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    [Twitter] When Clocks and Calendars Collide [Redux]
    Google+, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Amplify, are the here and now. I originally published this post when Fall was setting in last year. It didn’t get a lot of attention then, but it remains one of my favorites. And since “clocks and calendars” will be colliding again as 2012 sets in, I’m reposting it with a few modifications for the time of year, to give you a sense of where I come from, and where a part of me will always be. Happy New Year in advance for tomorrow… and remember, celebrate safely! My body clock jogs me awake. The calendar turns to another day.
    [Twitter] Stepping Back: 5 Ways You Can Put Your Blog On Pause Without Losing Readers
    Be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter , Facebook , and Google+. This is a guest post by Daniel Cassady. It’s foolish to think that you can be everywhere at once, that you can do everything. Of course, most of us still try. Bloggers are a special breed. We become so attached to our blog and our readers that sometimes it can be hard to leave them alone, even for a little while. We feel like we are doing our readers a disservice if we take a little time for ourselves. Ready? Here we go. Be Honest. If they are dedicated fans, they’ll understand that everyone needs a break. Offer Something.
    [Twitter] Video Storytelling Made Fun—And Easy
    Once selected, you could share through Facebook, Twitter, email, an instant message or a URL link. I have great appreciation for the art of animated video storytelling. The combination of graphics, audio and movement is exciting and a nice departure from static design. Videos are an effective way for a company to get their message across and captivate their audience. According to a 2013 study from ReelSEO , 82 percent of marketers confirmed that video marketing had a positive impact on their business. It’s a free app that is currently available only for the iPad. Really! Here’s How.
    [Twitter] How to Write a Press Release in 2013
    Twitter. Webinar August 28, 2013, Sally Falkow APR and Lisa Buyer discuss the new Google rules for writing a press release. Register here. Back in 2006 a few very smart PR folk recognized the need for PR content to be found online and that search engine optimization would become a necessary PR skill. Unfortunately, the SEO community saw the possibilities of using optimized press releases long before the PR industry did. Instead of PR content becoming a natural part of a brand’s online message, press releases became a tool in the SEO arsenal. See the PR Content Timeline. Links.
    [Twitter] Three Essential Tips to Growing Sales and Service, One Tweet at a Time
    Twitter offers small businesses and independent professionals unique opportunities to out-maneuver their larger competitors, by using the social network as a real-time prospecting and customer service system. You can improve your pipeline and grow a stellar support reputation simply by following these three simple tips: Use Twitter Search to find leads and spot problems in real time. Use Twitter’s Favorites function to aggregate testimonials. 1. Twitter search is real-time market intelligence. Use Twitter Favorites as real-time testimonials. Get vain! Tweet!
    [Twitter] The Endurance Of Niche Social Networks
      The successful niche online communities you see today aren't about to be swallowed up by Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  I don't think we should be fascinated by   the rise of niche social networks. think we should be fascinated by the endurance of niche social networks. They were here before the social media explosion, they're still going strong, and they will be here after it washes away.    Successful communities has very little to do with technology and a lot to do with developing a strong group identity.
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    [Twitter] 7 Best Newsletter Builders for Creating Great Newsletters
    Facebook, Twitter, and third-party integration. Like other forms of content marketing, email marketing can be a very powerful tool for boosting engagement and generating leads. But sending plain text emails from your Gmail account just doesn’t cut it for businesses. To effectively harness the power of email, you need a strong newsletter builder to create campaigns, manage contacts, and analyze results. Here are 7 of the best newsletter builders to help you create email campaigns that get results. Mailchimp. Other features include: Unlimited image hosting (exceeds market standard).
    [Twitter] Simply Authentic Branding
    Follow us on Twitter: Cheryl Burgess @ckburgess. “Simple is Smart&#. London. There’s almost a cinematic quality [in Beowulf ],” Fred Burt exclaimed, his voice crackling with excitement across our international phone connection. Grendel is swooping across the marshes, absolutely incandescent with rage against mankind. And then, the camera shifts.” His excited tone paused momentarily, then resumed with a chuckle. “A whole load of drunken Danes are swilling mead and thinking that the world is a great place. This was not the typical interview on branding and creativity.
    Evelyn Roberts Brooks October 9, 2010 at 12:13 am I don’t see any reason how someone could read your great summation and still think they don’t need to “bother&# with Twitter, Facebook, etc. Josh Humble October 11, 2010 at 9:16 pm I find it odd how many people are one-sided on this; a lot of traditionalists ignoring social media, and a lot of new media strategists spending all their time on Twitter, leaving traditional marketing at the door. What we need to be careful about is how we view Social Media. Social Media are not Marketing Plans. They are media.
  • DANNY BROWN  |  SUNDAY, JULY 25, 2010
    [Twitter] Why Arkayne is Good for Your Blog and Business - Danny Brown
    For example, if you link your Twitter and/or Facebook account to Arkayne, you can post an update from within your dashboard to your profile. Arkayne then posts this link as a status update on Facebook, or a tweet on Twitter. This post was mentioned on Twitter by Grant Griffiths, Social Media Guide, BloggingTweets, Linda Schenk, Michiel Gaasterland and others. Back to Business and Thank You Response to Barbara Talismans Misinformed 12for12k Post Is Twitter Killing Blog Comments? So what is Arkayne and why should you be bothered? Simple. Not quite. Is Arkayne Worth It?
    [Twitter] Stories From Smaller Nonprofits: Citizen Effect
    Website   Facebook   Twitter   YouTube Tis the season to be jolly. Even though there might be a few less presents this year, the holidays are still filled with joy for most of us. However, for many others. not so much. As the days of December move closer to the end of 2010, the nonprofit world reaches out to ask for your help with the wish that a last minute tax deduction will result in a few more donations.  . As a way to give back, Diva Marketing is once again highlighting smaller nonprofits. Through out December lesser known charities will be telling their stories.
    [Twitter] Stories From Small Nonprofits:ChildFund International
    In July, we launched a Twitter campaign. For every 200 followers we attracted on Twitter, an anonymous donor would provide a gift to country in which ChildFund worked. We shot video of the goat’s arrival and shared that back through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We also ran a Twitter event this fall. 20, we invited Twitter followers to tweet on a right they believed children should have for healthy development. After a set time, we voted on the top 5 tweets and put those back out on Twitter for a bit of competitive retweeting. Twitter. Facebook.
