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    [Twitter] Greg Verdino: What are your plans for 2010? How about for Dec 16th.
    Greg Verdino Marketing, Media, Technology & Trends Home About Me Book Me to Speak microMARKETING Journal On Twitter On Flickr Personal Blog Verdino Bytes My Company « Friendster? Word of Mouth Workplace Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Flickr Slideshare Personal Blog Verdino Bytes Gremanda Powered, Inc. For real. Main | Break dot blog until 2010 » What are your plans for 2010? How about for Dec 16th, 2009? It's hard to believe the year is almost over, isn't it? But the rest of us are thinking about our 2010 marketing plans. This is not a presentation. microMARKETING
    [Twitter] Get an education about social media in education
    Greg Verdino Marketing, Media, Technology & Trends Home About Me Book Me to Speak microMARKETING Journal On Twitter On Flickr Personal Blog Verdino Bytes My Company « The social media deadzone: why only tools focus on tools | Main | Mark your twalenders: its time for tweet chat times two » Get an education about social media in education If you're in New York for Social Media Week and plan to hit some sessions, be sure to check out The Future of Social Media in Education at noon on Friday Feb 5th at the McGraw-Hill building. Can't be there in person? microMARKETING
    [Twitter] How to Publish Your Blog on Amazon Kindle
    And in addition to the advertising, the useful social networking links for Twitter, Digg, Reddit, and Facebook are also removed> I don’t have much respect for that! This guest post is by Ali Abbas of Have you published your blog on Kindle? If not, you should do it, pronto! It’s easy, it’s productive and it’s free. We’re not talking about publishing ebooks or PDFs, but your dynamic and regularly updated blog. On a positive note, that means less competition for you. Is it really worth the effort? Here’s what you get in return: New readers. It does not.
    [Twitter] Content Week: How to Deal with Your Blogging ‘Inner Critic’
    asked readers about their inner critic and how they deal with it on the ProBlogger Twitter account and Facebook page earlier in the week, and it was fascinating to see people’s reactions. Do you have an inner critic? That little voice in your head that whispers in your ear as you write… chipping away at your confidence… making you second guess yourself… scattering seeds of doubt and fear through every paragraph you write… resulting in the ‘delete’ key being the most used key on your keyboard! Or maybe that’s just me??? Ignore or Banish It.
    [Twitter] The Difference Between Communities, Social Networks and Social.
    Gauravonomics Blog For Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists How To Organize and Energize Your Evangelists Blog Speaking Writing Bio Media Subscribe Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Facebook IdeaSliver Labs Tumblr « afaqs! Follow the blog on RSS , Twitter or Facebook and youll never miss a post again! link] This comment was originally posted on Twitter blog comments powered by Disqus « afaqs! Call me at +91-9999856940, email me at or connect with me on Facebook , Linkedin , Twitter , Slideshare , or Tumblr. Communities are: 1.
    [Twitter] 22 Simple Tips to Build Your Email List Organically
    While social media marketing like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn are getting tons of interest, email is still KING. Email is used far more than Facebook and Twitter combined. Twitter: 140 million tweets per day. These names have more weight than a Facebook “like” or a Twitter follower, they are the most qualified, targeted leads that you are going to get! think the best networks for this are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. How much more? Daily activity for Facebook: 60 million updates. Email? 188 billion messages per day. Yasmin.
    [Twitter] Reading Roundup: What’s New in Blogging Lately?
    Chat with her on Twitter  @veggie_mama , follow on  Pinterest  for fun and useful tips, peek behind the curtain on  Instagram , or be entertained on  Facebook. Welcome to the weekend! Well, Friday if you’re in the northern hemisphere!). Where we are it’s the wind up of summer school holidays, the last weekend before routine and structure begins. Wherever you are, I hope it’s a great one. Let’s learn stuff! What’s new in blogging this week. If you work from home especially, pay attention! If you don’t know, then learn from the experts! Creep away!
    [Twitter] Emergent Collaboration Vendor Review: ThoughtFarmer
    If you are vendor that would like to participate, please contact me (email is in the sidebar as is the twitter link). On Friday’s I’ll be reviewing a vendor in the emergent collaboration space and will provide an overview on that vendor which includes aspects from leadership and vision to technology and market focus. The goal of these posts is not to bash or praise vendors but to simply offer an objective view on what various vendors offer so that YOU can decide if they are a good fit for your business. Every post will cover the same elements for different vendors. Support. Pricing.
    [Twitter] This week I have mostly…
    And I also happened to read this post by Charles Frith which features an interesting interview with Lee. I’ve been listening: In a shocking lack of awareness, I’d seen Laura Kidd occasionally being mentioned in reference to her fanbase on Twitter , but hadn’t actually got around to listening to her music until she recently released an album of remixes in aid of charity. The only downside is that one of my favourite habits is to check out the books/films/cds whenever I visit someone’s house, which doesn’t work so well in the digital age.
    [Twitter] Double Your Blog Profits in 2013?!
    expand his use of social media—he had been focusing soley upon Twitter and decided to start engaging more on Facebook and to experiment with Pinterest. Recently, I asked a blogger what his goals were for 2013. He told me he wanted to double his blog’s income. Image courtesy 401(K)2013, licensed under Creative Commons When I asked how he was going to do that he stared at me blankly and said, “That’s where I may need a little help. It seems such a big goal!” ” We began to brainstorm some possibilities for creating that kind of increase in profit.
    [Twitter] Tweetheart TV Interviews @ChicagoCabbie
    For such an unpredictable business like being a cab driver, Rashid uses tools like Twitter, Foursquare, SMS messaging and more to help fill his schedule of pick-ups as well as stay connected with current clients. b1GN57GB0t4. Once I heard how Rashid Temuri ( @chicagocabbie ) uses social media for his cab business, I KNEW I had to get him on Tweetheart TV!  Thank you to Chuck Hemann ( @chuckhemann ) for taking on the role of a correspondent in Chicago, Illinois!
    [Twitter] 2-2-11 Tweetheart TV Episode
    If you have been wondering how to find people to follow on Twitter, then I have 5 tips on places you can go! Tweet. In this episode of Tweetheart TV, I show you one app that I CANNOT live without - Boxcar ! Plus, there are a ton of people talking about Hyper Alerts , so I'll show you how to use Hyper Alerts as well as MediaFeedia to get the most out of your Facebook marketing! Are you sick of going to the SAME places day in and out? Try Bizzy - it is a website that will give you recommendations according to the things that you already like! Perfect!!
