sustainable Competitive Advantage?
    love to hear your thoughts so email me, , join me on  twitter  ,  Google+  or to hear your opinion and ideas. The Engaging Brand podcast  covering social marketing , business ideas and  brand marketing tips  has a new episode but first. The listener winning an  Engaging Brand  goodie bag - picked from all the people who share, like, tweet about the show to say a BIG thank you from me! - is Amy Cave from Toronto. We discuss a more transient approach to business based on her book The End of Competitive Advantage. We discuss.
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    [Twitter] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Timelapse from Outer Space
    Be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter , Facebook , and Google+. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, freelancing, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have seen on Google+ , retweeted on @kikolani , and read in RSS subscriptions this week. Blogging / Writing. 17 Foolish Mistakes to Avoid as a Guest Blogger – Review 17 of the most common and egregious mistakes guest bloggers make when submitting contributor content to other blogs. Freelancing.
    [Twitter] Taming the Social Media Monster: How Social Media Benefits Businesses
    Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide companies with direct access to consumers and clients, but people aren’t satisfied with one-sided conversations anymore. There’s no doubt about it, social media has turned the business world on its head and revolutionized the ways in which companies interact with consumers. Social networks give brands access to an unprecedented volume and variety of consumers, and those consumers aren’t just young people. million users over the age of 55 engage in social media, according to a study by qSample.
    [Twitter] Social media channel mixups and how to handle them
    Jay Baer recently posted about 3 types of self-destructive tweets that can occur on twitter, and it prompted this post on my part, because I’ve also had occasions where I’ve mixed up messages, sending a message to the wrong social media channel. Most recently, I posted something to Linkedin that had nothing to do with business and a had lot more to do with personal interests. I had one person send me a private message asking about it and I then realized that I had accidentally sent the wrong message to the wrong network. If you can catch it in time, delete it.
    [Twitter] New On Sphinn: Discussion Of The Week
    Twitter and Facebook [.]. One of the most common requests from our 2010 member survey earlier this year was to bring discussions back to Sphinn. We did that when Sphinn 3.0 launched a month ago. The ability to start a conversation with other members, without having to submit a story/article link, is something we want to encourage.
    [Twitter] Tunisia, Social Media And Change
    Twitter and, in Tunisia’s case, Wikileaks, have been on the receiving end of yet more favorable PR and held up as catalysts for revolution. As events moved quickly on Friday, January 14 th , I certainly relied on Twitter to get first hand information on the situation. Get Shareaholic test Filed under Conway Wigg , Media , Social Media , Twitter | Tags: jasmine revolution , revolution , tunisia , twitter as a change agent | Comments (6) Site settings comment help? This post was mentioned on Twitter by Alexela Technologies, ConwayW. It is just a facilitator.
    [Twitter] Our Fragile Web of Dead Domains and Lapsing Links
    from Twitter , helpful on their service, along with For all our talk about how much information is produced every year , and how every little piece of our lives is being shared and instantly discoverable, it is surprising how difficult it can be to find information on the Web, in its original state from just five years ago, let alone ten or fifteen. believe strongly in the concept of the cloud , and have moved practically all my data to it , relying on a cloud-centric laptop each day and saving my files in the cloud. No, I didn''t type it twice. it stopped redirecting.
    [Twitter] The Genealogy of Success
    keep thinking everything in Boston comes back to Chris Brogan. I met him on Twitter, and discovered Laura Fitton through him. I met Gradon on Twitter, but sent him to an SMB to meet Chris and Laura. 20 years of what clients pay me to say) and >back to coaching > where several clients from Twitter found me, including one from Venezuela who I just had dinner with last week. McMahon Tamsen McMahon (@tamadear on Twitter) is a communications and branding strategist who consults, writes, and speaks in service of helping people and organizations make change happen.
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    [Twitter] Day-to-Day Social Media for Business: Video Marketing Daily, Weekly, and Monthly
    If you can set a time when the videos are posted and subsequently promoted on Facebook, Twitter, and your blog, that’s ideal. This can be particularly effective when combined with Twitter and Facebook. This post is part of a series titled 10 Ways to Use Social Media for Day-to-Day Business. Every day we will be expanding upon a new tip until the list is complete. If there’s one medium to bet on for the future, it’s video. Tweeting may someday fall out of favor. Thousands of new blogs are popping up every day, making it hard to get in through the noise. Period.
    [Twitter] Podcast 392 - Doodlers, unite!
    How a collective doodling can work in change management, mergers, aquisitions and even lay offs.  I love to hear your thoughts so email me, , join me on  twitter , leave a message at The Engaging Brand Fan Page or join me on to discuss it on  Google+. This week's  The Engaging Brand podcast  covering social media , business ideas and brand marketing tips , is ready to download. Sunni Brown  is the leader of  The Doodle Revolution  – a growing effort to debunk the myth that doodling is a distraction. Sunni did a wonderful Ted Talk entitled Doodlers , unite!
    [Twitter] Posturing Wastes Corporate Content
    bloggers had guts they would take up serious ethics issues like Weiner/Twitter use & Motrin, rather than getting flabbergasted by the latest Apple iOS announcement. Image by lululemon athletica. Sometimes moving to a conversational medium can be hard. Transitioning style — blogs, videos, social networks updates, etc. — to serve stakeholder groups can be extremely challenging. This is a legitimate challenge of moving from traditional to conversational marketing. Posturing wastes corporate content. God forbid if they took time to talk about anything other than themselves.
    [Twitter] Designing Choreographies for the New Economy of Attention
    And of course these backchannels were no longer limited to IRC – instant messaging, text messaging, virtual worlds, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social web applications expanded the potential uses and contexts of backchannels. The anchor, Rick Sanchez, integrates the micro-blogging service Twitter into the newscast in order to combine live participation with the traditional newscast. Twitter is displayed on a computer monitor directly in front of him and the camera periodically pans to show the stream of questions and comments. User attention needs our attention.