    [Twitter] Dear Blog Comment Spammer: I Think Your Comment Spam Tool is Broken
    Could|Would} you {list|make a list} {all|every one|the complete urls} of {your|all your} {social|communal|community|public|shared} {pages|sites} like your {twitter feed, Facebook page. or linkedin profile|linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed|Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile}?|. {Hi there|Hello}, I enjoy reading {all of|through} your {article|post|article post}. I {like|wanted} to write a little comment to support you.|. I {always|constantly|every time} spent my half an hour to read this {blog|weblog|webpage|website|web site}’s {articles|posts|articles.
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    [Twitter] An Interview with the Franchise King
    They have “Customer Appreciation Days” that are featured on Twitter and Facebook, and garner great results. This ran in the March issue of Franchise Times , which is why the bent is toward that audience. But I think you’ll get some value from the interview I did with Joel Libava , aka The Franchise King. Are you getting tired already of experts and everyone telling you to get on the social networks without a real tie to your marketing strategy or business results? Me, too. There are lots of PR firms adding social media tools to their toolbox, and they should be. Great question.
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    [Twitter] Apple TV, Google TV, TiVo: Crowded Theater, All Good
    There's something fun about browsing the Twitter app on the full screen, browsing Web sites, and enjoying YouTube on a screen much larger than a laptop. There is no one perfect home entertainment gadget. No single gadget manages to record all your favorite shows on demand, has access to the deepest online library for new and older titles, syncs perfectly with services like Netflix and finds all the Web's video at once. In our home, we've tried to fill all the holes, and this requires multiple devices, each one finding a perfect niche that can't be replaced by an alternative.
    [Twitter] How Comcast Approaches Social CRM
    Many of you may know him on Twitter as @comcastcares.  I chatted with Frank for over an hour and here’s what he had to say. For example, Twitter requires a fast response time directly from Comcast, whereas in forums, Comcast pays attention to the conversation but realizes that the most value comes from the peer-to-peer connections.  We had this Comcast incident on Jan 3rd and I tried using Twitter and @comcastcares to get some response. One of the people I reached out to was Frank Eliason from Comcast  to find out how they were approaching Social CRM.  wats up?
    [Twitter] GUEST: Does Your Business Have a Disaster Preparedness Plan?
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Written by Brittni Brown A growing small business is a time consuming, yet rewarding, endeavor that is often the result of the owner’s hard work and sacrifice. With a plethora of daily and weekly tasks at hand – such as approving timecards, managing employees, maintaining a social media presence, and balancing budgets – it can be hard to find time to prepare for the future, let alone the unexpected. Unexpected disasters happen. Unfortunately, the vast majority of small businesses are not prepared for them. The U.S.
    [Twitter] Business in Bloom: Smart Moves to Manage Major Growth Spurts
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Written by John Sollars It can be quite a strange and even worrying phenomenon when a business that is growing and attracting new customers and orders every day, can actually face a struggle to survive. Rapid growth can put serious pressure on your cash flow and create a number of logistical issues, so you definitely have to learn to manage the growth spurts, despite the positive scenario that your business is on an upward curve. enjoys posting his insights online. Keep up with John and his latest posts on Facebook.
    [Twitter] Google Moves and Web Journal, June 1-7th, 2011
    But some people carry Facebook likes and Friends too far … see the video that got posted in Gawker the other day… Also saw the notice about SocialFlow – I saw SocialFlow at ReadWriteWeb’s Real Time Summit last year and it looked interesting then (time a company’s twitter communications to have maximum effects, and at the time they had but a few clients who were paying heavily for their services).  I guess it’s all in the timing – in life and in social media. Also heard that Google’s software infrastructure is obsolete – ha!
    [Twitter] Crazy Canadian Cats Ground Plane, Don’t Be Evil and Universe in my Pocket
    Facebook, Twitter, Myspace to Google: Don’t be evil – I find it interesting that the social networks are teaming up to poke holes in Google’s social search. Strategic Requirements For Corporate Tweeting – with Michelle Obama and Rupert Murdoch recently joining Twitter, Fast Company takes a look at some great tips for corporate bigwigs to look at when they start Tweeting. This week’s edition of Five for Friday was written at Red Rock in Vegas. For some reason, my internal clock wanted to kick it on East coast time despite being three hours early local time. How was your week?
    [Twitter] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Facebook Law
    How To] Create a Conversion-Oriented Social Ad Campaign – Learn about maximizing ROI from social advertising on the major ad networks: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Also, be sure to follow him on Twitter @jasonphines or Google+ ! Be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter , Facebook , and Google+. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, freelancing, SEO, and social media on One Week Left for $10 eBooks from ProBloger. This eBook is normally $19.99. This eBook is normally $29.99.
    [Twitter] Solid Tips for Managing Your Online Social Life - The Steve Rubel.
    He can be found on Twitter and Facebook as well. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Steve Rubel owns this site 5,034 subscribers The Steve Rubel Stream 8 Jul 2009 Solid Tips for Managing Your Online Social Life MakeUseOf has two great sets of tips for staying on top of your online social life, without letting it run you. Part I and Part II ). This one is my particular favorite  - a mind map of your online social life. (On a side note I am making heavy use of mindmapping these days. funny, i dont see any room for work in there :P Jul 08, 2009 juleslov said.
    [Twitter] There’s a Good Chance Potential Employers are Watching You
    Research has shown that employers are mostly using Facebook (65 percent) and LinkedIn (63 percent) to review information on candidates; 16 percent use Twitter. As the social media age becomes more and more prevalent, it only makes sense that additional eyes are being cast on one’s online engagements. According to a recent CareerBuilder survey of some 2,000 hiring managers and HR pros, 37 percent of human resource managers note utilizing social networking sites in order to gain more information on job candidates, while another 11 percent indicate they will start doing likewise.
    [Twitter] Implementing Enterprise 2.0 at a Healthcare Organization Pt 2: Change Management
    Using tools like Twitter and Facebook come naturally to them. The company offered employees basic education and training sessions demonstrating external tools such as LinkedIn and Twitter. The company assumed that their employees were all users or perhaps familiar with platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, but were surprised to find out that this was not the case. This is the second in a series of posts on how a mid size medical association is implementing emergent collaboration strategies and technologies within its organization. Can this tool help to do my work faster?
    [Twitter] 17 Questions You Must Ask Before You Ditch Your Blog
    Have you got buttons to share your posts on popular social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest? Check the stats for Kikolani: Twitter – 32K followers. Be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter , Facebook , and Google+. This is a guest post by Marya Jan of Writing Happiness. Are you just about had it with blogging? Are you this close to giving up? Wait – take a deep breath. Before you do anything drastic like deleting everything for good, answer this question for me. Do you enjoy blogging? No, seriously. Again, take a deep breath. And let the fun begin!
