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    [Twitter] Book Review: Social Media Marketing
    With Social Media Marketing: Strategies for Engaging in Facebook, Twitter & Other Social Media , the inimitable Liana “Li&# Evans has provided the definitive handbook for social media marketers. Microblogging (Twitter, Jaiku,; Li helpfully notes that “the power of microblogging for a business can be huge, if you add personality into your Twitter stream and not just allow it to be automated.&# Don’t automatically assume they use the most popular social networks. Instead, they want to connect. And those are just from the first chapter. Blogs.
    [Twitter] The Democracy of Metallica
    One of the most energetic young voices in social media, you can easily connect with Narciso on Twitter. Brewer Getting info Pending approval share On Facebook On Twitter flag Delete Hide Unhide Ban user New! removeClass(livefyre-hidden)" class="livefyre-show-comment livefyre-button"> View comment pts mod Narciso Tovar, Big Noise Communications Getting info Pending approval share On Facebook On Twitter flag Delete Hide Unhide Ban user New! This post was mentioned on Twitter by Shane Jacob, Krista Giuffi. If it’s got a good vibe, I’m there. What kind of monster?
    [Twitter] Channel Partners Conference & Expo Vegas 2012
    Be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter , Facebook , and Google+. Last month, I received an all-expense paid invite to the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas from Time Warner Cable Business Class (who I never realized offered web hosting and an array of other services for small businesses ). Unfortunately, it was a bit too short notice to make the trip (although a few nights at Caesar’s Palace was quite enticing), so I thought I would check out what I missed out on. Who Attends. The primary industries of attendees are certainly not blogging or online marketing. Sessions.
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    [Twitter] The Steps to Managing a Social Media Crisis
    Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter ! We all fear the dreaded social media crisis, and it is important to have a clear cut policy in place when it comes to managing the situation. Have you ever looked at your overall social business strategy and asked yourself if you have a clear-cut set of steps to follow in the event of a social media crisis? Few brands do. No one likes to think about the devastating social media crisis but it is imperative that we do. After all, we have all seen cases of brands that have no strategy in place and what that can lead to. Figure Out What Happened.
    [Twitter] Change Your Reality To Change Their Perceptions
    Related Posts: Nashville BarCamp-A-Go-Go (aka Ol’ BarCamp Eve) The (New) ABC’s of Content Marketing The Greatest Marketing Advice In The History Of Ever My Social Media Playlist 7 Things Twitter Is Not (And 1 Thing It Is). Digg Digg Want to know something a little strange about me? Two of my favorite shows on on television right now are Mad Men and Breaking Bad (Amazon Affiliate Links). Now, do you want to know why that is strange? Less than four years ago, I remember reading that AMC had planned to start buying and producing original television shows to air on their network.
    [Twitter] Why Content Marketers Need Better Statistics
    You can also find her on Twitter and Google+. Image via One recent morning, a client got in touch and asked me to find a widely cited statistic that supports the use of behavioral job interview techniques. The client needed to show that behavioral interviews resulted in lower overall hiring costs, lower turnover rates, or increased productivity. They needed the statistic within two hours for use in an important piece of long form content. didn’t have access to any paid research resources like  JSTOR  or a real library. just had the internet. Sounds easy right? Wrong.
    [Twitter] Think Bigger Than You - Danny Brown
    Back to Business and Thank You Response to Barbara Talismans Misinformed 12for12k Post Is Twitter Killing Blog Comments? Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Think Bigger Than You August 28, 2010 8 voices share yours! Share Save A marketer and blogger I really admire, Mark W. Schaefer , wrote an excellent post about leadership the other day. In it, he told the story of how he was inspired by George Bergeron, the Group President of one of the companies Mark worked for. And it made me think.
    [Twitter] The Most Powerful Marketing - Danny Brown
    Back to Business and Thank You Response to Barbara Talismans Misinformed 12for12k Post Is Twitter Killing Blog Comments? Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs The Most Powerful Marketing September 8, 2010 4 voices share yours! Share Save Any good marketing pro will tell you the most powerful marketing is the type that gets people talking. After all, if people are talking about something then it means the marketing team behind the subject has done its job. You owe it to yourself to look.
    [Twitter] 15 Blogger Resources Not Previously Featured on ProBlogger
    Find out who’s going, their Twitter handle, and other conferences they plan to attend. Twitter? Twitter tool that tells you the best time to tweet for maximum impact. By looking over your last 199 Twitter messages, Timely analyzes the best times to schedule your tweets for the highest engagement. Along with setting up a new blog, comes setting up its related online profiles (Twitter, Facebook, and more). This is a guest post by the creators of the new site Bloggers’ Domain: 369 (and counting) blog tips, tools and resources. Hello Bar. What is it? Did you know?
    [Twitter] Social Media Pros Host Fundraiser for Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Victims
    To interact with others supporting the cause follow #Dallas4Japan on Twitter or visit The Social Media Club in Dallas Texas is getting together with more than half a dozen media, marketing and advertising organizations, including the Dallas Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association to host an event called Dallas4Japan. The Dallas4Japan fundraiser will take place at Aloft Dallas Downtown – The Pads from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 24, 2011. The goal is to raise more than $3,000. To purchase tickets or make a donation visit [link].
    [Twitter] Those Golden 15 Seconds
    Mr. Warhol was thinking in the correct direction, the only problem was he never imagined Twitter and Facebook. Twitter isn’t going to do it for you, neither is Facebook or being the Foursquare mayor of your local Subway (which I am, FYI). Digg Digg “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.&#. Andy Warhol. Think smaller, Andy. Everyone has the opportunity to be famous for 15 seconds. How do you get there? What will you do with yours? Life is a series of images that change as they repeat themselves. Leave your heart open for chances to be great today.
    [Twitter] Please Aggravate Me: Is Gamifying Customer Service a Reality
    While customers are on hold brands could pipe in key messages through the phone that customers could post to their Twitter account (or other social media accounts) with a matching program hashtag (to get credit). After you’ve synced up your Twitter account (or other social media accounts) with the program – every time you Tweet (or post) the hashtag – points or miles are added to your account, or promotions and coupons could be emailed directly to a customer’s inbox. Lisa Loeffler ( @LisaMLoeffler ) is Research & Analysis Lead at Convince & Convert. Oh my!
