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    [Twitter] Podcast: Industry Interview with Jack Keough-Industrial.
    Click Here to Email Me Check Out the Marketing Insights Podcast The Official Podcast of Tradesmen Insights Follow Me on Twitter Thanks To All That Supported the Habitat Tool Drive [link] 55 minutes ago 5 Ways to Use Content Marketing to Attract New Business [link] 1 hour ago what kind of lead tracking system do you use? 50 Power Twitter Tips to Help B-to-B Marketers Twitter: Steps to Insure Success Adding Social Icons Helps Drive E-mail Marketing Campaigns Whats Your Company Value Proposition? Enjoy his insights. Listen to the interview here. take my survey [link].
    [Twitter] The 3 Dimension's of Great Business Ideas
    BUT people say.if I share ideas on social media then they won't want to use me.well if you only know enough for a 140 characters on Twitter or a couple of paragraphs in a starting a blog and blog posting consistently.then you are in trouble!! Too often people feel as though they need to protect ideas. They feel those ideas give them control. As I always say it is not the idea's that give you control, it is the sharing of idea's that give you control. Imagine if Einstein had kept all his ideas to himself? It is the sharing that brings the ideas to life.
    [Twitter] Tools to Streamline Your Video Marketing
    Hootsuite ([link] is a social media management tool that allows you to manage your Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook accounts all in one place. You should also take the embed code for the video from Youtube (or another one of the sites) and put it onto a page on your website and link to this from Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Guest Post by Neil Davidson. We hear a lot nowadays about how video marketing is becoming more and more important, both for traffic generation & SEO as well as for site performance. Screenflow/Camtasia. Oneload (AKA TubeMogul). Hootsuite.
    [Twitter] Crowdsourcing Our Health – Using Social Media to Educate and Unite.
    First, my colleague Jacque Brown started participating in the weekly Healthcomm chats on Twitter, I attended a meeting with the Center for Health Transformation , and I read this fantastic post by Ben Parr on Mashable. link] zorgbeheer (zorgbeheer) Twitter Comment DELI Crowdsourcing Our Health – Using Social Media to Educate and Unite the …: [link to post] – Posted using Chat Catcher Lblb4412 All Breitling Watch now posses the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute) designation. Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0 Government 2.0 M.H.S.A,
    [Twitter] How To Align Social Media With Marketing Activities
    There is nothing worse than a company having or using one set of colours, fonts and pictures on their website, and another on their Twitter or Facebook profile. Follow Tehneyat on Twitter Similar Posts: 5 Tips for Making a Consistent Social Media Effort The Role of Twitter And Blogs In Lead Generation For Small And Medium Businesses Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools Tags: Advertising , Blogging , Facebook , Flickr , Marketing , online marketing , seo , Social Media , tagging , Youtube Posted in Marketing & Communication , Tips Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.
    [Twitter] What About Google -1?
    Did your Twitter follower count halve overnight? Follow him on Twitter. This guest post is by Sriram Reddy of Allen: Billy, Why are you looking so gloomy? Hehe… Billy: No, I just had such a cheesy experience Googling for material for Prof. Dwyer’s assignment. There was an unusual amount of spam in the search results. I had such a hard time scanning through all those search results, but I finally found what I was really looking for. If only there was a way I could bury some of those results in Google’s SERPs. Dwyer’s assignment.
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    [Twitter] 7 Valuable Lessons Bloggers Can Learn from Construction Workers
    You need to know how to use WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Feedburner to your advantage. What builds a blog is accomplishing goal-oriented tasks; not just making noise on Twitter or talking to friends on Facebook. This guest post is by Joseph Wesley of Blog Tweaks. Did you know there are similarities between blogging and construction work? It’s true. learned this while working as an electrician during the first six months of 2010. You may be wondering how a marketing grad from UT Austin ended up doing electrical work, but that story is too long to tell here. bloggers.
    [Twitter] Upstart Passion: Launching an Auspicious Business!
    Expand your Web presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like. Launching a small business is a serious undertaking that requires vast deposits of passion, patience, time and money. To succeed in the journey from zero to raking in the big bucks, never decline an offering of good advice — your business depends on every advantage it can garner. Flexibility. Never be too rigid in the direction of your startup company. Yes, a plan is most definitely necessary from the get-go, but nothing is certain in the world of business. Social Media. Post rich, informative and original content.
    [Twitter] Feature Friday: How to Successfully Network Online
    Contact Ari: Twitter | Email | 978.558.0008. The following is a feature article by Onibalusi Bamidele. This is also the debut of a weekly feature series to appear every Friday. If you’d like to contribute an article, learn the process here. No matter what you do online, your network is your most important asset. Most bloggers, writers and others who have a part to play online believe that some other thing like their blog, mailing list etc. is their most important online asset. Your network is your most important asset because your status doesn’t matter. Understand the Truth.
    [Twitter] Give up a Gift for Africa
    Twitter: @acchoir #ACCGiveupaGift. This is a guest post from Shelley Lawrence. lived in Africa for three years, as a child, and I know from direct experience that we often forget the abundance we have here in the US. Just like in Shelley’s story, I try and instill in my kids the importance of giving back – if not all year round, then especially around the holidays. hope you’ll join me in supporting this cause. —————————-. When I was little I wanted to change the world, a little Lisa Simpson in the flesh. link].
    [Twitter] The Social Media Monitoring Industry Meets Social CRM Head on
    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Prem Kumar Aparanji, Mike Ryan, micahboswell, chrisabutler, YouScan and others. Read our blog by email Our Services Social Media Consultancy Social Media Monitoring Inbound Marketing Social Media Events Twitter Updates © 2010 Our Social Times. Our Social Times Social Media Consultancy & Events | Inbound Marketing Consultancy Social Media Consultancy & Events | Inbound Marketing Consultancy Search Home About Archives Subscribe Contact // you’re reading. We will also, doubtless, suffer the habitual cry of “Google’s coming!”
    [Twitter] The 5 Critical Errors Most People Make When they Start Using Social Media for Business
    This one is self-explanatory, and relates to Twitter specifically. For most businesses, participating in social media is unchartered territory. When there are no examples to follow, the only way to learn is to experiment. Over the last 18 months, I’ve been observing what’s worked and, more importantly, what hasn’t. Here are the top five ways a business can alienate people and waste time using social media. 1. Use Use social media as a broadcast medium. The beauty of social media is that they permit a two-way conversation. Sound like a robot. Only focus on work topics or yourself.