  • T2 SOCIAL  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2014
    [Twitter] 8 Criteria for Determining Your Target Audience
    Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter ! To find success with social, you need to cater your content to a target audience. Finding your target audience on social can sometimes be a challenge. We know whom we are targeting when it comes to selling our product, but what are our goals when it comes to social, and what audience do we need to target in order to achieve those goals? This is where the challenge comes into play. The targeting capabilities that exist with social are so advanced that they allow you to create a target market right down to the specific interest. Gender.
    [Twitter] What is a Brand, and why does it matter? New @DavidAaker Book #branding
    To learn more about Aaker on Branding , pick up his book or follow him on Twitter ! Now on his ninth book, marketing and branding expert David Aaker (@ DavidAaker ) hardly needs any introduction. Indeed, Aaker has contributed so much so often to the topic of branding that, by his own admission, getting through it all can be “a bit overwhelming.” Enter Aaker on Branding: 20 Principles That Drive Success , a book designed to be both a standalone guide to the current branding landscape and a consolidation of ideas forwarded in his previous works. But how do you make your brand shine?
    [Twitter] Passion, People, and Professionalism
    He blogs at A Professor’s Thoughts , and he’d love for you to talk to him on Twitter. I had an amazing experience recently while in Dallas for a PRSA Board of Directors meeting. The good folks at advertising agency The Richards Group generously provided space for us to gather, and, as part of the deal, we had an opportunity to witness what in my opinion is a true “all-about-people” story. What happened, you ask? It’s one thing to say your employees are happy; it’s another to witness that happiness. But this post isn’t about the “business.”. Teamwork. passion for what you’re doing.
    [Twitter] Show 303 - The New Social Learning Concept - The Engaging Brand
    If you have feedback for me on the show or topics that you would like me to cover then e-mail me at or join me on  twitter. If you have feedback for me on the show or topics that you would like me to cover then e-mail me at or join me on  twitter. The Engaging Brand Home Podcast Online Social Media Training Speaking Contact & Bio Subscribe/RSS « How Not to Become Boring. Marcia Conner  who creates strategies around collaborative cultures, social business, and workplace learning.
    [Twitter] Is Social Media Forcing Retirement? | Spin Sucks
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Aug 18 2010 Is Social Media Forcing Retirement? Deb – You, like Peter, are in the minority. I’ve LOVED getting to know you on Twitter and now Facebook. Twitter Handles: My Name or a Nickname? She doesn’t know hard work.&# ? They do. Alright.
    [Twitter] Websites Will Become the AM Radio of the Internet
    If your marketing is sufficiently useful, your audience will keep your brand close – on their home screen, in their inbox, in their Twitter and Facebook feeds – and, when they need you, they’ll access whatever it is you’re bringing to the information party. This is the great benefit of Youtility – marketing so useful, people would pay for it (if asked). You don’t have to be “found” – at least not after initial discovery – because your customers and prospects already know where you are and what you offer. App-ification is Your Future.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, JULY 8, 2011
    [Twitter] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & The Phoenix Haboob
    alternative ways to search Twitter by location – I found over 70 people in my area who are into blogging. 13 awesome Twitter lists for inbound marketers to follow – looking for some new information on social media, email, SEM, and SEO? This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon , retweeted on @kikolani , and read in RSS subscriptions this week. Blogging / Writing.
    [Twitter] How the 'traditional' world punishes social networking
    Similarly in the UK, a joke on Twitter led to an arrest under the Terror Act and a lifetime ban from an airport. But there are far more insiduous happenings taking place which can affect all of us – how would you feel about the fact that Facebook and Twitter Usage Could Raise Your Home Insurance Premium by 10% ? But sometimes, being ahead of the curve can carry a cost. University Professor was recently suspended because of a Facebook status update on what was intended to be a private page for family and friends. The question is what will you do about it? Jesus.
    [Twitter] Walk the thinking as well as the talk!
    follow quite a few actors on Twitter as I love to see inside their creative  world.not from a celebrity gossip point of view but how they think, feel and create. follow quite a few actors on Twitter as I love to see inside their creative  world.not from a celebrity gossip point of view but how they think, feel and create. Free Podcast Google Search Join me on Twitter Facebook Fan Page The Engaging Brand on Facebook Our Community Recent Comments ANSHUL GUPTA on How Not to Become Boring. » Walk the thinking as well as the talk! Is not fully communicated.
    [Twitter] Content Curation versus Content Aggregation
    post on the Poynter blog back in early October points to the work of journalists engaging in curation via Twitter as a way of "filtering the signal from the noise." follow me on Twitter © Copyright 2010 | Content-ment | Theme by Columbia, MO Web Design | Some Rights Reserved |. skip to main | skip to sidebar Content-ment New media, old media, and the spaces in between. Digital media strategy. Content strategy. Content-ment. would disagree with that sentiment, having discussed this for years. My experience with curation is more specific. Not an aggregator. And here is why.
    [Twitter] Broadcasting Hypocrisy
    Scott is also on Twitter and Facebook. I think Seth Godin is reading my blog. Yesterday he wrote on ‘ Losing Andrew Carnegie ‘ and talked about investing in people over parts. Anyone who has been reading here a while knows I’ve been talking about this a lot since October, and gaining new levels of growth by getting free what I call ‘ Factory thinking ‘ The idea is that parts in a factory will break, but if you lead people, they can develop and grow. Are We Really Focussing On People In Social Media, Really? So confession time. All the dirty tricks.
    [Twitter] Will customer service come to social media?
    Something that’s not a surprise if you’re a user of Feedburner for example. I’m fortunate enough to have been introduced to a couple of very wonderful people at both Facebook and Twitter , which means I can get a bit more help than most people. Web Strategy Wikinomics Rankings ← Sometimes it’s better never than late… Digital business needs to be effective more than efficient → Will customer service come to social media? Zappos has great customer service, because they strive to put the 'wow' into everything they do with their customers. Mr Guru disagreed.
    [Twitter] The future of publishing: Social News Curation
    issue, check out my latest Uwe Hook Daily And, if you have an iPad, Im sure you checked out Flipboard , a stunning application that selects news items based on what is shared by your Facebook friends and who you follow on Twitter. Thats just the beginning: C just launched, collecting and organizing tweets into topic based streams that can be shared or embedded anywhere. Keepstream , curating real-time content into visual collections. Storify , a next-generation storytelling platform that lets you build stories from social media. What do you think? All Rights Reserved.
