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    [Twitter] Social Media Pros Host Fundraiser for Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Victims
    To interact with others supporting the cause follow #Dallas4Japan on Twitter or visit The Social Media Club in Dallas Texas is getting together with more than half a dozen media, marketing and advertising organizations, including the Dallas Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association to host an event called Dallas4Japan. The Dallas4Japan fundraiser will take place at Aloft Dallas Downtown – The Pads from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 24, 2011. The goal is to raise more than $3,000. To purchase tickets or make a donation visit [link].
    [Twitter] 4 Things Your Community Needs From You In 2016
    Every day I see someone on Twitter or Facebook say that they’ll have to “resort” to social because they can’t get a response from traditional customer service and support channels with the companies they need to talk to. When I first got involved with online communities (mumblemumble years ago now), they were largely digitized gatherings of misfit humans around common interests or topics. Now we have this interesting dynamic, especially between brands/businesses and their various communities. It’s not exactly personal. It’s not easy. Period. Please.
    [Twitter] This Isn’t the Microsoft it Used to Be – My Full Circle Journey and Why I’m Back Again
    The cool part is you can share these to Facebook and Twitter though. The new Xbox comes with all the old stuff – Facebook, Twitter, Image via CrunchBase. You may remember my scathing blog post denouncing my Xbox 360 and swearing I was leaving Microsoft.  I still feel that way about my old Xbox 360.  It was a piece of junk.  I sold it, sold all the games, and sent my Windows 7 machine with Windows Media Center on it to the scrap pile. Windows Vista still crashes all the time. All that changed when my kids convinced me to try the Kinect. Enter the new Microsoft.
    [Twitter] Facebook Groups
    This is also true for LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and many other platforms.  Facebook pages hold little value to community building.    Facebook groups is a different matter. These have three big advantages over any other platform. 1) Audience size.    They have a big audience which knows how to use the platform.    2) Existing Habits. Members of the audience typically visit the platform every day, often many times a day. Thus you receive regular notifications.    3) Simplicity. The audience size is irrelevant.
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    [Twitter] My first time (and why you should pop your Periscope cherry too)
    Here’s why I decided to join in the fun: Because Periscope is linked to your Twitter account it’s easy to build up followers quickly. If you don’t want to just take my word for it, check out what my Twitter and Periscope expert buddy, Mark Shaw has to say about that…. Once you’ve done that, follow some Periscopers – you can follow me on Twitter to see when I’m online. Then dived in. When I relaxed into it – it was amazing! Now I want to do it again, again, and again. popped my Periscope cherry. It’s FABULOUS! Another social media app? But then I changed my mind.
    [Twitter] Whose Ethics Apply in Social Media?
    Today's Wall Street Journal had Twitter abuzz about social media monitoring and privacy in closed communities ( 'Scrapers' Dig Deep for Data on Web ). Specifically, a health discussion board and a social media analysis vendor using individual accounts to access personally identifiable health information. It's obviously an ethical question, but whose ethics apply? As far as I can tell? Nobody's (yet). People are sharing personal stuff online, sometimes sharing more than they realize. Do they apply if the data is aggregated, and no personally identifiable information is preserved?
    [Twitter] Applying Social Network Analysis to Social Media
    Follower/following Twitter follow connections are probably weaker than other social network connections, but these connections are mostly public. Social network analysis has been a part of social media analysis ( not the same thing ) for a long time, but it hasn't been central to the social media discussion lately. Mostly, SNA shows up in the form of link analysis, which is used to identify online communities and influencers. Looking for less obvious connections Link analysis is relatively easy work, since the data you're looking for is helpfully encoded in HTML. Which authors?
    [Twitter] At the Gov 2.0 Expo – Who's Making You Successful?
    Sure, I may be the one on the stage, but I’m generally not the one on the ground day after day working with the client.  I’m writing blogs – they’re trying to explain Twitter to a three-star general.  I’m speaking at events – they’re trying to do more work while still staying under budget.  Twitter Comment Nice post! Social Media Strategery [link to post] – Posted using Chat Catcher [link] sradick (Steve Radick) Twitter Comment At the Gov 2.0 Home About Me Speaking Legal-ese My Team Gov 2.0 Government 2.0 Heroes At the Gov 2.0
    [Twitter] Diva Marketing Blog Acquired. Almost! Part II
    Perhaps he's now counting his Twitter Followers. . Continuted from Part I. To sell Diva Marketing Or not to sell Diva Marketing. The bling was shiny. The opportunities were exciting. thought it might be the right time to go in a new direction. . While the bling might have been shiny the opening offer was quite a bit lower than I'd imagined. Of course one always thinks their bebe is the most beautiful and worth the Hope Diamond  or at least a closet filled with Jimmy Choos. By the way, did you know that Jimmy Choo oganized a Foursquare scavenger hunt in London last year? But I digress. .
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    [Twitter] The 9 Deadly Sins of Facebook Pages and Their Administrators
    Twitter and Facebook are two separate platforms. When I speak to groups or am interviewed about Facebook, I am often asked to provide examples of companies that are “doing it right.” ” With well north of 500 million users who spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook, companies are increasingly interested in how Facebook can be leveraged as part of their marketing campaigns. It’s only natural. Many companies jump in and set up a Facebook Page but aren’t really sure where to go from there. There is no strategy. No goals. No content calendar.
    [Twitter] Cash In by Paying for Guest Posts
    When I look at who retweets everything I post—the people on Twitter and Facebook saying things like “@TiceWrites is a genius! This guest post is by Carol Tice of Make a Living Writing. If you’re looking for a way to grab attention for your blog and grow your income, I’ve had great success with this one: I pay writers. Since May 2011, I’ve been paying $50 for guest posts on my blog. started paying because my mission is to help writers earn more, and I needed to walk my talk. usually buy two or three posts a month. Fair enough. Quality goes way up. You are news.
    [Twitter] Google Changes, Rocking Marketers and Other Content of the Week
    She thinks it’s the best way to perceive information, and tools like FlipBoard visualize even RSS or Twitter feeds. Ladies and gentlemen, prick up your ears for some interesting reading on the marketing world. You know that content’s a king these days, right? And that’s why we’ve got to learn how to become content kings as well! Epic Content Marketers: 20 More Women Who Rock. Although generating leads into customers is a highly valuable skill, sometimes content marketing just becomes a part of our professional or even personal life. Ways to Write Damn Bad Copy.