    [Twitter] 4 Tips for B2B Social Media Success
    Twitter is another platform growing in popularity within the B2B community. The number of things you can do with Twitter grows everyday. Twitter allows 140 characters in a tweet but most successful tweets are fewer than 60. Facebook is 2-5 hours, Twitter is about 45 seconds (yikes!), Today we have a guest blog post from Stacy Combest, Marketing Team Leader at WTWH Media. It’s no secret that social media has become the major player in marketing, but with all the hype, there are still companies not ready to step up to the plate. Tip 1: Lists are key for success.
    [Twitter] Is Conde Nast Squandering Reddit’s Potential?
    Sites like Facebook and Twitter have more users, but the semi-unified front that Reddit is able to muster behind various causes is in a league of its own. Twitter is the only venue that is arguably as fast at spreading news virally and it never reaches the number of pageviews that Reddit can send. How many software engineers does it take to operate a site that serves over 1 billion pageviews a month? At Reddit, the answer is (hopefully) one, at least for now. David King left last week to join Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian at Hipmunk. The Unwanted Potential. Power?
    [Twitter] How I Balance Personal and Professional Online Today
    On Twitter , I’m kind of an amalgam. I’m not intimately personal, but I’m not hard-core professional either. To be honest, it’s an ever-changing battle for me, deciding what’s okay to post on Twitter or not. For the most part, feedback from Twitter friends has always been that they like that I’m more personable and accessible, so I try to keep it that way by not making myself just an RSS feed of marketing articles. I’ve been visibly online since approximately 2004 or so, in varied media and communities online. So here goes.
    [Twitter] Leaders in Advocate Marketing: Q&A with Erik Qualman
    How is brand advocacy different on Facebook vs. Twitter? More than just the ability to share deeper content, Facebook also lends itself to deeper relationships, so advocates on Facebook generally have stronger relationships with friends than an advocate on Twitter has with his/her followers. Twitter is an effective broadcast platform, but doesn’t have the same advocacy depth as Facebook due to the short posts and public nature of the platform/followers. 3. Last week, we launched our “Leaders in Advocate Marketing” series with Jason falls – you can read the first post here.
    [Twitter] Glide Intelligence and the power of super charged PR monitoring
    The social media components of the platform can access all public content and uses customized API interfaces developed in cooperation with the major network providers including Twitter and Facebook. In fact, at the very moment  Sam and Keith showed me the advanced features of Glide Intelligence to me, I got an email from my publisher, McGraw Hill , telling me my book deal had been approved and I took that as an omen that, indeed, I was not only looking at something very new and important, but also that I was exactly in the spot I needed to be in at that moment. Topic (e.g. Topic (e.g.
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    [Twitter] Inbound Marketing for All Size Businesses: Earning Customers Without Spending a Dime
    Social media can also help you get more exposure, especially since more and more people are now logging on to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. The thing about marketing nowadays is that there are more options for small business owners who are looking for more customers to take a look at their products and services. There have been numerous theories and schools of thought dedicated to various methods of online marketing, all of which are quite effective in their own way. One of them is inbound marketing, and this one has its own set of advantages. Marketing your website.
    [Twitter] Get Your Social Media Events for $9.99!
    The best ones spilled over on Twitter into hashtag conferences. In some cases, the event quality offers little more than an excuse to talk about Twitter and Facebook. When social media was new, conferences were rare special gatherings of early adopters eager to see how to use new tools. People looked forward to their local BarCamp or PodCamp. As the years progressed the novel barcamp, evening networking events and social media conferences became an every day occurrence in major markets. There are so many events to meet the crush of information demand. Again. For only $9.99!
    [Twitter] Do Your Headlines (Get The) Click?
    This is true whether you are writing for a print publication or if you are writing for an online publication, a blog, a Twitter stream, PPC ads, or anywhere you expect to get readers. About Us What’s a Maverick? Every copywriter knows that the trick to getting people to read your story is to give it a compelling headline. If the headline doesn’t compel the reader to move beyond it, then you won’t get readers. So how do you write a good headline, one that gets the click? Follow these tips to great headline writing: Make it relevant. Make a promise and deliver on it.
    [Twitter] The Changing Face Of Article Marketing
    About Us What’s a Maverick? » The Changing Face Of Article Marketing Article marketing is a mainstay of Internet marketing. It’s been around since the earliest days of the Internet and Web-savvy marketers have been very effective in using article marketing to drive traffic to their websites and in closing the sale. But recently, article marketing has taken a huge turn – for better and for the worse. Google slapped the article directories hard, so hard that you might not want to keep putting your articles there. They may work and they may not. Even niche-related blogs.
    [Twitter] Why Your Brand May Need a Villain to Succeed
    Another Branding Mistake – Let’s Connect Click an icon to see what Im up to on Twitter, Facebook, or via RSS Whats Popular 10 Subtle Lies That Cripple New Bloggers Lady Gaga’s 8-Point Guide to Larger than Life Blogging 7 Ways You Can Cheat the 10,000 Hour Rule and Be a Better Blogger How to Get Your Blog Noticed and Promoted by Super Influencers 7 Fascinating Ways to Spice Up a Boring Blog Did I Say That? Share Email This Superman should have put Lex Luther on the payroll. Without good ole’ Lex, Superman is just a strong cop with a fancy logo.  They’re winning – big time.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2013
    [Twitter] How to Create Effective Email Subject Lines
    Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter ! When running an email campaign, you need to ensure that you create an effective email subject line to get your audience to read on! The first thing people see when they open up their inboxes are the subject lines of their emails. Generally, these are going to be the deciding factors in whether or not someone is going to open an email or delete it. If you want to find yourself on the better side of those two options, then you need to make sure that you are crafting effective email subject lines. Be Clear. People don’t want mystery.
    [Twitter] Blippy Pumps Profiles With Personality, Adds Product Q&A
    Customization of Blippy Profiles On the profile side, while most profiles are remarkably inflexible, such as those on Facebook and Twitter (which at least lets you update the background), Blippy's new profiles allow significant customization. Blippy is going well beyond purchase records, and becoming an ecosystem of brands, products and consumers, essentially replicating a "product graph" much like Facebook's much-vaunted "social graph". Like other good social stream sites, Blippy started with a clean and simple flow of updates, later adding on comments and reactions. It's pretty sharp.
