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How Would You Spend 30 Minutes On Social Media?

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Most of us spend a lot more than 30 minutes on social media, but many of us wish we could figure out how to do it. All of the different platforms and rabbit trails are a time-sucker if you aren’t careful, but social media is part of the way business operates these days and so I was interested to see Kevan Lee’s look at the best way to spend 30 minutes of your time on social media marketing. Twelve Things Social Media Managers Do. There are at least a dozen tasks that any good social media manager has to maintain.

3 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Calendar

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You do have a social media calendar , don’t you? Make your social media content a part of your overall content marketing, or editorial, calendar. Follow these three tips for making your social media and content calendar more effective. Brainstorm blog posts and social media topics that you can use for that month. Stop posting on the fly and put your social media content on the calendar where it belongs. Put your social media content into a spreadsheet so you can track when to post it and where.

Why Social Media Is a Must

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Social media marketing is a necessity in today’s online marketing world. The only question to answer now is, which social media sites are most appropriate for your brand? Why Social Media Is Necessary. Social media has become a marketing channel of its own. Therefore, if you have any of the following business goals or practices in place, then you should consider a social media presence: You have an e-commerce or sell your products online. How to Do Social Media Effectively. You should be there too.

Social Media As Brand Awareness

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61% of marketing agencies see social media as primarily a brand awareness tool while 64% of agency clients see it as a brand awareness tool. Respondents to a survey by Econsultancy were allowed to pick two channel categories under which they consider social media to fall. didn’t participate in this survey, but I think I would have answered along with the majority of marketing agencies and selected brand awareness and content marketing as the two primary purposes for social media. Among those channels included: Brand awareness. Marketing campaign.

Social Media Automation 101

A beginner's guide to social media automation tools and getting automation right

Using Social Media And Charity For Indirect Marketing

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If you troll the social media websites – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and various social bookmarking websites – you’ll find a lot of online marketers just posting links to their content. like the thinking that went into this social media campaign. But you don’t have to have a household name to be effective at using social media for community service projects. Social Media charity online marketingIt’s pretty bland. But what if these marketers took a different approach? Like John Deere.

Using Video Marketing To Boost SEO

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Given the emphasis on social media in search algorithms, the answer has to be a big yes. For a video to do well in social media, it needs to be shareable, and heavily branded videos aren’t really shareable.  Video Marketing SEO Social Media Viral MarketingIs video marketing a useful SEO tool? Strategic branding is the vital factor now.

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12 Winning Facebook Tactics

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Social Media facebook facebook tactics social media marketing Tracking & AnalyticsIf you are a business on Facebook these days, you know that it is a lot like surfing: If you caught the wave and stayed on top, you are riding high, but if you missed it, you are treading water and looking for the next wave to catch. Fortunately, for those of us who feel like we are doing the doggie paddle, Search Engine Journal just gave us 12 Facebook Tactics Working Right Now. Share Quote Photos — you know those pretty pictures with the inspiring words?

Are You A Social Media-Savvy Leader? You Should Be!

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I just came across an interesting survey, BRANDfog’s 2014: The Global, Social CEO. This annual look at social media engagement in the C-Suite explores the changing role of a business leader’s involvement with social media by surveying 1000 employees in both the UK and the US. Here’s the three results from this year’s 15-question survey: Social CEOs make better leaders — and agreement with this statement has jumped from 45% in 2012 to 75% in 2013. Size Does Not Matter. Business Leaders Take Note.

Social Media Marketing GPS

SMGPS will tell you the why & how to use social media for marketing, 1 tweet at a time. You'll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls

Measuring Social Media ROI | Small Business Mavericks

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» Measuring Social Media ROI Neil Glassman has a great article at Social Times titled “10 Measures Of Social Media ROI For Your Brand.&# I highly recommend you read this article. Rather than write a synopsis of the article or reveal the 10 measures, I’m simply going to highlight three of them, which I consider to be uncommon uses of social media.

5 Components to Online Branding

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Social media – There is a lot to social media than simply sharing links. Your presence on social media is itself a branding activity and you should think of it as such. Consider whether you should set up social media accounts in your company’s name or in your own name. If you operate as a sole proprietor, it might be your benefit to brand yourself socially using your personal name. Branding online branding search engine optimization Social Media websiteThe basics are the same. Maybe, both.

Introducing LinkedIn Showcase Pages

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Now, LinkedIn has rolled out an additional level of social media for companies with multiple brands and divisions called Showcase Pages. For help in creating your Showcase Page, ask about Small Business Mavericks’ social media service. Social Media company page LinkedIn Showcase Pages Companies doing business on LinkedIn have been able to connect with audiences through business pages. In order to use Showcase Pages you first need to have a company page. Enterprise businesses will find it easy to implement Showcase Pages.

