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  • FEVER BEE  |  SUNDAY, APRIL 14, 2013
    [Social Media] FeverBee is hiring a Community Advocate
    We’re looking for someone that can build positive relationships with a range of groups/organizations, help promote and advocate the use of social sciences in communities, and take on and deliver projects to completion. Please no Klout-obsessed social media junkies. 'In our quest to help people build better communities, we’re once again expanding our team. This time we’re looking for an advocate of best practices, someone that strongly believes in the power of communities and wants to bring proven practice to a range of different sectors.   Benefits of FeverBee.
    [Social Media] 24 Things I Do When Launching a New Blog
    You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » 24 Things I Do When Launching a New Blog 24 Things I Do When Launching a New Blog Written by Glen, this post has 108 Comments Launching a new blog is very daunting for some whilst very exciting for others. Not only that, but you can easily setup email subscriptions and insert social bookmarking links directly into your feed. submit to a well known social bookmarking site) just to get it spidered quickly. I’ve just launched my new home, ‘THoTA’, with some social aggregator features. SEO 18.
    [Social Media] Social’s Ripple Effect
    Being and using social has a ripple effect. The ripple effect in sociology can be observed how social interactions can affect situations not directly related to the initial interaction. Social technology fuels activities where information can be disseminated and passed from community to community to broaden it’s impact. An important element of individual and organizational ability to build productive market relations is the possession of social acumen that supports effective communication and relationships. The Ripple Effects of Social Acumen.
    [Social Media] The Predictable Success Contest
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Jul 08 2010 The Predictable Success Contest By Gini Dietrich | Email | Print | 1 Comment | Did I mention we’re going to have more contests and giveaways? think I did! He has been kind enough to donate 10 books to us to giveaway to you!
    [Social Media] Help Us End Malaria Deaths in Africa
    Arment Dietrich Overview Expertise Resources Gini Dietrich News Media Center Careers Contact Follow US Facebook Linkedin RSS Feed Twitter YouTube Share Categories Communication Social Media Advertising Entrepreneur SEO Marketing Marketplace COMMUNICATION / SOCIAL MEDIA / ADVERTISING / ENTREPRENEUR / SEO / MARKETING Aug 11 2010 Help Us End Malaria Deaths in Africa By Molli Megasko | Email | Print | 6 Comments | A few months ago we were presented with an idea I personally love working on – an idea that raises money to end malaria deaths in Africa by 2015.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  MONDAY, JULY 25, 2011
    [Social Media] Paid Content
    On Twitter , I was having some back and forth between Gary Vaynerchuk ( Crush It and The Thank You Economy ) and Avinash Kaushik ( Web Analytics - An Hour A Day and Web Analytics 2.0 ) and we decided that we will soon record a three-way audio Podcast to discuss branding, Social Media and analytics. started thinking about paid content, Social Media and how people perceive the act of paying for content (it's a topic I've covered before: Free Content Is Killing Media (And Advertising) , Blogging And Podcasting As A Business Model , Content Pays and When We Switch From Free To Paid ).
    [Social Media] NEW Mobile Cross-Media Marketing Event: NYC October 13th
    Marc Mielau, BMW Group Head of Digital Media, counted over a dozen and later told me he thought of several more, including ATM terminals and ticket kiosks – to include in future presentations. The inaugural event (October 12-13, New York City) kicks off with a training day/mobile marketing bootcamp run by Matthew Snyder – esteemed colleague, research associate and CEO & Founder of ADObjects, a company providing action-oriented guidance to help clients leverage mobile in their cross-media strategies. How to I manage analytics and social media strategies to include mobile?
    [Social Media] Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts on Being Memorable
    Home About Services Social Media Speaking-Training LMA Contact Subscribe Myrland Marketing Minutes Strategic Social Media: Making Social Media Make Sense CHIEF JUSTICE JOHN ROBERTS: THEY WON’T REMEMBER by Nancy Myrland on April 9, 2010 ?? It is rare when you and I will have court cases named after us, marketing, business planning or social media applications that carry our names, or buildings that bear our name so that we might be fondly remembered. Last ?night, As Robert A. Roberts, Jr. He is no exception. Digg this! link].
    [Social Media] Do People Love Your Brand?
    Consider using social media monitoring like to find out who is talking about your brand. Be social. These days, word-of-mouth really means “word-of-screen,” so keep your website, blog and social media accounts up to date and active. Create likeable links and shareable stories so that your brand advocates can repost them to their own social media accounts. 'Advocacy is the new advertisement. Brand advocates are loyal customers who enthusiastically promote your company for you—for free. Be authentic. Be investigative. Be generous.
    [Social Media] Day 8: People of color impacting the social web – Kimberly C. Ellis, Ph.D. – #29DaysofDiversity
    Also note that 28 Days of Diversity is not a popularity contest or an influencer list but a list of thought leaders in the social web sector, including entrepreneurs, bloggers, conference organizers, IT professionals and friends not ranked in any particular order who I have either met in person or followed online. She is a Scholar of American and Africana Studies, an Artist, Activist and Entrepreneur who loves Technology and Social Media. New Media Liberation for the Every Generation, Tweeting the Revolution, The Bombastic Brilliance of Black Twitter. Ellis, Ph.D.
    [Social Media] Life Without Facebook ~ A View From Gen Y #2
    We're calling it quasi social media reality ! Jessica Robyn : I had a few of my friends talking to me (through phone calls, texts, and of course facebook messages or comments) who could not believe that Jessica, voted biggest facebook stalker junior year, the addict, and social media manager of the Full Body Cast fan page would seriously leave facebook. This is a special interview series on what life is like for  Jessica Robyn Porter , a Gen Y-er, who disabled her 7 year old Facebook Page. Part #1. . By the way, how many friends did you have? Of course not.
    [Social Media] Are You Overlooking the Most Valuable Real-Time Marketing Strategy?
    had the pleasure of speaking on the topic at Social Media Marketing World and as evidenced by the sold out room, it is a hot topic for marketers these days. Many social media practitioners are being forced into RTM tactics by leadership – they saw the success of case studies like Oreo and Arby’s and want a piece of the action. For this reason, social customer service is the most basic form of RTM – we just don’t tend to include service in this bucket. Why not make 2014 the year that your company excelled at social customer service?