    [Twitter] to End Poverty
    Twitter GPS Locator App&#. “Tsunami Twitter/SMS Broadcaster&#. “Medical Twitter Broadcaster&#. If you’re wanting to do something good on January 21st and 22nd, save the date, book a flight and a hotel, and come to Utah for what is certain to be an unprecedented event. The lack of precedence is perhaps not just because of its potential to make a big dent in poverty and homelessness, but perhaps also that it’s being organized by a High School Senior. “First Aid App&#. Medical “ChaCha&#. You can also submit your own via their form.
    [Twitter] How to Write Smart Content on Days You’re Feeling Dumb & Distracted
    You can find him on twitter @DholakiyaPratik to discuss on any of these topics. This is a guest contribution from  Pratik Dholakiya. It’s Wednesday morning, you barely slept last night, missed your morning coffee because you were running late, and are now sat in front of your computer staring at a blank Word file wondering what on earth you’re going to write about. You know you should get on with the task but your hands don’t move and your brain refuses to boot up. You’re longing for Saturday already, but it’s only the middle of the week. . Yeah, the world is a cruel place. No, really.
    [Twitter] Focus on the Journey, Not the Destination
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” ” ~ Greg Anderson. Goals are a funny thing. They offer something to strive for, something to reach. Upon arrival, then what? Another goal, right? Meetings are not often a fun thing. Many complain about the pain and drudgery. But, like goals – one meeting often follows. Maybe too much focus is being given on the “what” and not enough on the “why.” ” Celebrate completion.
    [Twitter] PERSEVERE: Climbing To the Top
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” ~ Vince Lombardi Climbing to the Top It’s not about the rat race or maddening crowd. It’s It’s not about looking behind you to see who’s catching up. It really has little to do with others. It’s about becoming the best you possible. Growth. Perseverance. The climb, at times, is hard and grueling. The view from the top, the feeling of victory in overcoming, is exhilarating. Keep climbing. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Twitter] 3 Social Strategies For Small and Big Business
    Perhaps it’s on Twitter. Scott is also on Twitter and Facebook. How many of you remember the Social / Broadcast Matrix ? If you don’t, you can quickly catch up, or just follow the diagram below and I’m sure you’ll get the gist: The Social / Broadcast Matrix says that there are four configurations for media, based on whether your channels and your content is social and/or broadcast. There are two polar opposites when it comes to media: Social and Broadcast. Broadcast is about one-way, push communication. Social is about multi-way, pull communication.
    [Twitter] Organize Your Schedule with the App of the Week
    From integrating Facebook, Twitter and email events to using the microphone to schedule events or reminders verbally. Ring in the new year with a new calendar app! If there’s one thing we know about calendar and schedule apps, it’s that there are a lot of them. There are also a lot of different styles of calendar apps that people respond to, and that’s why it’s important to find the one that fits your technological abilities and habits best. This week’s app of the week is for the calendar junkie on apple products. So why is this calendar app so special?
    [Twitter] 10 Ways to Exponentially Grow Your Traffic in 30 Days
    If you have any thoughts on any of the ideas mentioned, or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or reach me on Twitter. This is a guest contribution from Marcus Taylor of Venture Harbour. In Western cultures, there is a prevailing belief that you ‘work your way to the top’, ‘climb the ladder’, and make slow and steady efforts to achieve success. This way of thinking is undoubtedly a smart approach, particularly for bloggers. However, there is an equally smart, yet opposing, belief that’s more common in certain Eastern cultures: leapfrogging straight to the top. agree.
    [Twitter] Breakup 2.0: Love and Loss in the Age of Status Updates.
    Gauravonomics Blog For Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists How To Organize and Energize Your Evangelists Blog Speaking Writing Bio Media Subscribe Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Facebook IdeaSliver Labs Tumblr « How To Give Away Things You Own But No Longer Need Three Marketing Campaigns that Leverage Location-Based Reality Gaming » Breakup 2.0: Follow the blog on RSS , Twitter or Facebook and youll never miss a post again! Call me at +91-9999856940, email me at or connect with me on Facebook , Linkedin , Twitter , Slideshare , or Tumblr.
    [Twitter] How Geese are like Market Leaders
    Reply Twitter - @followLou says: February 3, 2010 at 4:35 am Good observation Taylor. and Why Google Wave? (1) How to write a Check (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3541) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? Geese fly in the classic v-shape formation, each leading one at a time, giving the leader time to rest as they fly south for the winter.
    [Twitter] The Promise and the Reality
    Just because you have a happy dappy intern talking sweetly about your whatever company on Twitter, does that relate to the experience people will have in your stores? The Sheraton Skyline hotel in London (out by the airport) had the word “belong” plastered everywhere. If you’ve seen my speeches in the last little while, one of my favorite points to make is that “business is about belonging.” ” I thought to myself, “I wonder how Sheraton attempts to make me feel like I belong.” There were other touches in play then, too. branding business
    [Twitter] Socializing Your Business Communication Needs
    By now, all business owners know the importance of having a Facebook page, Twitter page and LinkedIn profile. It usually overlaps with Twitter as many users use both platforms simultaneously. Ask any business owner what their biggest concern is and most likely they will say something along the lines of continuing to bring in a profit, continuing to grow and making sure they stay afloat. Most small businesses fail within one year of starting, so this concern is legitimate. Identify Your Goals. Step one is simple – identify what your trouble areas are.
    [Twitter] Tips of the Week
    Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Tips of the Week 22/04/2010 tags: OneForty , Twitter toolkit by Gemma Went In place of my usual ‘Tip of the Week’ I wanted to share a fantastic resource I stumbled upon this week thanks to @davidarmano’s blog.  The guys at OneForty have created a toolkit that allows us to add all the apps we use to make using Twitter more relevant and productive. So here it is … my Twitter toolkit. Are there any apps you think should be added to that list? Did you enjoy this post?
  • GEMMA WENT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 28, 2010
    [Twitter] Lovin': Hootsuite Gets An Upgrade – The Cube's Review « The Cube
    Skip to content The Cube Home About us Speaking/Training Contact us Pitch us Subscribe Lovin’: Hootsuite Gets An Upgrade – The Cube’s Review 28/06/2010 tags: Hootsuite , Social Media , twitter apps by Annalisa Morgan I’m sure we all felt the same sequence of emotions when we logged into our Hootsuite accounts after the upgrade: surprise, bewilderment, a fleeting moment of frustration, and then – excitement. Yes, There are still one or two issues with upload speeds and unsent updates when Twitter is over-capacity, but for now, Hootsuite is certainly a cut above the rest.