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    [Twitter] Conversion Optimization: Our New Series
    attract Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Of all the topics that bloggers ask me about, conversion optimization is among those at the top of the list. All of us have conversion goals of some sort. It doesn’t matter whether you’re aiming to make money blogging, or you’re in it purely for pleasure, you’ll probably want to grow a subscriber list at the very least! Some of the blogger’s most common conversion goals include: grow signups to an email subscription list. boost downloads of free products, whitepapers, and samples. Revamping your communications.
    [Twitter] From ‘Mad Men’ to Digital Scientists: How Big Data Is Shifting the Ad Landscape
    These ad giants will now be competing amongst the likes of Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter — the companies gathering and mining this precious data. The traditional advertising techniques we once knew have changed dramatically in the digital age. Long gone are the days of print campaigns, television ad buys, radio commercials with a call to action like “Stop by today!” ” as they stand on their own. commonly heard call to action is now “Visit us at” There are 7 billion people in this world and 6 billion of them have mobile phones.
    [Twitter] 10 Steps to Writing Mindfully for Your Blog
    Sean invites readers to follow him on Twitter @SeanMMadden. This guest post is by Sean Madden of Mindful Living Guide. These past few months—in my summer and early autumn creative writing classes—I’ve not focused so much on the mindfulness aspect of my teachings. Perhaps this had to do with the energetic pace of summer, which only recently faded here in the South East of England. Just last week autumn seemed finally to arrive and with it the cozy, heartwarming smells of wood and coal smoke rising from the chimneys of local cottages. We then read aloud the words we each gathered. to be.
    [Twitter] 6 Ways to Sell a Website, and 4 Ways Not to Sell One
    Follow Mathew on Twitter: @matcarpenter. Follow Sofa Moolah on Twitter: @sofamoolah. This guest post is by 0Mathew Carpenter of Sofa Moolah. It’s gotten harder and harder to generate a stable income as an affiliate over the past two years. From Facebook’s decidedly anti-affiliate mindset, to the lengthy list of regulations that search engines such as Google have released, generating stable, consistent, and stress-free paid traffic isn’t as simple as it once was. For thousands of affiliates, it’s been a major frustration and a potential business killer.
    [Twitter] Holy Facebook Groups, Batman!
    What I first thought would be a great source of spam has turned into the most addictive form of conversation I have experienced online since Twitter in 2007. Boy, did I get it wrong on Facebook Groups. combination of Groups have provided thought-provoking dynamic insights and exposure to other thought leaders, locally, nationally and by industry. From DC’s Tech (started by Justin Thorpe ) and Social Media ( Sally Albright ) groups to this band of misfits called Punk Views on SM, conversations are alive and well! What a relief! It’s been really, really cool.
    [Twitter] Blogging Between Hot Flashes
    Home About Testimonials Events Services Webinars Twitter Getting Started on Twitter Webinar Twitter Webinar: Tools and Tips (Intermediate Level) LinkedIn LinkedIn 1 – Getting Started LinkedIn 2 – Building and Leveraging Your Network Ask Calendar Contact Blogging Branding Business Career Facebook LinkedIn Networking Social Media Tips Twitter Lijit Search Blogging Between Hot Flashes Posted by Irene Koehler in Blogging , Social Media on November 1, 2008 | 22 responses We’re all different. Michael – Another twitter friend and great resource.
    [Twitter] How to Keep Your Blog Active While Traveling
    Schedule to promote some of your best “old” content through Twitter and Facebook.  This guest post is by Norbert Figueroa of GloboTreks. For many, keeping a blog is a full-time commitment, especially if you want to keep your readers active and engaged with what you have to say.  This often means spending long hours day after day creating content, commenting, promoting, and networking with other bloggers. Copyright Ilja Mašík - Then the time comes when you need a small break to step back and relax.  A vacation sounds nice, right? Write and schedule your posts in advance.
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    [Twitter] Is Making Money from Blogging Passive Income?
    The person sitting next to me leant over toward me and at whispered: “Based on your Twitter Stream, I’m not so sure that blogging is ‘passive’ – is it?” Recently, I attended an event and heard a speaker talk about how they’d build a passive income from blogging. ” I thought it might be an interesting discussion to re-open here on ProBlogger – do you think that income earned from blogging could be classified as ‘passive income’? This has been a recurring theme here on ProBlogger, since I started the blog in 2004.
    [Twitter] The Beauty of Using Social Media in the Job Hunt
    You never know what great Twitter tips you may find or leads on other social media. You’ve decided on a career in cosmetology – whether it’s hair, nails, makeup or maybe all of them, it’s where your passion lies. Cosmetology can be a great career … you can work almost anywhere geographically, the hours are often flexible, you can grow a loyal clientele and the tips can be pretty nice. People are always going to want to look their best, so the demand will remain high. good cosmetologist can earn a pretty penny. Where Do You Want to Work? Go the Online Route.
    [Twitter] Russia’s Biggest Social Media Sites Becoming Monopolized?
    Contrary to what many Americans may think, it’s not all about just Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest when it comes to social media (SM) platforms. In other parts of the world, there are some SM sites which top the charts but the majority of Americans have never heard of. In Russia, the go-to SM platform is VKontakte (VK), the biggest platform in the country, and it was just taken over by eccentric billionaire Alisher Usmanov. As an ally of Kremlin, Usmanov is one half of the two most powerful men in Russian media ownership. Who ‘likes’ this? Already, Mail.Ru To Russia with love.
    [Twitter] How to Match 10 Key Success Metrics to Your Blogging Strategy.
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search How to Match 10 Key Success Metrics to Your Blogging Strategy March 4th, 2010 |Written By: Jay Baer | View Comments Tweet If you’re blogging for business, rather than blogging about your cat, baby, fashion addiction, or crush on Taylor Swift, you need to set some success metrics. Is anyone out there?
    [Twitter] 2015 Social Media Predictions
    With the introduction of the ‘buy’ button both on Twitter & Facebook, social commerce will truly get its wings. There is always interesting discussion at the end of one year looking into the next – What are the social media predictions, trends and hot topics to look forward to. This year I thought to analyze several of the expert predictions for what is to come from a recent Business 2 Community post. Many marketers are looking forward to a “buy” button availability. Impending Facebook algorithm changes will make it harder to be promotional.
    [Twitter] Get Social About Retirement Aspirations
    With more and more of the 50+ crowd adopting social media into their lives, there’s a growing retirement clientele on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social media is grabbing the attention of just about every demographic, including soon-to-be retirees. With that said, if you’re a retirement advisor, then you can use social media to your advantage by getting the word out about your retirement services through a variety of social avenues. But, just because the audience is there doesn’t mean any approach will work. Tailor Your Message. Be Informative, But Brief.