    [Twitter] Please Aggravate Me: Is Gamifying Customer Service a Reality
    While customers are on hold brands could pipe in key messages through the phone that customers could post to their Twitter account (or other social media accounts) with a matching program hashtag (to get credit). After you’ve synced up your Twitter account (or other social media accounts) with the program – every time you Tweet (or post) the hashtag – points or miles are added to your account, or promotions and coupons could be emailed directly to a customer’s inbox. Lisa Loeffler ( @LisaMLoeffler ) is Research & Analysis Lead at Convince & Convert. Oh my!
    [Twitter] Tip: Removing default spacing between images in Blogger : Blogger.
    Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Blogger Xpertise. Blogger sites that go beyond the basic template, showing you how to make your Blogger site just as amazing. About Us. Portfolio Pieces. Blogger Tips. Hangouts on Air. Submitted Questions. Opinion Pieces. Templates. Contact Us. Follow by Email. Subscribe To. Posts. Posts. Comments. Comments. Google+ Followers. Upcoming Events. Join us for our free weekly Hangout On Air event called the Friday Request Line, providing Blogger discussion, assistance, and helpful suggestions. Loading. Post Topics. Atom/RSS feeds. Contact/submission forms.
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    [Twitter] I Desire more memory
    Disclaimer : I’ve been gifted an HTC Desire by Telstra and they want me to review it here, on Twitter, etc. Contact acidlabs By emailing By calling +61 2 61003002 (Australia) +1 415 2873371 (US) +44 20 81338502 (UK) Online on LinkedIn on Facebook on Twitter as @acidlabs for announcements Stephen Collins is on LinkedIn on Facebook on Twitter as @trib Speaking events Where and When Published Original content is for non-commercial use under Creative Commons except where otherwise noted. Collaboration. Community. With several in the 1-5Mb range. Wrong.
    [Twitter] 14 Steps to Hosting a Successful Webinar
    Connect with her on  Google+ ,  Twitter ,  Facebook ,  Pinterest ,  Instagram , or  LinkedIn. Image via Following is a step-by-step list of how to host a memorable, interesting, and useful webinar. Of course, this list may change, depending on your business and your industry, but it provides a good place to begin thinking about how to generate good, qualified leads from content. Choose a topic and a headline that has great search potential. For instance, we did a webinar about  Google analytics. You’ll include that in the email they get after they’ve registered.
    [Twitter] Search Engine Optimization: 5 Important SEO Ranking Factors
    It would appear that many search engines are trying to gauge the relative influence of Facebook and Twitter users, and as the report puts it: “These changes could lead to likes becoming as important as links in the algorithms.” SEO Ranking Factors are probably the most important thing to know when you are creating a web site since they are the rules that determine how popular your website will be on the internet–and how much high it would go in search results. There are more than 200 factors that contribute to this ranking scheme. Remove the no. Search Engine Optimization
    [Twitter] Put Social Media, Text and Email to Work for Your Company
    Sites like Facebook and Twitter dominate the online activities of millions of Americans as well as people across the globe. Not only does having a Facebook business page, Twitter account, and Linkedin profile help your company climb the social ranks, it also helps you create a social presence. Integrating technology into your company is the key to business success because it helps unlock your customer outreach and marketing potential. Focusing on social media, text, and email will help your business grow by increasing your online and mobile presence. Creating a Social Presence.
    [Twitter] 14 Ways to Promote Your Latest YouTube Video
    Share It on Twitter: As usual, you want to shoot a link to your video out to all your Twitter followers. Be sure to include relevant hash tags and, if your video features a company and its product, then you definitely want to include their Twitter handle in the tweet too. This guest post is by Jenny Dean of  Floppycats. If you’re like me, you put a lot of time, effort, and thought into your YouTube videos.  Even if you don’t, since YouTube is the second most searched engine in the world (and owned by the #1—Google), there is good reason to make the most of each upload.
    [Twitter] Why Social Media Matters in the Job Search
    Much like Linkedin, Plaxo allows you to create a professional profile, but it also draws information from your other social accounts such as Twitter. Taking a social approach to your job search might just be the best employment decision you ever make. With more and more social media sites dedicated to the professional job market, going social with your job seeking endeavors is more fruitful than you might think. When you’re ready to find your dream job, here are a few social websites that can help: First Things First: Clean Up Your Social Act. All Begins With Linkedin.
    [Twitter] links for 2009-09-08
    Contact acidlabs By emailing By calling +61 2 61003002 (Australia) +1 415 2873371 (US) +44 20 81338502 (UK) Online on LinkedIn on Facebook on Twitter as @acidlabs for announcements Stephen Collins is on LinkedIn on Facebook on Twitter as @trib Speaking events Where and When Published Original content is for non-commercial use under Creative Commons except where otherwise noted. Home Work How acidlabs works Meet Workshops Speaking Past speaking For conference and meeting planners Press Clients Tumble Subscribe acidlabs Conversation. Collaboration. Community.
    [Twitter] Go Home with Social Media
    TwitterTwitter is one of the best tools companies use for marketing their businesses. Create your own Twitter account in less than five minutes and search and follow home improvement companies in your area. Owning a home comes with a good share of responsibilities. You need to take care of the yard, keep the exterior clean and looking nice, keep the interior in good condition, fix any appliances or items that break and more. Connecting with Businesses to Protect Your Home. Are they hiring? Are they offering any discounts this week? What are their plans long-term?
    [Twitter] 5 Unique Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic
    Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin are where your readers are. After creating your post, you can share a link of the post through Facebook or Twitter and then ask your friends or followers to comment. This is a guest contribution from SEO expert Zach Radford. Today, you don’t gain blog traffic by paying for backlinks or by swapping them like the old days. Instead, you need to focus on creating quality content that is beneficial to your visitors. We know that. But how do you do it? And do it consistently? The content should solve main problems faced by your reader.
    [Twitter] Get Blog Post Promotion: The Ultimate Guide Today!
    How to Promote Your Business, Blog or Website on Twitter. We have all heard the phrase “Content is King&# over and over again when it comes to the success of any piece of writing, whether it is for blog posts, articles, sales copy, and so on. But the real success of any content is going to come from the promotion of it. So now, it’s time to increase your traffic and change your blog post promotion strategies! Get the Ultimate Guide. If you are happy with the money you’re making from paid guest blogging and freelance writing, then you may not need this guide either.