    [Twitter] Coming Soon: An Interview with YOU!
    Home About Testimonials Events Services Webinars Twitter Getting Started on Twitter Webinar Twitter Webinar: Tools and Tips (Intermediate Level) LinkedIn LinkedIn 1 – Getting Started LinkedIn 2 – Building and Leveraging Your Network Ask Calendar Contact Blogging Branding Business Career Facebook LinkedIn Networking Social Media Tips Twitter Lijit Search Coming Soon: An Interview with YOU! You share your thoughts by commenting on blog posts, sending emails and tweets, and participating on my Facebook fan page. We’ve done business together.
    [Twitter] Monday Roundup: Meeting Google’s Mobile-Friendly Standards
    Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Monday Roundup: Meeting Google’s Mobile-Friendly Standards. You know how you live on your smartphone? Google does too. And it’s changing up its search algorithm again (here’s the  official statement ), beginning tomorrow. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, your SEO probably won’t be as high… or may even drop. And you know you don’t want to drop in The Goog! They tell you exactly what you need to do in the guide that we pointed to earlier. How to Keep your Site Fast for Mobile-Friendly. Worried? Why not?
    [Twitter] Does Your Company Have a Skunkworks Team? | Spin Sucks
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Sep 14 2010 Does Your Company Have a Skunkworks Team? TrackBack URL Leave a comment Latest Popular Tags Twitter What Bristol Palin Can Teach Us About Personal Branding The American Dream: Growing a Business Top Five Stories for Week Ending Sept. So take the poll!
    [Twitter] Expanding Your Social Circle: Welcome to the Party
    Gary, I’d like you to meet  Twitter. Great to meet you,” Gary shook his hand. “I’ll definitely look you up, so to speak.”. “OK, cool,” Twitter chirped, his eyes darting. Twitter was in the center of the room, his voice booming. Recently, my friend Gary admitted to feeling a bit antisocial — a little disconnected from the electronic connections everyone else seems to be making. What he needed, I told him, was a chance to get to know the popular players. As luck would have it, my perky friend Eventbrite was throwing a party that very Friday night. You made it!
    [Twitter] Expanding Your Social Circle: Welcome to the Party
    Gary, I’d like you to meet  Twitter. Great to meet you,” Gary shook his hand. “I’ll definitely look you up, so to speak.”. “OK, cool,” Twitter chirped, his eyes darting. Twitter was in the center of the room, his voice booming. Recently, my friend Gary admitted to feeling a bit antisocial — a little disconnected from the electronic connections everyone else seems to be making. What he needed, I told him, was a chance to get to know the popular players. As luck would have it, my perky friend Eventbrite was throwing a party that very Friday night. You made it!
    [Twitter] The Small Business Toolkit for the Social Customer
    This is the mix of the social channels you are going to be using. I can’t speak to exactly what those channels are going to be since I don’t know your business, but more often than not it’s going to involve a combination of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Linkedin (and hopefully a third party community solution like Lithium or perhaps Jive). decided to put together this little social customer toolkit to help small businesses get started with engaging the social customer. Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). Social Channels. mail Marketing. Monitoring Solution.
    [Twitter] Media Relations in a Web 2.0 World
    Follow me on Twitter. Last week 150 PR practitioners gathered in Palm Springs at the PRSA Western District conference. One of the keynote panels was about the media and their needs in today’s Web 2.0 world. After hearing for years that the press release is dead, it was refreshing to hear them say it most certainly is not dead – in fact reporters need information from us more than ever. Newsroom are under tremendous pressure today. Print is really on its last legs.”. Every newspaper and magazine has a website and that website has a voracious appetite for content. jump in traffic. No PDFs.
    [Twitter] 7 Simple Steps to Writing Great ‘How To’ Content on Your Blog
    On Twitter a number of people told me that they were having a little trouble with writing a ‘how to…’ post because it wasn’t their normal style of writing on their blog so I thought I’d jot down a few tips for writing ‘how to…’ content (something I’ve been creating for 10 years now on my blogs). Yesterday I announced our ‘How To…’ group writing project and issued readers of ProBlogger with the challenge to go away and write a ‘ How to ‘ post for their blog. How to Write ‘How to’ Content on your Blog. Add Depth.
    [Twitter] 5 Steps To Get Your Business Ready for Social Media
    Why am I following you on Twitter? Does Facebook or Twitter make sense? It’s easy to create a Facebook page or have a Twitter account. Sometimes for a small business the hardest part about trying a new strategy is just getting started. It’s not difficult but it takes time to consider and think your ideas through. Below are the first few steps every business should consider. credit. Identify Your Goals. Your very first step should be to create goals. Why are you engaging in social media? What do you want from it? Make a list of what you hope to accomplish. credit.
    [Twitter] 5 Steps To Get Your Business Ready for Social Media
    Why am I following you on Twitter? Does Facebook or Twitter make sense? It’s easy to create a Facebook page or have a Twitter account. Sometimes for a small business the hardest part about trying a new strategy is just getting started. It’s not difficult but it takes time to consider and think your ideas through. Below are the first few steps every business should consider. credit. Identify Your Goals. Your very first step should be to create goals. Why are you engaging in social media? What do you want from it? Make a list of what you hope to accomplish. credit.
    [Twitter] Social Media Madness – Final Four
    Fill out your backet today via this bracket Facebook application ( vote ) and feel free to send me your thoughts on seeding/participants on Twitter @equalman. Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to post their latest updates. using Twitter as their home page has given them great exposure as has CNN and Shaq.  . Key losses: Twitter still hasn’t figured out a good way to make money ( 10 Ways Twitter Can Make Money ) although they recently announced premium packages fittingly named after birds sparrow, dove, owl and eagle.
    [Twitter] Moving One Step Closer to Dream
    Home About In the Media Facebook will surge ahead in India Facebook vs Twitter (A Comparison) February 25, 2010.1:08 pm Moving One Step Closer to Dream Jump to Comments Dear Friends & Well-wishers, It has been a long time since we’ve been conversing through the medium of this blogging platform. You are welcome to connect with me or send your pitches on my email id [toreachdaksh AT gmail DOT com] Twitter updates Wow very nice :) RT @ paavani Awesome compilation of reasons. Certainly I have cherished every moment of it, as it is very rare to get such kind of experience.
    [Twitter] How We Generated Our First 100 Sales for Free (and How You Can Too)
    you can use sites such as Izea , Buzzsumo or you can manually find the individuals by searching through twitter or YouTube – often you’ll know who the big players are in your niche. Also remember to add the following sentence – “If you share this on social, remember to tag us on [twitter username] [Facebook URL] so we can re-tweet/share.” This is a guest contribution from Tom Buckland. Getting your first 100 sales is a huge milestone for any online business, and one we’re all quite keen to reach. explain why in a moment. Generate Your First 100 Sales. However.
