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    [Twitter] Do You Fear Internet Marketing & Social Media
    home about smi learning lab contact SMI is powered by seasoned professionals from C.E.L. Public Relations and Small Business Mavericks C.E.L. Public Relations Small Business Mavericks Loading Quotes. scan or click the QR code to see the packages we offer Do You Fear Internet Marketing & Social Media by admin on September 1, 2009 Social media is getting as hot as a high-efficiency furnace, blowing steady streams of information everywhere.  The fear of losing control keeps them bound within their normal marketing box. Start with your website. Start a blog. Start social networking.
    [Twitter] True Social Media ROI is All About Integration
    home about smi learning lab contact SMI is powered by seasoned professionals from C.E.L. Public Relations and Small Business Mavericks C.E.L. Public Relations Small Business Mavericks Loading Quotes. scan or click the QR code to see the packages we offer True Social Media ROI is All About Integration by admin on November 16, 2009 Not long ago, a client came and asked if we could “help her business go viral” by launching social media for her company. Too often, business owners tell me that they aren’t experiencing a return on their investment of time with social media.  Copyright © 2009-2011.
    [Twitter] FTC passes new rules and regulations on social media
    December 2, 2009 at 1:34 pm nice Leave a Comment Previous post: True Social Media ROI is All About Integration Next post: How to setup a Twitter account. home about smi learning lab contact SMI is powered by seasoned professionals from C.E.L. Public Relations and Small Business Mavericks C.E.L. Public Relations Small Business Mavericks Loading Quotes. great new site has been developed to assist the full disclosure of materials.  It’s called and has derived a short link to be used in full disclosure making it easier to “comply&# with the new FTC Rules and Regulations. 
    [Twitter] How to setup a Twitter account.
    scan or click the QR code to see the packages we offer How to setup a Twitter account. by admin on December 31, 2009 Setup an account on Twitter… it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 1. There are so many ways to customize your twitter sites that there are endless possibilities. Get your twitter account today, it’s as easy as 1,2,3! home about smi learning lab contact SMI is powered by seasoned professionals from C.E.L. Public Relations and Small Business Mavericks C.E.L. Public Relations Small Business Mavericks Loading Quotes. Go to and click Sign up now 2.
    [Twitter] Is Social Media a Fad?
    home about smi learning lab contact SMI is powered by seasoned professionals from C.E.L. Public Relations and Small Business Mavericks C.E.L. Public Relations Small Business Mavericks Loading Quotes. scan or click the QR code to see the packages we offer Is Social Media a Fad? by admin on December 31, 2009 Social Media has revolutionized the world of marketing. On January 7, 2009, Zuckerberg posted on the Facebook blog that Facebook had reached 150 million users. On April 12, he posted that it had reached 200 million. That’s 549,450 new users per day! You decide! Copyright © 2009-2011.
    [Twitter] Caroline Melberg speaks on social media
    home about smi learning lab contact SMI is powered by seasoned professionals from C.E.L. Public Relations and Small Business Mavericks C.E.L. Public Relations Small Business Mavericks Loading Quotes. scan or click the QR code to see the packages we offer Caroline Melberg speaks on social media by admin on January 13, 2010 Caroline Melberg of Small Business Mavericks and collaborator on the Social Media Incubator ™ speaks on social media for the Terry Craig Show ! Next post: Facebook status goes viral over bra colors? All Rights Reserved Copyright © 2009-2011.
    [Twitter] Facebook status goes viral over bra colors?
    home about smi learning lab contact SMI is powered by seasoned professionals from C.E.L. Public Relations and Small Business Mavericks C.E.L. Public Relations Small Business Mavericks Loading Quotes. scan or click the QR code to see the packages we offer Facebook status goes viral over bra colors? by admin on January 15, 2010 I recently got a message on Facebook from a close friend: It sounded like a fun game so I did as asked and forwarded on the message to my other girlfriends. Can you see the power of this one Facebook message? Now that’s a far reach! Share your stories with us!
    [Twitter] New Google Buzz
    [Twitter] Social Media Sites for Businesses: Twitter for Business
    [Twitter] Is Twitter Right for my Business?
    [Twitter] Is Coach Fur Real? | The Social Media Incubator™
    home about smi learning lab contact SMI is powered by seasoned professionals from C.E.L. Public Relations and Small Business Mavericks C.E.L. Public Relations Small Business Mavericks Loading Quotes. scan or click the QR code to see the packages we offer Is Coach Fur Real? by admin on November 3, 2010 According to CNET News , the company Coach Leatherware has seen a virtual outcry of negative feedback along with some shocking images posted by online visitors for using animal fur in some of their products. Coach is handling the protest by not arguing with the PETA posts. Copyright © 2009-2011.
    [Twitter] Crisis for Chrysler on Social Media
    [Twitter] Tweets of the Missing Cobra
    [Twitter] Facebook Identity commenting | The Social Media Incubator™
    home about smi learning lab contact SMI is powered by seasoned professionals from C.E.L. Public Relations and Small Business Mavericks C.E.L. Public Relations Small Business Mavericks Loading Quotes. scan or click the QR code to see the packages we offer Comment as an Admin OR Comment as Yourself on Facebook by admin on May 4, 2011 Are you the administrator of a particular page on Facebook (for a brand or company) and would like to be able to comment on the page as the admin (voice of the brand/company) OR comment on the page as your own personal identity? Thanks, Caroline !
    [Twitter] What’s Behind the Smile?
    All the smiles you see on people’s Facebook and Twitter avatars. When I worked in downtown DC , I used to take a bus to Metro (DC’s subway system, for those not familiar with it), and then ride the train in to my workplace, usually not more than a 15-20 minute ride. As commutes go, it was fairly easy, and while I didn’t always enjoy being packed into the bus or Metro car like a sardine in a can, I did see some very interesting people. There was one lady who stood out. But she always had a tiny smile on her face. used to wonder who this lady was. What was her story?
