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    [Social Media] Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned from ‘Inception’
    Take TGIF ’s “Woody” social media promotion for example. Rob Feakins, president of Publicis , New York, summed it up well in Adweek when he said “It was interesting to see how quickly the page turned…With social media and advertising we’re at a collision point. Jonathan Lewis wrote this brilliant piece on Hollywood’s version of Marketing 101. In honor of the Oscars this weekend, we bring to you a special Oscars edition of Spin Sucks , signed your CCO, Lisa Gerber. Five marketing lessons, good for college credit, are listed below. Simplicity.
  • JACOB MORGAN  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 18, 2010
    [Social Media] The Disconnect Between How Vendors and Strategists Approach Social CRM
    Social Media Globetrotter Home Consulting Speaking Travel Blog About SOCIAL MEDIA GLOBETROTTER The Disconnect Between How Vendors and Strategists Approach Social CRM View Comments June 18th, 2010 After spending a lot of time speaking and interacting with vendors and strategists in the Social CRM space it became very clear to me that vendors and strategists (or consultants or analysts or whatever else you want to call them) are on a very different page when it comes to understanding and explaining what Social CRM is and/or does.  space as well. 
    [Social Media] ICYMI – Facebook Videos, Hyperlapse, Google Authorship Demise
    'Here’s my weekly round-up of things you need to know and might have missed this last week in the world of digital PR and social media. Want this in your inbox each week?  Subscribe here. Comparethemarket runs first video ads on Facebook. Twitter expands ads programme to twelve new countries. tricky week for Macmillan as they are reprimanded on Twitter after jumping on the Ice Bucket meme. Facebook is cracking down on clickbait headlines. Instagram launches its first ever standalone app – Hyperlapse - for timelapse video. Campaigns. icymi
    [Social Media] 2015: The Year of Brand Publishing
    By utilizing brand publishing, the DriveTime blog and social media pages have evolved into an incredible resource for car enthusiasts and timely lifestyle readers. 'Have you ever thought of your small brand as a publisher? Chances are, you don’t stray much farther than your specialization, but 2015 is the year certain to change all of that. More than ever, it is essential that brands become their own advocates by becoming informed resources via brand publishing in order to stand out. Need some inspiration? Here are four brands that dominate brand publishing: GoPro. Xerox.
    [Social Media] The Five Things That Will Make Mobile Marketing Even Bigger in 2011
    3) Social Commerce. The holy trinity of location, social media and vouchering will be huge in 2011. The scale of Facebook will change the way retailers use social media and mobile. Matt – You can see more about our views on Social Commerce and location-based technology in the following presentation: Location Based Services From Hype to Hyper. Digital Strategy mobile 2011 augmented reality david fieldhouse m:commerce near field communications smartphone social commerceThe smartphone will reach 50% penetration and drive the whole market.
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    [Social Media] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & ElegantTheme Contest Winners
    'This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, business, SEO, and social media on Blog Marketing Strategies is for business, personal, and professional bloggers to discuss content, search, and social media marketing. How to Contact Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Other Social Networks – The following are links to the contact information for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and Reddit. Social Media / Social Networking.
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    [Social Media] The Power of Emotional Impact - Danny Brown
    You might also like: Social Media for Good The Business of Dating Ambassadors of Quan Tags: emotional impact , influence , juan mann 11 voices - share yours! removeClass(livefyre-hidden)" class="livefyre-show-comment livefyre-button"> View comment pts Don Power - Marketing Consultant | Social Media St moderator Pending approval Rate Down Rate Up px; width: px;"> Danny;These days, how many things can make one weep with joy, love, hope and humanity?This There’s no doubt that influence is a constant hot potato. Sometimes influence comes from nothing but emotion. Beauty.
    [Social Media] The Digital PR Agency
    Seven years ago when we launched Social Media Club very few PR agencies were interested.  Now almost  every PR agency claims that they are up to speed and able to deliver digital PR and social media.  Map the brand’s social graph and digital footprint. Perform a digital and social media audit. Develop a comprehensive integrated PR strategy with a robust digital/social media component. Make good relationships with online media as well as traditional. Know what online media want in the way of content.
    [Social Media] 2012 Marketing: Five Ways to Power It Up
    Email your contributors (your PR people, marketing and social media, SEO and customer service) and ask them to add the main promotional milestones of the year (in your industry). Today’s guest post is written by Mana Ionescu. . During the holidays I prepared two days of meals, made three grocery trips, and cooked for about 12 hours straight. In the end, we ate for 45 minutes each day, and the mashed potatoes were the most popular food item. This reminded me of the lesser-known, and rarely-discussed side of marketing. Make a commitment to invest in promoting your business.
    [Social Media] Make Better Broth: Quality Over Quantity
    Reach the audience – consumer and media – that you’re after, knock them for six with an excellent product and promotion, and you’ll find your results will be far stronger than if you throw everything you have at a wall and hope some of it sticks. Danny Brown is director of retention and social media at Jugnoo, Inc., Today’s guest post is written by  Danny Brown. There’s an old saying that too many cooks spoil the broth. This is equally true for businesses, particularly smaller ones. And, ultimately, less effective. Product Launches. Then expand. Less Is More.
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    [Social Media] TGIF – Extremely Laborious Edition!
    Here’s where it gets interesting, though: imagine, if you will, a group of Jugnoo-ers, resplendent in our casual, long-weekend Friday ensembles – encrusted with the residual glamour that comes from a week of social media indulgence. originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM Blog - the blog for social crm thought leadership under a Creative Commons license. Good afternoon, gentle readers, and it’s the most TGIF-y of all TGIF posts – it’s the Friday that kicks off Labour Day weekend! Goodbye… With a Side Of Fries. Yeah, thanks guys.
  • JUGNOO  |  FRIDAY, MAY 4, 2012
    [Social Media] TGIF at Jugnoo – Fun Friday
    As we are a social media company, we want to ensure that we are on top of the trends. Those are our top 3 trends but in an effort to maintain relevancy and thought leadership in the social space we want to assure you that yes, we saw the Catdaddy video. TGIF at Jugnoo – Fun Friday originally appeared on Jugnoo Social CRM and Social Marketing Blog - making your business social under a Creative Commons license. Here at Jugnoo headquarters May 1   marked an influx of new hires and interns. Watch out meteorologists- JugNews is coming! Hmmmm.