    [Twitter] 4 Reasons Your Ecommerce Strategy Is Failing
    Consider putting up advertisements on relevant websites that will attract the audience you are looking for, try promoting your business through Twitter or other social networks, or go with Google which is also great at targeting particular segments of the population. 2. Just like in the “real world” of brick and mortar businesses, most online businesses selling goods and services have either failed already or are just struggling to keep up. There are many reasons for this, and just about all of them can be fixed with a little time and effort or the willingness to pay someone to help you.
    [Twitter] Social Media Monitoring Grudge Match: Radian6 vs. Scout Labs
    Still, I love the way Radian6 has added individual Twitter users as “influencers&# on the chart. There’s tie-in with Google’s social graph API, automated alerts for subjects (giving you Google Alerts on steroids), tagging and activity logging of contact with specific bloggers, a completely mind-boggling integration with Twitter to manage communications with an influencer on that particular network. That said, the Radian6 scorecard of results showed 54 total items found, including 17 posts from Twitter, two videos and four images. They’re better now.
    [Twitter] Curation, attention deficit and the exaflood
    Our typical style of consumption: We turn on the fire hose (Twitter, Alltop, whatever) We adjust the signal (try to create streams more suited to our tastes, make columns in our Twitter clients) We simultaneously absorb and refine—but it’s still too much The ultimate promise of curation: We are delivered only the content that meets our predefined criteria (and it’s enough to digest without being overwhelmed) We’re not there yet. Google alerts and Twitter searches can’t filter that fine. Home Comment Caviar Be 3-D. To a far lesser extent, I can identify. Bonus!
    [Twitter] Right Hooks And Better Marketing With Gary Vaynerchuk
    With over one million Twitter followers and millions of views for his many different YouTube and video podcast productions, most brands should be paying attention to how he does it. Episode #387 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Gary Vaynerchuk is a marketing juggernaut. In everything that he does, he is driven. He calls this drive his "hustle," and he is practically laughing at every other businessperson who doesn''t go out there and give it their one hundred percent (while he is busy lapping them). blogging.
    [Twitter] 4 WordPress Alternatives: the What, Where, and Why
    Twitter. automatic Twitter updates. This guest post is by Matt Setter of As bloggers, we’re all familiar with WordPress, whether as a self-hosted setup, or via think that, if you’re a blogger and you’ve not used it, then you’re likely in an odd minority. If you do a Google search for “ blogging software ,” WordPress will likely be among the first results you’ll see. But is it necessarily the best choice? Yes, “everybody’s doing it,” but does that make it the right choice? Well, that’s perfectly fine. But what if you’re not? Ready?
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, MAY 28, 2012
    [Twitter] The Naked Marketing Guide to Getting Dramatically More Traffic and Subscribers
    It’s not about how you’re using Facebook or YouTube , or your Twitter strategy , or even your SEO activities. Without having that kind of framework, there’s no way to even know if you’re using Facebook, Twitter, or anything else in the right way. If you found out your Twitter headlines weren’t captivating enough, then you could fix them and the problem would disappear. Are they likely a Twitter user? This guest post is by Danny Iny of  Firepole Marketing. Let’s be real for a second. There’s a lot of information out there about traffic. Tons of it. Entire blogs.
    [Twitter] How to Regroup and Keep Going After a Disappointing Launch
    He got on Twitter, built a simple WordPress blog, and began networking with the online community. Find out more about his books and check out his inspiring posts by visiting or follow him on Twitter @ErnDempsey or Facebook. This is a guest contribution from Ernest Dempsey, fiction author. The big day has come and gone. You did all the prep work, created as much buzz as you could, and promoted from every angle. You blew up social media. Networked with peers and strangers. Met new people and helped them promote their stuff through your small, but growing channels.
    [Twitter] 3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Doesn’t Work for Associations
    You can follow Maggie on Twitter  @maggielmcg  and connect with her on  LinkedIn. Last Tuesday, Ray van Hilst and I presented at ASAE’s Marketing, Membership and Communications Conference–it was fun (as far as public speaking gigs go) and great to see so many association friends. If you want to see our five quick tips for improving your website in five minutes, you’re in luck– here’s the link  to our presentation. Let me get right on that, said every association staffer ever. mean, never, because this strategy would probably never work for actual associations. Silos.
  • FEVER BEE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2015
    [Twitter] Trolls Don't Go To 4Chan
    Twitter's new approach wasn't bad. The best way to attract trolls is to declare war on trolls.    Can you imagine a more tempting target?    Declaring yourself a troll-free zone may assure existing members you're taking action. But it's going to attract a lot of trolls.    Deterring trolls isn't a secret. Reduce the impact and increase the cost of trolling.    The impact includes the reaction from their post. If the post is quickly removed, no-one reacts, and few people know it occurs, the trolling was pointless.
    [Twitter] Don’t Forget Socializing Your Marketing Strategy
    Whether you choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of the other social avenues, social media can make audiences more aware of your brand. All kinds of companies are turning to social media to boost their marketing efforts and for good reason. Socializing your company’s marketing strategy can help take each campaign to new heights. With advertising advice in mind, here are just a few reasons why your company should get social with its marketing: Next Level Brand Awareness. The main goal of every marketing campaign you create is to increase brand awareness. Brand Legitimacy.
    [Twitter] Pinterest: Beyond the Brownies
    And unlike Twitter, which can feel like sending out messages in bottles (has that ever worked for any castaway?), my funniest contributions lit up the Pinterest boards like Saturday night at the bingo hall. Good writers know the power of the “show, don’t tell” rule for capturing an audience’s interest and imagination. Pinterest, the “Oooo, something shiny!” ” of social media, nails it, so to speak, proving that a picture is worth a thousand hours of otherwise productive time. It’s “i-candy” for voyeuristic hoarders.
    [Twitter] You No Longer Control Your Company's Brand | Spin Sucks
    Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and Foursquare are all changing the way we do business, both as company leaders and as consumers. TrackBack URL Leave a comment Latest Popular Tags Twitter What Bristol Palin Can Teach Us About Personal Branding The American Dream: Growing a Business Top Five Stories for Week Ending Sept. Twitter Handles: My Name or a Nickname? He says you no longer control your company’s brand; your customers do. Think about that for a second. You no longer control your company’s brand; your customers do. That’s good and bad. Let’s start with the good.