    [Twitter] The Entrepreneur’s Source, North Carolina, Engages Saying It Social, LLC, to Take Its Social Media to the Next Level
    Having already been active on Twitter and LinkedIn , Randy Mitchell , Franchise Coach at The Entrepreneur’s Source, North Carolina , realizes the increased breadth of services he can offer through online channels. (Matthews, NC) The Entrepreneur’s Source is North America’s leading business and franchise coaching organization. They help people build rewarding careers, take control of their lives and create financial freedom. Facebook was just the next logical step,” says Mitchell. Media Contact: Randy Mitchell, 866-943-7700,
    [Twitter] Top 10 Social Media, PR and Marketing Links of the Month: December
    New readers, these are the most popular links I share on Twitter (some mine, mostly other clever folk), so [.]. Ok, you got me. haven’t done this for ages (since August). All I can do is apologise (hey, I’m only human). With that done, I’m back with my Top 10 links of the previous month. Marketing Social Media Top 10 Links of the Month top 10 social media marketing pr links
    [Twitter] Free social media strategy ebook
    Blogging Facebook Foursquare Linked In Social Media Social Media Strategy Series Twitter free ebook social media strategyAs regular readers know, at the end of last year I ran a series on this blog on how to develop and deliver a social media strategy. This has now been gathered together into an easy to read ebook which covers each stage of the process, from getting buy-in at the start to ongoing management, [.].
    [Twitter] Everyone’s on Facebook, Why Aren’t They on the Intranet Too?
    There are always those early adopters (think Twitter users in 2007 , Facebook users in 2004 ), but generally large-scale adoption of new communications tools takes years, often decades (think radio and television) – until now. In the last several years we’ve seen a remarkable shift from blogs and discussion forums to instant update platforms like Twitter and Foursquare. In the fall I wrote a guest post entitled, “ But I Don’t WANNA Change ” about using change management techniques to encourage the adoption of social media within organizations. Social Media is Fast. User first!
    [Twitter] June 2011: Social Media Course computer based
    Morning Session 1: Twitter Tips and Secrets. Everyone seems to be on Twitter these days from wannabe celebrities to the Prime Minister. How can Twitter be used to gain access to journalists, to build audiences and find people based on location, interests and influence? Using Twitter for your Business. Learn how to integrate Facebook and Twitter into your website and your overall strategy. Course Event Online Communities social media Social Media Australia social networks Training Australia Facebook online Twitter workshopCost of the social media class.
    [Twitter] Personalization Across Mobile, TV & Internet; Why Recommendations Must Be Social
    It harnesses the relationships we already have in social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to inspire people to connect with entertainment, like movies and TV. Social TV also enables social exchange, allowing friends and followers to read updates posted on social networks such as Twitter and draw from these to decide what programs they themselves might also enjoy. Indeed, 2010 has turned out to be the year for multi-screen content services and – more importantly – for multi-purpose applications and solutions that allow consumers to call the shots. Center stage.
    [Twitter] IMPACT: Your Essential Mobile Read for 2011; Why Next Year Will Rock Mobile Marketing
    The result: carriers could control costs and boost profits by delivering services like Facebook and Twitter to customers. Follow Jeff on Twitter ( @jeffhasen ). These days everyone claims to be an expert. This week LinkedIn, the destination for business networking, reported that “extensive experience&# is the number one overused buzzword on its site. With so much hyperbole, it’s important to know who the real industry experts are. Tomi Ahonen walks the talk, and doesn’t just pretend to know the industry from the inside out. HOW I SEE IT: Close, but no cigar.
    [Twitter] 2010 Projects & Partners; Lots Of Reasons To Pitch To MSearchGroove
    Tego also has new product launches and announcements in the pipeline — so please check back or follow the Tego team on Twitter @tegointeractive. Every year at MSearchGroove is better than the last! And this year is shaping up (already) to be the best year so far. We’ll be back full force tomorrow with a line-up of industry coverage for the weeks ahead that includes a podcast with Neomedia CEO Laura Marriott , a new take on mobile search and shopping from Aisle 411 and a mobile code roundup from Cynthia Artin, the newest addition to the MSearchGroove team. Podcast partners.
    [Twitter] Mobile Codes Cross The Chasm; Watch For Volumes, VC Investment & Value Creation
    Thanks for following us on Twitter ( @msearchgroove @peggyanne @cynthiaartin ) — and thanks for your RTs and comments. Was that a 2D mobile barcode near a prescription pill bottle I saw during the IBM ad that was broadcast on New Year’s Day during the Rose Bowl? This simple commercial has huge repercussions for mobile. The message came across loud and clear in the string of 2011 predictions from mobile code innovators I captured in the Five From Five series that ran recently on MSearchGroove. And that’s just the start! alone used scan codes in 2010. alone !)
    [Twitter] More Verticals More Active In Mobile Marketing; But Don’t Get Blinded By More Connected Devices
    Today, in the Twitter era of instant and often communications, it has become nearly impossible. Follow Jeff on Twitter ( @jeffhasen ). This week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was billed as an introduction of new products. But what’s really new? And — more importantly — what really matters? With more than 80 tablets introduced in Las Vegas , some called it a tabletpalooza. However, many of the products are destined to be loozas (losers). You could say that the attendance signals an improved economy and increased business confidence. No one believed him.
    [Twitter] Marketers Need New Mobile Social Media Mindset; Motorola’s Devices Could Have More Impact Than We Think
    And then there are the statements made by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo at the close of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week in Las Vegas.  He revealed that 25 percent of tweets were via wireless devices in 2010. Moreover, he told the audience that 50 percent of active Twitter users are also active on mobile. But before I point out the faults of this silo mentality, allow me to say that Twitter’s own business model is marching toward more monetization. Follow Jeff on Twitter ( @jeffhasen ). Forty percent of all tweets are created on mobile devices. You bet.
    [Twitter] What Marketers Can Learn From Facebook; Tough Choices About Apple
    Follow Jeff on Twitter ( @jeffhasen ). Facebook aims to have 500 million mobile users worldwide, a figure it can only reach if it goes after all mobile subscribers — including feature-phone and smartphone owners. This week the company revealed its plans to launch a new mobile app to bring Facebook to the most popular and mainstream mobile phones around the world.  According to Facebook, the app works on more than 2,500 devices from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and other manufacturers. It may be focused on low-end phones, but the experience is hardly low-end. Apple sold 4.13
    [Twitter] The Mobile Marketing Review: University Use of Mobile Gets High Marks; Millennial Media SMART
    BTW: A great way to keep up with this exciting progress is simply to follow #mlearncon (as I do) on Twitter. The Mobile Mavens are back for the first monthly podcast of 2011 with a look at how universities are harnessing mobile to connect with students. raft of recent press and reports shows that universities are becoming more creative in how they use mobile – specifically text messaging — to connect with Millennials on their mobile phones. That’s where the discussion that began around the awesome conference (of the same name) organized by eLearning Guild continues.
