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    [Twitter] What I Wish People Knew: Lindsay Bell
    You can find her on Twitter at @ belllindsay. That dryness, or wordplay, sometimes doesn’t resonate well via Twitter. Today’s is a guest post from Lindsay Bell, one of many responses to  this post. m delighted to share the more personal side of some of the folks you might know online and that I’ve enjoyed getting to know better. Lindsay is an ex television producer, lives in Toronto, and is currently community content manager, storyteller, editor and grammar freak at Radian6. What I Wish More People Knew About Me. Random thoughts, in no particular order. am a Maritimer. m loud.
    [Twitter] United Way of Central Indiana Recognized for their Social Media.
    Find him on Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn Posted | Permalink Reblog (0) | | Digg This | Save to | TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference United Way of Central Indiana Recognized for their Social Media Efforts : Comments Verify your Comment Previewing your Comment Posted by: | This is only a preview. Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « YouTube Tuesday: I Can Make You Go Viral! Chad Richards is the Social Program Manager at Firebelly Marketing. Your comment has not yet been posted. Please try again.
  • FIREBELLY  |  FRIDAY, JULY 16, 2010
    [Twitter] What the F**k is Social Media NOW?
    Find him on Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn Posted | Permalink Reblog (0) | | Digg This | Save to | TrackBack TrackBack URL for this entry: [link] Listed below are links to weblogs that reference What the F**k is Social Media NOW? Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « Coleman Campsite: The Original Social Networking Site | Main | How One Unhappy Customer Multiplies Across Social Media » July 16, 2010 What the F**k is Social Media NOW? Fridays fun find is an excellent presentation on Slideshare called What the F**k is Social Media NOW? Please try again.
    [Twitter] Flickr Friday: The Content Grid
    Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « 5 Helpful Social Search Articles | Main | Twitter announces #NewTwitter » September 10, 2010 Flickr Friday: The Content Grid A content marketing framework that plots type and channel across two dimensions: who should create it (a single owner or the entire staff) and how it should be distributed for maximum impact on the sales funnel. Click the image to enlarge. Image : Eloqua ] Chad Richards is Social Marketing Manager at Firebelly Marketing, a  social media marketing agency. Your comment has not yet been posted.
    [Twitter] Fearless Friday
    Home It’s Josip Archives Let’s Talk The Word on the Web Fearless Friday Written on April 23, 2010 by Josip Petrusa 0 Comments Tweet Share Save Friday’s seem to be synonymous with taking it easy, being relaxed and the good old “TGIF&# status updates. But really, today is like any other day. It’s what you choose to do with your day that makes it stick out or special or count for something. And since it is Friday, I’m going to keep it short and sweet. Have a little fun. Don’t do the same thing you do every Friday, make your Friday fearless.
    [Twitter] Social Media and Ad:Tech Tokyo
    Also transparency in “sponsored posts&# and blogger/twitterer relationship building. I spoke on how Japanese companies were doing in social media overseas. Japanese people on the panel talked about online community and social media marketing at home, and I focussed on how it was working for Japanese companies in America, Europe, Australia etc. An amazingly popular talk, people were lined up outside to try and get in – though I think the conference itself had 8000 participants, so hardly surprising. Adtech tokyo laurel papworth. View more presentations from Laurel Papworth.
    [Twitter] Why StumbleUpon’s is the URL Shortener of Choice
    You can post to Twitter and Facebook like a few of the shorteners, as well as thumbing up and reviewing on StumbleUpon itself. Blast. Fans of , DiggBar , , or any of the gazillion URL shorteners out there will object. They will ask, “What makes so special?&#. StumbleUpon has done a great job at putting together the best features that are available on some shorteners and added a few things that that are less common or completely unique.  The only thing they haven’t done yet is properly publicize this amazing package of a URL shortener. Share it.
    [Twitter] Forget SxSW – #Ideas11 and #11NTC FTW!
    <<Keep track of what’s going down via the #ideas11 Twitter stream.>> <<Keep track of what’s going down via the  #11NTC Twitter stream.>> Forget SxSW – who needs to kill all those brain cells anyway? You’re probably sick of all those tweets and it hasn’t even started yet. Try this instead…! We’re off to ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference in Colorado Springs on Saturday. >> Here’s a quick note of what we’ll be presenting. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Facilitating Social Media Policy.
    [Twitter] Social Media Marketing Checklist from SES Chicago
    Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « Cyber Monday Is Here! Main | SES Chicago 2009 Video: Were you naughty or nice? » December 14, 2009 Social Media Marketing Checklist from SES Chicago The speakers in the Social Media Marketing Checklist session at SES Chicago, Sean Carton, Chief Strategy Officer, idfive; Jeanniey Mullen, Chief Marketing Officer, Zinio; Heidi Cohen, President, Riverside Marketing Strategies; and Brian Boland, Manager, Performance Solutions, Facebook created a list of 8 questions and actions to consider when developing their brand’s social strategy. Below
    [Twitter] Firebelly at Blog Indiana
    Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « 5 Helpful Social Media Must Reads | Main | YouTube Tuesday: Checking In With Facebook Places » August 18, 2010 Firebelly at Blog Indiana Tweet Blog Indiana is a blogging and social media conference held in the Informatics and Communications Technology Complex on the IUPUI campus this Friday and Saturday, August 20-21, that aims "to promote education, innovation and collaboration among Indianas fast-growing social media community." You can find Firebelly speaking at the following sessions. We look forward to seeing you this weekend!
    [Twitter] YouTube Tuesday: Checking In With Facebook Places
    Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « Firebelly at Blog Indiana | Main | 5 Helpful Facebook Places for Business Articles » August 24, 2010 YouTube Tuesday: Checking In With Facebook Places People are calling it a FourSquare killer. People are calling it a Facebook killer (due to privacy concerns). Im not calling it anything until Ive spent more time with it. In the meantime, here is Facebooks official video about the new Facebook Places. Chad Richards is Social Marketing Manger at Firebelly Marketing, a social media marketing agency. even a year back. Please try again.
    [Twitter] Is Unstructured Collaboration the Key to Business Agility?