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    [Social Media] Virtusphere: 3D Experience
    Dan on A New Focus on Social Business Strategy. Its a fascinating technology and could be really interesting for both gaming and AR experience. What caught my eye on their website was that the technology could be deployed across any 3D technology available. Although they have only referenced Shine, Quake4 etc, there could be some exciting uses for city exploration. Potentially interesting uses could be combined with an AR technology like Layar ( Link Here ), so you can scroll through recommended walking routes and then see the restaurants, cafes etc. This is the answer.
    [Social Media] F-Commerce - Rise Of The Facebook Consumer
    Facebook will reach almost nine in ten social network users and 57.1 Soon after that, an Ad Age / Ipsos Observer survey of digital media habits reported that 75 per cent of Facebook users have "liked" a brand as well. The arrival of Social Commerce. For the past few years, many media pundits (including me) have lauded the arrival of Social Commerce. Shopping - by its very nature - is a social act and it was only a matter of time before social media-like tools became prevalent throughout the e-commerce world. digital media.
    [Social Media] Why Direct Mail Marketing Still Has A Unique Role To Play
    It’s a domain now domineered by the art of e-mail, social media and extensive search marketing. 'Within today’s marketing environment, we find ourselves far more closely aligned with the digital, rather than the physical. Certainly, while direct mail marketing isn’t extinct, it seems to have been very much consigned to the shadows in some quarters. Written by Mike Hall. But in a world which the sheer volume of electronic data that’s thrown our way is almost unrelenting in its consistency, why is it that we attribute such little emphasis on the physical? Image via Flickr.
    [Social Media] Fight or Flight: Responding to a PR Crisis
    In today’s mobile and uber-connected world, PR and social media go hand-in-hand. 'By Stacey Hood. From the dawn of man, the instinct to survive has been strong in all of us. We either confront things head on (fight) or avoid/ignore them (flight). We occasionally do both, depending on the circumstances. This is a coping mechanism, part of our DNA. But it is not always physical; it can be mental or even emotional. We’ve read the stories before of the child who survives in the woods for a few days at the age of 10 or the mom who lifts the car up off of a family member. Clever.
    [Social Media] Google Reader Alternatives: 3 Web Based RSS Readers to Manage Your Subscriptions
    Each time I subscribe to a blog, I organize them by topic (Blogging, Freelance, Social Media, SEO, etc.). They have social sharing buttons and the option to save your favorite articles. And you can’t trust that they will see your updates on social media (see my post on Facebook Edgerank for more on that) or that they’ll come back to subscribe to all of their blogs via email before the shutdown. If you follow my writing, you probably know how much I love Google Reader. As you can imagine, this stopped me in my tracks. That’s right. Feedly.
    [Social Media] Great Education for Bloggers at the Blogging Success Summit 2011
    Social Media Examiner has put on some great online summits this year that I have had the pleasure of attending. Both the Social Media Success Summit and Facebook Success Summit were filled with an amazing amount of valuable content taught by successful experts in the industry. Learn how to drive traffic to your blog with Facebook and other social media platforms. So what makes Social Media Examiner’s success summit events so awesome? Scott Monty , head of social media at Ford. Main Objectives. Registration. in 30 days.
    [Social Media] When an influential community member leaves
    Online Community Strategist Angela Connor on Growing Successful Online Communities Home About Angela Contact Popular Speaking Media Press Tips Subscribe to feed When an influential community member leaves September 11, 2009 in Growing successful online communities , community manager | Tags: Community Building , influence , online community You probably know by now that in every online community, there will be highly popular, influential members. days ago This one caught my attention: Junk research, shabby journalism and social media. This is when they come into play.
    [Social Media] New One-Minute Book Trailer Presents The Social Employee (McGraw-Hill) #socbiz
    'The Social Employee @SocialEmployee is an Amazon Best Seller! One underlying theme in our book The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work,   available now through McGraw-Hill , is the idea that establishing real connections with real people matters. While some have feared that the advent of social media would depersonalize and dehumanize both professional relationships and friendships, we’ve found the opposite to be true. The Social Employee   available as a free download. What is your brand doing to get ready?
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    [Social Media] Fetching Friday – Resources Mashup & Volcano Timelapse
    This post is part of a weekly series, Fetching Friday, featuring the best posts of the week in blogging, making money online, SEO, and social media on The ultimate guide to online marketing for local business – the basics of what you need to do for search and social media to succeed in your local online marketing strategy. How being friends on Google+ leads to better rankings – how social is continuing to change search. Social Media / Social Networking. The Resources Mashup. Blogging / Writing. Business / Career.
    [Social Media] The Consumer Web is Not the Same as the Enterprise
    Vendors replicate the features and UI of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and brands are also quick to adopt and deploy the concepts of social media within their organizations. We don’t get paid to use Twitter, Facebook, or any other of the social media platforms out there. In fact this is a topic of conversation that comes up in almost with almost every single client and prospect that Chess Media Group has. We are taking a lot of our cues in enterprise collaboration from the consumer web. I know some people are reading this thinking “duh!”
    [Social Media] Hidden Costs of Listening Silos
    recently talked with someone whose company has social media responsibilities divided among several executives. If you're interested, call me at +1 919 414-1043, or visit Social Target for more information. First, listen. Listen first. First, listen. Getting redundant yet? Is that also the way you've set up your own listening activities? Each has a listening arrangement in place: one has an internal team, and the others have outside agencies doing the work. The kicker? All of them may be using the same platform. How many times do you pay for the same software? Strategy
    [Social Media] Can I Have a Word? Five, Actually
    to talk about social media as it pertains to your career and business. 'Don’t worry, I’m not going to launch into a diatribe or give you something really heavy to read. just wanted to update you on what has been, and will be, going on on the WUL front (as well as my own). Also, there is no particular reason for the gecko photo, in case you were wondering… I just felt like using it! Here goes. I’m going on vacation! Yes, this entrepreneur actually dares to take a vacation. Why CR? That’s where he’s getting married. In a castle. 12-1 p.m.