    [Twitter] Reports Reveal Hot Mobile Numbers; Facebook Phone Might Upset Mobile Marketing
    Follow Jeff on Twitter ( @jeffhasen ). Some of the leading wireless analysts issued reports this week, covering everything from revenue projected from the combination of mobile, social and loca l, to the size of the app business in 2011 and beyond. First, a look at what Forrester thinks (views I was privileged to hear first-hand f rom mobile consumer expert Julie Ask during a private mobile marketing summit near San Francisco, where I also had the opportunity to present my views). Julie gave us the inside track on Forrester’s 2011 mobile trends. It’s both. What should marketers do?
    [Twitter] Aisle411: Accelerating In-Store Engagement With Mobile Search, Mobile Marketing & Social Media
    In practice, people search and the service also lets them map the results (in the store and using Aisle411’s interactive map), add the item found to the shopping list and share the search results with others via SMS, email, Twitter or via an update to their Facebook page. Heightened activity and interest in mobile retail (spurred on by holiday shopping and the rapid uptake of price comparison services and apps), has paved the way for a variety of new and immersive mobile experiences that insert marketing messages and campaigns into our daily shopping routines. What’s next?
    [Twitter] New Devices & Content Formats; What Should Mobile Marketers Do About The Daily?
    Follow Jeff on Twitter ( @jeffhasen ). The Daily launched in the U.S. this week, complete with the hype we’ve come to expect from Rupert Murdoch’s endeavors and the reach of content and personalities from within the News Corporation empire. With typical bravado and fanfare, The Daily has burst onto the scene with a mission to provide the best news experience possible. The twist: it seeks to combine world-class storytelling with the unique interactive capabilities of the iPad. As stated in its ample marketing materials, The Daily is a category first. After that, The Daily costs $0.99
    [Twitter] Innovate or Stagnate: Nokia’s Mistakes Provide Lessons For Mobile Marketers
    Follow Jeff on Twitter ( @jeffhasen ). Whether you are a marketer or a handset manufacturer, you either innovate or fail. Nokia has learned the hard way. In an eye-opening leaked memo from Nokia CEO Stephen Elop , the company acknowledged its missteps while calling for a reinvention. “While competitors poured flames on our market share, what happened at Nokia?” Elop answered this question with an explanation that openly admits what we have suspected all along: Nokia lost the plot. As Elop put it: “We fell behind, we missed big trends, and we lost time. Unbelievable.&#.
    [Twitter] Google & Twitter Talk Mobile Advertising @MWC; Why Their Schemes May Backfire
    Twitter CEO Dick Costolo used his keynote slot to focus more on usability, simplicity and the experience Twitter delivers over thousands of devices. But a leaked video gives us the inside track on where Twitter wants to go with advertising (across all platforms). Will people buy into Twitter’s approach? Near the end of the 40-minute presentation, even Twitter acknowledges that its way of presenting advertising won’t be universally accepted. Twitter tells us in the video that marketers should expect an “engagement rate&# of 1 percent to 3 percent.
    [Twitter] #DearKen: What Social Media Marketers Can Learn About Cause Marketing From Lady Gaga & The Disaster In Japan
    Prompted by the large number of brands asking people to “like&# them on Facebook in exchange for a financial donations, I asked my followers on Twitter ( @SocialGrow ) if the companies would have been willing to help anonymously, with no benefit accruing to their brands.  Do NOT require people to take any social action, such as “likes” on Facebook or retweets on Twitter to trigger your help. How should marketers use social media for social good? To submit a question, tweet it with the hashtag “#DearKen&#.  Good or bad idea? My advice: Do everything you can.
    [Twitter] Japan Mobile Giving Efforts Embrace Different Messaging Formats; What Hot News Will Break At CTIA
    Follow Jeff on Twitter ( @jeffhasen ). The heartbreaking images from Japan are difficult to view even if you don’t have friends or family in the region. We experienced a similar anguish when we saw the destruction following the earthquake in Haiti. It prompted us to use our mobile phones to donate more than $43 million for relief efforts and marked a milestone in mobile giving. For many, it was the first donation to a cause — ever. This week we again saw the power of the movement. It took mere hours for organizations to set up Japan text-to-give programs. In the U.S.,
    [Twitter] CTIA Highlights Mobile’s Role In Healthcare; Why Bandwidth Equals Well-Being
    Follow Jeff on Twitter ( @jeffhasen ). My personal thanks to everyone who sent good thoughts via Twitter. Always wary of those who hype the benefits of mobile, I was struck by the keynotes I heard at the CTIA Wireless Show and the assertions that mobile is dramatically improving healthcare and key to keeping the U.S. competitive in global business. The keynote delivered by Julius Genachowski, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, was direct.  In his view, the U.S. faces fierce battles for mobile innovation leadership. Mobile is critical to America’s future.&#.
    [Twitter] #DearKen: Should You Put Ads in Your Tweets If You’re Not Kim Kardashian?
    Twitter is on the move, continuously launching features to enhance the advertising experience on Twitter. Last week Twitter took the wraps off a beta service that will allow brands to target Promoted Tweets–the ad units that are actually Twitter messages–by country.) But what are the rules of engagement and to what extent (if any) should we promote goods and services in our Twitter stream? DearKen What are the pros and cons of sticking ads in your Twitter feed, and what is there to consider? Thank you for your question. have strong opinions! Hell no.
    [Twitter] Apple Likely Has Last Laugh (Again); Google’s In-App Payments Could Change The Game
    In fact, IDC was ridiculed on blogs and Twitter for its unbridled confidence in Microsoft’s ability to turn things around and close the gap to its rivals. If Apple is anything, it is unpredictable. I’ve been quite amused this week by the pundits and industry analysts who claim Apple will delay the introduction of the iPhone 5. have to wonder where they have been (or how well they really know Apple). Steve Jobs likes a little drama (and fun). Cases in point: the introduction of the iMac and iPod. The invitation said the focus of the show will be iOS and Mac OS. Then the speculation began.