    [Social Media] Host A Hangout-On-Air
    And, just like all YouTube videos, you can embed it on your website and share it on all of your social media profiles. 'One of the fascinating things about Google+ that few people are aware of but that is a powerful tool for business is Google+’s Hangouts-on-Air. I’ve written about Google+ Hangouts before. But did you know you can host a Hangout and record it live on YouTube? If you have a YouTube channel, this is a golden opportunity. You can reach all of your YouTube channel subscribers with one live video feed that you can also embed on your own website.
    [Social Media] Effective Online Marketing Requires Time
    Limited social media posting. It’s no secret that the smaller your budget the more time you’re going to have to give your online marketing to work. If you can only afford $200/month in developing your online marketing strategy , then you won’t – you can’t – be as effective as the company that can afford $2,000/month. That doesn’t mean you should give up. Small businesses are at no more a disadvantage online than they’ve ever been at anything else. You have a smaller budget, but that just means you have to get creative.
    [Social Media] Driving Intelligence and Analytics with Omniscience
    Considering that the circle included social media, analytics, intelligence, geopolitics, and natural disasters—to pick a few—the label wasn't obvious. It started with a simple challenge: if I were to draw a big circle around the things I find interesting enough to follow and declare them to be one thing, how would I label it? To avoid flying completely off into pointless musing, assume that it's relevant professionally. By declaring them to be one thing, though, it soon became clear that the theme was the importance—the value —of knowledge.
    [Social Media] Segmenting And Contacting Members Of Your Community
    You need to socialize these members into the community without overwhelming them. Remember, that these are newcomers,  your e-mails should be designed to reduce their social fear of participating and provide simple steps they can take to participate.    However, you can provide regular content which highlights things they can read in the community with clear links to share it on social media channels which can bring more people to the community. Specifically, It's good to contact members by e-mail.   0) Visitors. Again, this varies.
    [Social Media] Content Marketing: The right platform to sell product
    With the advent of online media, those in the business have found a new medium for marketing. Promoting content through social media. One of these is social media websites. Adhering to quality is the key to success while promoting content through social media. Content marketing is a powerful tool for the marketers. Content marketing enables one to reach the niche audience in an organized way and identify with them, thus increasing the sales. Creating guidelines for content promotion. Content marketing enables one to increase the customer base.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2013
    [Social Media] The Merits Of "Like" When It Comes To Real Relationships In Marketing
    Currently, he's writing for MediaPost and The Guardian along with co-hosting the NPR weekly program On The Media. on the media. online social network. social media. Episode #350 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Welcome to episode #350 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. There's a new book in town about marketing, advertising and where it all needs to go. For 25 years, Advertising Age ran Garfield's column, AdReview. In short, it was a must-read. Levy is an agency guy. blogging.
    [Social Media] Ben Bernacke on the need for a new measure of social well-being
    Citizens and consumers, armed with social media, can only do so much against selfish corporate behavior when the underlying beliefs remain unchanged. In a commencement address two years ago titled “The Economics of Happiness,” I spoke about the concepts of happiness and life satisfaction from the perspective of economics and other social science research. An extraordinary thing happened this week. Ben Bernacke, the Federal Reserve Chairman made a compelling case for the quality of life we live over the quantity of life we consume.
    [Social Media] We Should be Teaching Students How to Blog
    'Social media is the ultimate equalizer. Just because students grew up as ‘digital natives’ doesn’t mean they know how to navigate social media or blogging like an expert. Watch 3 different movies set on a college campus and write about the way the media depicts the college experience. It flattens hierarchy and empowers those with big ideas and hustle to get their message out to the masses. Young people today have an incredible opportunity that is the envy of many big thinkers that came before them. They can blog. Lesson #3: Make it real.
    [Social Media] Always Good to Have on Hand
    Perhaps there are some social media tools like that. 'On occasion, one of us likes to have a bowl of cereal. Not often, but it’s always good to have on hand for a snack or to calm down a stomach. My wife likes hers with a bit of almond milk (and blueberries when we have some). like mine dry and snack on it like chips. It’s rare that we eat cereal – but it’s always on hand. cupboard away and seconds to start. Maybe it’s been awhile since you’ve uploaded a YouTube video. Or pinned an image to Pinterest. Image of Shreddies from Wikipedia.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2013
    [Social Media] Don't #Unplug From Technology
    In short, he was riding the wave of his digital connectedness upriver into global success, while developing a personal brand to be reckon with (over 140,000 followers on Twitter , multiple appearances in mainstream media and more). Lately, Thurston isn''t the only one talking about a more regimented social media and technology diet. Let our biggest problems in life be that we can''t keep up with all of the people who want to consume our media and connect with us. media attention. social feed. social media. social media diet.
    [Social Media] Happy Birthday to Me from Jack Bauer
    Everyone knows I am a bit of a social media “noob” as the pups call it these days.  Today’s guest post is written by Jack Bauer. It’s my birthday and Mr. D thought it would be funny to have Jack Bauer “write” today’s blog post. So, um, here it is. . Hello, my name is Jack Bauer. The rumors are true. love food. Technically, I believe our definitions of “food” may be slightly different, but that’s not why I took time out from my hectic daily schedule to write my first post on Spin Sucks. I do have a Facebook page, and occasionally I’ll post.  She rocks.
    [Social Media] Build a Blog in 1 Day (or Less) – Step-by-Step Guide
    Add your social media icons and some special images around signing up for RSS or email alerts. I have been admiring professional authors, speakers, consultants, and bloggers for some time now. They all seem to be able to position their company, products, and personal brands successfully. kept asking myself if there was something that they had in common or was their something special about them. came to the realization that their commonality is sharing. They all promoted their brands by sharing some of their expertise. For free. They share just enough. You can always upgrade later.
    [Social Media] Apple's Marketing Secrets
    online social network. social media. Episode #347 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Welcome to episode #347 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. If you ask veteran marketing professional, Ken Segall , what made Apple so great, he can sum it up in two words: insanely simple. It's also the title of his recent business book, Insanely Simple. As a writer, Segall has worked at many agencies over the years and worked with Steve Jobs from the " Think Different " to iMac days and beyond.
    [Social Media] Freaky Feeezies, Touching Cold and the Princess Bride
    Facebook post of photo showing hand on breast gets school coach fired – this is another example of overreacting and not having a social media policy in place. This is Why People Hate “Social Media Authors” – smart post here from my buddy Doug Haslam on how authors of “social media” books often forget the rules of the platforms they are pimping expertise on. 'It’s been a while, but we’re back! For those of you keeping score at home, my hiatus from blogging was planned. This meant dropping the keyboard and picking up the kids and having fun.