    Could you imagine a system like Twitter where those tweet streams are being captured in a structured database? Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER Is Unstructured Collaboration the Key to Business Agility? View Comments March 22nd, 2010 According to a report by Microsoft, it is (geared towards the manufacturing industry).  Towards the end of last year Drew Gude, Director, U.S. Back to unstructured collaboration. ″ was not mentioned anywhere in the article (E2.0 You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0
    [Twitter] A BarCamp Recap For People Who Are Not Me
    Related Posts: Nashville BarCamp-A-Go-Go (aka Ol’ BarCamp Eve) BarCamp 2010: And The Winner Is……… ‘Twas The Night Before BarCamp… (A Poem) Spin Sucks Guest Post Reasons to Love Twitter and Technoviking. Digg Digg Two days ago (Saturday, Oct. 16) was a very special day. If you weren’t aware, that was the day of BarCamp Nashville 2010. It was also the day that party was held for someone in John Morgan’s ( @johnmorgan ) family, but since I didn’t go to that, I will be recapping BarCamp. BarCamp was Brain Delicious this year though.).
    [Twitter] Do Companies Have Control Over Their Brands?
    By telling companies that they are not in control of their brands we’re just putting them in a state of panic and as Esteban Kolsky responded to me on twitter: “Panic never led to solutions, only bigger crisis — brands are not lost to customers&# Let’s stop making brands look like lost puppies who just need to find their way home.  Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER Do Companies Have Control Over Their Brands? Of course companies have control of their brands! The same goes with Enterprise 2.0, Nice post!
    [Twitter] App review: Infostripe
    Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other major networking sites, this social media maze can be very. What is Infostripe? Infostripe: Features Why you should use Infostripe Related Posts: In this day and age, information flies from every corner of the Internet. Users are literally bombarded with content at any moment of the day. Branding Reviews app review digital business card Infostripe review social networking
    [Twitter] To Outsource or Not Outsource? That is the Question
    Only give access to your accounts (twitter, facebook other social media platforms if your using people for social media management or research) for the length of the task after then, change your passwords. When you’re running your own business from home, how do you know when it’s time to begin outsourcing, if ever? When you get more work than you can handle, when you’re spending all your time doing menial jobs and not enough doing those you’re really skilled at, or when you’ve just had enough of working seven days a week. Why is this important?
    [Twitter] Life After 50 Blog Posts: 17 of My Blogging Experiences
    shout-out to all my twitter peeps, there’s to many to name but you know who you are. Home It’s Josip Archives Let’s Talk The Word on the Web Life After 50 Blog Posts: 17 of My Blogging Experiences Written on July 30, 2010 by Josip Petrusa 0 Comments Tweet Share Save Yesterday marked a milestone. At least, for me personally. It was the publishing of my 50 th post for my blog. don’t think I wrote this much when I actually had to in school. And it’s ironic that I care more about doing stuff like this now than I did when I was in school. So, enjoy! BIG thanks to everyone!
    [Twitter] So What Will You Have For Lunch?
    didn’t know how this “Twitter thing&# worked. So I answered the question that Twitter used to ask at the time (what are you doing?) Because if my Twitter stream is an extension of who I am, then it will reflect just that. And because I’m as much who I am on Twitter as I am in 3D, work comes to me… the kind of work I want to say “yes&# and not “no&# to. Have I “grown up&# in my use of Twitter and other platforms? This post was mentioned on Twitter by Gautam Ghosh, Shonali Burke. How unbelievably ridiculous.
    [Twitter] Turning Customer Behavior into Currency: Key Insights from Liz Crawford’s Educational Webinar
    Don’t forget to tell us your key takeaways on Twitter at #AwarenessTips. You’re a marketer. You spend countless hours measuring, analyzing and strategically planning ways to “build a better mousetrap.” If you think you know what’s going on inside your customers’ head, Liz Crawford will challenge you to think again. Liz Crawford , author and analyst, has over twenty years’ experience in brand management and consulting with a concentration in strategic innovation. Marketing used to facilitate a customer transaction with a brand, generally one that occurred before a sale.
    [Twitter] How Counterfeit Coach Purses Could Build Community
    never found an official site (ther were many created by fans and business owners) so I went to Twitter. Create a Twitter account where people can communicate with you about fakes. Online Community Strategist Angela Connor on Growing Successful Online Communities Home About Angela Contact Popular Speaking Media Press Tips Subscribe to feed How Counterfeit Coach Purses Could Build Community September 13, 2009 in Community Building , social media | Tags: "COACH handbags" , "COACH Leatherware" , "COACH purses" Counterfeit purses are a real problem for COACH Leatherware.
    [Twitter] Why Content Marketing Matters To Me And Should To You
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search Why Content Marketing Matters To Me And Should To You April 15th, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet Last week, Joe Pulizzi and his merry band of content strategists at Junta42 released new metrics , ranking the top content marketing blogs in the world. And guess what? Reviews.
    [Twitter] Beta Your Small Business Innovations
      If you have an established blog, email list, Facebook, or Twitter following, then this is easily accomplished.    If you have an established blog, email list, Facebook, or Twitter following, then this is easily accomplished.    Software and technology companies in particular focus on intensive development efforts in order to release their latest technologies on a timely basis. You can do the same. The idea is to get to market quickly, and then let the members of your community tell you how to bring everything to its best completion. 
  • SOSHABLE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2009
    [Twitter] Social Media Strategy: Hire, Outsource, or DIY?
    Scanning Twitter and Facebook alone is evidence of this, and they are only a small part of a true strategy. What works today to get a front page story on Digg or massive retweets on Twitter may not work tomorrow. Blast. Social media has officially become a business. Many in the industry would argue that it’s been a business for years, but until recently it has been very hush-hush and hidden in the shadows.  If you were to count the number of people claiming to be social media gurus, experts, marketers, or strategists a year ago, it would have probably been in the hundreds.
    [Twitter] Simply The Best
    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jewel Figueras and PRWeekend, Jeff Domansky. Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Simply The Best November 27th, 2010 Tweet There’s a big difference between being “the best&# and “one of the best.&# Anywhere. Any time. Across any industry. Or time zone. One of the Best means that you are, when compared to your peers, at the higher end of the scale, but recognizing That there is a frame of reference for everything. pts Settings.
    [Twitter] Seven Traffic Techniques for Bloggers—and Metrics to Measure Them
    Twitter) with the shares I’ve tracked for that article, to get an idea of a shares-to-clicks ratio. As an example, a post that generated a lot of clicks through Twitter in the last month was Neil Patel’s Guide to Writing Popular Blog Posts , which is nearly a year old. Over the last couple of months here at, we’ve taken a tour of the traffic techniques that are essential to bloggers. search engine optimization. content marketing. online advertising. subscriptions. social media. backlinks. networking and collaboration. Select Search, then Organic.