    [Twitter] Dell Hell Redux?
    Then, I finally found someone on Twitter who gave me the “real” customer service number, because I kept getting the “if you want to pay us, we’ll fix your stupidity-induced problems” one by mistake. So, I ask on Twitter whether that’s normal. DEAD AIR on an official reply, so I have to bother some person via Twitter? I’m out three hundred bucks or so, which is the least interesting part of the story. 1.) I’m writing this on a Macbook Air. Dell Hell Redux? just bought it. Until one day, I was getting ready to go on a trip.
    [Twitter] The Democracy of Metallica
    One of the most energetic young voices in social media, you can easily connect with Narciso on Twitter. Brewer Getting info Pending approval share On Facebook On Twitter flag Delete Hide Unhide Ban user New! removeClass(livefyre-hidden)" class="livefyre-show-comment livefyre-button"> View comment pts mod Narciso Tovar, Big Noise Communications Getting info Pending approval share On Facebook On Twitter flag Delete Hide Unhide Ban user New! This post was mentioned on Twitter by Shane Jacob, Krista Giuffi. If it’s got a good vibe, I’m there. What kind of monster?
    [Twitter] 5 Proven Social Media Growth Hacks
    For example, a daily content sharing schedule for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is going to be much more rewarding, than having a weekly schedule. If you launched your online business in the last few months, you will have inevitably learned about the different aspects of growing your business online. The term online marketing frequents your radar. It’s likely that you have learned about growth hacking; taking innovative approaches towards growing an online following with the hope of yielding customers and exposure for your business. Plan for Success. Niche vs Broad Hashtags.
    [Twitter] Video: Leadership is Influence
    Scott is also on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve been reading John Maxwell books since I was 16 – so that means for 10 years I’ve been a student of his – and this is probably the most important lesson that I’ve learnt from him: Leadership is influence. Watch the video below to hear John explain why: In this, John quotes his favourite leadership parable – “if someone believes they are a leader but no one is following them, then they are simply taking a walk.&#. know that many people will want to disagree with this. Your Leading Thoughts.
    [Twitter] Add To The Core, Don’t Delete it
    Scott is also on Twitter and Facebook. One of the things that my pastor, Michael, taught me was that you “add truth to your truth&# , in other words, when you find something to be true you don’t throw away what your previously knew to be true. Perhaps the best example is in church life. If you’ve had a certain understanding of a passage in the Bible, but then someone presents a new way to understand, that doesn’t mean you delete what you previously knew. You just add this new truth to the existing truth. Why are we keen to throw away truth when we find new truth?
    [Twitter] Toy Makers Investing in Social Media
    Twitter and Facebook are great, but their real power lies in sharing your other content, such as videos and blog posts. Twitter and Facebook are good first steps…but are your customers likely to be active on Pinterest? Social media, with its ability to reach a huge percentage of consumers, is an important tool for any company, and toy makers are no exception. But there’s a right and a wrong way to use social media, as some companies in other industries have shown with their high-profile online meltdowns. Why Social Media is Important. Toy Companies Who Get It.
    [Twitter] Social Goes Local: An interview with My Destination Guernsey
    My Destination Guernsey has a great online presence on Facebook and Twitter, which of these platforms do you believe has benefitted the business more? have become much more proficient with Twitter as I was a little wary at first but now I love it and use it daily and am getting new followers daily too which is great. think both Facebook and Twitter and my site all compliment each other through the use of links and they are superb platforms for reaching out to the public and gaining interest from all types of followers. Without FB and twitter this would not be possible.
    [Twitter] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Into the Mind
    The Ultimate Social Media Image Sizing Cheat Sheet – With all the recent changes to our favorite (or not so favorite) social networks with Facebook covers, Twitter header images and YouTube branded channels, businesses have had to redesign their images and rethink of how they represent themselves visually online. Also, be sure to follow him on Twitter @jasonphines or Google+ ! Be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter , Facebook , and Google+. The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Content. Also includes an extensive list of blogs to subscribe to. Business / Career. Freelancing.
    [Twitter] How To Be An Expert Without Being An Ass
    Twitter & facebook is turning into myspace, where you can be whatever your profile says you are. CU around twitter. blog comments powered by Disqus Search Brass Tacks About the Authors Amber Naslund Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra on Twitter) is a communications and business strategist and the Director of Community for Radian6. McMahon Tamsen McMahon (@tamadear on Twitter) is a communications and branding strategist who consults, writes, and speaks in service of helping people and organizations make change happen. That could be a blog. Don’t skimp. Try stuff.
    [Twitter] @SocialEmployee Featured in @AdAge by @HowardPyle #socbiz #IBM #IBMsocbiz
    Many companies mistakenly treat social business as if its concepts and applications only apply to customer-facing platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. It seems like with each passing day, The Social Employee is turning up in new and exciting places. Recently, Howard Pyle (@ howardpyle ), VP of Digital Strategy & IBM Design Lab at IBM, mentioned our book in an article for Advertising Age ( @AdAge ) titled “ Here’s the Dirty Little Secret About Social Media.” The article is a great read, and well worth checking out. Are you ready to join the @ SocialEmployee revolution?
    [Twitter] It’s (Still) All About People
    Scott is also on Twitter and Facebook. See you at Like Minds today. This thought comes from Scott Gould 's thinking blog for thinking people. It’s (Still) All About People.
    [Twitter] Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!
    Follow Jon on Twitter @JonGordon11 or Facebook This is a guest post from Jon Gordon. These are uncertain times for a lot of people and organizations. Unfortunately, uncertainty creates what I call a VOID and my theory is that where there is a VOID, negativity will fill it. In my work with people and organizations, I’ve found that when there is a void of clear and positive communication, people start to assume the worst and act accordingly. Employees not only want to be seen and heard, but they also want to see and hear. At the root, it’s all about fear.
  • EXTANZ  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 21, 2009
    [Twitter] Jeremiah Owyang VS Forrester Research or the reality of digital.
    Here are some stats to explain what I am referring to: Forrester Jeremiah Owyang Joined Twitter 2007-07-25 2006-12-19 Number of Followers (as of today) 24,000 51,000 Joined Forrester N/A October 2007 Number of tweets (as of today) 877 16,500 Obviously, Jeremiah has blown away Forrester in terms of followers but also in mastering the different social media tools. Related questions include… - Should Jeremiah have actually been using Forrester’s twitter account or blog more? Extanz – PR 2.0 It was one of his best career moves as he wrote yesterday. Rick [.]