    [Social Media] Thought-provoking Stuff for Saturday
    The Weekly Letter covers topics such as: How you can use Social Media today to get more business. Some reading for you: What It Takes: Rethinking Book. hesitated when I read the words video book in one of Steve’s upcoming posts. Maybe video? Or video series? But, not book. My early definition of books: My childhood favorites—Tikki Tikki Tembo and Blueberries for Sal—are heavy on images. The images faded in grade school, forcing an egg-headed edition of Ramona Quimby, and Meg, Charles Wallace, and a tesseract, to appear in my head. About – Do Lectures. About. Do Crowd.
    [Social Media] When You Can’t Imagine What Success Looks Like, Change Your Lens
    If you liked these posts, consider interviewing me for a story , inviting me to speak at a conference or workshop , or asking MSLGROUP to create a social media strategy for your brand. Mail Today Story on How Social Networking is Changing Relationships How To Be Remarkable: Be Intentional In Who You Are and What You Do Breakup 2.0: I believe that if I can imagine what success looks like, visualize it, believe in it, I can manifest it. So, naturally, I am lost when I can’t imagine what success looks like. This year, I will find time to nourish my mind, body and soul.
    [Social Media] What Digital Legacy Are You Leaving Behind?
    One of the problems when thinking about your digital death is that many websites, services, email providers and social media sites have neglected to figure it out and put in place, a standard death policy. The realization that many of us have so much of our business, financial and personal lives wrapped up in some website, service, bank, investment company or social media site, along with a large number of personal photos and videos -should give us reason to pause. You can see the What Happens Online When You Die Infographic here. Video
    [Social Media] Entering the Golden Age of Advertising
    Traditional vs. Post-Social Media Advertising The greatest problem traditional advertising has had to face was  customer engagement. In a post-social media environment, I would say things are drastically different. And I say post-social media as opposed to post-internet due to the fact that although the internet has advanced many aspects of advertising and our greater ability to make purchases, it faces similar issues that traditional media has faced. Social media is almost reinventing advertising. We love “exclusive” offers.
    [Social Media] Using Visual Content to Increase Blog Engagement
    People absorb information quicker and more intuitively from images than text and visual content attracts more engagement on social media channels. Visual content increases social media engagement for your blog. Blog posts are a powerful content medium on their own, but a large part of their strength is their ability to be shared across social media channels easily. For example, when it comes to social media sharing, the best engagement comes from photos, followed by videos and infographics. Sam Kusinitz / Hubspot. General
    [Social Media] Killing Birds: How to Get SEO Value from Engaging Content
    If you use content marketing properly, you can enhance your SEO while still bringing value to the website and social media sites at the same time. The goal is to get traffic, links, and social signals. The goal is to build a page that is engaging enough to be shared on social media to generate social signals for the domain as well as have the potential to be linked to by other websites that find the content interesting or useful. Would YOU be interested in sharing the content on social media sites if you didn’t work there?
    [Social Media] BlogPaws ~ Beyond A Tweet
    BlogPaws ~ Turn a corner - talking pets and social media. Perhaps I could created a simple strategic model that could be used for any social network. 'BlogPaws ~ Turn corner - a cute puppy. Turn a corner - a cute kittie. Turn a corner - a cute ferret named Snotface (really!). BlogPaws ~ Turn a corner - hundreds of people passionate about sharing their love of animals and pets. Turn a corner - talking pet rescue. Turn a corner - talking pet. So when BBF Yvonne DiVita asked if I would join in the 2013 BlogPaws festivities and present a session on Twitter for pet businesses.
    [Social Media] Getting Social with Real Estate
    'Social networking has infiltrated our lives. There isn’t a facet of people’s lives that doesn’t include some sort of social networking. Most people that use social media have more than one account with multiple platforms. Real estate companies have found that social networking is a great way to spread awareness of the homes or properties that are available for sale. With so many people on social networks real estate companies are able to reach hundreds, if not thousands, of potential buyers instantly. Home Buying and Properties.
    [Social Media] YouTube Improves Video Channels With One Channel
    Whether you are into video marketing, e-mail marketing, social media , something else, or a combination of the above, technology, and the Web in general, keeps improving. Video marketing just keeps getting better and better. YouTube recently introduced One Channel, which is a new platform that allows you to redesign your YouTube channel to appeal to a larger audience. In essence, One Channel makes your YouTube channel more accessible to more devices. For instance, your YouTube video channel will look the same on a desktop as it does on a laptop or a TV. Laura In The Kitchen.
    [Social Media] Make Sure Your Online Business Gets Reviews
    Between reviews and social media sites, your on line presence will grow and so will sales. Just as in the old days, word of mouth was one of the best forms of advertising. It is basically the same today in cyberspace. Online reviews about your business, yourself or your products can and do go a very long way in bringing customers in. The way it works is that if you put your website on other sites for review, consumers will be able to review your site and make comments. As others come to the site, they will read the reviews and will be influenced by what they read.
    [Social Media] 6 Things Bloggers Can Learn From Dr. Seuss
    Never underestimate the value of learning something new, from new social media sites to a new piece of technology like the 4G Slide Android Phone. Social media has allowed small, passionate bloggers to create communities around their work. This guest post is by Matt Krautstrunk. Dr. Seuss is perhaps one of the most pronounced authors of all time. He wrote short stories that not only captivated the minds of our younger generation, but taught us valuable life lessons. Photo Credit. Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” Ted Giesel (Dr.
    [Social Media] How I Became the Person Most Mentioned by Digital Marketers on Twitter
    Lots of great people that I consider to be colleagues and friends were on the list(s) too, and sites I adore like Social Media Examiner, MarketingProfs , Buffer , Social Media Today , and Hubspot made the top 25 sources group as well. remember waking up early and reading dozens of great blogs and online newsletters and trying to figure out the news of the day in social and digital, and then writing a “here’s what I think” post as fast as I could, and then going back to all of those sources and writing strong comments with links to my posts attached. Mythical.
    [Social Media] Happy Independence Day!
    appeared first on SocialFish - Social Media for Associations and Nonprofits. 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. The post Happy Independence Day!