    [Twitter] Why Social CRM in a Non Starter in India
    Gauravonomics Blog For Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists How To Organize and Energize Your Evangelists Blog Speaking Writing Bio Media Subscribe Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Facebook IdeaSliver Labs Tumblr « Why Game Thinking is a Bigger Idea Than Game Mechanics Two Paradigms of Digital Activism: Empowering With Information and Engaging With Inspiration (The Freedom Fone Case Study) » Why Social CRM is a Non Starter in India Welcome to the Gauravonomics Blog for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists ! Perhaps, these Indian SMEs have customers in the US. Lets talk.
  • JEFF KORHAN  |  MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2011
    [Twitter] Creativity is Just Connecting Things
    Leave a comment below or share this with your social community on Facebook or Twitter. The title of this article is a quote by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Is it a valid statement? Here’s a personal example that will help you to decide for yourself. First Start with Awareness. Too often we think of creativity as a complicated process that only works when the stars align – when everything is just right. The truth is you can make them align if you develop a habit of intentionally noticing more than you do now – and connecting things. Connect What is Similar But Different.
    [Twitter] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Wonderful World
    Answers to 31 Social Media Questions You’re Too Shy to Ask – Learn the answers to 31 social media questions you were too embarrassed to ask on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have stumbled upon , retweeted on @kikolani , and read in RSS subscriptions this week. Blogging / Writing. 10 Common Business Blogging Saboteurs and How To Overcome Them.
    [Twitter] taylormarek20
    and Why Google Wave? (1) How to write a Check (1) Real-time Twitter Feed Popular Posts How to write a Check (3541) A Personal Review of Avatar (235) Marketing Fail: iNET Web Case Study (167) #85 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How Fast do you want your money, The Best Advertisement, Intel Quad-core and Plasma TV’s (151) Entrepreneur vs. Employee, Which one are you? The interactions on a  daily basis, the variety of daily life, and the fellowship seem to be that much sweeter and more exciting then any other part of my life. ″ theme, but with my own personal touch.
    [Twitter] Week in Review June 22-28: Posts and Podcasts
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Week in Review June 22-28: Posts and Podcasts from ConverStations and SmallBiz Tracks Daily Podcasts. The repurposing of content to reach new audiences and extend the shelf life of your efforts is something we always coach. One way to do this is by combining your blog posts or other content into a week in review on SlideShare. SmallBiz Tracks Week in Review: June 28, 2014 from Mike Sansone. Previous Weeks: June 15-21. Week in Review June 22-28: Posts and Podcasts is a post from: ConverStations. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Twitter] Doing Less Can Lead To More [Slides]
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Sometimes, doing less can lead to more. The plight of many small business owners is some of the projects they take on are big. They can be divided up into smaller pieces, smaller projects. SmallBizTracks – Doing Less Can Lead to More from Mike Sansone. More can be the result of Less: More Agile. More Affordable. More Information. Better Decisions (with More Information). Better Measurement (the More Information). Do More of what makes your business great. Get better at new things with smaller steps. Small Business Video
    [Twitter] Social Media Marketing Pain Points for Small Businesses and How to Deal with Them
    AutoSocial – discovers content that is engaging and relevant to your niche audience, and queues it for posting via Twitter or Facebook. Small businesses are often apprehensive about social media and if it can really help in business growth. This anxiety usually comes from not knowing the ropes or being unaware of how social media can be used to an advantage. Managing a dozen social media accounts at a time can be intimidating, and it may not bring out the expected results. Here are a few of those pain points: Lack of knowledge about social media. Content curation. About the author.
    [Twitter] How to Curate Content for Social Media Faster with Nifty Tools
    The simple interface allows you to quickly review the content suggestions in your stream and post your stories on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Curating content for your brand’s social media accounts can sometimes be difficult. Traditional search methods and un-scheduled sharing will require you, as a marketer, to be online continuously to ensure that peak times are taken advantage of, which can be exhausting. Thankfully, there are several content curation ad sharing tools available for small businesses and independent marketers that are both cost effective and easy to use.
    [Twitter] Study Finds Marketers Embracing Social Media Marketing In A Big Way
    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Molly Carter Gaines, Cheryl Burgess. link] uberVU – social comments Social comments and analytics for this post… This post was mentioned on Twitter by kelvin8048: Study Finds Marketers Embracing Social Media Marketing In A Big Way [link]. The survey covered 1068 marketing professionals worldwide (actually, it was 98% North America and Europe and only 2% Asia Pacific and other regions). Alterian found that 66% of respondents will be investing in social media marketing (SMM) in 2010. Good post, thanks for sharing!!
    [Twitter] Feature Friday: How iGoogle is My RSS Feed HQ
    Connect: Twitter | Facebook | Email | 978.558.0008. The following is a guest blog article by Chris Apple. I don’t know about you, but as a real estate blogger, I tend to read a lot of blogs during my workday. Some of the blogs I read on any given day range in topics from SEO blogs , real estate blogs , social media blogs , and blogs about blogging. Say that three times fast! You may be asking yourself, “How does he stay current with all of those blogs?” Enter iGoogle…. What is iGoogle? iGoogle is an Ajax-based personal web portal. As you can see, I use iGoogle for all of my RSS feeds.
    [Twitter] Get Social for Better Fundraising Results
    The school built a website to accept donations and utilized Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. On sites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s important to interact, interact and interact some more. Fundraising provides a financial way for students, parents and schools to get new sporting equipment, take a field trip, get updated computers in the classrooms and more. It teaches students from a young age that when you want something, you have to work for it. With the increasing presence of social media, fundraising can be taken to a new level. Examples of fundraising.
    [Twitter] A Blog for a Long Weekend - Jeff Korhan
      Facebook and Twitter will be there when you return, and you will have so much more to share where when you re-engage with them.   Facebook and Twitter will be there when you return, and you will have so much more to share where when you re-engage with them. Jeff Korhan - New Media and Small Business Marketing Home About Me Working With Me Speaking Favorites Trends Subscribe « Still Dont Get Social Media?  In a strange way I am looking forward to this because I know I'll return with fresh ideas and new perspectives for moving my small business forward.
    [Twitter] A Framework for Writing a Good Post
    discovered this practice also works well when repurposing content through social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This helps when posts are re-shared in Twitter that limits a tweet to 140 characters, including the URL. 2. Disperse Content: To give a new post a jump-start, I will either automatically or manually post it to my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest and StumbleUpon accounts. will also use HootsuitePro to re-post it several times a day for the first week in Twitter. And he’s very good at what he does. Enjoy!