    [Twitter] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #231
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? Check out these six links that we''re recommending to one another: A Free Dive In Japan - Roads & Kingdoms. " I was in Tokyo recently. Every time I visit the country I''m amazed. There really is no place like it on earth, combining formality and tradition with exuberance and a thirst for the new. Spoiler alert: 60-year-old female divers." The bad news?
    [Twitter] Is Your Facebook Page in Danger of Deletion? Save Your Fans in 6 Steps
    Twitter. This guest post is by James Dunworth of the Ashtray Blog. On the 28th August, shortly after getting our 14,000th follower on Facebook, we received one of those emails that makes your heart not just sink, but plunge through your stomach and crash onto the floor. Facebook had deleted our page from its network. In this post, I’ll provide some hard-won tips that’ll show you: how you can avoid losing your Facebook page. what to do if your page is deleted. why and how to diversify your traffic sources. how not to lose your Facebook page in the first place! Buy Now”). Appeal.
    [Twitter] Condolence
    You are welcome to connect with me or send your pitches on my email id [toreachdaksh AT gmail DOT com] Twitter updates Wow very nice :) RT @ paavani Awesome compilation of reasons. Home About In the Media Google Spreadsheets Update: Blessing in Disguise for Marketers… HTC S710: A Beauty March 3, 2008.6:47 am Condolence Jump to Comments Last week saw an all-time low. I am still recovering from the shock, but have finally gathered some courage to tell ya about the sad demise of my dear friend Rana who passed away last week in a road accident. My sincere condolences dear.
    [Twitter] Recruiting Lessons from Google
    You are welcome to connect with me or send your pitches on my email id [toreachdaksh AT gmail DOT com] Twitter updates Wow very nice :) RT @ paavani Awesome compilation of reasons. Home About In the Media My Dear Consultant – Think About It ! Books on my Plate August 6, 2008.3:19 am Recruiting Lessons from Google Jump to Comments How does Google manage to be different everytime Their recruitment advertisement in today’s Times of India Ascent is another example that ! The world’s no.1 search-engine company has positioned itself as a startup in this job-advertisement.
    [Twitter] #GNO the most popular hashtag every Tuesday night | Freelance.
    According to Jyl, “In mid September, Carissa suggested we get on twitter for a “girl’s night out&# with a couple of online friends to learn the twitter ropes together. Since Carissa had been on twitter for a whole 2 weeks LOL!, “At the end of October, #gno gals asked for a place where we could capture each other’s names and twitter IDs, so party goers could follow each other. In a nutshell, #gno and its weekly parties started because of a few girl’s desire to learn twitter. So, we called it Mommy Gossip—GNO ( [link] ).
    [Twitter] Interview with Community Manager: Morgan Clark from Mondo Management
    You can follow Morgan on Twitter and Linkedin. G: How did you build your experience as community manager? M: It was a lot of trial and error. I was put in a job where all of a sudden I was dealing with quite a vocal community which needed calming down, diplomacy and tact. Morgan is Community Manager at Mondo Management who represent  talents like David Gray, Orbital and Damien Rice. Previously, he was  communities & social media producer at Channel 4   and Assistant Communities Editor at Associated Northcliffe Digital. Don’t be patronising, be real and invite advocacy.
    [Twitter] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search The 3 Amigos: Email, Blogging, Social Sharing August 19th, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet For a while now, there’s been too much talk about social media vs. email vs. search. August 12, 2010 (766) Twitter Stream © 2008-2010 Convince & Convert, LLC. That’s it.
    [Twitter] Principles of Effective Blog Design
    Ask them to follow you on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook. This is a guest post by Peep Laja, CEO of Traindom. People judge books by the cover, and other people by their looks. Take a look at these two men: Now answer these questions (you can’t choose “neither”): Which one would you rather ask investment advice from? Which one would you rather have babysit your children? Which one would you rather have cook your dinner? … and so on. You don’t know anything about these men. Yet you make assumptions and can even take decisions based on their looks.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, 2010
    [Twitter] Former Facebook User Explains Why He Quit
    Most of the contacts I have that enjoy the back and forth of social media are also on Twitter , so I can reach them there. When the Federal Trade Commission and other regulatory and free speech advocates focus their eagle eyes on Facebook , management perks. More changes are apparently coming to the social networking site that approaches 500 million users. Once again, users’ account settings will be changed without their permission and only told about the changes after the fact. pressed him for details and emailed Adriel a series of questions. Facebook has gone rogue.
    [Twitter] Debate: Can You Still Build a Profitable Blog? - The Steve Rubel.
    recently started following you on Twitter. He can be found on Twitter and Facebook as well. The Steve Rubel Stream Edit Delete Autopost 26 Sep 2009 Debate: Can You Still Build a Profitable Blog? Earlier this week I appeared on Canadian TV  (specifically where I discussed blogging vs. lifestreaming with Lainey Lui of and eTalk. During the interview I maintained that it's difficult today to build a profitable blog since many of the big niches are taken. Lainey disagreed. What's your view? AND having a network presence already helps a ton.
    [Twitter] 3 Ways to Capitalize on the Opportunity Economy
    Searching for the phrase “anyone know” on Twitter unveils a bouillabaisse of inquiries, numbering as many as 1,000 per hour. Set up search queries for your company on a real-time search engine that reports Twitter and public Facebook results (at a minimum). Social media isn’t all about planned campaigns and editorial calendars. In some cases, the best way to make an impact – to win the hearts and minds of customers and prospects – is by being timely, hyper- relevant, and individualized. This is the Opportunity Economy , and social media lets you tap into it like never before.
    [Twitter] Interview with Community Manager: Joel Windels from Brandwatch
    You can follow Joel on Twitter or LinkedIn. G: How did you build your experience as community manager? J: I think much of the learning of community management comes from skills gained outside the job itself. Having a team to work with is extremely useful, but the hardest lessons are learnt when you’re on your own. G: What is the best place to build the community? J: Well, working for a social media monitoring company, my primary focuses are on Twitter and relevant social media websites. Joel is Community Manager at Brandwatch , Europe’s leading social media monitoring tool.
    [Twitter] Social Media Case Study: EMD Serono MS
    The vloggers started spreading their message across YouTube, Blogs, Twitter and Facebook, driving those interested in additional information to  Situation: EMD Serono, a division of Merck and a leading manufacturer in the bio-pharmaceutical arena, had a new drug to bring to market and they wanted to begin establishing a brand presence.  The drug was to help fight muscular dystrophy (MS) and their objective was to increase registrations prior to the future release date.  They were able to secure legal and regulatory buy-in on the front end.
