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  • [Twitter] B2B Blogging Trends in 2011
    pro- moting blog posts through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and social bookmarking sites), and the majority of business bloggers al- ready get that. Blog: [link] Twitter: @TomPick 11 Tony Karrer and Tom PickB2B Blogging Trends in 2011 ABouT The AuThor Tony Zambito. Blog: [link] Twitter: @TonyZambito 12 Tony Karrer and Tom PickB2B Blogging Trends in 2011 JeFF. Blog: [link] Twitter: @fearlesscomp B logging positions the company as a. options for RSS, Twitter, and email and place. Blog: [link] Twitter: @HJSewell Title blog. outweigh the use of Twitter in.
  • [Twitter] Quantifying the Value of Social Media Engagement in B2B Marketing
    like Twitter and Facebook are low on. channels like Twitter. By actively monitoring twitter. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to share. Entire content © 2012 Gleanster, LLC. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction prohibited. Note: This document is intended for individual. Electronic distribution via email or by post- ing on a personal website is in violation of the. terms of use. June 2012 About the Pie Chart The data presented in the pie. chart is derived from the Q2 2012. Gleansight benchmark report on. Campaign Management (n=263). topic. studies.
  • [Twitter] The Complete Guide to AUDIENCE ANALYSIS on Social Media
    You conduct regular analysis of your own Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, but are you doing all you can to get to know your varied social audiences
  • [Twitter] Twitter for Business: Everything You Need to Know
    Using Twitter requires a lot more effort than just sharing a link and throwing in a hashtag or two
  • [Twitter] The Complete Guide to Twitter Analytics
    For marketing professionals in mid-sized companies to learn how to analyze the metrics that matter
  • [Twitter] Social Marketing: How to Build an Employee Advocacy Program
    This eBook will help employees use LinkedIn and Twitter to drive brand awareness, traffic, and leads
  • [Twitter] How to Build a Twitter Content Calendar
    Learn best practices for understanding your Twitter audience and how to build a Twitter content calendar
  • [Twitter] Five Best Practices for Achieving Social Media ROI
    From Facebook and Twitter to blogs and videos, social media has become part and parcel of modern marketing efforts
  • [Twitter] LeadTail Social Insights Report: How Top Marketers at Mid‐Size Companies Engage on Twitter
    Selling to marketers? Download this report and get to know the social media habits of marketing decision-makers at mid-size companies
  • [Twitter] Twitter User Guide -- Useful Commands and Shortcuts
    With this cheat sheet you will receive daily updates in your email for free, courtesy of Make Tech Easier
  • [Twitter] Twitter: Best Practices and Tips
    If you've felt like tweeting for quite some time now, but didn't know where to start, this guide is for you
  • [Twitter] 21 Social Media Updates & Advancements to Inspire Your 2013 Strategy
    Although Twitter and LinkedIn ended their relationship, they both worked to make segmentation easier. Meanwhile, Facebook bought Instagram and took strides towards making global marketing easier. Now it's time to integrate these updates swiftly into your marketing strategy. We're already into 2013, so take this time to learn about these updates and make this year the year your business crack social media. Hubspot would like to help out by sharing the 21 biggest updates and advancements from 2012.
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