    [Twitter] Get Social In Remodeling Your Pitch to Consumers
    Should you be looking to ramp up your social media outreach to consumers, there are ways to go about it, including: * Be proactive – First and foremost, be consistent and relevant on your social media pages, be they Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.  It seems you can use social media for just about anything these days, especially when it means reaching out to consumers looking to spend money on remodeling their homes. With that in mind, while the weather may be cold and frightful for a sizable portion of the nation, spring is actually not too far around the corner.
    [Twitter] Revisiting 2011
    Twitter Best in Events and Emergencies Emergency management pros started paying serious attention to social media in 2011—tsunamis, tornadoes, and popular uprisings command attention, after all. When I started looking at the year's most-read posts a couple of years ago, I noticed that the list always includes a lot of older posts. So, I started a new post last year: a list of the past year's posts that didn't make the 2011 Top 10 , but that I think are worth another look. Do you "like" your "friends" on Facebook, or are those just arbitrary labels for something else? Blogging
    [Twitter] 5 Surefire Ways to Never Get Noticed by Anybody
    Get more of him on Twitter and Facebook. This guest post is by Steve of I’m a quiet man. Shy in some circumstances. I like my own company and my own time. Left unchecked, these qualities would be enough to ensure that I lived out the rest of my life as a small man in a tiresome job, never making a difference and never getting noticed by anybody. But I can’t imagine a worse hell than that. Really, I can’t. You need to leave a trace; you need to affect the world; you need to be in the light. Don’t pay attention to what matters.
    [Twitter] 4 Ways to Use Video Logging to Grow Your Community
    Connect with her on Twitter @erinmgiles or her site at This guest post is by Erin Giles of Have you been telling yourself for months that you should start video logging? It wasn’t until I launched my new business that I realized the power that video logging has in growing a business’s community. Procrastinate no more: today I am here to share with you four ways to use video logging to grow your community, so go ahead and ditch those fears of the camera, pronto! 1. Give your email subscribers some personal attention. Ensure more clicks.
    [Twitter] Mapping the Brand’s Social Graph
    Social media has extended the reach and influence of your stakeholders – they’re on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and they’re connecting to each other. Journalists have Twitter feeds and Facebook pages where they ask questions openly and directly.  This is the first in a series that expands on the skills of a Digital PR Agency. Public Relations practitioners are familiar with the concept of identifying and building relationships with stakeholders.  Anyone who might have a material impact on your business.) The Social Graph is the representation of our relationships.
    [Twitter] Listening to the Online Conversation
    With 500 million people on Facebook and 50 million on Twitter it’s no longer a question of ‘should we be doing social media? – but rather ‘are we doing it right?’. Follow me on Twitter. For the past 100 years companies have had the luxury of deciding what products they want to make and sell, what their brand message will be and how they will deliver it to their audience. Communication in PR was based on a one-way, two-step flow of communication through mass media. The Internet changed that. We’re in the age of social media and markets have indeed become conversations.
    [Twitter] Seductive Content Marketing, SMM Mistakes and Advanced Pinterest Tips!
    Make sure you don’t use link accounts without sense as your fans may see the same post over and over again on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Summer season is almost at its middle, and we hope your lead generation and customer conversion goes on very hot. Just to make things a little faster for you, we offer some content marketing tips on how to become a more seductive writer, a proficient social media manager, a great newsjacker and an advanced Pinterest user. Go ahead and learn more! Simple Steps to Writing Seductive Web Copy. Write your draft, edit and optimize it.
    [Twitter] Chatting up Influence with Dave Balter, CEO of BzzAgent
    Share your tips and thoughts with us and our community on Twitter by tweeting to #AwarenessTips. Dave Balter is a man who needs no introduction. As CEO of BzzAgent , a company that connects brands with over 400 million global brand advocates and author of two word-of-mouth marketing books , there’s hardly a person better suited to speak on influence and word-of-mouth (WOM). We recently caught up with Dave to interview him for our latest e-book, 3 Keys to Influence: Understanding and Leveraging Social Capital , and talk about influence and how marketers can leverage it. Mike Lewis.
    [Twitter] What’s in a Social Media Strategy?
    Current vs. Published – For example, Twitter and Facebook messages are in real time, Facebook posts, blog articles and YouTube videos are published content that is consumed when users see them. The following elements should be included in a social media strategy. Management – Because of the nature of social media, how it is multi-dimensional, multi-channel, and in various modalities of text, pictures, and videos – it makes sense to have a cross-functional team involved in managing it. What are they saying? What are people responding to? Where are they getting traction?
    [Twitter] How I Got 200 Subscribers in My First Month of Blogging
    focus on content creation, guest posting, commenting and connecting via email and twitter. Maybe you’ve seen me around. Maybe you haven’t. In any case, I have been blogging for just around one month. During this time I’ve connected with many and enjoyed the journey. A lot of people think there’s a secret to growing your blog fast. There are a lot of factors that come into play if you want to get more traffic, subscribers and even fans. Let’s have a peek at those, shall we? Mentor. My mentor at the moment is Chris Garrett who has been immensely helpful in answering my questions. Passion.
    [Twitter] Brazil’s Social Media Boom: 10 Things Every Marketer Should Know
    Sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ (really, the entire Google world) are still blocked in China. The ultimate goal for any young social media program is to go global – to conquer an international market. But this is usually much easier said than done. Aside from all the legal, political, and logistical issues that could suffocate your efforts… there’s also the big issue of knowing where to commit your time, resources, and dollars. As nations around the world undergo digital transformations, the options available to brands proliferate. The 2016 Olympics.
    [Twitter] Interview Like a Pro: Lessons from Maestro, Susan Bratton
    From a professional standpoint, it was announcing my departure from Mzinga to move to Powered on Twitter. Twitter (following specific folks as a filter), Google Reader, Yammer and a strong network of smart people in Austin that keep me abreast of what’s important What’s one efficiency trick you use that you can share with us? could also preoccupy myself once in a while on Twitter. months ago Venn Diagrams - *Is Twitter a Human Right? Citizen Marketer 2.1 Useful information on how to add "social" into your marketing mix with measurable results. Retired.
    [Twitter] An Update on the Tanzanian Blog Project: It’s Working!