8 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

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Social media can be fun. But if you are using social media to promote your business, here are eight ways to make it pay off no matter how much time you spend on it. Create a posting schedule – You can keep your social media content focused by providing a calendar or content schedule. Know which piece of content you plan to post on each day and rotate them around so that you post different content pieces on different social media accounts on different days of the week. Set yourself a time limit – Social media can be distracting.

Why Most Businesses Fail At Social Media Marketing

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They look at social media like Facebook and Twitter and think wow – I can promote my business as much as I want, it’s as easy as pressing a few keys. Their social media marketing campaigns have failed miserably and they are at a loss to understand why. One of the main attractions with social media is the perception that this a free marketing channel. Those who are most successful in their social media marketing endeavors are those who are prepared to invest in their marketing, just as they did before switching to the Internet.

How to Be Social: A Social Media Manifesto

Learn the 10 worst social media marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

10 Essential Online Tools for Small Business Owners

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Hootsuite – If you do a lot of social media posting, Hootsuite will make it more efficient for you by allowing you to post to all of your accounts from one dashboard. If you do any business online, or if you are a small business owner in the 21st century, you should be familiar with basic online tools that will allow you to run your business, market your business, and interact with your customers. Here are 10 of the best online tools for doing all of the above. Freshbooks – A great service for sending invoices, tracking the time you spend on projects, and more.

9 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Have To Make

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It’s pretty hard to be involved with social media and never make a mistake — not even a teensy weensy one. On the other hand, when a business is trying to invest wisely in social media marketing, the stakes are higher, and mistakes can be harder to overcome. One of the reasons social media marketing is so powerful is because it enables a “faceless” corporation to become a friend. Bob Hutchins recently shared a nice infographic on BuzzPlant that looks at 9 Mistakes Businesses Make On Social Media , and the list looks easy to do.

3 Steps To Powerful LinkedIn Page Optimization

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Social Media LinkedIn LinkedIn optimization LinkedIn page social media optimization website traffic One of the most powerful tools for marketing your business is a LinkedIn page, but what do you know about optimizing your page? It’s an art, not a science. Here are three ways you can better optimize your LinkedIn business page and drive more traffic to your website. Share updates often – Some people say to post updates to your LinkedIn page just once a day. Some people say do it once a day. Keep the content relevant and post it often.

6 Warning Signs That Your Hat Is Turning Black

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And Search Engine Journal’s Albert Costill just took a look at how black hat social media can hurt your business. Along with some great observations, these 6 warning signs were mentioned: paying people to be active on your social media content with likes, comments, subscribes, or clicks. creating false social media profiles to increase activity or get information. They all are attempts to create fake numbers on your social media. It’s better to focus on developing leads from social media  wearing the white hat of legitimacy.

8 Stupid Simple Social Media Tricks to Boost SEO

Discover just how easy it is to boost SEO with social media

Caroline Melberg – Best Thinker?

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But according to one media website online – Social Media Today – I’m one of the Web’s best thinkers on social media. It’s been reprinted by Social Media Today. Social Media Today is an independent online community for PR and marketing professionals. PR for Small Business marketing PR Quora Social Media TwitterI’m no Einstein. know that. Yee-haw! Remember the article I wrote on Quora , the one comparing it to Twitter? Yeah, that one. And it’s getting a lot of traction to boot.

Is E-mail Marketing More Effective Than Social Media Marketing?

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» Is E-mail Marketing More Effective Than Social Media Marketing? What may surprise many small business owners is that social media marketing is so far down the list, especially when it comes to two-way communications. This compared to only 8% for search engines and 5% for social media. About Us What’s a Maverick? Are The Yellow Pages Outdated?

Google Places, Google+ Local, And You

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Well, one of the things that has changed about Google in the last year is a strong emphasis on a social media service called Google+. In the first month of its existence Google+ became the fastest growing social media website ever. What you should realize is that people who are in your Google+ social circles are more likely to see your content if it matches a search query they enter into Google and they haven’t turned their personalization features off. Local Internet Marketing google Google Local local businesses Social Media

5 Ways To Get More LinkedIn Leads

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LinkedIn has become one of the most popular social media networks. LinkedIn is a social network for businesses. Social Media lead generation LinkedIn social networking But, like any other network, if you don’t work it, then you can’t expect to get anything out of it. So how do you work LinkedIn to get more leads? Here are 5 of the most important things to do today on LinkedIn to help you get more business leads. Complete your profile – This is a no-brainer. Start with making sure your profile is complete. Don’t pass on it.

The Content Marketing Survival Guide: How to Navigate the Wilds of Social Media

Use this guide to inspire your creativity and ignite more successful and sustainable social media conversations

2014 Is The Year Of Social Metrics

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If you’ve been paying attention to the rise of social media in the past few years, then you know that Facebook has risen to be the No. site online, and you may know that social media traffic has been on a steady rise, as well. In fact, some websites are now reporting that they are receiving more traffic from social media than from search engines. Other social media sites that do well in sending traffic to websites include: YouTube. Still, if you can drive targeted traffic to your website from social media, then you are doing well.