    [Twitter] Unrevoked Roots Many Android Phones - And It's Easy
    But if you watch their Twitter account (@unrevoked) you can see guidance on how to keep the upgrades from the carrier and handset developers, but maintain the opportunity to keep the phone fully rooted and fully capable. As we rely on our smartphones to perform more of the tasks we once trusted only to our PCs, we expect them to be fully capable - and are impatient when we run into limits that get in the way of us trying to accomplish something that should be simple. They all do. One of the most glaring is how Android (even with 2.2) approaches screenshots. for months. Phooey.
    [Twitter] Content Marketing on Chinese Micro Blogs
    The explosive growth began with mimicking the networks China was isolated from (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.). Guest post written by Weijia Zhong, who has lectured in Communication at Sichuan Normal University in China. Her research focuses on new media advertising. Meanwhile teaching, she has held a position as marketing planner at Chendu Media Group. She has always been interested in social media marketing, in particularly in its development in China. Many Chinese netizens complain a lot about the Great Firewall by which they feel isolated from the rest of the world. The Durex case.
    [Twitter] 3 Reasons to Call Yourself a Leader (With or Without Followers)
    How to Increase Your Retweets, Twitter Followers & Klout. Editor’s Note: This is a special entry by Dave Ursillo of Lead Without Followers, Live from Within who offered to let me share excerpts from his new publication, Lead Without Followers – How to Save Our World By Radically Redefining the Meaning of Leadership. hope you enjoy it! Reasons to Call Yourself a Leader with Dave Ursillo. “We’ve been here before. ” ~ Thomas L. Friedman, The World is Flat. Reason 1: Because Simply Living in This Age Makes You a Leader. Our world has never been smaller. Bloggin
    [Twitter] A Non-Valentine To Social Media
    Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, MySpace, LinkedIn and more offer ways for people to reach out to people to express opinions and passions.  Dearest Social Media -  Today I was going to ask you to Be My Valentine. I was going to send you virtual hearts and chocolates to let you know how much I care.  But now I'm not so sure. For you see I've found out that what you created is an illusion. You You made us believe that we need you to connect with each others. Even to finding love.   Oh sure.  The Suits  are loosening their ties and opening their hearts beyond corporate talk.
    [Twitter] 7 Steps for Performing Your Next SEO Audit
    Using the spreadsheet, you can also track social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. Image via Search engine optimization (SEO) audits have the unfortunate reputation of being time-consuming and tedious. However, most people who have owned a website for very long know their importance. Since 93% of online experiences start with search engines ( SEJ ), you need regular audits to keep your site relevant and ranking well. Even if you have consultants take care of your SEO, it’s still a good idea to understand these seven steps. Select cell A2.
    [Twitter] 4 Ways to Follow AriWriter in 2011
    Contact Ari: Facebook | Twitter | Email | 978.558.0008. There are four ways that you can keep updated with the latest articles published here at AriWriter. Each option will appeal differently to you, and you’re welcome to pick any (or all) of them. 1. Receive articles by RSS. Over 1,000 people around the world currently do this, opting to read the latest articles in feed readers as they are published. Learn about RSS here. 2. Receive articles by email. Nearly 400 people get articles delivered to their inbox. 3. Read articles on your Kindle , courtesy of Amazon Whispernet.
    [Twitter] Can an Unknown Brand Become Word of Mouth? | Mindjumpers
    The tools for making people interact with Dumin was handed; Facebook, Twitter, blog, e-mail and telephone number. Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools An Interactive YouTube Campaign By Tipp-Ex Subscribe to Blog Subscribe to Danish Newsletter TOPICS Best Practise Cases (46) Facebook (53) Linkedin (5) Marketing & Communication (104) Mindjumpers (32) Social Media (219) Social Network (128) Social Responsibility (43) Tech Development (51) Tips (25) TribeSourcing (15) Twitter (23) FLATTR MINDJUMPERS Mindjumpers © 2010 All Rights Reserved The story made a great impact.
    [Twitter] Facebook Introduces Location Service: Places
    Follow Anne on Twitter @annejimi Similar Posts: Facebook Places Explained Facebook Introduces Geolocation Social Media on Roskilde Festival Tags: Facebook Places , Foursquare , geolocation , Gowalla , location based service , Mark Zuckerberg Posted in Facebook Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Now Facebook is following their footsteps and introduces their own location service called ’Places’. Foursquare has been exploding in number of users the last year or so, but still doesn’t reach anywhere near the amount of users that are using Facebook. How does Places work?
    [Twitter] Will iTunes' Ping Be a Success?
    On Ping you can follow friends to see what music they like and what they post will appear in your feed, just like we already know from Facebook and Twitter. Blog About Clients Cases Tribesourcing Video People & Contact Bloggers « Urban Outfitters Likes Facebook Watch out for Danish start-up – bringing you a social work platform » Will iTunes’ Ping Be a Success? Posted by Anne Herngaard Sep 2nd, 2010 Tweet Yesterday Apple announced a line of updated products along with the social network called Ping. Then it’s real easy and fast to setup a Ping profile.
    [Twitter] Why don’t Facebook fans like us anymore?
    It’s something that becomes less of an issue on Twitter – multiple profiles can each target different areas, with plenty of examples of accounts which purely publicise deals, and profiles from the same brand focused on customer support (e.g. Some interesting research coming from ExactTarget , including this, picked up via SeventySeven. So what’s a brand to do? The need for a clear content strategy: The thing I’d have love to have seen in the report would be examples of pages cited for each reason. Or one you’d have expected to be more informal? Dell).
    [Twitter] #measurePR with Marshall Sponder (Part II)
    Last week Marshall Sponder returned to the bi-weekly #measurePR Twitter chat. As I said when I wrote up his previous “appearance,&# this is someone who eats, lives, breathes measurement, and that always makes for a good guest. In addition, with his new book out, Marshall has a pretty busy schedule, so I really appreciated him making the time to chat with us. Here are a few of the things we talked about, and what Marshall said (I’ve corrected minor typos/punctuation): On what he describes as “social spectrum&# activity: Marshall calls this “ultraviolet&# activity.
    [Twitter] Five Easy Ways Marketers can take Advantage of Pinterest
    Brands can utilize Pinterest  (along with Facebook and Twitter) to do creative campaigns which may include… contests: For example, allowing consumers to create images to be featured on the pinterest page. So in case you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, just have, or are wondering what all the hype is about, Pinterest is still sizzling. It’s a fun and useful tool that brands can use to their advantage in order to show a more visual side to its consumer market. Now here’s what’s really important…how to truly capitalize on Pinterest and all it’s glory: 1. Wish List.