    [Twitter] Don’t Commit these Huge Faux Pas on Social Media
    Pamela Vaughan wrote on HubSpot that a link on Twitter has a half-life of 2.8 In the world of stock investing, there’s something called as “irrational exuberance”—a term coined by Benjamin Graham, author of The Intelligent Investor. He refers to the madness you see on stock markets as people trade mindlessly; it’s not too different from gambling. You don’t trade that way. Well, who’s in the mood to listen, right? Social media is something like that. Although there’s good advice out there, no one is paying attention. Everyone is busy getting “busy” on social media. Stats are nice to know.
    [Twitter] The Future of Journalism and PR
    Follow me on Twitter. Two events held recently focused on the future of journalism and the education of journalists: The second World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC2) in South Africa and   Journalism as News Providers: Challenges and Opportunities  held in Denver. One of the key findings from WJEC2 was that social media has become an integral part of journalism and must be included in the curriculum. Social media sites, including blogs, are now essential items in journalists’ kitbags. Expand the definition of who a journalist is and what they can do.
    [Twitter] Social Media and Retiring in the Black
    Obtain Twitter updates about plan changes or the latest benefits. Some professionals answer questions directly over social media networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Social media isn’t just for looking at pictures of the grandchildren. Instead, it can be a useful tool that can help you plan and execute a successful retirement. Obtain Updates on Retirement Plans. The most obvious way to use social media to plan for retirement is to follow your retirement plans on social media platforms. Or follow the company on Facebook to join in conversations about retirement plan options.
    [Twitter] 10 No-Nonsense Ways to Build Backlinks
    He did this again for The Oatmeal with things like the “Are You Addicted to Twitter?” This is a guest post by Gregory Ciotti of Sparring Mind. Many bloggers are very much averse to participating or learning anything about SEO, and truth be told, I think that’s a real shame. Maybe my time with my SEO agency has made me biased, but I personally think most bloggers are missing out on a huge potential source of traffic by just plain ignoring how search engines work and what practices are most effective. Get great links to that content. Let’s get started. 1. links.
    [Twitter] #FollowFriday: Tim Jahn
    first met Tim on Twitter nearly two years ago. Follow Tim on Twitter , take in his videos at Beyond the Pedway , check out his guest post on Spin Sucks , and if you’re ever in need of a programmer, hire him! Tim Jahn is doing some pretty important work through “ Beyond the Pedway ,&# which examines the qualities that drive entrepreneurs. He does all of the interviews via video and professionally edits them so the subject looks even better! That’s why today’s #FollowFriday is Tim Jahn. But you don’t have to take just my word for it.
    [Twitter] Work in digital, and in Cambridgeshire/Lincolnshire?
    Digital People in Peterborough Twitter account. Just a quick note to say the date has been set for the next Digital People in Peterborough meetup. It’ll be January 19th at The Brewery Tap in Peterborough, right by Peterborough train station. Digital People in Peterborough (#DPiP) is an informal gathering of geeks, whether you’re a developer, designer, database admin, blogger, app developer. It’s a chance for freelancers to get out of the home office, and for those in large companies to chat with likeminded people. Digital People in Peterborough Facebook page.
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    [Twitter] Use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence to Call Your Readers to Action
    Check Sean out at and follow him on Twitter @SDavisMedia. This guest post is by Sean Davis of Blogs do not produce income. Simply writing and publishing content does not increase your bank account balance. The idea that money is a direct result of blogging is a myth that the best bloggers have dismissed, but most choose to treat it as a law of the blogosphere. What a shame. Many new bloggers will jump out of their online careers just as quickly as they jumped into them when they realize that it’s not enough to simply create content. hope so.
    [Twitter] Are You an Accessibility Whore?
    Twitter address. Company Twitter account. Better yet, I wait two days and respond via Twitter direct message. Accessibility is an odd concept. Take a moment and think about it. We all want to give the impression that we’re 100% accessible. Take a look at my signature line for example. Right now it includes the following ways to get in touch with little ol’ me: Office phone number. Email address. Facebook address. Company Facebook address. Google Chat. LinkedIn address. Skype address. mean really? Am I that important? In fact, I think they are used to it. How do you un-plug?
    [Twitter] Social Media Time Management: 9 Guiding Principles | Brass Tack.
    Visit this once a week, and see if any ideas on the paper warrant a move to reality. 3) Leverage Tools Use a desktop tool like TweetDeck , Seesmic Desktop, CoTweet or HootSuite to streamline your Twitter use. Same with Twitter. Some examples: Blogging Reviewing and responding to email Listening and Monitoring (unless you have a dedicated staff person for this) Reporting and Analysis Checking in on social networks – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Forums, Community sites If you set aside specific hours in your day, turn off other distractions. It’s a balancing act.
    [Twitter] I love Maria Popova
    ” I whole heartedly recommend subscribing to the website and also following Maria on Twitter -  @brainpicker. I consider myself to be an Internet Magpie. I’m always searching for little gems and am constantly sharing them, filing them, gathering them… and most of all getting excited about them. Maria Popova is Queen Magpie. Brain Pickings , along with a few other curators, is Maria’s outlet for letting us all know about interesting… erm… ”things”! I can’t actually think of a better word to use!
    [Twitter] 8 Data KPIs Every Blogger Should be Using to Grow Their Blog
    The best way to track this metric is to use a tool like Social Metrics WordPress plugin or Feedio which shows the total share and mention counts from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn for all your recent posts. This is a guest contribution from  Justin Butlion. When it comes to growing a blog, there are a hundred different directions one could take. Some decide that the design of their site is outdated while others remove or add share buttons in the hope of increasing engagement. Bounce Rate. Can be found In : Google Analytics. Exit rate. Can be found in : Google Analytics.
    [Twitter] New “Shift Happens (Did You Know?)” video shows the “shift” is to social media
    The new video covers such things as Dell selling $3 million dollars worth of computers on Twitter to Wikipedia being in 200 countries.  So, yes my friends, shift does happen (thanks Karl!). Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod are globally recognized and applauded for their “Shift Happens (Did You Know?)&# video series.  An updated 4.0 version was released on September 14, 2009 (see video below).  I’m a big fan of these videos and this latest one has some great graphical treatments (XPLANE) and as we’ve come to expect,  some very salient information.  Did You Know 4.0
    [Twitter] Is Social Media Worth it for You?