    [Twitter] Guest Post – Misconceptions About Affiliate Marketing
    The guys who spam me on Twitter? You can connect with Rae via Twitter or meet her in person at the Affiliate Summit East 2011 SEO Training (seating is limited). Rae Hoffman-Dolan from is one of the people who I believe write about affiliate marketing in a way that 1.) I understand, and 2.) I can use to make business value. rarely do guest posts at [] , but when Rae reached out, I jumped at the chance. She’s got a great post and I learned as much by reading it as you might, or so goes the hope. Misconceptions About Affiliate Marketing. With over 1.2
    [Twitter] 7 Strategies for Growing Community on Your Blog
    Alternatively you could survey your twitter followers on a topic relevant to your blog and then highlight their responses as a blog post ( example of this ). Readers left comments sharing their Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, StumbleUpon (and more) accounts and we compiled all the submissions (over 700) into lists so readers could all follow one another. This week on ProBlogger we’ve been looking at the topic of building community on a blog. We started by identifying 9 benefits and 3 costs of community on a blog and then looked at 5 stages of building community on a blog.
    [Twitter] 5 Steps to Determine the Right Social Media Content for You
    First, create categories for the type of platform the content is being shared on; Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.  Twitter: What are others sharing? 'This is a guest contribution from Benjamin Taylor, of Eloqua. At the core, one of the biggest goals of social media is to foster and maintain engagement.  Anyone can create a social media account, but one of the hardest parts is to determine what kind of content you should be sharing. It’s safe to say that you have a good idea of what your niche or market finds valuable, but that is only a piece of the puzzle.
    [Twitter] Show 345 - A Social Entrepreneurship Handbook
    If you have feedback for me on the show or topics that you would like me to cover then e-mail me at  or join me on  twitter. Show 345 of  The Engaging Brand leadership and marketing podcast  is ready  just for  you. To subscribe or listen for  free , you don't need to download anything and all explained at the end of the post. What is a social entrepreneur? What is the difference between a business for profit and social entrepreneurship? Is too much passion in social causes a risk? Passion or skill - which is the key business asset?
    [Twitter] How I Stopped Waiting to Become a Writer, Quit My Job & Launched My Dream
    You can follow him on Twitter @JeffGoins and check out his new book, The In-Between. 'This is a guest contribution from Jeff Goins of Goins, Writer. It took me six years to become a professional blogger. And four and a half of those years were spent waiting. For years, I read blogs, bought books, and watched videos about ordinary, everyday people making the colossal shift from day job to living their dream. seethed with envy and bitterness as I saw friends skyrocket to success, living out their passions. What were they doing that I wasn’t? All the while, I waited. Waited for permission.
    [Twitter] Meet your company’s spokesperson
    Any employee can shoot off their mouth on Facebook , Twitter or another social media outlet and literally infect thousands of people with their opinion in a matter of seconds. Is he your new spokesperson? Take a few minutes and walk through your place of business today. Really look at the people who work for you. Your goal — identify the employees who are just there to get the paycheck. Maybe it’s the 16 year old part-timer who calls in sick about as often as she shows up. Congratulations — you just met your organization’s new spokesperson. No record, no residual.
    [Twitter] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Old City Bar & Happy Holidays
    Fun Twitter promotions for your blog. Twitter Direct Messages – Best & Worst Practices. Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Twitter Top Ten. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, an Old City Bar, and the week in review at The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have stumbledupon this week. Blogging. The fine line between blog visitors success and failure. powerful reasons everyone should have a blog. Has your blog content been stolen ? Do you want my blog for a week ?
    [Twitter] Social Media Isn’t Dead: It’s Boring
    We can argue the details endlessly (I don’t believe much in Klout, for instance), and we can announce the premature death of Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook and whoever. Isn’t it time we started telling bigger stories than this? When Julien Smith and I wrote The Impact Equation , we had a very specific goal in mind: help people get attention, understanding, and eventually a relationship of value. That’s the simplest possible summary of the book. What people maybe thought they were getting was a book about social media and social networks, about marketing and campaigns. Content.
    [Twitter] Social Media Offers No Panacea
    Yet, its not a light switch moment, or as easy as starting a Facebook page or Twitter profile. Today almost every organization needs to engage in social media, even if it’s just monitoring the general conversation on related social media sites. Yet, social media is no panacea, and an organization needs to understand some of the barriers it will face before it jumps in. Unfortunately, most companies and nonprofits don’t consider the difficulties of participating in conversational media, instead they jump in because they have to, or because of the promise.
  • CHRIS BROGAN  |  FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2011
    [Twitter] Mapping Social Media Uses
    If I want to listen for people who might need a shirt that Josh is selling, I’m sure to be a bit intrusive, but maybe if I listen to people asking about gifts to give, etc, I could politely butt in now and again on Twitter. If I spend some time on Twitter, on Facebook, on Blogs, on forums where they might care about Josh’s products, then I can look at a more integrated approach to selling. When we talk about how we’re going to use social media to build relationships and sell and things like that, do we ever come out and map what we really mean?
    [Twitter] Draw a Tree, Get Cool Stuff - Danny Brown
    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Grant Griffiths, Social Media Guide, Stacie H Connerty, Courtney Wiley, Doktor Social and others. Back to Business and Thank You Response to Barbara Talismans Misinformed 12for12k Post Is Twitter Killing Blog Comments? Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Draw a Tree, Get Cool Stuff August 6, 2010 4 voices share yours! Share Save Over at Bonsai Interactive, we made an art video on how to draw a bonsai tree, but we’re not sure of the results.
    [Twitter] Backup. Restore. Protect
    also don’t click on links in emails offering Nigerian lottery winnings or direct messages on Twitter which suggest there’s a ‘really bad picture of me’ with a link obscured with a shortened link. It may have been April Fools Day on Sunday, but it was actually Saturday March 31 that held all the ironic humour for me this year. That’s because it was ‘World BackUp Day’ (unfortunately the site appears to be down right now!), designed to promote safe and secure second copies of all of your data, and I was spending it reinstalling my operating system due to a malware infection. Aaaaaaaaaargh.
    [Twitter] How did Geek Santa do this year?
    It was higher on my list than any tablet as I wanted it to solely function as a pure reading device without leading me into checking Facebook or Twitter, or watching Youtube. Many years ago when I was five years old, I can remember unwrapping my first computer at Christmas. The 48k ZX Spectrum led to a love of technology and gaming, some slightly frustrating early attempts at coding, and was the first ‘ social object ‘ I can remember that allowed me to chat about games (and swap them) with friends. So how did ‘Geek Santa’ do for my family? Scalextric !