    Of course more posts are going up all the time this week (three or four per day) so keep dropping by the blog , follow @CBMAustralia on Twitter for updates, and subscribe to the RSS feed. It’s been almost a week now since I left home in Australia to visit Tanzania to see if it was possible to use blogging to give a voice to those who may not have one—more specifically, to people living with disabilities in developing countries. What I expected. Doing this leaves me with a real mix of emotions and feelings. This is certainly the case again. What I didn’t. Image Posts.
    [Twitter] Are We Having Fun Yet?
    “Man,&# I’d think, “I wish I could get this over with so I can get back to Twitter!&# It got to the point, only four months into my blogging, where I burnt out and suddenly went from posting daily to three posts in a month! You can also follow him on Twitter. This guest post is by Justin P Lambert of Words That Begin With You. Quick question: are you having fun? mean, you’re sitting here reading Problogger, so you’re likely a blogger, or at least thinking about jumping in. And you’re likely interested in making some money from your efforts.
    [Twitter] #Dear Ken: HELP! How can I drink from the #socialmedia fire hose without drowning?
    Think “social media marketing” is just about posting on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn?  Ha!  Follow Ken on Twitter @KenHerron , and listen to his “Powered by Purple Marketing Minute” on the LinkedIn Lady radio show with Carol McManus live (and podcast) on Wednesdays from 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. Think again! Monitoring, analyzing, and participating in the discussions your target audience, existing customers, brand fans, and worthy competitors are having everywhere on the Interwebs can be daunting. But, it has become a critical requirement for all marketers.  Thank you for your question. 
    [Twitter] Conversation of the Day: Facebook is the New Address Book - The.
    Alot of people were affected by the recent Twitter outage, it can and will happen at some point. If I lose everything I ever put into FB, all that stuff is also in pieces on FriendFeed, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Google, my backup drive, etc. He can be found on Twitter and Facebook as well. Evernote, for example, is one great tool that I use to stay in sync. Contact information, on the other hand, has always been a pain. The basic tools like the address book that comes with your computer are outdated. People move around too much these days. Enter social networking. Right?
    [Twitter] Social Skills Lead to Better Career Options
    But what is out there besides Facebook, Google+ and Twitter? The career search can be stressful. In fact, it usually is. These days the search takes place beyond career fairs and resumes, you’ve got social media to help you. But you need to know how to use it to your best advantage, and there definitely are some keys to knowing how to do this. What social media to hit up? We’re all aware of the big names and what they can do. Create a job board and add your own visually appealing pins. Think of your headline as your resume headline. What to search and key in on….
    [Twitter] Muscle Up with Forward Memory
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. “It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards.” ” ~  Lewis Carroll Many projects fail before they even get started. Doubts creep in. Poor performance or bad experiences from the past lend their voice. We’ve heard of muscle memory , but is memory itself a muscle? I’ve seen plenty of owners and solopreneurs use memory as a muscle – though often it works backwards – as a crutch or excuse basket. Look ahead, envision your success, believe in yourself and your idea.
    [Twitter] Bleeding on the Video – Lift Clip 01-24-15
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. There’s something special about James Altucher , maybe more than one something. A lot of special is present in this TEDx Talk, filled with humor, write-em-down money quotes, sound advice, personal case study, and ideas. your presence or practice.  Subscribe today. Consider leaving a comment! LIFT Videos
    [Twitter] Seeing Things Better and Different in LIFT Clips 1-17-15
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. LEARN – How to Setup Facebook Call to Action Buttons Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! IMPROVE – Ask Better Questions Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! FIND FLOW – Change Habits Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Click Here!
    [Twitter] Are You Actually Doing It All Wrong?
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. You’re Doing it All Wrong! You’ve probably heard it or read it way too many times already this year. You’re not engaging enough on social. You’re not going to enough networking events. You’re giving too much away. You’re spending too much on car insurance. Is there only ONE way to do it? If you know your own WHY. If If you are answering your customer’s, “SO WHAT?” ” Keep going. You’re doing it right for you. It’s your business. They’re your customers.
    [Twitter] Clarity on NetNeut, Creativity, and Scarcity – LIFT Clips 12-06-14
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. We are always looking for ways to give small business owners a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. LEARN – Net Neutrality Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! IMPROVE – Content Marketing Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! FIND FLOW – Creative Spark Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! your presence or practice.  Subscribe today.
    [Twitter] Tools and Apps with a Mobile Mindset – LIFT Clips
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. As we approach our customers and the content we publish, we always look for ways to give our people a boost using  the LIFT acronym. Here are a few videos that might help you in building a better business presence and a smoother work flow. LEARN – How to Resize and Crop Your Image on PicMonkey. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! IMPROVE – How to Create an Explainer Video with the Vidra App. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Click Here! Click Here! –. LIFT Video
    [Twitter] See the Forest Before Chopping the Tree
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Every business owner faces big projects of varying size and matter. Taking a big project one step at a time is a smart way to get through a forest of such projects. See the forest, one tree at a time. Still, what’s the end goal, the big picture? What tools, personnel, and resources are needed to complete each step? Too often, th0se questions are asked in reverse. Strategy comes before Tactic. Otherwise there’s a lot of doing, but little that gets done. Easier to measure, easier to manage. Photo on Pixabay by Miron.
    [Twitter] Small Business as Big Characters in Film
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. There are some good movies that take place in or around a small business. Sometimes, the business isn’t just the stage, but a pivotal character. Big Night – Family Restaurant. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Barber Shop – Neighborhood Barber Shop. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Moneyball – Small Market, Small Budget, Big Leagues. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Ghostbusters - Pest Control. Click Here! –.
    [Twitter] Examples of Explainer Videos – Not Always Animated
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Explainer videos continue to be a popular way to deliver a message to the marketplace.While many explainer videos are animated, a live person in the midst of a story (with small doses and several scene changes) can also be a great asset to your business marketing plan. Here are a few good examples: Urbansitter. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! AirBnB. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Dropbox. Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! Padmapper.
    [Twitter] A Cup of Coffee – is a Conversation Station
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. If you can find a place for your customers to gathe r, it builds a buzz around your business and keeps them coming back. - A gift shop offers coffee or tea to their walk-ins. They linger a bit while sharing conversation. Finding a conversation station in or about your business is an essential part of building a better business presence. Photo on pixabay by hdm1652. A Cup of Coffee – is a Conversation Station is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading A Cup of Coffee - is a Conversation Station !