  • FEVER BEE  |  FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2012
    [Social Media] The Value of Community Managers
    In the same department, you have a social media manager. Kevin writes a terrific post about employee value.  You're paying this guy $70,000 per year, less than the email manager.  This person is able to quantify the following contribution to the company. Facebook Likes increased from 11,439 to 14,903 in the past year. Twitter Followers increased from 9,493 to 13,771 in the past year. 401 F-Commerce orders and 345 Twitter click-through orders, at $100 AOV (neither program existed in the year prior). 74,600 annual demand. Profit Flow-Through Rate of 40%.
    [Social Media] What's Your Mother Worth?
    In a world of Klout , social media and even digital currency, this one is a must see. social media. 'Before getting all harsh on me for this blog post title. This is a fascinating Talks At Google from Joshua Klein. Klein is a hacker. Now, if the term "hacker" scares you, consider him a technologist who is fascinated with systems thinking. Some people may recognize him as the guy who trained crows to fetch lost change (no joke). He starts off this presentation by asking, "what''s your mother worth?" This is all about reputation economics. google.
    [Social Media] Your Mom Tells You What You Want to Hear
    In our personal lives, at work, and through social media. I was reading Umair Haque’s review of Davos titled, “ Ten Things You’re Not Allowed to Say at Davos.&# For those of you who don’t know (and why would you, if you’re not the CEO of a Fortune 10 company or, well, Bono), Davos, Switzerland is where the upper, upper, upper (did I say upper?) echelon meet for the World Economic Summit annual meeting. And it took place last week. Of the 10 things you’re not allowed to say at Davos but he said anyway, there is one that really sticks out to me.
    [Social Media] Fed Up With Competitors Keeping Tabs On You?
    also get a healthy number of social media marketers and trainers signing up to , and that’s fine with me. 'Are your competitors following you on Twitter and signing up for your free stuff and email updates? ME TOO! Initially, this can feel like a line has been crossed. get loads of questions about how to deal with this – especially asking how to block competitors (or anyone weird and unsavoury) from following on Twitter. It’s understandable. think so. So, instead, you could take this interest from rivals as a compliment. When this happens to you.
    [Social Media] Instagram’s New Web Profiles: The Value for Brands
    The web profile also facilitates building awareness of an Instagram account across a brand’s entire social media presence, which will help brands boost their number of followers. As I wrote in a previous blog post , the average users can only operate a total of 1-2 social profiles, so there is a potential risk of saturation. The 100 million strong photo-sharing community Instagram just launched web based profiles. It gives users access to their profiles through the web in a sleek yet oddly familiar Timeline-evoking design. Seen from the user perspective.
    [Social Media] 5 Events for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Love Traveling
    No matter where in the world you travel most often, the historic city of London is very likely at least an uncommon stopover for you and the London International Meetup Group invites any world traveler lucky enough to stop over here a fantastic opportunity for unique socializing! Toronto Social Group. If you’re stopping by Toronto, Canada during your business travels, be sure to hook up with the Toronto Social Group, a conglomerate of individuals looking for fun, excitement and relaxation in an easygoing social setting. Photo Credit:
    [Social Media] 5 Events for Busy Entrepreneurs Who Love Traveling
    No matter where in the world you travel most often, the historic city of London is very likely at least an uncommon stopover for you and the London International Meetup Group invites any world traveler lucky enough to stop over here a fantastic opportunity for unique socializing! Toronto Social Group. If you’re stopping by Toronto, Canada during your business travels, be sure to hook up with the Toronto Social Group, a conglomerate of individuals looking for fun, excitement and relaxation in an easygoing social setting. Photo Credit:
    [Social Media] Linking Up on LinkedIn
    She works at Media Needle, a social media/word-of-mouth marketing agency based out of Los Angeles.]. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site. Primarily, remember that groups on LinkedIn, much like on Facebook or other social networking sites, thrive off of discussion. [Tina Safi blogs weekly at [link]. Mainly used for professional networking, the company reported more than 100 million registered users as of March 2011. With last month’s LinkedIn stock market launch the company is more talked about than ever.
    [Social Media] Expand Your Content Marketing Reach
    Using the real-time tools of the Web – such as social media, your blog, and YouTube – you generate media attention for yourself in real-time and reap the benefits of a solid PR campaign without spending weeks or months in planning. 'When it comes to content marketing, it isn’t enough to simply post high quality content on your own website. If you really want to reach your target audience and develop relationships with more of the people you want to do business with, then you have to take the content to them. If not, you should.
    [Social Media] Why Must You Have A Presence On The Web?
    The main street or busy shopping mall is the search engine and social media like Facebook. I hate to say it, but there are tens of thousands of websites that are really just taking up valuable space. And I’m not talking about spam or get rich sites, or mom and dad blogs here. am talking about legitimate businesses that have a physical bricks and mortar business, and there are plenty in almost every town in the country. Why do they take up valuable space? Why pay for hosting, a domain name, and perhaps even website design? Let me change angles for a moment.
    [Social Media] PPC For Small Business – Are You Attracting The Wrong Traffic?
    Banners are not big converters, social media can be time consuming, and paid search expensive. Small business owners often feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to advertising online. When a small business owner does run an advertising campaign, the most common complaint we hear is that their campaign was a complete flop.  What makes matters worse is that many of these businesses do see a remarkable increase in traffic to their websites, they just don’t see the same sort of increase in sales. The problem is obvious – these sites are attracting the wrong traffic.
    [Social Media] How to Drive Word of Mouth in B2B Online Marketing
    Your customers are probably using social media, advised Jantsch – so friend them, follow them, and engage with them. You’ll get more word-of-mouth power by using social media to educate your audience rather than selling to them, said Campbell. Erika Penzer Kerekes heads product strategy and social media for By Erika Penzer Kerekes. What’s the best way for B2B companies who market to small businesses to drive word of mouth? Put employees’ pictures and individual voices on your website and other marketing materials, she suggested. Digg this!
    [Social Media] Money makes the world go round, no free lunch and dude dies getting buried alive
    You Don’t Always Need 100 Million Dollars or 100 Years for Traditional Advertising to Work – We all know social media is big for marketing. Facebook Warns Brands that Scale in Social Won’t Come for Free – The No Shit Sherlock award this week comes via the revelation that Facebook’s new timeline is going to influence the way brands market on the site to reach their fans with content and ads. Hey folks, thanks for stopping by to check out this week’s edition of Five for Friday. This week’s edition was drafted on Wednesday as I was packing to head to Austin.