    [Twitter] Content farms most threaten UK media firms
    While I think this will happen, it’s going to take some time, and some Twitter users are susceptible to Retweeting anything with a snappy headline. It’s a tactic also being used by the likes of Demand Media and , and has also been utilised by companies such as Yahoo. The fear is that a few thousand writers will produce enough content to severely distort the internet ecosystem and lead to a web ruled by low-quality content which targets the lowest common denominator. Now they’re about to get hit by an army of content writers. So what can UK media companies do?
    [Twitter] A May Day Balancing Act
    I’m trying to get used to not jumping onto Twitter or Facebook whenever I feel like it; because if I’m working on something, then social has to wait. can’t tell you how much I’m still very much here… just silently; so just because you might not “see” me as much as you did earlier, on blogs, and Twitter, and Facebook, and Path, and … I’m here. Happy May Day! Anyone gearing up to dance around the Maypole? Hey, I’m not crazy. It took me years of living in the U.S. No holiday here , as I was used to having while growing up.
    [Twitter] Influencers
    For instance, I often ask my Twitter followers to support causes like Skip1 , but I never ask for votes. Please stop worrying about your Klout score, or your stock price on Empire Avenue and on all kinds of other measures that don’t have much to do with anything related to your real world. This is akin to still being in the Matrix, but thinking you have free will. Worrying about whether or not you’re an influencer by someone else’s measures is like having a toy steering wheel and thinking you’re driving the car. Influence. And if it did, I’d want a cut.)
    [Twitter] METEOR: Not For Broadcast #media #socialmedia #geminid
    'I saw an article on a media outlet wondering out loud what a big bang (noise) in Arizona was … so I went on Twitter and found the answer including a video on a Geminid meteor hitting near the Arizona airport. Which led me to check Twitter, within minutes the sorts of tweets below arrived (I’m writing this a day or two later and don’t remember the first one I saw, sorry). wonder why they didn’t? . This caught my eye and it’s all a bit odd… (part of ABC Network America). We even had a person in Flagstaff claim to see something suspicious.
    [Twitter] Join the Google+ Revolution Now
    Start with a clear understanding of the features that make Google+ different from other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Of course, a natural overlap will exist between Facebook and Google+ users, just as the majority of my Twitter followers also use Facebook. By the end of 2012, analysts predict that Google+ will reach 400 million users. In its first 88 days the social platform’s growth rate outpaced Facebook and every other social network. Impressive, but, is it worth a small business owner’s time and energy to learn yet another social network?
    [Twitter] 2014 Reboot: Shake Up Your Social Media – Work Smarter, Not Harder
    Here are the most popular URLs on ProBlogger for the last month, for Twitter: 40 Cool Things to Do with Your Posts After You Hit Publish. Even at a glance, we might make some hypotheses based on these results: Twitter users in this space prefer case studies and personal advice that comes with a sense of authority. The most popular topics on Twitter seem to be about making money blogging. 'We are mining ProBlogger content this week for super-useful information to kick-start your blogging year with gusto. What can you do better? Darren shows us the ropes. But this is a start.
  • ADAM SHERK  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 31, 2009
    [Twitter] Yahoo Adds Enhanced News Results to searchmonkey
    The Most Popular NFL Teams on Twitter and Facebook: 2010 Season Pew Research News Survey: Findings on Search Engines, Social Networks and Twitter Why the News Business Isn’t Profitable Categories Public Relations Publishing SEO Social Media Popular Posts The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases Facebook Pages: Which News Sites Get the Most Engagement? SearchMonkey allows sites to use structured data to include additional information in their Yahoo search results such as addresses and phone numbers, review scores, pricing, etc.
    [Twitter] NewsPulse Gives a New Way to Showcase Popular Content
    The Most Popular NFL Teams on Twitter and Facebook: 2010 Season Pew Research News Survey: Findings on Search Engines, Social Networks and Twitter Why the News Business Isn’t Profitable Categories Public Relations Publishing SEO Social Media Popular Posts The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases Facebook Pages: Which News Sites Get the Most Engagement? How “popularity” is determined is not specifically defined, but it is likely a simple metric like page views. One aspect that CNN might want to rethink is the inclusion of “Total Comments” for each news item.
    [Twitter] I Hope News Corp Does Block its Content from Google
    The Most Popular NFL Teams on Twitter and Facebook: 2010 Season Pew Research News Survey: Findings on Search Engines, Social Networks and Twitter Why the News Business Isn’t Profitable Categories Public Relations Publishing SEO Social Media Popular Posts The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases Facebook Pages: Which News Sites Get the Most Engagement? d actually like to see this happen…it would make for an interesting case study demonstrating that the only one hurt by such a deal is News Corp itself. – If You de-Index Will They Still Come? News Corp.
    [Twitter] Hearst Skiff Reader Looks Cool
    The Most Popular NFL Teams on Twitter and Facebook: 2010 Season Pew Research News Survey: Findings on Search Engines, Social Networks and Twitter Why the News Business Isn’t Profitable Categories Public Relations Publishing SEO Social Media Popular Posts The Most Overused Buzzwords and Marketing Speak in Press Releases Facebook Pages: Which News Sites Get the Most Engagement? Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Hearst Skiff Reader Looks Cool by Adam Sherk on January 7, 2010 Hearst’s Skiff Reader is being unveiled at CES this week.
    [Twitter] Barrack Obama Silicon Valley tech supper with the stars. Where was the diversity?
    John Chambers, CEO and chairman, Cisco Systems Dick Costolo, CEO, Twitter Larry Ellison, co-founder and CEO, Oracle Reed Hastings, CEO, NetFlix John Hennessy, president, Stanford University Steve Jobs, chairman and CEO, Apple (seated next to Obama, above) Art Levinson, chairman and former CEO, Genentech Eric Schmidt, chairman and CEO, Google Steve Westly, managing partner and founder, Westly Group Mark Zuckerberg, founder, president and CEO, Facebook (seated next to Obama, above) Wow, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during the dinner. Why Was He There? justsayin.
  • DIGIGEN  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 2010
    [Twitter] Cool Stuff: iPad Scratch and Mix
    Shame about the name, but the video is good. just love the idea of being able to mix and scratch off two ipads or even an ipad and iphone! But to see how you should really mix, check out Kentaro from DMC 2002. That’s true talent. Dan on A New Focus on Social Business Strategy. Powered by WordPress and Hybrid
    [Twitter] Water Water Everywhere on Blogs Today
    10 Twitterers and Their Blogs Who Inspire Me. John Duncan, the British Ambassador to Geneva for Multilateral Arms Control & Disarmament, writes about a rainwater catchment system in Kenya that employs simple technology to make a difference in village life. The concept is straightforward. Rainwater is collected via gutters connected to the corrugated iron roof sheeting that covers the local houses. pipe takes the rainwater into a catchment tank that is installed next to the house, and a tap at the base of the tank provides easy access to the water. link]. link]. link]. link].