    [Twitter] Best Practices for Integrating Social and Email
    First is an automatic way to publish new email campaigns to your Facebook and Twitter profiles. Email marketing providers are starting to catch on to the idea that integrating social media in anyway possible will make their platform seem more appealing to customers. There are two ways social media is generally being integrated. Second is allowing email recipients to share the web version of the email with their own social networks with social sharing features. Here I would like to explore both of these ideas in terms of how this would work into an online marketing strategy.
    [Twitter] If Someone Gave You Exactly What You Asked For, Without Negotiating, You Asked For Too Little
    Please e-mail me at , call me at +91-9999856940, or connect with me on Twitter. Recently, a colleague told me about his rule of thumb for negotiating business deals: if someone gave you exactly what you asked for, without negotiating, you asked for too little. This rule of thumb feels so wrong to me at so many levels. One, it presumes that what you are offering has no intrinsic value, even in a specific context. You ask for whatever you can get. When you are on the other side of the table, you give as little as you can. Three, it presumes that fairness is foolish.
    [Twitter] Stop! Don't Break Silos Down Just Yet
    Mix together some marketing, technology, html, a spoonful search engine optimization, a splash of public relations, a hint of advertising, 2 cups writing, and top it off with some digital media, cook it on twitter for a few months and you have yourself a warm delicious social media professional. The proliferation and widespread acceptance of social media is new. I was participating in message boards and Usenet discussions back in 95-96, but I know many of my friends weren’t but are now on facebook/twitter/what have you. Reply Twitter Trackbacks for Stop!
    [Twitter] 10 Secrets to Producing a Video that Drives Results
    You can follow him on his blog , Google + and Twitter. Anyone can create a video and post it online, but creating an effective video that drives action is more science than art. So whether you’re shooting a quick interview with your phone, creating a fancy PowerPoint presentation, trying your hand at animation, or wanting to simply learn how to make a viral video for your business, here are 10 secrets to producing a video that sells. 1. Start with your potential customer’s pain point. Present your solution. Demonstrate your solution. Present a call to action. This means… 6.
    [Twitter] Get yer free SocialFish app now!
    Our app is very simple, containing a feed from our blog, the Twitter search feed for socialfish (send a tweet with the word “socialfish&# and your tweets will appear!), Lindy’s and my Twitter feeds full of all the good stuff we share, along with a new Flickr feed (check it out, you never know, we have lots of photos of our peeps from events like Buzz2010 so your smiling face might be there…!). Right now it’s only on the iPhone – other mobile platforms are on the to-do list, I promise.). Thanks!! DOWNLOAD YOURS THROUGH THE APP STORE TODAY!
    [Twitter] 6 Lessons Learned From the Demise of MySpace | facebook | Social.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search 6 Lessons Learned From the Demise of MySpace September 8th, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet Once the undisputed king of social media (at least in the U.S.), The next time you start thinking too hard about your Twitter “strategy&# remember MySpace. Look at Twitter as well.
    [Twitter] What's new in 2009? Feedback 3.0 | Freelance Social Media
    Owner of LangfordMedia Blog Twitter Technorati Tags: E-commerce , Social Media Tagged as: E-commerce , Social Media blog comments powered by Disqus Previous post: E-commerce platform Magento integrates Google’s Website Optimizer Next post: Google Friend Connect Search About Jacinta is the owner of LangfordMedia , a digital marketing firm that specializes in social media, web development, and mobile app development. Social Links Freelance Social Media Social Media Tips and Marketing Blog Home About Contact Subscribe What’s new in 2009? FEEDBACK 2.0 FEEDBACK 3.0 Media.
    [Twitter] Thanksgiving weekend NFL game predictions
    This week’s contestant is Bob Cargill ( @cargillcreative on Twitter). During the course of the NFL season we predict the weekly outcomes using data from social media along with some formulas ( more on that here ). While this might sound odd, our social NFL predictions are doing decent 11 weeks into the season with an 86-73-1 mark following a 9-5 showing in Week 11. Since predicting games is only fun if you do it against a friend, I decided to put my money where my mouth is to an extent. Check out the video below for this week’s picks: Week 12 NFL Predictions.
    [Twitter] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Kitten Hugs
    Until then, I should still be active on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Top 10 Facebook, Twitter, and Other Social Annoyances You Can Fix Right Now – As long as you’re wasting all your time on social sites, why not fix them up so they work like you want them to? Be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter , Facebook , and Google+. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, freelancing, SEO, and social media on Last Fetching Friday of 2012. and maybe publishing a few things elsewhere.
    [Twitter] METHOD: Scanning and Saving Before Sharing
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. There is a lot of great information available to us, published in all types of media: text, video, audio, and images. Learning to separate signal from noise becomes a skill as important as any tool to help us with intake so we can avoid information overload. tool of great help in my intake is Feedly , an aggregator for blogs, news, search strings, and other articles I am subscribed. I’ll take two or three turns at Feedly each day, saving the best for later. Each turn takes me around 15-20 minutes. 100 saved. 20 shared.
    [Twitter] DEVOTIONAL: Closing With a Hymn or Spiritual
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. There was a time, before my time, that displaying your faith in a loving and friendly manner was not frowned upon as it is today. favorite singer of mine is Tennessee Ernie Ford. His most well-known recording is Sixteen Tons , which reached No. 1 on the Billboard charts for several weeks in 1955. Ernie Ford also had a hit television show which ran on NBC from 1956-1961. Of the 121 Thursday night episodes, 103 of them closed with Ford singing a hymn or spiritual song. Ford delivered value. Feedback from his audience was positive.
    [Twitter] Shortcuts: Getting Results Without Effort
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Everyone is looking for shortcuts. Sometimes, to go faster, you must go slow. When I was in 7th grade, we would walk home from school through some forest and hills. One day, a friend suggested a shortcut he knew. We later found out, he didn’t know it at all. He was guessing. Dead end. We ended up at the bottom of a steep incline, muddy sewage water soaking our shoes. The only way out was back up. On that day, I learned the meaning of the adage: Sometimes, the longest way around is the shortest way home. Not a shortcut.