    Don’t forget to follow Samir on Twitter. just wish we could cookie users on Facebook and Twitter so I could track their conversions… maybe one day! Kirtsy Likaholix LinkedIn Mahalo Mento Mixx MyBlogLog MySpace Plurk Pownce Propeller Reddit SEOmoz Sphinn StumbleUpon Technorati Toluu Twitter Wikipedia Yahoo! Social Media Consultant and Tech Geek at Heart Home About Press Consulting Contact Sitemap Home > Marketing , Social Media > Is Social Media Worth it for You? Is Social Media Worth it for You? Many would use a blanket statement that it’s useful. Definitely.
    [Twitter] This Weeks #Social Media Topic: Managing the Marketing Mix: Which Channel is More Effective?
    Be sure to join us Tuesday April 27 at noon Eastern and participate by following #sm57 from any Twitter client or simply goto our LIVE page during the event. Posted: April 26th, 2010    By: Jason Breed. On its surface, this topic is a “status quo” topic, one that fits into the traditional advertising model that says radio, television and print are channels therefore the Internet is a channel too. Agencies and old-school marketers feel comfortable when discussing digital as just another channel. we are all new-age digital marketers. Consumers have changed! So what is this post about then?
    [Twitter] 7 Reasons You Should Pay the Haters
    Admittedly it is now possible to have a much higher level of targeting with your ads than in the past, but think about how you typically respond (or, more accurately, don’t  respond) when you see a promoted post on Facebook, or a sponsored tweet within the Twitter mobile app? This is a guest contribution from Matt Cumming. Messed Up. Okay, this is embarrassing, but not-so-long ago I signed up for Reddit and without too much thought I dropped a simple attention-grabbing title and link to an article on my website within the first five minutes. But he didn’t stop at a short rebuke. Genera
    [Twitter] More Online Noise?
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Aug 09 2010 More Online Noise? Comment by Rachael August 9th, 2010 at 8:22 am I think you are very intimate and yet I love getting to “meet your friends&# and hear their viewpoints…which has also expanded who I follow on both Twitter and blog wise. Thanks!
    [Twitter] Setting Up a Social Media Management Center
    Twitter, obviously, is my community of choice. love Twitter for its serendipity effect. I’ve written posts like If I started today and Start From Nothing , where I talked about how I’d go about building my social presence. In this post, I want to talk about if I were managing a small team or department for an organization using social media tools. There are similarities, but there are some things I’d set up differently. Goals- Always Goals. In building any social media platform, if you don’t start with goals, you’re starting with a hope for failure.
    [Twitter] Google, Social Media, and the Wisdom of Enigmas
    In the race to keep up with competitors they will launch a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare then struggle to fill that gaping void of content with something interesting. Guest post by Daniel Lemin of marketing innovation consultancy Social Studio. He provides brands and agencies with the research, insights and good old-fashioned know-how needed to be more effective marketers. In the early part of my career I was fortunate to land a job on the corporate marketing team at Google. After all, how do you drive brand awareness if you don’t do things in conventional ways?
    [Twitter] Visual Bookmarking: A Better Way to Browse the Web
    For comparison, Twitter currently counts 316 million monthly active users and Snapchat hit 100 million this time a year ago, and is now believed to have doubled that. When you’re on the Internet, you can fall down the rabbit hole of searches. You’re clicking from one topic to another without pause. When you started, you might have been searching for grilling recipes, but when you’re done, you’re on a page about the latest celebrity story. One way to achieve this is through browser bookmarks. The Solution: Visual Bookmarking.
    [Twitter] Don’t expect engagement if your content isn’t worth it
    The people who still love what they do are doing their best to create interesting content, whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and other owned channels. I get it. Engagement is hard to come by. No matter the platform, brands are competing with every other platform for an iota of time from their target audience, which we all know is so bifurcated these days it’s insane. also know that when it comes to Facebook in particular, there’s always an algorithm change. But community managers do bear some responsibility. And that lies in the content. Today. Be thoughtful.
    [Twitter] How to get more Visitors to your website
    Tweet this on Twitter! Attracting more visitors to your website helps in increasing your website or blog traffic and also helps in generating quality leads for your internet marketing campaigns. This article provides information of how to get more visitors to your website online. Getting started online. The first thing that is important in starting your online business is to have a well designed website. well developed website helps a lot in planning a efficient Internet marketing strategy online. Given below are some of the important tips to improve more visitors for your website.
    [Twitter] Internet Marketing to get more Prospects and Leads
    Tweet this on Twitter! Internet marketing has become the best platform for business as it can reach the people all around the World through contributing with very limited resources in respect to time, money, human resources etc compared with the traditional outbound marketing. Advertising of products or services through Internet is becoming very popular in the field of business as it is creating more leads and increasing the brand value. So you can reach your targeted customer through various activities which includes: Starting your own company blog. Email marketing. Send article as PDF.
    [Twitter] Business cards and why still to use them in social media
    Tweet this on Twitter! Business cards are still very important for all the business whether online or offline. If you are into some online business and run corporate blogs, it is important that you use business cards to effectively increase your business leads. Social media is effective for business online and you should use it better for your growth. But to use this social media platform efficiently, there are many things that you should concentrate on so that you get the best desired results. Can be contacted any time. This effectively helps you in increasing your business leads.
    [Twitter] The Strength of Weak Ties (and Why They Matter to Collaboration)
    Oftentimes we focus on building strong relationships with people, strong ties. After all, the better we know someone and the stronger the relationship is, the more valuable it is for us right?  It’s a bit counter-intuitive but in the workplace it is not the strong ties that can be the most beneficial, in fact, weak ties (acquaintances or people that you might not know that well) can be far more valuable! In 1973 the sociologist Mark Granovetter published a paper titled “The Strength of Weak Ties” in which he talks about and explains the value of weak ties.
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    [Twitter] Anointing Future Stars
    We picked those doing interesting things, checked their twitter followers, and began pushing them within the community if we liked what we saw.  This Guardian article outlines how Radio 1 decide what music the show will play. Given Radio 1's audience, they're essentially anointing the next music stars in the UK, possibly for the world.    The process used to select future stars is interesting.    It's part intuition and part data.   At our first community, UKTerrorist, we regularly pushed a talented video game player.
    [Twitter] The Endurance Of Niche Social Networks
      The successful niche online communities you see today aren't about to be swallowed up by Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  I don't think we should be fascinated by   the rise of niche social networks. think we should be fascinated by the endurance of niche social networks. They were here before the social media explosion, they're still going strong, and they will be here after it washes away.    Successful communities has very little to do with technology and a lot to do with developing a strong group identity.