    [Twitter] Is Your Contact Page Necessary?
    Visiting the site, you’ll see article after article listed in vertical reverse chronological order — and the sidebar is equally minimal with RSS and Twitter icons, a list of recent articles, a list of frequently-written topics, and popular articles. If the goal of a blog is for one person to post content and another person to read it, how necessary is it to stray the reader’s eyes with a page listing contact options ? What about a different page to learn about the blogger ? share the above links of my blog only because Code Anthem’s blog lacks those pages.
    [Twitter] The Selfish Art Of Podcasting
    While you consider amping up your presence on Facebook and Twitter or while you grapple with starting a Blog, have you thought about starting a Podcast? twitter. Tags: advertising audioexperiment audioprogram blog blogging charleneli content davidweinberger dontapscott facebook htrecorder iphoneapp josephjaffe markwschaefer marketing marketinginnovation mediahacks podcast podcaster podcasting programmingdirector publishing radio sallyhogshead sethgodin stevewozniak twitter writer started the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast in May of 2006. It's not what you think. blogging.
    [Twitter] The Goal Post: Why Goals Matter More than Ever
    Thanks to @pushingsocial and @kennyhyder for help on Twitter with the title of this post. Image by Iguana Jo. Overheard in Vegas at BlogWorld Expo: “I just started a blog and I’m excited to see where it will lead me.&#. Have you ever said something like that? When I started out, it was certainly something I remember telling a friend. Nobody really knew where the medium of blogging would lead—we were all quite happy to let thing evolve and see where we ended up. One of the themes I taught at BlogWorld Expo this year focused on goals. The blogger who didn’t set goals.
    [Twitter] Social Media and Mobile Tech Jobs Show Strongest Growth in 2009
    According to a report by Indeed , 7 of the 10 fastest growing opportunities of 2009 were social media or mobile-tech related, with Twitter showing the strongest growth. Until the “next big thing&# comes out to replace sites like Twitter and Facebook as valid business needs, we shouldn’t expect anything to change. Blast. There are 3 phrases that have rarely been spoken in the same sentence recently: Jobs. Good news. Social Media and Mobile Technology are the exception. The trends will continue. Read more about social media jobs on this social media blog. Share it.
    [Twitter] Cranking Out Content
    It wasn’t useful in the “how to get more followers on Twitter” way, but instead, it spoke to a broad audience of people. Blogging is tricky. Thinking up blog topics can take a lot of effort. Depending on what you’re covering, it can start to feel in short supply like you’ve covered every possible angle on your topic of interest. Further, as you get busy, your dedication to blogging often falls away. Here are some thoughts on how to crank out good content consistently. It Takes Dedication. This isn’t something you can phone in. What constitutes “good?” It must be useful to other people.
    [Twitter] How to Use Social Media with Webinars to Boost Sales
    Sharing valuable content of interest to your target audience can attract prospects to your Facebook page or Twitter list, giving you opportunities to invite them to your events. 'Legendary New York disc jockey Barry Gray of WMCA revolutionized radio in 1945 when he held his telephone up to the microphone to broadcast a live call from big band celebrity Woody Herman. Today’s talk radio hosts continue to thrive by using the same combination of wireless broadcasting and listener engagement. Why Webinars? Add this to the 1.15 Building User Connections. Engagement with Webinar Users.
    [Twitter] Blog Design for ROI, Rule 1: Prioritize the Opt-in Form
    growing your email list, RSS + Facebook, or Twitter list (listed in decreasing order of value). This guest post is by Gab Goldenberg, author of The Advanced SEO Book. Are you writing phenomenal posts only to have your poor design fail you? Here’s how to fix that, with rules that will guide you whether you create a custom theme or just pick a theme and adapt it. Today’s post is the first in a series on blog design for ROI. Lots of articles give blog design rules or guidelines, but no one I’ve seen explains how these rules achieve your goals. location on the page.
    [Twitter] Headway 1.7 Premium WordPress Theme – Quick Start Wizard - Danny Brown
    is stable.The GPL news is also great, I have learned a lot about that lately on twitter and was worried what it meant for Headway. This post was mentioned on Twitter by Grant Griffiths, Blog Manana and Santi Chacon, Doktor Social. Back to Business and Thank You Response to Barbara Talismans Misinformed 12for12k Post Is Twitter Killing Blog Comments? Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Headway 1.7 currently in beta for developer license holders. As I mention, 1.7 Update. Yowza!
    [Twitter] What If Brands Stopped Promoting Consumption?
    If you would like to interview me for a story or invite me to speak at a conference , please e-mail me at , call me at +91-9999856940, or connect with me on Twitter. I recently wrote about MSLGROUP Chief Strategy Officer Pascal Beucler’s talk on how the Facebook Generation is driving the imperative for corporates to shift to a “ Social Squared &# or “ Value For All &# strategy. It seems that other senior leaders in the Publicis Groupe are also thinking about the question of what happens to marketing communications in a post-materialism world.
    [Twitter] Dan Pink on What Really Motivates Us (Hint: It’s Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose)
    Here’s the full video of Dan Pink’s talk at RSA – – and here’s a video of Dan Pink’s talk at TED – If you would like to interview me for a story or invite me to speak at a conference , please e-mail me at , call me at +91-9999856940, or connect with me on Twitter. Here’s a thought-provoking talk from Dan Pink on what really motivates us , animated by RSA Animate. Share this on Digg this! Share this on Facebook. Post on Google Buzz. Email this to a friend? Tweet This!
    [Twitter] seven days, seven needles and no tweets
    sick [link] Thu Dec 23 01:35:41 via Instagram Wayne Sutton waynesutton When I get home I instagram the photo at the top of this post that went to Twitter, Facebook, and flickr. To say the last seven days have been rough is an understatement but here it goes. If you have no clue to what I’m talking about then carry on with your digital life and have a great 2011. For the rest of you here’s my story. Last Tuesday evening I was sitting at the dinner table around 8:30 P.M. and got an idea for a sarcastic blog post called “21 ways how to become a social media ninja rock star in 2011? Thanks!
    [Twitter] Beyond Offers
    Want to know an example of a great Twitter community? When I see how companies use social media, one of the biggest things I see them doing is pushing offers and contests. Sure, that’s part of marketing. But that’s like saying that the only show on television is The Price is Right. There are plenty of other ways to engage your audience, and to me, the real meat is in seeing beyond offers and into other ways to engage. Encourage Enthusiasm. Take a look at BMW USA’s Facebook page , especially the Wall. They’re empowering enthusiasm. Empower Community.