    [Twitter] Short Steps are Better than Shortcuts
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. “The longest way round is the shortest way home.” ” ~ Proverbial wisdom. Many are thrust into free agency in this “ gig economy ” and are looking for shortcuts to success. Shopkeepers and small business owners who are just now getting into social media, realizing it’s not a fad, are looking for the quick wins. It really doesn’t work that way. If you want lasting success, take short steps, not shortcuts. Photo from pixabay. You just finished reading Short Steps are Better than Shortcuts
    [Twitter] Lessons on Wisdom, Risk, and Possibility (Saturday Clips)
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Occasionally, I will ask people a few questions that take us into what I would call “Bigger Small Talk”  The subjects of Wisdom, Risk, and Possibility are favorites because there are no two answers alike and it begins an extraction of belief systems and deep-rooted thinking. Here are a few clips that might stir-up your mind or answers to those very questions: What is Wisdom? Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here! What is Risk? Can''t see the video in your RSS reader or email? Click Here!
    [Twitter] New E-books for Subscribers to Whistle Stops Weekly
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Each month, an e-book is sent out to our  Whistle Stops Weekly subscribers. In addition to the newest e-book, subscribers receive links to previous editions they may have missed. Previous titles include: Having a Bias Towards Action. 25 Areas of Focus for 2014. Building a Presence with Community. How SmallBizTracks Works. This week, we are sending out and making available our newest title:   Collaborative Business Alliances – Adding a Fourth “C” For Better Balance. Consider leaving a comment!
    [Twitter] Start with a Taste on a Toothpick
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Whether it’s a new opportunity for you, or it’s something you’re offering to a new market, sometimes a taste on a toothpick is enough to get things rolling. The risk is lower, the reward potentially greater. Often it’s enough to satisfy curiosity, and a new decision comes with the new information. Start with a Taste on a Toothpick is a post from: ConverStations. You just finished reading Start with a Taste on a Toothpick ! Consider leaving a comment! Thoughtography]. Thoughtography
    [Twitter] Storytelling – Drawing From Your Own Experience [movie clip]
    Follow SmallBizTracks on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. A lot of buzz in business to build skills around storytelling. Some small business owners are natural at this – without even realizing it, really. Wondering how to be a good storyteller? There’s a scene in Magic of Belle Isle , a lesson in storytelling. Catch it?   “Draw from your own experiences.” ”   Almost like saying “ Listen to your Day.” ” In Saving Mr. Banks, there is a scene where Walt Disney, determined to capture the Mary Poppins story on film, assures author P.L.
    [Twitter] Movement Avoids Overwhelm
    Follow Mike Sansone on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Some of life’s biggest projects are best traveled in small steps. I’ve heard that relocation is one of the three most stressful times of life (along with a wedding and a funeral). Moving has so many … moving parts to it, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It would be easy to adopt an “I don’t know where to begin” attitude – a sticking point to getting stuck. Begin somewhere and maintain movement, focusing on one task at a time. The timing was quick, the total task was large.
    [Twitter] One Duck at a Time
    Follow Mike Sansone on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Ducks in a Row vs. Ducks in a Bunch. I’ve talked about this before. For most of us, getting your ducks lined up before you start something can be disabling. It’s like waiting for all the lights to turn green before you leave the house. While some folks need to move from Ducks in a Row to Ducks in a Bunch to get going, there are many others that need to take things One Duck at a Time. Maybe that’s you. That’s what we’re doing at Small Biz Tracks – one track at a time. photo credit: Ben124.
    [Twitter] A Non-Techie Way to Embed a YouTube Video
    Follow Mike Sansone on Twitter or Facebook or on Google+. Before the words “embed a video” can contort a face, I quickly soften the crinkling frown with “by simply pasting the URL” and smile. With almost every site I work with, we use the plugin Tentblogger’s Vimeo, YouTube, RSS Embed. It allows you, the publisher, to simply grab the URL of the video and paste it into a box. The video gets embedded without you having to mess with any “code” It allows your RSS readers to see a link to your page if they don’t see the video. Click Here!
  • KYLE LACY  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 2010
    [Twitter] Social Media: Number One Tool for Lead Generation
    Are you familiar with Twitter? We can all agree that social media is here to stay (at least for now)…but do we know why? Research indicates that many professionals implement social media to increase lead generation. In a new social media study , eMarketer stated: “According to virtual events provider Unisfair , social media is the top emerging channel for lead gen among technology marketers surveyed in May 2010.&#. The definition of lead generation alone is argument enough for using social media. This information will save you time, energy and money. Facebook? LinkedIn?
    [Twitter] Help bring clean water to the world's children!
    Twitter Commentary  - Join the AOC authors as we give a Bum Rush play-by-play on Twitter. Today is Blog Action Day.and this year's focus is water.  Which fits perfectly with our efforts to drive Age of Conversation sales -- all which benefit charity: water. Remember, 100% of the proceeds from the book sales goes directly to the non-profit's efforts. The Age of Conversation Official Charity – charity: water. The first piece of news is to confirm that the charity that benefits from each and every sale of each and every book, is charity: water. 
    [Twitter] We Are a World of Fledgling TV Stations
    People don’t exactly know what to share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, but we know we’re supposed to share something , because that’s what everyone else is doing. In the old Weird Al Yankovic movie, UHF (amazon affiliate link), the loose premise of the movie is that Al inherits a UHF tv channel that’s failing, and has to turn the ratings around to save the station. Soon, all kinds of strange shows come into existence, such as “Wheel of Fish,” a game show where you compete to win various fish (red snapper. Very tasty!). Programmer’s Guides.
    [Twitter] #techMAP Monday’s
    You can follow Tehneyat on Twitter @tehneyat. Apart from being in the buzzing vibrant city, I have particularly enjoyed the social media scene here, getting to know people, figuring out who’s who, what agency does what, who are Twitter’s cool kids in town and who aren’t! Tweet Written by Tehneyat who currently resides in London, United Kingdom from where she is blogging for Mindjumpers. Being in London for the past almost 7 weeks now has been an absolute pleasure. We live and we learn, and we find out what the real deal is all about. TechMAP events.
    [Twitter] How to apply social to marketing, membership and leadership at #audc13
    Maddie suggested building your Twitter audience by following the right types of people: people who are on the same lists as you, people your followers follow, people using industry hashtags and participating in industry chats, and trade press. Jamie and I facilitated two fishbowl sessions at AUDC a few days ago, and Jamie keynoted day two.  I was going to post a recap, but Deirdre Reid did it for me! Read her two recap posts here: I. What Social Business Means for Leadership – Jamie’s keynote. Throughout human history, we have been dependent on machines to survive.
    [Twitter] It’s the Season of Giving!