The Most Important Thing About Social Media

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Internet marketing and social media are intertwined because the technology is overlapping. Social Media Has Responsive Power. Social media has a potential for interaction that is powerful. There are debates about the marketing value of social media because it can’t be measured any more than you can accurately measure the way word-of-mouth spreads. We’ve talked about how fast a social media response should be. The reason there needs to be a response in social media marketing is because of the power of interaction.

Who Profits From Social Media?

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According to an article on My Edmonds News website, small businesses stand to profit more from social media than big businesses or corporations. So what is meant by social media? If you are a local business and you are interested in connecting with potential clients locally, you might find a social networking site or forum that services your local area.

How To Market Your Business With A Blog

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And one more thing is certain – social networking is the most popular thing on the Internet. Blogs are like websites, but you have social interaction with your viewers. Small Business Internet Marketing advertising blog blogging content google internet marketing keywords online marketing SEO Social MediaEverywhere you turn, you can hear someone talking about a blog. Whether they are writing a blog or they are reading a blog, one thing is for sure. Blogs are wildly popular. You might as well jump on the bandwagon and market your business this way.

Where Should You Spend Your Marketing Time? | Small Business Mavericks

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Are you making the most use of your time as a marketer? I’d be willing to bet that most online marketers are spending too much time on social media or unproductive channels. Social media is fun. Social media is good. About the Mavericks | Services | Social Media | Proffessional Speaking | Resources | Case Studies | Why Small Business Mavericks?

Are You Ready For The Social Media Slow Down?

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Social Times is predicting that social media marketing is going to get harder , not easier. I can see their point, and I agree. In the past few years, social media have been growing. So if growth of the social media platforms is going to slow down, what’s that mean for marketers? About Us What’s a Maverick? That translates into more discerning.

What Is An Integrated Marketing Plan?

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They may pick and choose their favorite social media sites and develop a presence, maybe even build a page for their business. In other words, establish the goal of your social media strategy within the context of your overall marketing plan. Small Business Internet Marketing integrated marketing marketing marketing plan marketing strategy online marketing social media marketing There is marketing and then there is integrated marketing. The latter involves a bit more strategy, though a simple marketing plan is not necessarily void of strategic planning.

Should You Post To Twitter Daily? | Small Business Mavericks

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The question arises often about how often is often enough when posting to the popular social media sites – particularly Facebook and Twitter. good rule of thumb for posting on the social media sites is to spend 15 minutes twice a day on each one. About Us What’s a Maverick? Can you post too often or not often enough? The answer to both questions is yes.

What's An Internet Marketing Strategy Consist Of? | Small Business.

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About the Mavericks | Services | Social Media | Proffessional Speaking | Resources | Case Studies | Why Small Business Mavericks? About Us What’s a Maverick? Why Quora Is The New Twitter » What’s An Internet Marketing Strategy Consist Of? If you’re new to Internet marketing and you’re not sure what an IM package might consist of, relax.

How To Edit Your Facebook Look Back Video

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Social Media facebook video It’s only been a few days since Facebook released its Look Back video for users. The video goes back through your Facebook history from the past 10 years and highlights the most liked, commented on, and shared items in your timeline. That is, the most popular items that you’ve shared with your friends and fans. There’s just one problem with this. Not all of those items may be the most significant events to have happened to you during that time. What if you started a business and posted that event to your Facebook timeline?

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Types Of HTML 5 Content | Small Business Mavericks

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fully entrenched and almost every website these days taking on social features, these content categories will likely become more widely used as HTML 5 makes it easier for web developers to incorporate them into their site designs. About the Mavericks | Services | Social Media | Proffessional Speaking | Resources | Case Studies | Why Small Business Mavericks? With Web 2.0

Types 96

It's All About The Reputation

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You can do link building, focus on SEO, engage with your target audience through social media, specialize in Facebook, pay for clicks, or use a combination of all of the above or add some other channels into the mix as well. It means you update your website on a periodic basis, you engage with customers through social media, you write articles and publish them online.

8 Metrics You Should Keep Your Eyes On

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Tracking & Analytics facebook metrics search engines Social Media Twitter How do you know if you’re improving if you don’t measure anything? Success online isn’t necessarily measured by how many likes you have and how much traffic you get to your website, but if you don’t know those things, then you probably have no point of reference for how successful your online marketing is. Here are 8 key metrics you should keep an eye on and know off the top of your head. New visitors are new prospects. You should know how many people are liking it.

Your First Small Business Step To Online Marketing

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recommend starting with ONE social media website. Preferably, you’ll do enough research on the social media sites before joining one to figure out where your target audience has a large presence. If you pick one social media site, then you can spend 10-15 minutes a day checking in. Small Business Internet Marketing online marketing small business Social MediaI’ve changed my thinking over the years about how small businesses can make that first all-important step to achieving an online presence. They aren’t stupid.