    [Social Media] The Dog Bowl of Big Data
    If you are a retailer, instead of examining the immense amount of data produced from web site and social interactions, intentionally predetermine what will matter to your company. One thing we know about social media is that People Love Pets ! 'Big data continues to confound the average marketer. The issue surrounds comprehending the data that matters. Marketers need to understand how to use the technology. Big data has no value unless you can mine information sets to achieve better business outcomes. How will it impact business? What should a marketer look for?
    [Social Media] Rock, Paper, Scissors for Blogging
    wish we had something as simple for guiding blogging decisions: a social form of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Done right, our social Rock, Paper, Scissors game would help us make quick choices without days of debate and research. Rookie bloggers and social media pros alike could use the simple rules. I have 3 young children and rarely have had to change a poopy diaper. ve been able to escape the worst of the diaper blowouts by being a Rock, Paper, Scissors expert. Whenever one of my boys sends up the aromatic alarm, my wife and I glance at each other and begin the ritual.
    [Social Media] These Two Data Points Demonstrate What's So Wrong With Marketing Today
    If these marketers are just talking about the branding capabilities of their display advertising spend, but dismissing the work they''re doing by connecting, engaging and sharing via websites, mobile apps and social media, then all is truly lost. We don''t count websites, social media, apps and more as part of our branding experience. What about when the mass media picks up on something that a brand does on YouTube (think WestJet ) or Facebook (think Oreo ), doesn''t that not count as an amazing branding opportunity? mass media. social media.
    [Social Media] Day 10: People of color impacting the social web – Kiratiana Freelon #28DaysofDiversity
    Also note that 28 Days of Diversity is not a popularity contest or an influencer list but a list of thought leaders in the social web sector, including entrepreneurs, bloggers, conference organizers, IT professionals and friends not ranked in any particular order who I have either met in person or followed online. She felt compelled to divorce herself from digital media for the sake of corporate America and let her blog, and facebook profile go dormant. During this time, social media exploded and the Chicago Olympic bid started using social media as a promotion tool.
    [Social Media] Would You Try It With a Fox?
    Skip to content Skip to navigation Skip to footer Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting Social Media Strategy Blog Social Media Consulting Blog Social Media Consulting Speaking Newsletter Free Social Media Tools Twitter Interviews About Lijit Search Would You Try It With a Fox? Social Media With A Mouse? lot of people are still saying no to social media. The time investment required for social media before you see a benefit is a barrier.
    [Social Media] Blogging by the Numbers – An Olympic Champion’s Approach
    At Pushing Social we track email signups. you can use advanced segments to see how many email subscribers came from social media channels. You can create an advanced segment to keep track of everything from social media visitors, to readers who arrive from an email. To track social channels, add social channel URLs, like In the example, I’ve set up a Social Media Advanced segment to group visitors who arrive from social channels, the “Source” Keep an Eye on These Metrics. seconds. Work the numbers.
    [Social Media] Blogging by the Numbers – An Olympic Champion’s Approach
    At Pushing Social we track email signups. you can use advanced segments to see how many email subscribers came from social media channels. You can create an advanced segment to keep track of everything from social media visitors, to readers who arrive from an email. To track social channels, add social channel URLs, like In the example, I’ve set up a Social Media Advanced segment to group visitors who arrive from social channels, the “Source” Keep an Eye on These Metrics. seconds. Work the numbers.
    [Social Media] Collaboration in the Supply Chain, Where is it?
    My previous (and first) post on social supply chain management was surprisingly popular so I thought I’d continue with that topic and talk about something that I learned (and am continuing to learn) thanks to Trevor Miles. Again, keep in mind I’m no supply chain expert like Trevor but we’re both very interested in how social media impacts and can be integrated into supply chain activities. I don’t think enough attention is being given towards the notion of collaboration in the supply chain and/or social supply chain management.
    [Social Media] Blogging Tips for Coaches and Therapists
    Social media purists would scoff at this notion and advocate a Give and have Faith approach. More Blog Promotion Tips By far, the most common question I get from coaches and therapists is: “How do you publish a blog that attracts clients without giving away free consulting?”. Coaches and therapists wrestle with this question because they need to demonstrate their expertise but leave room for an opportunity to sign a new client. Give away all you can and have faith that clients will materialize due to your largess. Unfortunately, this isn’t practical. Absolutely. Change of Pace.
    [Social Media] Blogging Tips for Coaches and Therapists
    Pushing Social By far, the most common question I get from coaches and therapists is: “How do you publish a blog that attracts clients without giving away free consulting?”. Social media purists would scoff at this notion and advocate a Give and have Faith approach. Coaches and therapists wrestle with this question because they need to demonstrate their expertise but leave room for an opportunity to sign a new client. Give away all you can and have faith that clients will materialize due to your largess. Unfortunately, this isn’t practical. Absolutely. Change of Pace.
    [Social Media] #GunControl: Can Filibusting Senators Make the #SandyHookPromise?
    Can social media channels like Twitter be more influential than an old-school political maneuver like the filibuster? As more people “stand w/ @SandyHook” it’ll be interesting to see if senators are aware of the increasing power of social media and its effect on the political process. For elected officials, keeping track of social media trends is tantamount to keeping a pulse on public opinion. It can be a daunting task – even the @BarackObama account has been farmed out to a non-profit social media agency. stand w/ @SandyHook. link].
    [Social Media] Seven Trends Transforming Customer Communication (Presentation)
    The collaborative economy is a collaboration between products, ideas, and people and is just another step in the social revolution. Social Intelligence. Social media has grown a lot over the past few years. We have gone from a handful of use cases and strategies to a new concept of social intelligence based on numerous key aspects of social media ranging from tactical to strategic value. When empowering the new collaborative company, it’s about embedding social media cross the fabric of the organization. Moments Matter.
    [Social Media] Flickr Friday: The Content Grid
    Digitalia | Indianapolis Social Media Marketing « 5 Helpful Social Search Articles | Main | Twitter announces #NewTwitter » September 10, 2010 Flickr Friday: The Content Grid A content marketing framework that plots type and channel across two dimensions: who should create it (a single owner or the entire staff) and how it should be distributed for maximum impact on the sales funnel. Image : Eloqua ] Chad Richards is Social Marketing Manager at Firebelly Marketing, a  social media marketing agency. Click the image to enlarge.