    [Social Media] What Kind Of Marketer Are You?
    While it's easy to confuse the two, the systematic ghettoization of Social Media and how Digital Marketing gets rolled into the more general advertising initiatives are clear indications that we're not taking the opportunity to do something truly unique all that seriously at all. In the end, we're still being asked about the ROI of Digital Media like it's an advertising campaign. Social is as social does. digital media. social media. Are you a marketing professional or an advertising professional? Don't confuse Marketing and Advertising.
    [Social Media] MLK Day 2014: State of the Divide
    ” In that vein, I’d like to suggest folks follow these seven minority social media producers that I admire: Sean Gardner, @2morrowknight. 'Given that today is MLK Day, given his dream of equality , it seems fitting see examine how the digital divide persists in the United States. Pew released a study two weeks ago examining African American use of technology that showed progress. Though a seven percent lag exists between white and black use of the Internet, the gap depends on platform and age group. On a more positive note, a reverse gap occurs with Twitter.
    [Social Media] Just because you don’t get QR Codes doesn’t mean they won’t become relevant in the future of marketing & customer engagement
    I’m NOT saying that QR Codes and/or other 2D Codes or even Microsoft Tags are the next big thing or run to add  QR Codes to your next “social media marketing campaign strategy&# #jk so you can look cool and sell to your clients that you half way know what you’re talking about but I’m saying don’t doubt the technology and give it time. For those of you have been reading this blog over the past month know that I’ve been covering the various use cases for QR Codes and how to effectually implement QR Codes for marketing and customer engagement.
    [Social Media] [VIDEO] IBMer @AndrewGrill talks @SocialEmployee w/ @CKBurgess #SocBiz #IBMConnect #IBM
    Through everything they do, the company’s many brand ambassadors demonstrate why we considered IBM to be a must-have when we were writing our Amazon best-selling book, The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill, 2013). To get a sense of the scope and activity found every day at the conference, I recommend checking out this blog post by Andrew Grill (@ AndrewGrill ), Global Partner, Social Business at IBM. Social Employee Chat With Andrew Grill. See what others are saying about The Social Employee and order your copy today! Please check out @SocialEmployee media buzz!
    [Social Media] Cartoon of the day
    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Social Media Tips, Social Media Insider and JobShoots, JobShoots. Cartoon of the day Offline Spam Recent Tweets Powered By Headway Go To Top Copyright © 2010 Strategic thoughts on using social media and public relations in business from Jeff Esposito This work by Jeff Esposito is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Home About Archives Press Clips Spark Advisors Suggested Reading Cartoon of the day Written on August 13, 2010 by Espo in Cartoon of the Day Enjoy this post?
    [Social Media] FREE BOOK: Get Your Copy of What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube
    Think about it, the more of your friends and followers that read this, the less obnoxious posts you might see on social media! 'Erik Qualman’s new book is What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube and is an excellent resource on producing and protecting your digital reputation. Today through Wednesday (3/10-12) you can get a free copy on Amazon. See below on instructions for reading it on any device. Link to download your free copy:   [link]. How to read a Kindle book on any device:   [link] gp/feature.html?docId= docId= 1000493771. Are you on Twitter?
    [Social Media] Yet Another SXSW Post (And, No, I Don't Know If You Should Go Next.
    Home About Testimonials Events Services Webinars Twitter Getting Started on Twitter Webinar Twitter Webinar: Tools and Tips (Intermediate Level) LinkedIn LinkedIn 1 – Getting Started LinkedIn 2 – Building and Leveraging Your Network Ask Calendar Contact Blogging Branding Business Career Facebook LinkedIn Networking Social Media Tips Twitter Lijit Search Yet Another SXSW Post (And, No, I Don’t Know If You Should Go Next Year) Posted by Irene Koehler in Business , Networking on March 25, 2010 | 2 responses I wasn’t going to write about  SXSW (South by Southwest). After
    [Social Media] The Confident Marketer
    How can someone who is both introverted and shy run a multi-office company, speak in front of thousands of people and publish almost every thought they have about the media, marketing, advertising and communications space so openly and freely? I've been interested in media and marketing since the mid-eighties. and it will jump a lot more (in my humble opinion) than if all you're doing online is the Social Media equivalent of "look at me!" media. social media. Want to know a secret about me: I'm an introvert and I'm shy. Confidence.
    [Social Media] Facebook LinkedIn Twitter in 2013
    Of the three largest social networking sites in the United States, I plan to use Facebook the most, LinkedIn the second-most, and Twitter the least. will continue to seek out new connections who are strategically aligned with my interests and passions in social media marketing, open government, and social change. When he's not blogging, Ari helps brands improve their digital media marketing. That is the order of my priorities in 2013. Facebook in 2013. want to learn my friends’ latest news and chit chat. rarely talk about government stuff on my profile.
  • ARI HERZOG  |  TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2011
    [Social Media] How Tools Measure Your Internet Life
    Thanks to your participation in the comments, your choosing to link here from blogs and social networking channels, and web standard compliance in numerous areas, this site is ranked in the top 1% of those 1.2 Not too shabby, considering the majority of the top 100 include Northwest Airlines, CBS News, Skype, The Wall Street Journal, and other for-profit industry leaders and media conglomerates. Social Mention is the odd duck that caters to all. Related articles you may enjoy: Do We Celebrate the Wrong Social Media Tools? Look at a Heardable report extract.
    [Social Media] PRSA’s New PR Definition – 3 possibles
    Not sure PRSA’s “fill in the blanks” crowd-sourcing approach will yield the type of definition that truly reflects the enhanced role of PR in the era of social media. There is no doubt that we have new media and new tools.  The media has been dramatically impacted by the online world.  But do the Internet and social media change the basics of what we do in PR, or do they just enhance the way we do it  – and give us more options so we can do it better? Many applauded the crowd sourcing approach, but there were also detractors. Phil Gomes.
    [Social Media] How Instagram Restored My Faith in Social Networking
    If you have not played with runaway hit mobile social network Instagram , you should. Yes, it’s become known as a utility for iPhone users to send pictures to Facebook and Twitter, but make no bones about it, Instagram is its own social network, and a very enjoyable one, too. In fact, it has restored my faith in the media form. Gone from the mix is the usual social media punditry and sword fighting. Yes, you can share professional or well edited photos via your phone, but generally Instagram is a social phenomena of the moment.