    [Twitter] 4 Ways to Offer Compilations of Quotes
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Compilations of Quotes can be a great addition to your content inventory. They can be motivation, educational, and entertaining. You can collect them from movies, books, and videos – then curate them in several different ways to your own audience. Here are four ways to offer compilations of quotes: One at a Time : I once had a category called ‘ Quotes n Notes ‘ where I would offer a quote and my thoughts on it (one of my favorites: Frustration ). Essentially, a photo with a quote. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Twitter] Define Your Approach to Social Media Strategy
    They aim to learn by listening to customers and employees on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.&#. Harvard Business Review has a great article, What’s Your Social Media Strategy , that examines four different approaches to strategy based on researching 1,100 companies in different industries. Read the article here. quick summary: The predictive practitioner: Confines social media usage to a specific area, like customer service. Association examples: [See below]. The creative experimenter. KLM’s listening program. Association examples: [See below]. Home Depot. Not sure?
    [Twitter] Blogging for Grasshoppers: The Most Numerous Steps To Do The.
    He’d love to grab a gab on   Twitter. Comment as pts moderator MitaliB Getting info Pending approval share On Facebook On Twitter flag Delete Hide Unhide Ban user New! removeClass(livefyre-hidden)" class="livefyre-show-comment livefyre-button"> View comment pts mod Shonali Burke Getting info Pending approval share On Facebook On Twitter flag Delete Hide Unhide Ban user New! This post was mentioned on Twitter by Shonali Burke, Zlata. Image: jim crossley via Flickr, CC 2.0 Sorry, I won’t be telling you in this post. Image: BES Photos via Flickr, CC 2.0 Good post!
    [Twitter] SideraWorks is Taking on Social Business
    You can also follow us on Twitter , join our Facebook page , or circle us on Google+. It’s an exciting day over here at SideraWorks, so I wanted to take a moment to share with you a couple of things. First, our website is live! This has definitely been a labor of love, but we think you’ll like where it’s ended up. Many thanks to Josh Fisher and John Hawkins for their amazing work and patience while we changed our mind fifty times on things. What Do You Guys Do? Social Business, Huh? Because there is  a difference between social media  and social business. Thank You!
    Share this on Reddit Tagged as: Blogs , Business , Facebook , Jay Baer , Juli Barcelona , Justin Brackett , LinkedIn , Marketing Plan , Myrland Marketing Moment , Twitter { 8 comments… read them below or add one } Mark C. Home About Services Social Media Speaking-Training LMA Contact Subscribe Myrland Marketing Minutes Strategic Social Media: Making Social Media Make Sense THESE ARE JUST TOOLS by Nancy Myrland on September 24, 2010 ????This This is the Myrland Marketing Moment I shared yesterday: Myrland Marketing Moment: You know these are just tools we’re using, right?
  • KIKOLANI  |  MONDAY, JULY 11, 2011
    [Twitter] Why I Am Attending Blog World Expo 2011 Plus a 20% Off Discount Code
    Let me know so I can add you to my BWELA Twitter list! It’s that time of year again. For those who missed out on Blog World Expo in New York comes the West Coast event – Blog World Expo 2011 in Los Angeles on November 3rd – 5th. Early bird pricing is on through July 21st and you can even save an additional 20% using discount code KIKOLANI20. Why I’m Attending Blog World Expo in LA. Last year was my first Blog World, and I have to say it was a blast! Here are just some of my favorite highlights. 1. Learn from the experts. Talk to your favorite brands. Pass Type.
    [Twitter] Give Your Content Marketing a Social Push
    Whether it is going on a company’s Facebook and Twitter pages to look at products and services, see customers’ feedback or reading reviews about one’s business, consumers are turning to social media in droves. If you have hit-and-miss efforts on posting your content to sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, many viewers will be first-time and one-time viewers. In order to successfully run a business in 2015 and beyond, social media should be a must, not an option in your branding plans. So, why is promoting your brand via social media a necessity? Consumers Are More Social.
  • ENGAGE  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 2012
    [Twitter] Access: New Tools
    ” The “ New Aesthetic “, after all (which isn’t so new ), isn’t au courant by way of the Guggenheim, but because of the thousands of twittering thumbs of the nerd horde at SXSW. But we also make ever more use of our own curatorial technologies: not just our blogs and twitter accounts but  Pinboard , Pinterest , Gimmebar , Tumblr and even (for those whom code is content) Sourceforge. There is rarity, certainly. And encryption and access control. But nothing so esoteric that it cannot be accessed. But can I still read anything written in WordPerfect?
    [Twitter] 4 Blogging Strategies That Really Work
    This may include but is not limited to BlogCatalog, Facebook, Twitter, niche social sites, and a myriad of social bookmarking communities. When it comes to blogging, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. There are as many ways to do it as there are companies with a message to send. The key is to find the method that works for you. With that in mind, here are 4 viable blog strategies that work. All you have to do is give them a go. SEO Blogging – With SEO blogging, the idea is to produce content that gains search engine traction. Either way, the main target is search engines.
    [Twitter] Facebook Places Get Two New Features
    Last week was all about the new buttons: Twitter Follow and Google’s +1. This week is all about the place pages. Yesterday it was Google, today it’s Facebook. These guys really keep me busy! Inside Facebook reported Facebook is improving place pages to try and help complete listings and give local businesses a viral boost. The two new features are Recommend This Place and Community Edits. Recommendations. Users can easily write recommendations via the business’s place page that will be published in their news feeds. If not, you better start! Community Edits.
    [Twitter] Built Like a Blogger? Lose Weight on the Fitbit Diet.
    called the condition being "Built Like a Blogger", accurately captured by Claire Chang at SXSW in 2011 and immortalized on Twitter. My dresser drawers are overflowing with extra large shirts with logos from tech companies - most of them Google at this point, after more than a year at Mountain View headquarters. That someone with my otherwise slight frame would require extra large shirts on a regular basis was the unsurprising result of the activity usually surrounding a desk jockey - typing, interrupted by occasional bouts of eating, and a combination of the two for true dexterity.
    [Twitter] The Important (and lucrative) Midsize Companies by @Midmarket Institute
    You can follow the Midmarket Institute on twitter @midmarket and find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media.  He can be reached at . As a business executive, you’d like to find the few companies that spend a lot, have growth potential, will stay loyal to your company and provide better than average margins.  Does that sound like a pipe dream?  There is such a group of companies in every country and the largest group is in the U.S. – about 197,000 of them.  These are the grownup startups – too big to be small and too small to be big.  Ram V.