    [Twitter] A Tip For Recruiting New Members
    You can find mothers on Twitter, on forums or (if you’re sneaky) by inviting manufacturers to get their customers to participate in the discussion. You’re welcome to wait for members to stumble upon your community. Sometimes you get lucky. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen though. If you’re recruiting newcomers, you should target specific people for specific reasons. This means you’re targeting with specific needs, experience, skills, interests to do participate in a discussion, event or other activity in your community. There are numerous variations on this.
    [Twitter] How Banks Use Data Mining to Answer the Big Marketing Questions.
    Connect with Bob on  LinkedIn , or follow him on  Twitter. Bob McCarron. Right now, huge amounts of electronic data exist within banks and other financial institutions. The valuable bits of information are embedded in data repositories. The huge size of these data sources make it virtually impossible for an analyst to come up with useful information that will assist a marketing professional in the decision-making process. Because of the large volume of data, some banks have found it challenging to make sense of it all.  undertaking new marketing initiatives. market segmentation.
    [Twitter] 5 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Deciding to Blog in Another Language
    You can reach her at [link] m or follow her on Twitter ( @stephaniehetu ) and Facebook. This guest post is by Stephanie Hetu of Most of us international bloggers learned pretty much everything we know in English, just because the community of bloggers is there, huge, active, and available. We don’t have to search very far to learn all sorts of little tips and tricks to make our blogs more appealing, to write better content, to interact better, etc. Copyright Vladimir Voronin - So we should all blog in English shouldn’t we? The market is huge!
    [Twitter] 7 Reasons You Might Never Become an A-list Blogger
    list bloggers don’t spend every minute of their day on Twitter or on doing things that don’t matter. This is a guest post from Onibalusi Bamidele , a young entrepreneur with a free guest blogging guide for more on how to get traffic and build your brand via guest blogging. There are different types of bloggers with various levels of success. We have the average blogger and the super-successful blogger (often called the A-list blogger). Many new bloggers think becoming an A-list blogger is all about writing content and promoting your blog. You Don’t Manage Your Time. You’re Not Focused.
    [Twitter] Experience The Great Barrier Reef Queensland with 10 Bloggers from Around the World #QldBlog
    FOLLOW ALONG : You can follow along on Twitter and Instagram of those on the trip by following the hashtag #QldBlog where there are loads of photos and updates happening (and a few blog posts already going up). Greetings from Far North Tropical Queensland where I’m writing this post from as part of the ProBlogger Queensland Blogger Trip. The winners were previously announced here and the trip began earlier this week. We all arrived over a 24 hour earlier in the week before all meeting in the lobby of our Cairns hotel on Tuesday evening. Rebecca Cooper from Simple As That.
    [Twitter] How to Harness Your Email List to Help Pay Your Rent
    Engage people in email, Twitter, comment threads, etc. As a general rule, I reply to every comment on my blog, and Twitter and Facebook accounts. Subscribe by email or follow him on Twitter , Facebook or RSS. This guest post is by the Blog Tyrant. Wouldn’t it be nice to send out an email or two and pull in $10,000+ to pay your rent or mortgage payments for the year? It is actually possible using your own products or those of selected affiliates. photo credit: Esparta. How it works. Use your blog to grow an email list. It should be the main focus of almost every blog.
    [Twitter] YouTube Reaches One Billion Views Per Day
    YouTube has added a tiny Post-IT style note next to its logo to commemorate this feat.  It’s important to note that this billion number includes views from embedded players on other sites.  In recent social media news YouTube is often drowned out by the frenzy over Facebook and Twitter, but it’s hard to ignore 1,000,000,000. Chad Hurley, CEO and Co-founder of YouTube had this to say on the YouTube blog today: “I’m proud to say that we have been serving well over a billion views a day on YouTube. Clip culture is here to stay.
    [Twitter] Creating Your Own Facebook Community
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Jul 21 2010 Creating Your Own Facebook Community By Molli Megasko | Email | Print | 2 Comments | After reading an interesting article about another social website that popped up, I had this yearning feeling to share and discuss it, but with whom? So I went searching. 
    [Twitter] Talk Like We Do | Brass Tack Thinking
    So, we built a Whizbang app for the iPhone that stores video clips and makes them easy to send to friends via email, text, or Twitter.&# Those who look at facebook, twitter, etc as just places for people to air their dirty laundry… [link] PR: Needed, If Not Loved – and Sorely in Need of Industry Change : PerkettPRsuasion – The PerkettPR Blog [.] go far beyond the irritations with PR executive’s who kiss hello, spam-like pitches and overzealous jargon. It included a short informational press release, which was fine. Who talks like that?? Yes, yes. So am I.
    [Twitter] How Social Commerce leads to Advocacy Based Marketing (ABM)
    Perhaps they will even offer you and your followers/friends (Twitter/Facebook) a special discount or a peak at the next version before the launch to get the viral buzz going. Every company today is headed for a Brave New World of eCommerce – and that is the world of Social Commerce. Almost a year ago, July 23rd 2008, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook Connect, which gives any website the power of a social network like Facebook right there on its own website. So what you say? He unequivocally says yes and you decide to make the purchase.
    [Twitter] Facebook Recruiting Video Promises Bold Vision, Potential
    Twitter launched a recruiting video in early August, and Google has more than 2,000 job listings for interested prospects. Like Twitter's fun, this too is a convincing video that just might make you jealous you don't have an address, and it just might encourage some folks on the fence about sending their resume to Palo Alto to do just that. Not to be left out, social networking giant Facebook posted a video earlier this week helping to show they think their efforts are far from complete - even after growth beyond 500 million members. The video is embedded below.
    [Twitter] Six Links Worthy Of Your Attention #222
    Feel free to share these links and add your picks on Twitter, Facebook, in the comments below or wherever you play. Is there one link, story, picture or thought that you saw online this week that you think somebody you know must see? " Neal Stephenson has had more of an effect on me than any other writer except perhaps, James Burke. He''s brilliant, and unwaveringly tough on himself and others. He''s imaginative, but also grounded in reality. Case in point: ''a lot of opposition to global warming and evolution is not about science. Here''s a Nature interview with him." Amazing."
    [Twitter] The Post-writing Rules I Always Break. Do You?