    [Twitter] How to Use Networking 3.0 to Make New Connections
    Once you know the key triggers that can lead to potential new business for your clients, create a list on Twitter and set up Google Alerts for these keywords. The word “networking” has become laden with negative associations. It’s no wonder considering some of the tactics people use, from the time-wasting to the downright obnoxious. Yet we know there is immense value in networking. We just need to redefine it. The world has changed dramatically, and networking needs to catch up. Many people still approach networking from a, “What can you do for me?” perspective. Call it Networking 1.0.
    [Twitter] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search Content Lessons Learned From 25 Popular Blog Posts September 21st, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet I’ve been writing Convince & Convert for more than two years, and have produced more than 300 posts. Mostly from me, with some terrific assistance from talented guest authors.
    [Twitter] Wow, That was 2011? Happy New Year… Now Let’s Change The World In 2012 #changetheworld
    Not sure what my future is going to be but the unique events & experiences I’ve had over the last 6 mths have been life changing #future #fb Tue Oct 18 01:47:46 via Twitter for iPhone Wayne Sutton waynesutton. So 2011 was the year that… January: Epic life changing skype conversation. January: My son was born (first child). March: SXSW (cofounded a startup, 2011 was special, thanks everyone!). May: Black Enterprise Conference in ATL. another great special event). April: Saw Diddy Live in Concert with @iFroggy. October: Spoke at O’Reilly Web 2.0 conference in New York.
    [Twitter] Climb the B2B Prospecting Ladder for the Best Affinity Partners
    Connect with Kenyon on  LinkedIn  or follow him on  Twitter. Kenyon Blunt. Marketing by collaborating with member organizations is a proven and successful marketing channel, provided that you are working with the member organizations that will deliver customers that are profitable for your brand. Member groups provide a great diversity of consumers – some are a rich source of new customers, while others provide minimal return. As you look for new affinity partnerships you should consider a few issues before a smooth and effective lead generation process can be set in place. Unions.
    [Twitter] Deploying Social Media on a Budget
    Adding a quick mention of your Facebook page or Twitter account is a great, no-cost means of letting customers know where to get in touch with you. Social media marketing is almost a requirement for businesses today — at least, according to many of the big-name marketing experts. But, as a small business owner, you just don’t have the time, money, or employees to spare that the big corporations do. How can you run an effective social media campaign without breaking the bank, and still get your other business tasks done? Know Your Customers. Empower Your Employees.
    [Twitter] Social Media Promotions: An Overview Of Sweepstakes
    For example: A third-party Facebook-approved platform is utilized to run the promotion (or Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.). Last weekend I was a guest lecturer at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. courtesy of my great friend Shashi Bellamkonda – better known as the Social Media Swami or @shashib. Shashi asked me to take a page out of our social media promotions playbook and record a video for the class to watch on sweepstakes. Below are two of the takeaways: Every Community Wants Growth. This exemplifies the most scalable model. Sweepstakes: An Overview.
    [Twitter] How social media can differ from industry to industry
    Still, the way forward is looking brighter: “Marketing Pilgrim&# reported that while 40% of financial marketers report budgets down for 2010, 70% plan to redeploy their resources from traditional print and advertising to Twitter and Facebook marketing. And the mayor had some valid reasons, due to the need to keep public records of all internet communication, and also due to regulations on what kind of communication can occur using social media as a medium. Some industries have stricter guidelines that need to be respected by the people in those industries. Thanks for sharing.
    [Twitter] How’s Your Online Health?
    Twitter, for instance, recently announced it will autoplay videos to remain competitive with Facebook. Your body’s health is important. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll run your body down and it will quit working. From time to time, you may feel the need to visit a doctor just to prevent your health from declining or to keep your health up to speed. Well, your online health is no different. From time to time, you need a check up. What’s an Online Health Check Up? Running a business online is difficult. You have a lot to think about. Market penetration.
    [Twitter] Accepting Bitcoin as Currency and other Friday Flutterings
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Coinbase seems the way to go if you want to setup a merchant account to accept Bitcoin payments. This is my weekend “track” and should have more info next week. good information portal for the cryptocurrency craze is WeUseCoins. … Pitchers and Catchers have reported for most teams, a sure sign that spring is just around the corner. updates their daily Spring Training photos , giving us a taste for warmer things to come. If you don’t have your own domain, it’s rented space. Themed Days?
    [Twitter] How to Be the Architect of a Passionate Community
    On Twitter, the goal is to be a part of a much larger, on-going conversation, while your fans on Facebook will almost always “Like” your page because they are interested in YOU, not news about other topics. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter,  @KratzPR ! Recently, I was lucky enough to give a talk at Syracuse University during their #140cuse conference on building cause-passionate armies. The talk was well received and mainly focused on how we can utilize the communication tools we have today to inspire change and social good around the world. Empower your members.
    [Twitter] My Beautiful Broken Brain
    We’ve set up a Facebook page and a Twitter handle where we will be posting throughout – so that it’s easier for followers to share.  A couple of months ago, while working on a project in London, I ran into a devastating and at the same time a truly remarkable and life confirming story: the story of Lotje and her beautiful broken brain, which is now turning into a documentary. It’s going to be an inside view to a remarkable story about the journey and the will of a young women after being struck by a brain tumor. What do you wish to achieve?
    [Twitter] Aggregation and curation: two concepts that explain a lot about digital change
    Search Subscribe Feeds On Twitter @ChrisKubica Solutions? Aggregation is one of the core concepts of content presentation and commercialization. Any analysis of what happened to the record business, what is happening to newspapers, or the future of books and bookstores and magazines and TV that does not feature this concept prominently is almost certainly flawed. Aggregation, of course, simply means pulling together things which are not necessarily connected. Aggregation without curation is, normally, not very helful. Curation creates the brand. The New York Times leaves out the comics.
  • KYLE LACY  |  MONDAY, MAY 17, 2010
    [Twitter] Your Industry is Holding You Back
    Car dealership principals who have a hard time sending email are now being told they have to be on Facebook and Twitter and and and. Chris Theisen is the director of digital communications for Hare Chevrolet the “Oldest Transportation Company in America&#  Chris believes in the power of engaging current and future customers via new digital media, and uses it on a daily basis. When not attached to some sort of technology device he enjoys golf, tennis, bowling and coaching youth sports. Chris, his wife Liz and their sons Michael and Jonathon live in Noblesville. They know paint.