    [Social Media] Fails, the Center of the Universe, Automating, and Tracking Traffic from Social: 6 MUST READ Posts This Week
    Standardizing The Social Business Hashtag (Michael Brito) – a nice reminder – when’s the last time you analyzed your industry hashtags to see which one is rising to the top ? When it comes to social business, there are few hashtags that I see being shared consistently, all of which I have been following for a while now: #socbiz. How to Measure Social Media Traffic on Your Website with Google Analytics (Video)  (John Haydon) – this is so awesome I’m just going to embed it right here for you. socialbiz. socialbusiness. ASAE, WSAE, CMA.
  • ADAM SHERK  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 2010
    [Social Media] Video Interview: Rupert Murdoch He Don't Like Search So Much
    Home About Contact PR Publishing SEO Social Media Subscribe Adam Sherk Video Interview: Rupert Murdoch Doesn’t Like Search So Much by Adam Sherk on March 12, 2010 News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch was on Fox Business yesterday talking about the business model for media content on the Internet. And we just need to…it’s not a question of old media vs. new media or anything like that. We’re a new media company in many many ways, look at Avatar, that’s new media.&# It gives them their raw material for nothing.
    [Social Media] AllAnalytics.Com Chat 3PM EST Friday-August 26th, 2011
    If anyone has the time, and I hope a lot of you do, join me at 3PM EST at for a chat on Social Media Analytics. In a very small interchange – it may be possible to capture everything (around a event – esp if your set up to capture it before hand) but for most of what people will using social Analytics for – the conversations (or whatever you want to call the interactions of the vast numbers of people on the web, offering their opinions) is simply to hard, perhaps, impossible to fully capture – like you capture all your Web Analytics data.
    [Social Media] Facebook Applications Dashboard - Jeff Korhan
    Jeff Korhan - New Media and Small Business Marketing Home About Me Working With Me Speaking Favorites Trends Subscribe « How to Back-Up Your Facebook Information | Main | Facebook Groups Simplified » October 07, 2010 Facebook Applications Dashboard As promised, today I'll explore the Facebook Applications Dashboard - the 2nd of the three new features that Facebook yesterday. One of the reasons Facebook is the dominant social network today is they were the first to freely open their platform to developers - with very few restrictions too.  Hold that thought.
    [Social Media] Stories From Smaller Nonprofits: Georgia Canines for Independence
    "  Also the nonprofits that are using social media have agreed to share t heir strategies. My animals provided a support system of unconditional love, which helped the family deal with the physical, emotional, and social effects of epilepsy. Assistance dogs also increase self-esteem and social interactions and decrease stress and loneliness. Social Media GCI is has a donation page on Facebook, several videos on YouTube that demonstrate how these amazing dogs help their people in daily living, a MySpace page and of course Twitter. MySpace.
    [Social Media] Content Marketing
    We were founded by someone who has spent more than 10 years creating written content for a number of the biggest media sites in the UK, before moving into marketing (Social Media and SEO), and producing that same quality of content for a range of businesses. 'Content Marketing is on the lips of every marketing agency at the moment. Given how many messages compete for your attention every day, it’s not surprising that more and more companies have realised they should be creating brilliant, amazing and compelling material if they want to have any impact. Creative Ideas.
    [Social Media] Blurb & Steve Hall to bring the dead to life
    Greg Verdino Marketing, Media, Technology & Trends Home About Me Book Me to Speak microMARKETING Journal On Twitter On Flickr Personal Blog Verdino Bytes My Company « Microsoft shows us 2019 in under two minutes | Main | Obamas marketing man spits the truth » Blurb & Steve Hall to bring the dead to life It's an age old ad agency gripe -- you pull all-nighters and sweat blood to come up with that one killer idea.  Pre-Order from AMAZON Pre-Order from BARNES & NOBLE Pre-Order from BORDERS Downoad My eBook Download my FREE marketing and social media eBook.
    [Social Media] 5 great articles you may have missed (November 5-11, 2012)
    Here is a roundup of my favorite articles for November 5-11, 2012: Ted Rubin of Collective Bias on Why Social Media Was Made For Women ~via NEXT for Women (Ted Rubin – Straight Talk) Content is the Queen, Context is King by Jens Berget (Sly Marketing) The Secret to Content Marketing You Already Know… by Tom [.] 5 great articles you may have missed (November 5-11, 2012) was written by Cendrine Marrouat for her social media blog, Creative Ramblings. Scoopit best articles of the week
    [Social Media] Facebook Followers: Profiles vs Pages
    There is no silver bullet strategy when it comes to social media, and sometimes less can be more.” Media Facebook 'With over 39,000 fans today, Jon Loomer struggled to create a Facebook page. It was the winter of 2011 when Jon understood the value of a page but didn’t think his consulting business needed its own. He had a personal profile and encouraged his would-be fans to follow that profile and interact on public-facing wall posts. Facebook explains following : “When you follow someone, you see their posts in your news feed. didn’t.
    [Social Media] A Conversation With David Meerman Scott
    just launched his latest book, Newsjacking - How to Inject your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage , in digital format only, with a major book publisher ( Wiley ), for under eight dollars. media hacks. online social network. social media 101. social media marketing. Episode #282 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Is there a way to ride on the coattails of a major breaking news story for your brand's benefit? How did he do it? Enjoy the conversation.
    [Social Media] In Conversation With Seth Godin
    media hacks. online social network. social media 101. social media marketing. Episode #243 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Seth Godin is a national treasure. He's more than a Marketer's Marketer, he is a business thought-leader and change agent. This past week marked a new chapter in Godin's dynamic career. He currently runs along with The Domino Project. Enjoy the conversation. amazon. bite size edits. blogging. blue sky factory. book oven. businessweek. cast of dads. itunes.
    [Social Media] Why I Remain on the Ad Age 150 Blogger Index
    Writing/ social media success is fourth on my totem pole. Two-time Cy Young Award Winner Tim Lincecum is experiencing a horrible 2012 season. made a joke about my Ad Age Power 150 ranking a while back, but when I found out how low my score was last Spring it seriously upset me. used to be a top-ranked blogger! What happened? De-listing became a serious thought for a couple of days. After all, publicly quitting networks and such seems to be the fashionable thing to do amongst bloggers these days. But, in the end I decided to remain listed for a few reasons. Image by SI Golf Group.