    [Twitter] Mobile Marketers Need To Balance Targeting & Privacy Concerns
    Postal mail is next (25 percent), followed by retailer website (21 percent), television (11 percent), social media websites like Facebook and Twitter at (8 percent), mobile phone text message and alerts (5 percent) and radio (3 percent). Do you – or anyone you know – really want to be targeted ? Just the term conjures up images of bulls-eyes, shooting ranges and scenes from the movie Minority Report. Little wonder that we don’t have a desire to be targeted. Understandably, it’s a volatile issue that raises as many tempers as it does questions. Well, maybe.
    [Twitter] 7 Simple Fixes for Your Small Business Website
    The tag is also displayed in Google’s search results and also as the headline when people share your content on Facebook or on Twitter. When I hear “business website” I think “business storefront”. To me, both are synonymous. Yet, most business owners ignore their website, take shortcuts, and generally treat it as a secondary priority. Would you leave your stores’ windows shattered? Why do the same for your website? The following are 7 really easy and often overlooked fixes you can implement on your website to fix it up. Make Your Navigation Easy. Create a Portal Homepage. Two reasons.
    [Twitter] Why Aren’t You Promoting Your Social Profiles? 10 Ways to Make it Happen
    When going through numerous articles on social media strategies it dawned on me that there was a glaring omission: tactics on how to promote your social media profiles OUTSIDE of logging in to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. For example, I may be the most active on Twitter, so that would be the one I would add.  Make sure that it is on the collateral and stand, but you can even run a Twitter contest during the event and promote it through a bag drop.  How To Strategies Branding email marketing facebook marketing linkedin marketing twitter marketing
    [Twitter] Marketing Plan Audits: The First Step to Successful Strategy
    The shared media marketing channel includes all social media profiles, including a Facebook fan page and Twitter profile. Businesses that are unsure about their marketing and need help, often times have a hard to getting the information they need to turn around a strategy and create success. One of the best ways to identify problems and outline an actionable strategy is through a marketing plan audit. Defining the Marketing Plan Audit. The Specifics: What’s Covered. Reasons for Performing a Marketing Audit. Outlining the Audit. Elements of a Good Audit. Defining the Marketing Plan Audit.
    [Twitter] Which Social Media Tool Is The Most Effective? [VIDEO]
    General Social Media effective Facebook linkedin tool Twitter YouTubeWatch the video to learn which social media tool is the most effective, then leave a comment with yours!
    [Twitter] You Don’t Own Facebook
    Social media marketing Facebook multi-channel social media marketing TwitterThink about it: If all you do is post on Facebook, and suddenly Facebook shuts down tomorrow, what are you left with?
  • FEVER BEE  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 17, 2011
    [Twitter] Social Density In Online Communities
    you spread the same level of interactions over too many places to host them, such as forum categories, chat rooms, status updates, twitter etc.) Social density is the number of interactions within an area. Offline, a lot of people talking in a small room produces many fascinating behavioural changes. Online, it has a unique importance. If your social density is too high (i.e. you concentrate too many interactions within too few areas of your community platform) it feels like a frenzy of activity. It becomes difficult to keep up and follow conversations. Members drift away.
  • LOUIS GRAY  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 17, 2011
    [Twitter] Apple TV, Google TV, TiVo: Crowded Theater, All Good
    There's something fun about browsing the Twitter app on the full screen, browsing Web sites, and enjoying YouTube on a screen much larger than a laptop. There is no one perfect home entertainment gadget. No single gadget manages to record all your favorite shows on demand, has access to the deepest online library for new and older titles, syncs perfectly with services like Netflix and finds all the Web's video at once. In our home, we've tried to fill all the holes, and this requires multiple devices, each one finding a perfect niche that can't be replaced by an alternative.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 17, 2011
    [Twitter] Sunday Brunch – Improving Your Google Traffic
    Our number one driver is Twitter, then Facebook, then Networked Blogs, then Hootsuite, and THEN Google. Julius Meinl coffee house in Southport, Chicago, is Gini's favourite Sunday Brunch place. Welcome to a new episode of Sunday Brunch, where we talk about your questions on social media, marketing, business tips, entrepreneurship and more. Today’s question is from Gini Dietrich , CEO of communications firm Arment Dietrich and owner of the popular Spin Sucks blog. Gini asks: “Danny, when I saw you speak at PodCamp in Toronto, you said Google is your number one driver of traffic.
    [Twitter] My Twitter Strategy [VIDEO]
    A little background of how I used Twitter in the past, and how I’m using it now. General Social Media strategy Twitter
    [Twitter] The Wells Fargo to get around it
    Now that the spotlight is on, every time there is a sponsorship, a meeting or an event, eyebrows will go up. So, if you think that because you are in the sponsorships arena, not the incentive arena this won’t effect you, guess again. As a tax payer, I can’t help but be outraged. As a business person, was frustrated to be in the industry being used as a scapegoat for the larger problems for an industry and economic woes. After all, sponsoring and hosting events is an industry too, and it employs a lot of people. But that doesn’t mean that events have to be canceled. They have to be smarter.
    [Twitter] The bus to Hawaii: Marriott boosts Hawaii Bookings 40% with event.
    The campaign, a road tour, dubbed the “Spirit of Aloha” includes Hawaiian travel and tourism executives, 3 dancers & 2 musicians on loan from the Polynesian Cultural Center as well as Maui’s Camile Velasco of American Idol fame. The group got lots of together time as they moved along middle America on a 45-foot bus. The cost of the campaign was approximately $350,000 with Marriott covering hotel expenses and partner Hawaiian airlines covering flights. One of the more colorful venues included a bowl-a-thon with Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) members. The result?
    [Twitter] Jack Welch supports events and their business uses.
    By taracoomans – March 9, 2009 Posted in: economy Jack Welch supports events and their business uses. Share and Enjoy: Tags: event marketing , events No Comments Start the ball rolling by posting a comment on this article! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Subscribe via Email Meet Tara Coomans Recent Posts Klout – What’s it all About? What’s your social currency? Social Media Complainers – your new BFF’s Successful Blogging for Small and Medium Businesses A Thousand Little Cuts of Social Media – A Kaizen Approach I recommend. All Rights Reserved
    [Twitter] Twitter-ups the future of events, sponsorship and event marketing
    Does anyone else think its interesting that Twitter, the hottest social media network today, is generating events? Prediction: tomorrow’s event, event marketing and sponsorship opportunity is with “Tweet-ups” where like-minded Twitter-peeps meet up to meet each other in person. Here’s the great thing: by their very nature, Twitter-peeps share something in common, making it a very powerful marketing tool. You can’t sponsor Twitter – but you can sponsor Twitter-ups. The NHL is already using this Twitter extension to connect its brand with fans.