    Sometimes that causes controversy. I’ve been sent hate mail about a poem I once wrote and published online. I’ve been insulted on Twitter by a fellow copywriter who took offence to a blog post. (He thought it was about him—it wasn’t.). This guest post is by Kate Toon Copywriter. have an admission; I suffer from several deep-rooted blog-writing afflictions. For years I thought it was just me, that I was the only one. Lately, though, I’ve realised that I’m not alone. have no excuses. share my story in the hope that it helps other writers. How it all began. Lawyer anyone?). think I’m funny.
    [Twitter] 5 Ideas and More to Improve B2B Marketing Strategy
    Follow Rick on  Twitter or connect with him on  LinkedIn. Rick Volz. In a recent Modern B2B Marketing Blog article , the author Maria Pergolino suggests it’s the right time to assess your B2B Marketing Strategy and consider areas of improvement.  Maria suggests the following 5 ideas to improve your marketing strategy: 1. Find new ways to integrate marketing channels. Incorporating new channels into existing efforts can help improve reach – and therefore results.  For example, marketing efforts that focus on email marketing can incorporate social networking channels to maximize reach. 2.
    [Twitter] Advertising Your Blog: Go Viral on a Blogger’s Budget
    If you want them to just share on Twitter or Facebook then tell them and make sure they can do it easily. Subscribe to his feed for a free eBook on increasing your email subscribers by 120% overnight or follow him on Facebook and Twitter. This guest post is by The Blog Tyrant. Until now you’ve been relying on organic methods to grow your blog’s traffic—search engine rankings, guest posts , social media and word of mouth. But now you are thinking about stepping into the league of the the big boys (and girls) and spending some money on advertising your blog to the world.
    [Twitter] Social Media is Driven by the Person, Not the Position
    It doesn’t matter if you’re a GS-7 working on a government website, a concerned citizen, or a Chief Technology Officer – social media isn’t about the title, it’s about the person.  It’s about the person who has seen the potential of social media to make a change for the better and who has done something about it.  It’s about the guy who convinces his administrator to do a press conference on Twitter.  It’s about the group of people who self-organize a Government 2.0 Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0 Government 2.0 keep it up.
  • BILL HARTZER  |  FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2009
    [Twitter] How to Promote the Perfect Blog Post
    Especially if it’s a very timely blog post with some sort of breaking news or something that you think can “go viral&# or get others to link to it and talk about it, maybe even on Twitter. Along with Twitter , Digg , Reddit , and other social media websites , Google’s blog search can even bring in some great traffic to your blog. Go on over to your Twitter account and tweet about it. Tell friends about it, even those who don’t use social bookmarking sites or Twitter. Did you know that Google recently updated their blog search algorithm ?
    [Twitter] Interesting Stuff & Web Journal – July 1-7th 2012
    An infographic on Facebook and Twitter ROI from SproutSocial was interesting (though not the easiest story to follow). New discovery game is a creepy virtual popularity contest for Twitter – wha?! Been a pretty busy, intense week that also happened to have a holiday in the middle of it!   I have begun to assemble Rutgers Social Media and The Arts Fall 2012 course shell, and find it’s taking most of my creative juices, to do it. Mentions: American Express Open – Mentioned as a result of speaking at the New York Times Small Business Summit on Demystifying Data.
    [Twitter] Content Week: An Interview with Chantelle Ellem of Fat Mum Slim – Where Does She Find Post Ideas?
    You can find Chantelle at her blog Fat Mum Slim , on Instagram , Facebook , and Twitter. Chantelle Ellem is a blogging powerhouse – if you’ve not read her blog Fat Mum Slim , then you’ve probably seen her pop up in your social media feeds with her Instagram Photo A Day challenge. Over her five years of blogging, she’s not only come up with almost two thousand post ideas, but she has also written for leading Australian parenting websites, magazines and blogs. Choosing blog post topics. But coming up with thousands of blog post topics can’t be easy, can it? What do readers want?
    [Twitter] New York Times Story on Delhi Traffic Police's Big Brother.
    Gauravonomics Blog For Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists How To Organize and Energize Your Evangelists Blog Speaking Writing Bio Media Subscribe Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Facebook IdeaSliver Labs Tumblr « Niche Social Networks Turn to Social Gaming and Social Entertainment Four Reasons Why Gamers Cheat: How to Design Social Games to Optimize Cheating? Follow the blog on RSS , Twitter or Facebook and youll never miss a post again! Call me at +91-9999856940, email me at or connect with me on Facebook , Linkedin , Twitter , Slideshare , or Tumblr.
    [Twitter] Broaden Your Blog’s Reach Through Innovative Content [Case Study]
    email the list, update the Facebook pages, Twitter, and Google+, and I send a few emails to a few key influencers I know who may be interested. This guest post is by  Tommy Walker  of  Inside The Mind. . Back in November last year, we ran a crowd funding campaign to bring back Inside The Mind for a second season. Even though we didn’t reach our overall campaign goals, we learned two very important things: 1. Unexpected success. Our campaign converted at 5.6%. When we looked at the sponsors list, we saw many names that we recognized, but there were also quite a few we didn’t.
    [Twitter] Confessions of a Narcissistic Blogger
    You can follow Joe on Twitter and download a copy of his eBook, 14 Prompts , for free. This guest post was written by Joe Bunting of The Write Practice. came across this interesting quote from psychologist Alexander Lowen: “To experience joy, one must be free of anxieties about letting go and expressing feeling. Or to put it differently, one has to be carefree and innocent as a child.”—Alexander Alexander Lowen. Image copyright stock.xchng user bluegum I would like to experience more joy. Wouldn’t you? Isn’t joy what life is really about? It’s a great experience.
    [Twitter] We Interrupt This Lifecast: Syndication Overload (Part 1)
    You can easily kill multiple birds with one stone - automate your blog posts out on Twitter, which in turn sends your tweets to Facebook - but its important to not overdo it and run the risk of becoming a robot. Keep your #s, @s and RTs where they belong - on Twitter. It allows you to update your Facebook status from Twitter, but you can choose which tweets you want to syndicate by ending the tweet with the hashtag #fb. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the We Interrupt This Lifecast series where Ill discuss "syndication overload" on Twitter. Its annoying. Am I alone here?