    [Twitter] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Hawaiian Relaxation & More
    Ranting and deciding something about Twitter. business lessons learned from using Twitter. tools to cartoon yourself for Facebook and Twitter. 25 Twitter backgrounds of famous bloggers. How I will add 1,000 Twitter followers this year. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, Hawaiaan relaxation & meditation, and what to expect next week on The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have stumbledupon this week. Blogging. Reasons to love CommentLuv blogs. Freelancing. Health.
    [Twitter] Show 281 - The Google Way
    If you have feedback for me on the show or topics that you would like me to cover then e-mail me at or join me on twitter. If you have feedback for me on the show or topics that you would like me to cover then e-mail me at or join me on twitter. The Engaging Brand Home Podcast Online Social Media Training Speaking Contact & Bio Subscribe/RSS « What is your brand personality? Main | Are you thinking forward? Try GoToMeeting FREE for 30 days. This is based on The Google Way which he has just written. Engaging Brand Podcast
    [Twitter] Show 295 - Tony Hsieh on Delivering Happiness at Zappos - The.
    If you have feedback for me on the show or topics that you would like me to cover then e-mail me at or join me on twitter. If you have feedback for me on the show or topics that you would like me to cover then e-mail me at or join me on twitter. The Engaging Brand Home Podcast Online Social Media Training Speaking Contact & Bio Subscribe/RSS « Have you got the crumb factor? Main | Are we born not to be compatible.? Alpha male on Show 297 - Dave Ulrich on Why of Work Alpha male on Step into my world and make my day.
    [Twitter] Intel and Toshiba Social Video Ads Earn 55M Views – With Fans Playing A Starring Role
    Both the series and the auditions were promoted by paid digital ads on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter from mid-July through September, as well as on tech, entertainment, gaming and pop culture media. “An online coming-of-age love story” formed the basis for a recent social video campaign by Toshiba and Intel – with the main character being played by 76 different fans of the brand. The six week web series “The Beauty Inside” featured a lead character, Alex, who searches for love while waking up each day in a different body, reports ClickZ.
    [Twitter] Emergent Collaboration Vendor Review: Blue Camroo
    If you are vendor that would like to participate, please contact me (email is in the sidebar as is twitter link). Integration with social media platforms such as twitter, facebook, and linkedin does exist. Every Friday I’m going to be reviewing a vendor in the emergent collaboration space and will provide an overview on that vendor which includes everything from leadership and vision to technology and market focus. Every post will cover the same elements for different vendors. This week I’m taking a look at Blue Camroo. Camroo is based in Toronto with 8 employees. Support.
    [Twitter] Put Social Media to Work to Shop Productively
    Do they have a strong presence on the main sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest? Before doing business with these companies, make sure that they respond to customer inquiries on their Facebook and Twitter pages for example in a timely and proper manner.  With the New Year starting and consumers looking to save money whenever and wherever possible, can social media play into the equation? For more and more savvy shoppers, the answers is yes. If so, do they divide their time equally among such sites or favor one over the others? Photo credit:
    [Twitter] 7 Zen Principles for Blog Content Writing
    Are you worried that you’ll fail at learning technical SEO skills, or struggle to be heard when you join a crowded Twitter chat? 'Could blog content writing be Zen? Maybe not at first glance.  I don’t know about you, but most of the content marketers I know are a pretty jittery bunch. Between the gallons of coffee they drink (what is it about writers and coffee?), and the fact that they’re always creating, learning and thinking, we probably come across more caffeinated than calm. Image credit: dan/ More wisdom and clarity of mind. More positive thinking. Be Present.
    [Twitter] Are we seeing a shift in the quality-vs.-quantity content debate?
    link] pshibles October 19, 2010 05:07pm @roboregan rips the low-quality, high volume editorial strategy employed by many sites, cites @editorandpublisher [link] Rob ORegan Editor Twitter: @RobORegan Email: Rob ORegan October 19, 2010 Print Share Content Strategy Sponsored Resources Join the discussion Join the discussion Log In or Register to leave a comment. eMedia Vitals eMedia Jobs Article The next step: monetizing mobile inside and outsid. Article Mobile advertising: Do the metrics measure up? eMedia Vitals Life Beyond Print.™ quantity content debate? Change in the wind? link].
    [Twitter] Better Email Results … Instantly!
    Visit to learn what he has in stock for you and also follow him on twitter @youngprepro. This guest post is by Bamidele Onibalusi of Let me be straightforward with you: I’m no email marketing expert and I don’t plan to be soon. But email marketing is just so important to my blogging that I can’t ignore these very important techniques. If you’ve been following Darren for more than a few months now you will have noticed how much emphasis he places on email marketing for bloggers and how important it is for his business.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  TUESDAY, MAY 28, 2013
    [Twitter] Is Making Money from Blogging Passive Income?
    The person sitting next to me leant over toward me and at whispered: “Based on your Twitter Stream, I’m not so sure that blogging is ‘passive’ – is it?” 'Recently, I attended an event and heard a speaker talk about how they’d build a passive income from blogging. ” I thought it might be an interesting discussion to re-open here on ProBlogger – do you think that income earned from blogging could be classified as ‘passive income’? This has been a recurring theme here on ProBlogger, since I started the blog in 2004.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, MAY 30, 2011
    [Twitter] How to Get Your Guest Posts Accepted Every Time
    If you have a couple of good ideas and you’re not sure which to pick, try asking on Twitter or Facebook to see what your existing audience would find more useful. This guest post is by Ali Luke of Aliventures. Maybe you’ve written guest posts, but they’ve been turned down. Maybe you don’t feel brave enough to target a big blog, because you’re afraid of rejection. You might see names popping up around the blogosphere with guest posts everywhere : I remember Glen Allsopp doing this a year or two back. And you might feel a little bit envious. Step #1: Get into the right frame of mind.
    [Twitter] Everything Worth Doing Takes Time – The Impact Equation
    “I just got on Twitter. “I need to get the word out. don’t have time to build a big platform.” ” I’ve heard this before. Many times. Start Somewhere. People complain all the time that nurturing the digital channel takes time. don’t have time to get a hundred thousand followers!” ” Of course you don’t. You have all the time in the world to figure out ways to automate or falsely inflate or do a hundred other efforts that won’t help. And you’ve neglected to just start. Do you know who also says it will take to long?