    [Twitter] Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile makes appearance in Hawaii | Akamai.
    As a child, I never got sick of that song…and even today, I remember it when strolling down the aisles of the grocery. Who says ad dollars aren’t worth every penny?! The Oscar Myer Weinermobile makes an appearance in Hawaii this week. Hawaii is celebrating its 50th year as a state this year, the Weiner mobile started in 1936, making the Weinermobile the older of the two. Put it in perspective. Oscar Meyer’s stunt is perhaps the oldest and longest running mobile marketing campaign in the country. And the tour in Hawaii will last over July 4th and into the following weeks.
    [Twitter] PTI Story on the Love-Hate Relationship Between Celebrities and Social Media
    While Facebook and Twitter are the preferred platforms for celebrities globally (along with Sina Weibo in China), celebrities are also experimenting with entertainment check-in services like Glue and Miso in the US and voice blogging service Bubbly in India and Japan. have been writing extensively on celebrities and Twitter on my Mail Today Tweeterati column on Twitter and popular culture. In the past too several Hollywood names like actor Miley Cyrus, singer-guitarist John Mayers etc were also seen to have shut down their Twitter accounts. Or is it just ME&# ???
    [Twitter] The Social Media Monitoring Metric We Need, But Can’t Get
    Comcast similarly changed the perception of its service–creating good karma , if you will–by listening and responding to customers on Twitter. Social media monitoring tools continue to proliferate in number and advance in functionality. The better tools not only show who’s talking about your company and where, but also display sentiment analysis, trends over time, competitive share-of-voice, measures of influence, engagement and more. But there’s one critical metric that remains elusive to measure. And real important. Lots of people are outraged. these practices.
    [Twitter] Social network commerce and referrals: Rubbish in, rubbish out?
    The networks included ranged from Facebook and Twitter to the likes of Foursquare, Scribd and Meetup. Without being able to dig into the study, there are some initial questions (Inclusion of Twitter clients, and wouldn’t Foursquare and Meetup be primarily for offline referrals?). There are a lot of examples of sites revealing their referral figures from Facebook and Twitter (and the social networks themselves are keen to highlight how much traffic they drive). And a 1% click through rate compared to an 11% rate for email marketing. Rubbish in, rubbish out?
    [Twitter] Tweeterai #6: India’s Heart Might Beat for Anna Hazare, But India’s Heart Still Bleeds Blue
    I am in week six of writing my Tweeterati column on Twitter and popular culture for Mail Today and I’m finding that writing a weekly newspaper column is a tricky affair. The Tweeterati urged each other to go to Jantar Mantar in Delhi, Azad Maidan in Mumbai and Freedom Park in Bangalore to support Anna’s fast until death and “Anna Hazare” even reached Twitter’s global trending topics on April 7. Several celebrities and thought leaders have supported Anna’s campaign on Twitter. So much so that my editor hasn’t been able to use my column twice in six weeks.
    [Twitter] My first week at The Search Agency pt 1
    If you’d like to find out more about TSA checkout their Site , blog , or follow them on Twitter. So here it is. The end of solo work and the beginning of a new chapter in my career. It’s exciting and a little bit scary too because now there’s more at stake when it comes to client interactions. Success or failure no long just affects me and my client, it now affects an entire company full of people. This is the first week here where I’ll be working on clients the whole time so it’s what I consider my real first week. About The Search Agency. via bus).
  • JOEY STRAWN  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2011
    [Twitter] Joey Rewards Leader Board – March 2011
    Don’t Comment On This Post Something Fun To Do In Nashville Tonight How To Build A Crappy Twitter Profile How Twitter Reminds Me Of “Vanilla Sky&#. Tweet. Near the end of last month I introduced The Joey Rewards Program. I’m sure many of you thought it was an effort in futility, but I actually did keep track of comments and shares and am proud to introduce a new feature on the blog: The Joey Rewards Leader Board! Every week (on Saturday from now on) I will post a Leader Board displaying the top 14 Joey Rewards Points Members for that point in the month. Game on!
    [Twitter] Can Your Agency Share Examples Of Great Communities?
    My only rules are: No Facebook pages, Twitter following or blogs. I did a disservice to agencies when I suggested they can't develop online communities. stand by the core of my argument I believe that it's best for the organization to develop their community themselves. However, there are some fantastic agencies out there. So lets find them. In the comments below submit examples of communities your agency has created on behalf of your clients. Getting a big audience isn't a community. The community must have high levels of interaction between members.
    [Twitter] Seth Godin’s ‘Poke The Box’…
    For instance, he’s avoided Twitter for various reasons and disabled comments on his blog, but was actively involved in a closed social network created for purchases of his Tribes book, for example. It’s a project that I wholeheartedly support as an example of someone going out to do something different and disruptive, rather than just talking about it… My review of Poke the Box by Seth Godin: Like most people with any interest in digital marketing, I’ve been reading Seth Godin’s books and blog as a fan for several years now.
    [Twitter] Five for Friday
    Was it Twitter, Facebook a forum? The first week back in the office went without a hitch and flew by. Only thing I could have asked for was a “W” from the local nine who started the season 0-6 before heading into a weekend series with the Yankees, but it is the home opener so we shall see. have faith and am hoping the game I head to on Tuesday isn’t their first tick on the positive ledger. How was your week? Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy this week’s edition of Five for Friday. Take this with a grain of salt to get to the meat and potatoes. AVEs are a Scurge on Public Relations.
    [Twitter] How Bloggers Can Make Money from Brands
    analytics, PostRank, Twitter, social bookmarking websites, and so on. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook. This guest post was written by Mark Pollard of Let’s face it, how you make money from blogging is in serious flux right now. The thing is, flux brings opportunity. If you’re thinking differently enough to everybody else, chances are you can stand out. That’s what this article is about. How to get you standing out in front of brands and agencies, and find new ways to make money from your blogging pedigree along the way. Old models are struggling. Action.