    [Social Media] 20 Bloggers to Watch in 2012
    This year, I tried to go outside of the social media echo-chamber and focus on people who are expanding beyond their blogs. Kristi Hines  is a freelance writer, online marketing consultant, and social media enthusiast that blogs at  Kikolani. Her work is highly regarded in the social media community and she was recommended multiple times in the comments section on last year’s list. He helps so many of us when he already has a successful business and doesn’t need the social validation. These are 20 people who stood out to me this year.
    [Social Media] Digging Deep Into Facebook Marketing
    online social network. social media. Episode #329 of Six Pixels of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast is now live and ready for you to listen to. It's hard to believe that Avinash Kaushik didn't turn his blog post, Facebook Advertising / Marketing: Best Metrics, ROI, Business Value , into a book. He should have. This one is a whopper. Over 10,000-plus words (and yes, do whatever it takes to make the time read it). What's interesting is that Avinash is the Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google. This doesn't mean that he only evangelizes for Google. doesn't disappoint.
    [Social Media] LinkedIn Is The New Resume
    It''s not a long segment - about 5 to 10 minutes every week - about everything that is happening in the world of technology and digital media. Social media allows us to enjoy each others joys. If you''re doing nothing in social media, you should still be on LinkedIn. digital media. social media. 'Every Monday morning at 7:10 am, I am a guest contributor on CHOM 97.7 FM radio broadcasting out of Montreal (home base). The good folks at CHOM 97.7 morning show. The segment is called, CTRL ALT Delete with Mitch Joel. and sadness. Is that you?
    [Social Media] The 8 roles of location based marketing
    The Business or Brand The role of the a business and/or brand in location-based marketing is to create a valuable deal, special or reward for both the business and the consumer that increase sales, customer retention, word of mouth or social media presence, page views or highlight feature product and services. Location-based applications shouldn’t be treated as social media but as a feature and/or additional channel. For the record: There are no location-based experts. Everyone is learning. Brands are testing, agencies talking ROI & Devs. There are none.
    [Social Media] The Future of Blogging - a Collaborative Mindmap - The Steve Rubel.
    For some companies/blogs, a social community makes perfect sense. For others, existing only on social media platforms might be an OK solution. We had geocities websites before we had blogs, and its hard to deny that forums were social media websites. Steve is using Posterous to post everything online. Shouldnt you? Today, however, in a world where thousands of status updates and tweets whiz by our screens every hour, blogging arguably feels slow. So is blogging dead? It depends on who you ask. Please edit it! Tell us what are we missing here. Interesting map.
  • KYLE LACY  |  MONDAY, MAY 20, 2013
    [Social Media] Five Digital Trends Changing the World Now and Forever (Presentation)
    “What you will see with rapid data and social sharing is the death of the average and the era of you. Digital audiences have been the center of attention for over six years with the rise and fall of many social media sites and strategies. Now we are finally reaching the point of understanding what “being social” is truly about. 'I had the utmost pleasure to spend the last two weeks in Australia and keynote the Connect Tour for ExactTarget. The presentation is based around what I believe are the five trends changing business and the world. Moments.
    [Social Media] Where To Be Inspired In London
    Wisdom London Creative Communications is our world… « Social Media and PR: Are the “blurred lines&# an opportunity or a threat? Ever Wondered About…Quora? » Where To Be Inspired In London A little Christmassy gift for you here, cooked up by Wisdom London and turned into a thing of beauty by Ellie Gibson. Download and enjoy! Share this: Reddit Share Facebook Email Print StumbleUpon Digg This entry was posted on December 19, 2010 at 12:10 pm and is filed under creativity , wisdom. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0
    [Social Media] The Agency Of The Future Debate With Joseph Jaffe
    Along with that, he is currently one of the chiefs over at the Social Media Marketing agency, Powered. long-time friend (and one of the main inspirations behind the Six Pixels of Separation Blog and Podcast), we've decided to hold monthly conversations, debates and back-and-forths that will dive a little deeper into the Digital Marketing and Social Media landscape. media hacks. online social network. social media 101. social media marketing. This is also episode #10.20 of Across The Sound with Joseph Jaffe. advertising.
    [Social Media] Book 'em Verdino: announcing micromarketing
    Greg Verdino Marketing, Media, Technology & Trends Home About Me Book Me to Speak microMARKETING Journal On Twitter On Flickr Personal Blog Verdino Bytes My Company « Stop me if you think youve heard this one before. Main | Three B2B marketers dish out social media tips & tricks » Book em Verdino: announcing microMARKETING I'm excited to announce that I've inked a deal with McGraw-Hill for the publication of my first business book, microMARKETING: A Breakthrough Approach to Building Brands by Thinking and Acting Small. "   Puh-leeze.
    [Social Media] The Power of Influence
    The Power of Influence is a post from: Convince and Convert Blog: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Consulting. Last year, a young lady named Molly Katchpole graduated from college and, like so many young Americans, could not find a job. Desperate to make her student loan payments, she took a job as a part-time nanny. While struggling to make ends meet, she received a letter from Bank of America stating that if she didn’t keep a minimum balance of $20,000 in her account, she would be assessed a $5 monthly fee. Molly had enough. week later, they did.
  • KYLE LACY  |  FRIDAY, MAY 21, 2010
    [Social Media] Are Traditional Coupons Dead?
    This got me questioning the value of print media in today’s world. Many companies are also delivering coupons straight to the consumers phones via e-mail, text, social media and other smart phone applications. Consumers are getting more and more technologically savvy. Threatening the practice of getting and using coupons in the traditional way.  According DMNEWS Newspaper subscriptions have declined by 9% in the past year, which means that consumers must be getting their coupons through other sources.  The obvious answer is yes, of course.
    [Social Media] How Ford Fiesta Created Brand Engagement with Classic Tactics
    However, a good understanding of social and great execution has created results worth sharing. Combining UX With Your Social Media Profiles. Tweet Guest blog written by Christine Dissing, who holds a Masters in Marketing Communications Management and is passionate about advertising, branding and marketing communication, a passion she shares on her own blog You can also connect with Christine on Twitter @christine_kbh. When Ford Fiesta decided to launch a new campaign, the aim was to draw attention and increase awareness about the new Fiesta.