    [Twitter] Hootsuite Publisher Function
    I really like the Hootsuite (affiliate link) publisher function inside of the Hootsuite Twitter application. Not only can you schedule tweets, but you can see it in a form that lets you better understand what you’ve got planned for the day, week, month, etc. I’ve shot a short screencast to show you why I like the feature. If you can’t see the video, click here. Essentially, I just walk you through how to schedule tweets, and/or what they’ll look like in the publisher. What do you think? Are you scheduling tweets? How are you doing it?
    [Twitter] Does PR Also Suffer Digital Distress?
    Check out the Twitter chat they held to discuss the research – #DigitalDistress. This week Adobe revealed information gleaned from marketers about what keeps them up at night. Less than half (48%) feel like they’re on top of the new technology and a majority of the respondents said they have not received any formal training. They lack confidence in their digital skills and their ability to measure results. Adobe’s report calls the situation a “crisis.” ” Here are some of the key points in the study: Only 40% of marketers think their company’s marketing is effective. link].
    [Twitter] How Consumers use Social Media During Purchase
    Follow me on Twitter. Are you still wondering just how to integrate social media into your marketing mix? Online Resources. Consumers turn to online resources most often for big ticket and emotional purchases: 76% for travel. 73% electronics. 67% automobiles. 66% baby care equipment. 64% household appliances. Social networking. Social networking is most often used when purchasing. 39% baby care equipment. 35% electronics. 28% automobiles. 23% toys and games. 23% household appliances. No Social Media Influence. personal care categories – makeup/personal care. home care products.
    [Twitter] Social Networking – Going Round in Circles
    Twitter. Back in January I wrote about rumor that Google would launch a new social network at CES in Las Vegas. The feature that caught my attention was ’circles’ that allows you to create different groups of friends or contacts, and post content relevant for that group only.  Russia, Scotland, England, Wales, Germany – and that’s just in the last two generations). It didn’t happen at CES, but Google+ did  launch a month ago and it’s certainly caught the interest of the social media set.  It already has 20 million users. original post: [link] ].
    [Twitter] How to Turn a Blog Post into a Press Release
    AP continues to update its guidelines, so for the latest you can follow the AP Stylebook on Twitter. 6. This guest post is by Erika Gimbel of Fimepointwriter. If you’re an ace at writing blog copy, you can write an excellent press release. Both have many of the same elements: strong headlines, top-down format (most important stuff up front), etc. You already know that press releases are a powerful way to promote your blog , and they’re an effective way to get your message out without duplicating content. To get started, take a newsworthy blog post and…. 1. Make sure it’s news.
    [Twitter] How to Make Friends and Influence People at the ProBlogger Event
    Mrs Woog ( Woogsworld ) and Liz Lennon ( Life Dreaming ) taught me a lesson quite recently on Twitter about receiving compliments gracefully, when inadvertently I’d made light of one. “I’ve worked with 1000′s of people and one thing I say is ‘just say thanks’ to the gift of compliments,” said Liz. “I learnt years ago from someone who took compliments well. This is a guest contribution by blogger Johanna Castro. Day one of the ProBlogger conference dawns, and butterflies are probably winging around your stomach as if making a bid for freedom. But first. Crikey!
    [Twitter] Three Blogging Lessons from Leoardo Da Vinci
    You can catch more on Twitter. This guest post is by Martyn Chamberlin of Two Hour Blogger. It was getting late. The sick old man sighed and set down his brush. Learning back deeply in his chair, he gazed at his painting. No matter how hard he worked, he couldn’t seem to finish it. It was only a medium sized work—30 by 21 inches. And yet, the canvas seemed like a monolith of impossibility, stretching towards to the unforeseeable future… Maybe he should just abandon it, like he had dozens of other works. This painting wasn’t getting anywhere. It was time to admit defeat.
    [Twitter] If Your Email Newsletter Isn’t Generating Cash, You’re Doing Something Wrong
    You can follow Kelly on Twitter @generationcedar or on Facebook. This guest post is by Kelly Crawford of Generation Cedar. The most important tool available to a blogger is his email subscriber list. It is the easiest and fastest way to increase sales. You probably already know that the readers who have voluntarily signed up to hear more of what you have to say are the ones who trust you the most, and the ones with whom it is easiest to keep building a relationship with. These are the people who will buy your stuff. But a list by itself won’t sell your products. Reminders.
    [Twitter] Social Media Advertising: Should Bloggers Bother?
    Social media has proven its worth as a networking tool and a means of raising brand awareness, but the future of sites like Facebook and Twitter depend on convincing brands that that it’s worthwhile to invest in advertising on their sites in addition to interacting with customers. With its simpler interface, Twitter relies on promoting tweets that show up in the tops of users’ update streams. The opportunity to engage users through a free account may make it hard to justify the cost of Facebook or Twitter ads. This guest post is written by Lior Levin. Is it worth it?
    [Twitter] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search Why You Should Use a Content Rationale Report June 28th, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet Little is the new big. Im a frequent social media conference speaker , and interview social media luminaries for my Twitter 20 series of live Twitter interviews. Crap is still crap).
    [Twitter] Startup Spotlight: Wavespot
    It instructed me to either “like” the cafe’s Facebook Page or “Follow” the cafe’s Twitter to gain access to their WiFi network. I was recently introduced to a new social WiFi service at my local coffee shop. went there to get some coffee and (hopefully) get some work done. I sat down, opened my laptop and attempted to log-on to their WiFi network when I was welcomed by a splash screen. As a student of social media who is always looking for new developments, I had to look further into this new product. Small Business Social CRM Social Media Social Media Small Business Startups
    [Twitter] The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Suzy Chisholm
    Many of you leave comments here, others message me on Twitter or Facebook, others call me (even though I never answer the phone), and others email me. By Gini Dietrich. One of the many things I love about the Spin Sucks Crazies is I get to talk with you—and build relationships—in several different arenas. Suzy Chisholm is of the latter group…and every time I receive an email from her, I know it’s going to make my day. But, because she lives in Switzerland, she’s always been that friend behind the computer screen. You can’t really go wrong. Absolutely not!  .
    [Twitter] 13 Tips for Beginning Bloggers (Which I Learned the Hard Way)
    Follow her on Twitter @gretchenrubin , and buy the book THE HAPPINESS PROJECT , the #1 New York Times bestseller. This article is by Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project. started The Happiness Project blog as a way to test the argument that novelty and challenge bring happiness (turns out they do!), but I knew nothing about blogging when I began. Here are some strategies that I learned the hard way, through experience. As Benjamin Franklin once remarked, “Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.”. Start simple. Add bells and whistles over time. Post every day.