    [Social Media] Blogging Between Hot Flashes
    Home About Testimonials Events Services Webinars Twitter Getting Started on Twitter Webinar Twitter Webinar: Tools and Tips (Intermediate Level) LinkedIn LinkedIn 1 – Getting Started LinkedIn 2 – Building and Leveraging Your Network Ask Calendar Contact Blogging Branding Business Career Facebook LinkedIn Networking Social Media Tips Twitter Lijit Search Blogging Between Hot Flashes Posted by Irene Koehler in Blogging , Social Media on November 1, 2008 | 22 responses We’re all different. Different experiences, different perspectives. You bet.
    [Social Media] Blogging Between Hot Flashes
    Home About Testimonials Events Services Webinars Twitter Getting Started on Twitter Webinar Twitter Webinar: Tools and Tips (Intermediate Level) LinkedIn LinkedIn 1 – Getting Started LinkedIn 2 – Building and Leveraging Your Network Ask Calendar Contact Blogging Branding Business Career Facebook LinkedIn Networking Social Media Tips Twitter Lijit Search Blogging Between Hot Flashes Posted by Irene Koehler in Blogging , Social Media on November 1, 2008 | 22 responses We’re all different. Different experiences, different perspectives. You bet.
    [Social Media] Radian6 Summary Platform and other Radian6 Improvements recently released
    I think this idea has a lot of merit and, with a slight addition of that feature, pretty much does most of the work of a competitive analysis for Social Media.  By the way – Radian6 just released at free ebook on training your company for Social Media – take a look. You access the platform by logging into  with your normal Radian6 login and password (except, as I mentioned, with Influence accounts, where the option of doing so is not yet available). Of course, the results will only be as good as the keyword groupings provided in the profile setup.
    [Social Media] On Being A "Pro Blogger" -- Interview With Jane Genova
    When Nick Denton sold Gawker Media for oodles of $$ the race was on for the next Blog Network. Will you please tell us a little about your blogging and social media background? In addition, I've worked as a paid blogger in diverse settings ranging from ghostwriting content on attorney blogs to producing bylined content for brandname players in social media. . Toby ~ Diva Marketing : There are several opportunities to make money from social media and blogging, from sponsorships and ads on your site to being paid to produce content for other blogs.
    [Social Media] [VIDEO] Watch @MNBurgess Discuss “The Rise of the Social Employee” at @tedxnavesink @TEDx @SocialEmployee #SocBiz
    My talk, titled “ The Rise of the Social Employee ,” covered themes established in our Amazon best-seller The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill, 2013)—specifically, why the @SocialEmployee revolution is creating a new path to authentic connection that will lead organizations into a new age. Below are recent endorsements for The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill, August 2013) by Tom Peters and David Aaker on their social networks, but if you want to see more of their endorsements click here. See what others are saying about The Social Employee and order your copy today!
    [Social Media] Reps vs. Factory Direct: The Debate Continues…
    How Do You Measure Social Media Success? 50 Power Twitter Tips to Help B-to-B Marketers Twitter: Steps to Insure Success Adding Social Icons Helps Drive E-mail Marketing Campaigns Whats Your Company Value Proposition? Reach Tradesmen Using a Social Media Map STAFDA Convention-Phoenix Category Cloud Marketing Tips Marketing Tools Marketing Trends Social Marketing Traditional Marketing Twitter Uncategorized Theme Contempt by Vault9. asked Bill Via, President of CSV Marketing , a leading independent rep firm for his thoughts. As an independent rep.
    [Social Media] Blogging Success Summit – 23 Tips From Blogging Top Dogs
    Social media execs from McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble, Cisco, Southwest Airlines, Sony, and Hubspot. This is the same crew that programmed the uber-successful Social Media Success Summit and Facebook Success Summit, so I can guarantee that the training quality will be very high. What Rex Ryan Taught Me About Social Media. Help Me Connect the Social Media Economy. Top 25 Social Media Keyword Search Tools (StayOnSearch). And for a short time, you can save 50% on registration at [link]. Darren Rowse of Problogger.
  • TWIST IMAGE  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 2014
    [Social Media] Why Every Brand Should Build An Audience
    He''s a specialist on content marketing and social media (so, you know that we''re going to get along). He''s also the co-creator of Subscribers, Fans & Followers Research Series (which is world''s first and longest-running examination of consumer relationships with brands through email, mobile, and social channels). social media. 'Episode #403 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. There are few people as passionate as Jeffrey Rohrs when it comes to brands and connecting with consumers. audience.
    [Social Media] Turning Your Offline Meet-Up Into A Strong Community
    A few weeks ago, I spoke at the London Social Media group. Its leader, Jorgen Sundberg, asked what should a meet-up group be doing to develop a community? The answer is to embrace proven community building techniques. d highly recommend the following: 1) Build relationships. The organizer (and volunteers) must spend a lot of time building relationships with people that attend. Too many seem happy to let people drift in and out whilst they talk to their buddies. Meet and greet people at the door. Ask them questions, make them feel happy to be there. See point 2. 3) Name tags.
    [Social Media] Why I Blew Off My Blog
    I'm somewhat new to the social media world, and stumbled upon your blog. The good news about you taking a week off is that – like social media & email marketing, nobody died as a result. like to think of myself as 'not-hardcore' like some social media oriented people. I've down an almost complete Social Media Sabbatical in the past and it's great! Sure, my job is based there. I’m writing a book that will depend, in large part, upon my digital footprint in order to be successful. get all that. Way to go.
    [Social Media] Business culture and buy in
    It is present in your blog posts, your social media updates, and e-mail newsletters. When I work with business owners on the culture of their business, one of the discussions we have is about buy in, specifically how they, their employees (if they have any) and customers buy into the business culture and the values that the business represents. business culture is invisible in the sense that you can’t point to it. But it is visible in the behaviors of the people in the business and even in the customers who interact with the business.
    [Social Media] Being a Holistic Business Coach
    But I realized that if anyone really wants to find out about what I’ve written all they really need to do is Google me and they’ll figure out pretty quick that I’m not just a business coach or a social media consultant. 2012 has started and my goal for this year is to rebrand my business so that people know me as a holistic business coach. But what does that really mean? To me, it means embracing all of my skills and applying them to helping my clients, but it also involves looking at the whole picture, not just for them, but also for me.