    [Twitter] 5 Social Media Articles to Unwrap and Enjoy Today
    PS+Twitter: 50 Posts on Engagement for Bloggers, Business, and Social Media Enthusiasts - An incredibly comprehensive encyclopedia of all things “engagement” online. I’m surprised that you are reading this! Most folks are frantically picking up last minute gifts or traveling to their Christmas destination. Thanks for checking in during the holiday bustle. This article is important for people actively building their email list (which should be everyone!). Is It Time to Abolish The Retweet Button? wonder what would happen if the retweet button didn’t exist?
    [Twitter] Is Age Verification on Beer Websites Effective?
    And, Twitter? Twitter doesn’t specify an age requirement for its users, so what prevents Teenage Joe from following @Michelob on Twitter? How will Michelob (based on their Twitter bio) know if the person tweeting them is 16, 19, or 52? Contact Ari: Twitter | Email | 978.558.0008. Page 8 of the U.S. Care to guess how many teenage web surfers lie about their age? Don’t blame them if they do. on his blog. No related posts. Social Media culture law
    [Twitter] Don’t Be a Social Media Guinea Pig
    In our rush to be among the first to try the next Twitter, the next Facebook, the next LinkedIn, or something  so  new that it has no antecedent, we forget that we rarely have the time to make effective use of the good stuff already available to us. Isn’t it true that you could still make very good use of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn even if you joined tomorrow and not years ago? When it comes to social media, there are few sure bets. One thing’s certain, however:  people go nuts for new stuff. Why can’t we resist the allure of the Next Big Thing?
    [Twitter] Twas the day before my first hosted conference
    From random Twitter, to private Twitter, to email, to phone, we’ve become friends though we’ve yet to meet in person. We met on Twitter, got to know each other through email and the phone, and now he’s traveling across the country (from Phoenix) to meet friends in the Upstate and share stories with us. I’m in awe of two long-time blue-haired young friends, Tim March and Amber Osborne, who boldly embody the concept of forgetting self in order to enrich others. I Yam so looking forward to seeing Miss Destructo in Greenville again! Russell Tripp, LLC.
    [Twitter] The New Foursquare for Admission Departments and Universities
    They’re on Twitter, Facebook and are beginning to use geolocation applications like Foursquare. Universities are kicking butt in social media! Why is this going to work? Most prospective students make decisions on where they will be attending school on the campus tour. So making a good impression during the first tour is important. Foursquare allows universities to explore the campus in a whole new way. The application can be used to leave tips to ensure that prospects know where to go and what to do during a visit. Share little known facts. Share traditions of the school.
  • SPIN SUCKS  |  TUESDAY, JULY 13, 2010
    [Twitter] LeBron James: A PR Nightmare | Spin Sucks
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Jul 13 2010 LeBron James: A PR Nightmare By Gini Dietrich | Email | Print | 37 Comments | I know none of us want to give any more ink to LeBron James , but I have something to say about the PR nightmare he created for himself. Stupid Twitter rules! Probably. For sure.
    [Twitter] Missed Opportunities
    Whether you're using a more complex Social Media monitoring tool like Radian6 or Sysomos or using free tools like Google Alerts and Twitter Search , there really is no excuse not to know what people are saying, where they're saying it, how much of a network they're connected to, and what the overall sentiment is. twitter search. There are no absolutes. There are no hard and fast rules. The truth is that Marketing is changing, shifting and adapting. A lot of those changes have to do with Social Media, but not all of them. You are doing it wrong. it's about missed opportunities.
    [Twitter] Greg Verdino: GyPSii: all-in-one social networking for the iPhone
    Greg Verdino Marketing, Media, Technology & Trends Home About Me Book Me to Speak microMARKETING Journal On Twitter On Flickr Personal Blog Verdino Bytes My Company « Best Buy CMO on digital and social marketing | Main | Want to get the most from social media?   And of course it seamlessly integrates with Facebook and Twitter - making it easy to update once and share everywhere. Once you've downloaded the App , be sure to friend me on GyPSii , follow them on Twitter and become a Facebook Fan.  Look inside. Looking forward to connecting. microMARKETIN
    [Twitter] Can You Be Too Personal?
    Post a few personal messages for your Twitter and Facebook followers and see what happens. Tags: business , Social Media , Twitter This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 at 11:14 am and is filed under Social Media. About Us What’s a Maverick? Current Internet Marketing Trends With Staying Power » Can You Be Too Personal? Online marketers have been saying for a long time that if you include personal messages in your social media, then you’ll be received a lot better by your audience. In other words, don’t be such a fuddy duddy. But, be careful.
    [Twitter] Fast Company and The Influence Project
    Recent Tweets hdbbstephen: RT @TNWsocialmedia: Twitter to start beta testing an analytics dashboard by year end [link] by @chadcat 23 September 2010 hdbbstephen: @ShellyKramer I agree that its lame, but every univ, sorority & fraternity in the country sells women's sweats w the name on the backside. Twitter value video videos word of mouth worklifecreativity YouTube Resources About Blog Resource Links What is RSS? Here is the basic summary: ABOUT THE PROJECT We started with a simple question: Who are the most influential people online right now? Who knows? Thank you!
    [Twitter] Call Any Phone Right from Gmail
    Recent Tweets hdbbstephen: RT @TNWsocialmedia: Twitter to start beta testing an analytics dashboard by year end [link] by @chadcat 23 September 2010 hdbbstephen: @ShellyKramer I agree that its lame, but every univ, sorority & fraternity in the country sells women's sweats w the name on the backside. Twitter value video videos word of mouth worklifecreativity YouTube Resources About Blog Resource Links What is RSS? But until now, this required both people to be at their computers, signed into Gmail at the same time. Starting today, you can call any phone right from Gmail.
    [Twitter] 5 Email Engagement Lessons from the Big Social Networks
    Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter send a significant amount of email to their users, and by examining their strategies and formats, you can learn a great deal about using email to reach your blog readers. Twitter’s email strategy. Twitter’s “digest” email is a relatively recent innovation that provides a list of the most important tweets from your followers. This digest focuses on helping users find the content that is most popular, but that might have been missed given the immediacy of Twitter. This guest post is by Lior Levin.
    [Twitter] Going Forward Socially on Title Loans
    Many of these companies are active on a variety of social sites, some of which include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instragram, Pinterest and more. Next, check to see if companies are interacting with consumers via Facebook, Twitter and other social venues. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are perfect for shoppers looking for title loans and many other products and services to chat about companies. The world of social media has become a treasure trove for both consumers and businesses. In the end, it is a win-win for both sides. Drive Off with the Right Title Loan.