    [Twitter] Social Media – Why You Tube is not for you
    The agency did a good job of cleaning up the organization’s web site, setting up a Facebook page, twitter account and You Tube channel. While You Tube does not require the constant attention of Facebook or Twitter it can’t be ignored. I know – You Tube is the #2 search engine in the world. And, every minute of every hour of every day there is a lifetime of video uploaded to the site. If you placed all the You Tube videos end to end they would stretch to Jupiter and back (ok, I made up that last part.). All great stuff. Except for one little problem. WE DID IT.
    [Twitter] Just Because We Don’t Republish Social Content Doesn’t Mean It’s Wrong
    With Twitter, this rule is tossed out at least a little bit because the percentage of followers reached with each post is much lower. The recent changes to Twitter might have an affect on this; we’re testing to see. For now, evergreen content can go on Twitter relatively often. As a policy, we’ve always chosen to obey the “once and nevermore” philosophy with our social media posts for clients. We handcraft each post and that post will appear one time and on one dealership’s Facebook page. Once it’s used, it’s done forever.
    [Twitter] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Holiday Deals & Inspiration
    How to delete social networking accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google, MySpace, and Wikipedia – just in case you need to get away from the digital space. Twitter. tips for holida contests on Twitter – here are some learnings and best practices for planning and running sweepstakes or giveaways. I’ve unfollowed you on Twitter – thoughts on why one person unfollowed thousands on Twitter. Hashable makes Twitter #Intro social – making introductions more personal and less awkward. The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Writing.
    [Twitter] Organize Your Schedule with the App of the Week
    From integrating Facebook, Twitter and email events to using the microphone to schedule events or reminders verbally. Ring in the new year with a new calendar app! If there’s one thing we know about calendar and schedule apps, it’s that there are a lot of them. There are also a lot of different styles of calendar apps that people respond to, and that’s why it’s important to find the one that fits your technological abilities and habits best. This week’s app of the week is for the calendar junkie on apple products. So why is this calendar app so special?
    [Twitter] World Nomads: Lessons in smarter business and effective community building
    Connect with Simon Mainwaring on: Twitter , FriendFeed , Linkedin , Tumblr , Plaxo , Plurk , , BackType , Posterous. I think the World Nomads Footprint project is super smart on many levels. It’s premised on the fact that when you visit a community you make an impact. As such, you have a small responsibility to give something back. So when you purchase one of their travel insurance policies, you choose a project and get to add your tiny donation to make a difference in that community. Here’s just a few of the projects that such efforts are funding. Facebook.
    [Twitter] Day 11: People of color impacting the social web – Anthony Frasier – #29DaysofDiversity
    Twitter: @AnthonyFrasier. As we all know, February is Black History Month. It’s a month where we honor those who have made an impact on American culture for equal rights, those who have invented, those who have a helped others and those who have inspired everyone to be the best they can be, not only as a person of color but as a human. For the past two years for Black History Month, I started an online series called 28 Days Diversity where I would feature someone new everyday during the month of February for just being awesome in their own right. Website/Blog:
    [Twitter] Podcast 424 - Marketing on Pinterest
    love to hear your thoughts so email me, , join me on  twitter  or join me to discuss it on  Google+. Welcome to the latest and free   The Engaging Brand podcast  covering social marketing , business ideas and brand marketing tips  but before we start.  . The listener of the week and winning an  Engaging Brand  goodie bag is +Don Schindler. Remember the goodie bad is picked from all the people who share, like, tweet about the Engaging Brand podcast to say a BIG thank you from me!  . How Pinterest is a site about visual discovery. Related articles.
    [Twitter] Does Online Anonymity Have a Price?
    Considering The Atlantic Monthly recently profiled couples who met on Yelp (which allows personal information to be shared on mini profiles) and countless stories have been published about people who met on Twitter, wouldn’t want to ease the transition from stranger to lover? How nice of Match to want to protect my anonymity, but what if I don’t want to be anonymous? What if I want to share my Google Voice phone number? What if I want to share my email address? What if I want to tell the world my name? I do that on Facebook. I do that on LinkedIn. at AriWriter.
    [Twitter] Guest Posting: A Call and A Hope
    Follow Mike Sansone on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Guest posting is very popular these days, and rightfully so. It can be a great way to reach different audiences for both the host and the gust. I get dozens of requests each month to be a host of a guest post. gladly turn many of them down for these reasons: No mention of what site the guest author will be linking to. No offer of any social media or network profile (and I search, but there are so many David White or Susan Jones, it becomes challenging. Even though I send my Guest Post Guidelines  there are zero Eye Rests.
    [Twitter] How to Build Relationships and Grow Your Blog with Comments
    Be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter , Facebook , and Google+. This is a guest post by Tune Seidelin. Are you getting more traffic, than the server on your cheap hosting account can handle? Are you getting tons of links from other blogs? And do you have core group of loyal readers, doing everything they can to help spread the word about your latest content? If not, then you’ve probably been pondering questions like “what am I doing wrong?” and “what are successful bloggers doing, that I’m not?”. No, there is one thing all popular bloggers have, that you don’t. Blogging
  • SOSHABLE  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2011
    [Twitter] Chrysler Social Media: Who They Should Hire Next
    Sure, they all have the ability to go viral on YouTube and they’re focused strongly on Facebook and Twitter, but what about Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon? The unfortunate mistake made Thursday that cost New Media Strategies their contract with Chrysler should be viewed as an opportunity to make a tremendous step forward in their social media marketing. It isn’t that NMS did a bad job – from what I can tell they run a pretty tight ship and have made solid contributions to promoting the Chrysler brand. However, now is the time for Chrysler to get exciting. Buzzfeed?
    [Twitter] Show 475 - The Truth About Trust
    love to hear your thoughts so email me, , join me on  twitter ,  Google+  or to hear your opinion and ideas.  . 1) How you can listen to  The Engaging Brand  here.  . 2) You can subscribe to the show via  iTunes  or. 3) If you use a different podcatcher then you can subscribe using the following  RSS Feed. The Engaging Brand podcast  covering social marketing , business ideas and  brand marketing tips  has a new episode. We talk about The Truth about Trust  and how it determines success in life, love, learning and more.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 2, 2012
    [Twitter] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Journey Through Canyons
    Be sure to follow Kristi on Twitter , Facebook , and Google+. This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, freelancing, SEO, and social media on The Resources Mashup. Here are some of the best articles I have seen on Google+ , retweeted on @kikolani , and read in RSS subscriptions this week. Blogging / Writing. The Essential Ingredients for Building a Blog That Ranks in Alexa’s Top 10,000 – Would you like to know how I grew Quick Sprout to have an Alexa ranking of 10,000 in under four years?
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