    [Social Media] Wake Up! Everything Is Mobile
    Along with that, he is currently one of the chiefs over at the Social Media Marketing agency, Powered. long-time friend (and one of the main inspirations behind the Six Pixels of Separation Blog and Podcast ), we've decided to hold monthly conversations, debates and back-and-forths that will dive a little deeper into the Digital Marketing and Social Media landscape. media hacks. online social network. social media 101. social media marketing. This is also episode #11.20 of Across The Sound with Joseph Jaffe. bite size edits.
  • FIREBELLY  |  THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2011
    [Social Media] Firebelly at AF Expo
    AF Expo , presented by AllFacebook , is an inside look at Facebook innovations and technology issues jointly impacting marketers and social developers. Chad Richards – Director of Social Marketing, Firebelly Marketing. Michael Jaindl – Chief Client Officer, Buddy Media. Ekaterina Walter – Social Media Strategist, Intel Corporation. Packed with case studies and real-world perspectives, AF Expo offers attendees insights into Facebook marketing and development, as well as a sneak peek at the latest Facebook data, demographics and design issues.
    [Social Media] 7 Blogging Secrets Even Experts Will Be Surprised to Know
    '23% of the hours Americans spend online are dedicated to reading blogs and cruising social media networks. Great blog titles can be the difference between being ignored by your potential customers and earning viral levels of social sharing. Respectfully publicizing your work on major social media networks and with the help of a guest blogging strategy can help you build a dedicated audience of fans and followers. Blogs have gone from an obscure tool to a major highway for exchanging information, education, and influencing purchase decisions.
  • SOSHABLE  |  MONDAY, JULY 15, 2013
    [Social Media] Instagram Makes Sharing Easier
    There has always been a problem with the social network though, it’s been difficult to share the pictures and videos you take. Instagram has been listening to the complaints, and now they’ve made it easier to share your  business’s social media. 'Instagram is a great way to take interesting pictures for your business, and we’ve covered it’s usefulness before. That utility has only grown in recent weeks with the introduction of short videos to the app. Now, you can take pictures and videos and apply stylish filters all within the same program.
    [Social Media] Make Your Content Rule
    He was instrumental in getting me into Podcasting and along with being a close friend (and a co-host on Media Hacks), he is currently a freelance digital marketing strategist and pushing his new publishing space, Digital Dads. media hacks. online social network. social media 101. social media marketing. Episode #231 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. Content Rules is a book whose time has come. It was written by C.C. Chapman and Ann Handley. you already know. Enjoy the conversation.
    [Social Media] Follow Friday #2: Let’s Get Social
    SilentJay74 : Joe is a great guy that I’ve met in person and just a truly passionate social media user.  You may know him as a co-host of Social Blend.  LeftTheBox : Samir has been a rising star in the realm of social media.  Welcome to our second installment of Follow Friday – beyond the 140 characters.  This week’s #followfriday folks: @theGypsy : First on our band of merry people is Dave Harry.  Dave is a real stickler for qualitative research and often reports on search engine patents.  missmcj : CJ is one smart lady.  Digg this!
    [Social Media] Ten Years Of Wikipedia
    As a professional businessperson, the spirit of Social Media and platforms like Wikipedia runs counterintuitive to the rules of business. If you are at all curious about the wisdom Wikipedia or if you are still grappling with Social Media and mass collaboration, please stop everything and read this article: The Charms of Wikipedia. social media. Wikipedia is ten years old today. love Wikipedia. don't care that the online encyclopedia is wrong sometimes. love the concept. and do so in an open, transparent and collaborative fashion. and it's no easy feat.
    [Social Media] Where The Consumers Are
    Consumers are not just people who see media and advertising. Social Media is over a decade old. media. social media. advertising brand businessbook collegedistrict community connectivity consumer digitalmarketing disruption emailmarketing entrepreneur forbes jaredloftus louisianastateuniversity media mobile onlinechannel onlinefootballmerchandisecompany onlineratings onlinereviews retail searchenginemarketing socialmedia technology touch utility websiteWhile the product line was (somewhat) unique, something was bothering me. The Web is not a fad.
    [Social Media] Personal Online Reputation Just Got Easier Thanks to Google
    Here’s how to push the bad results down and boost your own positive results: Fill Out Social Media Profiles : Make sure all of your social media public profiles look professional and show the person you want others to see. Fill in all available fields for each profile and set up something with as many social media channels as you can. Use LinkedIn : LinkedIn is there for professional networking and creating a professional profile in a social way. Luckily for many people, Google solved the problem for them recently. You Were Arrested for What?
    [Social Media] 9 Tips to Spot Amazing Blog Writers
    Major brands constantly make the news for social media posts and content marketing gone horribly awry. Social Following. Your blog writers should know how to write blogs, eBooks, and whitepapers that are easy to promote, which is why a strong social following is an excellent sign. 'Image source. Fear of terrible content. bet you’d be lying if you said you weren’t afraid of the repercussions of bad blog content. While  71% of marketers may be increasing their content, the smart ones are being selective about the quality and quantity they publish.
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 2013
    [Social Media] Fetching Friday – 21 Marketing Links for June 21st
    'This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, SEO, and social media on Social Media / Social Networking. Reasons Your Facebook Page is a Hot Mess – Facebook boasts the largest user base of any social network, so if your business doesn’t have a solid Facebook presence, you’re simply missing lead generation opportunities. Learn how to get your Facebook page back on track for success from Marketo’s social media manager, Jason Miller. See how.
    [Social Media] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup, Best Week Ever & Timelapse
    Social Media. Monday I attended the Social Media AZ event in Tempe and learned a lot of valuable information on blogging, social media, and SEO thanks to a great selection of speakers. Wednesday, I woke up to a comment from Fred von Graf , founder of SMAZ, that I won a trip to Mexico for a tweet contest on the Worst Social Media Fail of 2009, which I believe is businesses who use social media as a one way advertising platform instead of two way conversation between them and their community. The Resources Mashup. Blogging.
    [Social Media] Klout Scores! How They Influenced Their Way to $8.5 Million in Funding
    There have been many attempts to index and rank social media account power, particularly in Twitter. Just as PageRank (overdue as it is for an update) is the standard for understanding a website’s importance, so too can Klout become the social influence indicator. Classifications from “Explorer&# to “Celebrity&# give Klout and the people who use it a way to tie a social media personality in with the rankings. The word of one person will have more or less exposure and engagement than the word of another on social media.