    [Twitter] Australia Defence Force ADF and social media
    The “external” Facebook and Twitter probe, part of a suite of inquiries into the ADF following the notorious Australian Defence Force Academy Skype scandal, was announced by Defence Minister Stephen Smith last Friday and will deliver its findings by the end of July. When Crikey asked me for a quote on The Australian Defence Force employing George Patterson agency to do a social media review, I agreed. made some comments about using a traditional media agency to advise on social media and offered the opinion that it was like using a fox to do an audit of the henhouse. by Andrew Crook.
    [Twitter] Reverse Mentoring is All About Screwing in the Lightbulb before.
    actively avoided Twitter, for example, because I didn’t see the purpose.   You can follow Shala on Twitter at Contact the author [link] john scardino when you're out looking for new mentors, especially in office locations outside of the mclean campus, keep me in mind — i'd sure be glad to help. the-boate [link] eakimberly (Beth) Twitter Comment Have you heard of Reverse Mentoring? Development professional development prsa public relations public sector scary smcedu social media sports tools Twitter web 2.0 Government 2.0
    [Twitter] Don’t Fall Into This Trap That Could Destroy Your Blog
    Her hero seemed to blog with more confidence, she got more comments, she had a larger Twitter following, she was more active on Pinterest, she was getting some great brands advertise on her blog, she was invited to cool events…. She could see her hero’s Twitter follower numbers, how many comments she was getting, how many times she Pinned on Pinterest and the instagram photos of this blogger at glamorous events – but she didn’t really have the full picture of this other blogger. Paralysed by Comparisons. Once Sally started comparing she couldn’t stop.
    [Twitter] Booming Customized Gifting Portals
    You are welcome to connect with me or send your pitches on my email id [toreachdaksh AT gmail DOT com] Twitter updates Wow very nice :) RT @ paavani Awesome compilation of reasons. Home About In the Media The Year That Was – GoodBye 2007!! Promise to the Nation January 10, 2008.3:31 am Booming Customized Gifting Portals Jump to Comments 10 thrilling days of 2008 have passed and finally I am writing my first post of the year. Coming back to India, although the growth was little slow initially, recent trends indicate this business has started picking up well. any guesses why ?
    [Twitter] Welcome to Brass Tack Thinking.
    blog comments powered by Disqus Search Brass Tacks About the Authors Amber Naslund Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra on Twitter) is a communications and business strategist and the Director of Community for Radian6. McMahon Tamsen McMahon (@tamadear on Twitter) is a communications and branding strategist who consults, writes, and speaks in service of helping people and organizations make change happen. You want to make things happen. You need to make things happen. It’s part of who you are—maybe even at the core of it. You’re one of those people who brings change. It surrounds you. Follows
    [Twitter] Welcome to Brass Tack Thinking
    blog comments powered by Disqus Search Brass Tacks About the Authors Amber Naslund Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra on Twitter) is a communications and business strategist and the Director of Community for Radian6. McMahon Tamsen McMahon (@tamadear on Twitter) is a communications and branding strategist who consults, writes, and speaks in service of helping people and organizations make change happen. You want to make things happen. You need to make things happen. It’s part of who you are—maybe even at the core of it. You’re one of those people who brings change. It surrounds you. Follows
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    [Twitter] Digg “Newswire” is Hot (Update: Buries to be Public?)
    When a new gaming story meets your minimum Digg count, it will show up automatically on the page much the same as Twitter alerts us when there are new Tweets available to see. One of the biggest complaints of Digg has always been in sorting. Even before V4 was rolled out nearly a year ago, it was often difficult to narrow down results and find content based upon certain criteria without having to do a direct search for keywords. Newswire, a new Digg feature still in limited beta, appears to be addressing the issue nicely. Let’s say you want to keep up on gaming news.
    [Twitter] Flowtown – an Interesting Social Marketing Tool
    Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex Subscribe to Blog Subscribe to Danish Newsletter TOPICS Best Practise Cases (46) Facebook (53) Linkedin (5) Marketing & Communication (104) Mindjumpers (32) Social Media (219) Social Network (128) Social Responsibility (43) Tech Development (51) Tips (25) TribeSourcing (15) Twitter (23) FLATTR MINDJUMPERS Mindjumpers © 2010 All Rights Reserved Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « Facebook Places Explained The Most Badass YouTube Video Ever?
    [Twitter] An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex | Mindjumpers
    Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex Subscribe to Blog Subscribe to Danish Newsletter TOPICS Best Practise Cases (46) Facebook (53) Linkedin (5) Marketing & Communication (104) Mindjumpers (32) Social Media (219) Social Network (128) Social Responsibility (43) Tech Development (51) Tips (25) TribeSourcing (15) Twitter (23) FLATTR MINDJUMPERS Mindjumpers © 2010 All Rights Reserved We can’t get enough of it. The first one lets the audience choose the ending – and the next step– of the video story by choosing different options.
    [Twitter] Interview with Paul Berry, Founder of RebelMouse
    RebelMouse is a visual publishing platform that aggregates a user’s Facebook and Twitter streams to create a personal hub page. If you have enjoyed this post, make sure you follow Cendrine on Twitter , Facebook and/or Google+. Meet Paul Berry, its founder, in this exclusive interview. Cendrine Marrouat: Hello Paul, thank you for answering my questions. As a starter, would you tell us a little about you and why you decided to create RebelMouse? Paul Berry: I was CTO of HuffingtonPost where I ran product, design, engineering and infrastructure.
    [Twitter] When You Want to Change the World, a Lifetime is Short-Term
    If you would like to interview me for a story or invite me to speak at a conference , please e-mail me at , call me at +91-9999856940, or connect with me on Twitter. At the recent Startup Fair organized by the IMT Ghaziabad Entrepreneurship Cell , I moderated a panel on the importance of vision for entrepreneurs. said that the usual reasons to become an entrepreneur — money, fame, independence — are all bad reasons. The only good reason to become an entrepreneur is that you don’t know how to do what you can’t not do without becoming one.
    [Twitter] 13 Things to Try When You’re Thinking About Giving Up on Blogging
    Be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter , Facebook , and Google+. This is a guest post by Blog Tyrant. “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas Edison. Since I started blogging I have probably had over 100 blogs. How many do you think are still active? Only a handful. It is so easy to give up. And sometimes it feels like exactly the right thing to do. Perhaps it is. know a lot of bloggers who struggle to know what to do when it feels like nothing is working. Tell a personal story in a long post.