    [Twitter] Eight Variables to Evaluate Enterprise Collaboration Vendors
    Many vendors today have built their interfaces to look like popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to bring that level of familiarity to the enterprise. I first wrote this article for CMSWire but wanted to share it here as well.  I’m sure you have noticed that many of the enterprise collaboration vendors out there are starting to look very similar; not just in appearance but also in functionality. In fact, if you were to visit the exhibit hall at a collaboration conference and cover up the logos of the vendors, it would be pretty hard to differentiate who is who.
    [Twitter] Is Social Media the New Online Education?
    Knowing the ins and outs of Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus, Twitter and more may pay dividends in your job. Studying your way through a 4-year college degree used to be a clear path to jobs, success, income and more. To graduates, having a college degree was the essential tool for career advancement. But more recently, those notions are coming under fire. Recruiters and business owners alike are seeing young social media talents finding ways into jobs and career paths without a formalized 4-year education. And that’s just those who have found jobs. Online Degrees.
    [Twitter] Announcing my new blog: Social Media Slant!
    If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, you may have noticed that I have been posting content from several different blogs. After launching Social Media 4 Good last year, I quickly realized that I wanted to do even more with social media. So, I decided to run a few tests to see if [.]. News announcement
  • SOSHABLE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2011
    [Twitter] It’s #SundayMusing on Monday: We Need Writers
    Facebook, Twitter, and Digg are all presenting different challenges to our social media marketing business and the challenges all seem to be happening at once. I received a few emails asking why there was no #SundayMusing post yesterday. As columns go, it was intended to be a very light, easy-going weekly post that allowed me to express less-pressing thoughts about social media while hammering out the hard-hitting news and rants throughout the week. There was nothing light about the last few days and it’s not going to be an easy week, either. Unfortunately, life happens sometimes.
    [Twitter] @tom_peters & @RobertHThompson “What Does ‘Social’ Mean to You?” #SocBiz #SocialMeans #SocialEmployee
    The rules of engagement change depending on our relationship with a person: we tend not to talk the same way to our baristas as we do to our family, nor do we engage with our family the same way on Facebook or Twitter as we do in person in the comfort of our homes. What does the word “social” mean to you? When asked a question like this, many of us might roll our eyes at how obvious the answer seems. ” — Tom Peters (@tom_peters) April 25, 2014. Naturally, I suspected that he was right. So, using the hashtag #SocialMeans , I decided to put Peters’s claim to the test. Pacific.
    [Twitter] The Steps From Business Owner to Franchise Owner
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. In a report for the International Franchise Association (IFA) by IHS Global Insights, franchises outpaced the growth of other business sectors in 2012. They estimate that there will be more than 750 thousand franchise locations by the end of 2013, a 1.4 percent increase. If you’re considering moving away from small business ownership and buying a franchise, this might be the time to capitalize on the franchise growth trend. The Franchise/Small Business Differences. The products are stable and proven. Financing options. L.I.F.T.
  • PAMORAMA  |  MONDAY, MARCH 1, 2010
    [Twitter] Social Media Ethics: Resources to Help You Stay Out of Trouble
    Tagged as: Blogging , Disclosure , Ethics , FTC , Marketing , Social Media , WOM , Word of Mouth [link] uberVU – social comments Social comments and analytics for this post… This post was mentioned on Twitter by pamdyer: NEW — Social Media Ethics: Resources to Help You Stay Out of Trouble [link]. He teaches Word of Mouth Marketing at Northwestern, taught Entrepreneurship at the Wharton School of Business, ran a business incubator, and has started half a dozen companies. Almost every social media scan­dal involv­ing brands boils down to a lack of dis­clo­sure.
    [Twitter] 10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Translating Languages
    Use iProTranslate to communicate in over 40 languages via email, Twitter and Facebook. Language is a wonderful thing. It is the common thread that binds entire societies, allowing ease of communication and understanding. Finding yourself in a situation where you are unable to adequately communicate, on the other hand, is extremely frustrating. language barrier can stunt relationships that could have grown stronger otherwise. Whether you are travelling abroad or seeking to learn a new language, the more tools you have at your disposal the better. This app costs $2.99 translator app.
    [Twitter] ElegantThemes Review – Preview 75+ Elegant Premium WordPress Themes on One Page
    Be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter , Facebook , and Google+. A few weeks ago, I wrote about what premium themes people chose to buy after reading my comparison post on Thesis vs. Genesis. mentioned ElegantThemes as a good alternative for those looking for lots of design options at a lower price than StudioPress , and it has received almost as many purchases (if not more) than Thesis. So I decided to do a review of just ElegantThemes for those who want to learn more about their premium WordPress designs. ElegantThemes Pricing. You can choose from the following pricing levels. Navigation.
    [Twitter] The Diamond in the Rough System for Gaining Influence
    It can be applied to any large social medium but I’m going to stick to Twitter for this article. Twitter is a sea of shameless self-promotion. Twitter is a way to build a relationship with the queens and create a friendship. Most of these reporters have modest, if any, followings on Twitter. So while they get 100+ emails a day, they might only get two @ mentions on Twitter. Google search is usually all you need to find their Twitter account if they have one. Do a Google search and try to find their Twitter account and follow them. It works.
    [Twitter] Developing Social Media Strategy
    Scott is also on Twitter and Facebook. I’m speaking at Like Minds Immersive on Thursday 18th March in London on the subject of “ Developing Social Media Strategy “, with one of the stars from Like Minds 2010, James Whatley. It’s an afternoon training event with only 12 places (of which most are gone) which is designed to literally ‘immerse’ the participants into a learning environment where each person comes away with some serious knowledge and serious points to action. There are few people who understand strategy when it comes to Social Media.
    [Twitter] How to Rock Your Social Customer Service
    Yesterday, in fact, someone told me that he’d be moving from the competition due to “great Twitter support.” Ever wonder how to manage the constant flux of customer service complaints (or praises) via social media? After years of trial and error, I’m fairly certain I’ve perfected the tactic from a low-cost perspective. ” That’s what I aspire to do every single day.  And I want to help you do the same. In short, social media customer service is the future of customer service. Your business can fall apart if you don’t react. Really.