    [Social Media] My Favorite #BlogChat Infographic
    Home About Pushing Social #FF Gratitude Journal 4 My Tweeps Archives Contact Subscribe Pushing Social My Favorite #BlogChat Infographic by Stanford on September 13, 2010 Spread it! My recent post NEWS OF THE MOMENT Reply carfocus September 14, 2010 at 8:15 am terms like blog, blogging, blogs, bloggers, blogger and posts should all be grouped under a single term to show the impact that blogging is having in this new media age. A few moments ago, I came across a nifty site that turns text files into Infographics. Here’s what I got. Super cool.  What do you see? You too!
    [Social Media] You're too fat for this community
    Online Community Strategist Angela Connor on Growing Successful Online Communities Home About Angela Contact Popular Speaking Media Press Tips Subscribe to feed You’re too fat for this community January 13, 2010 in online communities | Tags: , online community , social media This is exactly what nearly 5,000 members (or should I say “former&# members) of the website were told after packing on the pounds during the holidays, according to a story on This is the same as having them re-apply.&# Attitude is everything.
    [Social Media] Exciting News About Twist Image. And The Future
    From putting messages in front of people to connecting in a more real and tangible way using social media. social media. 'When Twist Image first started in 2000, there was a vision. We wanted to create a marketing agency that was reflective of the modern times. Our desire was - and has always been - to work with big brands, solving complicated business challenges and helping them to thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape. So much has changed in the past fourteen years. We have gone from static websites to mobile applications. From keyboards to glass. amazon.
    [Social Media] Time for a Change
    Over the last four years especially, I felt as if I was at the tip of the spear when it came to things like social media policy (this blog and my Twitter account were the first transparent, employee-owned, external social media properties), Enterprise 2.0 It was exciting to be among the leaders in the burgeoning social media community in the DC area, and I had a lot of fun in these roles. I'm excited to see where they take social media after I'm gone. Consulting. For the government. My first day with Booz Allen was October 6, 2003.
  • ENGAGE  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 2011
    [Social Media] Is Your Content Worth Stealing?
    Creating content worthy of being stolen will provide a great value to your readers – but it will also build you inbound links, gain you social media mentions, and increase brand awareness for those who do give credit where credit is due. I hope you steal this blog post. There won’t be an alarm that goes off. The Feds won’t come to get you, and no one will probably ever know that you did. It’s not a trick, it’s not a trap, and it’s not a lure. actually want you to. Because that means I’ve done my job. In other words, content they can steal. Your content should provide this.
    [Social Media] Worshiping False Business Gods, Finding the Right Metrics
    Social Media And don't get me started on counting Twitter followers and Facebook likes. given that social media is so new to some people, they really don't know how to measure success, but I would say it always comes back to the company's bottom line and finding real revenue users. Web Statistics Can be Addictive. But Are They Really Your Business? Many employees at businesses are focusing on the wrong metrics and keeping themselves busy on tasks that don't help the bottom line - often for reasons like inertia, or because of bad instruction from a superior. Users?
    [Social Media] Why You Should Buy Trust Agents
    Justin Levy Marketing and Social Media Home About Archives Contact Disclosures Newsletter Speaking Why You Should Buy Trust Agents Written on August 17, 2009 by Justin Levy in books , business , chrisbrogan , marketing , social media , trustagents 4 Comments - Leave a comment! Success is so deserved to Chris as he has time and time again put all of us first by spending countless hours teaching social media with I am sure some resistance at first. If youre new here or just an old friend, Id love it if you subscribed via RSS feed. video.
  • KIKOLANI  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 26, 2011
    [Social Media] 11 Incredibly Simple Tips To Spice Up Your Blog
    Don’t Leave Out Social Tools. Promote and distribute your posts on to other social media platforms such as Digg and StumbleUpon. This is a guest post by Jack Harold of Affiliate Home Business. Photo Credit. Blogging has probably revolutionized the Internet in a way that few other trends have been able to accomplish. Anyone who has access to the Internet can setup a blog to write about themselves or voice their opinions. It is that easy! However, not every blog really appeal to the general public. It is time to make your blog ROCK! Reminisce With Readers. Video Blog.
    [Social Media] Are Casinos Getting More Social?
    'Social media is a part of our life and nothing shows this more than the current trend of advertising. While people still see these ads, nothing is quite like social media for supplying instant marketing to a huge amount of potential customers. People that use social media are fans of instant gratification. If a marketing campaign can’t reach thousands of potential customers in moments, it isn’t on social media! Event marketing through social media has exploded. Social networking has gone mobile.
    [Social Media] The Most Important Blogging Analysis Ever
    You are here: ViperChill » Social Media » The Most Important Blogging Analysis Ever The Most Important Blogging Analysis Ever Written by Glen, this post has 79 Comments If you ask anyone what makes a blog popular, they’ll say content. 10 Ways to Use LinkedIn ( Link ) LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks in the world and is focused around business networking. Social Media Site for $12,107.09 ( Link ) Guy shares a rare insight into how entrepreneurs build businesses online and in this case, his social voting website Truemors.
    [Social Media] B-to-B: Quality Lead Nurturing Leads to 70% More Sales
    How are you Moving Social Media Leads Into Your Sales Funnel? In the B-to-B market where sales cycles can be much longer and complex to several factors, many leads are given up on if they aren’t ready to buy when your salesmen call. We need to focus on quality not quantity of leads. According to the Albertson Performance Group quality nurturing will lead to 70% more sales than no nurturing. Nurturing keeps you top of mind, builds credibility, solves prospect’s problems and positions you as an expert. Illustration from the Albertson Performance Group.
  • SOSHABLE  |  MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2008
    [Social Media] Hybrids: The Potential Web 3.0
    Some are leaning towards social media mixed with social networking. Most of the social media sites have tried to head in this direction to some extent. Most notably, the Digg changes a few months ago have turned from an attempt to socialize social media (with shouts and other features) into an unfair way to game the system. Social networking sites have each tried to crossover to other mediums. Social Hybrid. The first wave of social sites, even the juggernauts like the ones mentioned above, all have glaring holes in them.
    [Social Media] 5 Quick Blog Post Title Tips
    People like to share things that sound interesting on social media and titles can be the difference. Search and social sharing are the two most important components of driving new traffic to your blog. If you they can’t find you or they’re not being presented your content in their social streams, they aren’t going to become a visitor. Bing Blogs Google News Nugget Search Engines SEO Social Content Tip of the Day blogging Blogging Tips content Titles 'Titles can make or break a blog.