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    [Twitter] Tumblr’s Biggest Strength is its Biggest Weakness to Google
    The pace that it’s currently growing is similar (if not greater than) the type of growth that Twitter experienced 2 years ago. If you haven’t heard of Tumblr, you will. The blog/microblog/community hybrid social media site is well on its way to hitting the mainstream soon. While its users and fans are often rabid, there is one entity that doesn’t give it much respect: Google. Search engines in general are frowning on ranking Tumblelogs well in their results pages because of Tumblr’s greatest strength: ease of content aggregation. Simplicity, Thy Name is Tumblr.
    [Twitter] Social Media: Personal or Impersonal?
    This goes for both companies and individuals.  As an individual who loves building relationships through social media, it infuriates me when people say Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and any other social media tool makes us impersonal. This is a guest post from Christina Khoury , a founding member of the PR Breakfast Club. For more information on Christina, check out her bio below. Social media is what you make of it.  founded a  blog with eight other amazing PR professionals.  These People travel hundreds to thousands of miles to meet their online friends “in real life.”  Hell,
  • SOSHABLE  |  FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2011
    [Twitter] “Permanent” Traffic Doesn’t Exist on the Web
    People referred to a site from Twitter, Digg, Facebook or StumbleUpon do not stay very long to be sure, but their visits have an ancillary effect that causes a site to grow in the long term. 1.) What do people think social media professionals do for a living? They are not wizards like Gandalf. They can’t raise their staff and command visitors to become permanent residents of a site. If Gandalf had his way, all visitors would stay onsite. OK let’s say a digital strategist gets the visitors to a site. Good enough. They shouldn’t be mad because the bounce rate is high.
    [Twitter] In communites, little things can mean a lot
    Online Community Strategist Angela Connor on Growing Successful Online Communities Home About Angela Contact Popular Speaking Media Press Tips Subscribe to feed In communites, little things can mean a lot October 5, 2009 in Community Building , Community Engagement | Tags: online I launched a new feature in my online community today. It’s nothing more than a recorded interview with a member, but the feedback was amazing. People LOVED it. All I did was record the interview using Blog Talk Radio, downloaded it…imported it into our CMS, and posted it on the site. Serious swagger!
    [Twitter] Help People Say Yes
    Want to use Twitter or Facebook? This isn’t a post about learning to say “no” more often. I’m in the fortunate position that people often want me to be a part of their projects: content initiatives, PR campaigns, events, fundraisers, business partnerships, all kinds of things. That’s an awesome position to be in. It really is. Maybe it’s a position you find yourself in, too. Or maybe you’re the person with an amazing idea that you want other people to be part of. And truly? want to say yes. So do most of the other people you want to work with.
    [Twitter] Ford Sets Record for Biggest Tweetup Ever
    Ford set a record of their own on Tuesday night, hosting its Fiesta Movement Awards Celebration and bringing together 1,149 “Fiesta Movement agents and Twitter friends&# at the Hollywood Palladium for the world’s largest tweetup. (A tweetup is any gathering of two or more people who know each other through Twitter.) million Twitter impressions, 740,000 Flickr views, and more than 6 million YouTube views. Never before has a group of car owners created such a sustained buzz for a new car. We’re thrilled to celebrate their collective accomplishment.
    [Twitter] More Online Noise?
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Aug 09 2010 More Online Noise? Comment by Rachael August 9th, 2010 at 8:22 am I think you are very intimate and yet I love getting to “meet your friends&# and hear their viewpoints…which has also expanded who I follow on both Twitter and blog wise. Thanks!
    [Twitter] Crowdsource Your Way to the Best Landing Page
    Or, apply the same concept to Twitter. Today, most people are familiar with the concept of crowdfunding: Getting a project off the ground with small amounts of money raised from a large number of people online. However, fewer know that this “ appealing to the masses ” approach can also be used to gather insight, generate feedback, and brainstorm solutions to business problems. In the design space, crowdsourcing is being embraced as an efficient way to tap into the mindset of the customer and mine ideas directly from target audiences. What action do you want the site visitor to take?
    [Twitter] Cyber Monday sets new online sales record by 30%
    Social Sales: Shoppers referred from Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube generated 0.41 Social Sales: Shoppers referred from Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube grew by more than 20 percent over Black Friday to reach.41 Cyber Monday Online Shopping Reaches All Time High Increasing 30% over 2011, Reports IBM. Mobile Shopping Rises 70 Percent Over Previous Year reports IBM, and it has risen 450% since 2009 reports NRF/ Holiday shoppers turned Cyber Monday into the biggest spending day ever with online sales growing 30.3
    [Twitter] Get Help for Your Social Marketing
    The things that are required to drive the traffic through social media into your websites are: First optimize your profiles in social networking sites: The thing that should be done first is, you need to optimize your profile in your social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook so that you can get found there and gaine more connections. For example, if you link your website with Twitter feed, your new posts on twitter will be tweeted directly. Tweet this on Twitter! Get Help for Your Social Marketing. Tips for getting most of your campaigns.
    [Twitter] Browsers, URLs, Facebook and expectations
    Asking for a quick pre-launch peer review via Twitter or Facebook is not only not enough – it is likely to mislead you. Contact acidlabs By emailing By calling +61 2 61003002 (Australia) +1 415 2873371 (US) +44 20 81338502 (UK) Online on LinkedIn on Facebook on Twitter as @acidlabs for announcements Stephen Collins is on LinkedIn on Facebook on Twitter as @trib Speaking events Where and When Published Original content is for non-commercial use under Creative Commons except where otherwise noted. Collaboration. Community. recommend you read it.
    [Twitter] Web Segmentation – Web Journal April 1st – 10th, 2011
    Using Gary Angel’s definition of a two level segmentation, we’d have to first determine a metric to look at (such as a change in amplitude in blogs, message boards, twitter, facebook, etc) and then answer  &# Who&# is that change made up of  - that’s the first segmentation. Was thinking about Gary Angels recent post titled Semphonic’s Two-Tiered Segmentation: Segmentation for Digital Analytics Done Right and realized the new Radian6 Insights features support such a segmentation, though imperfectly, as of yet. Explanation #2 : Our SEO has improved.