  • JUSTIN LEVY  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 2011
    [Twitter] Using Impressions as a Success Metric
    This debate is similar to the number of followers one has on Twitter. We report success based on impressions, whether they’re media impressions, Twitter followers, RSS subscribers or Facebook likes. Before getting into my thoughts on whether or not media impressions are a useless success metric, this post was inspired by Rob Clark’s post over on Dave Fleet’s blog on whether or not “share of voice” is a useless PR metric. One thing that has struck me lately is the reliance on “media impressions” as a measure of success in PR campaigns.
    [Twitter] ViperChill Monthly Report 11
    If you enjoyed this post, you can: Save on Delicious Share on Facebook Print > [link] title="Click to send this page to Twitter!" Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!" You are here: ViperChill » ViperChill » ViperChill Monthly Report 11 ViperChill Monthly Report 11 Written by Glen, this post has 77 Comments We’re getting close to the point where there will be no more monthly reports. said from day one that I would do a case study of this sites’ traffic for one year, and that’s what I’ve done. Let’s look at the numbers, shall we? Good stuff.
    [Twitter] Why Sharing Matters
    People who follow @broganmedia on Twitter get the story. If I didn’t have Becky McCray sharing stories she found interesting via her Google Reader account, and if I weren’t connected to Becky so that I could see her shared items, I’d miss stories about how the federal government is doing with its commitment to rural broadband. That’s a Becky story because it has “rural&# in the name, and Becky is the small business champion of the rural world. Penn in my stream. Sharing Moves Information to Us More Effectively. Sharing Adds a Value to the Larger Tapestry.
    [Twitter] Start From Nothing 2011
    Things like Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn are outposts online. In November, 2008, I wrote if I started today. This post is partially an update to that, and partially a new view based on what I’ve learned over the last few years. It presumes that you have control of most of the elements. And you do ). My Goal – Build a Sustainable, Relationship-Minded Business Platform With Growth/Reach In Mind. If you don’t start with a goal, you have nothing. If I started from nothing, goal is always first. With me? The Base of My Platform. The list is everything. want networking.
    [Twitter] Money Isn’t Everything: Rethink Incentives To Motivate Millennials
    Follow Michelle on Twitter @michellemanafy. From marketing and advertising, to media and business, the impact of the always-connected, socially networked Digital Native on our society is profound. Michelle Manafy draws from her book Dancing With Digital Natives and personal observations to argue why the rise of Millennials forces a massive rethink of all systems based on command-and-control. In this first column Michelle connects the dots in key data points to provide organizations advice on how they can motivate Millennials to deliver their best. But is this observation on the mark? 
    [Twitter] From Branded Content Publishing to Networks (Madonna vs. Lady Gaga)
    You can hear them now, “FourSquare, Facebook, Twitter, Gowalla, YouTube or blogs [take your pick] don’t work! They’ve built their Facebook and Twitter and X accounts. Lady Gaga plays the networked game, encouraging her Little Monsters in real dialogue on Twitter and elsewhere. A written narrative of my #NextLevel Hawaii Keynote… There’s nothing worse than performing before an empty venue. Yet isn’t that what most nonprofits and companies do on the social web? Then they blame the media forms. We were told this was where people met!&#.
    [Twitter] Open Community Case Study – Local Government Knowledge Network
    Alliance on Twitter. ICMA on Twitter. This post is part of our regular series of Open Community case studies, in which intrepid association blogger and freelance writer Deirdre Reid will be digging into associations (and other kinds of organizations when relevant) who are living and breathing their open communities in the ways we describe in the book. If you have a case study to share, from the angle of any of the “big ideas” in our little book, please contact us. Community: Local Government Knowledge Network. Toni Shope, CAE, East Regional Director, Alliance for Innovation.
    [Twitter] How Not to Break the Bank on SEO
    Social Media is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the search engine algorithm, meaning being active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. 'It doesn’t take a genius to realise why it’s important for businesses to have a strong online presence… but just in case! We are now living in an age where everything and everyone is online, the development of tablets, androids and smartphones has simply added fuel to this fire. recent online study from ComScore reports 70 per cent of online shoppers cite online access as their preferred path to retailers. Understand Your Market.
    [Twitter] What to Do When Your Posts Aren’t as Good as they Seem in Your Mind
    To find out more you can connect with him on twitter. This guest post is by Amit Sodha of Unlimited Choice. Have you ever had an idea, a thought, or a burst of inspiration that, while it was still in your mind, sounded amazing? But, when you tried to articulate it on screen or paper, or in speech, it didn’t sound nearly so good? I’ve found that effectively conveying my ideas is not only critical for my blog, but also for writing comedy and creating links on my radio show. The question, then, is how do you become less like Frederick Spindal (Who? Exactly!) Speed is critical.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  TUESDAY, MAY 18, 2010
    [Twitter] Simple News Aggregation with Guzzle - Danny Brown
    Back to Business and Thank You Response to Barbara Talismans Misinformed 12for12k Post Is Twitter Killing Blog Comments? Home About Me Charities 12for12k Kiva Work With Me About This Blog Disclosure Comment Policy Headway Archives Contact Me Great Blogs Simple News Aggregation with Guzzle May 18, 2010 8 voices share yours! Share 1 save As more businesses get used to social media and how they can utilize it for their needs, news aggregation and brand monitoring has become a key part of the puzzle. Then there are the free platforms, like Surchur , SocialMention and Trackur. How about you?
    [Twitter] June 30: Mashable Social Media Day #SMDay Sydney
    Use the #smday hashtag on Twitter. Join Mashable in celebrating Social Media Day. Well actually they will be in the States have a little snooze no doubt, but we’ll be celebrating it here. Then after we climb into our jimjams and head to lullaby land, they will be partying on. Still, it’s the thought that counts. Wednesday June 30th is global social media day. Celebrating all things social and media-ish. Social Media Day from Mashable : As far as we know, there is no official Social Media Day. But we do think there should be one. Social media has changed our lives. Purpose.
    [Twitter] How to Write Your Most Popular Post
    asked this question on Twitter on Thursday, and got some interesting responses. What was your most popular post this week? The people who tweeted back blog in a range of markets—from personal blogs and finance blogs, to fashion blogs and craft blogs. And their readers are have differing needs. Put yourself in the picture Among the posts were how-tos, reviews, personal stories, opinion—all kinds of approaches. And the ideas discussed are as diverse as yellow pants, Excel spreadsheets, and portrait photography. Yet all of these were these bloggers’ most popular posts.