    Tweet us on Twitter , ”Like” us on Facebook , or Connect with us on LinkedIn and share some of your favorite holiday activities and traditions! It’s the Season of Giving, and here at CommPartners , we want to give you the inside scoop on some of our favorite things about the holiday season. went around the office and asked some of the staff: “What do you enjoy most about the holidays?”. Here is what they had to say: Patti, Administrative Specialist : I love visiting my family in Chesapeake, Virginia. The kids love to play board games while we sit around and play cards.
    [Twitter] Emergent Collaboration Vendor Review: oneDrum
    If you are vendor that would like to participate, please contact me (email is in the sidebar as is the twitter link). On Friday’s I’ll be reviewing a vendor in the emergent collaboration space and will provide an overview on that vendor which includes aspects from leadership and vision to technology and market focus. The goal of these posts is not to bash or praise vendors but to simply offer an objective view on what various vendors offer so that YOU can decide if they are a good fit for your business. Every post will cover the same elements for different vendors. Support. Pricing.
    [Twitter] 9 Practical Ways to Start Attracting an Audience to Your New Social Media Account
    the Facebook Like button or Twitter tweet button ). Last week we talked about what type of social media account you should set up. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll want to start building an audience straight away. Remember, the value in social media is the depth of the personal connections you make, not the number of people who you’re connected to. You don’t want to get followers quickly—you want to build an audience. They are two different approaches with two different results. How to start building an audience on a new social media account. 1. Add social sharing buttons.
    [Twitter] B2B Marketing and Social Media – Close, But No Cigar. Yet… - Danny.
    Why would you give all that away in a hurry when all you’re seeing when you look at social media are ‘Fan numbers’ and ‘Twitter Followers’ etc – the relationships behind the numbers are not always obvious. Twitter and B2B marketing - Topic Research, Trends and Surveys says: July 16, 2010 at 2:05 pm [.] a better take a look at social media networks and how … market research, surveys and trends B2B Marketing and Social Media – Close, But No Cigar. Back to Business and Thank You Response to Barbara Talismans Misinformed 12for12k Post Is Twitter Killing Blog Comments?
    [Twitter] Did you know that 47% of people regularly skip breakfast during the week?
    Post a photo of your breakfast on Twitter using the hashtag  #BreakfastWatch  to win a 5* UK hotel break or glamping trip. It’s breakfast week! . Did you know breakfast eaters tend to be slimmer than breakfast skippers? The average time we eat breakfast is 7:58am. This morning I had buttered toasted teacakes… What do you eat for breakfast?…anything …anything bizarre? breakfast breakfast week
    [Twitter] Tip: Sometimes you need to kill Lightbox in Blogger : Blogger Xpertise
    Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Blogger Xpertise. Blogger sites that go beyond the basic template, showing you how to make your Blogger site just as amazing. About Us. Portfolio Pieces. Blogger Tips. Hangouts on Air. Submitted Questions. Opinion Pieces. Templates. Contact Us. Follow by Email. Subscribe To. Posts. Posts. Comments. Comments. Google+ Followers. Upcoming Events. Join us for our free weekly Hangout On Air event called the Friday Request Line, providing Blogger discussion, assistance, and helpful suggestions. Loading. Post Topics. Atom/RSS feeds. Contact/submission forms.
    [Twitter] Featured Blogger Site: Pinch Gallery : Blogger Xpertise
    Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Blogger Xpertise. Blogger sites that go beyond the basic template, showing you how to make your Blogger site just as amazing. About Us. Portfolio Pieces. Blogger Tips. Hangouts on Air. Submitted Questions. Opinion Pieces. Templates. Contact Us. Follow by Email. Subscribe To. Posts. Posts. Comments. Comments. Google+ Followers. Upcoming Events. Join us for our free weekly Hangout On Air event called the Friday Request Line, providing Blogger discussion, assistance, and helpful suggestions. Loading. Post Topics. Atom/RSS feeds. Contact/submission forms.
    [Twitter] It’s Time to Reboot NonProfit 2.0
    Unconference (on Twitter at nonprofit20 ) will be DC’s only unconference dedicated to the social cause space. After one hell of a blizzard and four months, Allyson Kapin , Shireen Mitchell and I are ready to finally host the first ever NonProfit 2.0 Unconference. This sold out Friday June 25th event will be held at SEIU in downtown DC. What better way to kick off the first Friday of summer then with fun wonky chats about change for our society with the people trying to improve it. The event has already attracted some high caliber talent. Specifically, NonProfit 2.0 The Nonprofit 2.0
    [Twitter] Killer Startup Idea: CrowdQuest White Label Platform for.
    Gauravonomics Blog For Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists How To Organize and Energize Your Evangelists Blog Speaking Writing Bio Media Subscribe Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Facebook IdeaSliver Labs Tumblr « Are We Becoming Digital Nomads? Follow the blog on RSS , Twitter or Facebook and youll never miss a post again! link] Gauravonomics Three killer startup ideas: CrowdQuest [link] Get Together [link] Challenger [link] This comment was originally posted on Twitter [link] JoshuaKahn Hey Guarav, I'm picking nits here, but Best Buy IdeaX was built by Best Buy.
    [Twitter] HT Article on Bloggers as Opinion Leaders | Gauravonomics Blog For.
    Gauravonomics Blog For Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists How To Organize and Energize Your Evangelists Blog Speaking Writing Bio Media Subscribe Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Facebook IdeaSliver Labs Tumblr « Game Mechanics in Education: Leveling Up With Class Blogs My Guardian Activate Talk on How the Crisis of Capability and the Crisis of Caring Collide in India » HT Article on Bloggers as Opinion Leaders Welcome to the Gauravonomics Blog for Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Activists ! Iwon’t find those kinds of details in the papers.&# It’s suffocating,”shes ays.“Blogs
    [Twitter] Traffic: Stop Thinking in Numbers, Start Thinking in Words
    Why is no one following me on Twitter? read ProBlogger for two years before I gave Mr Rowse any cash, but when I purchased his audio book from iTunes I recommended the product afterwards on Twitter to 5,000 people. Recently I’ve been writing down the frequently asked questions from my SEO clients. Here’s a few you may recognize: How much traffic do I need to make $10,000 a month in revenue? How do I get people to click like on my Facebook page? Are the only people online successful because they are famous? How many links do I need to hit page one on Google?