    [Twitter] The False Promise of the News Carousel
    Also, as we said last week, if you’d like to have us address a question or topic do email us on  and follow us on  Twitter  (#ddnw). Product. About us. Contact us. By Charlie Holbech. comments. DDN Wednesdays; The False Promise of the News Carousel. This week Dennis and I chat about how many publishers use a ‘News’ Carousel on their Homepage and probably over invest in the management of it. Once you’ve watched this weeks episode I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you use a news carousel? Would you agree/disagree? link]. View Charlies Posts.
    [Twitter] Selling eBooks and Digital Products on Your Blog? You Need to Know About EU VAT-MOSS
    Some of the most prominent freelance writers, bloggers and digital sellers have express public outrage on Twitter in reaction to this law. You can follow Twitter updates on this subject on #VATMOSS and #VATMESS hashtags. Follow Jawad on  Twitter  and  Google+. This is a guest contribution from freelance writer Jawat Khan. Ask any professional blogger and he’ll tell you that selling eBooks, eCourses, trainings, tutorials and other forms of digital products is one of the most profitable ways of making a sustainable income from your blog. It’s not easy, of course. Conclusion.
    [Twitter] Not on Instagram? Your Blog Could be Missing Out
    Instagram says users spend three times as long on Instagram as they do on Pinterest and twice as long as on Twitter. See evidence on Instagram  here , on Facebook  here , and twitter  @veggie_mama. This post is from ProBlogger Team member Stacey Roberts. You could be forgiven for thinking Instagram is just for celebrity selfies and sharing pictures of what you ate for lunch. And while that’s exactly what Instagram is, it’s also so much more. So many of us are visual creatures, and we love pretty pictures. And because it takes one tap to engage – people are more likely to.
    [Twitter] Tying the Knot with Social Media
    Twitter – Nowadays, it’s normal for the bride, groom, bridal party and even guests to Tweet photos leading up to the big event and throughout the wedding itself. With the average cost of a wedding being more than $25,000 per couple, not including the honeymoon, you want the day to be perfect. Between choosing the venue, finalizing the menu, booking the photographer and planning the showers and bachelorette parties, the options are endless. Both the wide array of options and the varying prices make each and every decision tough. Using social media for weddings. Genius!
    [Twitter] 5 Brands Successfully Using Education to Engage
    2-3 curated Facebook/Twitter posts per week. The psychology behind what causes people to purchase, and the impact of social and content on that dynamic, is a massive research project  (and one we’ll be tackling with The Social Habit project). But one thing we know can be effective are companies that wrap the pitch in information. It’s the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down. Here are five brands that do an exceptional job of educating their audience, which then drives purchase. Whole Foods. Their community blog  is unique, however. Whole Foods blog.
    [Twitter] Thinking creatively to overcome social roadblocks
    March 29, 2012 9:49 am via Twitter for iPhone Reply Retweet Favorite @geoffliving Geoff Livingston. A few weeks ago, the Tweet above inspired a pretty good conversation with Geoff Livingston. Why bother trying when you get the same result? Think differently. While some saw as passive aggressive, I saw it as an inspiration to dealing with roadblocks and changing perceptions. There is no question that every now and then we are faced with challenges that test our breaking points. Sound familiar? On measuring social: Hi X. Thanks for bringing this up. These include X,Y and Z.
    [Twitter] Show 444 - Maria Bezaitis on Surprising Need for Strangeness
    love to hear your thoughts so email me, , join me on  twitter  ,  Google+  or to hear your opinion and ideas. The Engaging Brand podcast  covering social marketing , business ideas and  brand marketing tips  has a new episode but first. Anna Farmery  speaks to Maria Bezaitis , principal engineer at Intel, who focuses on how constellations of personal data can form new business models, after seeing her speak at the Ted Talks about The Surprising Need for Strangeness. We discuss. Should we talk to strangers? . Is there a comfort in sameness?
    [Twitter] Ever Wondered About…. Ning
    It has Twitter, YouTube and Facebook integration. Wisdom London Creative Communications is our world… « Ever Wondered About… Issuu Ever wondered about… Android » Ever Wondered About… Ning Posted by Jill Ruthenberg What is it? Described as the leading platform for the world’s organisers, activists and influencers, Ning is where you create your own custom branded social network. Ning is major in the music, sports and entertainment worlds, but it is also useful for publishing (The Twilight Saga, for example), Non-Profits and of course, brands. Our take?
    [Twitter] Four Reasons Why Gamers Cheat: How to Design Social Games to.
    Gauravonomics Blog For Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists How To Organize and Energize Your Evangelists Blog Speaking Writing Bio Media Subscribe Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Facebook IdeaSliver Labs Tumblr « New York Times Story on Delhi Traffic Police’s Big Brother Facebook Initiative From Design Thinking to Game Thinking » Four Reasons Why Gamers Cheat: How to Design Social Games to Optimize Cheating? Follow the blog on RSS , Twitter or Facebook and youll never miss a post again! Welcome to the Gauravonomics Blog for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists
    [Twitter] Every Employee is Now a Buyer of Collaboration Software
    Thanks to cloud based solutions, deploying software within organizations today isn’t that much more complicated then setting up a Twitter account, Facebook page, or buying something from Amazon.  No IT or manager approval necessary. Remember when the traditional model of selling software to a company meant that you had to go through either IT or a business unit leader? Yep, those days are over. Thanks to cloud based solutions every employee is now a potential buyer of collaboration software. This shift is mainly happening because of three things: Low cost. Low barrier to entry.
    [Twitter] Remembering the Dangers of Social Media Research
    What I found even more interesting than the research was the negative reaction to it by readers at Convince & Convert , on Twitter, on Google + and elsewhere. This one is true. just know it. Numbers don’t lie. But sometimes we lie to ourselves about what numbers represent. Last week, I wrote a post about new research from ExactTarget that studied Americans’ digital channel preferences. accompanied the post with the somewhat inflammatory headline - New Research: Americans Hate Social Promotions. ” I should have been more careful about that. It stuck with them.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 30, 2010
    [Twitter] Paying Employees for Innovative Ideas: Why It Doesn't Work | Spin.