    [Twitter] My iPhone SXSW group messaging / group texting app plans
    This also means some of the best conversations may happen offline on mobile devices vs being on twitter or facebook. There’s a secret “ SXSW facebook group &# that I belong to and most of the conversation so far is about the parties and which apps to use to keep track of everything during SXSW interactive. Too much is happening this year and there’s no way to stay up-to-date with everything. You’re going to miss some parties, some panels, some meetups and some people.
    [Twitter] Book Review: Twitter Your Business, Mark Shaw
    Twitter Your Business, Mark Shaw. If you’re a regular here you will know I’m a big fan of Twitter as a marketing tool, and when I heard that UK Twitter expert, Mark Shaw, was writing a book on the subject I was immediately interested. didn’t hesitate – it was an honour to be asked and a great opportunity to tell my story about my Twitter successes! That was late 2010 and Twitter Your Business has now been successfully launched. Mark explains every function of Twitter that a new user needs to know. Twitter etiquette. 10/10.
    [Twitter] Social media channel mixups and how to handle them
    Jay Baer recently posted about 3 types of self-destructive tweets that can occur on twitter, and it prompted this post on my part, because I’ve also had occasions where I’ve mixed up messages, sending a message to the wrong social media channel. Most recently, I posted something to Linkedin that had nothing to do with business and a had lot more to do with personal interests. I had one person send me a private message asking about it and I then realized that I had accidentally sent the wrong message to the wrong network. If you can catch it in time, delete it.
    [Twitter] Social Marketing to the Business Customer: Eric Schwartzman’s Newest Book
    It’s a practical guide to finding and engaging niche audiences with social media, and the first title devoted exclusively to using Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin for B2B communications. Eric Schwartzman released a new book a few months ago called Social Marketing to the Business Customer. Eric speaks to how B2B is hot now, and growing by leaps and bounds as every type of business is using social media. Law firms, mom and pop stores, consulting firms, and others are figuring out how to market using new tools. Social Media Is Like Air Says Business Marketing Expert Charlene Li.
    [Twitter] #DearKen: Should You Put Ads in Your Tweets If You’re Not Kim Kardashian?
    Twitter is on the move, continuously launching features to enhance the advertising experience on Twitter. Last week Twitter took the wraps off a beta service that will allow brands to target Promoted Tweets–the ad units that are actually Twitter messages–by country.) But what are the rules of engagement and to what extent (if any) should we promote goods and services in our Twitter stream? DearKen What are the pros and cons of sticking ads in your Twitter feed, and what is there to consider? Thank you for your question. have strong opinions! Hell no.
    [Twitter] Africa: Opportunity Awaits
    Emerging Markets Innovation in Africa Mobile Social Media Africa emerging market mobile twitterI looked up a Nairobi-based digital strategist Mark Kaigwa last month, smart and insightful, he’s become a voice to listen to on East African social media and internet marketing affairs. Mobile quickly became part of the conversation since internet penetration is still relatively low. In fact, telecommunication companies across the continent have identified data subscriptions [.].
  • SPHINN  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010
    [Twitter] New: Submit News Tips via Twitter
    Starting today, you can now submit a news tip to Sphinn via Twitter. You’re proably already using Twitter to share great links with your friends and peers, so why not make sure the Sphinn staff sees them, too? Here’s how: When sharing a great link, just add tip @sphinn in your tweet, and it’ll show [.]. Announcements
    [Twitter] New On Sphinn: Discussion Of The Week
    Twitter and [.]. One of the most common requests from our 2010 member survey earlier this year was to bring discussions back to Sphinn. We did that when Sphinn 3.0 launched a month ago. The ability to start a conversation with other members, without having to submit a story/article link, is something we want to encourage. Announcements
    [Twitter] Understand Your Site’s Traffic
    If it does, they may be encouraged to interact with your site by signing up to your Twitter account, RSS feed, and so on. To read more of his content or find out about ways to make money online , please follow him on Twitter @moneyin15. This guest post is by John Burnside of When people arrive at your blog, they’ve all come from somewhere on the World Wide Web. They could have found you on a search engine, they could have known about your site already, or they could have come from any one of a million other places. Search engine traffic.
    [Twitter] Five for Friday
    Four new Twitter poems – OK this post just gets me giddy and nerded out. What’s happening everyone? I am hoping that you are in a better place than I am right now. Yesterday morning I went under the knife to get my shoulder repaired and am now pretty heavily medicated and will be for the next week or so. Here’s this week’s edition of Five for Friday , have a great weekend! No matter how hard I try, I am still an English major at heart and smile when I see things like this. Facebook Tests Ads Targeted At Status Updates – I am geeked about this for two reasons.
    [Twitter] Listening Is Key, But Don’t Forget Your Research
    Let’s rethink engagement as a process that begins long before you post a comment to someone’s blog or show your face on Twitter. As you dig into the content you identify through monitoring, you’ll start to discover the content producers (whether it be through Twitter, a blog, traditional media or another social platform) who are mentioned most frequently, get the most comments and responses, and are producing content that is being shared by others. by Heidi Sullivan. Stage actors have an old, if somewhat crude, joke. Image purchased from iStockPhoto. Knowledge should come first.
  • STAY N' ALIVE  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 6, 2011
    [Twitter] Twitter Misleads. Bloggers Take the Bait. About that Facebook vs. Twitter Infographic.
    Back in April I shared how Twitter was misleading the media and its users into thinking the numbers it was reporting were comparable to Facebook's. The deception stems from a report by Biz Stone at Twitter's Chirp conference that Twitter has 105 million users.  It appears that in the last day or two many of the most popular tech blogs on the internet are taking the bait, including at least one blog that focuses specifically on Facebook , reporting an entirely inaccurate infographic, with absolutely no clarification in the matter.
  • STAY N' ALIVE  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 6, 2011
    [Twitter] Howto: Getting the Logitech Revue (Google TV) to Work With Comcast Cable Boxes
    I'm pretty sure this method will work for almost everyone.  In the meantime, Comcast told me on Twitter that they are aware of the issue, and they're working on a firmware fix to hopefully fix the issue on their Cable boxes. As I've Tweeted, Facebooked, and Buzzed about recently, Google sent me a Logitech Revue Google TV unit shortly before Christmas which I will probably be using to write apps for. The Apple TV and Logitech Revue only have HDMI ports, while the others I prefer to connect via HDMI where possible. Voila!  It worked!  No more content protection errors!