  • SOSHABLE  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2012
    [Social Media] The Rise of “Fake” Viral Videos
    According to the New York Times , Thinkmodo, a viral social media marketing company that created an unbranded YouTube account and uploaded a fake viral video about hacking into video screens in Times Square to promote the movie Limitless, will “tip off editors of target Web sites, buy keywords and Web site addresses and use social media to get the word out without being obvious.” Featured Social Videos-Images-Music YouTube fake video ViralThere’s nothing wrong with a branded viral video. Are You My Man in the Jacket? is an infamous example. Do not attempt.” 
    [Social Media] Two Facebook milestones reached…
    Despite preaching about delivering valuable content, engaging in conversation etc, they’ve been left while I concentrated on building effective social media practices for the various companies (and now clients) which I’ve worked for… So it was a nice and somewhat surprising boost to see first TheWayoftheWeb on Facebook, and then OnlineRaceDriver on Facebook both top the 50 Likes mark. When I started creating my own blogs and websites, I always set up Facebook pages and links as an element of good practice, but that’s been about it.
    [Social Media] Fortune 500 Friday
    My Creative Team works for a number of Fortune 500 companies, so we wanted to provide a service to our client contacts that helps them stay current on what their peers are doing in advertising, PR, marketing and social media. Corning Goes Social – Corning uses new media to deliver instant information on such topics as its financial performance, its products, its history and its charitable activities. That’s how the idea for Fortune 500 Friday came into being. Here is our first edition. Big business has resisted Apple’s advances – until now.
    [Social Media] 7 Ways To Mine The Hidden Gold In Your Customer Data
    That was the thesis of a recent Webinar I conducted with my friend and collaborator Jamie Beckland from Janrain , an organization that helps companies improve their conversion rates, relevancy and customer satisfaction by gathering and managing social media profile and behavior data. They are perhaps best known as a provider of social sign-in, whereby you can register or sign-up just by clicking Facebook or Google or Twitter or Linkedin logos, and providing permission. You may have to  but once you have it you’ll have the Mother Lode of customer engagement capabilities.
    [Social Media] The Zoetica Salon and the Business of Free
    The Zoetica Salon meets a nonprofit marketplace need for basic peer-to-peer conversations about social media adoption. The primary differentiators of the Zoetica Salon is Beth Kanter and her significant experience in the space, and that it is completely free of charge, and hosted on a common easily accessible social network — Facebook — that doesn’t require a new log-in identity ( see press release here ). Tags: Pop Philosophy Zoetica Chris Anderson free Nedra Weinreich NetSquared nonprofits NTEN Salon social media What Free Costs.
    [Social Media] At the Gov 2.0 Expo – Who's Making You Successful?
    Events Calendar Subscribe: Posts | Comments | Email Social Media Strategery Best Of Best Practices Enterprise 2.0 Development Social Media At the Gov 2.0 Who are the people back at the office making sure the social networks are growing?  Development , professional development , sorenson , todd park This post was written by: sradick - who has written 82 posts on Social Media Strategery. m one of the leads for our social media/Government 2.0 Managing Your Time While Managing Your Social Media My Gov 2.0 Government 2.0
    [Social Media] Expert Q&A: David Olson from ARANet | Spin Sucks
    ARA allows links and videos within a release, but in regards to social media, what is special about your  SEO reporting ? In addition to the standard metrics related to article placements – which, of course, benefit from our outbound social media efforts – we’re very excited about rolling out the new SEO-specific metrics. The SEO program delivers hundreds of backlinks from credible media sites to our clients’ websites. Have you noticed any changes in release pick-up since incorporating social media techniques ? Twitter, Facebook, etc.)?
  • ENGAGE  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 2012
    [Social Media] 5 Things I Learned About Journalism (That They Don’t Teach You in School)
    Professional journalism is dying, slowly replaced by Joe Schmoe and his fantastic Blog of Random Thoughts – and no one really knows what to do with social media. But during my internship at TMG, I’ve had the opportunity to see some excellent media innovators at work and learn about the real state of the industry. Media is a very positive industry because it’s symbiotic. Social media does work, and it’s not just random. It’s all about give and take, and emphasis on “social.” Journalism schools are scary places nowadays. Image: j.o.h.n
    [Social Media] Podcast: What are STAFDA Distributors Doing to Weather This Downturn?
    How Do You Measure Social Media Success? 50 Power Twitter Tips to Help B-to-B Marketers Twitter: Steps to Insure Success Adding Social Icons Helps Drive E-mail Marketing Campaigns Whats Your Company Value Proposition? Reach Tradesmen Using a Social Media Map STAFDA Convention-Phoenix Category Cloud Marketing Tips Marketing Tools Marketing Trends Social Marketing Traditional Marketing Twitter Uncategorized Theme Contempt by Vault9. Tom shares his thoughts here. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 take my survey [link].
    [Social Media] Book Review: APE – Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch
    The Social Role in Self Publishing. Many writers might think the only role for social media is in the marketing and promotional phase. But throughout the book, Kawasaki provides examples of how his social community made the book better, during each phase. From crowdsourcing feedback to yes, marketing, the Kawasaki discusses how to leverage an active social community. His approach to feedback from readers is very consistent with social media ethos, he invites it and acts on it. And yet. That doesn’t mean the process is easy. Price: $9.99
    [Social Media] Knowledge is not power
    Search Categories Book Reviews Brand Facebook Find a job Influence Inspiration Integrating Social & Traditional Media Leadership Live blogging Marketing Publicity Radio Program Resources Reviews Sales Social Media Speaking Storytelling Technology Uncategorized Writing Get New Posts by Email My Facebook Profile My Tweets My Delicious Bookmarks My MySpace Profile My YouTube Videos My Viddler Videos My Flickr Photos My RSS Feed My TwitPic Photos Facebook “Fan&# Box Trey Pennington on Facebook Contact | Disclosure | ©2009 Trey Pennington | 209 N. Thanks.
    [Social Media] How five food and beverage brands use digital to innovate
    Way back in 2008 they broke new ground with My Starbucks Idea , an open online community that allows customers to share their ideas how Starbucks should innovating their offering – be that with regard to new product development ( which we discussed back in 2008 ), customer experience or social responsibility. Not only have they partnered with Square in the US and developed an app to facilitate mobile payment in-store, but they’ve also launched the Tweet-A-Coffee service, an initiative that harnesses social technologies so customers can send a £5 gift card to their friends. KitKat.
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