    [Social Media] Want to network AND get smarter? Check out these conferences
    Sessions are filled with useful information from the brightest minds in social media. Whether you're just beginning your journey into blogging and social media or you've been building your brand for years, the I Blog Conference has relevant information for everyone! Day 1 you will hear the presenters focus on 7 focus areas like innovation and social media. There's no better way to learn than to mingle with smart people, learn from smart people and share your own smarts. There are three excellent opportunities to do just that in November.
    [Social Media] A Digtial Handshake With Paul Chaney
    In his new book The Digital Handbook Paul simply and smartly explains not only why it is now critical that marketers pay attention to social media but suggests ways of how to put the tactics into play. author, social media 'rock star' and a true Southern Gentleman. Toby/Diva Marketing : This is your second book on social media. In the few years in between the publishing of both how have you seen this emerging industry that we call “social media change?” Social media has become the latest victim of spammers and ne’er-do-wells.
    [Social Media] Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions
    First thought was I was going to get an education on using social media to attract more people and build stronger communities, I was wrong. Of course the book does this but the messaging in the book speaks to more than just online and social interactions. Book Reviews Amazing Book Anecdote Bullet Points Dale Carnegie Enchantment Guy Kawasaki Hearts Minds How To Win Friends And Influence People Irreverent Guide Likeability Persuasion Push Technologies Reality Check Social Interactions Tricky Art Tropes Trustworthiness Twitter Wardrobe YouTubeEnchantment v2.2.
    [Social Media] Business Rules And Ruler’s Have To Change
    Social technology is fueling a change in human  behavior which is challenging accepted beliefs about how rulers rule people’s behavior and beliefs. i.e. social media policies, privacy rights, user data rights etc. Now the rules of social acceptance are set by the belief  of the many that service is represented by what is believed to be the best interest of the people rather than the organization and its rulers. Rulers have used media to influence the belief of the crowd. After all, trying to control and rule can prove to be anti-social.
    [Social Media] Leaders: Tear Down The Walls
    Hierarchies are crumbling all around us, with social media building a new world run by collaborative power. Innovative ideas are emerging from the ground up, and employees are driving corporate social responsibility. The trend is clear. To succeed in the 21st Century the role of management is to get out of the way of letting employees do great work. For managers to feel comfortable with “getting out of the way” the key is a high-level of trust in management and among employees, which opens the lock of a strong culture of innovation and collaboration.
    [Social Media] Can Communities Curate Themselves?
    Social media applications are tremendously powerful tools that are only now becoming sophisticated enough for people to sort and curate themselves. Social Flights is pioneering the concept that people can self-organize around their own communities and municipal airports without the need for hub terminals. Social Flights is pioneering the concept that communities can self-organize to accept travelers at the destination with their own businesses and services without the massive Wall Street fueled invasion of national hotels and portfolio managed services.
    [Social Media] Can Obama Save The World?
    Someone will eventually need to gently lay the economy down in a nice soft spot with a just a few critical social programs intact. But, the hedge instrument is playing out in Social Media, slowly siphoning the factors of production into a new economic system. Some passengers are only inches away from jump-starting an alternate economy using a social currency backed by real productivity, not debt, in a new form of capitalism. Do the math – Interest on National Debt can go all the way up to infinity while Austerity measures can only go down to zero. Well, maybe.
    [Social Media] God’s Response to a Blogger
    His current professional endeavors are all centric to the disruptive nature of the social web. He writes at Relationship Economy and provides social media strategic services to businesses large and small. Jay Deragon is an avid student of the emerging landscape of all things social and the subsequent impact on business dynamics. A man decided that if God knows and sees everything then certainly he would read my blog. He pondered about the scripture that said “ Ask and you shall receive &# and decided he would ask God one request. for more info go here [link].
    [Social Media] Cyber Security and Social Capitalism
    In short, this author claims that remote secure access to our networks is a cure of global warming AND social injustice and it licks cyber crime to boot.  This is relevant because the economics of the future are banked largely in a Social Currency rather than a Financial Currency.  Instead, values such as social efficacy, guarding against a social scourge (hacking), supporting support social enterprise, all with a simple act of securing remote access.   Note; this is the battle between Social Currency vs Financial Currency playing out.
    [Social Media] Five Things You Need to Know About Planning a Media Event
    Plan a Media Event I found that planning a media event is one of my absolute favorite things to do. ve done many of them for all different types of clients and occasions, and no two are exactly alike, which makes planning a media event that much more fun! Here are five things you need to know about planning a media event. Do Your Research Organizing a media event on any scale requires knowledge of your client, journalists, and the area where the event is being held. Have Fun The great thing about media events is you have the opportunity to participate.
    [Social Media] The Moment You've All Been Waiting For.
    When will Digital Media take over from television as the number one medium of choice by marketers? right here, right now: "For the first time since being tracked, digital media - including online, social and mobile - has approached parity with television as the most important medium among agency executives, according to the latest quarterly survey from Strata , the media data processing provider that services roughly half of all U.S. Digital Media is a new media. digital media. media. new media. social media.
    [Social Media] The Ultimate Guide to Media Interviews
    In a past life, I did a ton of media training. Sure, we’ll prep clients for media interviews with an agenda or a list of anticipated questions, but it’s rare to do the two-day, cameras on kind of media training anymore. credit that to the evolution of social media and to owned content. And, of course, social media has made the need for us to be transparent so critical, the age-old messaging a PR professional would do is almost extinct. lie to the media can be very damaging. The Dos and Don’ts  of Media Interviews.
    [Social Media] Where Everybody Knows Your Name. And Face
    Well, what right do we have in posting our children's lives to an online social network, anyway? With all of the scrutiny from privacy advocates, Facebook continues to make significant and positive strides in assuring the population that our ability to tag (and untag) photos of ourselves that are posted by others in their online social network is easily done. Either way, in June of this year many digital media pundits did a double-take when the world's largest online social network acquired an Israeli facial recognition technology called, digital media.