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Aug 30 2010 Paying Employees for Innovative Ideas: Why It Doesn’t Work By Gini Dietrich | Email | Print | 25 Comments | Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Christopher Burgess in person. Twitter Handles: My Name or a Nickname? Cool idea, right? Or does it?
    [Twitter] Use These Tools to Automate Your Social Media
    There is both a free version and a professional version that allows you extra Twitter accounts. Social media has done wonders for many businesses. It’s helped them grow, allowed business owners to network and meet other like-minded individuals, expanded their knowledge and more. One thing’s for sure, though – it’s time consuming, and even more so if the social media campaign is super successful. Make the Effort to be Successful. You also get free weekly email reports showing how many clicks you’re getting per day, what your most popular links are and more.
    [Twitter] Audience Segmentation Lessons from Google Plus
    Like Facebook and Twitter, Google+ sends notifications when someone new adds you to a circle. Let me get this confession out of the way first: I’m kind of a Google fangirl. So I was pretty excited when the search giant announced Google+, their foray into social networking. I’m pretty fed up with Facebook and its constant changes (that don’t really improve my user experience) so I signed up for an invite shortly after Google announced its new project. Inside the Circles of Trust. Your friends go in the “Friends” circle. Your co-workers go in the “Work” circle. First Impressions Matter.
    [Twitter] Can PR prevent white collar crime?
    But I do think its incumbent upon those of us in our profession to at least try.   As a died-in-wool Toronto Maple Leafs hockey fan, PR veteran Elissa Freeman jumped at the chance to guest blog for a guy with the last name ‘ Esposito ’ from Boston.  A 20+ year PR veteran, she was named one of Twitters’ Top 75 Badass Females and Toronto’s Top 150 Social Media Influencers. This is a guest post from Elissa Freeman. Should PR pros take white collar crime more seriously when developing crisis communications plans?  The usual formula goes something like this: Company X does wrong. Now what?”.
    [Twitter] Can Social Media Harm Your Company’s Reputation?
    Here are some tips and tricks to remember when you are posting on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other social media site: Not Separating You From the Business. Are you active with your company’s social media accounts? Wondering if you are doing it right or doing more harm than good? There are some simple things to keep in mind when you are so exposed, such as on social media. One of the key ways that you can end up hurting your business is by not separating your personal account with your business account. Try not to even put the same links on both pages. Employee Use.
    [Twitter] Everything is Dead – Didn't You Get the Memo? - Danny Brown
    You might also like: The Power of Emotional Impact Monitor your Twitter Niche with Monitter How Smart Are You? wonder if all of these, "Facebook/Twitter supersedes blogging/websites etc" posts are made by those in that middle section. This post was mentioned on Twitter by Grant Griffiths, JulieWalraven, Doktor Social, Blog Manana, Santi Chacon and others. Back to Business and Thank You Response to Barbara Talismans Misinformed 12for12k Post Is Twitter Killing Blog Comments? July 31, 2010 20 voices share yours! Share Save I’m a little tired. Not physically.
    [Twitter] The Social Credit Score
    We already see some elements where search engines report your social activity and we have seen a few unsuccessful attempts to use Twitter as a proxy for social productivity. Money Matchmaker. The function of a Bank is to match most worthy money surplus with most worthy money deficit. In the old days, the banker was the person to know if you wanted to be successful in town because they did the matching. But with the emergence of the credit score, the “banker” became digitized. The Credit Score. These include how much debt you have, how much your assets are worth, your income, etc.
    [Twitter] 5 Ways to Deal with Seasonal Dips in Search Engine Traffic
    Related posts: Hitwise Reports News and Media’s Share of Search-Referred Traffic Declining Survey: Twitter Less than 1% of Traffic to Newspapers and Magazines; Facebook 1% Social Media Visitors More Loyal But Still a Very Small Percentage of Site Traffic How to Identify Your Own Top Trends Video Interview: Rupert Murdoch Doesn’t Like Search So Much Leave a Comment Subscribe (1-2 posts per week) Connect with Me Recent Posts Which News Sites Get the Most Social Media Engagement? The best measuring stick for August 2009 is August 2008, not the months that preceded it.
  • COVISIO  |  TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2009
    [Twitter] The ROI of the $3000 Podcast
    Close by providing links to the participant’s blog, notifying the audience of the participant’s books or publications, asking the audience to connect with the participant via twitter, letting everyone know where the participant will be speaking next, etc. Home About this Blog About Me My Comments Elsewhere RSS Covisio Syndicate Subscribe in a reader About Me Alex - Alexandros Poulos is Covisios Managing Director and co-founder. He enjoys technology marketing, innovative thinking, and living by the sea. Alex is the main contributor of the On the Scene marketing blog. Web 2.0
    [Twitter] This Week's Social Business Jam
    If you contrast the key pieces of social media infrastructure today, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, or internal collaboration tools like Yammer and's Chatter, all are their own proprietary systems. Can you imagine Facebook and Twitter and Google working together to insure that their systems interoperate? The key issues explored were: Mobile And Social. Business Process Meets Social. Identity Management for Social. Information Management. Seamless Integration of Social. Metrics For Social Business. Of the topics covered, a few rich seams emerged. Doc
    [Twitter] How Any Blogger Can Become an Authoritative Blogger
    Be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter , Facebook , and Google+. This is a guest post by Rich Gorman. One of the most fascinating facets of the blogging community is how there are so many different bloggers, blogging for such different reasons. Some folks sign up for a free WordPress or Blogger account and start firing away, simply for purposes of creativity or self-expression. And then there are others who become bloggers of authority, esteemed within the industry, wildly successful on the back of their blogging efforts. Your Content is Key. Design Matters. Beyond Your Blog. Related Posts.
    [Twitter] Essay: How to Captivate and Hold Attention in the Age of the.
    The two leaders are Facebook and Twitter. Lifestreaming means using tools like Twitter to have a gentle yet firm presence in the places brands want to be. That doesnt have to be a lifestream, just their singular Twitter, Facebook, or pick-your-social-network streams. But one may use Facebook, the other FriendFeed or Twitter,etc. He can be found on Twitter and Facebook as well. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Imagine for a moment that you're standing on an overpass high above a busy L.A. freeway like the 405 or the 5.