    [Twitter] Writing Around the Web – Social Media, Google Analytics, and Conversions
    Writing Around the Web – Twitter Tools, Measuring Blog Growth, and Affiliate Marketing Organization. Writing Around the Web is a monthly series highlighting guest posts I’ve written on blogging, business, SEO, social media, and other topics! Business. 50+ Awesome Posts on Conversions – Catch up on the latest and greatest information in this list of over 50 awesome posts on conversions from 2011. Something for everyone, from blogging to social media, landing pages to squeeze pages, increasing conversions vs. conversion killers, design, and more! Google Analytics.
  • GEMMA WENT  |  SUNDAY, AUGUST 22, 2010
    [Twitter] The #CommsChat Social Media Strategy Special
    The skinny on the hour long Twitter chat is here and there will be a transcript posted to the same location once the session is over. youd like to receive a copy of this hot off the press (well hot off the internet), sign up here to receive a shiny new copy once its done Connect elsewhere *Website Delicious Facebook Flavors (everything in one place) Flickr Foursquare LinkedIn Slideshare Twitter You Tube Search ANY CHARACTER HERE Twitter followers Share or bookmark this blog/page Stumble It! My topic of choice is, of course, social media strategy. Well were nice like that.If
    [Twitter] THINKing’s Top 5
    Twittering Journalists. What are the top 5 most popular posts this year on THINKing ? I’m glad you asked. Pump Up Your Brain. Top 19 Free Photo Sites For Bloggers. When Billboards Go Bad. Do These 10 Things Today. What was your favorite or least favorite post from us this year? bookmark to: Tags: Blogs My Creative Team
    [Twitter] Five tips for SXSW Virgins
    Chances are you’ll be using services like foursquare, Twitter, Facebook or Path to be keeping in touch with folks and share some of your knowledge. In a little over a week thousands of techies, hipsters and marketing folks will arrive in Austin, Texas for the interactive marketing portion of the 26th Annual South by Southwest Conference for five days of sessions, keynotes, events, networking opportunities and parties. Over those five days there will be a plethora of trends, Tweets and predictions of the next “it” thing in the digital marketing space.
    [Twitter] Because of you was selected as one of the Top20 blogs for Black Enterprise Bloggers Month 2011
    want to say thank you to all of the readers, followers on twitter and others who have stopped by left a comment or share an article you found useful. Over the years I have never guessed how blogging or having a blog could change or affect my life. Some people blog to share their opinion, some blog because it’s their job and some blog as a hobby and just for fun. think I’ve all four. Today I’m pleased to announced that has been selected as one of the Top20 blogs for Black Enterprise Bloggers Month 2011. Thank you! think I’ve all four.
    [Twitter] Businesses Use Vine as a Creative Marketing Tool
    The Twitter-owned platform lets users create and publish six-second videos in a feed similar to Twitter or Instagram. This video was made by a fan and shared by GoPro’s Twitter account. Guest post by Amy Winters, who just graduated with a degree in marketing. She helps run a small theater, and she loves to write about entertainment marketing whenever she can pick up the extra work. Six seconds is more than enough time to sell a product, service or brand — easily and effectively. Show to Tell. Repeat this enough times and you’ve got yourself a stop-motion video.
    [Twitter] 6 Ways to Show You Give a Damn in a Job Interview
    Assess their Twitter stream with any eye towards what kind of information they share, on both a professional and personal level. Guest post by Elizabeth Sosnow , Managing Director of BlissPR , a New York City based public relations firm. She develops and supervises strategic communications programs for major companies in professional and financial services, with a particular emphasis on the legal, consulting and insurance industries. He was an intelligent, well qualified senior candidate. And I knew we’d never offer him a job. He didn’t reference the challenges our target audience faces.
    [Twitter] The Quora Phenomenon - Peaking on Value & Authenticity
    In a world of Twitter and Facebook , where discussions are measured in character counts, Quora's rich question and answers, complete with nested replies, seem much more fulfilling. Safeguarding Quora from this is the use of one's real identity, connected through Facebook or Twitter, and the community's ability to downvote or mark as "Not Helpful" responses that don't pass muster. Without falling into the real-time sieve that can drown casual users of sites like Twitter and FriendFeed , Quora does maintain the feeling of newness. You can find me on the site here: [link].
    [Twitter] Show 345 - A Social Entrepreneurship Handbook
    If you have feedback for me on the show or topics that you would like me to cover then e-mail me at  or join me on  twitter. Show 345 of  The Engaging Brand leadership and marketing podcast  is ready  just for  you. To subscribe or listen for  free , you don't need to download anything and all explained at the end of the post. What is a social entrepreneur? What is the difference between a business for profit and social entrepreneurship? Is too much passion in social causes a risk? Passion or skill - which is the key business asset?
    [Twitter] 13 Powerful Takeaways From the #Inbound13 Marketing Conference
    Between over 100 amazing speakers like Seth Godin and Arianna Huffington, an on-site concert and tons of networking opportunities, it’s no surprise the designated hashtag of #Inbound13 was trending on Twitter for much of the conference. 15 Minutes – Monitor Twitter Chatter. Social media managers should always be on the look-out for interesting tales, like a customer’s delight in using their new product or more insight on what makes your CEO tick, to create remarkable content for publishing to Facebook, Twitter, and other channels. Inbound Marketing. 1. Be Remarkable.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 2015
    [Twitter] Why I Want Weak Ties
    Twitter says : …”people you may know” are based on an algorithm that makes personalized suggestions for you. I say: Befriend people on Facebook and connect to people on LinkedIn using the same rationale as Twitter. Facebook says : …you should only send friend requests to people you have a real-life connection to, like your friends, family, coworkers or classmates. LinkedIn says : …the basic type of connection is a contact you know personally and who you trust on a professional level. These are who Facebook and LinkedIn refer in their descriptions.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  SATURDAY, JULY 17, 2010
    [Twitter] Facebook Movie Comes to Theaters in Fall 2010
    Forget Increasing Twitter Followers or Facebook Fans – Be Meaningful Instead. Your Status Updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter: A Snapshot in Time. Nearly two years after writing a very long blog post title about Aaron Sorkin (who received an Emmy Award for writing “The West Wing&# ) writing a movie screenplay about the beginnings of Facebook, that script is now written and the film is shot. It stars Jesse Eisenberg (who I enjoyed as the lead character in Adventureland) as Mark Zuckerberg. like it. Related posts: Former Facebook User Explains Why He Quit.