    [Twitter] How to Find an SEO Goldmine for Your Blog
    Social media:  Visit your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts and see what your friends and followers are sharing. This guest post is by Elena Vakhromova of We all know that search engines are a big piece of blog traffic cake. Unlike other traffic sources (subscriptions or social media), search engines bring visitors who are generally unfamiliar with your blog and have one definite goal: to get an answer or solve the problem with the help of your post. are able to discover only the posts which are shown in search results for queries they enter. Step 1. Look Step 2. Forecast
    [Twitter] Inside PR Is Yours
    P.S. You can also reach us on Twitter or you can join the Facebook group. You may or may not know that I co-host Inside PR every Wednesday with Martin Waxman and Joe Thornley , two of my favorite Canadians (don’t worry Andy Donovan and Danny Brown , I said “of&# ). The podcast airs every Wednesday and we’re now on episode 27 so I think we’ve finally gotten the hang of it! We discuss our views on everything from PR and communications to social media and current events. Typically I blog about what we discuss on Wednesdays so you can participate in the conversation.
    [Twitter] Socializing Your Career for Greater Rewards
    Among the tips to remember: Create at least three social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great places to start. Currently, there are 1.73 billion people using social media. For businesses, more than 80 percent of small and medium-sized businesses are on social media and almost 100 percent of large companies engage in social media. As an employee, you can use this to your advantage when it comes to finding jobs, changing industries, networking or even getting a raise. First, remember that almost all businesses will look at your pages at some point or another.
    [Twitter] Make the Grade with Social Media
    The big social media platforms are great for this – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… Social Rebate and Living Social are two social media sites where you can receive a link to discounts after sharing your own purchase. It’s that back to school time and even though those younger years cost a bit on school supplies, the college ones do add up. Not just tuition, but those back to school items from books and calculators to dorm and apartment needs. You can use resources to save money, and a great place to look is social media. What do the college kids need?
    [Twitter] Social Media Loans You Some Options
    Likewise, mortgage lenders are also turning to sites like Facebook and Twitter to answer your questions about the mortgage lending process. If you’re in search of a home, car, or small business loan, social media can help you during the financial hunt. Many loan providers use social media to inform current and potential customers on the lending process, which makes it a valuable and informative resource. Here are just a few ways you can use social media to lock down the right loan for your needs: Finding a Mortgage Using Social Media. Social Car Loans. Social Outreach.
  • JUGNOO  |  FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2012
    [Twitter] TGIF at @JugnooMe – Fun Friday Green-Eyed Monster Edition
    Normally, I’d suggest that you follow them on Twitter, or stop by their blogs and give them a digital pat on the back… but wouldn’t that surge in popularity be a little antithetical? I have returned, gentle readers, and it’s great to be back. However, I am currently experiencing the most unsympathetic of afflictions: jet lag. Oh yes, jet lag: where your head feels permanently filled with cotton balls and you’re stuck with a thousand-yard stare, only to have your ‘friends’ look upon you with disdain. After all, you just got back from vacation! You are lucky to suffer from jet lag!
  • KYLE LACY  |  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010
    [Twitter] 21 Ways to Build Trust and Sales Leads in Social Media
    If you are using Twitter for your business and personal (see my company  @Brandswag for an example). Do Not Auto-DM on Twitter. See my post… I hate Twitter Auto-DM. 8. This could mean that you share a picture of attending a fundraising event on Twitter or Facebook. In my book  Twitter Marketing for Dummies , I write about the 4-1-1 rule… for every six pieces of content you share (4 should be from other people, 1 should be your content, 1 should be content from your industry). This is an old post with some new features. Trust equals revenue.
    [Twitter] ‘Here’s to the Crazy Ones’ – I want to change the world.
    Not sure what my future is going to be but the unique events & experiences I’ve had over the last 6 mths have been life changing #future #fb Tue Oct 18 01:47:46 via Twitter for iPhone Wayne Sutton waynesutton. Random thoughts, rants, goals and dreams! Confession: I want to change the world. I don’t want to occupy the world but change it. When I change the world it’s not going to be how others think I should change the world or who I change the world with but my plans are to change the world. hope you change the world too. To be continued… Quote: Steve Jobs.
    [Twitter] 5 Essential Elements of a Successful Self-published Book
    Twitter presence. This guest post is by Srinivas Rao of  BlogcastFM. Self-publishing is a hot trend.  People’s eyes are lit up by the possibility of actually making money from their content. But there’s more to it than throwing together a PDF, uploading it to Amazon, and waiting for a check to arrive in the mail. The most successful self published authors treat their books as if they’re working with a publisher. While it’s easier than ever to publish something to Amazon, the low barrier to entry has flooded the Kindle store with less than stellar content. Content.
    [Twitter] Atlanta Women In Social Media Marketing_1
    My favorite social media tactic is is the distribution of a video, or other original media I've created for myself or for a client, via Twitter. She blogs at Mostly Media, and you can follow her on Twitter as SpaceyG. published a southern culture webzine called WaySouth from '98-2000. I've been blogging since May of 2005, and was an early adopter of Twitter and Facebook (when it went beyond colleges).    Lya Sorano Great Southern Speakers Georgia Gardener No Twitter – I’m too exhausted! 1. no more people.   2. So easy.
    90 percent of CEOs will try that because it’s less intimidating than writing a blog, it’s doesn’t seem as much as work as learning Twitter, and they certainly don’t want to get on Facebook. Home About Services Social Media Speaking-Training LMA Contact Subscribe Myrland Marketing Minutes Strategic Social Media: Making Social Media Make Sense SHOULD A CEO BE FLUENT IN SOCIAL MEDIA? by Nancy Myrland on April 28, 2010 I just finished reading an interesting post on Mashable, Should CEOs Be Fluent In Social Media? Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes some training.
    [Twitter] Employee or Entrepreneur?
    and Why Google Wave? (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3540) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? Home About Contact Archives Testimonials Speaking Podcast Chat LIVE Social Media Vault My Inner Circle Plugins eBook Hire Me Employee or Entrepreneur? June 7, 2010 by Taylor Marek Understand this. You are NOT destined to be both. Do also understand this.
    [Twitter] Five blogs that you should be reading
    Personal Cartography - For some reason, I just stumbled on Tamsen McMahon ‘s blog after chatting with her for years on Twitter and reading her on Brass Tack Thinking. Fridays are typically a day where I share the five best articles that I read in a given week. While I would love to continue that tradition this week, I have spent more time changing diapers than sharing and digesting links and articles so I decided to share with you five blogs that you should be reading. How many blogs are in your reader? How many of them make you think daily? Please leave them in the comments below.