    [Twitter] Teach, or Your Blog Will Die
    You can catch more on Twitter. This guest post is by Martyn Chamberlin of Two Hour Blogger. What separates your blog from thousands of others in your niche? What are you doing that’s different? Why would people prefer your blog over others? Like most writers, that question may make you freeze for a minute. You can feel your insides going numb. Your face starts turning green. What’s different about you? You can’t think of anything right off the bat. You’ve lived with yourself for a long time, and you’re used to it. You’re just an average guy.
    [Twitter] Five Myths of Community Management | Brass Tack Thinking
    Social Networking Is All We Do I spend time on Twitter, blogs, Facebook, forums, and social networking sites as part of my job. And I most certainly do not get paid to just hang out on Twitter and chat all day long (as fun as that might be in theory). The social channels for me, especially Twitter, are like the phone to me. The difference is that Twitter and blogs and other social networks are communities of their own, so it’s a many-to-many atmosphere that brings additional value through continued participation. But it’s not all I do. What Say You?
    [Twitter] Look For A Member's Experience And Expertise
    Identify their LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google+ page. Do some research into the last 10 members that registered. Look up their names, usernames or e-mail addresses on Google. Identify where they are from, what they talk about, who they work for, what profession they work in, and anything else of interest.    Look specifically for things they have done in the past that could be useful to the community.   This is exactly the type of expertise we want in the community. We drop them an e-mail to ask if they would be willing to write a short piece about the topic.
    [Twitter] Digital Innovation: How Millennials are Redefining Work
    Meet me over on  Twitter  to take the conversation further. Connect with Jeff on  LinkedIn ,  Twitter ,  Facebook , and  Google+. Meet me over on  Twitter  to take the conversation further. This is Episode 55 of  This Old New Business  weekly  business podcast with Jeff Korhan. In this episode, listen in as we have an interesting conversation with speaker, author and podcaster Ryan Jenkins about how to better lead, communicate, engage, and market to the Millennials and Generation Z (the post-Millennial generation). The Boundaryless Generation. Key Take-Aways.
    [Twitter] Turning Free Content Into Revenue
    In my post last week ( Would you pay for Twitter? ) I got a comment from a reader who asked: “Here’s my question, if you are a business and offer a lot of things for free, how do you parley that into appropriate revenue without disengaging your audience?&#. Something above and beyond the products and services that gives your customers a reason to visit your place of business or website, or follow you on Twitter , or friend you on Facebook (this list goes on and on). That is a very good question, and one that every business (or would-be business) should be asking. mentality.
    [Twitter] Holiday Sales Ringing Up Via Social Media
    With more than 600,000 Twitter followers, Walmart tweets questions, requests retweets and answers customers questions and concerns. Currently they are offering free layaway, which can be used on products like the 4k tv , and are advertising via Twitter; Offer holiday tips and tricks.Retailers know that even though shopping is a main event during the holiday season, it’s not the only event. Many major retailers are relying on social media to attract more customers, keep their current customer base and beat out their competition. How to Promote Online. The result?
    [Twitter] 31 Unexpected Perks of Blogging You’ll Never Want to Give Up
    Follow him on Twitter or join his Facebook page and stay connected. This guest post is by Uttoran Sen of You’ve got it! You’re officially a Have in a world of Have-nots! What do you have? It’s probably not money, fame, or tax-write-offs disguised as corporate jets. It’s something more powerful. You have a blog. And a darn fine one at that. If you’ve said before that you’ll never give up blogging—surprise! You’re probably right! Giving up a good thing is next-to-impossible. So it’s not a surprise to discover that blogging isn’t the sort of thing you just stop doing.
  • JEFF ESPOSITO  |  FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2011
    [Twitter] Five for Friday
    The lost origin of Twitter – This Gizmodo piece made the cut this week, because it took me down memory lane – to a world of less connected and wired in devices that evolved into my favorite social platform. This means that companies only track where the person purchasing came in on, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, email or paid search. Man this week flew by. One morning we were pitching the Small Business Happiness Index from Vistaprint , the next I was sitting home with my son as Mrs. Espo enjoyed a night off checking out the Red Sox. How was your week? What is it for you?
    [Twitter] Can Social Media Solve the Global Economic Crisis?
    link] Twitter: vanceOpel alltop Social Media Today Categories Branding Creative Agencies Government Leadership Marketing Measurement Media Non Profit PR Social Media Twitter Subscribe in a reader Add me to your TypePad People list « There are Robots Amongst Us | Main | Hijacking Brands » March 13, 2009 Can Social Media Solve the Global Economic Crisis? Twitter Updates follow me on Twitter Recent Posts Will Facebook Places Have Relevancy? Elastic Thought About My Other Accounts Facebook: 690281596 Other.: link] Other.: link] Other.: Probably not. 
  • VIPER CHILL  |  MONDAY, JULY 19, 2010
    [Twitter] Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy
    Here is the data from this post as a visual representation: If you enjoyed this post, you can: Save on Delicious Share on Facebook Print > [link] title="Click to send this page to Twitter!" Home What the F ? Cloud Living Say "Hi!" You are here: ViperChill » SEO » Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy Conquering Big Industries: My Bulletproof SEO Strategy Written by Glen, this post has 126 Comments Generally speaking, the more traffic you can get to a website the more money you can make. The reason I do this is very simple. This is very popular in the UK.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 26, 2011
    [Twitter] Finding the Rhythm of Blogging
    read on twitter. You can follow Guide2Office on Facebook or Twitter. This guest post is by Stephanie Krishnan of play the African drum: an instrument called the djembe. I’ve been playing it since 2005. Until last year I used to play it as often as four times a week with a local group. My husband requested that I reduce the frequency of my playing (as it took a lot of time away from our time together: he travels a lot for his work). Initially I resisted, however, now I play very infrequently—probably only once every three months when he’s out of town.
    [Twitter] Top 10 Things That Can Hurt Your Blog
    Simple ways to do this is by replying to comments left on your blog, as well as interacting via other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. This guest post was written by Arie Rich , Editor of KMP Blog. Blogging for two plus years I have played around with stuff to see what works and doesn’t for my blog. have tried every item on this list and this has brought me to share with you the top 10 things that can hurt your blog in the long run, from a KMP perspective. 1. The Blogroll. I am not a huge fan of the blogroll. There are pros and cons about having one. Umm… I don’t think so.
    [Twitter] Show 331 - How to rise and be really successful
    If you have feedback for me on the show or topics that you would like me to cover then e-mail me at or join me on  twitter. Show 331 of  The Engaging Brand leadership and marketing podcast is ready  just for  you. To subscribe or listen for  free , you don't need to download anything and all explained at the end of the post. Patty shares her ideas from " RISE: How to be really successful AND like your life. " We talk about. How being successful is not about doing a good job but about how to break through the barriers of your job. What is the networking paradox?