    [Twitter] How the Podsafe Music Network Works
    at the Rotary Club of Honolulu Sunset May 28-30: Social Media Skills for Musicians: Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, & Podcasting at the N? You can follow and connect with Shane on Twitter , LinkedIn , Flickr , The Reef , Viddler , Facebook , Upcoming , and at his neglected blog. Today on Beach Walks with Rox Testimonials from Twitter aaavious @kierantong Yes it was good! To be fair, they were among the first and hardest hit businesses whose revenues and revenue model were undercut by the profound and historical human desire to share the things they love. In this case, music.
    [Twitter] Link-building Tips and Tools for Bloggers in a Post-Panda and Penguin World
    For example, if they generally have no more than two sentences, a link to their blog, and a link to their Twitter, then yours should not be five sentences with three links to different websites. Ways to do this include interacting with them on Twitter (I included their Twitter handles for this purpose) and commenting on their blog (especially recap posts) with your blog link. This guest post is by Corey Northcutt of Northcutt. And of course, Darren wrote earlier today advocating a more level-headed approach to backlinks. The answer is, a lot. Google’s Panda update.
    [Twitter] Thanks to you the We First Social Branding Seminar is sold out
    From insightful thought leaders like Brian Solis , Beth Kanter , Mari Smith , Valeria Maltoni , and so many friends on twitter that kindly shared the information. On Wednesday, the first We First Social Branding Seminar begins. Our team has prepared an event that we believe will be truly unique and valuable to the success of the brands that are coming. But that would not have been possible without your help in spreading the message. There are so many people I want to thank for their continued support. Natalie, Devin, Bill, Jason, Catherine, Bryan, Cameron, David and Cole.
    [Twitter] Fetching Friday – The First Resources Mashup of 2010
    101 essential Twitter feeds to help you live longer and healthier. 21 tips on how to explode Twitter following. The most compulsive Twitterers of 2009. 55 Twitter tools to use in 2010. The long and short of Twitter. 14 cool things people do on Twitter. 2010 social media wishlist for Facebook, StumbleUpon, and Twitter. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the resources mashup, a humorous Happy Holiday, and the week in review at The Resources Mashup. Blogging. Seth Godin answers my five burning questions.
    [Twitter] All Public Facebook Posts Are Now Searchable On Graph Search – Here’s How To Make Them Private
    Throw in the fact that Facebook is now mimicking Twitter by allowing Graph Search to recognize hashtags, and you’ve got yourself a search function where you can find out a lot about someone, perhaps more than they would like. 'Back in January, I explained and described Facebook’s foray into making a search engine called Graph Search , and how it had the potential to turn things upside down. Now Graph Search has become even more powerful, with the news that all public posts on Facebook, will be fully searchable via the Graph search engine. but the public posts? Ask Open Graph.
    [Twitter] Get Social When It Comes to Auto Body Repairs
    People turn to social media for just about everything in life, so it only makes sense that auto body repair shops join sites like Facebook and Twitter to post promotions and other deals. In terms of care and maintenance, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are a perfect avenue for auto body repair shops wanting to inform customers and the general public on everything from which wax is best for dark paint to rim cleaning techniques. Luckily, social media is here to help body shops get the word out about their services and to help customers solve all of their repair needs.
    [Twitter] The Art Of Writing Well With Roy Peter Clark
    While some might confuse his latest book as a "how to write for the Twitter era," it is so much more than that. 'Episode #386 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Every so often, I get the chance to dive deep into a topic that is of huge (and personal) interest to me. This is one of those episodes. Roy Peter Clark is widely regarded as "America''s writing coach." " He has a stated desire to create "a nation of writers." own almost all of them, including Writing Tools , Help! blogging. brand.
    [Twitter] Day 7: People of color impacting the social web – Curtiss Pope – #29DaysofDiversity
    Twitter: @aislefinder. As we all know, February is Black History Month. It’s a month where we honor those who have made an impact on American culture for equal rights, those who have invented, those who have a helped others and those who have inspired everyone to be the best they can be, not only as a person of color but as a human. For the past two years for Black History Month, I started an online series called 28 Days Diversity where I would feature someone new everyday during the month of February for just being awesome in their own right. Website/Blog:
    [Twitter] Day 13: People of color impacting the social web – Elijah R. Young #28DaysofDiversity
    Young Twitter: @elijahryoung Website/Blog: Bio Serial Entreprenuer, and Business Strategist. As we all know, February is Black History Month. It’s a month where we honor those who have made an impact on American culture for equal rights, those who have invented, those who have a helped others and those who have inspired everyone to be the best they can be, not only as a person of color but as a human. Each post will include a picture, bio, two links from the selected person and this paragraph. How can we use technology to close the digital divide?
    [Twitter] Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search 5 Ways to Make Friends with Strangers on Your Blog March 23rd, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet Remember in high school, when someone would throw a party when their parents were out of town? August 12, 2010 (766) Twitter Stream © 2008-2010 Convince & Convert, LLC. So true.
    [Twitter] Salt and Pepper Simplicity
    When people ask me how I got so many followers on Twitter (and now on Google+), I say the same thing: “be helpful.&# The very best steak I ever ate was at a dinner with Jeff Pulver in 2007, at the 9 Steak House in Las Vegas at the Palms. was so floored by the flavor. had eaten plenty of steak from all over, and yet, this was truly the most flavorful steak I’d ever eaten. asked the server to tell me what they did to season it, because clearly it was magical. “Salt and pepper,&# he said. He was serious. Pepper. That’s it. Pepper. Salt and Pepper Simplicity. Pepper.
    [Twitter] Foursquare Review: Why You Should Check In
    If you wish, you can even post your check-ins on Facebook, and Twitter, but that’s entirely up to you, and is NOT a requirement. When I’m traveling around town, sometimes I like to stop in a coffee shop , and get something to drink, or stop over at a local restaurant for a bite to eat. don’t mind eating alone, but it would be great to meet up with some friends from time to time. That’s easier said than done. It’s rather time consuming to send a text message to various friends asking if they are close by or not. 10% off a Starbucks coffee after 2 check ins).
  • SOSHABLE  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 4, 2011
    [Twitter] 4 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness Using Your Facebook Page
    Erin Ryan is a Social Media Specialist and you can follow her on Twitter @TheErinRyan.  Share. Owning or Administering a Facebook Page can feel like a heavy responsibility when you are unsure of how to use it effectively. Especially now, when Facebook has changed the look and layout of their pages, you may be questioning how you can get more out of your Facebook Page. Remarkably, the recent changes can actually aid your use of your page and will give you the ability to market your brand farther into Facebook’s communities. Use Facebook as Your Page. Like Other Pages as a Page. Share.
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