    [Twitter] #FollowFriday: Liz Strauss
    Liz is one smart cookie and she’s a must have in your daily blogging reads , as well as your Twitter following. A couple of weeks ago, Lisa Gerber and I were headed to Sean McGinnis’s #Cocktails4Causes and stopped at the Bloomingdale’s building on Michigan Avenue for a latte and biscotti. Coming up the escalator, we see a woman on her phone who, on second glance, I recognized. It was Liz Strauss. Liz and I have spoken on a couple of panels together and have, for more than a year, been trying to figure out a way to work together. After all, Liz is a pretty big deal.
    [Twitter] 3 Tools For Managing a Killer Multi-Author Blog
    Look at forums, other blogs, and websites where conversations happen, like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora. Once on Social Fresh we even reprinted an answer to a Quora question in full, about Twitter Influence. On Social Fresh we create author pages, allow them a link back to their site, and prominently feature Twitter follow buttons for them above each article. 2. Jason Keath is CEO of Social Fresh, a social media education company. and Jay Baer). remember making a handmade magazine when I was eight years old. Crayons. Looking back it was pretty clear I was into publishing.
    [Twitter] Apple iPhone Doesn’t Recognize New gTLD Domain Names
    I’ve written before about how Twitter , Facebook , and even recently how Google’s Gmail were or were not recognizing the new gTLD domain names as real domain names. Now today I have discovered that Apple’s iPhone email does not recognize the new gTLDs, as well. But it’s actually even worse with Apple: they don’t,info, as real domain names, either! IPhone email doesn't recognize gtlds either. Amazing. — Bill Hartzer (@bhartzer) May 22, 2014.
  • PAMORAMA  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 16, 2010
    [Twitter] Facebook Becomes Most Popular US Web Site
    pamorama marketing, life, social media Home About Bookshelf Links Contact Facebook Becomes Most Popular U.S. Web Site by Pam Dyer on March 16, 2010 Share If you work for a business or own one, social media engagement is probably on your radar. The flow of marketing dollars toward the social Web continues unabated and is increasing exponentially. New data confirms that Facebook is a key platform that is changing the landscape of audience engagement and customer loyalty. The site had a couple of traffic spikes during the holiday season that temporarily made it the largest site in the U.S.,
    [Twitter] NewME Launches Accelerator for Minority-led Start-ups in Silicon Valley
    The speakers and mentors have an unspeakable amount of experience and come from companies like Twitter, Path, Foursquare, TechStars, SoftTechVC, and a lot of others, you can check the  full list out on the site there. Originally posted on BlackWeb 2.0 by Angela Benton. It seems like just yesterday we closed out the first NewME Conference, #goodTimes.  While small, we got a lot of good information and data on what is needed to make technology focused start-ups successful.  And by successful we mean either operating in the black or experiencing a liquidity event.  Start-up Lifecycle.
    [Twitter] Content Marketing: The right platform to sell product
    Facebook, Twitter and You Tube have in recent times emerged as a powerful medium for content promotion. Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and You Tube videos need to be created intelligently,keeping the need of the readers in mind. 2.) Content marketing is a powerful tool for the marketers. With the advent of online media, those in the business have found a new medium for marketing. Content marketing enables one to reach the niche audience in an organized way and identify with them, thus increasing the sales. 1.) Creating guidelines for content promotion. Writing qualitative content.
  • FEVER BEE  |  SUNDAY, MAY 6, 2012
    [Twitter] How To Optimize An Online Community Platform
    Have popular discussions posted to followers on FB/Twitter/G+ with a question and a link to where they can participate. Optimizing the platform (the user experience) is part of the community manager's role which tends to get overlooked. Once it's developed, most people leave it.    It should be an ongoing process. The goal is to increase the number of interactions which take place in the platform. This is a process which can be continually refined.    There are some guiding principles for this: Guiding principles for optimizing the user experience.
    [Twitter] How Important Is It to Unplug | Spin Sucks
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Aug 26 2010 How Important Is It to Unplug By Gini Dietrich | Email | Print | 18 Comments | My good friend Angelica Colantuoni asks, “How important is it to unplug? Twitter Handles: My Name or a Nickname? Do you like this post? Leave a comment! And you know I will.
    [Twitter] How To Become An Authoritative Figure Within Your Niche
    Twitter is key here, real time updates help to provide concise and informative information, complimented by a clear profile with backlinks to a well informed blog or website. People interested in your particular niche may be spread all around the internet, on blogs, on twitter even Reddit or Facebook, so don’t forget to have an online presence in places that people talk about your niche. When trying to become an authoritative figure within your niche, people will turn to you for information and advice. First on the scene. Quality not quantity. An authoritative niche figure.
  • COVISIO  |  MONDAY, MAY 4, 2009
    [Twitter] Email Marketing - Still Friend or Foe? (Part I)
    Home About this Blog About Me My Comments Elsewhere RSS Covisio Syndicate Subscribe in a reader About Me Alex - Alexandros Poulos is Covisios Managing Director and co-founder. He enjoys technology marketing, innovative thinking, and living by the sea. Alex is the main contributor of the On the Scene marketing blog. Learn more about me here. Email Marketing – Still Friend or Foe? Part I) Malcolm Gladwell in the afterword of “ The Tipping Point ” wrote that email communication is showing “symptoms of immunity” with its growing overuse by communicators and marketers.
    [Twitter] BMW Takes a Page from Snapchat in New Snowchat Campaign
    Once finished, designs can be shared across Facebook, Twitter, and email. Image via BMW Snowchat. Still sending “Happy Holidays” or “Happy New Year” messages out? If so, this campaign is for you! To celebrate the holidays and New Year, BMW is offering fans a unique way to send festive five second greetings with the Snowchat campaign. Image via BMW Snowchat. The campaign is hosted on a dedicated microsite , where consumers are invited to write, draw, or insert different holiday themed designs and messages on a festive red BMW X4 SUV with a snow-covered windshield.