    [Social Media] Cool Social Tools: Ravetree
    Recently, I began considering the need for a full-featured “Social App Platform” that addressed the issue of privacy. After months of work Ravetree ( ) was launched as an ad-free social platform that includes useful apps such as file storage, a powerful calendar, and more. We offer a private social app, called a “Portal,” that can be used by businesses for a monthly subscription. Cool Social Tools 'This is the second in my new series of posts from software and app and tech vendors who have new tools they’d like you to know about. 1b2efgx).
    [Social Media] Break dot blog until 2010
    Greg Verdino Marketing, Media, Technology & Trends Home About Me Book Me to Speak microMARKETING Journal On Twitter On Flickr Personal Blog Verdino Bytes My Company « What are your plans for 2010? This blog looks at trends in media and marketing, as these industries grapple with the changes being brought on by disruptive technologies, new business imperatives and the rise of the empowered consumer. Pre-Order from AMAZON Pre-Order from BARNES & NOBLE Pre-Order from BORDERS Downoad My eBook Download my FREE marketing and social media eBook. microMARKETING
    [Social Media] Thank You, Virgin America, for Getting Us (and sorry about the device rule change)
    The good news – their safetytainment video is a hit, surely making travelers smile before take-off and exposing the company to the social media world as the forward-thinking company that they are. Here’s their video: The post Thank You, Virgin America, for Getting Us (and sorry about the device rule change) appeared first on Soshable | Social Media Blog. News Nugget Offbeat Social Videos-Images-Music YouTube Airline entertainment Flights Virgin America They “get” us in ways that most other airlines just seem to fail at miserably.
    [Social Media] Don’t Ignore These 10 Financial Services Marketing Trends
    Meanwhile, digital channels and data sources such as web analytics and social media continue to grow at an explosive rate, creating new integration challenges and adding complexity to connecting to and managing both online and offline content. Social Media Marketing will mature. While the rest of the world has jumped feet first on to the social media bandwagon, banks and other financial institutions have proceeded more cautiously. In fact, some  have gone so far as to say that social media is a waste of time for banks and credit unions.
    [Social Media] Guest post: Developing a secure mobile app
    Guest post: Developing a secure mobile app was written by Cendrine Marrouat for her social media blog, Creative Ramblings. What was once a utility for mobile phones, the mobile application space has ballooned into its own industry. In fact, the entire mobile phone market is largely driven by applications. For instance, IDC has predicted that by 2015 users will have downloaded upwards of 183 billion mobile apps. In short, the mobile app development industry is [.] Guest Posts mobile app development security
  • KIKOLANI  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 2012
    [Social Media] How to Create Your Own Industry Recap, Resources, & Mashups
    This Week in Social Media by Social Media Examiner – A weekly recap of the latest news and features directly from your favorite social networks and application providers. Google Reader – I have tons of subscriptions organized by the topics in my Fetching Friday (blogging, business, freelance, personal development, SEO, and social media). Photo Credit: Mrs. Magic. Examples of Great Recap Posts. Curious who else does regular daily or weekly recap posts? This one is a weekly recap of tons of photography links. Inspired yet?
  • FEVER BEE  |  MONDAY, APRIL 15, 2013
    [Social Media] The Psychological Impact Of Interactions
    They decided to close the community and focus on social media platforms.  They visit daily to satisfy their social needs. You're going to get pressure to move to social media platforms. 'When you reply to a fun, closed , question on Facebook it doesn't affect you on a deep level.    It doesn't increase your connection to the organization or fellow likers. It has little influence on your future actions (and certainly not your buying habits). The only thing that changes are the engagement stats. They skyrocket. It looks terrific. 
    [Social Media] Finding hidden treasure in the data you might be ignoring
    Social monitoring expert Nathan Galliatt says there’s buried treasure in the noise. Social media, and especially Twitter, is often belittled because of the high noise ratio. As marketers, we EXPECT to find valuable insight in the data we pay attention to. We constantly scan for the infamous “signal&# and vigorously reject the “noise.&# Sometimes people criticize me for following every real [okay, seemingly real] human back on Twitter (at the moment, that’s over 100,000). Realize the signal is not separate from the noise—it is WITHIN the noise.
    [Social Media] Developing relationships with a little LESS conversation
    People who really want to leverage the power of social media for something worthwhile would be right to think of Tom as a legend, too, for his work in A Little Less Conversation: Connecting with Customers in a Noisy World. Tom Asacker on Twitter My radio interview with Tom Asacker for the Social Media Professor program. Subscribe to the Social Media Professor podcasts PS. ll take that title. Gladly. There’s value in understanding conventional wisdom—it often give you a clue on what not to do. Tom Asacker ’s also a contrarian. This is just a start.
    [Social Media] Monday Muse #1: Mitch Joel
    How have social media and digital marketing changed for you over the years? get the social media equivalent of tumbleweeds. Yes, we need to do great work to really make things happen, but social media has opened up so many doors. Discover more articles on new and emerging media. Ask bloggers to list other bloggers they respect and Mitch Joel’s name usually comes up. He’s the president of digital marketing agency Twist Image , and the author of Six Pixels of Separation, the name of his book , podcast , and blog. Without question.
    [Social Media] Strong-End Summit: Collaborative Sharing - Connections that Count
    Dan Robles of The Ingenesist Project : The Last Mile of Social Media. Howard Rheingold : Digital Literacies or Skill + Social. Strong-End Summit: Content Marketing and Conversational Media ( Friday afternoons are often a bit more relaxed, but relaxed doesn't mean lazy. The Strong-End Summits (videos that will keep brains and hearts afire) are a way to end our week strong and come back refreshed. Click thru if you don't see the videos -. Loic Le Meur: Sharing Changes Everything  . Clay Shirky: How Cognitive Surplus Will Change the World.
    [Social Media] Online Competitions: Essential Considerations for Marketers
    Wisdom London Creative Communications is our world… « What consumers want from corporate social media: Accountability Online Competitions: Essential Considerations for Marketers Image credit: Felixco Inc. Basic monitoring for competitions on social media platforms can provide good insights into key influencers and brand advocates. Share this: Reddit Share Facebook Email Print StumbleUpon Digg This entry was posted on February 17, 2011 at 1:25 pm and is filed under brand , marketing strategy , social media with tags CAP Code , competitions , social media.
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