    [Twitter] All eyes on Madonna, but she’s not the social media winner for #brits2015
    The Brits dominated Twitter over the last 24 hours with over 3.2 So while the mainstream media and brands told one story, Twitter told another and neither of them was the true story of the Brits. Since the Super Bowl went dark, real-time marketing has officially become ‘a thing’ on social media (some would argue we’ve been doing real-time marketing for years, but that’s another blog post). At worst, this results in everyone trying to create amusing ways to hijack any public event going. At best it adds a dose of entertainment to what would otherwise be a fairly drab affair. link].
    [Twitter] Big Bird, Brandon Spikes and Social Tools
    Brandon Spikes’ ill-advised humor attempt backfires on Twitter – this is this week’s edition of Social Media screw-ups. This week’s contestant is Patriots LB Brandon Spikes, of Chatroulette fellatio fame , and a joke not meant for Twitter. This was one of those weeks. Starting with a seven-hour drive on Monday, the week has been a series of unfortunate and odd events. So there is not much to report on my end except for the fact that I am happy that I have a good weekend lined up consisting of nothing at all. How was your week? Any big plans for the weekend? Well played.
    [Twitter] Day 8: People of color impacting the social web – Jen Lawrence #28DaysofDiversity
    For day 8 , I would like to introduce to some and present to others: Jen Lawrence Twitter: @JaelDesignsInc Website/Blog: Bio I am a FT working mom raising four children ages range from teen to toddler. As we all know, February is Black History Month. It’s a month where we honor those who have made an impact on American culture for equal rights, those who have invented, those who have a helped others and those who have inspired everyone to be the best they can be, not only as a person of color but as a human. Life is hectic!
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2013
    [Twitter] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Tough Love
    The CEO’s Guide to Listening on Twitter – Are you a CEO trying to cut through the clutter? Here’s how to listen to what matters on Twitter. Be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter , Facebook , and Google+. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have seen on Google+ , retweeted on @kikolani , and read in RSS subscriptions this week. This Week on Kikolani. Blogging / Content. Dig in.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 2011
    [Twitter] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Partners in Crime
    How Econsultancy measures Twitter via Google Analytics – find out the details and see the bigger picture about your social media ROI. ­­This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, online business, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon , retweeted on @kikolani , and read in RSS subscriptions this week. Blogging / Freelance Writing. 21 brilliant bloggers talk about commenting – great roundup of articles about the art of blog commenting.
    [Twitter] Making The Most Of Your Time: Managing Customer Service As A Small Business
    Follow him on  Twitter  and  LinkedIn. Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Written by Larry Alton. We’ve all been known to gripe about the computer on the other line, and sometimes those bots can be a real pain. But when you’re a small business owner, it’s worth considering the value of automating your customer service. This route can help you to make the most of a slim budget and limited staffing, and it can allow your customers to get the help they need without long lag times. Why Automate Customer Service. Top Automation Tools For Small Businesses.
  • FEVER BEE  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 2012
    [Twitter] Designing The Perfect Newcomer To Regular Journey
    Facebook, Twitter, white-label software, and even many enterprise platforms don't let you do this.  Letting members register through FB/Twitter accounts works well too. Perhaps the biggest benefit of using your own platform is you get to control the journey from newcomer to regular participant.   We've covered this before , but let's try to present it as the 'ideal' journey for a newcomer. Treat these each as unique steps. You can optimize each one in turn. These steps are also listed in the priority of importance.     Step 1) Awareness.
    [Twitter] Chatting up Social Media Metrics with Leslie Poston, the author of the new Social Media Metrics for Dummies
    Join us for From Dummies to Genius – Tips for Social Media Metrics on May 24 th – send any questions to Leslie on Twitter using her official hashtag #SMM4D and #awarenesstips.  To stay up to date with Leslie and her work, follow her on Twitter , like her new Social Media for Dummies Facebook page , and link up with her on LinkedIn   @BostonMike. I have to tell you that one of my best of parts of my job as head of marketing and sales for Awareness, Inc. is that I can reconnect with old friends and learn about the great things they do in social marketing.  Do you have any favorites?
    [Twitter] Paterno, Penn State and the Social Media Outcry
    If you check out Twitter, Facebook and other such sites, Paterno, Penn State, etc. Like many other news junkies, I keep my eye on Twitter during the day for links to any breaking news etc. Twitter hashtags with various names have popped up in recent days regarding the matter, some creative, some informative and some downright ridiculous. For those individuals who do not follow college football, a legend’s career that has spanned some 60-plus years all told may be coming to a rather unceremonious end sooner rather than later. are all over the place.
    [Twitter] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Timescapes
    If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter , Facebook , and Google+ ! This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have seen on Google+ , retweeted on @kikolani , and read in RSS subscriptions this week. Blogging / Writing. Things Every Blogger Needs to Teach Their Readers & Why it Matters – Want to grow a successful blog? You need to teach your readers a few things. Business / Career.
    [Twitter] Get Social on Your Retirement Travel Plans
    Twitter – By using a hashtag, you can find virtually anything on twitter. It’s never too early to think about retirement. Some people start planning when they fill out the paperwork for their first job. Others wait a bit down the road, but it makes sense to think about it before it is too close. For those thinking about it, it’s not just the day to day stuff on their minds, but also things like, say, travel. With people staying in better health well into their retirement years, travel is something many look forward to doing in their retirement. Bon voyage!
    [Twitter] Are Your Employees Wasting Time on Social Media?
    Is it a quick snapshot of Facebook while they are at lunch, or maybe they check Twitter every couple of hours to see what’s happening with their favorite sites, celebs and bloggers. How much time do you think your employees spend on social media while they are at work? Could it be they’re creating a Pinterest board for their upcoming wedding or nine-year-old daughter’s birthday party? As an employer, it’s a good idea to set guidelines of your expectations of time spent on things other than work. If it’s not allowable on work laptops, let your employees know.
    [Twitter] Banks Need To Have More Fun
    Connect with him on Twitter,  @carlopandian. Having fun while interacting with your retailer is now the norm. But, there is one sector which has been decidedly sluggish in embracing what’s known as gamification. The financial sector has been slow to use games to engage and embrace their customers, yet change is on the horizon. But why has the financial sector been one step behind in one of the most exciting marketing developments for decades, and what does the future hold? User interaction is the holy grail for companies who wish to get the maximum uplift from their customers.