    [Twitter] A President’s Take on Socio-Political Reform: Bill Clinton and Doug Band discuss the effect of Social Media in Egypt.
    The January 25 revolution in Egypt gained a major foothold as a result of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. Protesters used social media like Facebook and Twitter to show outsiders exactly what was happening on the ground, plan and arrange protests and the governmental and military response to the protesters. Doug Band has been a long time counselor to President Clinton.  In the article below, Thomas Morrison writes about the light that Band and Clinton shed on the social media phenomenon that has stormed the political scene in Egypt. twmorrison75.
    [Twitter] Balancing Your Autobiography
    Whether it’s on Twitter, via our blog, on Facebook or otherwise, what we do and say defines us. We’re always battling some kind of balancing act – finances versus wants/needs, further education versus joining the workforce, overtime at work versus time with our families. Sometimes we make the right decisions, sometimes we don’t. This is just as true with our online personas, and how we portray ourselves in our interaction with others. Sure, we want to share a bit of ourself and show people we’re worth knowing – that’s only human. But getting the balance right is a precarious thing.
    [Twitter] Forget SxSW – #Ideas11 and #11NTC FTW!
    We’re off to ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference in Colorado Springs on Saturday. <<Keep track of what’s going down via the #ideas11 Twitter stream.>> Here’s a quick note of what we’ll be presenting. Forget SxSW – who needs to kill all those brain cells anyway? You’re probably sick of all those tweets and it hasn’t even started yet. Try this instead…! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Facilitating Social Media Policy. Lindy with Elena Gerstmann and Randi Sumner of IEEE). Sunday, March 13, 2011. 2:45 PM – 4:00 PM MST.
    [Twitter] A Social Media Status Quo Pt.1-Japan
    Enter Twitter and Facebook whose popularity started to increase around this time. The following post is part of the Mindjumpers Network series t hat examines the state of social media around the globe. Mindjumpers’ global network consists of local country community managers, creating a platform of multinational professionals. It is their insights enable us to execute and maintain brand communities around the world in a structured, quality assured and cost effective way. Japan’s social media landscape is equally as diverse as the country’s description. Japan’s social status quo. Trends.
    [Twitter] Today’s Biz and Buzz
    The backlash on Twitter got so bad that Spotify CEO Daniel Ek posted an I’m Sorry Note on his blog (Source: Billboard ). THE STORY. An updated privacy policy from Spotify is causing users to run to CancellationVille… think black Friday thundering type of herds. But how will this affect the 562 playlists I’ve made? It won’t. Source: Mashable ). DA SKIM. The blog post published by CEO Ek said that the change “caused a lot of confusion about what kind of information we access and what we do with it. We apologize for that. Quote of the Day: You Know You Want to Try It. YEAH Us!
    [Twitter] How to Find Your Social Voice and Help Others Do the Same
    That’s actually our CEO, Jack Salzwedel, and he is one of the most active Fortune 500 CEOs on Twitter. We’re He has about 250,000 Twitter followers. He Michele Wingate, American Family Insurance @michelewingate. Michele Wingate , Social Media Manager for American Family Insurance , joins the  Social Pros Podcast  this week todiscuss building lasting relationships on social media, complying with federal marketing regulations, and developing an internal community to support employees in social media. Please Support Our Sponsors. We couldn’t do it without them!
    [Twitter] Should We or Shouldn’t We Automate Our Social Media?
    You have a great Facebook page, a cool Twitter handle, lots of Instagram followers and even a Google +, Pinterest and LinkedIn page. You’ve finally gotten all the accounts going for your company’s social media. Now what? You know that you need to keep all of this current; stagnating social media is a total turn off, but where’s the time? Between managing your business, ordering supplies, client meetings, employee issues, you’re already spread thin enough. Do you have any options for your social media? Many people advocate automating your social media.
    [Twitter] What Real-time Marketing Can Learn From QR Codes
    love their beer, and raved about the six word film plot contest they ran on Twitter on the same day, but I don’t need Stella Artois to tweet me a graphic announcing something that I just watched LIVE on television. Original image from This week birthed substantial pondering about the present and future of real-time marketing , centered around what brands did right and wrong when attempting to culture jack the Oscars with tweets of varying degrees of irony and Youtility. My post on the topic became one of the most-read posts ever at Convince & Convert.
    [Twitter] Is Your Social Media Usage a Security Risk?
    Review the companies that are of interest to you, along with checking out their social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter etc. In the event you just have to post pictures and comments of where you’re visiting, make sure you have a private profile on sites like Facebook and Twitter, meaning only those you approve of can see your posts. When you stop and think about it, just how secure is your home at the end of the day? According to FBI data from as recently as two years ago, one in every three-dozen homes nationwide was expected to be burglarized during the year.
    [Twitter] Show 456 - Meeting The Relentless Challenges of Leadership
    love to hear your thoughts so email me, , join me on  twitter  ,  Google+  or to hear your opinion and ideas. The Engaging Brand podcast  covering social marketing , business ideas and  brand marketing tips  has a new episode. Anna Farmery  speaks with Professor Joseph Badarecco, Shad Professor of Business Ethics at Harvard Business School. I wanted to speak to him about The Good Struggle. Has business changed it''s role in society and expecially what is the role of markets in society. Can hierarchical business structures embrace choice?
    [Twitter] Toy Makers Investing in Social Media
    Twitter and Facebook are great, but their real power lies in sharing your other content, such as videos and blog posts. Twitter and Facebook are good first steps…but are your customers likely to be active on Pinterest? Social media, with its ability to reach a huge percentage of consumers, is an important tool for any company, and toy makers are no exception. But there’s a right and a wrong way to use social media, as some companies in other industries have shown with their high-profile online meltdowns. Why Social Media is Important. Toy Companies Who Get It.
    [Twitter] Social media marketing strategy: Merits and demerits that change time to time
    The popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc. If you check the number of users over these sites, Facebook alone has around 1 billion users, whereas other sites like Twitter and Google Plus too are gearing up in terms of number of people using it. has simply gone up since the past few years. Owing to the massive amount of people present over these sites, the online marketers have started targeting these platforms to promote and market their businesses. The fact is these merits and demerits can change from one point of time to the other.
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