  • STAY N' ALIVE  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 6, 2011
    [Twitter] This Isn't the Microsoft it Used to Be - My Full Circle Journey and Why I'm Back Again
    The cool part is you can share these to Facebook and Twitter though. The new Xbox comes with all the old stuff - Facebook, Twitter, Image via CrunchBase You may remember my scathing blog post denouncing my Xbox 360 and swearing I was leaving Microsoft.  I still feel that way about my old Xbox 360.  It was a piece of junk.  I sold it, sold all the games, and sent my Windows 7 machine with Windows Media Center on it to the scrap pile. Windows Vista still crashes all the time. All that changed when my kids convinced me to try the Kinect. Enter the new Microsoft.
  • STAY N' ALIVE  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 6, 2011
    [Twitter] to End Poverty
    Thus far,  several projects have been proposed : "Building a Fighting Poverty Apps Store" "Twitter GPS Locator App" "First Aid App" "Tsunami Twitter/SMS Broadcaster" "Medical Twitter Broadcaster" Medical "ChaCha" You can read more about those over on the Hacking Poverty website. If you're wanting to do something good on January 21st and 22nd, save the date, book a flight and a hotel, and come to Utah for what is certain to be an unprecedented event. You can also submit your own via their form. Zach Stay has great blood, and it's not from me. Will you please join us?
  • STAY N' ALIVE  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 6, 2011
    [Twitter] Emailvision Acquires Social Media Marketing Company ObjectiveMarketer
    ObjectiveMarketer is just one of dozens of companies in Guy Kawasaki's very successful Advisorship portfolio ("Guy's Golden Touch"), currently and previously containing several Twitter and Facebook marketing companies. I'm always giddy to report on people I know whose companies have been acquired. Amita Paul's ObjectiveMarketer announced today it has been acquired by Emailvision , a leading Software as a Service Email marketing company providing solutions to enable marketers to communicate more effectively.  No details were disclosed as to the amount of the transaction.
  • STAY N' ALIVE  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 6, 2011
    [Twitter] To Discuss Living/Dead Relationship Technology With New RootsTech Conference
    If you're interested in any sort of relationship-oriented technologies, there will be a lot to be learned at this conference, and you'll learn many new and creative ways to organize data and relationships.  I hope to see some of my Facebook, Google, and Twitter employee friends there.  So come on out, book a ticket, and come for what is sure to be a really interesting, and fascinating event centered around relationship technologies among both the living, and the dead. One of my favorite things to do is research my family history. There is historical context to consider.
  • STAY N' ALIVE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2011
    [Twitter] The HB477 Working Group and Making Utah a Little More Open
    Having written 3 books on Facebook and Facebook technologies, having written an entire site devoted to helping improve a brand's reputation on Twitter, MySpace (and soon Facebook), and having consulted in helping brands, big and small across the web to integrate "social" technologies, I think I can really help in this effort. Many of you know I have a Twitter account with near 30,000 followers (btw, numbers don't mean a thing so don't let that number make you think I'm any better than any of you). The press release just went out. This is a great move for the state of Utah.
    [Twitter] Fusion Marketing Experience: Learning in the Hallways
    Even with Twitter providing keynote real time play by play and any back and forth [.]. I believe that at trade conferences and conventions, the real learning happens in the hallways. It’s in between the structured presentations that people get together and test their ideas to see how they’ll hold up in casual discussion with peers. Events Opinion Fusion Marketing Experience
    [Twitter] Geek curry night in Peterborough…
    We’re getting a reasonable amount of people checking out the site regularly, more and more people are registering and posting in the forum , the Facebook page has got 34 Likes so far, and the Twitter account has 25 followers. All from just deciding a time and a place and seeing if people would turn up. And it’s continuing to grow. That might be small if you’re used to reading case studies of global brands and millions spent in marketing, but as a group which met for the first time 5 months ago, and which has come together from nothing, I’m pretty amazed.
    [Twitter] Upgrade Your Social Strategies By Understanding Network Theory
    In social media, they would include our Twitter followers, Facebook fans etc. You might already be familiar with the book by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, Linked: How Everything is Connected to Everything Else (2003). He explains that the fundamental principles behind network growth and maintenance are universal. These principles are at work, not only in social media, but also in technology and the natural world as well. Understanding these principles will help you make effective decisions for your social media strategies. The basics of network theory are quite simple. Components. link].
    [Twitter] Oliver Peoples Online
    follow them on Twitter and came across a link to one of their videos explaining how to select the right frames for different face shapes. Oliver Peoples is one of those brands that I’ve always been familiar with, but never paid much attention to. This changed when I came across their online presence. think it is important to note this video. It provides viewers with a personable, interactive experience, while showcasing the product. This is quite different from a more direct sales driven approach of just displaying the items along with their prices. It’s inviting, not pushy.
    [Twitter] Using Applied Behavioral Analysis in Social Media
    Examples of antecedents on the web include basic links, display ads, headline titles and Twitter/Facebook posts. Marketing is focused on getting people to notice brands and behaving in a favorable direction. So, how can this be accomplished? Research psychology has defined a  framework called ABA (applied behavioral analysis). It is simple and effective. Any situation can be viewed and modified using this framework to generate real and measurable results. The first step is to identify the behavior that you want. Consider these three sequential components. The Antecedent. The Behavior.
    [Twitter] What Went Wrong With the Digital Death Campaign
    The main site for the Digital Death campaign is Today they were able to announce their accomplishment of reaching the $1,000,000 mark. . With your help we raised over $1,000,000 to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. Your generous donations will help bring critical care and medicine to the millions affected by this horrible disease. But so many more still need help. Please continue to BUY LIFE – the one thing none of us can alive without. Here is a screenshot from their homepage today. Dose of Realism. Because of this, I wrote a previous post about anticipating realistic outcomes.
    [Twitter] The Art of Being Personal While Sticking To Business Objectives
    What used to be fun becomes more of an obligation. I’m sure you’ve had the experience of looking up brands on Twitter and finding that these companies might only have about 100 followers or so. Social Media is Fun When There is No Pressure. No kidding. We all know how effortless social media can feel when we are doing it for personal reasons.  Think of how sites like Facebook is an addiction for some people. When social media is done without expectations or pressure, we are in a different state of mind where our actions flow.  There is a lot for brands to think about.