    [Twitter] Show 318 - How to get the job you want
    If you have feedback for me on the show or topics that you would like me to cover then e-mail me at or join me on  twitter. Show 318 of  The Engaging Brand leadership and marketing podcast is ready  just for  you. To subscribe or listen for  free , you don't need to download anything and all explained at the end of the post. Elinor Stutz speaker, author and CEO of  Smoothsale joins   Anna Farmery on  The Engaging Brand podcast  to talk about how to find the right job and the right  employer. We talk about her new book,  “ HIRED! Elinor Stutz speaker, author.
    [Twitter] How to Create More Content for Your Blog and Kill 2 Birds With 1 Stone
    For example, I often find myself doing the same thing as I answer questions in forums, on Twitter or Facebook, in the comments on my blog—even the questions I see other bloggers asking on their blogs. “Darren, do you have any tips for creating more content for my blog? have grown my blog to become reasonably successful but as it grows find myself with more and more requests and questions from readers that take me away from writing content. What should I do?&# —William. Hi William and thanks for the question. I do have one tip that comes to mind that I hope you find useful. Darren.
    [Twitter] The Five Worst Ways to Title a Blog Post
    Ask your Twitter followers what they’d expect to get from an article with that title—you’ll soon know if your title overpromises. 5. Post titling seems to be something of sacred territory for many bloggers. We feel that the title contains the essence of our post, and therefore, it’s the essence of ourselves—our personalities, our messages, our brands. On the other hand, we see a lot of post titles on the Web, and there appears to be endless variation available to us. Always follow a formula. If you do, your titles may all end up sounding similar. Look very closely.
    [Twitter] Podcast 396 - Why you don't need harmony in building a team
    love to hear your thoughts so email me, , join me on  twitter  or join me on to discuss it on  Google+. This week's  The Engaging Brand podcast  covering social media , business ideas and brand marketing tips , is ready to download. Mark de Rond ,  from the University of Cambridge  and specialises in studying people by living with them under similar conditions, to try and understand how and why their world makes sense, earning a Imagination Lab Award for Innovative Scholarship,  joins Anna Farmery to discuss There is an I in Team.
    [Twitter] Podcast 393 - Effective Communication in a Virtual World
    love to hear your thoughts so email me, , join me on  twitter , leave a message at The Engaging Brand Fan Page or join me on to discuss it on  Google+. This week's  The Engaging Brand podcast  covering social media , business ideas and brand marketing tips , is ready to download. Debra Benton is a powerful speaker/consultant/author who has been in business successfully for over 30 years having founded Benton Management Resources in 1976 and today she joins  Anna Farmery   to talk about being an effective Virtual Executive. We discuss communication skills in.
  • PROBLOGGER  |  MONDAY, JULY 15, 2013
    [Twitter] Magic 5-Step Plan To Writing a Post That Will Easily Win Pulitzer Prize
    My RSS reader pretty much illustrates the point: Same thing with updates on Twitter or Facebook or search listings in Google ­ in every case the headline is what you see first. This is a guest contribution by Tim Soulo. I bet the next sentence will totally blow your mind! Ready? Though… I think a bit of preparation wouldn’t hurt. No really, when I told this to my friend the other day he had a heart attack and I had to drive him to the hospital (he’s ok now btw). But you just have to know that! This is probably the most important piece of advice in your whole career. Literally.
    [Twitter] Riding The News: Cicada Hunt 2014
    The 2014 hunt is currently underway, launched by a clue on Twitter on January 6 th. If you do a Google search for the term “cicada 2014”, you will find my that my blog post comes up first page. This is not a fluke. used a technique that I call “Riding the News” in order generate massive traffic and  to jump my site up to the top of the SERP. What is the Cicada Hunt? If you’re  not interested in code-breaking and complex puzzles, you might not know about the annual Cicada 3301 hunt. No company or official organization has ever claimed responsibility. Good luck.’.
    [Twitter] Fail Forward
    Scott is also on Twitter and Facebook. I’m not so much a fan of Seth Godin’s blog as I am of his books (I think the focus in his books is better than the blog which often I find too ethereal). However, I found this post on failure from him to be very good. Seth writes on the levels of failure that we should have: FAIL OFTEN: Ideas that challenge the status quo. Proposals. Brainstorms. Concepts that open doors. FAIL FREQUENTLY: Prototypes. Spreadsheets. Sample ads and copy. FAIL OCCASIONALLY: Working mockups. Playtesting sessions. Board meetings. You have to fail to succeed.
    [Twitter] Web Analytics 2.0 – It’s Not All About the Web.
    Connect with Bill on  LinkedIn , or follow him on  Twitter. Bill Harriss. By now, most marketers have embraced the digital channel and the fact that a majority of consumers are spending a significant amount of time playing, researching, transacting and communicating on the Web. According to “Advertising Age’s 2010 Digital Market Facts&# (Feb 22, 2010), Internet spending as a percent of all U.S. marketing spend is estimated to reach over 20% by 2012. This will represent well over $150 Billion in marketing dollars allocated to interactive! So we all know we need to be on the Web.
    [Twitter] Is Multichannel Marketing Really “Dual-Channel” Marketing?
    Connect with Kenyon on  LinkedIn or follow him on  Twitter. Kenyon Blunt. With the clamor in the marketing world about multichannel marketing, it recently dawned on me that most so-called multichannel marketing is more like “dual-channel” marketing.  The campaigns that I’ve seen usually combine two symbiotic channels such as website and email, website and bricks and mortar, email and phone, direct mail and phone, print and PURL, etc.  My guess is that way over half of all multichannel campaigns actually involve only two channels. Why is this important?  Embrace dual-channel campaigns.
    [Twitter] 37 Brands, One Big Game Ad: Newcastle Crowdfunds Their Super Bowl Ad
    Plus, the rise in popularity of social media has spawned in-kind deals offering placements on another brand’s Facebook, Twitter, etc. It was exciting to follow along as Newcastle launched the campaign and proceeded to tease out the participating brands on Twitter leading into the big reveal during the Big Game. Leading into the Super Bowl, Newcastle Brown Ale generated headlines in many publications (including this fabulous blog ) for innovatively testing brand-to-brand crowdfunding to help pay for and appear in the company’s coveted “Big Game” ad. You be the judge.
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