    [Twitter] The Evolution of our Social Media Team
    Since those first meetings in 2009-10, the University now has an official blog , Facebook page , Twitter profile ,  YouTube channel and dozens of sites created by individual departments, faculties and student societies. The use of social media at our university is evolving. The number of passive observers is dropping and the number of engaged content creators is on the rise. They were always there. There were bloggers, tweeters, YouTube uploaders and Facebook aficionados long before our organization established a formal presence in these places. Image: MorBCN via Flickr, CC 2.0???.
    [Twitter] You HAVE To Make Videos… Period!
    Their E-biz Director was going through a PowerPoint explaining their strategy; talking about how they’re engaging on Facebook, and recruiting on LinkedIn and monitoring their brand on Twitter, etc… Then something happened that caused me to chuckle inside. You can also follow Jim on Twitter @JimKukral. Today we have a guest post from Jim Kukral the author of the new book: “Attention! This Book Will Make You Money.&# Thank you Jim for the post and for the kind words! It wowed us.&#. Of course, I had seen the video months earlier, but I didn’t let on.
    [Twitter] The Ugly Truths About Social Media
    Yes, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. In our technological advanced society, social media has changed how people do business online. It offers so many opportunities  that sometimes people overlook its flaws and forget its limitations. Yes, social media is a powerful tool to market a brand and this is a fact. But behind those beautiful truths about the power of social media, there are ugly truths behind it. Here is a more realistic guide that will open your eyes to see how social media really works. 1. Social media is free .
    [Twitter] My CES Gear Bag and Advice
    link] This comment was originally posted on Twitter [link] MikeLangford Absolutely brilliant business travel video by @JustinLevy [link] This comment was originally posted on Twitter [link] Ed First #CES ? JustinLevy shares what’s in his #CES gear bag and offers some advice… [link] This comment was originally posted on Twitter [link] Mike Langford When you get a chance can you share some links to the gear you mentioned in the video? Very cool stuff. I’ll post a link to his amazing story on Twitter. Did I leave anything out? Release is in Feb. right?
    [Twitter] Guest post: 7 legitimate and long-term link-building strategies
    Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter offer a much broader linking opportunity. Having your posts shared on Facebook or your links retweeted on Twitter can do just as much to build links to your site as any other activity. If you have enjoyed this post, make sure you follow Cendrine on Twitter , Facebook and/or Google+. The following is a guest post by Dominick Frasso. His bio is at the end of the article. Inbound links benefit you in two significant ways: they generate direct traffic when someone clicks the link, and they help with your search engine rankings.
    [Twitter] 5 Big Brand Social Media Strategies
    Example: Southwest’s Twitter and Facebook posts are saturated with its unmistakably “fun&# cultural bent. Home About Pushing Social #FF Gratitude Journal 4 My Tweeps Archives Contact Subscribe Pushing Social 5 Big Brand Social Media Strategies by Stanford on May 25, 2010 Spread it! Share Email This It seems that the small mom-and-pop businesses are perfectly suited for social media. They’re hip, creative, and fast. On the other hand, The big brands are often the red-headed stepchild in the social media discussion. It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s true.
    [Twitter] A Few Go-To Sites
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. It can be difficult to find trusted resources on the web, those you would call “go-to” sites. With all the content coming at us in various forms of media, it can be difficult wading through the noise to find the signal. Skimming and Scanning  has become our reading style. There are a few sites I consider go-to sites on certain topics, and there are a few people who I’ll try to read or watch whatever they publish. Want to read up on the mobile landscape? Benedict Evans , too (subscribe to his newsletter ).
    [Twitter] Blog Posting Mantra No. 3 – Image Above the Fold
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. In the original 2006 version of our Blog Posting Mantra , Image Above the Fold was the 5th item on the list. It’s moved up two spaces. Images have become a more important part of publishing, sharing, and even search. As you think about marketing your blog posts , remember that “Images Sell” A terrific image gets a click far more than no image or a bland image. An image that tells part of the story gets shared far more than no image or a bland image. Make sure you use proper attribution. Here’s  the full lineup.
    [Twitter] How SmallBizTracks Works: Next Steps and Follow Through
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Content Marketing does more than just lead into a sales call. Content Marketing includes the sales, the service, and the follow-through. At SmallBizTracks, it’s one of the things we teach our customers to apply – and it’s also part of how we service what we sell. As we complete a project (track), we make sure the small business we worked with has a few things in hand and at the ready: A completed Scope document, which also serves as a “punch list” during the project. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Twitter] The Little Things Can Make a Big Difference
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. “The little things in baseball, though they may have a small impact on one game, can have a large impact on one season,” Brad Ausmus, Manager, Detroit Tigers. Baseball is made up of many small things and offers fantastic lessons for life and business. A lot of talk around the thinking person’s baseball conversation is about the game-within-the-game. The small things being part of the whole. Ausmus shares, “…it’s the little things over the course of 162 games that can make a big difference.”
    [Twitter] Book Review: 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing « The Spinks Blog
    The Spinks Blog A Fresh Look Into Social Media Home About Contact Me Under 30 Professionals Book Review: 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing I’m trying out viddler for the first time. loved how simple it was. The only hiccup was the flash player crashing after I recorded this whole video the first time. Are you guys using viddler? Is youtube or something else better? This week I reviewed the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries & Jack Trout. It’s a book that I think every marketer should read. A lot of the stuff they talk about, we already kind of know. No bullshit.
    [Twitter] 2012 Key Social Technology Predictions from Top Business and Marketing Strategists
    Our free eBook 2012 Social Marketing & New Media Predictions also includes predictions on top social marketing developments, biggest challenges, and top news resources.  To get the latest from the experts quoted in the 2012 Social Marketing and New Media Predictions, you can follow them on Twitter. Let’s continue the discussion in the comments below, on Twitter at hashtag  #AwarenessSMM, Facebook at Social Media Marketing Best Practices, LinkedIn at the Social Media Marketing Mavens Group. Errol Apostolopoulos at Optaros, Inc. Mike Lewis. BostonMike.
    [Twitter] TheWayoftheWeb Most Read Posts in 2011
    How Klout and Peerindex are initially mapping ‘influence’, and the result that they act as loyalty cards for the social networks they include, requiring you to do your daily posting on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ rather than using a competitor, for example. And even on the worst days, when I’m working alone at home and feeling like noone cares, it’s guaranteed someone will post a comment or share a post on Twitter, and it’ll fuel my determination and motivation for weeks. 2012 The Year of 3D Printing? Problems embedding Youtube videos in WordPress?