    [Twitter] Never Be Left Out
    Twitter is a chance to understand your buyers’ moods in between purchases, to support their goals, to listen to their concerns. Inclusion is the secret sauce of social media. It’s one of the biggest opportunities. We can fill that sense of a need to belong. Social media allows for this. Before you get all “gee whiz&# about that, or think that it’s something too touchy-feely, realize that what humans want more than most things is validation. But advertising and marketing quite often leaves people feeling left out. Invite Them In. Your community is a gift.
    [Twitter] How to Use Multivariate Testing to Build the Ultimate Opt-in Form
    Follow him on Twitter @adamjayc. This guest post is by Adam Connell of There’s a testing technique out there that’s not being used to its full potential—or even used at all by most website owners. Today I want to show you how you can use it to create the ultimate high-converting opt-in form. So what is multivariate testing? It’s essentially very similar to split testing. The difference is that it takes into account a lot more variables. Why multivariate testing? So let’s see how it’s done. Step 1. Break down your opt-in form. subheadline.
    [Twitter] How to Build Community for Niche Site Success
    We use Twitter to announce all new featured blogs posts, as well as for celebrating the triumphs of some amputee dogs and mourning the loss of others. This is a guest post by Jim Nelson of Talk about a niche market! When I first started blogging about my three legged dog Jerry back in 2006, never in my wildest dreams did I think helping those facing amputation for their dogs would be my full time job five years later. Jerry was the Chief Fun Officer of the design firm my wife Rene and I grew for nearly ten years. My movie is the only one featuring a talking dog.
    [Twitter] Tips for Mobile Marketing: How to Bring Customers Into Your Store
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Guest Post from Heid Cardenas Shopping has gone mobile in a big way with the wild popularity of smartphones and apps. Nielsen study found that 70 percent of people who use smartphones for shopping, use a store locator, and 56 percent of them use store locators in transit. That makes store locator links on websites one of the most effective ways retailers can get shoppers into their brick-and-mortar stores. She advises retailers to put their store locator link on every page of their mobile sites, not just one.
    [Twitter] Not a Social Media Guy – Bigger Stories
    Six years ago, when I joined Twitter, it felt like a super fast personal news service. I woke up thinking about labels this morning. thought about how strange they are, how limiting. And I realized yet again that despite some people’s disdain for the concept of personal branding, we need to be mindful of what others label us. The early days and what sparked me. When I got into the online world way back in the 80s, it was for a simple reason: the people around me were into talking about the Red Sox and cars, and I was into Batman and Star Wars. How do I facilitate that?”
    [Twitter] Week in Review: Posts and Podcasts Oct 26 – Nov 2, 2014
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Week in Review October 26 – November 2: Posts and Podcasts from  ConverStations  and  SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcasts The repurposing of content to reach new audiences and extend the shelf life of your efforts is something we always coach. One way to do this is by combining your blog posts or other content into a week in review on  SlideShare. You just finished reading Week in Review: Posts and Podcasts Oct 26 – Nov 2, 2014 ! Consider leaving a comment! Blog Coach Brain Stew
    [Twitter] There is a Book Within You
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Every business owner I talk with, be it an owner of a small business or a solopreneur, every single one of them should write a book. You should write a book. Maybe two. Your book doesn’t need to be the size of a Harry Potter novel. It doesn’t even have to go to print. It can be (and maybe should be) a print-on-demand or even a single Kindle book. It can be a free e-book you offer as a lead magnet. once shadowed a hands-on business owner for two days and one night. You can do it, too. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Twitter] Pictures, Propositions, Process, and Purpose (LIFT Clips)
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. As we approach our customers and the content we publish, we always look for ways to give our people a boost using the LIFT acronym. Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. Learn How to Take Great Pictures with Your Phone. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Improve and Clarify Your Value Proposition. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Find a Flow With Your Email Process. Click Here! Click Here! Video
    [Twitter] Pictures and Images and Words: A Thoughtography Assignment
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Pictures and Images are more important to your content delivery than ever before. Everyone is taking pictures, sharing pictures, and posting pictures. Your friends, your customers, your prospects. Your turn. Sites like Pixabay and MorgueFile are making quality photography more readily available for you to use with proper attribution. Tools like PicMonkey and Canva are making it easier to create your own images with text overlays. Re-purposing content also becomes easier across platforms and networks. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Twitter] Save Your Research Work on the Cloud – With TabCloud
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. There are often times I’m doing research or looking for photos for a project, and I’ll get a call or message that trumps the project in priority or urgency. If I have lots of tabs open in the browser, I don’t want to lose that work – so I click on a nifty tool called TabCloud , a Chrome browser extension (there is also  a Firefox add-on in beta ). immediately clicked on the TabCloud icon in my browser and save the tabs (and thereby have the pages and attributions for each image). Time saved. Work Saved.
    [Twitter] At Least One
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. I’m thinking. about not writing a blog post today. missing a day isn’t a bad practice. apologizing for missing a day (or any amount of time) could be a bad practice. if nobody shares my stuff, does that mean they don’t like it? if I write a post that nobody shares, should I still share it later? once wrote a post about eye rests. still share that via email at least three times weekly. also wrote an update which I should share more often. Photo on Flickr by Eric Kilby. You just finished reading At Least One !
    [Twitter] The Carpenter: Becoming a Craftsmen
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Building a business takes hard work. Which emotion drives you to work so hard at building your business? Is it possible to to work so hard and craft a fulfilling life for yourself and others around you? The Carpenter by Jon Gordon is a story centered around two small business owners. One, the Founder of a startup that is struggling. Another, a Carpenter in high demand. Both men very busy in their work, begin a friendship in an unlikely way as one saves the life of the other one morning. Click Here! Enjoy and embrace this story.
    [Twitter] Sitcoms with Small Business at Center Stage (Intros)
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Running a small business can sometimes be a funny business – especially on television. There have been a number of sitcoms with small business at center stage or the stage itself. George Jefferson owned a dry cleaners with multiple locations. Bob Newhart operated a bed and breakfast in Vermont. Alan Thicke was a stay-at-home, work-from-home dad in Growing Pains. Wings was a small charter plane service operated by two brothers in a small airport. Caroline (who lived in the city) was a syndicated cartoonist. Click Here!
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