    [Twitter] Interview with Social Media Citizen: Maggie Fox
    You can follow Maggie on Twitter , Facebook or LinkedIn. G: How and why did you get into social m edia? M: I’ve worked in the web business for over a decade, but started blogging personally in 2004. It was a great outlet and I really enjoyed the closeness of that community in the early days – I still remember meeting my very first Internet friend! G: What is it like to be a real Social Media Citizen? M: I tend and feed my network, which largely centres around Twitter these days, several times a day. also often upload pictures to both Twitter and Facebook. Deliver value.
    [Twitter] Social Media Citizens teams up with Social Marketing Forum
    smcitizens ] — 2d ago via Twitter Social Media Citizens calendar:) [link] via @adambroitman [ smcitizens ] — October 8th via Twitter #FF for for funny social media stuff and making me laugh :) - @conversionation [ smcitizens ] — October 8th via Twitter #FF thanks for sharing!:) - @thebrandbuilder , @chrisonea , @CyberWriter , @joltsocialmedia , @wszsocial , @SocialFierbaugh , @amvandenhurk [ smcitizens ] — October 8th via Twitter #FF thanks for the great interviews once again @therisetothetop , @njbaggott ! SMC QUOTE “.As Valid XHTML 1.0
    [Twitter] Facebook launches “Facebook Places”
    smcitizens ] — 2d ago via Twitter Social Media Citizens calendar:) [link] via @adambroitman [ smcitizens ] — October 8th via Twitter #FF for for funny social media stuff and making me laugh :) - @conversionation [ smcitizens ] — October 8th via Twitter #FF thanks for sharing!:) - @thebrandbuilder , @chrisonea , @CyberWriter , @joltsocialmedia , @wszsocial , @SocialFierbaugh , @amvandenhurk [ smcitizens ] — October 8th via Twitter #FF thanks for the great interviews once again @therisetothetop , @njbaggott ! Valid XHTML 1.0
    [Twitter] Pulse is Your Digital Magazine Reader
    Pulse will offer up just about anything that is distributed by an RSS feed, including your Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook page feeds. Why wait until you get an iPad to start learning how news will be served up and consumed on mobile devices?  . It Feels Like a Magazine. Pulse is here now - an innovative news reader that serves up multi-media news content in a friendly interface that allows for easy scrolling across your favorite news sources. While Pulse delivers news from all sources, its rich manner of presentation has a magazine quality to it. Get Familiar with Mobile Apps.
    [Twitter] Things Bloggers Should Know Before Using Google Adwords
    You can follow him on  Twitter  or reach out to him via  Linkedin. This is a guest contribution from  Jignesh Gohel. Google Adwords has been the most popular tool for online advertising. It is easy enough to set, optimize and start reaping the profits. However, a few know that it can be a highly relevant tool for bloggers too. Many popular blogs are already using Google Adwords to popularize and monetize the sites. While you might already be using other advertisement platforms, Google Adwords opens new ways to rise to the top. Google Adwords policies to drive traffic. Arbitrage. Genera
  • JACOB MORGAN  |  MONDAY, JULY 19, 2010
    [Twitter] New Oldspice Campaign: Social Media or Social CRM?
    Since the personalized videos have launched Oldspice has garnered hundreds of thousands of facebook fans and tens of thousands of new twitter followers (and youtube subscribers).  Of course one could argue that twitter and facebook are a type of community platform. The hype was raised and the tweets and comments were sent, though there has not been one from the Twitter account since a quick note to Alyssa Milano last Friday. Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER New Oldspice Campaign: Social Media or Social CRM?
    [Twitter] Scaling The Levels Of Social Communication
    Let alone, all the people who are dyslexic, unpractised at communicating in 140 characters, too busy to really get into Twitter, etc. By hiding behind your Twitter client you’re missing so, so much opportunity. Scott is also on Twitter and Facebook. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a tweet worth? My answer again was, “Phone?&#. We seem to have forgotten sometimes that our mobile phone does indeed make phone calls on top of email and tweeting! How we similarily reduce Social Media to media. Of course it is! Even better again is meeting up.
    [Twitter] Attract 100,000 Pageviews in 1 Month Using Slideshare
    We simply wanted him to take a look at it and through a series of twitter messages we got it in front of him and he loved it. The You can follow him on twitter. This guest post is by Joel Runyon of Impossible HQ. How do you stand out and differentiate yourself online when more and more people are starting blogs every day? Sure, you need to write stuff that’s gong to stand out, but a lot of blogging advice focuses just on writing. Sometimes to really stand out, you need to go beyond writing and create something different. The spark. David was killing it and I wanted in. The plan.
    [Twitter] Cogs
    Wake up, pee, check Google+ and Twitter. School teaches us to be good factory workers. We are trained to memorize the facts that our systems want us to believe. We interview for jobs that seek simplified versions of our complexity to approach tasks that have often been boiled down to repetitive systems that can be measured. Sometimes, this is great. would love all medical professionals to have a high level of predictability in their practices, as a baseline. would love all airline pilots to have a very similar training level. But Are YOU A Cog? Is it fun to be part of a machine?
    [Twitter] The Secret Ingredient to a Successful Blog
    You can find her weekly musings on her blog Writability , follow her on Twitter , or check out her Facebook page. This guest post is written by Ava Jae of Writability. If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, you’ve heard that content is king. You’ve been told that everything else—design, SEO, in and outbound links—those things are a bonus, but the real thing you need to focus on is your content. And it’s true, content is king, because even an SEO-optimized blog with a beautiful, user-friendly design and a parade of in and outbound links will fail without great content.
    [Twitter] Forget about FroYo, Chobani makes yogurt social
    We began on Facebook, followed closely by Twitter. Anyone who works in a social media role for a company would be lying if they said they didn’t keep tabs on their counterparts at other companies and what they are doing. To me, some brands make more sense to be in the social space than others. really get inspired when I see brands that would not seem like a fit do really cool things and just get it and I love to get an insight into their heads and see what makes them tick. The latest case came from Chobani Greek Yogurt. Tweeted out the article. Tell your friends!
    [Twitter] My Two-step Social Media Starter Plan
    After I took over several Twitter accounts earlier this year, I quickly realized that to get interaction on Twitter I needed to do one of two things: Be interesting. When I first decided to go this route, I followed a lot of people on Twitter and then reposted the same links they had (usually without giving them a mention or anything). Buffer also helps you build relationships on Twitter by prompting you to follow and/or thank those that retweet your tweets. This guest post is by Eric Binnion of Art of Blog. You can’t deny the power of social media. Step 1.
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