  • BILL HARTZER  |  MONDAY, JULY 21, 2014
    [Twitter] How to Block from Accessing Your Website Using.htaccess
    And it’s even being reported as being a botnet: They are using a hacked botnet and @vote4obama2012 on twitter put up an image showing that they were offering a firefox extension which infects computers – very serious. Yesterday, I wrote a post about how to stop from showing up in your Google Analytics account. Today, in this post, I’ll tell you how to block from accessing your website using the site’s.htaccess file. Each and every request (every hit on every file) first accesses the.htaccess file before your website loads. information/.
    [Twitter] Branding With Blogger Outreach
    The review can then be promoted on social media sites like Twitter – A good review from a respected blogger can create hundreds or even thousands of shares or retweets The blogger review can be emailed to brand loyalists via email with a copy or link to the review.  With Twitter’s 6 million users, ( Feb. – Posted using Chat Catcher Reply sheditandgetit (SheddingIt&Get) (1 comments) says: February 12, 2010 at 1:16 pm Twitter Comment Love this article, love this chick! Organic Twitter Or Organic Fertilizer? Bloggers have readers. link].
    [Twitter] Fables of the Deconstruction
    “When you have the choice to be right or be kind, always choose being kind.&# Dr. Wayne Dyer [link] How Not To Use Twitter: A Tweet Gone Bad [.] blog comments powered by Disqus Search Brass Tacks About the Authors Amber Naslund Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra on Twitter) is a communications and business strategist and the Director of Community for Radian6. McMahon Tamsen McMahon (@tamadear on Twitter) is a communications and branding strategist who consults, writes, and speaks in service of helping people and organizations make change happen. Be passionate. Be kind.
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2013
    [Twitter] Scary Fun Facts About Social Business and Commerce
    We would love to know what facts you find interesting, and be sure to send us a picture of your costume on Twitter ! It’s that time of year again, and we thought we would share some ‘scary’ fun facts about social business to keep with the spirit of Halloween! Wait, how can something be scary and fun at the same time? Well, for businesses that are leveraging the possibilities that social business presents, these facts are a lot of fun. The Pinterest Witch Has Cast a Spell. spell on female consumers, to be exact. People Are Trapped on Facebook. We Are Brainwashed By Cats.
    [Twitter] 7 Important Steps to Great Business Communication
    Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex Subscribe to Blog Subscribe to Danish Newsletter TOPICS Best Practise Cases (46) Facebook (53) Linkedin (5) Marketing & Communication (104) Mindjumpers (32) Social Media (219) Social Network (128) Social Responsibility (43) Tech Development (51) Tips (25) TribeSourcing (15) Twitter (23) FLATTR MINDJUMPERS Mindjumpers © 2010 All Rights Reserved Here, I’m referring to communicating to an audience whether it’s by e-mail, a presentation etc. Otherwise, the message ends up being ignored.
    [Twitter] Why Measuring Success Using Social Media Tools Isn’t Always Cut and Dried
    Face it: no one is sitting around on Twitter saying, “I really wish I had the best North Denver style dried sausage while watching this football game.”. And yet, here’s why Twitter or Google+ would be a good part of her plan. HOW TWITTER WARMS UP MY SLUSHY BAR FRIEND WHO CAN HELP. Twitter won’t track to sales of delicious small-batch spicy dried sausage made from the finest ingredients and using a generations-old recipe. What’s Twitter going to do to impact sales?” She wants to roll out this new product and achieve national success in selling it.
    [Twitter] Doing Things Better, Simpler, Today in LIFT Clips 04/25/15
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. LEARN – How to Make Videos with an iPhone. IMPROVE – Your Google Rankings. FIND FLOW – The Tomorrow Loophole. THINK – Problem Solving by Making Toast. – As a youth, Saturdays were filled with visual candy of cartoons in the morning and movie matinees in the afternoon. your presence or practice. 
    [Twitter] Content Creation and Content Sharing – LIFT Infographic
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using the LIFT acronym. Here is an infographic that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. Rebuild Nation created this infographic so you can learn the differences between content creation and content sharing: – As a youth, Saturdays were filled with visual candy of cartoons in the morning and movie matinees in the afternoon. your presence or practice.  Subscribe today. Consider leaving a comment! LIFT Clips
    [Twitter] Whatevs
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. While visiting friends and family in Texas this week, there was plenty of opportunity for stress and frustration. Some plans went awry for various reasons. Several cherished memories were created from spontaneity. One of the keywords during our visit – and a reason stress and frustration didn’t stand a chance was a simple mantra: whatevs There is power in “whatevs.” ” There is freedom in “whatevs.” ” There is victory in “whatevs.” Whatevs is a post from: ConverStations.
    [Twitter] Social Media a Healthy Option for Women
    Consumers can start by looking at various health insurance companies’ Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. EveryMove also found that 97 of the 100 health insurance companies use Twitter and LinkedIn, with 87 of them using Facebook. According to , more than 17 million women in the U.S. are uninsured. That’s roughly 20 percent of women. These women are more likely to develop serious health problems, due to the fact that they wait too long before seeking treatment and are not always able to afford the price of necessary prescription medications.
    [Twitter] How Internet and Cable Providers Can Utilize Social Media
    Twitter. Twitter is growing extremely fast and has enormous value for service providers. When properly used, sites like Facebook and Twitter can serve as a free PR outlet. Sadly, according to SproutSocial , only one out of every five customer inquiries on Facebook and Twitter are ever responded to. If any industry understands the power of the internet, it’s the cable industry. Specifically, that means cable and internet providers need to find ways to interact and engage with customers online. Most Important Social Media Platforms. They are: Facebook. Pinterest.
    [Twitter] The Fifth Model “Crowdsourcing” Hits Madison Avenue + Crowdsourcing Infographic
    Agency compensation models fortified with high overhead are under pressure since it isn’t easy for a large agency to monetize the creation of a Twitter background page or Facebook fan page. The Rise of Crowdsourcing 2.0: Benefits for brands and ad agencies. In the era of seismic change now occurring on Madison Avenue, ad agencies are starting to strap on an extra seat belt.  There is a lot of talk about revamping traditional ad agency models, e.g., digital, hybrid, tradigital or simply, creation of the “new agency”.  The “Fifth Model” Recognizes the Value of Social Media Marketing.
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