    [Twitter] Some calming inspiration…
    Rather than feeling like the information overload of RSS and Twitter, the chatter of Facebook, or the audio-visual hullabaloo of Youtube, it’s just 9 simple images. Things have been busier than ever over the past few weeks, which makes me hugely thankful as someone who is mainly freelancing. And as a result, I’ve been reminding myself of various ways to keep inspired and avoid getting stressed. Besides reading, videogames, and actually getting outside with my family, there are still some things which work whilst staying in front of a PC screen. No more, no less.
    [Twitter] What’s So Funny About Social Media and Online Marketing? 2010 Edition
    50 Clever, Hilarious and Geeky Twitter T-Shirts by Bit Rebels. Facebook movie spawns Twitter Parody by Geary Fresh. Anyone can tweet, post or email a funny or clever link and waste a few minutes of your day. This post is more ambitious: wasting your entire day. Maybe not today. Maybe it would be best to read this post on a weekend. When your spouse or significant other is away. Seriously. Most of these are funny, many are amazing, some are just remarkably creative. Take a break from the marketing/PR grind and enjoy! The Google Toilet by Current. Priceless. by Graphic Design Blog.
    [Twitter] Five for Friday
    Why Twitter is pushing trending topics – This post is the perfect example of how to use the term “dickbar” and has some awesome stats too about social media hard caps. OK – I am not going to lie. This  Five for Friday was written out on Tuesday night and I may have missed an article or two. Hopefully you’ll check back for the content that I am producing at SXSW in terms of videos and chats with some cool folks. I am also still doing the crowdsourced social media tips for small businesses so feel free to grab me if you see me or leave comments here. Definitely read it.
    [Twitter] Market Successfully In Today’s Interactive Environment
    Blogs FaceBook LinkedIn Marketing My Creative Team Online Research Social Media Twitter Web 2.0 I just did a session called Market Successfully In Today’s Interactive Environment for the Bank of Commerce’s School of Commerce (SOC). The SOC is designed to help independently owned businesses with the key challenges they have, ranging from financing to marketing. The presentation covered how to develop your social media plan with key discussion centering on research, audience definition, goal-setting and measurement. Do you agree with my approach? Did I leave anything out?
    [Twitter] 11 Big Social Media Mistakes
    Today is my Twitter birthday – I posted my first tweet 2 years ago. Twitter is what started me off on my journey as a social media savvy VA. And, in celebration of my Twitter birthday, I’d like to share with you some of the biggest social media mistakes I’ve learned so far: Don’t Listen. Obsess about how many Facebook Likes or Twitter followers you have. Auto-following and auto-direct messaging on Twitter. Some think that by feeding their Twitter posts through to Facebook and LinkedIn is the answer to managing their profiles.
    [Twitter] Guy Kawasaki’s Newest Book: Enchantment: How Can You Become More Influential?
    Related posts: Perspectives From Guy Kawasaki: On Twitter, His Book: Reality Check And Life Guy Kawasaki On Twitter Strategies For Building A Huge Following Twitterville: Author Shel Israel Discusses His Book. Related posts:Perspectives From Guy Kawasaki: On Twitter, His Book: Reality Check And LifeGuy Kawasaki On Twitter Strategies For Building A Huge FollowingTwitterville: Author Shel Israel Discusses His Book Books Book Enchantment EST Guy KawasakiEnchantment– captivation: a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual. Speech video. Web quiz.
    [Twitter] Hindu Story on Web-based Email Losing Out to Social Networks and Mobile Applications
    We are also turning to status updates and direct messages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to communicate with our personal and professional contacts, and the new Facebook Messages will further strengthen this shift away from email. We are also turning to status updates and direct messages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to communicate with our personal and professional contacts, and the new Facebook Messages will further strengthen this shift away from email,” said Gaurav Mishra, Director, Digital and Social Media, MSLGROUP Asia. Ramachandran.
    [Twitter] Finding Happiness In Small Things
    As is wont when I travel, I get behind on email, Twitter messages, and so on… which would normally send me into a tizzy. I returned from a trip to Kansas City, Mo., yesterday. But this time, I was able to forestall said tizzy because of a number of “small things.&#. Which made me happy. Such as: My flights to and from KC were on Southwest Airlines. … not my favorite airline, not least because of the lack of assigned seating. On my flight out, I was in the last boarding group. took the seat, and then realized why it was empty (bawling babies on aircrafts, anyone?).
    [Twitter] Five for Friday
    Facebook, Twitter play role in college admissions – We’ve all heard about jobs firing folks because of things happening on the social Web, but would you believe that it is filtering into the admissions process? This week was slow as molasses and cold to boot. The good part is that it is Friday and the weekend is here. If you are in the Boston area and want to come and grab beers with me, check out this link. How was your week? Hope to catch up with you on the interwebs next week, enjoy this week’s edition of Five for Friday. But how do we change this?
    [Twitter] [MUST READ] The Story Behind Red Cross’s Twitter Faux Pas
    This is a guest post by Wendy Harman, Director of Social Media for the American Red Cross.  We’ve all heard the story of the unfortunate (though hilarious) tweet sent out through the Red Cross’ main Twitter account – here’s a nice recap by Shannon Otto you’ve probably seen - and how they made lemonade from lemons (so to speak).  In amongst all the various blog posts about it, we came across this fabulous guest post commissioned by Sean Stannard-Stockton of the Tactical Philanthropy blog where it first appeared. JACKIE: Hmmm. Maybe “Rest assured.
    [Twitter] Blog for Foreigners Without Getting Lost in Translation
    You can follow her on Twitter. This guest post is by Regina Scharf of Deep Brazil. Have you ever considered blogging in a language other than your own? You definitely should. One year ago, when I started Deep Brazil , a blog that shows aspects of my country that are seldom in the media, I had a problem: there was no point in publishing it in my native language, Portuguese. foreigner who can read Portuguese has access to millions of websites, magazines, and books about the country, right? So, it had to be in English. Why not French, my other native language? See my point? And vice-versa.
    [Twitter] Why you should not try to sell with your email marketing
    Tweet this on Twitter! When people subscribe to your email list they expect valuable information. They expect information which can help them to solve their problems for free. They do not expect and they do not want be bombarded with sales pitches. An email list is a very valuable asset for a business and I am sure you do not want to damage or even to destroy this valuable asset. Now you could ask how I can profit from this asset. When I can’t profit from it is only a liability which costs me time and money to maintain, without having any profit from it! Send article as PDF.
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